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Management Software Guide for Same Day Payday Loans

Management Software Guide for Same Day Payday Loans

According to research, payday loans are used by around 12 million Americans each year to bridge cash flow shortages. This equates to a total of $9 billion in ConsolidationNow borrowing fees.

If you provide financial services, it is one product you should surely offer.

Payday loans are a sort of short-term borrowing in which you give high-interest credit to your customers based on their earnings. Borrowers can ask for up to $1000.00 in principal, a percentage of their next paycheck. Payday loans are still popular for various reasons, despite the high annual percentage rate (APR) charged, which can reach 400 percent.

Short-term loans are popular for various reasons, including: 

  • Lenders rarely conduct credit checks or require collateral from borrowers; and
  • Short-term loans are typically executed quickly in as little as 15 minutes.
  • The application process is straightforward;

Do you wish to expand your financial services company by offering payday loans as a service? 

Perhaps you just wish to improve the efficiency of your current processes. Using payday loan management software is one of the most effective ways.

What is Same Day Payday Loans Management Software, and how does it work?

Even though payday loans are straightforward to process, servicing loans becomes chaotic as your client base grows, as each customer has their terms and due dates. That’s where loan management software for payday loans comes in. This software allows you to automate the whole loan lifetime, from application to final repayment. If you don’t want to automate the entire lifecycle, you can still choose which components to automate because the majority are modular and adaptable.

Same payday Loans Management Software’s Key Features

What characteristics characterize the most effective payday loan management software? While most loan automation software has a variety of capabilities, there are a few that you should look for when selecting a payday loan management solution:

Analytics and Reporting

You undoubtedly find it difficult to keep track of your cash flow as a business owner. You’re probably also having trouble generating reports that might assist you in assessing how well your company is doing. 

The trouble with both is that you could be making detrimental judgments to your business if you don’t understand the big picture. As a result, a reliable data and analytics engine is an important component in payday loan management software.

With only a few clicks of a button, you can generate statements, reports, and more with a competent payday management system. It can also provide you with real-time information about your organization to assist you in making swift decisions.

Compliance and Security

Cyberattacks are on the rise, mainly to the digitalization of most commercial activities, and cybersecurity laws and regulations are becoming more stringent. If you break one of these rules, you could face hefty penalties and other consequences. Regrettably, it may also cost you your company. As a result, you must guarantee that your payday loan management system is safe and legal.

Processes Payments More Effortlessly

A smart payday loan management system makes it simple for your consumers to repay their loans, from payment gateways to payment conditions. A good payday loan management system aids you in the following areas: 

  • quick and easy payment processing
  • list of banned states 
  • automatic payment rules (to prevent you from making efforts on a bad account)
  • quick funding alternatives

All of these elements work together to guarantee that your cash flow is as efficient as possible. 

They also make collecting and tracking money owing to you simple.

Compatibility with Other Business Tools

According to research, the average company uses 91 tools and apps to manage its day-to-day operations. Even if you don’t utilize all of them, you’re likely to have a large number of apps in your toolbox. Payday loan management software that connects with your other company tools can assist you and your clients have a more smooth experience. Infinity, by the way, boasts the industry’s most integrations and allows you to manage them all from a single dashboard.

Options for Customization

Let’s be honest. You developed your loan company expressly to cater to customers who prefer not to deal with traditional lenders. As a result, you must personalize products to meet the wants of your clients. That includes being able to set up specific regulations for: 

  • states and store locations 
  • loan products 
  • payment schedules and fees 
  • special underwriting requirements.

You must also search for a payday loan management system that you can tailor to fit your business strategy and meet clients’ expectations. You probably provide a variety of products as an alternative credit lender. With so many variables that necessitate a customized approach, you’ll need a solution with payday loan administration skills that can handle everything.

Payday Loan Management Software’s Benefits

As one might imagine, using a payday loan management system has various advantages over traditional legacy systems. The following are the most important:

Aids in the reduction of resource waste

Another benefit of using a payday loan management system is that it aids in the reduction of waste in your company. It allows you to go paperless, which means you may save money on stationery, printing, and mailing. Going digital also helps you save time and human resources as you dont have to review the documents involved in originating and servicing loans manually.

Customer Satisfaction Is Boosted

You can provide outstanding service to your consumers since your processes have become more efficient. As a result, you’ll have a high level of client satisfaction. High customer satisfaction rates are essential to the growth of your business as it means your customers will leave positive reviews of your business. According to research, client satisfaction also has a significant impact on customer retention in the financial services industry.

Another aspect that impacts your customer satisfaction rates is that your customers dont have to come to a brick-and-mortar store to apply for a loan. Instead, they can do it in the comfort of their homes. And with the best payday loan management software designed to be mobile-responsive, your customers can also apply for payday loans from their smartphones.

Enables Scalability

A primary headache in running a financial services business is data collection, management, and processing. It can be a tedious and time-consuming aspect of the business that keeps you from other parts of your operations that can lead to growth. Again, this is where payday loan automation outshines legacy systems.

Because you can perform most processes on autopilot, managing more clients is easier. Of course, this means a boost in your revenue while still keeping your expenses minimum.

Increased Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of automating your payday loans is increased efficiency. Payday loan management systems help streamline all your processes, from signing up new customers to creating statements and reports and even sending reminders to your customers. This means theres less margin for error, thereby helping you maximize your profits with less hassle.

How Payday Loan Management Software Works

So how does a payday loan management system help your business? Here are a few operations of your loan business it can help with:

Debt Collection

Debt collection is an integral aspect of running a loan business. However, knowing when loans are due and when payments have come in is another tedious and time-consuming task you must master to run your business efficiently. Thankfully, a loan management system automates this process for you. As a result, youll have all the information on every account at your fingertips, enabling you to identify owing accounts.

Loan Servicing

Faster loan origination means youll also need to expedite your loan servicing efficiently. Unfortunately, each loan is different, and you cant apply a one-size-fits-all approach to help you service loans faster. However, a payday loan management system allows you to treat each loan independently yet handle all calculations simultaneously. It also automatically sends out notices of upcoming payments.

Loan Origination

Acquiring a new customer is a thrill for any business. However, it involves a lot of data collection an aspect of lending that requires spending a lot of time collecting data and vetting clients. This is one of the most strenuous parts of running a lending business. Fortunately, its also one of the areas payday loan management software comes in handy. A capable one will help you collect all the data you need without asking your customers to fill large piles of paperwork. As a result, the loan origination process is streamlined, making it easy for you to do everything from vetting prospects to underwriting the loans to disbursing the funds.


If youre running a lending business on legacy systems, youre leaving money on the table. Especially if you offer payday loans as one of your products, you must invest in payday loan management software. If you want to know what Infinity brings to the table in this regard, go ahead and schedule a demo today.

Debt Consolidation Market Research Methodologies Deliver High Growth Business Outlook 2022-2028


The size, status and forecast of the global debt consolidation market for 2022-2029. A comprehensive analysis has been compiled to provide the latest data on the strategic aspects of the far-reaching market.

The research report offers an in-depth look at current trends, latest expansions, market size, limitations, and major players along with their profile details. The study is perhaps an ideal balance of qualitative and quantitative information highlighting key market developments, competition industry analysis, and new available opportunities and trends within Debt Consolidation. . Additionally, this report gives Debt Consolidation size, historical and current trends, SWOT analysis, market dynamics, regulatory situations and advancements. With everyone’s help this information research report helps market contributors to develop their positions in the market. The debt consolidation market report focuses on the market opportunities of Global and regional perspectives.

The debt consolidation market should to succeed at a CAGR of 9% between 2022 and 2029.

Click the link to request a free sample copy of the report:


The distinguished PLAYERS of the Top Major are:

Goldman Sachs, OneMain Financial, Discover Personal Loans, Lending Club, Payoff, Freedom Debt Relief, National Debt Relief, Rescue One Financial, ClearOne Advantage, New Era Debt Solutions, Pacific Debt, Accredited Debt Relief, CuraDebt Systems, Guardian

Divide the world Debt Consolidation Market by Product Types and Application

By type –

Credit card debt

Student loan debt

medical bill

Apartment leases


By apps –




North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)

Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia, Italy)

Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Southeast Asia)

South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)

Middle East and Africa (Saudi Peninsula, United Arab Emirates), Egypt, Nigeria and South Korea)

For more information on the report:


Strategic points covered in the Debt Consolidation market catalog:

  • 360 Degree Debt Consolidation Market Overview and Product Research Objectives Market Drivers
  • Exclusive Summary – Global Debt Consolidation Market Basic Statistics, Industry Chain Analysis
  • The Changing Effect on Market Dynamics – Drivers of Global Party Supply by Types, Revenue and Market Share by Types
  • Global Debt Consolidation Consumption, Revenue Share and Sales of these companies/companies in these various regions of major countries/regions (2022-2029).
  • Introduction Global Debt Consolidation Market Drivers, Post COVID Effect Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, Supply/Value Chain, PESTEL Analysis, Market Entropy, Market Analysis patents/trademarks registered in the current years.
  • Global Debt Consolidation Market Analysis and Forecast by Type and End User, and Region/Nation.
  • Evaluate leading manufacturers in the Global Debt Consolidation Market including their Competitive Landscape, Peer Analysis, BCG Matrix & Company Profile, New Project Feasibility Analysis.
  • Expert Interview Record, Study of growth-oriented micro and macro-economic indicators.



Table of Contents Debt Consolidation Market

Chapter 1: Debt Consolidation Market Summary, Drivers, Restraints & Outlook, Segmentation Summary

Chapter 2: Market competition by manufacturers

Chapter 3: Production by regions

Chapter 4: Consumption by regions

Chapter 5: Production, by Types, Revenue and Market Share by Types

Chapter 6: Consumption, by Applications, Market Share (%) and Development Rate by Applications

Chapter 7: identification and inclusive analysis of Producers

Chapter 8: Cost analysis, personnel analysis, regional production expenses.

Chapter 9: Industry chain, supply method and downstream consumers

Chapter 10: promote strategic analysis, distributors/dealers

Chapter 11: Analysis of market outcome factors

Chapter 12: Market forecast

Chapter 13: Debt Consolidation Marketing Research Findings and Conclusions, Appendix, Methodology and Information Provision.

Maintain it…

Finally, the researchers published data on the detailed analysis of Global Debt Consolidation. It further measures the long models and platforms that support the development of the market. The analysis report further assesses the extent of the fight. The market has been comprehensively observed through the exploitation of SWOT analysis and Porter’s 5 analyses. It further helps in managing the risks and difficulties of the business. It further includes an important analysis of sales techniques

Personalization available:

If you have special requirements, please contact our sales professional (sales@marketintelligencedata.com), no additional cost will be required to pay for limited additional research. We’ll make sure you get the report you want

you can also customize this report to get selected chapters or regional coverage with regions such as Asia, North America, and Europe.

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August 11. Kazinform Major Events Timeline


NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – Kazinform Timeline is the one-stop-shop where you can learn about historical events and dates for August 11. Learn about notable events that happened throughout Kazakhstan’s history on August 11.


1995 – The memorial mausoleum of Abai and Shakarim is opened in the Zhidebai tract.

2009 – The solemn opening of the Kazakh-Japanese exhibition takes place at the UN headquarters in New York.

2010 – The book “Strategy for the Radical Renewal of the World Community and Partnership of Civilizations” by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is translated into Arabic and published in Saudi Arabia.

2016 – The new infrasound station for recording unauthorized nuclear tests at the test sites of the world is launched in the village of Makanchi, in the East Kazakhstan region.

2017 – Kazakh judoka Nurzat Salimbayev wins 60kg silver at the Cadet World Championships in Santiago, Chile.

2018 – The solemn opening of the transport hub – Kuryk Port ferry complex takes place in the Mangistau region.

2018 – Kazakhstan assumes the chairmanship of the CIS Tourism Council.

2019 – The Museum of Islamic Art is open at the Khalif Altai Mosque in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

2020 – Bulgaria holds the official opening ceremony of a bas-relief of Abai at the Alley of Distinguished Persons in Sveti Vlas.

2021 – The collections of Abai’s Book of French Words are given to the Fund of the Royal Library of France.

2021 – A cancellation ceremony for stamps made in Spain is held at the International Turkish Culture and Heritage Fund in Baku on 175e birthday of the poet Abai.

PlugShare EV stations increase by 50%, registrations pass 5 million


One of the best apps for EV drivers since I’ve been in and writing about the EV industry is PlugShare. It will find you charging stations of all types in your area or wherever you go — anywhere in the world. As a crowd-sourced project, EV drivers help each other by adding information and pictures about the charging stations they use, and are particularly helpful in “checking in” and sharing whether the chargers are working or not. with timestamps. If a charger is down, you can see it through the app without wasting your time going to the station. If a new station is added but not online yet, you can see it – or you can see when it’s online. Users can also add the rate (kW) at which they were able to charge, which is useful because a station’s actual charge rate is sometimes quite different from its official rating.

A Florida-centric PlugShare screenshot taken in August 2022.

PlugShare has now reached a milestone in its contribution to the life of electric vehicles: users have “registered” on the app 5 million times.

Additionally, the number of EV charging stations on the app increased by 50% from June 2021 to June 2022, from ~400,000 to ~600,000.

Additionally, the company recently reached 2.5 million registered users!

The app has been “part of the EVgo Inc. (NASDAQ: EVGO) family since mid-2021,” and EVgo has shared news of these recent milestones.

EVgo shared more about how the app works and how it helps EV drivers around the world: “As an interactive resource for EV drivers, PlugShare allows users to easily locate and navigate to chargers , filter results based on their preferred network, charging speed or connector type (CHAdeMO, CCS, J-1772, Tesla) and share real-time charging station reviews around key factors such as nearby amenities or charging equipment performance.These community feedback directly informs a station’s PlugScore, which reflects the charging experience of recent drivers. users at stations improves the accuracy of these PlugScores, providing an increasingly valuable service as millions of new electric vehicle drivers They are navigating through their first electric vehicle charging experiences.

PlugShare’s network showed that the industry’s exponential growth continued into 2022. In the first half of this year, it added almost as many EV fast charging stations as it did in 2021. Globally, the number of DC fast chargers has exceeded 100,000. That’s a 50% increase in just one year, or a doubling every two years.

In Q2, the total number of EV charging station locations on PlugShare increased by 21.9% and the total number of chargers increased by 25%. This is “the largest quarterly increase in the history of the platform”.

“Providing valuable data and tools to help improve the daily charging experience for electric vehicle drivers is critical to our business, no matter where they charge,” said Dan Wheeler, director of digital marketing at PlugShare. “Our growth in overall user numbers and engagement directly demonstrates how drivers are increasingly using digital tools to make real-time charging decisions, and we’re excited to see this influx of user contributions so that we are helping to support the growth of electric vehicle adoption around the world.”

You can now also pay for the recharge on PlugShare. “Pay with PlugShare” allows you to start a charging session directly from the app and also pay for charging.

For more on EVgo’s recent business development, see: EVgo Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2022 Results.

Or read more EVgo or PlugShare stories here on CleanTechnica.


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Irish Premiership: What can we expect from the new season?

Linfield celebrated their fourth league title in a row in April

The countdown is well and truly on for the start of a new Irish Premiership season.

The final term delivered plenty of drama in front of much higher attendance as Linfield held off a sustained challenge from Cliftonville to claim a fourth straight league title on the final day.

Larne beat Glentoran via a play-off to clinch the only remaining place in the European club competition offered by the league as the Crusaders dramatically sealed Irish Cup glory and Cliftonville claimed League Cup honors .

This year’s campaign has all the makings of another thriller and with growing anticipation we assess the outlook for the next nine months of action.

Can anyone break Linfield’s title grip?

Robbie McDaid
Robbie McDaid has completed his long-running move from Glentoran to Linfield during the closed season

The signs are looking ominous for challengers to Linfield’s recent dominance, with the Blues now having racked up five Championship successes in the past six years.

Despite being pushed to the finish line by Cliftonville, David Healy’s men kept their composure and faced the pressure of being first and favorites, an experience that should again be very useful to them for the coming season.

The South Belfast side have won their success with a squad boasting a number of new faces, including several acquisitions during the January transfer window to help them over the line.

The champions have not rested on their laurels, making other big additions including Joel Cooper, who returns from Oxford United for his third spell at the club, one of those on loan.

Healy hopes the loss of top scorer Christy Manzinga can be made up for by snapping up Chris McKee on a permanent move from Rangers, changing Robbie McDaid from long-distance rivals Glentoran and Eetu Vertainen back on a season-long loan.

Daniel Finlayson is also on loan from St Mirren. The Blues will start as favorites to retain the Gibson Cup.

What about the North Belfast challenge?

Adam Lecky and Luke Turner should be important players for Crusaders and Cliftinville in the next campaign
Adam Lecky and Luke Turner should be important players for Crusaders and Cliftinville in the next campaign

Cliftonville and Crusaders finished the 2021-22 season with reason to feel satisfied, winning the top two knockout prizes in the home game and both qualifying for European club competition.

The Reds stayed the course and emerged as the main challengers to the defending champions, a title bid built on the foundations of an impressive home record and solid defence.

Manager Paddy McLaughlin has bolstered his squad by making the transfer of former Aberdeen defender Luke Turner permanent and signing Jamie Robinson from Chesterfield, Gerard Storey from Derry City, goalkeeper Fynn Talley on loan from Brighton & Hove Albion, the former Bohemian winger Stephen Mallon and Ronan Hale of Larne.

North Belfast rivals Crusaders ended the season on a high, finishing fourth in the Premiership and finished on a high with their Irish Cup success to return to continental competition for the first time since 2019.

Compared to their derby rivals, the Crues have had a fairly quiet season in terms of arrivals with boss Stephen Baxter signing Dean Ebbe from Welsh side The New Saints and former Northern Ireland international Rory McKeown from the side. wellingtons.

Both clubs will have realistic aspirations of taking on sustained title challenges and achieving more cup success.

Will the rejuvenated Glens and Larne be able to fully realize their ambitions?

Larne's Cian Bolger in action against Glentoran striker Jay Donnelly
Larne’s Cian Bolger in action against Glentoran striker Jay Donnelly

Both Larne and Glentoran started the last campaign with genuine hopes of challenging for the league crown, but both fell far short of their ambition.

Inver’s men failed to find the necessary consistency, but at least had the consolation of picking up some silverware in the form of the County Antrim shield.

A solid run of just one defeat in 21 top-flight matches either side of Christmas seemed to put the Glens in a strong position – only for Mick McDermott’s men to falter in the closing stages.

That disappointment was compounded by the Glens’ defeat at the hands of Larne in the season-ending European play-off – shortly after he was kicked out of the Irish Cup for fielding an ineligible player despite a long string of appeals.

The Glens have been busy in the transfer market over the summer in a bid to breathe new life into their bid for a first Irish League championship since 2009, but perhaps not so far. attracting some of the headline-grabbing names that have graced their squad. during the last years.

Their new signings include goalkeepers Oliver Webb and Mike Argyrides, centre-backs Aidan Wilson and Harry Murphy, midfielder James Singleton and forwards Ally Roy and Danny Purkis.

Larne has also been active, signing goalkeeper Jack McIntyre, defender Aaron Donnelly, midfielders Leroy Millar, Max Hutchison and Shea Gordon, and forwards Paul O’Neill and Daniel Kearns, both from Cliftonville.

The teams will play the first match of the new season at Inver Park on Friday August 12.

The “middle order” established?

Oran Kearney, manager of Coleraine
Oran Kearney’s Coleraine failed to reach the heights of his league form from previous seasons

After being league runners-up for three out of four seasons, Coleraine had to settle for a more modest sixth-place finish in 2021-22.

Manager Oran Kearney hopes his charges can improve in the position and to that end he has drafted Conor McDermott and Michael McCrudden from Cliftonville, Dean Jarvis and Lee Lynch from Larne, as well as Jack O’Mahony from Glenavon and Evan McLaughlin on loan from Derry City. .

The Lurgan Blues finished seventh again last time out and look set to challenge for a mid-table spot again, with a place in the top six after splitting a realistic target.

Among Glenavon manager Gary Hamilton’s signings are goalkeeper Rory Brown, defender Micheal Glynn on loan from Derry City, striker Eoin Bradley and former Derry midfielder Jack Malone.

Ballymena United sat eighth for the second consecutive year last season and suffered a heartbreaking extra-time loss to the Crusaders in the Irish Cup final.

Manager David Jeffrey has been busy in the transfer market, adding Sean O’Neill, Jake Corbett, Evan Tweed, George Tipton, Jordan Gibson and David McDaid to his ranks.

Among the departures from the Warden Street club was influential former club captain Leroy Millar. With mid-table placement likely again, cup competitions should once again be a priority.

Who will avoid the fall?

Jim Ervin of Carrick Rangers and Darragh McBrien of Dungannon
Jim Ervin of Carrick Rangers and Darragh McBrien of Dungannon

Dungannon Swifts and Carrick Rangers finally finished comfortably clear of the drop zone last season and will again want to give themselves some breathing room in the bottom half of the table.

Swifts boss Dean Shiels has decided to strengthen his hand by bringing in Dean Curry from Ballinamallard, John Scott from Loughgall and Brendan Barr on loan from Derry City.

Carrick’s promising start last time out fizzled somewhat and manager Stuart King mostly opted for the experience in an effort to avoid a repeat of that scenario – with Ross Glendinning, Curtis Allen and Cameron Stewart being brought in, as well. as loanees Alex Gawne and Andrew Mitchell.

Portadown came close to giving up their Premiership status after just one season with the ‘big boys’, but manager Paul Doolin will be keen to put his stamp on the club after being appointed to the full-time role.

It’s been a busy summer of arrivals and departures at Shamrock Park and Doolin will be hoping his ‘rolling and dealing’ will pay dividends with Premier League survival as a minimum target.

Darren Mullen’s Newry City return to the Premiership after being crowned Championship winners and the County Down club will be determined to extend their stay in the top flight.

North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor says Democrats want to ‘manage’ black people and destroy dissidents


North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor says Democrats are trying to “manage” African Americans and seek to exterminate anyone who doesn’t share their woke philosophy.

Republican lawmaker Mark Robinson said that throughout American history, the “ideology of dominance” by Democrats against black people “has not changed” in an interview with FOX News’ Dan Bongino on Saturday.

According to Robinson, Democrats have a habit of abhorring non-conforming black people who “fight against stereotypes and all notions that are dangerous to them.”

It’s always been a control mentality, he said. “And they will hate you and try to destroy you when they can’t control you, when they can’t control your thoughts.”

He said, “It’s been done to me in several places since I started this business, and it’s nothing new.

Robinson went on to talk about a controversial sermon he gave at a Charlotte-area church in May, in which he was accused of being misogynist for saying that Christians are “supposed to be ruled by men” and asserted that he had always stood up as a man in the face of racism.

Robinson claimed in an interview with Unfiltered, “When I made remarks in a white church, they went viral and the media jumped on me and questioned me and threatened me and all kinds of bullshit.”

But the media won’t broadcast what I said in that black church.

‘Why? Because I was talking to black people, and they were overwhelmingly supportive of the idea I was talking about.

Robinson said of the mainstream media, “They don’t want to see black people challenging their stories.” “In this circumstance, that is what happened.”

On May 22, at a conference at Freedom House Church, Robinson said men should lead Christians and urged male members of the public to “put on the full armor of God” and “take the lead of your adversary in the name of God”.

Before slumping his shoulders and mocking the civil rights anthem We Shall Overcome, he said that as a Christian and black, he was tired of learning how to behave.

He said: “Not once in my life, when I encountered difficulties, did I say, ‘You know, I will overcome’.”

My God says I must first stand up as a man in the face of difficulty! MAN’

According to WRAL, Robinson then said he was “getting ready to get in trouble” – a phrase he often uses before making divisive statements.

We are called to be led, my soldiers, he said, amid cheers and some howls of agreement, according to WRAL.

God sent women to perform their duties, but when it came time for David to face Goliath, it was David who was sent, not Davita.

Not Mom Moses, Dad Moses, Robinson said, “God sent Moses to lead the Israelites to freedom.

And he said that when God created huge, hairy, unattractive men, he “knew what he was doing.”

Because they’re in the woods or in front of your kids at school, you’re supposed to scare them away.

Robinson made the comments as part of a broader attack on the social justice movement, saying too many people follow the philosophy of social justice rather than the teachings of Jesus Christ.

He said these people would “be on their way to hell”.

In the past, he has been criticized for equating instructors who discuss gender identity and sexual identity with young children with predators that prowl playgrounds.

Robinson said in another March sermon that anyone who reads to a young person about transgenderism or homosexuality “does it to twist that kid’s head” and is “just as much a groomer as that guy is in that playground.”

Robinson is now said to be considering a run for governor of North Carolina, which analysts said could be difficult given his previous comments.

According to WRAL, more than half of the state’s registered voters are women. Several GOP political gurus have previously said Robinson’s remarks could hurt his chances of winning over suburban voters.

But when news of his comments at Freedom House Church surfaced last month, Robinson released a video statement denying that he had advocated for men in leadership positions.

It is complete nonsense, according to Robinson, for anyone to insinuate that she does not believe that women can hold positions of leadership in their homes, communities, churches, states and countries.

“The remarks I made to Freedom House Church were aimed at men and urging men to come forward and also take on the position of leadership, to be leaders in their families and in their communities, in their state, in their country .”

In an email to WRAL, Freedom House Senior Pastor Penny Maxwell, who co-chairs the congregation with her husband Troy, also expressed outrage and said she was “very disgusted with the way society is treating the women”.

In a later interview, she expressed her admiration for what Robinson had to say and her belief that he would make a fantastic governor.

Robinson, according to her, “never said that only men should lead”, but rather “indicated that men should rise up and assume the roles that I believe they have abdicated”.

In encouraging women to compete with men, Maxwell said she considered the women’s liberation movement “one of the worst offenders of putting down women I have ever seen”.

She said: ‘I am shocked by the wussification of America’, saying that ‘women are losing their place in society because of this false image of toxic masculinity when in reality I believe the male heart is something after God”.

Improve Abuja in state, FCT monarchs beg FG


The management of traditional institutions in the Federal Capital Territory expressed concern on Saturday about the “non-provocative” attitude of various administrations in the face of the agitations of their natives since 1990.

They expressed surprise at the difficulty for the Federal Government to appoint an indigenous person as FCT Minister or to elevate Abuja to statehood to allow the people to enjoy the rights and privileges associated with the office.

Traditional leaders raised their concerns during a national dialogue on the rights of FCT-origin inhabitants, organized by the Resource Center for Human Rights and Education on the theme “Building Resilience, Fostering Recovery: FCT Indigenous Peoples and the Struggle for Justice,” as part of activities to mark the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples which falls on August 9.

The Ona of Abaji and Chairman of the Council of Traditional Leaders of the FCT, Adamu Yunusa, lamented the non-recognition of indigenous people as the helm of affairs in the Federal Executive Council with a call on the government to “be fair” to all.

The monarch, represented by Mansur Sule, said the natives of the FCT should be treated like any other Nigerian.

“The gift of our ancestral land to the government is remarkable for the unity of the people and the peaceful coexistence of the citizens, but we do not see commensurate appreciation from the country.

“The people should give us justice so that we get our rights. We just want to be treated like any other Nigerian is treated. It is high time we were given our right,” he said.

Kwali’s Etsu, Alhaji Shaban Audu, noted that the natives had sacrificed a lot for the FCT, adding that what they needed was equal opportunities.

He said: “We sacrificed a lot. Although we remain grateful to the government because some things have been done, there is still a lot to be done for the socio-political advancement of the people.

CHRICED Executive Director Dr Ibrahim Zikirullahi said the injustices suffered by the natives could continue due to the activities of “selfish politicians” who benefit from the current system.
He said the government must address the plight of the natives to avoid the breakdown of law and order in the capital.

Zikirullahi said, “The natives of the FCT have made enormous sacrifices to provide space for the capital of Nigeria. Therefore, the government can no longer ignore the voices of the original inhabitants. They don’t have land, they don’t have representatives in the federal cabinet, and of course, even their children don’t have a place they can call their own. They suffered from discrimination over time.

“We help them raise their voices and bring their issues to the government and the international community. They are dealing with their case legally and peacefully and maybe that is why the government is not listening. We tell the government that it must not only discuss and negotiate with those who are violent and impious. It is high time they listened to the first inhabitants.

“The constitution says the government should appropriate the land for public use, but not that it should confiscate the land and start selling it. If we are in a statement where justice works, the original inhabitants should collect land. We rarely have a tribe that is not present in Abuja and if we want to have peace we have to tackle the IO issues.

He questioned why the government has refused to obey a series of court rulings designed to respond to indigenous unrest, adding that CHRICED is considering how to enforce the rights granted to them by the court.

“We know our lawmakers are the biggest offenders in the country and we’ve seen them serve as a buffer to the executive, especially when you have a system where the government is weak and clueless. Today, the lawmakers we have are the ones who feel that the marginalization of the FCT natives has advanced their course. We ask the IOs to sit down,” he said.

The executive director of the Center for Transparency Advocacy, Faith Nwadishi, has defended the political, economic and cultural rights of the original inhabitants.

Nwadishi also said that the 1999 Constitution review process led by the National Assembly would have been a golden opportunity for the 9th Assembly to engrave their names in gold when the history of the FCT was discussed.

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Fury over triple-locked state pensions as ‘Tories betrayed Britain’s pensioners’ | United Kingdom | New


A new Labor Party analysis of Bank of England figures has revealed that a pension worth £6,930 thirteen years ago will only see a very marginal increase to £6,934 by next March . Based on prices in 2022, this has fallen by £462 in April this year as soaring inflation – which recently soared to 9.4% – eats away at pension incomes. Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: “Having promised in the general election to help pensioners with the cost of living, the Tories then broke the triple lock.

“It means the state pension has been cut in real terms and pensioners are facing hardship. They deserve so much better.”

Mr Ashworth also took to Twitter to launch a furious attack on the Conservative Party.

He called for “urgent action to help our pensioners” as household energy bills soar and inflation continues to soar.

The shadow secretary for work and pensions wrote: “The Tories have betrayed Britain’s pensioners.

“Pensioners will only earn 8p a week compared to 2009 due to soaring inflation.

“With energy bills still soaring and inflation ravaging economies, we need urgent action to help our retirees.”

In April, pensioners received a 3.1% increase, bringing the basic pension total to £141.85 a week.

Overall, its value has gone from £7,155.20 in 2021 to the current total of £7,376.20 per year.

READ MORE: UK faces heat pump crisis as EU bows to green crowd AND bans critical gases

But Labor tore up that claim and described it as a ‘smokescreen’ so the Treasury could pocket the savings.

Dennis Reed, from campaign group Silver Voices, the membership organization for older people in the UK, warned that older people “have nowhere to turn with winter approaching”.

He also claimed ‘pensioner poverty will spin out of control’ and wants Tory leadership candidates Mr Sunak and Ms Truss to pledge to guarantee a minimum pension of £200 a week and reintroduce TV licenses free for those over 75.

Mr Reed said: “These figures disprove the notion that older people are better off than most in the face of the cost of living crisis.

“Older people have nowhere to turn with winter approaching, and pensioner poverty will spin out of control.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions said: ‘The total annual basic state pension is now £2,300 higher than in 2010 and there are 400,000 fewer pensioners in poverty absolute after accommodation costs.”

Larry Wallace, Former Highway Patrol Commander, TBI Director, Has Died


ATHENS, Tennessee (WTVF) – Larry Wallace, the only person to have led both the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, died Saturday afternoon at his home in McMinn County after a short battle with cancer . He was 77 years old.

Current TBI Director David Rausch remembered Wallace as a man of integrity who led efforts to professionalize the state’s criminal investigative agency during his 11 years at the helm.

“He wanted to surround himself with people who understood the importance of being honest and hardworking, and I see him in the Office today,” Rausch told NewsChannel 5.

“He wanted to see things get better and better every day. I think that’s one of the great legacies he left for the Bureau and the state.”

TN state

THP Colonel Larry Wallace, TBI Director Larry Wallace

The current commander of the THP, Colonel Matt Perry, also joined in the condolences.

“He was a great man and he loved serving this great state,” Perry said in a statement.

“Colonel Wallace set the standard for leadership.”

Wallace, a native of McMinn County, began his career in 1964 as an officer with the Athens Police Department, before being hired three years later as a state trooper.



Larry Wallace during his tenure with the Tennessee Highway Patrol

In 1973, he was promoted to special agent of the TBI.

In 1976, Wallace took a leave of absence from the TBI to run for McMinn County Sheriff, a position to which he was elected twice. In 1979, the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association named him “Sheriff of the Year”.

Then, in 1980, he returned to the TBI and was later appointed head of the TBI’s Criminal Investigations Division.

In 1987, Governor Ned McWherter chose Wallace to be Colonel and Commander of the Highway Patrol. The following year, he was also appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Security.

In 1992, McWherter appointed Wallace to a six-year term as director of the TBI.

In 1998, then Governor. Don Sundquist reappointed Wallace for a second six-year term.



Larry Wallace was sworn in for a second term as then Governor. Don Sundquist is watching

Wallace oversaw the construction of the TBI’s current headquarters and led the TBI to become the third state criminal investigative agency to receive international accreditation through the Law Enforcement Agencies Accreditation Commission .

Wallace also pioneered the development of the highly successful TBI Most Wanted program.

“It was really necessary in that we didn’t have a big enough agency to pursue all the fugitives,” Wallace later recalled.

During his tenure, following a NewsChannel 5 investigation, Wallace ordered TBI agents to partner with the FBI in an investigation into no-tender contracts awarded to friends of the governor who reappointed to his post.

Sundquist’s friend John Stamps and another state official would later go to federal prison.

Wallace and Sundquist will not speak for two decades.



TBI Director Larry Wallace speaks to the media

In December 2003, Wallace retired as director of the TBI, stating that he planned to “rediscover the mountains and relearn how to fish for trout”.

But, a year later, he joined the faculty of Tennessee Wesleyan University in Athens, developing a criminal justice program which he taught. He was later appointed vice president for external affairs, then vice president for administration; finally, senior vice-president.

Outside of law enforcement, Wallace was haunted by the unsolved 2001 death of a 15-month-old Maury County boy, Jeffrey Kelton Skaggs.

While the initial autopsy ruled the death an accident, medical authorities later concluded it was a homicide.

Jeffry Kelton Skaggs.jpg


Jeffry Kelton Skaggs

Still, District Attorney General Mike Bottoms declined to reopen the investigation.

Wallace played a key role in a 2006 NewsChannel 5 investigation into the child’s death. Then, in 2014, Brent Cooper was elected district attorney, and Wallace personally went to the new district attorney to ask him to take a fresh look at Skaggs’ death.

Cooper did so, and after a thorough follow-up investigation, the prosecutor charged the mother’s ex-boyfriend with murder.

Christopher Lee Goodwin was convicted in 2020 and sentenced to life in prison. (Watch NewsChannel 5 stories about the case here.)

“Larry Wallace was one of those exceptionally rare people who not only believe in justice, but devote their entire lives to relentlessly pursuing it,” Cooper said.

“The Skaggs case is the perfect example. In this case, Larry patiently waited over 10 years for a new prosecutor to be elected to seek justice for little Kelton Skaggs.

“When Larry gets to heaven, I’d bet Kelton will be waiting for him,” Cooper said.

Arrangements are not complete at this time.

How AmOne can help you get a personal loan


You will probably need to get a loan at some point in your life. Even the most diligent savers can run into financial difficulties and get into debt, so it’s essential that you understand the procedures required to obtain a loan. In this article, we’ll take a look at AmOne and describe how they can make it easier and faster for you to get a personal loan. Looking for an opinion on AmOne? To find out more, go here: fox17online.

What is AmOne?

With the help of AmOne, which is a free internet tool, you can find the best loan providers for your situation. By visiting their website, you quickly access a range of offers and possibilities after answering a few questions. Plus, they offer a wide range of services, such as credit cards, business loans, and debt consolidation.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that generally has a term of one to ten years. Your credit rating is very important, and amounts and interest rates may change. The most common reasons for getting a personal loan are travel, home renovations, medical bills, and wedding-related debt.

How does AmOne work?

AmOne’s user-friendly, fast and reliable website has been recognized in the past. By simply clicking “Continue for Options” you can start the loan application process. You’ll start by responding to inquiries about your home ownership, taxes, and any debts you may have. After that, the website will use its technology to match you with suitable loan programs and lenders almost immediately.

Because AmOne offers so much convenience, you won’t have to worry about wasting time looking for the best solutions.

Will I benefit from a personal loan?

You must be a US citizen over the age of eighteen to qualify for a loan from any of the lenders offered by AmOne. You will also need to provide proof of your financial stability and a stable source of income.

What if I don’t have a perfect credit score?

Regardless of individual credit scores, AmOne urges everyone to use its service. AmOne can immediately connect you with lenders who have the best deal available given your current situation. You no longer have to worry about switching lenders to determine your eligibility.

Presentation of AmOne:

With a simple click of the mouse, AmOne offers you a selection of reputable lenders. There is no charge to submit a loan application as it is a free service. They encourage applicants from a variety of credit backgrounds and their website gives educational recommendations. It is essential to keep in mind that to apply you must be a US citizen who is at least 18 years old. Additionally, you must demonstrate that you have a current bank account and a source of income.

That’s pretty much it, then! I wish you good luck in your lending adventure and don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. If you are able to get a loan, remember to make your payments and follow the strategy that works best for you.

Main advantages of personal loans:

Simple loan processing: You can apply for a personal loan online, using NetBanking, at an ATM, or by visiting your local branch in person. The application process is fast and little documentation is required.

Instant payout: If you are a member of HDFC Bank, you can get a personal loan in 10 seconds*. For others, it only takes four hours*.

You can use the money as you see fit: One of the main advantages of personal loans is the flexibility with which you can spend the money, whether it is for a wedding, vacation, gadget, business investment, home improvement, etc. You must use a car loan or a home loan for the specified purpose.

No need to pledge assets as collateral for the loan: Personal loans are unsecured loans, so you can receive one without pledging assets like your home or stocks as collateral.

A personal loan requires much less documentation and processing time than the majority of other loans. You can get a loan by providing ID, proof of address and proof of income. In some cases, you may not even need to submit any documentation if you have been pre-approved for a personal loan.

Easy Installments or EMI are two convenient ways to pay off your personal loan. The terms of payment are often flexible and you can choose a duration that allows you to optimize your monthly expenditure according to your situation. The EMIs offered by HDFC Bank range from Rs 2,162 per lac to 12 to 60 months. You can consult the EMI calculator for a personal loan.

Todd Ortloff Show guests this week


PORT ANGELES — Here’s this week’s schedule for the 1-2 p.m. Todd Ortloff show on KONP 1450 AM, 101.7 FM in Port Angeles, 101.3 FM in Sequim and myclallamcounty.com on the internet outside of the Port Angeles area.

Schedule for this week:

Monday – Bruce Halstead and Phill Castell discuss the upcoming Straits Stamp Show and share some history on stamps, collecting, and more.

Tuesday – Diane Urbani de la Paz talks about her new book “All my love, a story of war and hope”.

Segment Two – Investigative Journalist/Best Selling Author Sally Denton discusses her book “The Colony: Faith & Blood in a Promised Land,” a true story based on the LeBarón and La Mora communities – fundamentalist Mormons who broke with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and settled in Mexico when the church outlawed polygamy in the late 19th century.

Wednesday – Seattle Mariners Baseball

Thursday – Clallam County Commissioner Randy Johnson with County Fair Director Shari Ioffrida and new Director of Parks, Fair and Facilities Don Crawford.

French sailor rescued after spending 16 HOURS at sea under capsized boat | World | New


Laurent Camprubi, a French skipper, managed to keep his composure as rescuers spent several hours trying to retrieve him from under the boat. Laurent only managed to survive thanks to a 30 cm air pocket.

Salvamento Maritimo, a Spanish sea rescue service, described the rescue as “on the verge of impossible” in a Facebook post on August 4.

The 62-year-old skipper was rescued on Tuesday after his boat capsized in the middle of the qualifying race for the Route du Rhum.

Laurent was 14 miles from the small archipelago of Sisargas, off the coast of Galicia, when he triggered his distress beacon.

A search was quickly launched and rescuers found her yacht, named Jeanne Solo Sailor, buffeted by high waves.

READ MORE: Xi Jinping’s Taiwan invasion plan torn apart as Beijing navy assesses

Laurent, from Marseille, was eventually rescued and said: “I knew they were there and they would save me, they wouldn’t abandon me. It was a matter of time. I had to survive for me and my family.

Juan Ferrer, chief of operations of the rescue service, stressed that the sailor “was equipped with a special suit that saved him from hypothermia”. But he also praised his “knowledge, which allowed him to calmly await our arrival”.

The rescue operation, which involved five divers, began at 8.23pm on Monday August 1 when the alert was first received.

Juan Ferrer added: “As soon as we received the call from CCS Finisterre, a special operations technician from the strategic base of Fene, Vicente Cobelo, with the diving intervention team of the company Ardentia Marine, the company awarded the contract that provides services from the strategic rescue bases, depart”.

Laurent was transported by helicopter to Alvedro airport where an ambulance was waiting for him.

Editorial: The challenges of living on a fixed income


An editorial from the Rutland Herald:

Research was published this week that shows how difficult it is for New England seniors to live on a fixed income. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than half of older women living alone — 54% — are in an equally precarious financial situation: either poor by federal poverty standards or with incomes too low to pay for essential expenses. For single men, the share is lower, but still surprising — 45%.

That’s according to a valuable but little-known measure of the cost of living for older adults: the Elder Index, developed by researchers at the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

According to KFF, the Equity in Aging Collaborative plans to use the index to influence policies that affect older adults, such as property tax relief and expanded eligibility for assistance programs. medical expenses. Twenty-five significant aging organizations are members of the collaboration.

The goal is to fuel a robust dialogue about “the true cost of aging in America,” which remains unrecognized, said Ramsey Alwin, president and CEO of the National Council on Aging, a coalition organizer. Nationally and for every state and county in the United States, the Elder Index uses various public databases to calculate the cost of health care, housing, food, transportation and miscellaneous expenses for elderly, according to KFF. It represents a minimum budget, adjusted according to whether the elderly live alone or as a couple; whether they are in poor, good or excellent health; and whether they are tenants or owners, with or without a mortgage.

The results of the analyzes are revealing.

According to the report, in 2020, according to data provided by Jan Mutchler, director of the Institute of Gerontology, the index shows that almost 5 million elderly women living alone, 2 million elderly men living alone and more than 2 million elderly couples had incomes that made them economically precarious.

And those estimates took place before inflation soared to over 9% and older people continued to lose their jobs in the second and third years of the pandemic.

Nationally and in every state, the minimum cost of living for seniors calculated by the Elder Index far exceeds the federal poverty lines, which are used to calculate official poverty statistics.

According to the KFF report, the Elder Index estimates that a healthy, single older adult paying rent needed $27,096, on average, for basic expenses in 2021, or $14,100 above the threshold. federal poverty of $12,996. For couples, the gap between the calculation of the need index and the poverty line is even greater.

Yet eligibility for Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance, and other safety net programs that help seniors is based on federal poverty standards, which don’t account for geographic variations. the cost of living or medical expenses incurred by the elderly, among other factors. , KFF reports.

According to Kaiser Health News, in April, researchers at the University of Massachusetts showed that Social Security benefits only cover a fraction of what seniors need for basic expenses: 68% for a senior in good health who lives alone and pays rent and 81% for an older couple in the same situation. “There’s a myth that Social Security and Medicare miraculously takes care of all the needs of the elderly,” Alwin told Kaiser Health News. “The reality is that they don’t, and far too many people are at a crisis point of economic insecurity.”

But now we face an even bigger challenge: inflation. The cost of basic necessities and fuel is at its highest in 40 years.

At the end of its last policy meeting on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve should impose a second consecutive increase of three quarters of a point, raising its key rate to a range of 2.25% to 2.5%. It will be his fourth rate hike since March, when he announced a quarter-point hike. Since then, as inflation hit new four-decade highs, the central bank has tightened credit even more aggressively.

According The Associated PressSince the Fed met in June, the government has reported inflation accelerating to an annual rate of 9.1%, the most since 1981. Although the jump reflects a surge in oil prices gasoline, which have since declined, inflation worsened even after excluding the volatile energy and food categories.

The effects are harsh for all Americans, but especially for older Americans. In a state like Vermont, where the population is aging, this is something that is taking a toll – and perhaps a bigger one than we even know.

To apply for an expiring student loan forgiveness opportunity, borrowers may have less time than it seems


As a key student loan cancellation opportunity draws to a close, Biden administration officials are urging borrowers to apply before the deadline. But millions of borrowers may not realize that the window to apply could be even shorter than it seems.

Here’s what you need to know.

Extension of student loan relief for public service borrowers

Biden announced the “Limited PSLF Waiver” opportunity in October 2021, dramatically expanding access to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) – a student loan forgiveness program that can eliminate federal student loan debt. for borrowers who commit to working 10 years or more for a non-profit organization or public bodies.

The initiative has had some success, with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona boasting more than $8 billion in approved student loan forgiveness so far. But the limited PSLF waiver is scheduled to end on October 31, 2022, which would return the PSLF program to its original stricter eligibility rules. Before the waiver, the PSLF program suffered from a dismal approval rate that never exceeded 3%.

Senior officials have urged borrowers to apply for student loan forgiveness under the PSLF waiver before the Oct. 31 deadline. “Now until October 31, 2022, you may be able to receive credit for student loan repayments that were previously ineligible for PSLF,” the Education Department said in one of several tweets. of last month announcing the program.

Time is short to apply for student loan forgiveness under the PSLF waiver

The problem, however, is that some borrowers must follow multiple steps to qualify for relief under the limited PSLF waiver. Borrowers with FFEL loans and Perkins loans can only receive relief under the waiver if they consolidate those loans through the Federal Direct Consolidation Program. This process can take 30 to 60 days, and sometimes longer. These borrowers must then submit PSLF employment certification forms to confirm their qualifying employment, which may also take some time since the borrower’s employer must sign the form. All of this must be done before the waiver deadline.

“Consolidate your FFEL program loans and your Perkins loans into a direct consolidation loan by October 31, 2022. You cannot receive credit for repayment time if you do not consolidate and submit your PSLF form to this date,” says the Education Department of updated guidance posted on its website.

With less than 90 days until October 31, time is running out quickly for many borrowers to complete the steps required to qualify for the limited PSLF waiver, given that consolidation alone can take 60 days or more in some cases. Borrowers who must consolidate to qualify, but who wait until September or October to begin the direct consolidation application process, could end up missing the boat on student loan forgiveness if application processing drags on in November. . Once a direct consolidation application has been submitted, it is largely out of the hands of the borrower and the processing time is up to the Department of Education and its loan officers.

Groups urge Biden to extend PSLF waiver

Borrower advocates have been sounding the alarm for weeks over the expiration of the limited PSLF waiver and urging Biden to extend it, arguing that potentially millions of borrowers could lose their student loan forgiveness.

Last month, a coalition of more than 130 civil rights, consumer protection and labor organizations submitted a letter to President Biden, urging him to extend the PSLF waiver option.

“To ensure that your administration’s policies have the intended effect, we urge you to extend the PSLF waiver deadline until at least 2023,” the groups wrote. An overhaul of the PSLF regulations is expected to come into force in July 2023.

Last week, a group of 20 state attorneys general also wrote to Biden to convince him to extend the derogation.

“Given the critical benefits provided by the limited PSLF waiver and the fact that fundamental issues with the PSLF program will immediately return (likely in exacerbated form) upon the end of the waiver, we have serious concerns about plans to put end to the waiver just two months after the resumption of repayment of the federal student loan portfolio and before the ministry’s new PSLF regulations come into effect,” the group wrote. “More than nine months after the start of the waiver, many borrowers, especially FFEL borrowers, understandably remain confused… Ending the waiver on October 31, 2022 would only give borrowers two months to take the essential steps necessary to receive the benefits of the waiver.”

Biden to decide on key student loan relief initiatives soon, including suspension of student loans

So far, Biden officials have given no indication that an extension of the limited PSLF waiver is under consideration.

But the Biden administration must decide how to handle a number of student loan relief initiatives in the days and weeks ahead. The ongoing student loan pause is set to end on August 31, and an IDR account adjustment designed to advance borrowers’ progress toward canceling student loans under income-related repayment programs has not yet been implemented.

Meanwhile, Biden has indicated he will also make a decision on whether to pass full-scale student loan forgiveness by the end of the month.

Further Reading on Student Loans

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Become a marketplace of choice in the builder/creator economy


Presented by Tipalti

Consumers today demand a better market experience. In this on-demand VB webinar, industry experts offer proven best practices for addressing the unique challenges facing markets, how to meet high user expectations and more.

Watch for free on demand here.

In the wake of work trends accelerated by the pandemic, including increasingly distributed workplaces and the Great Resignation, comes the builder economy, says Christopher Gonzalez, chief financial officer at A-Team. These are the people working for themselves, designing and building new products and services used in the real world. While in the gig economy, workers are commoditized within platforms, builders, like digital media creators, are carving out their own niches.

There are a lot of macro trends driving this forward, maybe faster than people realize,” Gonzalez says. “People who are highly skilled and comfortable in their ability to find work will, again, bet on themselves and work effectively for themselves, be self-reliant, control their own destiny.”

These builders are looking for platforms that can spotlight, market and help sell their work, Gonzalez says, helping accelerate their businesses to scale without the overhead of doing it themselves, and with the added bonus of a partner who has the expertise to help them. quickly settle in and get out into the world.

The most successful commerce platforms are those that have built ecosystems that give these builders and creators of the wider digital economy the opportunity to become a merchant and share what they are passionate about, regardless of form it takes, says Paco Suro, GM, Global Partner Payments, Tipalti.

“What platforms need to focus on is the front of the house, the product offering, the ecosystem that they’re trying to build,” Suro says. “Long-term builders not only want to make sure they can get paid in their geography and currency, for example, but they want to look back and have self-service reporting and feature sets, the ability to perhaps choose how they are paid over time.

Platforms like Tipalti simplify and abstract the back-office experience, integrating it cleanly into the partner interface, so things like taxes and financial reporting are as simple and integrated as possible.

“The more we can do to create that scalability, efficiency, and optimization in the back office, the less resources you have to spend on it, the less time and effort, and the more our customers can get out there and keep selling and building. their platforms and their ecosystems,” he says.

Create a premium experience for partners

A-Team, a global talent marketplace that connects companies with engineers, product managers, and designers for technology projects, has grown by leaps and bounds since launching in 2020 and going public in 2022. They have discovered that it was a relatively new solution. company, there is a barrier of trust to cross when customers approach them for the first time. Branding did an awful lot of work there, Gonzalez says.

“To have a completely personalized experience seamlessly integrated into our product, where they don’t log in to one place and then have to log in separately to another place to add banking and payment information, all in one place within the framework from the A – The team’s experience was crucial,” he says.

These digital platforms for the builder and creator economy — the platform partners — are really about audience engagement, Suro adds. These creators have created a brand and must now meet supply and demand. They should have a great experience when associating with a marketplace or platform, and also feel they can trust it.

“They need to be sure that the platform gives them extensive coverage and exposure so they can monetize as an independent partner,” he said. “Without this partner, this ecosystem does not thrive. It’s not part of the equation to create that broad engagement you need to bring users or consumers to those services. »

Building trust and confidence

Having a trusted platform is another guarantee of credibility. Customers are more comfortable trying their luck on a global product knowing they will be paid in their own currency, without having to go through any steps.

“Tipalti has allowed us to deliver an incredibly sophisticated and polished user experience to all of our builders,” says Gonzalez.

For example, the Tipalti platform has supported A-Team customers in Ukraine even as the ongoing conflict continues to rage. They allow people to get paid at banks outside the country, and even get paid in another currency, which can be a lifesaver, depending on the volatility of their local currency.

The company has also been able to roll out what it calls guaranteed on-time payments. Many freelancers struggle with not knowing when they are getting paid, as they are often treated like a vendor with terms net 30, net 60, net 90. For any builder with a certain length of tenure, the platform form pays them 15 days after a construction period whether the customer has paid or not, basically taking on the burden of collection from the customer.

“Even this experience was very easy to set up and run through Tipalti. When you think about security, bail, everything related to that, it was a huge boost for our builders and subsequently for our business,” he says. “They allowed us to deliver a world-class user experience, and to do so with relatively little lift.”

To learn more about creating best-in-class experiences for your marketplace partners of all stripes, why payment infrastructure makes all the difference in trust and engagement and more, attend this VB On webinar -Ask now.

Start streaming now!


  • Prioritize partner and user experience to elevate your brand stature
  • Choose the right software systems to support growth
  • Strategies for retaining partners and users to scale your business


  • Christopher GonzálezHead of Finance, All Risks Team
  • Paco SuroManaging Director, Global Partner Payments, Tipalti
  • Art ColeModerator, VentureBeat

Penny Black’s Social World: August 2022


Penny Black’s Social World: August 2022 – Insurance Post

Tweets of the month

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How to Pay Off Medical Debt: Payment Plans, Negotiation, Consolidation


Americans are used to taking on debt, whether in the form of a mortgage, car loan or home loan. But these types of debt are usually voluntary, meaning consumers choose to incur them to cover a specific expense.

A less voluntary type of debt is medical debt. Many people end up owing money on medical bills because they got sick or injured and they don’t have health insurance that fully covers their costs (or they don’t have health insurance at all). In fact, an estimated 41% of American adults have some type of debt caused by medical bills, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation Report.

Unfortunately, medical debt can be a huge burden in the same way that an expensive mortgage or auto loan can be. And as long as there is, fortunately, new protections in place to limit the impact of medical debt on consumer credit scores, medical debt remains a problem.

If you owe money for medical bills, you may want to get rid of that debt as quickly and painlessly as possible. Here are some steps you can take to make it happen.

1. Talk to your suppliers about setting up a reasonable payment plan

Many medical providers understand that healthcare expenses can come out of nowhere and leave patients unfairly overburdened. If you’re now sitting on a huge health care bill that you can’t pay, ask your provider to set up a payment plan that allows you to make reasonable payments based on your income. Often, providers work with patients who have a big bill to pay when their insurance doesn’t cover the bill (or they don’t have insurance to begin with).

Amazon and One Medical:Can big tech make healthcare less painful?

The survey says:The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for Americans to pay medical bills

2. Try to negotiate your bills down

Maybe you’re stuck with a $15,000 hospital bill and you know it will take you years to pay it off based on your income. If so, talk to a manager and see if it’s possible to negotiate that amount down – say, down to $8,000. If you can prove that it will take you a long time to cover your entire bill, the establishment to which you owe money may negotiate to be paid something.

3. Consolidate your debts with a personal loan

A Personal loan can be an affordable way to consolidate and pay off debt. With a personal loan, you borrow a lump sum that you repay in installments at a fixed interest rate. You can use the proceeds of a personal loan for any purpose, including paying off medical debt. Often, personal loans come with competitive interest rates, more so than other loan products. And if you have good credit when you apply for a personal loan, you’ll have an even better chance of getting an affordable interest rate on the money you borrow.

In many cases, medical debt is unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to letting it ruin your finances. Instead, take these steps to make that debt more manageable as you work to pay it off.

Alert: The highest cash back card we’ve seen now has 0% introductory APR until almost 2024

If you use the wrong credit or debit card, it could cost you dearly. Our expert likes this first choicewhich offers an introductory APR of 0% until around 2024, an insane repayment rate of up to 5%, and all with no annual fee.

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Amazon Prime Healthcare:E-commerce giant to buy primary care group One Medical for $3.9 billion

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Travel Talk with Steve Gillick, New Book Author and “Travel Your Way” Fan


The five-week trip, by jet-prop, boat and coach, opened his eyes to the wonders of traveling around the world, and by the age of 13 he was hooked.

Steve’s diary of his student trip to Europe in 1967 was the first of many, many diaries during his years of travel, and as he tells us in this interview, he returned to those diaries when he began to write his book.

A few years later, he was vice president of an educational travel agency, a trainer’s job to start a career in travel.

To date, Steve has explored over 730 destinations in 85 countries and territories, with 84 return visits.

Filled with helpful tips and insightful observations, the book is a great read for anyone who, like Steve, became fascinated with travel from a young age and made travel their life’s work. It is also a good recommendation for customers.

Here is the first part of Travelweek’s Q&A with Steve; check out Travelweek Daily tomorrow for part two, including insight into the importance of travel agents in this rapidly changing world of pandemic travel.

Steve’s book can be ordered here.

What were the best things about writing your book, and the worst? And what advice would you give to others in the travel industry who think they have a book in them?

As I noted in the book, I started writing it 32 years ago. At the time, it was a mission and a challenge. One of the best things about writing is that I proved to myself that I could finish the book. So, one more item checked off my master to-do list!

In those 32 years, I’ve encountered many distractions, including writing over 300 travel articles spread across consumer and trade publications. I’ve spoken at industry events, hosted seminars and webinars, and for the past 10 years have run my own consulting firm, with a clientele of travelers and non-travelers alike. .

But also for many, I was lucky enough to have a kind of publication “mentor”, who regularly asked how the book was progressing. That mentor is Steve Crowhurst, the well-known travel agent professional development guru and author of the Sadamune Blades trilogy. So I started to get serious, if only to call Steve’s bluff that I was going to finish the book. I self-published on Amazon in November 2021. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. And now I’ve started a second travel book, as well as a birdwatching book. So maybe I’m getting addicted!

Travel Talk with Steve Gillick, new book author and fan of

Ready to embark on a canoe trip to Witless Bay, NL to photograph puffins

What’s great about writing a book is putting together all the adventures you’ve had in writing. It is a total experience of “well-being”. And in my case I would start dreaming of adventures one day: the porters in Nepal who taught me the Tiger-Goat game; climb the Santa Anna Volcano in El Salvador; firefly squid tasting in Tokyo; ride a donkey in Luxor; playing red light, green light with the children in an Iban longhouse in Borneo. And thinking…wow, I did all of that. How has it made me a better person and a better traveler? What can I share from my experiences to promote trips that celebrate people, culture, education, understanding and happiness?

The worst part of writing was discovering that the 89,000+ words I had written that I thought were perfect…were not! They say “the devil is in the details” but it’s worth it in the end.

As for advice to others in the industry…I would say, “go for it”. There’s an old maxim that says “if you want to be a writer, then write!” Write an agency or company newsletter. Write a blog about your travels. Think of a theme for your book. It could be “My love affair with Tokyo” or “How to make the most of your travel experiences”. Every book needs a hook on which to hang the text.

Travel counselors have a ton of experience to share from their office, customer service, and travel experience. People love to read honest, first-hand travel stories. How about “Confessions of a Travel Agent”? Pick a theme, set yourself a goal for completing the book (1 year? 5 years? 32 years?) and start collecting all those great stories you’ve been sharing with your clients and colleagues until now.

Did your journals contribute to the making of the book? There must have been days when you were completely exhausted from your travels and really had to force yourself to write down the events of the day.

Absolutely! I say in the book that my first serious trip was on a school trip in 1967 where we visited nine European destinations, and I kept a detailed diary of my adventures. I still have that diary! And now I have added many more.

I’ve always been a fan of travel and have always saved notes about my travels so I can read them over 20 years in the future.

As a photographer, the advent of memory cards and the ability to take hundreds or even thousands of photos daily has affected my note taking to some degree. I now rely on visual notes through the camera to remind me of what I did. But I still collect business cards and get emails from destination reps, tour guides, chefs, and other important people I meet. It’s all part of the joy of connecting with a destination.

Many in the travel industry know you from your travel scam briefings. Tips on how to avoid scams and theft while traveling are scattered throughout the book. Sounds like this might be a good way for agents to recommend the book to their clients?

I wrote a monthly travel scam column for five years and published two scam brochures (Scam Watch and Son of Scam).

Travel scams thrive in every country. Some are quite smart. The scammer watches a new guest enter his hotel room…writes down the room number…calls the room pretending it’s reception…says credit card not accepted so guest can go back to reception or “I can take it over the phone and you’ll avoid trouble”. The customer provides the card details. The scammer goes on a shopping spree.

Or the scam can be quite simple. The post office clerk sells stamps to a traveler and tells the traveler that he will put the stamps on the postcards and mail them as a service to the customer. The stamps go in the clerk’s pocket. Postcards never arrive.

And while at one time curiosity about travel scams may have prompted travelers to find out more about them, today I’m not so sure.

Today’s travelers are looking for something else: how to connect to a destination. How to customize each travel experience to their unique needs, interests and tastes. How to make every travel adventure a once-in-a-lifetime experience,

So I think savvy guidance on destination connections and interactions is probably a better “book hook” for agents. In my case, A Symphony of Chamels is about absorbing the spirit of a destination through purposeful action. And conversations with locals are a major part of that spirit. Conversations provide those unique treasured memories about a destination.

Check out Travelweek Daily tomorrow for part two of the interview, including insight into why travel agents and their years of experience in the industry are more important than ever. For book ordering details, click here.

Lark Davis Lists Seven Ways He Became a Millionaire

  • After admitting he had a lot of nice things to buy, Lark Davis said he made a conscious effort to get rid of things he could live without.
  • He also thinks it’s important to create multiple streams of income because the average millionaire generates money from seven sources.

Lark Davis is a crypto analyst and YouTuber who has continuously provided analytical videos on Bitcoin and altcoins over the years. recent sound video titled “How I Became a Millionaire, and You Can Too” mentioned seven important things he did on his journey to success.

inner circle

According to Lark Davis, the first thing he did to become a millionaire was to protect those around him. He believes in getting involved with the right people to be successful.

I’ve learned that leaving the people around you can help you thrive or waste your time and energy.

He further stated that his circle is made up of people who can lift him up, those who can live up to his standards, and those he can get ideas from.

say no

Another thing he learned on his journey to success is how to say “no.” He believes that time is the most valuable asset, so it’s important to say “no” to things that can take away an essential part of it.

The power of “no” is having the confidence to control your time and the confidence to control your money, your reputation and everything.


Davis admitted the income was a game-changer on her journey to wealth. He thinks it’s important to create multiple streams of income because the average millionaire generates money from seven sources.

It takes many forms for me, including stock dividends, crypto staking rewards, digital product sales, YouTube earnings, affiliate earnings, and term deposits in the bank.

According to him, it is more necessary to invest than to keep money.


He also mentioned in his video that he learned to live within his means. Having admitted that he has a lot of nice things to buy, he has made a conscious effort to get rid of the things he can do without.


As your wealth grows, you are tempted to spend more, which is why most people who win the lottery end up broke.

Davis hinted that his total expenses are expressed as a percentage and that he makes sure his expenses always match his income.


I don’t come from the money. Every dollar I have, I’ve earned.

He mentioned that he never loses sight of where he comes from. According to him, he grew up on food stamps and second-hand clothes. For this reason, he has always had immense gratitude to the universe for bringing this kind of financial blessing into his life and getting it by doing something he loves.

Sean of the South: Rickwood Field is America in Brief | News from Marion


It’s hot in Alabama. Wicked hot. Recent rains have turned the grassy parking lot at Rickwood Field into beef stew.

I get out of my truck and go straight into a mud hole that reaches my shins.

A guy in the parking lot says, “They didn’t pave the parking lots a hundred years ago, and the people of Rickwood are all about preservation.

I’m lucky.

I walk into the old ballpark with muddy shoes. I pass the antique turnstiles. I visit the concession stand and order a Coke. And I go back in time about 112 years.

Rickwood Field is the oldest professional baseball stadium in the United States. It is a small park, accommodating about 11,000 people. Being here is like stepping into a James Earl Jones monologue.

These stands were built when William Howard Taft was still sleeping in the master bedroom of the White House. This press box was nailed together while the Titanic was still under construction.

Today a game of travel ball is being played, so the park is filled with parents wearing team t-shirts and tennis shoes. But I can’t see these people.

Instead, everywhere I look I see ghosts in fedoras. Women in A-line dresses. Children’s flat caps and breeches. I see handlebar mustaches, spats, watch holders and bags of peanuts.

I take my place behind home plate. The sun is brutal. But Coke is sweet enough to break your jaw. And I now live in 1910, the year before my grandfather was born. The year Halley’s Comet visited earth.

The boys are warming up. Pitchers loosen their arms. Outdoor billboards feature classic advertisements from an earlier era. “Drink Pepsi 5¢.” “Try Coca-Cola – relieves fatigue.” “Budweiser – with meals and lunches.”

This park is 7 miles from my front porch, yet I’ve never visited it. In fact, many people in Birmingham have never even heard of this stadium. When I asked people how to find it, no one seemed to know what I was talking about.

“Rickwood WHAT? said the gas station employee.

“Rickwood Field,” I said.

She shrugged. “Is this a NASCAR thing?”

That’s a shame. Because this ballpark is majestic. Monumental steel-framed light towers rest on riveted crosspieces that form the canopy for the seating area. Folding seats are as old as the Polo Grounds.

This baseball park is totally different from the modernized Disneyland stadiums of today. This place is gritty, worn, and every surface is covered in layers of pancake patina.

“This whole park was put together using hot rivets,” says Randy Ferguson, a volunteer with Friends of Rickwood, the non-profit organization that maintains this park.

Randy is a tall, white-haired man with a cap. He speaks in a thick Alabamian drawl and smiles a lot. He points here and there, spouting random dates and facts. In 1931, this. In 1919, that.

Right now, Randy is hosting a show for a group of Kansas City traveling ball boys.

The boys are dressed in all-white, clay-stained uniforms, wearing stirrups up to their knees. Randy lets them handle an antique Hillerich & Bradsby bat, the same kind used by Jackie Robinson.

Randy says, “Raise your hand if you know who Jackie Robinson is.

The boys unanimously raise their hands.

Which I find remarkable. These children exist in an iPhone and TikTok generation. And yet everyone knows who Jackie is. Because it is the essence of this sport, our history is sacred.

Randy lets the boys visit the locker rooms. He gave them a peek into the preserved principal’s office. The boys smirk at the 1930s pin-up calendar next to the roll-top desk. Children try on antique mittens. They weigh outdated baseballs in their small hands.

When Randy walks the boys through the narrow tunnel leading to the infield, everyone falls silent. There’s something about the energy here. Something is different. It is as if we are now standing on holy ground.

“This tunnel,” says Randy, “is the same tunnel that Willie Mays went through. Raise your hand if you know who that is.

All hands go up.

I touch the smooth walls of the tunnel and think of how Ty Cobb, Houns Wagner, Josh Gibson, Leroy “Satchel” Paige, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and a guy named George Herman Ruth Jr. once stood right here.

They would have been dressed in travel grey. Sweating in the Alabam heat. Tighten the laces of their crampons.

Hank Aaron stretched his hamstrings in this lane. Just like Bo Jackson, Roy Campanella and Mickey Mantle. Ray Caldwell, the last of the spittoons stood here.

Just like “Mister October”, “The Say Hey Kid”, Duke Snider, Lou Gehrig and the miracle that was Ted Williams.

“This park is our legacy,” Randy tells the kids. “This park is a snapshot of our country’s history.”

He’s absolutely right, this place is America in a nutshell. It’s our game. It’s our culture. Baseball is as American as Abe Lincoln’s beard.

They are national anthems on lazy afternoons. These are brass bands that play Sousa. It’s hot dogs. It’s Red Barber, Vin Scully and Harry Caray, Skip Caray and Chip Caray. It is our ancestry, our present and our future. It’s blacks and whites and Latinos and anyone who’s had the nerve to hold a bat.

“Sadly,” Randy continues, “you’d be surprised how many people in Birmingham have never heard of Rickwood Field.

“That’s why I always say the best thing to do is tell your friends about this place. Don’t let the story die. Tell everyone you know to come visit us.

Well Randy. I say as much as I can.

Sean Dietrich is a columnist, novelist, and podcast host, known for his commentary on life in the American South. His work has appeared in numerous publications and he is the author of 13 books.

Stamp dealers and appraisers to take part in Allen Park Club’s one-day exhibition – The News Herald


If you’re a stamp collector or want to have antique stamps appraised, you won’t want to miss the Allen Park Stamp Club’s one-day show.

The club is holding its 2022 stamp exhibit from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Sokol Cultural Center, 23600 W. Warren (east of Telegraph Road), Dearborn Heights.

Admission is free and club members say there is plenty of free parking.

The show will feature a dozen philatelic dealers and appraisers, with vast knowledge of philately and collecting.

The issue will include themed and classic stamps, as well as first day covers. You will also find postcards, coins, sports cards and supplies.

The Allen Park Stamp Club is hosting its 2022 Stamp Show from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Sokol Cultural Center, 23600 W. Warren, Dearborn Heights. (Photo courtesy of Allen Park Stamp Club)

“Some stamp dealers have coins and some have baseball cards, but it’s mostly stamps,” said club member Thom Ouellette. “Information is available on shows of these types of collectibles.”

The Allen Park Stamp Club, whose president is Debbie Detloff, has 18 members. It has called Allen Park home since 1964. They currently hold their meetings at 5.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month at Nona’s Diner, 9205 Pelham Road, Allen Park.

According to Ouellette, the Sokol Cultural Center hosts five shows a year, in five different clubs. The Allen Park Stamp Club usually holds its show in August.

For those unable to attend this show, the next one in Sokol will be the Motor City Stamps & Cover Club show, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on October 14 and 15.

Member of the club registering for the stamp fair
Bill Palmiter registers at a past stamp show, while Allen Park Stamp Club President Debbie Detloff holds stamps. Club members Cindy Havasi and Jane Lopez are also pictured at the registration table. (Photo courtesy of Allen Park Stamp Club)

Can hobby stocks afford to stick to their knitting?

  • Bloomsbury celebrates ‘rediscovered habit’ of reading
  • Games Workshop plans international expansion

In the dreary depths of confinement, certain hobbies have become acceptable again. Activities such as crochet, embroidery and macrame – once practiced by the over-70s and the clinically bored – have acquired a certain charm during the long, long days at home. A question mark remains for investors, however. Will these activities one day have lasting appeal or is their success destined to be short-lived?

Two and a half years after the UK entered its first lockdown, there are encouraging signs. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the proportion of online spending related to games, toys and sports equipment is still higher than before the pandemic. Gardening also continues to be popular, with sales of seeds, flowers and fertilizer continuing to increase.

This is starting to be felt by individual companies. In its annual results, the publisher Bloomsbury (BMY) celebrated the “new habit” of reading novels, adding that the pandemic had boosted sales of books that allowed customers to explore hobbies such as cooking and fitness. The reading boom is doing great things for the publisher’s performance: revenue grew 27% in the four months to June 2022, and the group repeatedly exceeded market expectations in the two last years.

We can also seek to Games Workshop (GAW), best known for its Warhammer range. Few would deny that spending hours painting “Khorne Lord of Skulls” with a small brush is a hobby in its purest form. Games Workshop has seen fantastic growth over the past five years, and the pandemic has only spurred demand for miniatures. The company has posted record results since the start of the pandemic: even this year, in the face of rising distribution costs and consumer concerns, Games Workshop increased its revenue by 12% and its pre-tax profits by 4%.

In some ways, its trajectory mirrors that of Danish toymaker Lego, which caters to an equally broad age range, and which continues to open physical stores.

Analysts are optimistic about these companies. Peel Hunt concluded that hobbies tended to be “quite resilient during a recession” – as evidenced by the global financial crisis – and said Games Workshop had plenty of new products to engage its hobby base. However, that doesn’t answer the question of whether they will remain popular in the long run.

To find out, it’s more useful to look at companies that haven’t.

Philately falls flat and Hornby goes off the rails

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) is a good starting point. At the start of 2014, the purveyor of stamps, coins, medals and rare banknotes is enjoying the joys of spring. He had made a big acquisition, he was expanding across the world and trying to create an online collectibles trading platform. Even better, the stock seemed to be cheap.

Alas: it was about to get much, much cheaper. In February 2014 – after the company had been trading rare stamps for almost 160 years – shares entered a precipitous decline and were trading at a tenth of their former price a year later. Demand plummeted as the band tried unsuccessfully to reach an interested audience, while debt ballooned and the company struggled to digest heavy acquisitions. Things got worse in 2016 when his auditors quit because the risks and uncertainties associated with Stanley Gibbons were deemed too high.

Last month, with a market cap of just over £6m, the group offered to delist from the London Stock Exchange. Its main shareholder, Phoenix Asset Management – which took a majority stake in the group in 2018 – is seeking to buy the whole company.

Phoenix has a thing for collectables: he is also the majority shareholder of Hornby (RHN), the “home of the model railways” and owner of Scalextric. Much like Stanley Gibbons, however, Hornby has had a killer stock market experience in recent years. After a series of profit warnings culminating in fears of breaching its banking covenants in 2016, shares have lost more than 70% of their value and the company now has a market capitalization of 44.5 million. pound sterling.

Shares rallied at the end of 2020 when the group returned to profitability for the first time in more than five years, but have since fallen again.

So what was wrong? In the case of Stanley Gibbons and Hornby, the request is the obvious answer. The products were too obscure, the audiences too niche, and sales plummeted. Is this the fate of hobby stocks, though, or could there have been another outcome?

Stanley Gibbons’ failure to thrive in the digital world seems significant. In 2014, the philatelist wanted to be “the Amazon of collectibles”. Its £6m market cap confirms that dream hasn’t come true, but it’s still trying to move online, appointing a new chief executive in July with a “strong background in the digital world”. A year earlier, she entered the world of virtual collecting, buying the world’s most valuable stamp and offering investors the option of fractional ownership.

Phoenix obviously thinks there’s potential here – but the strategy is unproven. At Bloomsbury and Games Workshop, however, management teams are already taking advantage of virtual opportunities. Bloomsbury’s ‘digital assets’ arm was set up in 2016 and is beating sales targets, generating £18.6m in revenue and £6.8m profit in the year to date in February 2022.

The literary world is also harnessing the power of social media – Bloomsbury chief executive Nigel Newton told a newspaper that TikTok was driving “huge sales” and creating new bestsellers, while retailer Waterstones has tables in its stores devoted to “more Tok-d on books”.

Meanwhile, Games Workshop’s revenue is increasingly supported by licensing revenue as its fantastical creations are turned into movies and video games. This approach is taken elsewhere. American toy manufacturer Mattel (US: MAT) – the mastermind behind Barbie and Fisher-Price – has seen sales growth languish in recent years. However, the group has recovered licenses for its intellectual property and is working to turn the toys into digital assets. Think non-fungible tokens with Hot Wheels cars.

strength in numbers

Back in the real world, Hornby sheds light on another important aspect of Games Workshop’s business case. Hornby customers have the opportunity to join a collectors club and attend railway shows and “steam fairs”. However, it failed to nurture as impressive a sense of community as Games Workshop.

Spanning a wide range of ages, Warhammer fans are a tight-knit bunch, using stores as hangouts – much like tech heads flock to Apple stores to try out the latest products. The group has gone to great lengths to attract young enthusiasts, and there are Warhammer conventions, painting classes and initiation sessions across the country.

In many ways, Stanley Gibbons also relies on this sense of community. Many of his financial failures were due to an inability to tap into enthusiastic collecting groups, particularly in the Far East. Much like Games Workshop, the company depends on a very particular type of customer and needs those customers to talk to each other – albeit at auction houses rather than board game cafes.

The challenge Games Workshop now faces is international expansion. Panmure Gordon analyst Alex Chatterton is confident that Warhammer will continue to grow in the United States. However, the larger Asian market could be trickier given the wider cultural divide. The group currently only has 18 stories in Asia – having closed four last year – but believes there are still “big opportunities” there.

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. However, there is clearly a level of innovation demonstrated by today’s hobby stocks that companies lacked in the past. Technology is seen not as an existential threat, but as a means to drive sales and attract new generations of customers, and management strives to keep products exciting and relevant. At their core, however, these products still deliver an imaginative, screenless touch experience that humans have dreamed of for centuries.

Jamaican currency changes over the years


Like all nations, Jamaica has seen its fair share of change and success in its 60 years as an independent country.

One of the most intriguing changes is that of currency. If one were to take a sample of the notes or coins used over the six decades, it would provide an insightful and historical picture of the island.

To fully appreciate the evolution of the Jamaican currency, you have to go back to where it all began. Until the early 16th century, when the Spanish colonized Jamaica, there was little need to use real currency. What was used instead was a barter system.

The Spaniards exchanged with the natives (the Tainos), trinkets, scissors, mirrors or glass beads. From there, the mediums of exchange changed as copper coins came into play. The small circulation of copper coins or maravedis that were used were described as very fine and light.

According to the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Money Museum, these coins were brought to Jamaica from Santo Domingo. They sometimes bore various stamps of anchors or keys, which seemed to show their value.

By the 17th and 18th centuries, currency had evolved, in part because trade had become more coherent with territory. Major coins were minted in Spain or Spanish-American countries, such as Mexico and Peru, due to their durability and accessibility.

The currency that was the basic Spanish monetary unit in silver was the real. According to the BOJ Money Museum, eight reales made a dollar or a “piece of eight”, as it was commonly called.

In the 19th century, Jamaica was entirely under British rule, and the Crown got its start with silver and copper coins known as anchor money.

In 1840, a law was passed stipulating that the currency of Great Britain was to be that of Jamaica. This meant halfpenny, penny ha’penny, farthing and penny, which were the lower denomination of copper coins, as well as the higher denomination silver coins, threepence, sixpence, shilling, guilder, halfpenny. crown and crown were to be used.

A selection of pre-decimal English coins and notes, including pennies, sixpences and farthings. (Photo: iStock)

The pennies and half pennies minted in 1869 were the first truly Jamaican coins. Between this period and near Independence, these coins were in circulation. The cupronickel penny and halfpenny were authorized for use in Jamaica by the Crown. They weighed the same as English coins of similar value but had the Jamaican coat of arms on the reverse.

The first banknotes used in Jamaica were issued by private commercial banks in the mid-19th century.

Two years before Jamaica’s independence (August 6, 1962), the Bank of Jamaica Act came into effect. Passage of the law allowed the BOJ to be the sole issuer of banknotes and coins. These notes debuted on May 1, 1961, in denominations of five and 10 shillings and one and five pounds.

Simple in design, they had the image of Queen Elizabeth II. The five shilling note was red, the 10 shilling was purple, and the 1 and 5 pounds were green and blue respectively. They all bore the signature of the first BOJ Governor, Stanley W Payton.

Pamela Simpson, a 67-year-old retired seamstress, told how the money was used during this time.

“When you take five shillings and go to the store, you can hardly take things home. You could get cooking oil, flour, rice, kerosene oil, cornmeal, butter, salted fish…the essentials. Two bars of soap were sixpence,” Simpson said.

Another retiree, Coralee Hylton, 76, also shared fond memories of using the currency. A shopkeeper, she remembers a train ride costing five pence.

“On the Kalamazoo from May Pen to Frankfield to Clarendon, that was the cost,” she noted.

Hylton said you could also buy beef, yams and potatoes in heaps for sixpence.

Despite the changing of the guard, the lowering of the Union Jack and the raising of Jamaica’s national flag in 1962, the nation chose to retain British currency as legal tender.

A retired professor of sociology and ethics at the University of Leeds in northern England, Albert Powell, remembers living in Jamaica during this time.

“A pound was worth 20 shillings, and the shilling was made up of 12 pence…. A penny is divided into two halfpenny or four farthings…. Thus, a farthing was worth a quarter of a penny and the penny was worth a twelfth of a shilling and a shilling was worth a twentieth of a pound. Now a penny could get you a candy called a paradise plum, which is now equivalent to a mint ball,” he said.

“A penny was a regular gift you got from your parents to buy candy, which now equals around $20,” the 81-year-old added.

Seven years after independence, Jamaica changed course, switching to a currency with a decimal system, eventually removing British coinage from legal tender.

On September 8, 1969, under the decimal system, Jamaica began using dollars and cents. Coins were issued in denominations of one, five, 10, 20 and 25 cents. Notes were issued in denominations of 50 cents, one, two and 10 dollars.

With the introduction of the decimal system, Jamaica could have a design that reflects its own identity.

According to the BOJ Money Museum, the decision was made to replace the portrait of the ruling British monarch (which featured on the obverse of all coins) with that of the Jamaican coat of arms. National symbols were to appear on the reverse.

The one dollar bill bore the image of Jamaica’s first prime minister and national hero, Sir Alexander Bustamante, the two dollar bill bore the image of national hero, Paul Bogle and the $10 bill bore the image of the national hero, George William Gordon. .

Bank of Jamaica five dollar note (top) featuring national hero, Norman Manley and Bank of Jamaica ten dollar note featuring national hero, George William Gordon (Photo: JIS )

On the 25-cent piece was the national bird, the fork-tailed hummingbird or doctor bird; the 20 cent featured the national tree, the blue mahoe; the 10 cent, the national flower, which is the lignum vitae, the five cent had the crocodile and the one cent, the national fruit, the ackee.

Between 1970 and 1990, a series of changes and amendments were made to Jamaican currency.

A The $5 bill was introduced with the likeness of the national hero, Norman Washington Manley and the penny was changed from copper to bronze. The 50-cent note, which bore the image of Jamaica’s first national hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, was replaced by a coin and the $20 note entered circulation.

Bank of Jamaica 50 cent note featuring national hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Photo: JIS)

In 1978, new $10 and $20 bills were introduced and the old bills were demonetized. The $20 note used the image of Noel N Nethersole, who served as Jamaica’s first finance minister. In 1986, the $100 note was introduced using the image of Jamaica’s second Prime Minister, Sir Donald Sangster. Just two years later, another note was introduced to the existing batch. The $50 note bearing the image of the national hero, Samuel Sharpe, entered circulation, and in 1990 the $1 note was replaced by a coin.

The 25 and 10 cent coins were then introduced in 1991. The 25 cent coin now bore the portrait of the national hero, Marcus Garvey, and was made of nickel-plated steel. Additionally, the shape of the coin changed from round to seven-sided. The new 10-cent coin, also in nickel-plated steel, now bore the portrait of national hero, Paul Bogle.

One of the most popular banknotes was introduced in 1994. The $500 note or the “Nanny”, as it was widely known, bore the portrait of Jamaica’s only national heroine, Nanny of the Maroons. The note was rarely called by its value, and often in conversations people would ask their friends for money by asking for a “nanny”.

In 1999, the old fives, 10s, 20s, 25s, 50 cents and one dollars, which were issued in 1994, were demonetized with new designs in circulation. New 25 cent and 10 cent coins were introduced. It was also decided to replace another bill with a coin and the $10 was now a coin.

The new $10 coin had a unique design with the circumference of the coin having a serrated edge.

Another of Jamaica’s former prime ministers has been placed on a new note. In the year 2000, the new $1000 bill bore the image of Michael Manley. On the back was the image of Jamaica House, which was built in 1962 and now serves as the Prime Minister’s office.

Jamaican coins and banknotes (Photo: iStock)

In 2009, the $5,000 note was introduced. The note bears the portrait of another former Prime Minister, Hugh Lawson Shearer. However, in 2018 it was announced that the one, 10, and 25 cent coins were being demonetized, leaving the $1 to be the smallest coin denomination.

One of the most constant things in life is change, and in March 2022, while contributing to the budget debate for the financial year 2022/23, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke announced that the currency would undergo yet another change.

He noted that research had shown that there was a need for a monetary denomination between the $1,000 bill and the $5,000 bill.

“The BOJ has informed me that the introduction of a $2,000 note will bring greater efficiency to the currency structure, allowing cash transactions to be settled more easily,” Minister Clarke said.

He noted that the nation would reshuffle its banknotes for financial, technical and historical reasons.

“In this 60th year of our Independence, this aspect of the national project must be restored. Our national heroes must, once again, appear on our banknotes,” said Minister Clarke.

The redesigned notes will contain the images of Jamaica’s seven national heroes and four deceased prime ministers.

Specimen of the new banknotes which will be put into circulation towards the end of this year.

With the newly designed banknotes, national heroes Paul Bogle and George William Gordon, who appeared on the original Jamaican banknotes but do not appear on any of our banknotes today, will appear together on the banknote $50 upgraded.

Marcus Garvey, who was on the Jamaican 50 cent note but is not on any banknote today, will be restored and will appear alone on the upgraded $100 note. Nanny of the Maroons and Sam Sharpe will appear together on the upgraded $500 bill. The two men noted as the nation’s founding fathers, Sir Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley, will appear together on the upgraded $1,000 note.

Former prime ministers Michael Manley and Edward Seaga will appear together on the new $2,000 note and Donald Sangster and Hugh Shearer will appear together on the upgraded $5,000 note.

Jamaica, after 60 years as an independent nation, has seen several changes in its currency, but with each change a new chapter in the nation’s history is written.

The tickets will serve as a reminder of where we have been and where the nation intends to be, and will honor national heroes and great leaders who have helped shape the country’s future.

By Lisa Rowe, JIS News

How to make a NYSC authorization


How to make a NYSC authorization – Each serving corps member is mandated to do NYSC clearance each month throughout their ayear of national service. Failure to do so will result in several penalties from the NYSC Board of Directors.

NYSC authorization serves as a monitoring system for Corps members to ensure that they are actively fulfilling their national mission at their primary duty station (PPA). NYSC clearance proves that you did not run away from the NYSC program.

Do you know that if you do not perform NYSC clearance, your monthly allowance will be forfeited? This is just one of the penalties that would await you when you miss your NYSC clearance.

Your one-year service program can even be extended as punishment for missing your NYSC license. Do you know how to do NYSC clearance? Nope? Then you are in luck. Because in today’s post, I’m going to show you how to do your monthly and final NYSC clearance.

Keep reading to find out what follows;

  • nysc auto clearance
  • i missed my monthly nysc clearance
  • how to print nysc clearance schedule
  • nysc clearance letter from ppa
  • nysc authorization letter
  • nysc clearance without ppa
  • Final clearance nysc/nairaland
  • lga clearance

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What is NYSC Authorization?

NYSC clearance is a mandatory and official drill for all serving corps members. NYSC clearance is created by NYSC program management to monitor corps members during their unyear of service. This helps the NYSC Board of Directors confirm that you are currently serving at your assigned PPA. Customs clearance should be done at the local government office where your local government inspector’s office is located. It usually lasts 10 days from the 10e day of the month.

There are 2 ways to do your NYSC clearance, and that is; manual clearance and biometric clearance. Manual clearance is more prevalent in most parts of the country, with biometric clearance being practiced in Lagos State and a few other states on a trial basis. Both types of authorization are accessible through your NYSC dashboard, and your authorization status will be updated on your dashboard after you complete authorization.

See also: How to correct your NYSC name

How to Do Your NYSC Monthly Clearance

To do your monthly NYSC clearance, follow the procedures below:

  1. Access the official NYSC portal here >>.https://www.portal.nysc.org.ng
  2. Enter your registered email address and password to access your NYSC dashboard
  3. Move towards “LGA Authorization” on the dashboard and click on it
  4. Your NYSC clearance dashboard will be displayed on screen
  5. There you will find the list of months and the status of your customs clearance. Either Present or Absent.
  6. If the current month is missing, go immediately to your local government inspector with your NYSC uniform (6/7 or 7/7), a signed customs clearance slip and an ID card to do your customs clearance.
  7. After taking the clearance to the local government inspector officer, your clearance status will be updated on your dashboard.

Note: If you have completed your NYSC clearance for a given month and your status for that month still shows “Away”, go immediately to your local government inspector (LGI) to file a complaint.

See also: How to Check NYSC Deployment Status

How to do NYSC final clearance

The final NYSC clearance is a little different from the usual monthly NYSC clearance. To do your final customs clearance, follow the procedures below:

  1. Obtain the final authorization form from your PPA. Make sure the letter has a letterhead and must be signed with an office stamp or seal.
  2. Attach your NYSC ID card to the final clearance form
  3. Go to your area inspector or local government inspector with your authorization form and get their signature
  4. Now go to your CDS officer or coordinator to sign and authorize you for payment of the CDS, Foundation form and magazine.
  5. Once you have been cleared by the CDS officer, he/she will take your final clearance to the ZI office (LGI) for the ZI stamp, after which the clearance form will be returned to you.
  6. Opt for the capture of your biometric data with your final authorization. After which the officer will sign and stamp your final authorization for the final biometrics.
  7. After getting all these signatures, bring your authorization form to the certificate pick-up point.

Note: You must obtain five (5) to seven (7) stamps and signatures on your final clearance document to clear customs.

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The plane did not land at Raeford before the man emerged mid-air


On Friday afternoon, a plane carrying two people, both licensed pilots, called air traffic control with an emergency: The right wheel of their turboprop plane had fallen off while attempting to land near a private airport at Raeford around 2pm.

“We were trying to land, made contact with the ground, had a hard landing and decided to go around and at that point we lost the wheel,” said one of the men at the control of air traffic, according to a registration of the exchange.

They were requesting an emergency landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. But when the plane arrived in Raleigh at 2:50 p.m., only one pilot was on the plane.

The other, who allegedly jumped or fell mid-air, was found dead behind a house in Fuquay-Varina, 20 miles from the airport, about four hours later.

Details of what the plane was doing and why Charles Hew Crooks, a 23-year-old pilot and flight instructor, got out of the plane without a parachute are still unclear.

The News & Observer reviewed FAA recordings of the plane, a map of the plane’s flight path with timestamps and altitudes, and a 40-minute recording of the conversation between the pilot and a controller. air traffic. Here’s what we learned.

The hours before

The flight originally took off around 1:10 p.m. from Raeford, according to flight tracking software.

The men were flying a CASA C-212 Aviocar, a twin-engine cargo plane Made in Spain. The aircraft has a rear loading ramp that can be opened in flight, making it ideal for parachute training. A U.S. Army photo of the plane shows it in the air with a paratrooper jumping out the back door during a training exercise at Fort Bragg in 2018.

The aircraft was registered at Spore LTDa company run by Rampart Aviation, which provides pilot and aircraft training for commercial purposes and for the Department of Defense.

According to The Drive, which covers military aviation and other topics.

Crooks, the man found dead by the police, was a pilot for Rampart.

Mindy Fulton, listed as an agent of Spore Ltd. and Rampart’s human resources director on Linkedin, declined to comment when contacted by the N&O on Saturday.

At around 1.30pm the plane began to circle Raeford West Airport and suffered a “hard landing”. A spokesperson for the private airport said the plane was not using their runway, but rather a nearby military dirt runway.

Shortly after this aborted landing, the aircraft – using call sign Shady 02 – called Fayetteville Air Traffic Control for assistance in rerouting to RDU. It’s unclear if Crooks or the unnamed pilot was speaking, but the caller confirmed there were two people on the plane.

“How do you plan to land in Raleigh-Durham? asked the air traffic controller.

“Guess we’ll put him on his stomach,” the caller replied.

The recording of this interaction contains no mention of anyone falling or jumping from the plane.

The plane passed over Fuquay-Varina, where Crooks’ body was found, around 2:30 p.m., at about 3,850 feet.

Twenty minutes later, the plane landed on RDU 5R-23L runway and turned onto the grass, according to the airport.

The pilot told authorities the co-pilot jumped out before landing, ABC-11 reported.

Authorities received a report of the missing man around 2:30 or 2:45 p.m., Darshan Patel, operations manager for Wake County Emergency Management, said at a news conference Friday evening. The search lasted another four hours.

Several trips that day

The plane had made several trips earlier in the day, including flights near or at Rocky-Mount Wilson Regional Airport and Laurinburg Maxton Airport.

Patel and Fuquay-Varina police say Crooks was found after a resident of the Sonoma Springs subdivision reported search parties already in the neighborhood.

The pilot, the only passenger on the plane when it reached the ground, was taken to Duke University Hospital with minor injuries, an airport spokesperson said.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the incident with the assistance of the Fuquay-Varina Police Department, the police department announced Friday on Facebook.

It could be months before their report is published.

This story was originally published July 30, 2022 5:24 p.m.

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Teddy Rosenbluth covers science for The News & Observer in a post funded by Duke Health and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. She has covered science and health care for Los Angeles Magazine, the Santa Monica Daily Press and the Concord Monitor. Her investigative reporting has taken her everywhere from the streets of Los Angeles to the hospitals of New Delhi. She graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in psychobiology.

Are you eligible for student loan forgiveness? Education Department launches new tool to help borrowers find out


The Biden administration has launched a new tool to help borrowers determine if they qualify for student loan forgiveness based on their public service jobs. The new tool comes just as a key loan forgiveness expansion is about to expire.

Here’s what borrowers need to know.

Extension of the exemption of student loans thanks to the PSLF

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) can provide federal student loan forgiveness to borrowers who devote 10 or more years of their career to public service. Created in 2007, the program has always been governed by strict eligibility rules; only direct federal student loans were eligible, and only payments made under certain types of repayment plans would be considered for student loan forgiveness.

Last October, the Biden administration temporarily relaxed those rules through the limited PSLF waiver. The administration went even further last April, allowing even more past loan spells to count towards the PSLF. Taken together, these changes have significantly expanded the need to be able to count as an “eligible payment” for student loan forgiveness under the PSLF to include most past repayment periods, as well as some past deferment periods and abstention. The changes are temporary, however, and the limited PSLF waiver is scheduled to end on October 31, 2022.

The terms of employment for PSLF are largely unchanged. Qualifying employment, for PSLF purposes, means full-time, W-2 employment for a national public entity or 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, or part-time employment for multiple qualifying PSLF organizations if your combined hours are at least 30 hours per week.

Department of Education launches PSLF employer search tool

Borrowers can sometimes stumble when trying to determine if their employer qualifies them for student loan forgiveness through the PSLF. And until now, there was no easy way for borrowers to get quick answers. Traditionally, borrowers had to submit a formal PSLF application signed by their employer to their loan officer for a formal decision. And the process can take months.

Earlier this month, the Department of Education launched the PSLF employer search tool. This online database provides a “quick and easy method” to research an employer and receive a preliminary determination of PSLF eligibility before applying. All a borrower needs is the Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is usually found on your W-2 or pay stub, and your dates of employment.

“We have added a new PSLF employer search that allows [borrowers] to search for eligible PSLF employers without logging in” at StudentAid.gov websitesaid the Ministry of Education in a newsletter. “PSLF Employer Search provides easy-to-follow prompts and guides users through the process of determining if their employer is eligible for PSLF. Users will receive a message about next steps if their employer is PSLF eligible, not PSLF eligible, or not listed in the database.

Borrowers must still apply to the PSLF for student loan forgiveness

It is important to note that the PSLF employer search result is not a guarantee of PSLF eligibility, but rather a tool to help borrowers make a preliminary decision. To be eligible, borrowers will still need to submit the PSLF Employment Certification Form (ECF) signed by their employer. Borrowers can start this process via the PSLF Helper Tool. You may also need to take additional steps, such as consolidating your FFEL or Perkins loans into a direct consolidation loan, in order to qualify for PSLF under the limited PSLF exemption.

Borrowers should review the PSLF program, as well as the current interim fixes, before taking drastic action on their loans:

Ministry of Education officials are urging borrowers to apply for the PSLF and take advantage of the limited PSLF waiver before it expires in October.

“The Civil Service Loan Forgiveness Program is helping more and more Americans get debt relief,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said in a statement. Tweeter yesterday. “Register today!”

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If You’ve Been To These Schools, You May Qualify For Student Loan Forgiveness: Here’s What To Do

Betsy DeVos and the GOP plan to destroy public schools


“Republicans are trying to dismantle public education that educates 90% of American children. It’s game over, folks,” I tweeted recently hearing billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump’s former education secretary, admit, “I personally think the Department of Education” – which she ran – “shouldn’t exist”.

The comment should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the GOP’s 70-year crusade to dismantle and privatize our public education system.

After Brown v. Board of Education ruled segregation unconstitutional, white supremacy sparked the right-wing culture war that burns across the country in 2022 with battles over textbooks, critical race theory, school boards, mask mandates and diversity initiatives. But instead of deploying the overtly racist tactics of the mid-20th century, the GOP now filters its agenda through racially neutral Trojan horse slogans such as “school choice” and “parents’ choice.” The latter helped Republican Glenn Youngkin win the governorship of Virginia, and suburban parents have been successfully weaponized by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ efforts to ban books, punish teachers and help children avoid “liberal indoctrination” ignoring the existence of homosexuals.

DeVos was simply true to form when she made her recent remarks at a Moms for Liberty summit, a training site for conservative activists to learn how to create majorities on local school boards. For years, she zealously spent her millions on “educational reform” and created the blueprint for Republican state legislatures. Specifically, she was a “school choice” evangelist, arguably the main political focus of the 2020 Republican National Convention, which had no platform except to “enthusiastically endorse Donald Trump.

School choice advocates like DeVos want to channel public funds and resources toward private schools and charter schools and away from public schools, which educate the majority of American children.

Although Republicans claim that their quest for “school choice” is to help children, you have to be wise enough to know by now that Republicans – who oppose the child tax credit, control of guns and food stamps – only care about unborn children. Once you get out of the womb, you have to get up from your bootstraps and run for your life to avoid the mass shootings.

Betsy DeVos stands in front of students from the Digital Pioneers Academy during an event to discuss her Educational Freedom Scholarship proposal at Department of Education headquarters on February 28, 2019 in Washington, DC

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Just listen to the late Milton Friedman, the libertarian free market economist and one of the preeminent ghouls of the 20th century, whose failed and disastrous belief that the “social responsibility of corporations is to increase their profits” inspired a generation of Republicans to pursue policies that lead to deregulation, corruption, racial inequality and income inequality.

Before he was a Nobel laureate, Friedman began advocating “educational freedom” in 1955 as a racially neutral way to privatize schools and help racists get government bonds to avoid integration. In a 2006 meeting with the right-wing advocacy group ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), Friedman proposed that the best strategy for parents to control their children’s education was “to abolish the public school system and to eliminate all taxes that pay it. ”

Thanks to “school choice”, the conservatives can kill two birds with one stone. They will have the ability to eliminate public schools and significantly weaken teachers’ unions, such as the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union, and the American Federation of Teachers, both of which are huge donors. of the Democratic Party, active in the development of education policy, and whose members vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats. Conservative anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist admitted as much in 1998 when he said, “School choice gets to the heart of the Democratic coalition and drives people out of it.”

Since 2000, Republicans have tried to win over another Democratic coalition, the Latino and African American communities, by selling them “school choice”. In particular, the GOP promotes charter schools as the best chance for their children to advance educationally and escape “dead-end” public schools.

“… Republicans are like arsonists who deliberately burn down your community school, then have the shameless audacity to turn around and say, ‘Wow, your schools are really terrible. Here, let me sell you my equally shitty school instead.”

Fortunately, American parents already have a “choice” when it comes to sending their children to private or public schools. Some even choose homeschooling! I am a product of public and private education, having first received an excellent Jesuit education at Bellarmine, a private high school in San Jose that promoted diversity, community service and also taught evolution and Toni Morrison. Beloved. Later, I attended stellar public universities – University of California-Berkeley for undergraduate and University of California-Davis for law school.

There are indeed excellent charter schools (which, by the way, are publicly funded but private), with a highly qualified staff of educators who are committed to teaching their students and providing children with essential opportunities.

However, a 2020 study from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes confirms that charter schools, which educate 6% of children nationwide, don’t do much better than public schools. For example, the DeVos charter school experiment in Michigan—which was mostly funded by his own millions and initiated by right-wing “school choice” organizations—was a disappointment, with students recording test scores below the state average. In fact, almost 50% of charter schools close in their 15th year.

Protesters demonstrate against President Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Capitol Hill on February 6, 2017 in Washington, DC

Mario Tama/Getty

Meanwhile, valuable funds are being drained from public schools where some teachers and educators are now forced to use their own salaries to pay for school supplies. A number of charter schools have also been accused of being profit-making schemes for corporations and of avoiding accountability and transparency, especially when it comes to helping low-income students.

Nor did charter schools emerge as an educational panacea for poor children of color. There’s a reason the NAACP in 2017 called for a moratorium on charter schools, citing concerns about “the quality, accessibility, and accountability of some charters, as well as their broader effects on funding and managing the school districts that serve most students of color. .” On the contrary, charter schools encouraged “white flight” and slightly increased racial segregation in their neighborhoods. Since they can choose their students, these schools have also historically been found to enroll fewer students with disabilities.

Through “school choice,” Republicans are like arsonists who deliberately burn down your community school, then have the shameless audacity to turn around and say, “Wow, your schools are really terrible. Here, let me sell you my equally shitty school instead.

For Republicans who want to privatize education, the majority of American children are ultimately the inevitable victims who must be sacrificed to achieve their cultural agenda, which is not about choice, but rather entrenchment of power. , control and Christian nationalism. .

Betsy DeVos, in 2001, said, “Our desire is to confront culture in ways that continue to advance the kingdom of God. She spoke these words at “The Gathering,” an annual gathering that brings together the country’s wealthiest Christians (who are good at completely ignoring Jesus and his teachings).

Trump speaks as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue during a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in the White House Press Room on March 27, 2020 in Washington, DC

Drew Angerer/Getty

Specifically, schools are DeVos’ chosen battleground and “choice of school” is his weapon to ensure “greater kingdom gain”. She laments that the church “has been replaced by the public school as the center of activity.” And she fulfills the hopes and dreams of the late Reverend Jerry Falwell, who once wrote that he “hopes[d] to see the day when… we won’t have public schools anymore. The churches will have taken them over and the Christians will lead them. According to Andrew F. Seidel, a constitutional lawyer who has written extensively on Christian nationalism, the GOP’s ultimate goal in attacking education, books, and diversity initiatives is to “completely destroy public schools.”

This evil goal now has powerful allies thanks to right-wing activists who wear black robes and sit on the Supreme Court for life. During its last term, the Court helped erode the separation of church and state by ruling that Maine could not deny religious schools public funds that were available for secular schools. The court also ruled in favor of a Christian public school football coach who led his students in prayer on the field.

Right-wing activists tell me that I should celebrate these decisions as a Muslim and that it is a victory for “religious pluralism”. They also said they would welcome Muslim prayers in their children’s schools. You can’t blame me for being agnostic about their noble intentions. These are the same people who also supported Trump’s Muslim ban, helped spread fake anti-Sharia hysteria, and continued to promote hateful anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jews trying to replace and weaken Western civilization. Color me skeptical.

Actually, I have a brilliant idea that helps us out of this mess. If the right is really so concerned about the education of our children, perhaps the United States, the most powerful and wealthy country on the planet, could invest more in our public schools and offer better salaries to our teachers. We can pay for this by taxing our religious institutions and churches. This will make America’s children more competitive when looking for jobs in the global marketplace, which will help make America great again!

Isn’t it nice to think so?

Alas, we know that Republicans and Christian Nationalists don’t care about our children. They only care about power and control. All of their choices about our schools are just one way to get there, by any means necessary.

Tips and whispers: Lifting the vape…


The Aussie quickly changes a game-changing title, we continue our search for a problem we won’t send the military to solve – and much more.

(Image: Adobe/Private Media)

Cum now Aus Headline Bot is a fascinating tool that collects headline changes from various online publications. He can sketch out the subtle shifts in framing and emphasis that go into selling a story, sometimes hinting at a desire to highlight divisive elements, sometimes a desire to avoid defamation, sometimes simply try to shorten and clarify what you are trying to say.

And then there are times when it lets you imagine how the responsible sub-editor justified briefly publishing a headline about long COVID symptoms with the word “cum” in it.

Vaping facelift When Sunrise described a segment yesterday thus: ‘There have been calls for army veterans to be recruited to help stamp out ‘out of control’ vaping in Queensland schools, we assumed it was acted as a beating, using a random tweet or vox pop to tie into a story where real experts are suggesting something that makes sense.

Read more tips from the Crikey bunker.

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Personal loan market: check if you are pre-approved


Select’s editorial team works independently to review financial products and write articles that we think our readers will find useful. We earn commission from affiliate partners on many offers, but not all offers on Select are from affiliate partners.

Personal loans can be of great help when it comes to obtaining funds for major expenses, especially in times of need. And while there are lenders out there who cater to a variety of circumstances – having a bad credit rating or needing a debt consolidation loan, for example – it’s always a good idea to see if you’re ready. -approved before submitting your application.

Getting pre-approved can help you get a better idea of ​​the interest rate you might be charged and what your monthly payments might look like so you can determine if they’re within your current budget. Taking out a loan with a much higher monthly payment than you can afford is never a good idea because it means you run the risk of not paying and lowering your credit score.

That’s why Select has launched the new Personal Loans Marketplace. It’s free and can be completed in less than a minute, connecting you with the personal lenders that best meet your financial needs.

All you have to do is select your credit score range: Excellent (720+), Good (660–719), Fair (620–659), or Poor (below 620). The tool does not conduct any in-depth investigation, so your credit score will not be affected by your checking to see what you are pre-approved for.

Next, fill in your zip code and select the reason for your personal loan request, which allows you to be matched with a lender who offers loans for this purpose. You will be able to choose from debt consolidation, credit card refinancing, student loan refinancing, home renovation, medical and dental care, and more.

Finally, enter the amount of money you wish to borrow – different lenders have different minimum and maximum loan amounts, so the tool ensures that you are matched with a lender who can accept the requested amount.

Click here to view Select’s Personal Loan Marketplace

The personal loan marketplace then populates a list of lenders that best match your needs. You’ll also find the length of term offered, as well as the interest rate you’re likely to receive based on your credit score range and your estimated monthly payment.

You can also use the tool to estimate your monthly payments based on small changes – for example, raising your credit score to the next highest score range before you apply or asking for a little less or a little more money . This way, you can feel as prepared as possible to start making payments comfortably once you’ve been approved and funded.

If you’re thinking of borrowing money for that home improvement or to float expenses for an upcoming wedding, among other reasons, try the personal loan market to get started.

Check out Select’s in-depth coverage at personal finance, technology and tools, The well-being and more, and follow us on Facebook, instagram and Twitter to stay up to date.

Editorial note: Any opinions, analyses, criticisms or recommendations expressed in this article are those of Select’s editorial staff only and have not been reviewed, endorsed or otherwise endorsed by any third party.

All Blacks and Riffs play thrilling draw in UGSHA Women’s Category A competition


It was another great weekend of hockey in the Upper Great Southern Hockey Association with superb skill and goals posted by all teams involved.

In Sportspower’s men’s Grade A competition, the Riffs beat the All Blacks 5-3 with Brock Francis, Grady Francis, Rohan Bilney, Liam Sweeney, Blake Page and Toby Nicholas among the top performers.

Meanwhile, the Warriors beat the Olympics 6-0 in the other A-level matchup.

The best players were Steven Durell, Chris Allen, Max Evans, Shawn Heil, Brad Staphorst and Kynan Spencer.

In Edwards Isuzu’s Grade B men’s competition, Dumbleyung edged the All Blacks 7-0 to register a dominating win.

Joel Watkins, James Hesse, Matt Dare, Keirin Dean, Couper Spark and Caleb Dewing were the best players.

In the Warriors’ 2-0 victory over Williams, Aiden White, Travis Cochrane, Ryan Hough, Andrew Major, Dan Major and Jeremy Dickson all stood out.

Wagin narrowly beat the Riffs 3-2 with Zac Ward, Connor Watkins, Ryan Johnson, Rob Sinclair, David Lange and Kyran Blight among the top performers.

In Sportspower’s Women’s A category, the All Blacks played out a thrilling 2-2 draw with Wagin.

Jodie George, Chloe Grout, Claire Coffey, Leah Kellow, Kara Jeffery and Takayla Pense were some of the best on the court.

In Edwards Isuzu’s Women’s Class B, Williams passed Pingelly to win 6-0.

Tracey Price, Mateya Browne, Fleur Ford, Holly Blechynden, Holly Dowling and Jodie Broun were the top players.

The All Blacks narrowly won against Woodanilling 1-0 with Libby Hardingham, Rachel Grout, Jodie George, Carmen Bairstow, Penny Shackley and Danee Bairstow playing well.

Brookton beat Wagin 1-0 with the most influential players being Courtney Fulwood, Lauren Rayner, Tracey Wood, Alix Carter-Regan, Kara Jeffery and Grace Van der Velde.

The Warriors prevailed 3-0 against Robins as Lucy Kilpatrick, Amy Oats, Sarah Hennessey, Colleen Edwards, Renee Sieber and Mariah Edwards impressed.

Detection of counterfeits: 8 reals counter-stamped in the Philippines


By Jay Turner for PCGS ……

There are many counterfeits and altered coins that unfortunately often scam people in an effort to build up their collection or seek arbitrage. With a little common sense, many of these parts can be easily detected and avoided.

When Spain lost its empire Americasone of the overseas territories he retained was the Philippines. A crucial area for exchanges between Asiathe Americas and Europe, the Spanish Philippines played a vital economic role for Spain and its newly liberated colonial territories which now functioned as independent countries. These new nations continued to mine silver and produce coins which were a vital part of trade with Asia. By decree, the Spanish government required that these new coins from new countries be allowed to be used in the Philippines with, first, an overprint until the dies fail, then a counter-stamp with “F .7.o.” or “Y.II.” for either FerdinandVII or queen Isabella IIaccording to the reigning monarch at the time.

Countermarked coinage from the Spanish Philippines has been a popular collection area for the diversity of coinage that can be found with these countermarks. In recent years, with new books, major collection sales and new studies, the area has been incredibly hot, with each sale seemingly bringing new record prices. Although counterfeits relating to this series are not new, several well-made counterfeit counter-stamps have been applied, and attempts to certify these coins and offer them for public sale have taken place.

The coin presented here is a Philippine stamp type “Y.II.” applied to a Cap Mexico and Rays 8 Reales. Without knowing the series, this piece could fool many people; there are, however, many simple common-sense clues on the piece.

First of all, looking at the stamp, the design is wrong – especially on the “Y”, which looks more like a “V”. These dies are not genuine for what has been applied to coins in the Philippines and this stamp is documented as counterfeit.

Yet the easiest way to distinguish this counterfeit coin is by date.

The “Y.II.” the stamps were applied by decree of December 20, 1834, and were finally applied on March 31, 1837, by decree of February 1, 1836. For genuine examples of the “Y.II.” counter stamp, the date range would be (1834-1837), and this fake stamp is applied to an 8 reales dated 1879. Just looking at the date range of genuine examples and the date of the host coin, the authenticity is no longer in question.

* * *

Club Venus is the label that pays tribute to the Naarm music scene


“Aesthetically, Club Venus merges the underworld of ’90s raver and [the] futuristic woman.

Walking into one of Melbourne’s now-defunct underground clubs six years ago, I was overwhelmed by the varied beauty and imaginative creativity of the late-night revelers. Before you even entered the room, the line meandered was a wondrous bevy of colors and textures, where reflective tech clothing met neo-Gothic fashion and sparkling rave outfits. For designer Charlotte England, this unique clubbing culture was the catalyst for her own brand, Club Venus.

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After moving from Canberra to Melbourne, Charlotte found herself immersed in the city’s “thriving and enigmatic” electronic music subculture. Wanting new wardrobe pieces to wear on her nights out, she tried her hand at creating her own clubwear and Club Venus was born. Below, Charlotte reflects on her journey so far.

Tell us about you. What is your fashion/jewellery background?

I never had a traditional start in the industry. I have loved fashion since I can remember. Although my interests fluctuated throughout my childhood (from being an avid dancer to obsessing over film photography and even creative writing), fashion design was always my only creative love.

I grew up in an inspiring and supportive home, but I felt lost after high school, as many often do. I did not believe that fashion could become my real career. I am originally from Canberra. In the capital, [it felt like] jobs like that just don’t exist.

I quickly realized that I had the power to choose where my life was going. It was a kind of stimulating realization. So, I packed my bags and moved. I quickly found myself situated in a thriving and enigmatic subculture here at Naarm – the electronic music scene – and saw my two loves collide.

How did the label start? Tell us about the process and the challenges.

There wasn’t really a defining moment of departure. For the past six years, I’ve sold clothing in one form or another – both vintage clothing and pieces I’ve made – but it’s always been just a hobby. I moved to Naarm to study fashion at RMIT a few years ago, which was my first formal introduction to the industry.

After just a year of falling in love with this city and its people, COVID hit. It was truly life changing. For the first time, I was able to slow down and assess what I was doing. Club Venus was born in December 2020. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind…but not without setbacks. I constantly find myself on this huge learning curve.

If it wasn’t for the great fashion industry here at Naarm and the people I met, I would have struggled. This year, I took the plunge and quit my second job. I went from making clothes in my living room to a studio in Brunswick. I continue to manufacture everything myself but I will soon be looking for contract machinists for the summer collection. It’s moving so fast.

What were you trying to achieve from the project at the time? How has that evolved and what are you trying to communicate through the brand now?

It’s kind of a representation of me trying to find my way in the world like a lot of other young people do. I think I’ve been on this journey for a while now and it’s fully reflected in the evolution of Club Venus. The musical community I found myself in is a huge source of inspiration for the clothes I make.

It all started when I was looking for clothes to dance. I couldn’t find what I wanted aesthetically or ethically – so I did it myself. I loved it so much that I just wanted to keep creating and sharing that joy with others. Club Venus has had many forms [over the years]and I hope to see it evolve for many more years.

The brand is based on my thirst for change in the industry. Through the project, I hope to promote ethical and local manufacturing as the norm by solidifying the concepts of slow fashion in the mind of the consumer. I want to bring energetic, expressionist clothing to more sustainable futures.

Keeping [my brand] small and local is extremely important to me. But more than that, I hope to create a community where everyone can come and explore their full expression, in an open and loving space. Just like what the dance scene has done for me over the years.

How would you describe Club Venus to someone who has never seen it before?

Aesthetically, Club Venus merges the underworld of ’90s raver and [the] futuristic woman. I create investment pieces and clubwear basics that can be worn day or night. I tend to use a lot of neutral or dark colors… it’s like the revival of gothic. I also play a lot with fantasy, magic and dark spirituality.

I lived in Germany when I was younger. One day, I hope to see my creations in metropolitan meccas like Berlin, Copenhagen or London… New York too. If I had to describe the brand to someone from a visual point of view in three words, I would say that it is grunge, urban and sexy.

Where does the name come from?

I have always been intrigued by the human experience and our obsession with escape and desire. Venus, Roman goddess, rules love and beauty. She somehow embodies lust. I love its depiction in ancient art and, of course, its acquisition of the planet closest to us.

It is the crossroads where myth and fantasy collide with harsh reality. There is an inferred element of sexy futurism. I wanted something that also represented community and belonging. Thus, Club Venus was born!

What are you most proud of in your work on your label?

Probably the cargo pants! I dated them about a year ago and people went crazy for them. It’s a bit outrageous to think of how many times I’ve done it, all by myself. They are available in sporty recycled nylon lycra, bamboo/organic cotton velor and sporty nylon mesh. I want to make a second edition for the summer in hemp linen.

What did you wish you had known when you started?

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t in such a rush to get started. Doing an internship or another job in the industry could have served me well after my studies. But I wouldn’t change that for the world. The experience I’ve gained has been very hands-on, which is incredibly rewarding. I’m proud of the fact that this is an organically grown company. In any case, that’s what slow fashion is!

Who do you think is the most exciting in Australian fashion right now?

Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp, Maroske Peech, Alix Higgins and Posture Studio.

What about the Australian fashion industry that needs to change?

I’ve already seen a lot of change in the Australian fashion industry over the past two years, which has been amazing. There is a real push to bring manufacturing back to Australia after massive relocation a few decades ago. I think there could be more government incentives to speed up this process. With each other’s support, we can collaborate, support and strengthen the industry for a better future!

Dream Australian collaborators?

Distal Phalanx, Ebony Munro, Rose Pure, Sexiaz Lingerie, House Arrest, Lucky Tooth Gems, Miscellania and Terminal Six.

Must-read list for a dinner party?

Well, if it wasn’t already obvious, I love dance music. For the dinner part I would put on something sexy from a series of local mixes, like Animalia, Butter Sessions or Area 3000. Naarm has an outrageous and energetic electronic dance scene – but anything from an Australian label like Fluxx or Meganesia would do. work!

My friend Lucy just released a new track, ‘Break Up Song’ (remixed by Eben), which has been on repeat. To party late into the night, you could probably expect to hear hard dancing too, at a Haptic, Rendition or Slamross1000 event. Other favorite club nights include Dutty Worldwide, Framework and Techworld. Too many to count!

Who’s in your wardrobe right now?

Most of what I own is vintage. This season I’ve been collecting ugly 90s and early 2000s bridesmaid corsets, football shorts, trench coats and silky scarves. Other than that, I try to support smaller independent brands like Karlaidlaw, Alix Higgins, Be Right Back, Krystal Deans and Club Venus – of course.

How can we buy one of your parts?

Via our online store or one of our resellers: Sucker and Blonde Concept.

Anything else to add?

You will also be able to find us soon during some special collaborative evenings at Naarm! You can keep up to date on our social media pages to find out when. My main project is a new collection that I am frantically preparing, which will be online on August 16th. I’m so excited for this new collection and everything to come. Remember that the world is yours!

Start browsing the Club Venus collection here.

Photographs of concerts against racism in the 70s and 80s


Over a period of eight months, Nazi Germany embarked on a massive bombing campaign known as the Blitz that reduced London to rubble. Between 1940 and 1941, some 43,000 people were killed while 1.1 million homes were destroyed, reducing many corners of the city to rubble. After the war, the nation appealed to the peoples of the colonized nations to help it rebuild, and between 1948 and 1971 around half a million people emigrated to the UK.

As London gathered momentum during the Swinging Sixties, the far right launched a coordinated attack on those who put the country back on its feet. In 1967AK. Chesterton founded the National Front, a neo-fascist political party that called for an end to non-white immigration, stripping non-white Britons of their citizenship and segregation, espousing anti-Semitic rhetoric, and opposing feminism and to LGBTQ rights. The following year, MP Enoch Powell delivered the inflammatory “Rivers of Blood” speech in Birmingham, weaponizing racism in a war against the working class.

The Rhythm, Coventry 1981

As the UK plunged into economic decline in the 1970s, the NF reached a fevered climax, playing on racism and xenophobia to gain power and influence. “It was the start of the first great recession since the war. Times were getting incredibly tough, especially for the working class,” says Australian photographer Syd Shelton, who arrived in London in 1976. “At the request of the International Monetary Fund , the Labor government and Prime Minister Jim Callaghan imposed incredibly tight cuts, and things got tougher for a lot of people, almost exactly like what’s happening now. ‘horrible scapegoating where people started pointing fingers at immigrants – – Black, Irish, Chinese – whatever the difference became a surge of political activity.’

Under Martin Webster’s leadership, the NF began campaigning for council seats while organizing marches through Afro-Caribbean and South Asian communities across the UK. “They were a bunch of ragged Nazis, and their slogan was, ‘If they’re white, they’re fine. If they’re black, fire them,'” Syd says. “Just like the Nazis in Germany, they had started to get violent and they knew they would have to win street battles to build up a group of young supporters. They started staging incredibly intimidating marches through prosperous multicultural suburbs like Woodgreen and the West Midlands.”

Carnival of Tom Robinson 1 1978.jpg

Carnival by Tom Robinson, 1978

Tensions came to a head on August 13, 1977, when the NF staged an “anti-aggression march” from New Cross to Lewisham in south London. The police sent 5,000 officers, including the Cavalry Division, to escort NF members through the streets and “protect” them from some 4,000 counter-demonstrators who came to protest the march. Police have armed themselves with riot shields for the first time in mainland Britain, making it clear which side they took.

Facing a standing army, the battle lines of the counter-demonstration are redrawn. “There were a lot of scores to settle with the Metropolitan Police,” Syd says. Outnumbered members of the NF quickly fled when skirmishes between protesters and police began, culminating in a massive melee known as the Battle of Lewisham. Police charged their horses into the crowd, brandishing batons at unarmed counter-protesters. Syd stood on the front line with her camera, documenting a final defeat for the NF just four miles from where Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists lost the Battle of Cable Street in 1936.

Skully Roots 1979.jpg

skully roots 1979

Although the battle was won, the war raged on as the NF continued its campaign to infiltrate the government as rampant racism became widespread. “The National Front developed an electoral strategy where it was not clear who supported them financially, but they had enough money to put candidates in most constituencies in the general election,” Syd says. “They saw they could build their party with local council elections in particular. Things were also starting to get very scary on a much more mundane level. A minstrel show was the first Saturday night TV. There was signs in the windows that said, ‘No Blacks, no dogs, no Irish. Racism was being normalized and anti-racism was a dangerous stance to take.”

The breaking point came on August 5, 1976, when Eric Clapton interrupted his concert in Birmingham to give his own speech. He asked the immigrants to identify themselves, then went on a rampage. “I don’t want you here, in the room or in my country,” he said, sprinkling racial slurs into his speech. “Listen to me, man! I think we should vote for Enoch Powell. Enoch is our man. I think Enoch is right, I think we should fire them all. Prevent Britain from becoming a black colony. White. I was into drugs, now I’m into racism. It’s a lot heavier, man.

Misty in the Roots 1. 1979.jpg

Misty in the Roots, 1979

In that moment, Eric Clapton exhibited a lack of self-awareness as grotesque as his bigotry. “This man built his career on black music,” says Syd of the guitarist who co-opted the blues for fame, status and wealth. “It absolutely horrified a group of people, especially a photographer named Red Saunders. He, along with the Magic Box Theater Group and others, wrote a letter to the music and leftist press calling for a grassroots movement of musicians and fans called Rock Against Racism [RAR].”

RAR emerged at a powerful time in the country’s counterculture movement, just as punk and reggae took hold, two powerful forms of rebel music in their own right. With bands like The Clash, Steel Pulse, X-Ray Spex, Aswad and The Specials sharing the stage, RAR brought together a black and white audience for the first time. RAR has worked with musicians, activists and organizations to successfully turn the tide against the National Front. Four decades later, Syd revisits her archives to look back on this historic movement for change in the new book, Rock Against Racism Live. 1977-1981 (Café Royal Books) and shares a wealth of hard-earned wisdom that is all the more relevant today.

Elvis Costello Carnival 2 1978.jpg

Carnival of Elvis Costello, 1978

Embracing the do-it-yourself philosophy of the time, RAR had a small committee at heart that was determined by who showed up regularly for meetings rather than a formal election process. “There were about eight or nine of us there the whole trip,” Syd says. “We didn’t know what we were doing, but we were ambitious and felt empowered by the explosion of an anti-racism movement. It wasn’t a horrible chore of work, it was fun, and we all wanted going to concerts and seeing all these bands. The organization had a mixture of left-wing people with quite different perspectives. Some were members of the Socialist Workers Party, some were not members of anything, but what united us was was that we all loved music and we were anti-racist.”

The first major RAR Carnival took place on 30 April 1978 at Victoria Park in east London. “The National Front had won 17% of the vote in the Greater London Council elections in that area, so we held the event the day before the next Council elections,” says Syd, who lived in Charing Cross Road in the UK. era. His mission was to organize people arriving in Trafalgar Square for the start of a mass march to the park.

Carnival Clash 1 1978.j.jpg

The carnival of clashes, 1978

That morning he woke up early and came downstairs, only to find that some 10,000 people had gathered and were eager to leave. Bands like Misty in Roots, The Mekons and The Piranhas boarded a fleet of flatbed trucks which took crowds seven miles through London to the park where The Clash, Steel Pulse and The Tom Robinson Band took the stage. “We wanted to do anti-racism in Woodstock, something serious. We took over London that day. People noticed it because there was music from start to finish. another in town,” recalls Syd.

“Everyone was there. When Billy Bragg was doing his book, he asked me if I had any pictures of Gays Against Nazis because he was standing near them. We couldn’t find a picture. of him, but we found a banner for the Billy said that when Tom Robinson started singing “Glad to Be Gay”, all the guys in the band started kissing, and he was like, “Wha ‘is that?’ Nazis would also be against them. Then he said, ‘This is the day my generation took sides.'”

Aswad A2.jpg


The action of the RAR had an immediate effect. “The day after the elections, the FN fell from 17% to less than 1%,” says Syd. “This led to the Edinburgh, Manchester and Brixton carnival summers; we spent the whole summer putting on these massive carnivals with big marches ahead. In five years we’ve sold something like three millions of badges, that’s how we funded most things, we also had a fanzine called temporary palisade which ran for 14 issues. “The Gig Guide provided guidance for people wanting to get involved, giving them the mechanics of producing a show so they could pick up their club in their corner of the country.

“Rock Against Racism led to the formation of the Anti-Nazi League in 1977, which aimed to defeat the National Front in elections,” Syd said. “They had massive broad support from trade unions, Labor Party politicians, football managers and famous athletes, which meant they had a certain financial clout. All the carnivals were held in conjunction with the Anti-Nazi League , and collaboration was crucial to the success of both organizations. We had our differences and they considered us the crazy fringe. Our slogan was “All the power of the imagination”, which they thought was completely fucked up, but we worked well together.

And that is the key to success. When you try to unite against a common enemy, infighting spells the end. “When people come together in solidarity and fight, we can make a difference,” says Syd. “But it’s important to recognize that there is no ultimate victory; there is only the struggle. Racism is not something you will ultimately defeat because it will be used by the right as a weapon to divide people, so you have to fight it with all your might Even though there were so many points of view in Rock Against Racism, what was important was what united us, not what divided us.

‘Rock Against Racism Live. 1977–1981’ is now available via Café Royal Books


All images courtesy of Syd Shelton

Tami Roman reveals how she got public aid before the show


Since his departure basketball wives, longtime actor Tami Roman’s career has caught fire. But it has not always been so. After seven years of being an NBA woman, The real world alum fell on hard times and ended up on public assistance. But Roman insists she wasn’t as destitute as the show depicted her.

Tami Roman | Peter Forest/Getty Images for VH1

Tami Roman Says Her Public Assistance Script Was Overdone On ‘Basketball Wives’

Fans met Roman in Season 2 of the Miami franchise. Much of her story centered around reacclimating herself to the social circle she was once accustomed to. However, her lifestyle at the time did not match that of other women. She revealed that she had been on public assistance for a while while trying to get back on her feet.

” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/HCSy6gr4VP8?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; automatic reading; clipboard-write; encrypted media; gyroscope; picture in picture” allow full screen>

Source: YouTube

But she told Carlos King about her Reality with the King podcast that the script was overdone. She explained.

When I climbed basketball wives, it had literally been eight months since I went for EBT. And people have made it my existence. And that’s not what happened – I had been cast on a show that was produced by Queen Latifah. It was a partnership between VH1 and BET, and it was going to be the first hybrid co-production… We put out a pickup letter, the show was going to shoot from New Jersey. So I packed up my whole family – my mom, my two kids – and moved to New Jersey waiting for the show to start, I had been there for a year. And VH1 and BET couldn’t agree on the deal, so they decided not to do the show. So I’m stuck in New Jersey, I don’t know how to get back to California, savings drained because I was already there for a year thinking that everything will be fine because I’m going to be on this show now that hasn’t ultimately did not take place.

Roman has accepted a six-figure director position at Morgan Stanley. But living in New York was expensive. As a result, she went to public assistance for food stamps and free medical coverage so it wouldn’t take away from her annual salary for her and her two children. At the time, she was not receiving any financial support from her ex-husband, NBA player Kenny Anderson. She had signed a prenup and left with what she entered the marriage with.

She launched for ‘Basketball Wives’

While working at Morgan Stanley, Roman became dissatisfied with her life. Dreaming of being a full-time actress, she needed to find a way to get back into the limelight for the casting directors to take notice. As fate would have it, she caught a marathon of basketball wives one day after work and called the network.

” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/rVDGt7jhC8Q?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; automatic reading; clipboard-write; encrypted media; gyroscope; picture in picture” allow full screen>

Source: YouTube

They eventually put her in touch with Shed Media, the production company responsible for the show. She jumped in and joined the show as Shaunie O’Neal’s friend. She remained for four seasons of the Miami franchise before joining the LA franchise until the end of season 8.

The ‘Mrs. The Pat Show star now has a new show on VH1

Since his departure basketball wives, Roman focused on her budding acting career. She also has a new show on VH1, Unfaithful, which was recently picked up for a second season. The funny girl no longer has a relationship with anyone from the Miami cast.

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Editorial: Rubber Governor’s Nightmare


Orange Line passengers had to jump for their lives in the Mystic.

A Democratic state representative is leading a petition campaign supporting a ballot question to repeal the law granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. He is applauded instead of condemned by his party.

It comes as the Democratic-controlled legislature remains out of touch with the overtaxed and inflation-stressed citizens of Massachusetts.

Bay State Attorney General Maura Healey is watching it all go well while running for governor with the November election closing like a runaway T train. It’s a good analogy because if no one can slow her down, Healey will be the rubber stamp that Beacon Hill has been salivating over since Deval Patrick took to her curtains and headed into the private sector.

Healey is now being asked to step in and stop his fellow Democrats from bullying petition seekers trying to let voters decide whether the Legislature got it right by giving illegal immigrants a fast track to a license.

Why does she even need to be asked? Collecting signatures asking voters whether they support or reject a law passed by one-party bosses in Beacon Hill is called democracy. We are a blue state, not a fiefdom.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl now joins MassGOP in calling out Healey.

“I call on Maura Healey to do her job and join me in condemning attacks on people collecting signatures for a ballot question to repeal the law granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants,” Deihl wrote.

“I support the right of these signature collectors to exercise their political freedom without intimidation, harassment and physical violence. I expect Maura Healey — who is currently our state’s top law enforcement official — to do the same despite her personal political leanings.

It’s a savvy political move on Diehl’s part, as he’s in a primary race with fellow Republican Chris Doughty, but it’s also embarrassing. It’s a glimpse of the future if Maura Healey is elected governor.

Healey is playing it safe by not making waves during the GA. This is exactly what this state does not need. Massachusetts is home to John Adams and the first draft of the US Constitution. We need bold leadership from those willing to take an unpopular position for the greater good.

Stop bullying those collecting signatures for a ballot initiative. We’re talking to you, say Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton).

He told the Herald more than a week ago that he was proud to protest signature collectors trying to overturn the state’s new immigration permit law.

“I was proud to support the Work and Family Mobility Act and to oppose efforts to repeal the law, sharing my views with voters,” he said as he tried to explain why it shows up in grocery stores while signatures are being collected.

It is very clear that he fears the law will be overturned if everyone – in the privacy of the ballot box – can vote. They won’t have to face hurtful accusations from the left. They can just vote in peace.

Maura Healey has to say it. She must pass to anyone who goes too far – and here we declare that Jamie Eldridge has gone too far.

But we won’t be holding our breath waiting for Maura Healey to quickly condemn her fellow Democrats for overstepping the mark. No. She is totally okay with being Gov. Rubber Stamp.

Opinion: The student loan break is an opportunity to get your financial life in order


The government has pressed the snooze button seven times to resume federal student loan payments since the CARES Act took effect in March 2020. Whatever happens in the future and whatever your current situation, this Temporary grace period on federal student loans is an opportunity to get your house financing in order.

Creating an action plan can put you back in the driver’s seat, and you don’t have to wait for the government (or anyone else) to take positive action that can improve your overall financial situation. , including debt management. Here are some strategies that can help you take advantage of the next few months to save, readjust your finances and move towards your goals:

Log in to your benefits

Your employer may offer benefits that can help you manage your student debt as well as other financial goals like retirement, creating an emergency fund, or saving for a major purchase like a house.

Along with the temporary federal loan forbearance, the CARES Act also opened the door for businesses to pay up to $5,250 in student loans per employee per year, meaning employees wouldn’t have to. pay federal income tax in the United States on payments companies make for their student debt. . However, this type of direct employee assistance is not always available – in fact, before the pandemic, only 4% of employers offered student loan repayment assistance.

Whatever financial benefits your employer may or may not offer today, it can be helpful to reach out and start a conversation about your student loans and broader financial needs. Many companies offer financial resources such as educational webinars, planning tools, or live coaching that go a long way in helping you create a personal plan to manage your budget, save for the future, and make progress toward all of your goals, including reimbursement. any student debt.

Find additional support

In addition to your benefits, if you have student loans, use this time to review resources like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or the Student Loans Advisory Institute. Also consider contacting your loan manager with any questions or to find out about alternatives that can help you better manage your payments, such as requesting a deferral.

Some borrowers choose to streamline their payments through loan consolidation or refinancing, but just be aware that these arrangements can sometimes lengthen the total time it takes to pay off a loan, reducing potential savings. You may also qualify for alternative repayment plans, such as income-driven repayment plans.

Whatever your choices, be sure to study how they will affect your interest rates and repayment schedule. The important point here is to make the most of outside resources when thinking about how to manage your payments, whether that means reaching out to your loan manager or arming yourself with a deeper understanding of the details.

Reevaluate your budget and make a new plan

Part of making more informed decisions is taking the time to understand your complete financial situation. You’ll want to be strategic about how you allocate your money to debt, savings, and other goals, and be careful not to overlook long-term needs while managing short-term bills and payments.

Make a new budget that takes into account your income, debts, fixed monthly living expenses, any side jobs, savings goals, and any other financial obligations. Take advantage of free tools like online debt calculators, retirement calculators, and budgeting apps to figure out how to split your monthly income between your different financial goals. Be realistic about your real needs and wants, whether you’re moving to a new city, starting a family, traveling abroad, or building up savings.

Use this grace period to confirm exactly how much student debt you still owe, how much interest you are charged, and how much your minimum monthly payments are required. Debts with the highest interest rates usually cost you the most, so it might be a good idea to focus on paying off those first. These concrete details will help you determine how long it will take you to pay off your debt and reach your other financial goals. According to the College Board, the average borrower takes about $30,000 to pay for their education, and the Department of Education says most repayment terms are 10 years, or 30 for consolidated loans.

Get organized

If you don’t have much wiggle room in your budget, look for ways to make small changes to create a financial reserve. For example, maybe there’s a streaming service you don’t watch that you can cancel, or days when you can cook at home instead of eating out. Even an extra $50 in your pocket every month could mean an extra $600 saved every year. Changing your financial habits can be difficult, but it takes discipline to put your plan into action and make progress toward your financial goals.

And don’t forget the fine print: if you’ve moved, make sure your contact information is up-to-date with your loan officer and on all associated accounts. You may need to re-register or update your settings for automatic payments. And if you’re still paused to make payments, you might consider starting over: since the interest rate on the loans will remain at zero, any payments you make during the forbearance period will go directly to reducing the principal. that you must.

Now is a great time to make sure your personal administration is on point and that you are organized and empowered to make financial decisions that work for you. Managing student debt will be an ongoing challenge, but it doesn’t have to derail your financial life. Take advantage of this extended grace time to put yourself in a position of greater strength so you can get started in your financial life.

Krystal Barker Buissereth is Financial Wellness Manager, Morgan Stanley at Work.

This article has been prepared for informational purposes only. The information and data contained in the article were obtained from sources outside of Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of information or data from sources outside of Morgan Stanley. It does not provide personalized investment advice and has been prepared without regard to the individual financial circumstances and goals of those who receive it. The strategies and/or investments discussed in this article may not be suitable for all investors. Morgan Stanley recommends that investors independently evaluate specific investments and strategies, and encourages investors to seek the advice of a financial advisor. The suitability of a particular investment or strategy will depend on the investor’s individual situation and objectives..

Morgan Stanley at Work, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC and its affiliates and employees do not provide legal or tax advice. You should always consult and rely on your own legal and/or tax advisors.

This material may provide addresses or contain hyperlinks to web sites. Except to the extent that the material refers to material on the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management website, the company has not reviewed the linked site. Likewise, except insofar as the material refers to material on the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management website, the company assumes no responsibility and makes no representations or warranties with respect to the data and information contained therein. This address or hyperlink (including addresses or hyperlinks to material on the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management website) is provided solely for your convenience and information and the content of the linked site does not in any way form part of this document. Accessing this website or following this link through the Company’s materials or website is at your own risk and we assume no liability arising out of, or in connection with, any such linked website. . Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is a business of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC.

Morgan Stanley at work services are provided by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, member SIPCand its affiliates, all wholly owned subsidiaries of Morgan Stanley.

The world’s first postage stamp in NFT


BlabarLAB through its CryptoPennyBlack project, https://cryptopennyblack.io/, has created a series of digital art NFTs inspired by the world’s first postage stamp, the iconic 1840 Penny Black.

At a recent auction of what may be considered the oldest known Penny Black, auction house Sotheby’s wrote: “It is one of the most important inventions in the history of the humanity, a forerunner of global mass communications.

CryptoPenny are handcrafted, divided into 12 different types with contrasting, eye-catching and bright colors, for a total of 3224 pieces.

The end result is a “hybrid of past and present, history, collectibles and digital art”.

The creation followed the story of the original Penny Black: in the individual NFT there are letters indicating its relative position in the plate, divided into 12 columns by 10 rows and the number of the 12 CryptoPenny proportionally follows the number of stamps printed originally, for example: plate #01A has 240 copies and plate #11 only eight copies.

The first plate of 240 copies will go on sale at the end of July 2022 on the main Nfts marketplaces: OpenSea and Rarible.

With the CryptoPennyBlack project, the BlabarLAB team wants to revolutionize the way NFTs are collected, shifting the focus from the absolute rarity of the individual nft to the relative rarity, to collection, as in the analog philately system. “It’s a concept inherent in collecting, which is a human activity and as such easily transferable from analogue to digital, so we believe it will gradually emerge in a natural and inescapable way”, Valentina Busi, PM of the BlabarLAB group.

“It is a project designed to last”, in fact, with the profits from the sales of Crypto Penny Black, a virtual space in the Metaverse will be created, with permanent exhibitions, events and, once a year, a competitive exhibition open to all owners of at least four CryptoPenny.

“Are we concerned about the impact of Crypto’s decline in value on the project? For some Crypto-currencies are virtual currencies, for others a store of value (“digital gold”), in reality no one knows exactly what they will be in the future and how they will evolve, for us they are medians through which the development of digital art through NFTs has been possible”. Valentina Busi, PM of the BlabarLAB group.

BlabarLAB is a group of professionals with start-up experience and different backgrounds, with a common passion for digital art and NFTs, who came together to give birth to the CryptoPennyBlack project. At its heart are investment banking personalities, web programmers and designers, web designers, artists, SMMs, of different nationalities: Italian, Spanish and Albanian.

Media Contact
Company Name: Crypto Penny Black
Contact person: Valentina Busi
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +39 3486990647
Country: Italy
Website: https://cryptopennyblack.io/

Blue Bombers fold but don’t break against Elks to advance to 7-0 (and 11 other thoughts)

Photo Courtesy: Edmonton Elks

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeated the Edmonton Elks 24-10 Friday night at Commonwealth Stadium. Below are my thoughts on the game.

Bend but don’t break

The Blue Bombers had a bad game in Edmonton, but came away with a win thanks to the strength of their defence. The unit prevented the Elks from scoring a touchdown, advancing the ball within 15 yards of the end zone, or generating a play over 25 yards.

Winnipeg’s front seven feasted on Edmonton’s offensive line in the first half with Casey Sayles, LB Mack, Cameron Lawson, Les Maruo and Adam Bighill each recording sacks. The defense rallied on the football all night, punishing opposing receivers with hard, clean shots, including a Malcolm Thompson shot that forced Kenny Lawler to momentarily leave the game.

Bighill was all over the place (as always) and led the team with six tackles. Willie Jefferson knocked down three passes – one of which resulted in a turnover on downs – and Malik Clements tipped a pass that was intercepted by Deatrick Nichols.

Allowing long drives is far from optimal – Winnipeg’s defense was on the field for nearly two-thirds of the game – but wins and losses are determined by what’s on the scoreboard. Given the circumstances, giving up just 10 points was a remarkable effort by the club’s defense and the only reason the Blue Bombers are still unbeaten.

Zach off track

Zach Collaros had arguably his worst game as a member of the Blue Bombers, completing seven of 16 passes for 188 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

The offense only managed 11:58 of possession time through the first three quarters and spat multiple times. Two of Collaros’ completions went for touchdowns — his 81-yard bomb to Dalton Schoen was unbelievable — but the aerial offense appeared almost entirely out of sync.

“We have to perform at a higher level,” Collaros told CJOB after the match. “We are going to celebrate tonight, but we have to get much better.”

The offense finally clicked in the fourth quarter as it chewed 9:33 on a game-winning touchdown, though it was helped by a contact-kicker penalty against Makana Henry. The drive was capped off with a two-yard run from backup quarterback Dru Brown, who was initially pushed aside before the play was reviewed by the command center.

Collaros turned to Greg Ellingson early and often in last week’s win over the Stampeders, targeting him a season-high 14 times. The strategy paid off — he had a career day, making 11 catches for 148 yards — but it hardly seemed sustainable. With Ellingson out of the lineup this week due to a hip injury, Collaros has targeted Schoen nine times, accounting for more than half of his total pass attempts.

Rasheed Bailey looked set to have a flash game when he caught a 26-yard touchdown pass on Winnipeg’s second possession. He had just one more reception for 11 yards on the night, continuing what quickly became a disappointing season for the third-year receiver.

The receiving corps will likely be different next week – more on that in a moment – ​​but with so little ball spread over the past two weeks, I’m starting to wonder how much Collaros trusts his secondary receivers.

For those wondering, the last time a CFL team won a game in which they had seven assists or less was on August 23, 2019, when Chris Streveler had seven assists in a victory of 34-28 against Edmonton.

Hats off

I picked Edmonton to win Friday night largely because I felt it was a trap game for the Blue Bombers. The Elks hadn’t won at home since Oct. 12, 2019, and Winnipeg was coming off two great performances against two quality West Division opponents.

I defended the choice on Winnipeg Sports Talk with Andrew Paterson on Thursday trying to say, “I’m ready to eat my own words.” I misspoke and instead said, “I’m ready to eat my own hat.”

I tried cutting carbs from my diet, but I guess I have a baseball cap to eat. Do baseball caps contain carbs? MyFitnessPal doesn’t seem to know.

It could have been worse. Danny Austin from Calgary Sun pledged to tattoo Chris Jones’ face on his own face if Winnipeg lost. Alas, no such tattoo will happen.

familiar enemy

Kenny Lawler had a solid game against his former team, making seven catches for 98 yards despite a few missed plays after a big hit from Malcolm Thompson. It was nice to see so many of his former coaches and teammates hug him before the game, illustrating the genuine bonds that formed during his tenure in Winnipeg.

Edmonton made Lawler the league’s highest-paid non-quarterback with a contract worth $300,000 in 2022, beating Winnipeg’s offer by about $120,000. I want it on record that, like Lawler, I would be happy to work for any potential employer willing to beat my current salary of $120,000.

Brady Bouquet

Brady Oliveira easily had his best game of the season, rushing 13 times for 62 yards. It was far from a jaw-dropping performance, but he showed some of the power he’s been missing so far this season. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain some momentum next week and relieve the club’s passing game.

Wounded on foot

Carlton Agudosi went down early in the fourth quarter after his left ankle was wrapped in a block. He left the field unable to put weight on his left foot. Agudosi caught two touchdown passes on his CFL debut in last week’s win over the Calgary Stampeders, but didn’t have a reception against the Elks.

Nic Demski has now missed four games with an ankle injury and won’t be able to return to the lineup soon enough. Will he be back? I guess the answer is yes.

make history

The Blue Bombers are 7-0 for the first time since 1960. Not all wins this year have been pretty, but I’m sure it was the same for the team 62 years ago. . People always end up forgetting how teams won games – they just remember How many they won.

Custom made

We recently discussed Taylor Cornelius on the 3DownNation Podcast and expressed doubts about his effectiveness as Edmonton’s starting quarterback.

The sophomore setter proved me wrong – to some degree, anyway. He showed impressive mobility for his size — he rushed 19 times for 79 yards on two starts — and protected the ball well. He threw two interceptions, of course, but both were knocked down before being taken out.

Cornelius still has accuracy issues which seem to get worse the closer he gets to the end zone. That wasn’t true last week against Montreal, but it was certainly true Friday night. He needs to find a way to target his receptors a little more effectively.

I’m curious to see what the Elks do after Canadian quarterback Tre Ford is ready to return from a shoulder injury in the next week or two. He played very well for a rookie straight out of U Sports but Cornelius is probably a bit more advanced in his development.

Bring your program

Chris Jones has made significant changes to his roster every week since the start of the season. Nyles Morgan made his season debut after completing a six-game stint on the injured list and became the sixth different Edmonton player to start at center linebacker this year after Adam Konar, Deon Lacey, Brady Sheldon , Ben Davis and Tre Watson.

The Elks started three quarterbacks, three running backs, nine receivers, seven offensive linemen, eleven defensive linemen, seven linebackers and eleven defensive backs for a total of 51 different starters. For comparison, the Blue Bombers have started 32 different players. Wow.

put a ring on it

Sergio Castillo received his 2021 Gray Cup ring ahead of Friday’s game, which he won after being acquired by Winnipeg late last season. The charismatic kicker scored five of five in the 33-25 overtime win over Hamilton and arguably should have been named the game’s most valuable player.

Photo courtesy: Paul Boudreau (@bouqb2)

Castillo could earn as much as $158,000 this year in Edmonton depending on how many incentives he gets. He has made 18 of 23 field goal attempts this season (78.3%) with a length of 52 yards while performing punt duties intermittently.

Marc Liegghio posted better numbers in his second season in the CFL, making 16 of 18 field goal attempts (88.9%) while serving as Winnipeg’s full-time punter.

Indigenous celebration

Windspeaker Media covered Friday’s game in Nêhiyawêwin (Cree), making it the first CFL game ever broadcast in an Indigenous language. O Canada was performed in Nêhiyawêwin and English, Treaty Six First Nations Grand Chief George Arcand Jr. performed the toss, and the halftime featured an Indigenous performance.

This is what inclusion looks like. The CFL belongs to all of us and it’s great that the Elks have chosen to celebrate and showcase Indigenous culture.

It’s a real shame there weren’t more fans to enjoy it with an announced crowd of just 22,716. For reference, Edmonton averaged 30,321 fans per game in 2019.


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers (7-0) will meet the Calgary Stampeders (4-1) at McMahon Stadium next Saturday with kickoff scheduled for 6:00 p.m. CDT. The Stamps are currently resting, which means they will have had plenty of time to rewatch the footage of last week’s 26-19 loss at IG Field.

The Blue Bombers will win the season series if they beat Calgary, which is essential in a very competitive West Division. If the Stamps win, the season series will be decided when the teams meet for a third and final regular season game on Thursday, Aug. 25 in Winnipeg.

At the heart of a wave of Covid, Europe counts the cases and continues


Customers at the Rome bookshop paid no attention to circular stickers on the floor asking them to eradicate Covid by maintaining “a distance of at least 1 meter”.

“Those are things of the past,” said Silvia Giuliano, 45, who was not wearing a mask as she browsed through paperbacks. She described the red signs, with their crossed-out and spiky coronavirus spheres, as artifacts “like bricks from the Berlin Wall”.

Across Europe, faded stickers, signs and billboards are the ghostly remnants of past struggles against Covid. But if remnants of the deadliest days of the pandemic are everywhere, so is the virus.

A common refrain heard across Europe is that everyone has Covid as the BA.5 omicron subvariant is fueling an explosion of cases across the continent. Governments, however, are not cracking down, including in the previously strictest countries, largely because they are not seeing a significant rise in severe cases, or overcrowded intensive care units, or waves of deaths. And Europeans have clearly concluded that they have to live with the virus.

Seats bearing faded blue social distancing signs urging Paris metro users to keep this place free are almost always taken. Crowds of unmasked Germans walk past tattered signs in shops and restaurants reading “Maskenpflicht,” or mask requirement. In a building materials store north of Madrid, the cashier walks the aisles without a mask before sitting behind a plexiglass window. On a recent day at Caffè Sicilia in Noto, Sicily, the feet of three different people stood in a single ‘keep a safe distance’ circle as they demanded cannoli.

And many people are traveling again, both within Europe and beyond its borders, bringing much-needed tourist money to countries desperate to bolster their economies.

“That’s how it is,” said Andrea Crisanti, a microbiology professor who served as a top consultant to Italian leaders during the coronavirus emergency. A silver lining, he said, was that summer infections would create more immunity for the traditionally tougher winter months. But letting the virus circulate at such huge levels, he said, has also created a “moral duty” on governments to protect older and otherwise vulnerable people who remain at risk of serious illness despite vaccination.

“We have to change the paradigm. I don’t think measures to reduce transmission have a future,” he said, listing reasons such as social exhaustion with restrictions, greater risk acceptance and the biology of a virus. become so contagious that “there is nothing that can stop this.”

This appears to be the case across Europe, where officials take comfort in the seemingly low incidence of serious illness and death, even as some experts worry about the toll of vulnerable people, the possibility that routine infection could lead to a long Covid and the increased potential for mutations leading to more dangerous versions of the virus.

“Infections show no signs of abating, with rates approaching levels last seen in March this year at the height of the omicron BA.2 wave,” said Sarah Crofts, who leads the team at Bureau of Statistics analysis. Hospitalizations have more than quadrupled since May, according to government data. But deaths from the virus, while on the rise, were not approaching the levels seen at the start of the year.

“Overall, from a public health perspective, we need to remain vigilant, but that’s no reason to reverse course,” said Neil Ferguson, a public health researcher at Imperial College London.

Some changes have taken place. In April, Europe’s medicines regulator, the European Medicines Agency, said a second booster shot would only be needed for people over the age of 80, at least until there is “a resurgence of infections”. On July 11, she decided that time had come, recommending a second booster shot for all people over 60 and all vulnerable people.

“This is how we protect ourselves, our loved ones and our vulnerable populations,” EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said in a statement. “There’s no time to lose.”

Across Europe, authorities are trying to find a balance between reassurance and complacency. In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute, the federal organization responsible for tracking the virus, said “there is no evidence” that the BA.5 iteration of the virus is more deadly, but the country’s health minister country, Karl Lauterbach, shared tweets posted by a hospital doctor from the German city of Darmstadt saying that his clinic’s COVID ward was fully occupied with severely symptomatic patients.

The German vaccine board has yet to update its advice on a fourth vaccine, which recommends a second booster only for people aged over 70 and patients at risk.

In France, where an average of 83,000 cases a day were reported last week, around a third more than a month ago, Health Minister Francois Braun avoided further restrictions. He told RTL radio last week that “we decided to bet on the responsibility of the French” as he recommended the wearing of masks in crowded places and encouraged a second booster dose of vaccine for the most vulnerable people. .

He seemed confident that France, where nearly 80% of people are fully vaccinated, and its hospitals, could weather the new wave of infections and focused more on collecting data to track the virus. “Minimal but necessary measures” were the right approach, Braun recently told the French parliament’s law commission. Last week, a proposal to give the government continued power to require proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test when entering France failed to pass parliament.

In Spain, where the vaccination rate is over 85% and more than half of the eligible population has received a booster, the pandemic has appeared to be an afterthought as Spaniards have returned to their usual beach holidays and eagerly welcomed tourists. Officials, encouraged by the low occupancy of intensive care units, said it would be enough to monitor the situation.

Not everyone was satisfied.

“We have forgotten practically everything,” said Rafael Vilasanjuan, director of policy and global development at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, a research body.

But other parts of Europe were even more passive. In the Czech Republic, where there are no restrictions, including in hospitals, the virus is rampant and authorities are openly predicting an increase in cases.

In Italy, the first Western country to face the full force of the virus, reports of new cases have steadily increased since mid-June, although they have fallen in the past week. The average daily number of deaths has more than doubled over the past month, but hospitals have not been overwhelmed. Health Minister Roberto Speranza has announced that the country will follow the European regulator’s recommendation to offer a second COVID-19 booster shot to all people over the age of 60 – not just people over the age of 60. 80 years and vulnerable patients.

“In the current situation, you must implement an integrated policy to protect vulnerable people who, despite vaccination, are still at risk of developing a serious and serious disease,” said Crisanti, the former consultant to the Italian leaders on the virus. . , who lamented what he said was a still huge number of deaths each day from infectious disease.

He predicted that over time, as vulnerable elderly people died, deaths from the virus would decrease and the virus would become more and more endemic. He said the immune system of people aged 70 to 90 in the future would have memories and protection against the virus.

At this point, the tattered signs of Europe’s fight against COVID would truly belong in another era. Meanwhile, however, another woman in the Roman bookshop, this one wearing an N95 mask, worried that the stickers under her feet might become relevant again.

“Reality”, she said, “goes faster than laws”.

Germany and beyond: Rochester student envisions a future in international relations


ROCHESTER — Elizabeth Wiederholt has always been fascinated by the world beyond her own borders. She remembers walking with her mother when she was younger, talking about the Syrian civil war together. When high school rolled around, she got into Model UN, which gave her a taste of what it would be like to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.

In August, she will broaden her horizons a little more.

Wiederholt is traveling to Germany as one of the students awarded the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship for 2022-2023.

Co-sponsored by the US State Department and the German Bundestag (Parliament), the scholarship is awarded to “high-achieving high school students,” according to a press release.

“I’ve always been extremely interested in studying abroad,” she says. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been very interested in what’s going on (in the world).”

She is thinking about a future career in the foreign service. Until then, she accumulates experience doing what she loves; discover and experience foreign languages ​​and cultures.

Wiederholt will use the scholarship as a gap year, after graduating from Mayo High School. Her journey will begin with a four-week language camp, followed by a stay with a host family in the northern German town of Uchte, where she will attend school.

She has already started talking to the family she will be staying with. Wiederholt and her foster sister sent each other photos of their respective hometowns. Wiederholt sent photos of the corncob water tower, the library, and Trader Joe’s.

“All kinds of random stuff,” she said.

This is not the first time that Wiederholt has been abroad. Last year, she spent a month studying Spanish in Spain. It won’t be the last either. Part of his upcoming college program at American University will include several years of study in Japan.

His love for traveling and discovering the world is not just about collecting stamps in his passport. It’s about realizing how one’s own culture and upbringing has shaped one’s view of the world and embracing new ideas from other countries.

“Immersing myself in these other cultures, I think, will be important if I end up working in international diplomacy,” she said. “Studying abroad in Spain really made me look at my own life and things that I always took for granted. And I realized, oh, it’s just a cultural idea. is not necessarily just a fact of life.

With every place she goes, she is able to add a little more context to her understanding of global relationships. This is ultimately the whole point of the exchange program she is about to undertake in Germany.

A press release on the program said it was intended to “foster mutual understanding and strengthen ties between Germany and the United States through citizen diplomacy.”

For Wiederholt, however, the goal is not just to learn more about a country and how it compares to its homeland. It’s about learning about cultures around the world.

“Germans are known to have a very direct communication style, and in Japan I think the culture is much more indirect,” she said. “I think it will be good to have experience in both cultures. I think it will serve me well in communicating with people in the future and bridging the gaps I encounter.

For now, though, she’s excited to pack her bags for Germany – excited to experience all the travel has to offer.

And, predictably, she goes into it with a bit of nervousness about what she might encounter.

“I hope there’s something magical about this language camp,” she said, referring to the first part of her trip. “I really, really hope I don’t have to take chemistry or physics.” It was impossible in English, and I don’t even want to think about it in German.

The 17 Best Loafers for Men to Buy Right Now


Courtesy of the retailer

A MOCCASIN is the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing “outdoor” shoe you can wear all summer and fall. The best loafers have the comfort and ease of your favorite home slipper, while taking on the style of your favorite dress shoe (without all the laces). What’s great is that the shoe can be worn with everything from suits and chinos to jeans and shorts.

These types of moccasins have a storied past—dating all the way back to the Ivy League of the 19th century—and today’s best moccasins come in a variety of styles and fits to wear for virtually any the occasions. If you’re attending a black-tie ceremony, opt for classic penny loafers or horsebit loafers that dress up your suits and tuxedos. For looks nine to five, try an understated Venetian loafer, which has a streamlined silhouette that looks respectable enough for the office. For longer commutes and runs, brands like Cole Haan have outfitted their loafers with a sneaker-like footbed for maximum grip and comfort.

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Do you have another type of use in mind? There’s a moccasin for that. Before, we have tried and reviewed the 17 best loafers that will help you brighten up your wardrobe. Just be sure to pair these bad boys with your favorite no-show socks to avoid swamp feet!

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Best overall

Penny Larson Loafers

  • Compatible with wallets
  • Long life expectancy
  • Wide range of colors and patterns available
  • Classic silhouette
  • Very resistant

The OG loafer, Bass Weejuns, has been around since 1936, and its classic penny loafer style still looks great today. Their handcrafted construction can hold up even after years of wear, and at under $150, they offer incredible value. An easy addition to your weekday uniform.

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Best Luxury Loafers

1953 leather moccasin with horsebit

  • Timeless style
  • Long life expectancy
  • Premium comfort
  • Versatile style

We’d be remiss not to include Gucci’s instantly recognizable loafers, which have been a staple for C-level executives. Designed to be worn with suits, jeans and everything in between, these shoes are pricey, but we’d say their versatility and know-how make them a worthwhile investment.

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Amazon’s Choice

Leather Slip-On Casual Loafers

  • Over 3,900 five-star Amazon reviews
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Easy to break in

Leather loafers under $50? No wonder Go Tour’s slip-ons have been an Amazon bestseller. It also received five-star reviews for its soft interior that’s easy to pack in your carry-on luggage.

Best everyday loafer


  • Less than $200
  • Premium soft leather upper
  • Weather resistant rubber sole
  • Versatile style

Venetian loafers are slip-ons with no tassels or straps, and have a simple, sleek design that feels a little more casual while still offering plenty of style. The Patnoflex loafer benefits from a leather lining and an ergonomic footbed that provides incredible support for a dress shoe.

Best new moccasin

Baleen Blue Sabah

  • Less than $200
  • Single silhouette
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Long duration

While Sabah Shoes is still relatively new (established in 2013), these handmade Turkish shoes are definitely not. Crafted from supple nubuck leather, these loafers snap on beautifully and age in style. The Sabah are a solid departure from the traditional moccasin we think of in Western culture.

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Suede loafers were big in the 2010s, and Cole Haan updates them with multi-layered cushioning that provides good foot support for long urban hikes or hours beside your standing desk.

Road trips require driving shoes that are easy to put on and wear for hours. Wolf and Shepherd’s Monaco loafers tick both boxes, thanks to their soft lining that’s comfortable enough to wear without socks.

Another stylish Venetian option. We love how The Fyre have carved them out of oiled vintage leather, which will help the loafer break in tastefully over time.

Crafted from full-grain calfskin sourced from a renowned golf tannery in Italy, these loafers exude classic style. Handcrafted features like a Blake stitch construction and Vachetta leather lining put these loafers in the upper echelon of footwear, while still being surprisingly reasonable on the price.

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For those looking to stand out from all black and brown, these fine suede penny loafers are a subtle flex. They are not too flashy, and they go match with a lot of what’s already in your wardrobe.

Rothy’s recent foray into men’s footwear has wowed us with their sleek, upcycled shoes that look as good as they feel, and his driving loafers are no exception. Knitted from used plastic water bottles, these slip-ons fit like a second skin with a solid grip. Plus, they’re machine washable.

Adrian Arcadia Tassel leather loafers

Much like Dr. Martens’ combat boots, these platform loafers offer plenty of style (tassels!) and height.

Dress loafers can sometimes feel stiff after hours of use, which is why it’s worth investing in high-end shoes like Church’s Pembrey loafers, which have a lightweight leather exterior with a leather lining. luxury that hugs your sole comfortably.

Del Toro loafers are handmade in Italy and the finished products are always spectacular. Grab these luxe velor slippers, which have a calfskin lining that fits like a glove and a rich exterior that instantly elevates any look.

Dressier than Sperry’s infamous boat shoes, these penny loafers strike a slim, mean silhouette while sporting the brand’s signature cushioning for an ultra-comfortable fit.

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Penny loafers that are on sale for $75? Add to Cart.

A skinny loafer in hand burnished leather for a luxurious finish.

How we selected

Over the past 18 months, we have consulted men’s health‘s editors and writers on the best loafers for men. Experts, including our Associate Trade Editor Christian Gollayan and our Gear and Trade Editor John Thompson, tested a number of moccasins and rated their style, function, price and durability. We’ve also considered top-rated loafers with praise from e-commerce sites we trust.

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Senator proposes big changes to student loan forgiveness


A US senator has proposed significant changes to student loan relief.

Here’s what you need to know — and what that means for your student loans.

Student loans

US Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Congressman Donald Norcross (D-NJ) today offers the second chance at the Civil Service Loan Forgiveness Act, which would solve the problem of the Civil Service Loan Forgiveness Program. The proposed new legislation would, among other things:

  • Allow public servants with student loans or in the civil service before 2007 (the year Congress created the program) to qualify for student loan forgiveness;
  • Eliminate the requirement of 120 payments and instead require ten years of employment in the civil service;
  • Extend the current limited waiver for the cancellation of student loans beyond October 31, 2022;
  • Allow Parent PLUS Loans to qualify for Public Service Loan Relief;
  • Allow civil servants of contractual education as well as auxiliary, contingent or part-time professors of higher education to become eligible for the PSLF; and
  • Allow teachers to qualify for both the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness simultaneously.

“Since day one, the Civil Service Loan Forgiveness Program has been plagued with problems and inadequate oversight, resulting in less than ten percent of applicants being approved for loan forgiveness despite their dedicated service to our nation”, said Menendez. Currently, public servants can get full federal student loan forgiveness when they work full-time for a qualified nonprofit or public service employer and make at least 120 monthly student loan payments.

Major Changes to Student Loan Forgiveness

This proposal follows other major proposals aimed at making student loan forgiveness more accessible to student borrowers. For example, Biden has proposed major changes to student loan forgiveness. Two congressional senators have also introduced legislation to change student loan forgiveness. Collectively, these proposals include the following:

  • Student loan repayment plans: count student loan payments made under any student loan repayment plan or type of student loan;
  • Student loan consolidation: count student loan payments made before student loan consolidation, even if you did not follow the correct repayment plan;
  • Late payments: count late or partial student loan repayments;
  • Limited exemption for student loan forgiveness: making the limited waiver permanent so that more student borrowers are eligible; and
  • Fewer requirements for the public service: make possible the cancellation of public service loans in five years instead of 10 years.

For either of these proposals to become reality, Congress and the President would go down different paths. For example, Congress would have to pass legislation, which could include “combining” different proposals into a single piece of legislation. Separately, Biden could use the rulemaking process through the US Department of Education to implement the proposed changes. Currently, the public can comment on Biden’s proposals, with final rules expected in November and implementation by July 1, 2023. In addition to potential student loan forgiveness reforms, Biden is considering large-scale cancellation student loan scale for millions of student borrowers. . In the coming weeks, Biden has three deadlines for student loan forgiveness. The president confirmed yesterday that he would make a decision on canceling student loans by August. On August 31, 2022, the student loan payment pause will end, which means student loan borrowers will again have to make federal student loan payments beginning September 1. Be sure to explore all of your student loan repayment options, including these smart ways to save money:

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Cancellation of student loans: Congress proposes 0% interest rates for student loans

Student loans: red, white and blue

Senators propose major changes to student loan forgiveness

Department of Education cancels $6 billion in student loans

Florence’s Rosenwald School Helped Black Education | Jamestown News


Today, Florence Elementary School on Penny Road is a thriving segment of the Guilford County school system. Its success is due to a man who may never have visited North Carolina.

Chicago philanthropist Julius Rosenwald served as president of Sears, Roebuck and Co. from 1910 to 1925. Like his friend, former slave Booker T. Washington, he was concerned about the poor quality of education (if there had one) for southern blacks. A 2015 documentary, “Rosenwald: A Remarkable Story of Jewish Partnership with African-American Communities,” was produced. Apparently, Rosenwald was shocked when he learned of the anti-Jewish programs in Russia and realized that America’s treatment of black people was no better.

Julius Rosenwald

According to HistorySouth.org, “In 1915, public schools in North Carolina spent $7.40 per white student but only $2.30 per black student.”

“In the early 20th century, most schools for African Americans in the South were underfunded and in very poor condition,” according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Rosenwald believed that education was the key to black success and established the Rosenwald Fund in 1917 to increase educational opportunities for blacks in the rural south.

Prior to Rosenwald, most black education had been done after the Civil War as part of the Freedman’s Bureau. Judith Mendenhall ran a Freedman School in Jamestown.

Governor of North Carolina, O. Max Gardner, said of the schools in 1931: “The contribution which Mr. Julius Rosenwald has made in building schools for colored children in North Carolina has stimulated our people of two races to provide good schools for these children. ”

At the same meeting, State Superintendent AT Allen said, “The speed with which the work of the Julius Rosenwald Fund has spread across the country in recent years shows us the enthusiasm with which it has been received by all the people concerned.

“The whole story is inspiring. It gives courage and hope, not only to people of color themselves, but also to all who are trying to help them establish a proper school system for their children.

By the time the Fund ended in 1932, North Carolina had built more Rosenwald structures than any other Southern state—813 buildings, including teachers’ residences and industrial teaching shops.

Two of these schools were in the community of Florence, on the same site as the current primary school.

JT-ROSENWALD-School of Florence - Rita Bernacci 1982.jpg

In 1982, artist Rita Bernacci sketched the old red brick of the Florence Rosenwald school.

According to information from the North Carolina Museum of History, school building committees had a catalog of blueprints, floor plans and exterior renderings to choose from so that “any rural community could build a facility of high flight without the cost of an architect”.

There had been schools for black children in Florence in the past, but the community chose to be part of the Rosenwald system. They chose floor plan #20 for the original design in 1916 and #5 for the replacement in 1927 when overcrowding became a problem. The original schoolhouse was a standard two-room wooden schoolhouse with a room for teaching cooking and sewing. It was probably made up of two professors. The new brick building had four classrooms and an auditorium and was designed for seven teachers. It was built on the plan of Nashville and was “only to face east or west”.

According to Jamestown historian Mary Browning, “the old red-brick Florence school building…was demolished without too much ceremony.”

Designed as a matching grant system, local communities were asked to provide labour, materials and, in some cases, land.

The NC Museum of History notes that raising local funds for Rosenwald schools was no simple task among North Carolina’s black cotton and tobacco sharecroppers. However, the rallies collected both cash donations and pledges, often a penny and a nickel at a time.

Leon R. Harris, a black man and writer, began teaching at what he called “Florence’s black community school” in 1912, continuing until 1914. Dissatisfied with his job in Virginia, Harris had hopped a freight train south, ending up in High Point. He got a job as a farmer with a Mr. Lyons in Florence. When Lyons gave up farming, Harris was invited to teach at the school, using his training from Booker T. Washington’s Tuskeegee Institute. Locals urged him to get teaching credentials.

“I passed the exam and got a freshman certificate.” Harris said in an April 15, 1956 article, Greensboro Daily News. “The niggers [sic] were proud and happy. No teacher with a first-grade certificate had ever taught in their school.

“The Compulsory School Attendance Act came into force that year. The Florence school had never had more than 40 enrollments. My enrollment was 80. The second year it went to over 100.”

Soon, news of the school spread not only to the black community, but also to white people, who were invited by black people to attend.

“The little school was overflowing,” Harris said. “One day Prof. [Thomas R.] Foust, our county superintendent of schools, and two of the school board members came to visit. Professor Foust went no further than the door.

“’Where are all these children from?’ he asked me.

“’We have to have a new building before next quarter,’ I told him.

Welcome to Florence Elementary, a Rosenwald School

The organizers of the first Florence Rosenwald School found this drawing in a catalog donated by the Rosenwald Fund.

Harris had heard of the Rosenwald Fund and investigated. Since the church in Florence was the center of community life, the community decided that the new school should be near the church.

“We all came together, white and black,” Harris continued. “The white people gave all the wood for raw wood and some gave money. I took my ax into the woods with the others. We felled the trees, cut the logs and transported them to the sawmill. But every threshold under this school has been hewn by hand.

Unfortunately, due to family issues, Harris had to leave the area before he had a chance to teach at the new school. But as he left, he said goodbye to his good friend Clay Briggs, whose descendants still live in the Florence community.

The Rosenwald Schools effort has been called the most significant initiative to advance black education in the early 20th century, according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Although the references differ in number, the Rosenwald Fund has nonetheless been a great success. When the school building program ended in 1932, approximately 5,357 Rosenwald structures had been built in 883 counties in 15 states at a cost of between $24.4 and $28.4 million. They served over 7,000,000 black children. By 1928, one-third of rural black school children and teachers in the South were served by Rosenwald Schools. Only about 500 buildings remain.

New efforts were launched to save some of the remaining Rosenwald schools. In 2021, the Julius Rosenwald and Rosenwald School Study Act (HR 3250) was enacted. The National Park Service initiated the Special Resources Study process in June 2022 to evaluate a shortlist of schools and sites in Rosenwald.

What does the future of sneakers look like?


Footwear innovation means many, many different things. For some, innovation rhymes with performance; to create faster or lighter shoes. For others, it might mean responsibly designing products that won’t harm our planet. For still others, footwear innovation might mean bringing sneaker culture to the metaverse.

The Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto has opened the doors to its latest exhibition and accompanying Rizzoli book, titled future nowwhich presents a comprehensive exploration of footwear innovation in all its meanings.

The exhibition is curated by the Director and Senior Curator of the Bata Shoe Museum, Elizabeth Semmelhack. Semmelhack tells me she studied Japanese art history and majored in 18th-century art history, a subject that first brought to light the similarities between Japanese prints produced serials and footwear, which drew Semmelhack to the nuances of sneaker culture. His subsequent exploration of the latter was the starting point for Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture, Semmelhack’s first exhibition in 2013, and the resulting book in 2015, which delved into the collection, culture, and commodification of sneakers. The traveling exhibit and post sparked a new set of questions about the future of not just sneaker culture, but the footwear landscape as a whole, and Semmelhack began to reflect on the growing impact of technology on the shoe.

Featuring quotes, interviews and contributions from over 50 industry greats, including Salehe Bembury, Steven Smith, Mr. Bailey and others, the book itself is rightly covered by the RTFKT project.” Metapigeon” by Jeff Staple, generously loaned by RTFKT.

Below, Semmelhack speaks with Highsnobiety about the whole future and the Bata Shoe Museum future now exposure.

Footwear innovation gives us a lot to say. First, how did you structure your exhibition and the accompanying book?

I decided to divide it into four distinct categories, but they all overlap. The first category is innovation, so I’m looking at things like 3D printing and some new materials.

The second section is about sustainability, thinking about global climate challenges and how so many shoe designers and shoe companies are trying to solve this problem through circular economies or new materials. Looking at mushroom leathers and ocean plastics like Parley for the Oceans.

For the third section, I wanted to see who addressed a wide range of accessibility issues and used shoes in transformative ways. Of course, Nike Go FlyEase is there, but also Kerby Jean-Raymond is there with Pyer Moss. He makes some very interesting political statements through the cartoons he does. I also have Allyson Felix after leaving Nike, who started her own sneaker company that was very focused on women and the specific needs of women in the sneaker industry.

Then the last section, of course, is about shoes in the metaverse. Think about NFTs, think about games, think about collecting sneakers in the metaverse space. Then too, given the opportunities in the virtual world, what can shoes be when shoes have no work to do?

future now covers a lot of material. What were the most enjoyable parts of making this exhibition and this book?

Talking with Steven Smith is always interesting, he’s a real futurist. I think my answer to your question is that so many creators within the industry are really trying to solve problems. It’s not just about creating the next desirable item, but actually solving a problem that also creates desire. I’ve been friends with Steven for a long time, and I think the way his mind works is really, really interesting, and he’s willing to share those ideas, but someone like Mr. Bailey is so open. Everyone in the book was so willing to really talk I think one of the things that was so fun in the book is all my interviews from Steven Smith to Salehe to Daniel I went over my number of words in each interview.

The exhibit contains many shoes that Highsnobiety readers are familiar with. Which products are you most interested in?

Converse Renew Chuck 70 – Durability is key to the future of footwear, and one of my favorite sneakers in the exhibit is the Converse Renew Chuck 70. I think the historian in me loves the Converse All -Star made its debut over 100 years ago, yet it is still relevant today. I also love that the knit upper includes a nod to the traditional ankle patch and the translucent sole incorporates scraps of recycled rubber.

SCRY by Zixiong Wei – One of the things I was looking for doing this show was shoes that really pushed the boundaries of design. SCRY co-founder and designer Zixiong Wei harnesses the possibilities of 3D printing in footwear to create shoes with a strong sci-fi aesthetic, including this remarkable pair of boots.

Takashi Murakami x Mr. Bailey – There are several reasons why Mr. Bailey’s Octopus sneakers are among my favorites. The first is that this remarkable design isn’t just a concept, it’s fully wearable. The other is that it is related not only to the work of Takashi Murakami but reminds me of the famous 1814 print by Hokusai called The dream of the fisherman’s wife.

Jeff Staple x RTFKT – I’m very interested in where shoe design might go in the metaverse. I love this collaboration between Jeff Staple and RTFKT because it straddles the divide between the real and virtual world. I also think that NFTs offer an attractive option for creators since 10% of each resale is returned to the initiator, which is an interesting way to approach the resale market.

Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex – I love Salehe Bembury’s Pollex Crocs because they represent the first time Crocs has allowed a designer to reinvent the traditional Crocs silhouette. I also love that Salehe did this as a freelance designer and that his own fingerprint inspired the design. Talk about putting a personal stamp on a project.

While we’re at it, do you have any predictions for the future of sneakers?

My prediction for the future is that innovation will take us back to making custom or bespoke shoes and making things tailored to our individual needs and specifications. In 500 years, people are going to say, “Wait, what? There was a time when you had to walk into a store and fit a size? This is going to sound very strange, and we’re just getting out of it.

I think we can see this happening very easily in the metaverse. But I think the bigger issue will be that since so many of us are creating our own identities through brand alliance, how will the possibilities for hyper-individualization through products continue to allow us to build a identity thanks to the alliance of brands?

Future Now is now open at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto until October 2023, while the accompanying Rizzoli book is available from the Bata Shoe Museum for CA$75 (about US$58).

Titleist, Mizuno Golf Clubs That Won The Open


Cameron Smith plays on the 18th hole during the final round of the 150th Open Championship golf tournament at St. Andrews Old Course. (Photo: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports)

Heading into this season, Cameron Smith was riding a 45-inch 10-degree Titleist TSi3 fitted with a Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X shaft, and he used that club to win at TPC Sawgrass. While the listed loft was 10 degrees, Smith had a SureFit adjustable hosel in the D4 setting, which keeps the lie angle the same but increases the loft by 0.075 degrees, so the playing loft was 10, 75.

The TSi3 has a track to hold a movable weight at the back of the head that allows golfers and fitters to move the center of gravity location and set up the club with a fade or draw bias or create a neutral weight distribution. Smith put two weights in the track, one in the toe and one in the heel, according to JJ Van Wezenbeeck, director of player promotions at Titleist.

“It was about increasing the dynamic loft, making the shape of a TSi3 act like a TSi2,” Van Wezenbeeck said. By adding more weight to the back of the head in the heel and toe areas, dynamic loft increases, as well as stability.

Prior to the start of the PGA Championship, Smith changed his driver’s shafts from a Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X shaft to a Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 6X shaft. The TR version of the Ventus Blue shaft is slightly stiffer than the standard Blue, and produces less spin and lower flight. It sits between Ventus Blue and Ventus Black, the stiffest, lowest and lowest Ventus. Smith also asked Titleist to shorten their driver to 44 1/2″ in length for better control.

The day after the US Open, Titleist did a photo shoot with several prominent players on the staff, and that day Van Wezenbeeck showed Smith the final version of the new TSR drivers. Smith and had seen and hit prototypes before, but immediately liked both clubs and started tinkering with them. He brought both clubs to Europe and put TSR2 on the line at the Scottish Open two weeks ago. After that event, Smith switched to the yet-to-be-released TSR3, as he felt it made it easier for him to work the ball left and right.

Titleist TSR3 Driver

Titleist TSR3 driver. (David Dusek/Golfweek)

“He likes the ball speed he was getting from TSR drivers in general, but the TSR3 just gave him some versatility that would help him open up the golf course,” Van Wezenbeeck said.

Smith TSR3 has 10 degrees of loft, but like its previous driver, the playing loft is 10.75 degrees and the finished club is 44 1/2″ long.

Best Remote Work Setup Products


Jack Wallen shares his picks for the best keyboard, monitor, and headset to use when working from home.

I’ve been working from home as a writer for over a decade, which has given me some insight into setting up remote work. One of the most glaring points that I realized very quickly is that the right technology can seriously improve your remote workflow. This means everything from the choice of desktop, computer, speakers, microphones, printers, wireless router and much more.

But there are three tech elements you can’t always consider when setting up your best remote work setup: the keyboard, headsets, and monitor you choose can help you more than you think.

SEE: Home Video Setup: What You Need to Look and Sound Professional (TechRepublic Premium)

The right keyboard can not only help you type faster — and more accurately — but also keep your wrists from hurting at the end of the day. The right monitor will prevent eye strain and give you enough screen real estate to have all your necessary apps open at once. The right headphones can not only help you hear those meetings with more clarity, but they can also cancel out extraneous family noises so you can continue to focus.

To that end, I’ve picked out what I think are the best picks that will help bring your remote work setup to increased levels of productivity and reduce the frustration you’re feeling. Let’s move on to the winners of these three categories.

Keyboard: ultimate hacking keyboard

Image: UltimateHackingKeyboard

Best Overall Remote Work Setup 2022

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is by far the best keyboard I’ve ever used. Although it took some getting used to due to the lack of traditional cursor keys and the addition of the Mod key, once my mind and fingers got used to the layout, all other keyboards now look outdated and poorly designed.

This split keyboard lets you move each half to the perfect spot, so your wrists and fingers can type stress-free. The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard makes you much less dependent on a mouse than with a traditional keyboard. And the fact that the keyboard can easily switch between layouts – such as QWERTY and Dvorak – and is fully programmable means you can customize the UHK to suit your needs perfectly. You’ll also find removable modules available to add a trackpad, extra keys, trackback, and track pointer.

When you go to buy the UHK, you can choose between eight different key switches to ensure your keyboard is finger-friendly. Finally, the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is built like an absolute tank, which means you can type on those keys eight hours a day, seven days a week, and not worry that it will give way under the massive force of your digits. . The fact that the new models also include backlit keys is a bonus for those who like to type in darker environments. If there is only one keyboard that I could recommend to everyone, it would be the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard.

Cost: $320.00 and worth every penny.

Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM5

Image: Amazon

Best overall remote work setup

Under normal circumstances, my favorite headphone recommendation is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X. However, it’s the best technology for a remote work setup, which requires a bit more headphones, especially the noise cancellation.

The Sony WH-100XM5 are one of the most recommended pairs of headphones on the market. Why? First of all, the sound is quite spectacular. No, these headphones won’t beat the likes of a pair of Focals, but we’re not looking to pay five or six figures for headphones. Instead, thanks to eight microphones, these capable headphones offer some of the best noise cancellation on the market while optimizing the sound you hear for your surroundings.

If you’re simply looking for the best headphones for music and conference calls, and aren’t looking to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end audiophile pair, then the WH-1000XM5 are your best bet. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds offer up to 30 hours of battery life from a full charge and with just three minutes of fast charging you’ll get three hours of battery life. You can also connect these headphones to multiple devices, meaning you can use them in your office (connected to your desktop computer) and then take them on the road (connected to a laptop or phone).

Cost: $398.00

Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G7

Image: Amazon

Best overall remote work setup

Besides offering an incredibly sharp image, one of the best things about the Samsung Odyssey G7 is that it offers a 1000R panel, which means it matches the curvature of the human eye. This will not only give you better immersion in your work and play, but it will also help reduce eye strain after eight or nine hours of watching.

The Odyssey G7 is also very fast, with a 240Hz refresh rate, NVIDIA G-SYNC support and FreeSync Premium Pro — meaning you won’t suffer from dropped frames in videos and/or video. or gaming — as well as 1ms response time and 1.7 times the pixel density of the Full HD monitor. So not only is this WQHD monitor visually stunning, it can keep up with just about anything you throw at it. Your blacks will be blacker, your whites will be whiter, and your colors will be more accurate.

Cost: $579.99

If you’re serious about working from home, you need the right technology. The above three options will be very useful for you. If you have the budget, I highly recommend purchasing every item on this list. If you can only choose one, I would choose the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard because it will make the most difference to your workflow. Ideally, though, you’ll go with each to dramatically improve your remote work setup.

Employees with federal student loan debt may be eligible for a rebate


Purdue employees with outstanding federal student loans may be eligible for debt relief through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). The PSLF cancels the remaining balance on federal direct loans after individuals make 120 qualifying payments while working full-time for an eligible employer like Purdue.

The U.S. Department of Education recently announced a temporary but significant waiver of PSLF program rules for borrowers who have experienced issues interacting with the program. The waiver, called the limited PSLF waiver, allows borrowers who had the wrong type of loans or payments to get credit for those past periods.

Here are the main improvements available under the waiver:

  • Borrowers can receive credit for prior repayment periods on loans that would otherwise not qualify for PSLF.
  • Individuals who have Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL), Perkins Loans, or other Federal Student Loans (not Parent PLUS Loans) must first consolidate their student loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan to receive a PSLF credit for previous periods or reimbursement.
  • Past repayment periods will now count regardless of whether the borrower made a payment, or made that payment on time for the full amount due, or on an eligible repayment plan.

The waiver is only available to borrowers until October 31. To take advantage of the waiver, individuals must:

  • Register for an FSA ID if they don’t currently have one.
  • Have direct loans (or consolidate other federal loans into one direct loan if necessary).
  • Submit a PSLF form to certify employment for the time for which they want credit through the waiver. Individuals can generate a PSLF form for Purdue to sign at Federal Student Aid. It is important to use the appropriate Purdue University Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN 35-6002041 in the PSLF Help Tool. After the PSLF Helper Tool provides a PDF, individuals must sign and date and submit it via Purdue Human Resources – uConfirm.

There is no specific application for the waiver. Once borrowers submit PSLF and/or consolidated forms in the Direct Lending Program, they will automatically be enrolled and receive either a discount (if eligible) or an increased number of qualifying payments.

This opportunity is urgent as borrowers will need to consolidate their loans and/or submit a PSLF form. Learn more about the Limited PSLF waiveror contact one of the U.S. Department of Education’s customer service representatives at 1-800-433-3243.

Source: David Reseigh, Associate Director of Outreach Services, Purdue University Division of Financial Aid, 765-494-5050, reseigh@purdue.edu

Swinging for Fences | Next avenue


In April, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum opened a new exhibit, “Baseball: America’s Home Run,” which features artifacts representing all eras and facets of the American pastime.

Nearly 300 people attended the VIP opening, including the son of Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Fame right fielder Roberto Clemente and two grandchildren of Hall of Fame second baseman and civil rights defender. Brooklyn Dodgers fame, Jackie Robinson.

Left to right, Joe DiMaggio New York Yankees rookie home uniform, 1936. Right, the Jackie Robinson stamp issued in 1982, the first U.S. issue to honor a specific baseball player | Credit: Baseball: America’s Home Run/The Stephen Wong Collection/United States Postal Service, Postmaster General’s Collection

Rubbing shoulders with all the celebrities and descendants was a man few would recognize, Stephen Tsi Chuen Wong, a Hong Kong-based Goldman Sachs executive and honorary adviser to the show.

“The opportunity to collaborate with someone as creative as Stephen is one of the rewards of being a museum curator.”

Wong played a pivotal role in bringing the exhibition to fruition. He helped develop the exhibit’s themes and storyline, wrote blog posts and recorded videos for the museum’s website, recruited sponsors and sourced artifacts, more than 50 of which were borrowed from his own collection.

These items include bats and uniforms worn by Robinson, Clemente, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and other baseball luminaries, as well as unique items such as home plate from the last game played at New York’s historic Polo Grounds.

“The opportunity to collaborate with someone as creative as Stephen is one of the rewards of being a museum curator,” says Daniel Piazza, who has chaired the Postal Museum’s philately department since 2014. truly nurtured each other’s passions – his for baseball, mine for stamps and postal history – to produce a landmark exhibition in both fields.”

From a single card to a sprawling exhibition

The show, the Smithsonian’s first major exhibition on baseball, officially took four years to develop, but its genesis actually dates back more than four decades.

One day in the mid-1970s, when he was about 9 years old and living in Los Altos Hills, California, Wong received an urgent call from a friend, David Guslani, who had something “really important.” to show him. Intrigued, Wong ran to his friend’s house, where he was able to see and hold a 1959 Roger Maris baseball card.

Maris was the man who, in 1961, broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record. Wong was hooked. “It was one of those times when the seas parted,” Wong said. Before long, he had started collecting baseball cards, handing out nickels, dimes and even whole dollars for cards featuring players like Hank Aaron and Willie Mays.

Sure, plenty of kids his age do the same, but the seas parted twice for Wong. While doing research at his prep school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, he began leafing through a collection of yearbooks dating back to the late 19th century.

“When I got to the directories around 1910, I found a newspaper clipping stuck between the pages that looked like it had been there for decades,” he says. “It was all yellow and brittle, and it was the poem ‘Baseball’s Sad Lexicon’.”

Dead-Ball Era brings the game to life

Written in 1910, this eight-line poem describes a double play played by Chicago Cubs infielders Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance, which Wong had never heard of. “I knew it had to do with baseball because of the title, but I really had no idea who Tinker, Evers and Chance were,” he says.

“Collecting became a way for me to connect with the players and events I had read about.”

Intrigued, he rushed over and bought a copy of Lawrence Ritter’s “The Glory of Their Times,” an oral history of baseball’s dead-ball era (roughly the first two decades of the 20th century). He also read other baseball books and began collecting physical items related to what he read, including scorecards and advertisements featuring baseball players.

“Collecting became a way for me to connect with the players and events I had read about,” he says.

Through college, law school, and a job at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong, Wong continued to expand her collection. “It evolved into higher things when I didn’t have to mop up my dad,” he says.

Six years into his career, Wong felt exhausted, in part due to the stress caused by the SARS epidemic, and quit his job. As he tried to figure out what to do next, he rediscovered “The Glory of Their Time”.

Inspired, he decided to write his own book, modeled on previous work but focusing on major private collections of baseball memorabilia. He gained support from several major collectors, wrote a proposal, and submitted it to Smithsonian Books in 2003. It was quickly accepted, in part because Smithsonian Institute Press director Don Fehr was a huge baseball fan. .

Writing the book, “Smithsonian Baseball: Inside the World’s Finest Private Collections,” took Wong two and a half years to write, six months of which he spent traveling across America with photographer Susan Einstein to document 21 world-class collections. He returned to the corporate world in 2005 but never left baseball.

Still collecting after all these years

Over the years, however, his approach to collecting has changed. Instead of acquiring to expand his collection, he began in the late 1990s to focus on bats and uniforms used in the game, relishing the direct connection between an artifact and an iconic player. “It was the uniform he wore when playing home or away games,” he says. “I just felt the historical significance of that was almost unparalleled.”

A plain vintage New York Yankees gray baseball uniform.  Next Avenue, Baseball History, National Postal Museum
Lou Gehrig’s New York Yankees Road Jersey with Centennial Baseball Patch on Arm, 1937-1939 | Credit: Baseball: America’s Home Run / The Stephen Wong Collection

Today, he focuses on artifacts with thematic links. For example, it could display a uniform and bat used by Washington Senators outfielder Goose Goslin alongside a panoramic photo of the 1933 team and a scorecard from a 1932 game.

“I like the idea of ​​combining artifacts in a very symmetrical way that really showcases the beauty of these objects but also shows the diversity of artifacts that commemorate baseball history,” he says.

This approach is evident in the exhibition at the National Postal Museum. Given its setting, the exhibit includes hundreds of postage stamps, but they are all on display along with related artifacts. Take Jackie Robinson, for example. Visitors can view a stamp honoring Major League Baseball’s first black player, the original stamp artwork, the road uniform that appears on the stamp, an autographed baseball, and a program and ticket from a game of 1947 at Ebbets Field, home of the Dodgers before the team. moved to Los Angeles.

Other exhibitions are in preparation

Wong is also increasingly committed to sharing his hobby with the public. He published two other books with Smithsonian Books and helped organize exhibitions in museums across the country.

“I consider it an extreme privilege to be able to own these artifacts and preserve them,” he says. “Rather than being locked up in Hong Kong, I want them to be shared with the public so other people in the public can enjoy them.”

And the public is grateful. “The exhibit received excellent reviews from everyone who visited in person, as well as those who visited our virtual exhibit,” said museum director Elliot Gruber. “This exhibit is unique, telling incredible stories with unique and rarely seen artifacts.”

After the Smithsonian exhibit opened, Wong’s aunt, Marie Lam, posted a congratulatory note on her Facebook page. “So proud of you. Bringing a childhood pastime to this level in the heart of the Nation’s Capital,” she wrote.

Indeed, he’s come a long way since the day he first saw that 1959 Roger Maris baseball card.

Marc Ray Mark Ray is a freelance writer who has written for Scouting, Eagles’ Call, Presbyterians Today, Kentucky Homes & Gardens and other publications. He has also written, edited and/or contributed to a dozen books for the Boy Scouts and the Presbyterian and United Methodist churches. Read more

Don’t Miss These 15 Foods and Drinks at the 2022 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival


Prepare your appetites! The dates for the 2022 International Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT are July 14, 2022 through November 19, 2022! It’s four months of your chance to eat and drink around the world. But there’s not much time and money, so we’ve compiled this list of our favorites. 15 Foods and Drinks at the 2022 Epcot Food and Wine Festival which are perfect for couples and romantic sharing.

Written by Beth Bell and Dani Meyering
Images of Beth Bell and Dani Meyering

The best restaurants and drinks for couples

  1. Theft of fries 3 Shareable Servings of Gourmet Fries: Salt & Vinegar, BBQ Bacon and Sweet Potato Snack – (The Basket of Fries, near the test track $7.50)
  2. Key Lime Lager lager with a subtle lime flavor from 81Bay Brewing pairs perfectly with the Fry Flight – (The Fry Basket, near Test Track $6 for a 6oz pour and $9 for a 12oz pour)
  3. Hot Swiss Raclette Cheese with Riesling-Poached Pears, Red Wine-Braised Figs, Candied Pecans, Honey, and Cranberry Toast – (The Alps Booth, near Germany $5.50)
  4. Filet Mignon of Beef with Wild Mushrooms “Le Cellier” with truffle butter sauce (Canada Booth $9.25)
  5. Chicken Tikka Masala with Spiced Fennel Yogurt and Naan Bread (India Booth – near China $6)
  6. Grilled Pork Shoulder Lettuce Wrap with Charred Corn Salsa, Pickled Red Onion, and Cilantro-Lime Cream (The Swanky Saucy Swine near Disney Traders $5.25)
  7. Braised beef with beer served with smoked gouda mashed potatoes (Belgium Booth near Morocco $5.75)
  8. Stone-baked Moroccan bread with Hummus, Chermoula and Zhoug Dips – (Tangerine Café: Flavors of the Medina $5.00)
  9. pistachio cake with cinnamon pastry cream and candied nuts – (Tangerine Café: Saveurs de la Médina $4.75)
  10. Theft of Greek wine Mylonas Assyrtiko White Wine, Zoe Rosé, Kir-Yianni Naoussa Xinomavro Dry (Greece Stand near Japan $6.50)
  11. Delicatessen a selection of imported Spanish meats, cheeses, olives and dressing served in a mug to walk and share (Spain Booth near Germany $6.50)
  12. Pastor tacos with Seared Pork Belly Pastor, Chipotle Black Beans, Pineapple, Pickled Onions and Chives on a Corn Tortilla (Mexico Booth $7.50)
  13. Potato Gnocchiwhich are potato dumplings with a four cheese sauce and roasted cremini mushrooms (Italian stand $9)
  14. italian sangria: two options, White Sangria with Prosecco or Red Sangria with Cabernet Sauvignon. Perfect for sharing on the go (Italy Booth $11)
  15. Goodbye Joe Punch: Chinese baijiu spirits, piña colada and lychee mix (China Booth $12.50): This classic drink was once served year-round at Joy of Tea, but is now only available at select Epcot festivals. Get it while you can, but be warned: it’s deceptively strong!

Highlights of our top food and drink at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival include the Hot Swiss Raclette Cheese because it’s reminiscent of fondue and it’s fun to share. The Braised beef with beer in Belgium is not photogenic but the flavors are phenomenal and comforting.

The Stone-baked Moroccan bread is a great snack at only $5.00. It’s easy to share, and you can watch them take it out of the oven to know it’s fresh. The pistachio cake is a fantastic dessert because it is not too sweet.

Eating and Drinking at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival - Tangierine Café Flavors of the Medina - Dani Meyering
Eat and Drink at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival – Tangierine Café Flavors of the Medina – Dani Meyering

The Potato Gnocchi is one of the priciest dishes on our list at $9.00, but the romance of Italy’s sumptuous pasta is hard to resist. Panna Cotta is also an expensive dish, although it is light and refreshing.

a small plate of Gnocchi di Patate and a small portion of Panna Cotta at the Italian booth 2022 Epcot Food and Wine Festival - Dani Meyering
Gnocchi di Patate Italy Booth 2022 Epcot Food and Wine Festival – Dani Meyering

Beer thefts, wine thefts and more

One of the most fun things to do at the festival is to order a flight or two and share it. There’s something so great about sharing a flight and trying out some samples together. There are several food and drinks at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022 that can be enjoyed as flights.

Here are all the festival flights and the stands where to find them:

  1. Mimosa flight at Shimmering Sips (near Port of Entry)
  2. Australian Wine Flight at the Australia Stand (near Port of Entry)
  3. Beer and Cider Flights at Appleseed Orchard (inside the Canada Pavilion)
  4. Belgium Beer Flight at the Belgium Booth (between France and Morocco)
  5. Theft of Cider at the Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina
  6. Theft of Greek wine at the stand of Greece (between Morocco and Japan)
  7. Craft beer theft at the Hops and Barley stand (at The American Adventure)
  8. Theft of Spanish wine at the Spain stand (between Italy and Germany)
  9. German beer flight at the Germany stand (at the Germany pavilion)
  10. Wine Flight at The Alps stand (near Germany)
  11. Beer and cider flights at Brew-Wing in The Odyssey building
  12. Theft of fries at the fries basket (near the test track)

The Theft of Greek wine is one of our top food and drink items at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival because it covers the entire spectrum. You get a white, a pink and a red. It’s a visually pleasing flight and tastes fantastic.

Each wine is robust and showcases the wines of Greece beautifully with a sample of Mylonas Assyrtiko, Zoe Rosé, Kir-Yianni Naoussa Xinomavro Dry Red white wine. And at $6.50, it’s a pretty affordable option.

Theft of Greek wine at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022 - Dani Meyering
Theft of Greek wine at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022 – Dani Meyering

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The Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina is a great place for couples as it is one of the only places to eat and drink at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival that is entirely indoors. Relax at a table inside and let the exotic music and decor wash over you. The Theft of cider is a treat because it has three distinct flavors. Enjoy a tasting of 3 Daughters Brewing Fig Hard Cider, Bold Rock Ginger Turmeric Hard Cider and Stem Ciders Hibiscus Session Hard Apple Cider.

The theft of french fries

This year’s festival hit is something simple. The Theft of fries from the basket of fries seems a bit casual to be one of this year’s top food and drink at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival. And yet, it easily satisfies and is perfectly shareable.

The flavor of salt and vinegar is not strong at all – just enough. The BBQ Bacon flavor tasted like BBQ chips magically turned into french fries. And the sweet potato casserole makes a perfect little dessert at the end.

3 different flavors of fries in The Fry Flight at The Fry Basket - Dani Meyering
The Theft of Chips from the Basket of Chips – Dani Meyering

At this same stand, The Fry Basket, you can order a Key Lime Lager from 81Bay Brewing. This light blond beer with a sweet lime flavor goes perfectly with these fries. And it’s always fun to support Florida’s craft breweries at the 2022 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

Avoid These Mistakes at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022

Another fun way to play with your food is to go on an official food tour.

Buy five delicious dishes, indicated on the kiosk menus and the festival passport with a cheese icon. Whenever you order one of these official cheese-centric food items, be sure to get your festival passport stamped and keep your receipt.

Once you’ve purchased and munch on these five cheesy treats, head to the Shimmering Sips stand near the center of the park, Port of Entry. At the Shimmering Sips booth, show off your filled Emile’s Fromage Montage stamps for your FREE treat.

This free treat is a soft strawberry cheesecake treat served in a keepsake cup.

There are 10 eligible items and you only need to buy 5 of them to win the free treat.

  1. The Alps: Hot Swiss Raclette Cheese (three varieties, $5 to $5.50): opt for the raclette with classic new potatoes, pickles and baguette with or without alpine ham, or try it served with Riesling-poached pears, figs braised in red wine, candied pecans, honey and toasted cranberries. Pair it with a flight of wine ($6.75) or chilled rosé ($9).
  2. Canada: Canadian Cheddar and Bacon Soup served with a pretzel roll ($5.75)
  3. Greece: Grilled Cheese with pistachios and honey ($4.75)
  4. The Swanky Saucy Swine (near Disney Traders): Pork rinds seasoned with chilli cheese ($4.75)
  5. Flavors from Fire (near the test track): Smoked Corned Beef with Fries and Beer Cheese ($5.50)
  6. India: Crispy paneer with mango curry ketchup ($5.00)
  7. Germany: Schinkennudeln (Gratin of pasta with ham, onions and cheese – $5.00)
  8. Brazil: Pao de Queijo (cheese bread – $4.75)
  9. Opening August 15: Hawai’i: Passion fruit cheesecake with roasted macadamia nuts
  10. Opening August 15: Mac & Eats: Cowboy Mac and Cheese

There are so many booths with many food and drinks at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival this year. And the festival runs until November 19, 2022. There’s plenty of time to explore, and we’ll be back with more tips and recommendations.

Nationalization, consolidation and privatization | Enterprise standard column


In a recent interview with this newspaper, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman compared the privatization of banks and insurance companies to the Rath Yatra.



What do you get on Business Standard Premium?


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First published: Sunday, July 17, 2022. 5:25 p.m. IST

Make the Most of High-Quality Herbs


Recently I bought one of the most famous brands of bagged teas. I think this is the first time I’ve done this! The quality was supreme, but the price was way too high too! And I thought, ‘is it worth it?’

Globalization has made it easier to access a variety of herbs and spices. Different ingredients with exotic names can be put in your mug for your greatest pleasure. Proper packaging protects all these precious herbs, and tampons verify their safety and high quality through testing for heavy metals and confirming their organic production, etc.

Even though I’m a millennial, I know that some traditional methods are irreplaceable. And as my Yiayia Evropi said, “the easier is the more expensive”. It’s true. Personal contacts like farmers always give you the best. But what to do in big cities?

Go organic! Most herbs are easy to grow organically or sustainably. If it’s not organic, it may contain pesticides or herbicides (even at permitted levels, they should be avoided).

Find your source. Buying herbs in sachets is totally different from buying in bulk. Plus, you create a huge waste of “tea bags”. You probably have a store or farmer’s market near you, but you haven’t noticed it yet! Identify it!

Store Properly – High quality dried herbs and spices can stay fresh for four to five years, if stored properly. Store them in airtight glass jars away from heat, temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight (place them in a cupboard).

To be informed! Read how to use herbs correctly and look in my columns for the most delicious and healing uses!

*The above is not medical advice but simple suggestions for improving your diet. Before using any herbs, you should consult your doctor, especially those who have medical conditions, are pregnant, or are under 6 years old.

Evropi-Sofia Dalampira holds a doctorate in agricultural economics and a master’s degree in botany-biology.

The Orlando Art Museum isn’t alone in being suspected of defrauding Basquiat art. South Florida gallery owner charged – Orlando Sentinel


Daniel Elie Bouaziz was a major art dealer and official appraiser specializing in high-end works of art. His Galerie Danieli and Danieli Fine Art in Palm Beach sold original, authentic, limited edition, signed works by iconic artists: Banksy, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring.

He told his wealthy clients that the coins were “blue chip” investments. He got his finest works from a mysterious “German billionaire”.

But the FBI alleges that Bouaziz was actually selling a fake fantasy.

On Wednesday, Bouaziz, 68, pleaded not guilty to an indictment charging him with mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering as part of a lucrative scheme selling cheap copies as a premium original artwork. The FBI Art Crime team accused Bouaziz of buying reproductions of artworks from auction sites, marking up the price and selling the artworks to his unsuspecting gallery clients.

Court records show the federal government plans to seize several assets – including three Rolls Royces, a 70ft boat and 10 real estate properties in South Florida – that prosecutors say Bouaziz bought with his tainted profits from the sale of works of art. In one instance, Bouaziz sold a fake nude print of Lichtenstein for $70,000 and used that money to buy a Cartier watch, according to the FBI.

The government will only be able to take his assets if prosecutors obtain a conviction from Bouaziz.

A defense attorney for Bouaziz, who was released on $500,000 bond after his arrest in May, says his client has a long-standing reputation as a reputable art dealer. Attorney Howard Schumacher referred the Herald to a statement he made to the New York Post.

“This government intrusion has had an impact on his reputation and he wants to clarify that,” Schumacher told the Post.

The West Palm Beach case isn’t the only alleged art fraud scandal in Florida. Last month, the director of the Orlando Museum of Art lost his job because of an exhibition organized by the museum featuring works by Basquiat that may not be authentic. The FBI raided the museum days earlier, ripping the disputed artworks from the walls.

An FBI criminal complaint filed in the Bouaziz case details interviews with six people who bought artwork for hundreds of thousands of dollars and found they had been defrauded with fakes. The document also mentions three witnesses who noticed something was wrong on Worth Avenue, an exclusive part of Palm Beach where Bouaziz’s galleries were located.

A witness told the FBI that there were several counterfeit Haring artworks on the walls of one of Bouaziz’s galleries in October 2021. The witness, who said the artworks were obviously fake, believed that Bouaziz would only need to sell a few dummy coins per month to cover his expenses, according to an affidavit filed with the criminal complaint.

A second witness told the FBI about fake Banksy artwork at Danieli Fine Art. The prices offered by Bouaziz did not seem fair to the witness since Banksy’s legitimate works were worth millions of dollars. The witness added that there was a signed work by Basquiat that was “1,000% fake,” the affidavit states.

A third witness visited Danieli Fine Art in March 2021 and saw more than 30 works of art, none of which appeared to be real, according to the document. This witness said he knew an art collector who purchased a Warhol piece called “Superman” that had a fake stamp on the back.

This “art collector” may actually have been an undercover agent.

Last September, an FBI agent with a hidden camera and microphone entered the Danieli Gallery and recorded conversations with Bouaziz, according to the affidavit.

The undercover agent and Bouaziz discussed several works of art at the gallery, including an original “Superman” by Warhol and a rare serigraph from Lichtenstein’s “Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum”. Bouaziz insisted that the works of art were not only legitimate, but great investments, according to the document.

“You can’t lose money here,” Bouaziz added, pointing to the Lichtenstein print.

The agent asked about the Warhol signature on the “Superman” coin.

“It’s very rare… He did uh, he did uh, he did a hundred ‘Superman’s, a hundred of them,” Bouaziz said, according to the affidavit. On the back of the coin was a stamp reading “CMOA,” which stands for the Carnegie Museum of Art in Warhol’s hometown of Pittsburgh.

Bouaziz also offered to sell the agent a painting of a blue dog by George Rodrigue for $48,000.

The agent settled on the Warhol piece and purchased it from Bouaziz for $25,000, the affidavit states. But before the gallery shipped the Warhol piece, the agent called and asked to replace it with the Lichtenstein print. The obligatory gallery.

FBI agents found evidence of potential forgery in the artwork, the affidavit states.

The CMOA stamp on Warhol’s coin was particularly suspicious. An FBI agent contacted the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and spoke to a representative who said he was not aware of any partnership with the Carnegie Museum to print a “Superman” series. A representative from the Carnegie Museum said it has never published “Superman” prints and the museum does not have a “CMOA” stamp.

An FBI agent contacted the Rodrigue Studio, the exclusive gallery of Rodrigue’s work, and showed a curator the signature on the painting. “Certainly false,” said the curator. An invoice from an online live auction site shows that Bouaziz bought the painting for $140.

The Lichtenstein impression was no better, the affidavit says. A Bouaziz gallery employee told the undercover agent that Bouaziz got the impression from Hans Shemke, a “German billionaire who lived in Peru.” (Latin American media reported on a man named Hans-Wolfgang Schemke who has his own story with alleged fake paintings.) But records show that Bouaziz bought nothing from Shemke. He paid 450 euros for the printing of a Spanish company.

The FBI examined Lichtenstein’s fake print when it arrived in the mail. The signature was faked to look like it was signed with a pencil, according to the FBI.

In December, the undercover agent returned to Bouaziz’s gallery for a larger purchase. This time the agent purchased a collection of works believed to be by Basquiat, Banksy, Haring and Georgia O’Keeffe. The total was $22,000,000.

Banksy’s artwork sold for $140,000. Bouaziz actually bought it from Black River Auction, which was allegedly set up by a man incarcerated for selling counterfeit goods, for $518.40, according to the FBI affidavit.

Bouaziz had discussed Basquiat’s work with the undercover agent in September. He claimed to have obtained the work from Shemke who purchased it from the Basquiat family. Bouaziz and the agent agreed on the price: $12,000,000.

The FBI provided images of the artwork to a member of the late artist’s estate authentication committee. Another fake, according to Basquiat’s expert. According to the affidavit, Bouaziz purchased Basquiat’s work for $495.

Bouaziz’s alleged scheme came to an abrupt end on December 15, 2021, when the FBI executed search warrants at his galleries. Officers found documents and invoices from clients who had apparently paid thousands of dollars for fake artwork since 2020, according to the affidavit filed by federal prosecutor Sarah Schall.

A person gave Bouaziz a $200,000 deposit before purchasing several works, including a Warhol “Superman” print, the affidavit states. (It’s unclear if it was the same “Superman” with the fake stamp given to the undercover agent.) The client ended up spending $860,000 on fake artwork.

When the alleged victim became aware of the investigation, she contacted Bouaziz to ask him to reimburse his deposit. He returned $100,000, according to the document. Other customers have also received refunds from Bouaziz.

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Another person bought a “holy grail” of four works of art for $290,000. A group of contacts in New York told the client that the work “looked bad”. The prize was too good to be true, the band said. According to the FBI, they were right.

An individual and his relative told the FBI that they purchased two original Warhol pieces, “AND I LOVE YOU SO” and “Converse sneakers in conversation” for a total of $125,000. The client then hired a fine art adjuster who said neither were original.

In fact, the real original track “AND I LOVE YOU SO” was nowhere near South Florida. It’s at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The version of the piece purchased by the customer was a licensed copy for a children’s book. The second work, according to the affidavit, is not even based on any known Warhol piece.

Bouaziz had purchased the “AND I LOVE YOU SO” copy for $100, the document says. He sold it to the client for $85,000.

The alleged victim was new to the art collection.

This story was produced with the financial support of the Pérez Family Foundation, in partnership with Journalism Funding Partners, as part of an independent journalism grant program. The Miami Herald retains full editorial control of this work.

Distributed by Content Agency Tribune, LLC.

Irish series win All Blacks on a special day for the whole country


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US Postal Service pays homage to Mariachi, the traditional music of Mexico – Tejano Nation

Postal Service honors Mariachi music with stamps

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico—The US Postal Service celebrated the sounds of mariachi, the traditional music of Mexico that has become hugely popular in the United States, with a ceremony on the first day of the issue unveiling a panel of 20 Mariachi Forever stamps at the 30th Annual Albuquerque Mariachi Spectacular.

“The Postal Service is proud to unveil these new Mariachi stamps to celebrate the exuberant sounds of this music that is an integral part of Mexican American culture and has fans around the world,” said Pierre-Pastrevice president of government relations and public policy for the Postal Service, who was the dedicating official for the stamp ceremony.

“Today the sound of the mariachi is in the air, with singers infusing the music with stories of life and love and vibrant dance as this celebration continues with these 18 million postage stamps that are now on sale at post offices across America,” he said.

Other participants in the stamp ceremony were Monica Trujillothe educational and arts conference director of the Albuquerque Mariachi Spectacular; Brian O’Connell, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Atrisco Cos. ; and Amelie Garciavice principal of Ysleta High School in El Paso, Texas.

Rafael Lopez designed the stamps and created the art. Derry Noyes served as artistic director.

Each of the five new stamps in the 20-panel feature a musician, dressed in the traditional garb of mariachi performers, playing one of five signature mariachi instruments: guitar, guitarron, vihuela, violin and trumpet. The geometric shapes in the background of each stamp are a nod to Mexican villages, the birthplace of mariachi music.

“We are honored and pleased that the 30th Annual Mariachi Spectacular of Albuquerque Mariachi Conference has been selected to partner with the United States Postal Service to launch this exquisite collection of Mariachi Forever stamps,” said Monica Trujillo. “Through our music and the special memories evoked by these skillfully rendered works of art, we hope that everyone who encounters these timbres can experience some of the magic we experience with every note, word and nuance. It’s a mariachis.

“Mariachi” refers to several things: to the music itself; to an individual musician or an ensemble of musicians; and, when used as an adjective, to anything that identifies with music – be it dance, costume or culture. The first known written reference to the word “mariachi” dates from the 1850s, but the roots of the music go back much earlier.

“Growing up, I remember nostalgic weekends listening to the unique Mexican sound of mariachi music in Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City,” the stamp artist said. Rafael Lopez. “Mariachi music is an emblem of Mexican cultural heritage with roots in the United States and followers around the world and I am thrilled and honored to share the vibrant spirit of this music with these stamps.”

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Although the exact origins of mariachi are obscure, it appears to have begun in western Mexico, where itinerant musicians made their living by traveling from village to village and visiting ranches in the countryside to perform. Early mariachi music included folk traditions from Spain, Mexico and Africa that merged to create a new indigenous musical form, the son. The sounds developed in various regional styles, including the jalisciense son from Jalisco; the son huasteco, from northeastern Mexico; and the son jarocho Where veracruzano, of the region around the port of the Gulf of Veracruz. The best known example of son jarocho is the song “La Bamba”.

From the 1930s, mariachi music reached a new, wider audience as it was adopted by urban radio stations and used on the soundtracks of Mexican filmmakers. It quickly became one of the most popular musical genres in Latin America.

Mariachi bands traditionally used the round-backed guitar called vihuela, which gives mariachi music its rhythmic vitality; the guitarron, which is a bass guitar; and the Mexican folk harp, the arepa. In the 1940s and 1950s, the modern urban mariachi sound emerged with the expanded instrumentation including violins and trumpets. Today, ensembles continue to expand the use of the instruments, with some groups adding six to eight violins, two to four trumpets, an accordion, and the arpa, which had fallen out of favor but is making a comeback among professional bands. . This combination of instruments creates unique, exuberant and expressive music.

While mariachi music had been in the United States for many years, in the 1960s American churches, schools, and universities began to develop and sponsor mariachi programs that produced new generations of musicians and enthusiasts. Immigrants from various parts of the United States created vibrant regional mariachi cultures that broadened the appeal of this traditional music to new audiences. Additionally, the American mariachi movement is spread by first-, second-, and third-generation Mexican Americans as a way to express their ethnic pride and stay connected to their heritage.

Mariachi musicians are instantly recognizable in their traditional costume called car ride or charro suit. Adaptation of a Spanish rider’s riding outfit, it consists of fitted trousers decorated with silver buttons for men and long skirts for women, a short jacket, an embroidered belt, a wide bow tie and a wide-brimmed hat. Although black with silver embellishments is traditional, today mariachi wear costumes of many colors.

A beloved aspect of mariachi culture is dancing, as it is music meant to move the audience. Each of the regional variations of the son has its traditional dance style. While several dance styles are preferred by mariachi fans, the most well-known folk dance is the Jarabe Tapatio — the Mexican hat dance. Highly stylized with traditional steps and movements, it is Mexico’s national folk dance. This dance made its way from Mexico to the United States, where it is popularly celebrated at festivals, public performances, and dance competitions.. Enjoyed around the world, mariachi has reached global audiences through recordings, films, live concerts and television programs.

In recognition of the importance and widespread appeal of mariachi music and culture, UNESCO added them to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2011.

Postal products

Customers can purchase stamps and other philatelic products through the Postal store at usps.com/shopstampsby calling 844-737-7826, by mail via United States Philatelic or at post offices across the country.

Forever stamps will always have a value equal to the current price of 1 ounce of first class mail. Information for ordering stamps and covers of the first day of issue are available on usps.com/shop.

The Postal Service generally does not receive taxpayer money for its operating expenses and depends on the sale of postage, goods, and services to fund its operations.

Follow Tejano Nation on Facebook, Twitterand instagramand subscribe to our Youtube channel to follow all Tejano. Listen to new Tejano music first with our playlists at Spotify and podcast on iHeartRadio.

The new series will include two digital concerts filmed in Mexico City and São Paulo, presented in partnership with Meta

San Antonio native Chris Flores was selected from hundreds of applicants to travel statewide in search of the best tacos in Texas.

Aguilera takes the members of the MasterClass
in his creative process and teaches how to put emotion and soul
in each performance in 30 days

Farm Bill veterans stress need for coalition | 2022-07-14


Farm groups must build a broader base of support for farm programs by strengthening relationships with nutrition advocates, environmental groups and minority farmers, a trio of farm policy veterans told National Corn Growers Association.

“You have to build relationships with people who care about food stamps, who care about conservation,” said former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, ​​DN.D. “You can’t expect to get a farm bill by just being who you are in production farming.

Heitkamp – who was part of a roundtable with former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman and former Farm Services Agency administrator Richard Fordyce – also warned farmers against efforts to ease the debt of minority farmers.

“It’s time to step back and say, I may not agree with this politically, but these are constituency groups that can be extremely valuable in building a larger coalition,” he said. said Heitkamp.

A series of successful lawsuits brought by white farmers and in one case, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller forced the USDA to terminate a debt forgiveness program authorized by the US Relief Plan in 2021.

As for concerns, such programs are unfair to producers who don’t benefit from them, Heitkamp said “there are tons of inequities…in government spending.”

Fordyce, who oversaw the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill under the Trump administration, said concerns about climate change offer farmers the opportunity to build support for Farm Bill programs by showing how farming practices can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We have the opportunity to tell some really good stories about the things we’re doing on our farms to promote climate-smart agriculture,” Fordyce said.

“Agriculture really can be the people on the white horse. … The things we’ve been doing for, in some cases, decades, literally fall under this description of climate-smart agriculture.

Glickman, a former Democratic congressman from Kansas who served as the nation’s top agriculture official during the Clinton administration, pointed to the political interdependence of nutrition and agriculture programs. Keeping them together has traditionally provided both urban and rural support for farm bills.

“You don’t know which tail is wagging which dog in this situation, but they are part of the same animal,” Glickman said. Without agricultural programs in the same legislation, nutrition spending “would have far less political support,” he said.

The NCGA held its Summer Corn Convention this week in Washington, where farmers debated policy and met with lawmakers and staff.

The House Republican Study Committee, of which the majority of House GOP members are members, recently proposed an alternative budget that calls for separate nutrition programs for the farm bill and reducing spending on agriculture and conservation programs.

Heitkamp said the nutrition programs appeal to House members who otherwise aren’t interested in farm spending.

“Not all congressional districts have farms, but they do have people who need food security assistance,” she said.

Heitkamp, ​​Glickman and Fordyce all pointed to the importance of the federal crop insurance program for producers.

“I think we’re going to see volatility over the next few years that exceeds what we’ve seen in the past,” Glickman said. “The crop insurance and risk management programs are going to be even more important than before.

Fordyce said it was important for the USDA to have the flexibility to modify insurance products to meet the needs of farmers. He cited as an example premium reductions for the use of cover crops and provisions that would allow organic soil products to substitute for synthetic fertilizers.

Heitkamp said farmer groups should be wary of attempts to impose environmental restrictions on crop insurance, such as conditioning coverage on conservation tillage practices.

“We have to start by doing no harm” to the program, she said. “What we have now is working. It ensures food security, not only for us, but for the rest of the world. And it’s absolutely an essential safety net in an era of high input prices. »

For more news, visit Agri-Pulse.com.

Education Department urges borrowers to apply for student loan forgiveness before October deadline


The Biden administration is stepping up efforts to encourage borrowers to apply for a student loan forgiveness initiative before it expires in October.

The initiative — a temporary extension of a student loan forgiveness program for borrowers working in the public service — has already resulted in more than $8 billion in approved student loan forgiveness for thousands of borrowers, according to the Ministry of Education. But advocates fear many other borrowers will realize they are entitled to relief.

Student Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Workers Through Temporary Waiver

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) was enacted by Congress in 2007 to provide student loan forgiveness to borrowers who commit to work in the public service. Borrowers who work 10 or more years in nonprofit or government jobs while meeting other program requirements may have their entire federal student loan balance forgiven under the program.

But since its enactment, the PSLF has been mired in problems due to complex eligibility rules, administrative problems and poor oversight. As a result, approval ratings hovered between one and two percent for years.

The Biden administration announced a temporary solution to the PSLF’s problems in October. Through the Limited PSLF Waiver, the Department of Education temporarily relaxed some of the program’s strict rules to retroactively count prior loan periods that otherwise would not qualify for PSLF, including payments made under the “wrong” repayment plan or the “wrong” type of federal loan. student loan. The administration went even further in April to allow certain past adjournment and abstention periods to also count towards the PSLF.

But the Limited PSLF Waiver program is only available for a relatively short period of time – and that deadline is sending out soon, with an expiration date of October 31 approaching. Advocates are increasingly concerned that millions of borrowers may not be aware of the PSLF’s limited relief opportunity, especially in light of the continued student loan pause on payments, which is now entering its third year.

Biden officials step up efforts to notify borrowers of opportunity to forgive student loans

As the October deadline approaches, Education Department officials are stepping up efforts to notify borrowers of the soon-to-expire limited PSLF waiver.

“By October 31, a limited PSLF waiver temporarily modifies the program rules” for PSLF, Undersecretary James Kvaal said in a mass email to direct loan borrowers this month. “Spread the word to your colleagues, friends and family who work in the public service…Tell them to act before October 31!”

“The #PSLF The waiver simplified the process of obtaining loan forgiveness. But you have to be registered by October,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona warned in a Tweeter this week. “I encourage everyone – even if you’ve already been turned down or used other benefits – to apply.”

Last month, the Department of Education said it had already approved $8.1 billion in new pardons for students under the waiver initiative. But student loan advocates are increasingly sounding the alarm and have urged the Biden administration to extend the waiver. The Student Borrower Protection Center (SBPC) released data last month suggesting the program may be underutilized, with millions in student loan forgiveness remaining on the table.

In a press call last week, Kvaal said Biden administration officials “continue to evaluate the PSLF waiver…My advice would be for borrowers to apply by October 31, 2022 for s ensure that they benefit from the advantages of the derogation”.

How to Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness Through Waiver

Here’s how to pursue the Limited PSLF Waiver initiative:

  • Review current information from the Ministry of Education tips about the limited PSLF Waiver program, with includes a detailed FAQ section.
  • Borrowers who already have direct federal student loans and who have already certified their public service employment may not need to take action. Borrowers who need to certify or re-certify their PSLF employment by completing the required PSLF employment certification forms can use the Ministry of Education PSLF Helper Tool.
  • The Department of Education says borrowers with FFEL loans or Perkins loans (which are temporarily eligible for PSLF relief under the waiver initiative) should consolidate those loans through the Federal Direct Consolidation Program before the deadline of October 31, 2022 to benefit from it. “Pre-consolidation loan repayment periods matter” under the limited PSLF waiver initiative, the Department says, unlike the original PSLF program rules. Borrowers can consolidate online via the Department’s website. Be sure to review the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation before proceeding, and the borrower should be aware that the consolidation process can take 30 to 60 days, and sometimes longer.
  • FFEL borrowers must first verify that they have qualifying employment (using the PSLF assistance tool), before consolidating. If their job qualifies, FFEL borrowers can then proceed to direct loan consolidation. Once their loans are consolidated, they can submit their PSLF employment certification forms to MOHELA, the new PSLF loan manager under contract with the Ministry of Education.

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Regular Stop Ready: Six Items That Are Better When Bought Used | Queensland country life

Regular Stop Ready: Six Items That Are Better When Bought Used

Savings have well and truly become an essential part of building a diverse wardrobe.

From vintage clothing and designer finds to unique handmade accessories and other items, the world of op shops is brimming with potential for those hoping to curate an eclectic personal collection.

Along with this, the ability to shop online on eBay through Qantas Shopping to earn Qantas Points on your second hand clothing finds, makes second hand shopping even more enjoyable, environmentally friendly and personally beneficial. to start.

Understanding the art of thrift shopping can help focus your in-store and online wanderings.

But there are very few ways to engage in the art of thrift without spending countless hours saving yourself and training your eye to uncover all the hidden gems lurking in the corners of grocery stores. opportunities.

So what items should you look for when strolling through your local thrift store or looking for bargains online?

Here are just six items that you should definitely find used whenever possible.

1. Shoulder Bags

While there’s something quite satisfying about buying a new designer handbag, you’d be surprised how many designer or vintage finds you can find at a thrift store.

In fact, a savvy shopper may even be able to find limited release designer bags or bags that have been discontinued and heavily underpriced by your thrift store operators.

If you’re curious about the resale value of the bags you find during your savings experience, you can use tools like Rebag’s Clair app or by doing a little independent research on the designer behind the bag, just to see if similar designs are still sold today, and at what prices these modern bags fetched.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it with your bag purchase! You don’t want more bags in your collection than you know what to do with, no matter how valuable your finds are.

2. Sunglasses

There’s nothing quite like a quality pair of vintage aviators. There’s just something about well-worn sunglasses that brings a bit of liveliness to your everyday life, especially if you find yourself on the road quite often.

However, the only minor concern you might have when buying used sunglasses is that the lenses of older pairs of sunglasses may be less polarized than more modern pairs of sunglasses, and the importance of Polarized lenses cannot be underestimated, especially under the Australian Sun.

Thanks to fast fashion, however, chances are you can find a modern pair of sunglasses that offer strong enough UV protection for a fraction of the price you’d pay when buying new eyewear. sun on the rotating support. .

3. Outerwear

Coming across vintage clothes is always cause for celebration when you’re at your local thrift store or shopping for second-hand items online, especially if the pieces you’ve come across have been on your wishlist for a while now.

In fact, there’s a selection of vintage outerwear that the majority of us hope to come across virtually every time we start second-hand shopping.

One of those ever more exciting pieces is of course the timeless leather jacket.

Well-worn leather jackets hold a bit of magic, because jackets have indeed lived a life of their own, a life you can only imagine has been filled with adventure.

Finding a pre-loved leather jacket to call your own is so much more than getting a very versatile outerwear item, because there’s no denying that leather jackets can be the most versatile outerwear you’ll ever find. you can own.

To find your own favorite leather jacket is to add to the history of this garment and take it on new adventures. And who knows?

With a little care, you may even be able to pass this leather jacket on to your own children one day.

Another type of outerwear that many thrifty shoppers are likely to zealously pounce on are wool sweaters.

New wool products can get incredibly expensive, so finding quality wool clothing at thrift stores always feels like a gift sent down from above.

4. Denim Overalls

It’s safe to say that denim is the equivalent of a blank canvas in the fashion world.

A highly versatile material used to produce a wide range of everyday staples, denim can also be easily personalized using a variety of timeless techniques, from distressed denim to embroidery or even using patches. iron-on.

One particular piece of denim clothing that you’ll likely find in many thrift stores is a good pair of full-length denim overalls.

These evergreens can be styled in a variety of ways, from everyday garden wear to effortlessly chic casual streetwear when paired with a cozy hoodie and chunky boots.

Besides snagging your own vintage denim overalls, finding a really comfortable pair of worn-in jeans can be just as satisfying.

Regular Stop Ready: Six Items That Are Better When Bought Used

5. Jewelry

A surprising amount of high-quality vintage jewelry can end up in thrift stores, meaning savvy shoppers may be able to go home with a number of high-value finds at dramatically reduced prices.

But how do you know what to look for when sorting jewelry from a thrift store?

If any pieces stand out to you, it’s worth inspecting them for any stamps or marks.

Pieces marked with “925” are made of sterling silver, so researching this mark and other types of telltale stampings can help you better determine which pieces are worth your time and attention.

Any gemstones that appear cracked or scratched are either soft gemstones or maybe even just glass. Signs of damage can also reveal which pieces are worth taking home.

Even those with a keen eye should still be prepared to do a lot of digging to find your diamonds, so to speak, because virtually every thrift store has a plentiful supply of costume jewelry that you’ll need to sift through first. in order to find items containing genuine gemstones and high quality metals.

6. Ties and belts

Last but not least, there’s no better place to find a wide assortment of unique ties, bow ties and belts than at your local thrift store.

Since ties and suit accessories sold at thrift stores tend to cost one-tenth the price of “ready-made” accessories, savvy shoppers can actually save an incredible amount of money by simply finding all their ties from ‘opportunity.

Belts are a similar story here, as some good quality leather belts can be purchased at thrift stores for just a few dollars, saving buyers potentially hundreds of dollars in the long run, while reducing consumption of cheap belts produced by fast fashion conglomerates.

After all, why buy a cheap belt that lasts you a year or two at most when you can buy a vintage leather belt that’s good for another decade for the same price?

As you can see, practicing the art of thrift has many benefits, with realizing big savings while cultivating a killer wardrobe being just the tip of the iceberg.

Second-hand shopping is just as essential to the fashion industry today as the production of fast fashion.

In fact, the savings help offset the negative environmental impacts of fast fashion and other elements of the fashion industry, a global industry that has been criticized for its collective lack of eco-conscious thinking.

You can do your part not only for your wardrobe or for your local business owners, but also for the whole world, by saving wherever you can!

Blessington Bulletin – Independent.ie



Lessington FC held their AGM recently at the Coimin Center Blessington and there was a good turnout from members.

The outgoing committee wishes to express its thanks to all those who participated in the evening. The following people were elected to the new committee.

President – ​​Eugene Tyrrell

President – ​​Alan Moore

Vice President – ​​JP King

Hon Club Secretary – Eoin O’Connor

Juvenile Secretary – Alan O’Donnell

Honorable Treasurer – Ken Lynch

Vice-Treasurer – Lar McGrath

Registrar – Edwina Hardy

Academy Director – Tony Bridger

Child Protection Officer – Jill Moore

Designated Liaison – Alan Moore

PRO – Adam Cullen

Senior Representative – Gary Mahon

Junior Reps – Joe McGarry

Draken Wasswa

Hugh Magee

After more than 25 years outgoing club secretary Vincent Balfe and underage secretary Lillie Balfe have decided to hang up their boots and take a much needed break and enjoy being spectators watching their son and grandsons play for the club. They have both given so much to the club and its members and the new committee would like to thank them warmly for all they have done for the club over the years. Without volunteers, they could not run the club.

The football leagues are now in summer vacation, but they will still have plenty of football in Crosschapel during their summer camps in July and August. Booking terms and conditions are available on the club’s Facebook page.

Football tournament

After a long wait, Blessington FC are delighted to be able to host the James Nolan Memorial Tournament at their Crosschapel ground on Saturday 23 July.

The club would like to see all teams participate in a fun day of soccer in memory of James.

Coaches and players can invite friends/family to join the day.

James lost his young life in Poland while supporting the boys in green at Euros in 2012. Any support will be greatly appreciated by the club.

Champions of Leinster

Congratulations to the Wicklow women’s minor football team for winning the Leinster final beating Westmeath in the final.

The match was played at Athy and the following Blessington players were on the team: Emily Rose O’Toole, Alana Carroll, Aoigheann Bailey, Orlaith Ni Ghallchobhair and Saibh Fisher. Saibh was the player of the match.

They will now face Leitrim in the Irish semi-final later this month.

The girls deserve big credit for their achievement as few Wicklow sides even reach a Leinster final let alone win one.

We wish the team good luck against Leitrim in the All-Irish semi-final.

Tadgh Beirne

Eadestown’s Tadgh Beirne was outstanding for the Irish rugby team last Saturday in their historic victory against the mighty All Blacks in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Ireland dominated the All Blacks from the first kick-off and should have won a lot more. The final score was 23-12 in favor of Ireland, with the All Blacks scoring a late consolation try.

Many Irish teams have failed in their bid to win in New Zealand and this current team will now go down in history as the very first team to do so and Tadgh played a major role in that victory. He leaves the series tied at 1-1 with everything to play for this coming Saturday in the third and final Test. Come on guys in green.

Lacken Church

Saturday July 16 marks the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and is a special day for the parishioners of Lacken.

Lacken Church, which was built in 1811, was dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in 1882 by Father Edward Rowan. Father Rowan was a Carmelite priest and Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the patroness of the Carmelite Order.

On July 16, falling on a Saturday, the novena of prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be offered for the intentions of all parishioners. It is said that prayer has never been known to fail. Be sure to get a copy and read it.

Garage sale

The monthly car boot sale which takes place at St Kevin’s Community Center in Blessington is approaching and with the removal of restrictions organizers are able to allow indoor and outdoor stalls making is great news for merchants and customers.

As usual there will be plenty of bargains for sale and why not drop by the day and check them out. People attending the garage sale are advised to use the St Kevin’s car park where there is plenty of space. The garage sale will take place on Sunday July 24 and will be open until approximately 3 p.m. Further information can be obtained from Pat Conlon. Call 086 0752072.

Parish Loto draw

The Parish Lotto draw, which raises much needed funds for St Mary’s National School and Blessington Parish, takes place every Thursday and this time there was no jackpot winner in the very last draw.

The winning numbers drawn were 4, 10, 15 and 21. This means that there will be a brand new jackpot in the next draw. It will amount to €1,400.

Last week’s draw took place on Thursday July 7th. There is a weekly winner who wins €25 and so far the jackpot has only been won twice since it started a few years ago.

The next lottery draw will take place this Thursday, July 14. Those who would like to participate in the lottery draw can do so. Contact the parish office for all the details. Remember the good old saying “if you’re not in it, you can’t win”.

Spanish students

Spanish students have been regular visitors to Blessington during the month of July. Organizer Paloma has been bringing young Spanish students to the area for many years. They stay with host families and attend Blessington Community College for English lessons from Monday to Friday. Students are also taken on a variety of day trips while they are here. They seem to mix well with the locals.

All the students are from the Madrid area of ​​Spain and the guys are football fans and followers of Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid. We hope they will have a good time with us.

summer stars

There is another reminder from Blessington Library regarding their summer star reading program which is underway and will run until August 31.

All children who sign up receive a free library bag and reading card to track their reading progress. At the end of August there will be an award ceremony, certificate and medal for all participants. There will be plenty of events planned so be sure to register.

Reading is a wonderful way to spend summer vacation and there’s a lot of fun in reading a book. Kids, if you’re not already participating, be sure to register today. The library is open every day from Monday to Saturday inclusive.

Fuel stamps

Fuel stamps are a great way to help you budget your fuel expenses. Start now to save on your fuel bills during the long winter months. The Stay Warm Savings Program is an easy payment options plan that allows households to budget for their central heating (gas, oil or solid fuel) by saving €5 on Stay Warm stamps on the savings card and by using stamps to pay for fuel supplies.

The scheme is open to all households in Blessington and surrounding areas and full details are available on the map.

The initiative is in association with the Ministry of Communications and Natural Resources. The pads and Stay Warm Card are only available at the SVP Shop and at Hennessy’s Hardware.

chess club

The Blessington Chess Club would like to remind you that its academy will soon be starting for all ages and all levels.

Further details can be obtained if you email blessingchess@gmail.com. You can also check out their Facebook page (facebook.com/chessacademy2022).

Punchestown Racecourse

Here is a review of Punchestown Racecourse:

They are delighted that the place is once again vibrating with shows and entertainment. Despite the best efforts and cooperation of most, they must now ask the public to make alternative arrangements for walking and recreation during this busy time in the interest of safety.

The racecourse will remain closed to the public until further notice. They are delighted that so many people have enjoyed and shared in the lovely surroundings of Punchestown. Now is the time to get back to business, to generate income so they can continue to care for this special place.


A funfair, or carnival as they were once known, has arrived in Blessington and set up shop at St Kevin’s Community Centre. It was open for business last Friday, Saturday and Sunday but by fairground standards it was small but still drew a good crowd over the three days. Those who participated seemed to enjoy the various rides and of course the ever popular Bumping Cars. In the good old days, carnivals came to town almost every year and lasted a few weeks.

In addition to Bumping Cars, Swinging Boats and the Roulette Table, you had Rings and Pistiol Shooting to name a few. Fairgrounds are ideal for families, with something for all ages.


Blessington Union of Parishes, which includes Blessington, Cloughleagh, Ballymore Eustace and Hollywood, is still without a permanent rector since the Reverend Leonard Ruddock left the parish at the end of March to take up a new post in Dublin.

The latest news is that a new appointment will not be made until at least September of this year.

In the meantime, the Sunday service continues in the various churches of the parish, with a lay person providing the service.

Israel Post releases new stamps in July to honor life


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Intergovernmental Philatelic Society (IGPC) has announced that Israel Post, the official postal service of the State of Israel, issued a new series of postage stamps in July 2022 celebrating the beauty and sanctity of the life. The special stamp issue was inspired by the extraordinary events in the United States regarding abortion rights and human rights. The Supreme Court Rowe vs. Wade in power radically alters the political and cultural landscape. While plans for the stamps have been in the works for over a year, their release comes at this pivotal moment in history.

The stamps feature quotes from respected religious and historical leaders: Maimonides, the medieval Jewish philosopher and scholar; the holy Mother Teresa; and US Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. The four different sheets contain nine or 12 pairs of stamps. One of each pair features the blue Star of David from the Israeli flag and the inscription “ISRAEL”, and illustrations depicting the stages in the life of an unborn child.

Elhanan Shapira, Director of Philatelic Services for Israel Post, said, “We are delighted to be working again with the world’s largest philatelic agency, IGPC, to help promote the hobby of philately to the masses. This special issue of stamps brings to the fore an issue of public interest that affects all of humanity. We are happy to be part of this global concern.

“Stamps have the unique ability to bridge gaps and bring people together,” said IGPC President Sam Malamud. “These special sheets convey the simple message that life is precious, an issue that appeals equally to stamp collectors of all social, political and racial lines.”

The IGPC team and world renowned philatelist, Mark Morrow, President/Owner of Mark Morrow Stamps, Inc. of Denver, Colorado, suggested a stamp to honor life. Morrow, a wholesaler to resellers, will donate the proceeds from the sale of these stamps by his company to the Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Denver.

The stamp sheets were issued in limited quantities and can be purchased from Israel Post, a local stamp dealer, or on the IGPC website https://www.igpc.com.

What Your New Student Loan Officer Means for Student Loan Forgiveness


Here’s what your new student loan manager means for student loan forgiveness.

Here’s what you need to know — and what it means for your student loans.

Student loans

Millions of student borrowers may soon have a new student loan servicer – the company that handles your student loan payments and functions as customer service for your student loans. For example, about 2 million student borrowers seeking loan forgiveness from the civil service will get new student loan service starting this month. If you are enrolled in Public Service Loan Forgiveness, FedLoan Servicing will no longer service your federal student loans. Instead, meet MOHELA, who will be your new student loan manager. You may have a ton of questions regarding this important change. So let’s go ahead and get your questions answered.

Who is MOHELA?

MOHELA is the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority and is a major student loan servicer.

When will MOHELA become my student loan manager?

If you have federal student loans and would like to obtain loan forgiveness from the public service, MOHELA will become your new student loan servicer in July 2022. The U.S. Department of Education will transfer student loans from FedLoan Servicing to MOHELA at beginning July 1, 2022. Federal Student Aid will notify you in writing before your student loans are transferred. Until you are notified, you must continue to make student loan payments to FedLoan Servicing. After the transfer, you will make student loan payments directly to MOHELA. If you use autopay, update your banking information to reflect the student loan officer change.

Why is MOHELA my new student loan manager?

FedLoan Servicing has terminated its student loan servicing contract for federal student loans under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program with the U.S. Department of Education. The US Department of Education has appointed MOHELA as the new student loan manager for the Civil Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

What action should I take now?

You don’t have to do anything about your new student loan officer. The US Department of Education will automatically transfer your federal student loans from FedLoan Servicing to MOHELA.

Will the interest rate on my student loans change?

Transferring your federal student loans from PenFed to MOHELA will not change the interest rate on your student loans. Why? Federal student loans have fixed interest rates, which means you will have the same interest rate for the duration of your student loan. Currently, federal student loan repayments are suspended until August 31, 2022. Your regular interest rate from before the suspension of student loan repayments will apply when student loan repayments resume. How about borrowing new federal student loans? Your interest rate will be higher if you take out a new federal student loan. Why? The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates several times this year, so you should expect higher interest rates on student loans starting July 1. That said, the good news is that Biden has offered to cut student loan interest.

Will the Limited Student Loan Forgiveness Waiver be extended?

The limited student loan forgiveness waiver offers student borrowers a unique opportunity to get student loan forgiveness faster. The Biden administration is allowing previous previously ineligible student loan payments to “count” toward the 120 monthly student loan payments required for student loan forgiveness. For example, this includes partial or late student loan repayments or any student loan payments made before student loan consolidation. The limited student loan forgiveness waiver expires on October 31, 2022. That said, Biden has proposed making the limited student loan forgiveness waiver permanent.

What’s the latest in student loan forgiveness?

Biden plans to enact large-scale student loan forgiveness. In recent weeks, Biden has canceled $6 billion in student loans for 200,000 student borrowers. The president also announced major changes to student loan forgiveness. That said, Biden hasn’t publicly commented on the large-scale student loan cancellation recently, though he plans to announce a decision in a few weeks. Student borrowers are hoping to avoid a student loan nightmare scenario, even as progressive members of Congress continue to pressure Biden to forgive $50,000 in student loans.

Student loans: next steps

Student loan repayment will resume for federal student loans beginning September 1, 2022. This is especially important for student loan forgiveness, as each payment you make can bring you closer to getting out of student loan debt. As you plan to restart student loan repayments, here are some helpful ways to save money on your student loans:

Student Loans: Related Reading

Student loans: red, white and blue

9 million borrowers are now eligible for student loan forgiveness

Senators propose major changes to student loan forgiveness

Department of Education cancels $6 billion in student loans

Need to consolidate your debts? Check out these loan options

Debt consolidation loan application form with pen, calculator
Is debt consolidation a preferred option?

/Getty Pictures

Paying off debt can be difficult, especially if you’re juggling multiple debts at once.

Fortunately, consolidating your debts can make the process easier. With debt consolidationyou’re essentially consolidating all of your balances into one loan, which simplifies your payments and, ideally, also lowers your total interest costs.

Are you struggling with multiple debts? See if you qualify for a free debt relief consultation using this simple online tool. The whole process takes less than a minute.

If you want to know more about your debt relief options, in general, here’s a breakdown.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation consists of merging all your debts into a single loan.

For example, you take out a loan or a line of credit large enough to cover the balance of all your debts. Once approved, you use these funds to fully pay off your credit cards, loans, and other debts. You then only have the new loan and a single monthly payment.

Debt consolidation loans can be a good option if you’re dealing with credit card debt, as they often come with lower interest rates. Credit cards typically have double-digit APRs, so consolidating using a loan or other product can save you both monthly and over the long term.

Online resources can be a good place to start when debating which type of debt relief option is best for your situation. See which option can help you save the most money.

Options for debt consolidation loans

There are several options for consolidating your debt. Some are reserved only for homeowners or those with a mortgage, while others can be used by any consumer.

Here are some of your options:

  • A personal loan: Personal loans can be a debt consolidation option because you can use the funds for any purpose. However, they may come with higher interest rates than other consolidation options. The average personal loan rate is around 9%, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

  • A credit card with balance transfer: Balance Transfer Cards are credit cards that typically have an APR of 0% between six and 21 months. You transfer all your balances to the card (there’s usually a 3%-5% fee for this), then pay off the balance before that zero rate period expires. According to the Experian credit bureau, you generally need at least a credit score of 670 or higher to qualify for one.

If you’re unsure of your credit score, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are easy ways to find out your credit score using FICO’s online tools.

  • A home equity loan or HELOC: If you own a home, you can use a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC) to consolidate your debt. These are two second mortgages that allow you to borrow against the equity in your home. Home equity loans come with an upfront lump sum, while HELOCs work more like credit cards, which you can withdraw as needed.

  • Cash refinancing: This is another option for homeowners. Consolidate your debts with a cash-out mortgage refinance, you take out a new loan for an amount sufficient to cover your current balance, as well as your other debts. Remember: there are upfront costs for refinancing. The Freddie Mac Mortgage Purchase estimates this to be an average of around $5,000, although you may be able to build these into your loan balance and pay them off over time.

The eligibility requirements for each of these options will depend on the lender or credit card company you use. You can, however, expect your credit score to play a role (and generally, the higher your score, the better the interest rates you’ll qualify for).

“Generally, you’ll need good credit to qualify for a debt consolidation loan on favorable terms,” ​​says New York debt relief attorney Leslie Tayne. “You may qualify for a high-interest personal loan with marginal credit, but taking out that loan may not improve your financial situation.”

Should you consolidate your debt?

It may be a good idea to consolidate your debt if you have trouble keeping up with your payments or if you can reduce the total interest you will pay long-term.

Keep in mind that there are risks involved in taking out a loan or a line of credit. With mortgages and home equity products, you are borrowing against your home. This could put your property at risk of foreclosure if you fail to make the payments. Not making payments on a loan or credit card will also hurt your credit score, so be sure to only borrow what you need.

You may also want to work on your spending habits to avoid getting into debt again.

As Tayne puts it, “Consolidating your debt won’t solve potentially problematic spending habits. If you tend to spend more money than you make, chances are you’ll accumulate debt again.” significant amount of credit card debt – perhaps before your consolidation loan is paid off.”

Growth, Size, Shares, Revenue, Drivers, Trends, Opportunities, Challenges, Key Players, Regional Analysis


Absolute Reports Pvt Ltd

Pune, 11 Jul. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A beer can be called “organic” if it meets the following federal guidelines. First, at least 95% of its ingredients are organically produced (e.g. free of GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides). Second, the brewery must prove that the remaining ingredients were not available in sufficient quantities or qualities in organic form. And these non-organic ingredients must be on the list of permitted and prohibited substances of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture. There’s also a kind of super-duper organic certification called 100% organic, which means exactly what it says: everything that went into the product, including cleaning and processing materials, was organic. These beers are naturally rare.

Organic beer market benefit analysis reports to shape competition within enterprises and policies for competitive environment to improve possible revenue. The report assesses key opportunities in the market and plans the factors that are and will be driving the progress of the industry. Considering previous growth patterns, existing and future growth drivers and trends, we also estimate the overall development of the global Organic Beer Market during the forecast period.

In short, the Organic Beer Market report is helpful for industry participants, investors, consultants, business strategists, researchers, and anyone who has any interest in or plans to venture into the organic beer market in any way.

Get a sample copy of the report at – https://www.absolutereports.com/enquiry/request-sample/19610858

Sales of organic beer in the United States have increased more than tenfold since 2003, from $9 million to $92 million in 2014, with the latest figures for the year available from the Organic Trade Association.

Organic Beer Market Segmentation:-

Market segments help decision makers guide product, sales, and marketing strategies, and can fuel your product development cycles by informing how you deliver product offerings for different segments.

Segment by source

Segment by application

Market Segment by Region/Country comprising:-

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)

  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain etc.)

  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc.)

  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)

  • Middle East and Africa (South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, etc.)

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Keyword Market Key Players:-

Key Benefits of the Organic Beer Market Research Report:

  • Types, Applications, Regions and Key Players Covered in the Study

  • Sector Drivers, Constraints and Opportunities Covered in the Study

  • Recent industry trends and developments

  • Competitive landscape and strategies of key players

  • Historical, current and projected market size, in terms of value

  • In-depth analysis of the AI ​​Artificial Intelligence Chips market

  • Sales, price, revenue, market share and growth rate are covered in the report. Sales channels, distributors, merchants, resellers, etc. are covered in the report.

Detailed TOC of Global Organic Beer Market Outlook 2022

1 Organic Beer Market Overview

2 Organic Beer Market Competition by Manufacturers

3 Organic Beer Retrospective Market Scenario by Regions

4 Global Organic Beer Market Historical Analysis by Source

5 Global Organic Beer Market Historical Analysis by Application

6 key companies profiled

7 Organic Beer Manufacturing Cost Analysis

8 Marketing channel, distributors and customers

9 Organic Beer Market Dynamics

10 Global Market Forecast

11 Research finding and conclusion

12 Methodology and data source

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Earn $10 in Store Credit


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Amazon is giving Prime subscribers a $10 credit for doing basic things like watching shows on Amazon Prime Video,


music from Prime Music and borrowing e-books from Prime Reading.

Ahead of Prime Day on July 12 and 13, Amazon launched Prime Stampcard, an interactive program that lets new and returning subscribers collect four stamps to earn $10 off a future purchase.

With Prime Stampcard available to longtime subscribers as well as free trial holders, Amazon is trying to convince new members to stay by highlighting different Prime features in an interactive way.

Related: Check out Insider’s picks for the best credit cards to use on Amazon purchases.

How Amazon Prime Stampcard Works

This game-like program requires Prime members to take advantage of Prime’s four main benefits to collect the stamps: free shipping, video streaming, music streaming, and e-book borrowing.

Prime Subscribers who collect all four stamps will be rewarded with $10 store credit. Stamps can be earned between June 16 and July 13.

To participate, Prime subscribers must click the “Activate Stampcard” button on the Stampcard page before beginning.

Subscribers must then collect all four stamps by completing each task:

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Remember that Prime Stampcard is not free.

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Prime Stampcard is also only available to those with a full Amazon Prime membership – not to Prime Invitee, Prime Business, Prime Video or Prime Instant Video account holders.

Anyway, for Prime subscribers or free trial members already planning to make a purchase, Prime Stampcard might sweeten some upcoming Prime Day deals.

Amazon if you offer other ways to earn up to $257 in credits on Prime Day

There are a number of other ways to get credit from Amazon that aren’t tied to the retailer’s Stampcard program, like getting $12.50 when you spend $50 on Amazon gift cards.

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Detroit Metro honors late Tuskegee aviator Alexander Jefferson


July 10, 2022

Gloria Page couldn’t hold back tears Thursday when she saw the body of Tuskegee Airman Alexander Jefferson. She said her service in World War II was part of our “heritage and heritage”.

“I heard about the Tuskegee Airmen and I personally heard about his experience,” said the 74-year-old Howard University and Detroit resident. Advance. “I studied my black history and learned everything I could when I was in school. What they did and what they went through was amazing to me.”

Page was among the first people to pay tribute to Jefferson, a member of the famous Tuskegee Airmen who helped America defeat Nazi Germany during World War II. Jefferson died at the age of 100 on June 22, and a public viewing was held at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

In 1942, Jefferson was sworn into the US Army Reserves. He reported in April 1943 at Tuskegee Army Airfield and began flight training at a time when the United States armed forces were racially segregated. He was a member of an elite all-black unit that included former Michigan State Senator and Detroit Mayor Coleman A. Young.

Carlota Almanza-Lumpkin is a member of the Detroit Tuskegee Airmen organization. She participated in the viewing service and was inspired by Jefferson’s service.

“He was dedicated to the end. He was a real hero and a real gentleman,” Almanza-Lumpkin said.

Jefferson was born in Detroit in 1921 during the Great Migration, a period in American history when tens of thousands of black people from southern states moved north in hopes of better economic opportunities. He attended Chadsey High School and Clark College in Atlanta, a historically black college.

During his service in the United States Army, Jefferson flew 18 bomber escort missions during his military service. In 1944, he was shot by German Nazi troops in the south of France and made a prisoner of war. Jefferson endured nine months as a POW before being released and returning home in 1945.

In 1972, he started the first chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen, an organization dedicated to introducing young people to the world of aviation. In 2007, he and other surviving Tuskegee Airmen and their families were collectively awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. Jefferson spent his civilian life teaching in Detroit and preserving the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen.

On the floor of the US Senate in 2008, Carl Levin, then Michigan’s senior senator, paid a powerful tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen and listed the 155 members who hailed from Michigan and served in the unit.

“Tuskegee Airmen received three Presidential Unit Citations, 150 Distinguished Flying Crosses and Legions of Merit, as well as the Red Star of Yugoslavia, nine Purple Hearts, 14 Bronze Stars, and more than 700 medals and sprues from the It goes without saying that the Tuskegee Airmen deserve the Congressional Gold Medal,” Levin said.

In a November 2021 ceremony at Detroit’s Rouge Park, city government officials rededicated Jefferson Airfield in the park in his honor.

Penny Bailer’s late husband, Kermit, was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen unit. She too participated in the viewing service.

“It was dedicated to the end,” Bailer said.

The Michigan Advance, an impactful nonprofit news site, covers politics and politics across the state of Michigan through in-depth stories, blog posts, and social media updates, as well as top notch progressive commentary. The Advance is part of States Newsroom, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by grants and a coalition of donors and readers.

Edmonds Kind of Play: ideas to entertain visitors, plus classes, workshops and other summer fun

Low tide at Edmonds Waterfront in June. (Photo by Joe Christian)

We have family in town next weekend and I find myself asking a question I see on local social media parent corners, “what can we do here to entertain the kids in our group?” This time, the age range will span from a newly minted teenager to a fresh high school graduate so we don’t have to worry about nap times or sleep schedules, which helps. Our first stop will probably be at Brackett’s Landing in Edmonds for low tide, which I read will be lowest around 1:30pm on Saturday 16th – at around -2.5. The family isn’t in town too long, so between a day at the beach, an option to walk from their Airbnb to an outdoor movie, do some sightseeing stuff in Seattle, and whatever’s on their phones, I think we are ready to go.

One option I keep in mind is to offer adults visiting Edmonds waterfront entertainment with Sea Notes at the Marina. which has deals until September 3 and is a great option to stop and watch maybe while the kids are playing or as a nice break during a walk. There are plenty of options to enjoy the music, including Deep Sea Jazz, a guitarist every Saturday, and songwriter Sundays, but local high schools will also show off their talents. Jazz combos from each of our four high schools will be performing this summer, along with the Edmonds School District Honors Jazz Band and Steel Magic Northwest. For more information, including dates and times for each event, you can visit PortofEdmonds.com.

Northwest Magic Steel

Since I just mentioned them, Steel Magic Northwest is offering two sessions of their intensive summer camp this year. Children ages 11-18 can join Steel Pan artist and internationally renowned local teacher Gary Gibson the week of July 11 or August 8 to “learn the basics of music (rhythm, melody, harmony) and good Steel Pan techniques”. All levels of players can join and although you may think it’s not possible for beginners to pick it up quickly, I’ve seen it with my own eyes both in music school d Edmonds summer and in the school year orchestra classes. For more information and to register, you can visit RecZone.org.

I was looking for easygoing summer activities that weren’t too expensive and found a few that I thought fit the bill.

If you’re wandering around downtown Edmonds looking for something to do in July, Where’s Waldo is back and there are prizes to find it! Fifty Edmonds companies are joining the party and you have until July 25 to find Waldo in as many places as possible. When you find Waldo at any business, you can collect a stamp in your Where’s Waldo passport, with 20 stamps granting you a temporary Waldo tattoo (while supplies last). Those who collect all 50 will be entered into a draw to win a grand prize of a deluxe set of Where’s Waldo books. The Grand Celebration and Draw “with cupcakes” will take place on July 26 from 11 a.m. to noon. You can visit edmondsbookshop.indielite.org/event/waldo-2022 for more details!

Edmonds Library has canceled or postponed most of its in-person events due to its recent closure, but outdoor family storytime hours at the Frances Anderson Amphitheater will continue as planned! The next outdoor family storytime with Miss Kat for toddlers and preschoolers will be Tuesday, July 12 at 11 a.m. Families are asked to bring blankets or chairs to enjoy the songs and stories and there may be a recess or activity to follow. For more information and to find more options, including online story time, you can visit Sno-Isle.org.

For an older set, Sno-Isle offers access to a summer author event with Mary Pope Osborne of Magic Treehouse fame. Osborne will give a special reading and answer some questions from the audience during the moderated conversation. Registration is required to receive a reminder email with the Zoom link, but it looks like the event page already includes a link to the webinar. You can find this link, registration and more information at Sno-Isle.org.

If you’re planning on visiting an Edmonds park soon, Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services is installing new engineered wood fiber (by a quick search, it sounds like a more sophisticated type of woodchip) at eight local parks. This means that each park will be closed during installation. While six parks have already been completed, the playgrounds at City Park and Yost Park will both be closed for a period on Thursday July 14 – City Park from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. and Yost Park from 11 a.m. to noon. They also shared on social media that they had added a new disc swing at Mathay Ballinger Park, 24100 78th Pl W, Edmonds.

Edmonds Parks and Rec is offering Yoga in the Park at the Frances Anderson Center on Wednesdays at 9am this summer. The class for participants of all abilities, ages 13 and up, “will gently rejuvenate the whole body, leaving you feeling refreshed, balanced and awake. You can register for this class for all levels, held on the terrace outside the Plaza room, at RecZone.org.

I was pretty excited when I saw that PAWS in Lynnwood is offering PAWS Preteen workshops this summer. What a great opportunity for animal lovers, but also for pre-teens to see behind the scenes of a great organization that benefits from the help of many volunteers. Tweens, ages 9 to 12, can sign up for another of these workshops on Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. During the workshops, they “will develop a deeper understanding of animal welfare, will perform mission-oriented work through community service projects, learning from guest speakers, while fostering their leadership skills. For more information or to register, which costs $20, you can visit PAWS.org.

— By Jennifer Marx

Jen Marx, a mother of two boys in Edmonds, is always on the lookout for a fun place to take the kids that tires them out enough to go to bed on time.

Replace Your Copier With This $40 iOS App


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Smartphones have revolutionized the way we approach daily business tasks. Colleagues can communicate with each other on the go using Slack and . Similarly, apps like JIRA and Asana allow teams to collaborate on projects virtually. Our phones even replace office equipment such as calculators and scanners.

On that last point, if your job involves frequent document sharing between co-workers and clients, using a traditional copier can cause problems in your workflow. Recipients can open your file to view a scan, but they’re out of luck if they need to transcribe a lot of text or edit existing passages. However, a digital solution like iScanner could modernize the way your team saves and sends physical notes and images, and .

Rated 4.8 out of five stars on the App Store with over 70 million downloads, iScanner lets you handle many home, work, and educational tasks with your iPhone. To scan physical documents such as paper notes, fax sheets or book pages, simply point your camera at the subject and take a photo. iScanner scans the image for text and stores it in PDF or JPEG format. Then the files can be organized into folders for easy management.

You can edit content with markup tools and include electronic signatures or stamps as seals of approval, which can be useful if your work involves managing contracts or . iScanner allows you to further secure documents by applying a PIN to individual files or entire folders. Then sharing is as easy as attaching your scans to your messaging app or iMessage.

iScanner’s functionality goes beyond text scans. For example, you can take photos of math problems and have the app solve them for you. Does your work require an inventory? iScanner’s counter tool automatically adds the number of similar objects detected by your iPhone’s camera. Finally, you can use iScanner to measure the dimensions of objects or entire rooms, so contractors, interior designers, and architects may also find it useful.

Turn your iPhone into a versatile digital assistant with the iScanner app. Right now you can.

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Biden proposes extending limited student loan forgiveness waiver


President Joe Biden will extend the limited waiver for student loan forgiveness.

Here’s what you need to know — and what this means for your student loans.

Student loans

Biden’s education department announced major changes to student loan forgiveness this week. Specifically, Biden is helping millions of student borrowers get their student loans forgiven and forgiven more easily. This includes changes to:

Notably, Biden’s proposal effectively makes major parts of the waiver limited to student loan forgiveness. permanent. Let’s explore.

Student Loan Forgiveness: Limited Exemption

The limited student loan forgiveness waiver is a game-changer for student borrowers applying for student loan forgiveness. For example, student borrowers who have public service loan relief and income-driven repayment plans can qualify for the limited relief. The purpose of the limited waiver is to relax student loan forgiveness rules and allow borrowers to “count” student loan payments that were previously not eligible for student loan forgiveness. Here are some key benefits of Limited Forgiveness for Student Loan Forgiveness:

  • Student loan payments from FFELP loans and Perkins loans will count toward student loan forgiveness;
  • student loan payments before student loan consolidation count toward student loan forgiveness;
  • student loan payments made under the wrong student loan repayment plan count toward student loan forgiveness;
  • late or incorrect student loan payments count toward student loan forgiveness; and
  • student loan payments made during active military service—even if the borrower was enrolled in a student loan forbearance or temporary deferral—count toward student loan forgiveness.

Currently, student borrowers have until October 31, 2022 to take advantage of the limited student loan cancellation waiver. After that, the limited waiver was to expire.

Limited student loan forgiveness waiver could become permanent

Biden’s key changes to student loan forgiveness will incorporate several features of the limited waiver and make them permanent. For instance:

  • making it easier for student borrowers to qualify for student loan forgiveness;
  • “accounting” partial, lump sum, and late payments on student loans for student loan forgiveness; and
  • allow certain types of student loan deferral and student loan forbearance (such as those for military service, National Guard duty, and Peace Corps and AmeriCorps service) to count toward cancellation of the civil service loan.

However, the U.S. Department of Education notes that some of the limited waiver provisions will not become permanent due to “statutory restrictions.” For example, suppose you have FFELP student loans. In this case, you must apply for a public service loan forgiveness by October 31, 2022 to ensure that you can “count” past student loan payments as part of the limited student loan forgiveness waiver.

Student loans: next steps

If you’re excited about Biden extending the limited waiver for student loan forgiveness, then you have reason to cheer. This relaxation of student loan forgiveness rules will help you get student loan forgiveness faster. If you want to shape the future of student loan relief, the Department of Education is giving the public 30 days to comment on the proposed rules. After the public comment period, the Biden administration will finalize the rules by November 1, 2022 and implement the final rules on student loan forgiveness by July 1, 2023. Importantly, these rules are separate from any potential large-scale student loan cancellations and the end of the student loan payment pause on August 31, 2022. Make sure you are ready for the restart of student loan payments beginning September 1 . Here are some smart ways to pay off student loan debt faster:

Student Loans: Related Reading

Student loans: red, white and blue

9 million borrowers are now eligible for student loan forgiveness

Senators propose major changes to student loan forgiveness

Department of Education cancels $6 billion in student loans

A History of Puerto Rico’s Relations with the United States | national news


Eddie attacked, Gatland claim Rassie threatened to cancel Lions tour, Samoa beat Tonga in PNC


Eddie Jones may have tried to change the narrative around the England tour and a huge second Test in Brisbane on Saturday, but his tenure is being compared to that of ousted Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While the front-row battle between Taniela Tupou and Ellisa Genge has rugy fans excited and brought the bear out in both before kick-off at Suncopr Stadium, there is also an off-field power struggle and the second test will change momentum in one direction. the other.

Jones is no stranger to the mood swings of the English press kit, which now includes former heavyweight coaches and players. Game wardens have become poachers, if you will.

Former No.9 Austin Healey sums up the boom or bust approach to the England coaching job.

“You feel this game is a defining moment for Eddie Jones. At times he’s seemed impossible to take down – much like Boris Johnson was – and there were a couple of columns I said we had to support Eddie, and I still stand by it,” Healey wrote in the UK Telegraph.

But after listing the positives, including a flow of young talent, Healey shifted gears.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel. But for Eddie to be head coach in the fall he is going to need a defining game and he has to come on Saturday,” he wrote. If England play well and win, and their youngsters play, then he stays. But if he loses, I think Eddie is probably gone.

Sir Clive Woodward, the manager of the 2003 World Cup triumph, earns a pretty penny by hitting Jones at every opportunity in the Daily Mail.

Although Woodward seemed to support Jones’ inclusions of Tommy Freeman, Guy Porter and Jack van Poortvliet, he suggested that Jones had “watered down” the game by putting it in a World Cup context and claimed that “it doesn’t seem no structure or method behind the selection.

Eddie Jones (Photo by Bob Bradford – CameraSport via Getty Images)

He added: “The way the team is selected is all over the place. I wonder what the players think of the merry-go-round of the selection. Jones has over 30 players in Australia and it will not be a happy group.

Jones, meanwhile, has seen it all before and is focused on the opportunities presented.

“Those are the big opportunities for a team to move forward, those pressure plays where you know the streak is on the line. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a team to grow and for an experienced, solid pack and a young and exciting back line to show what kind of rugby they can play,” Jones said.

Rassie threatened to cancel Lions tour: Gatland

British and Irish Lions coach Warren Gatland started out as a columnist for the UK Telegraph and he lifted the lid on his dispute with Rassie Erasmus during the Lions’ tour of South Africa last year.

In his latest column, Gatland claimed Erasmus threatened to have the tour canceled after the Lions failed to agree to a schedule change.

“The incredibly difficult circumstances of the tour made it all the more important for us to hold our ground and it would ultimately lead to the tour being tainted by the actions of Rassie Eramus, the Springboks’ director of rugby,” Gatland wrote.

“The controversy began when their game against Georgia was canceled due to an outbreak of Covid-19 on both sides. It was the last warm-up game for the Springboks before the start of the Test and Rassie series. desperately wanted us to play a second game against a ‘South Africa A’ side instead of the Stormers to give their players more playing time.

“But I felt strongly that it was important to stick to the schedule. What people may forget is that the opportunity to play against the Lions only comes around every 12 years and players from provincial teams l We had made a commitment to play against the South African teams and we didn’t want to take a game away from them.

“Rassie’s response on a Zoom call was to say his players would be out of camp and the tour would be halted. It was important for the Lions to keep their cool and I dismissed the threat.

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 02: South Africa head coach Rassie Erasmus looks on ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Final between England and South Africa at International Stadium Yokohama on November 02 2019 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.  (Photo by Clive Rose - World Rugby/World Rugby via Getty Images)

(Photo by Clive Rose – World Rugby/World Rugby via Getty Images)

“Then Rassie asked the press whether we were afraid to play them and that led to my joke about him being the Springboks’ waterboy. We had seen Rassie running around the pitch with a bottle water, but instead we seemed to be giving instructions to his players during our loss to South Africa A.”

Gatland also gave his thoughts on Erasmus’ 62-minute video rant about Nic Berry’s decisions that have found their way into the public arena.

“In my mind, after winning the first test, he became so desperate to win the series that he felt like they were desperate to achieve it, and the next thing was that the video of Rassie criticizing the performance of Nic Berry the referee and his officials would have been disclosed,” Gatland wrote.

“I felt so sorry for Nic. He’s a good young referee. I had a chat with him at the end of the tour and he was devastated by the allegations, and I have no doubts in my mind. that the video had an influence on officiating in the rest of the series.

Samoa beat Tonga in PNC

Hooker Ray Niuia scored a hat-trick on tries as Samoa fought back from a half-time deficit to hand Tonga a 34-18 defeat at Churchill Park in the Pacific Nations Cup.

Niuia capitalized on Veikoso Poloniati’s sin early in the second half to overturn Tonga’s 18-10 lead at the break as the Samoans used the strength of their forwards to devastating effect to secure victory at Lautoka on Saturday .

Tonga suffered a heavy loss to Fiji in their opener last week, and there was no room in the squad for former Wallabies center Israel Folau or ex-All Blacks Malakai Fekitoa and Charles Pitau.

Despite missing the top trio, Tonga took control early with a pair of penalties from James Faiva followed by tries from Fetuli Paea and Poloniati as their side took an 18-3 lead into the opening 30 minutes .

But Niuia put the finishing touches as the Samoan maul put the Tongans away in the 35th minute and, six minutes into the second half, the hooker repeated his performance to close the gap even further.

By then Poloniati had seen the yellow card for tackling Jonathan Taumateine ​​without the ball and, in the 53rd minute, Niuia completed his hat trick by peeling off the back of the maul to score in the corner.

Tumua Manu increased Samoa’s advantage when he stole the ball with an interception inside the Tonga half to run unopposed and Theo McFarland’s rebound and drive added to the scoreline as Samoa finally prevailed.

Fiji will be looking to claim their second victory in this year’s competition later on Saturday when they take on Australia A, who lost their opener to Samoa last week.

(With Reuters)

A sobering call for austerity





In a rare public appeal, our Prime Minister asked all of us to maintain austerity to deal with the economic fallout caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war. As a political figure, she reminded us of the consequences of war that we face in the developing world. Sanctions against Russia, following its invasion of Ukraine, have disrupted our energy supply chain, crippling our electricity production, forcing us back to the nightmare of load shedding that was recurring 20 years ago. The domino effects of economic sanctions against Russia are causing a humanitarian crisis in the world via inflation and soaring food prices.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made a further call to use every available piece of land to grow food, so that we can be self-sufficient in food. The idea is simple: we must reduce food imports to save foreign currency. She also, probably for the first time, admitted that the “burden” of 1.1 million Rohingya refugees is a bit too much at a time when we are all suffering and the world should do something about their repatriation. The message is clear: we cannot afford to be generous when the world is not ready to reciprocate. The government knows that now that the Western world is focused on the influx of ‘blue-eyed’, ‘light-skinned’ refugees from Ukraine, little attention will be given to the forgotten people forcibly displaced from Rakhine. . Myanmar’s mineral-rich and strategically located junta can trample democracy and persecute its own people as refugees, while remaining a darling of the West. Such is realpolitik.

For all the latest news, follow the Daily Star’s Google News channel.

It reminds me of an African proverb: “When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers”. The Prime Minister’s remarks are sobering. Already, there have been office orders to reduce power generation to save fuel for power generation. Electricity rationing was planned and special decorative lights for social events in community centers, shops, offices and homes were banned to save electricity. Load shedding is back in force. Earlier, we heard about a restriction of unnecessary trips abroad by government officials and the postponement of some smaller development projects. The campaign included the devaluation of our local currency. Now there are indications that all types of subsidies, such as for fuel, water and electricity, will be reduced – a World Bank/IMF prescription.

So what went wrong? Our economy was doing well even during the pandemic. We had extravagant events even when the world was reeling from the ills of the coronavirus. Our diligent remittance workers continued to send money to help their loved ones back home. Our hardworking workers have defied the threats of the pandemic to meet export deadlines to keep the economy alive. And we have shown extreme resilience in adapting to a digital reality over the past two years.

Then came the Russian invasion of Ukraine; no one expected it to last this long. Everyone started to feel the pinch. Most countries were candid in their responses. Some of them have increased their military budgets, some have compromised their climate action plans to secure immediate fossil fuel supplies, some have taken economic measures to protect their vulnerable groups and some have pursued austerity. It’s every man for himself.

The West’s double standard became evident as European countries continued to import Russian gas despite sanctions. Political analysts believe that these countries have undermined the effectiveness of the sanctions by replenishing Russia’s depleted currency reserves. When, during a ministerial-level meeting between the United States and India, the Indian foreign minister was asked to stop importing Russian oil, he said emphatically: “If you look at the purchases of energy from Russia, I would suggest that your attention be focused on Europe. We are buying energy, which is necessary for our energy security. But I suspect, looking at the numbers, that our total purchases for the months would be less than what Europe does in an afternoon.

Unfortunately, we do not have the strength to express our needs. Although we criticized the sanction, we could not say that we would buy the cheapest raw material for our energy production. Instead, we ruminate on paying $41 per unit of LNG, which was $4 pre-Covid. Most of our energy production relies on imported LNG. What happened to our gas, coal, hydro and solar power projects? Have we over-emphasized a quick fix while ignoring a wide range of power generation sources? Is there any follow up on the solar panels we are all required to install?

How effective will our local austerity solution be if we don’t tackle the problem from a global perspective? The World Bank predicts long-term damage to global growth due to this ongoing crisis. It calculates that global growth will fall from 5.7% in 2021 to 2.9% in 2022. “Due to the damage caused by the pandemic and war, the level of per capita income in developing economies this year will be almost 5% below its level – pandemic trend,” he says.

Our Prime Minister’s message is a wake-up call for the next recession. While austerity is a tool to arrest economic decline, we also need programs for robust fiscal activism. Given the devaluation of the currency, there is no political and public mood for savings. It will be difficult to inculcate a desire for austerity. The challenge is therefore to dare to think big, to act big: to gain the confidence of the major economic blocs, to encourage trade and investment. Provide social security to vulnerable groups. It’s time to have a new dream, make it happen and get back on the world stage.

Dr. Shamsad Mortuza is the Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB).

How to Get a $5,000 Personal Loan


If you need $5,000 to pay for medical bills, emergency renovations, or to consolidate high-interest debt, taking out a personal loan is a potential solution. Some lenders offer fast funding — in some cases, funds can be deposited into your bank account the same business day.

However, before applying for a $5,000 personal loan, you need to understand what you might need to qualify, where to get one, and how to estimate your borrowing costs.

How to determine if you need a $5,000 loan

Before taking out a loan, your first step is to determine why you need to borrow money. Is it because you need to consolidate your debts or cover an unexpected expense? Next, you should review your budget to see if you can afford monthly repayments.

Borrowing only what you need can lower your borrowing costs. Plus, it can help you avoid potential late fees and damage to your credit score.

That said, sometimes it can be beneficial to borrow more than you need. For example, if you’re borrowing money for a home improvement project and you don’t know the exact costs, it might be a good idea to withdraw a larger amount.

Conditions to benefit from a personal loan

Here are some common personal loan requirements that lenders consider:

  • Credit score and history: Lenders look at your credit score and credit history to assess the likelihood of you repaying the loan. To qualify for the lowest rates from a lender, you’ll likely need good to excellent credit. If you have bad credit, a lender may charge you high interest and fees or reject your loan application.
  • Debt to income ratio (DTI): Your DTI report is a percentage of the share of your gross monthly income spent on servicing debt each month. A high DTI ratio can tell a lender that you are financially overburdened and cannot afford to take on more debt. You can lower your DTI ratio by taking these two things: increasing your income or paying off your debts.
  • Revenue: You’ll also need to prove to a lender that you have enough stable income to repay the loan by providing financial information, such as your bank statements, W-2s, and tax returns..
  • Proof of identity and address: You may need to provide at least one piece of government-issued identification, such as your driver’s license, birth certificate, military ID, passport, or social security card. Additionally, a lender may request documents that confirm your address such as a utility bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement.

Personal lenders who offer $5,000 loans

You can get a personal loan from a bank, credit union, or online lender. Here are some financial institutions that offer loans for this amount:

Lender APR range Loan amount range Minimum credit score requirement
best egg 5.99% to 35.99% $2,000 to $50,000 640
happy money 5.99% to 24.99% (with automatic payment) $5,000 to $40,000 600
LightStream 3.99% to 19.99% (with automatic payment) $5,000 to $100,000 660
Reached 5.40% to 35.99% $1,000 to $50,000 Not disclosed

best egg

Best Egg offers personal loans ranging from $2,000 to $50,000. You can choose a repayment term of 3 or 5 years. If you need funds quickly, this could be a good option since funds can be deposited into your account the next business day, if you are approved. But a major drawback is that the lender charges origination fees ranging from 0.99% to 5.99%. If you choose a loan term of 4 years or more, your origination fee will be a minimum of 4.99%.

happy money

If you want to consolidate high-interest debt, Happy Money may be worth considering. Happy Money offers personal loans with competitive interest rates through its partner lenders that range from $5,000 to $40,000 and can only be used for debt consolidation. You can choose a repayment term ranging from two to five years.


LightStream offers personal loans with competitive interest rates, no fees and a wide range of repayment terms. Depending on the type of loan you choose, you can borrow money for up to 20 years. If you are approved, funds can be deposited into your bank account the same business day. A potential downside, however, is that you need several years of credit history to qualify.


If you have bad credit, Upstart might be a good choice as there is no minimum credit score required to qualify. Upstart is offering a low minimum interest rate effective June 29, 2022 of 5.40% to qualified applicants. However, one potential downside is that Upstart charges setup fees, and they range from 0% to 10%.

Costs of a $5,000 long-term personal loan

The amount you will pay for a $5,000 loan depends primarily on your interest rate and repayment term. You can use our personal loan calculator to estimate your total borrowing costs.

Here are some examples of what your borrowing costs might look like for a three-year loan:

  • Loan over 3 years at 5%: monthly payment of $150; $5394.76 in total reimbursement costs
  • Loan over 3 years at 10%: monthly payment of $166; $5808.09 in total reimbursement costs
  • Loan over 3 years at 15%: monthly payment of $173; 6239.76 in total reimbursement costs

If you choose a longer repayment, it could reduce your monthly payment. But that would increase the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.

For example, here’s what your borrowing costs might look like for a 5-year loan:

  • Loan over 5 years at 5%: monthly payment of $94; 5661.37 in total reimbursement costs
  • Loan over 5 years at 10%: monthly payment of $106; $6374.11 in total reimbursement costs
  • Loan over 5 years at 15%: monthly payment of $119; $7136.98 in total reimbursement costs

At the end of the line

You can use a $5,000 personal loan for almost any purpose, such as paying for a wedding, improving your home, or consolidating your debts. Before taking out a loan, review your finances to see if you can afford to make monthly payments. If you decide this is a good decision for you, compare your options with several lenders to find the best deal.

American Airlines passenger steals over $10,000 in flight


A passenger on a recent American Airlines flight stole more than $10,000 plus two credit cards from other travelers, but didn’t quite get away with it.

Mid-air flight on Buenos Aires-Miami flight

Police were called to meet American Airlines Flight AA900 from Buenos Aires (EZE) to Miami (MIA) on the morning of July 5, 2022. According to court documents, a passenger stole more than $10,000 plus two credit cards credit to passengers seated near him.

This issue arose after flight attendants observed suspicious behavior, including a passenger repeatedly walking down the aisle and sitting for an extended period of time in a seat that did not belong to him. Another crew member observed the passenger with a wallet that appeared to belong to a woman.

The flight crew advised passengers in the area to search their belongings to see if anything was missing. A passenger confirmed that her wallet was missing $10,022 and 13,800 Argentine pesos (worth approximately $109).

Another passenger inspected his belongings after hearing about the situation and noticed that 720,520 Argentine pesos (worth about $4) and two credit cards were missing.

After being searched, it was determined that the thief was in possession of two credit cards matching the name of another traveler. Additionally, a passenger was able to identify some of the bills in his possession, based on unique stamps that some of the bills bore.

When questioned by the police, the passenger admitted that he had robbed other passengers. Kudos to the American Airlines crew for being so observant!

Passenger robbed others on American Airlines flight

It happens a lot more than you think

Many travelers worry about valuables being stolen from checked baggage, but this is a good reminder to keep a close eye out for any valuables you’re bringing as hand baggage as well. If you’re traveling with more than $10,000 in currency, you should probably keep it in your immediate vicinity, rather than putting it in a bag and keeping it in a luggage rack.

Many people assume that mid-air robbery doesn’t happen much, since you’re in such tight quarters and always have your eyes on you. On the contrary, I think it often works in favor of thieves. People aren’t as observant because they assume they’re safe, people often don’t wonder if someone is opening a bag, and people often put bags behind them.

Theft in flight happens all the time – there are frequent reports of it, and then I imagine there are countless instances of it that go unreported. So always keep an eye on your hand luggage, ideally try to store it in front of you (where you can see it throughout the flight), and be vigilant.

Finally, if you are traveling with real valuables or large sums of cash, keep them very close to you – the overhead compartment is not a safe place to store them, especially if people have reason to believe that you are carrying something valuable. .

Theft in flight happens more often than you think

At the end of the line

An American Airlines passenger on a recent flight from Buenos Aires to Miami stole more than $10,000 and two credit cards from other travelers. Fortunately, the watchful crew caught him, so he ended up being punished. It’s a good reminder to always be observant, even in the cabin of an airplane.

Spain travel rules: What are the latest restrictions for holidaymakers?


Spain is Britain’s favorite holiday destination, attracting many tourists to its Canary and Balearic Islands, popular Costa del Sol beaches and bustling cities, from bustling Barcelona to foodie paradise San Sebastian .

Unlike other European countries, it continues to meet its Covid-related entry requirements for travellers.

Here’s everything you need to know before you go.

Do I need proof of vaccination or a test to visit Spain?

Yes. Travelers aged 12 and over must show valid proof of one of the following:

  • be fully vaccinated
  • a negative Covid test: either a PCR carried out within 72 hours before departure, or an antigen test carried out within 24 hours before departure
  • have recovered from Covid within the past six months. You can use a medical certificate or recovery file to prove your Covid status when entering Spain

The definition of “fully immunized” will depend on your age and the time since your last dose. If you have received a booster shot, you are considered fully vaccinated to enter Spain, regardless of when it was administered.

However, persons 18 years of age or older who have not received a booster but have received two doses of a two-dose vaccine or one dose of a single-dose vaccine schedule are only considered fully vaccinated. if the second vaccine was administered for a maximum of 270 days. before entering Spain. The second dose must also have been received at least 14 days before.

12 to 17 year olds do not need to have received a booster, just two doses of a two-dose vaccine or one dose of a single-dose vaccine. They continue to qualify as fully vaccinated more than 270 days after their last dose.

Children under 12 do not need to show proof of full vaccination on entry to Spain, nor do they need to take a test.

Do I need to complete a passenger locator form for Spain?

It depends on your vaccination status.

Travelers from the UK who can show proof of being fully vaccinated or having recovered from Covid within the past six months, and those under the age of 12, do not need to complete the form Spanish Travel Health Check.

All others must complete Spain Traveler Health Screening Form no more than 48 hours before the trip to Spain.

Should I wear a mask while on vacation in Spain?

Wearing a face covering is compulsory for anyone over the age of six in the following situations:

  • In public transports
  • visiting a hospital or medical center (including other health care facilities such as dentists, opticians, pharmacies, etc.)
  • visit a retirement or nursing home

In addition to the mandatory use of face masks in the above situations, the Spanish government recommends that you use them responsibly in the following circumstances:

  • enclosed public spaces such as shops, cinemas, bars and restaurants
  • at major events (e.g. concerts, sporting events)
  • when in the company of people considered clinically vulnerable or at high risk and social distancing of 1.5m cannot be observed
  • at family reunions
  • in any other enclosed common area open to the public

Has Brexit changed the rules for visiting Spain?

The rule changes that could trip you up when visiting Spain in 2022 are more likely to be Brexit-related than Covid-related. Since the UK left the European Union, there are new rules regarding the duration and frequency of visits to Schengen countries (including Spain), as well as rules regarding stamps and validity of passports.

To visit an EU country after Brexit, your passport must be:

  • issued less than 10 years before the date of entry into the country (check the “date of issue”)
  • valid for at least 3 months after your scheduled day of departure (check the “expiration date”)

There is also now a time limit on how long and how often you can visit Spain, without a visa. The Foreign Office advises: “You can travel to Schengen countries for up to 90 days in any 180-day visa-free period.

“To stay longer, to work or study, for business or for other reasons, you will need to meet the entry requirements of the Spanish government.”

You must also have your passport stamped upon entering and leaving the country. Make sure this takes place at passport control to avoid any confusion about your length of stay.

You may also need to show a return or onward ticket to indicate when you are leaving Spain, and you may be asked to prove that you have enough money to support yourself for the duration of your stay.

John B. Alder Obituary – Massillon Independent


John B. Alder, 78, a longtime resident of Fox, Alaska, died at home with loved ones Thursday, June 23, 2022. He is survived by his beloved wife of 43 years, Ella, beautiful -daughter Vanessa Baker Hendrix, granddaughter Brianna Hendrix and great-grandson, Cyrus, all of Fox, Alaska, grandchildren Justin (Brittany) Baker, Lori (JD) Seamon, Charla Baker and Tera (James) Cleric, numerous great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren; sisters Jane (Bill) Dinsmoor, of Woody Creek, CO, and Margaret Brunyansky of North Canton, OH, brother Robert (Angela) Alder of North Canton, OH; nephews and nieces, Erin Dinsmoor of Honolulu, HI, Robin Eaves of Canton, OH, Dale Eaves of Massillon, OH, Jonathan (Sharon) Eaves Xifteris of Brooklyn, NY, Julie Alder Lewis of Charlotte, NC, Ryan (Mariya) Alder of Grass Valley, CA, Mari Lyn of Minerva, OH, and 10 grandnephews and nieces. John’s parents, Bradbury C and Eleanor Alder, of Massillon, Ohio, predeceased him, as did his younger brothers, Jim, also of Massillon, and Gene, of Aspen, CO, and son-in-law Terry Baker, of Fairbanks, AK.

John was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but lived much of his youth in Massillon, Ohio. He graduated from Massillon Washington High School in 1962 where he was a member of the swim team and the Massillon Tiger Swing Band. He attended Ohio State University and then enlisted in the United States Army, which eventually took him to Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks. The rest is history, as they say. There he met, married and merged families with Ella Mae Baker in 1978. He worked for many years for Alaska MusicVend Alaska, enjoying the multitude of friends his work brought him. Like his father, he loved fishing, nature, philately and numismatics, but above all, spending time with his family and friends gave him his finest hours.

No memorial service will be held. In memory of John, donations may be made to The Myositis Association, 6950 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 370, Columbia, MD 21046.

Posted on July 07, 2022

Posted in Independent Massillon

Irish Sheriff James Ryan is happy to mete out ‘punishment’ to his ‘misguided’ teammates


Away from the pressure of trying to win a series in New Zealand, the Irish team have done their best to ensure they benefit from the experience along the way.

With some kind of Nations League coming up, tours like this may never happen again. So while there’s a huge amount at stake when it comes to the challenge of taking on the All Blacks in their backyard, it’s important to relieve the pressure valve from time to time.

As the roster’s main caller, James Ryan has had enough on his plate as he looks to nail his detail ahead of Saturday’s second Test, but the lock has also been named to the fines committee, meaning that he has his hands full of punishments to players who are deemed to have broken the rules of the tour.

IRFU social media gave a brief glimpse of what this entails, when they posted a video of James Lowe and Joe McCarthy smashing eggs, both boiled and unboiled, on their heads, as Ryan watched closely. debates.

It’s all part of the fun of traveling. Anyone who has seen behind the scenes footage of the Lions from the 1997 tour when Keith Wood held court or, in 2017, when Simon Zebo had to call Rob Penny to ask if he could captain Munster, will understand how this genre of things can really bind a team together.

“I’m one of the sheriffs, so make sure the guys don’t get it wrong,” Ryan explained. “If someone is late or in the event of an accident, they are punished quite severely actually.”

As for what those punishments entail when the cameras are off, Ryan smiles: “Probably things that aren’t printable. Penalties and fines – we are quite corrupt, so we take all kinds in return.

“The most heinous crime, no, I won’t even talk about it. But it’s a bit crazy. It’s important to make touring enjoyable – then from Wednesday, Thursday you start focusing on testing,” added Ryan.

After spending the first part of the tour in Auckland, Ireland flew to Dunedin yesterday to speed up preparations for Saturday’s second test.

With plenty of cafes and electric scooters to get around, the players enjoyed their time in Auckland, according to Ryan.

“They need to have the scooters in Dublin, don’t they?” I don’t know if they would work well. I think they might be in trouble.

“But they were awesome, $20 pass for the whole week. We have guys who are good at financial tips and advice – and so Tadhg Beirne, and I think it was Ryan Baird, gave us the lead to save a few bucks, buy the pass, the scooter for the week.

Getting around on the scooters also means players haven’t always been stopped by locals, who, once they spot the Irish gear, are eager to chat.

“They love their rugby here, that’s definitely a takeaway,” Ryan said. “There are rugby pitches in the middle of town, like, they’re everywhere. And you walk into the gym or have a coffee and people everywhere ask you questions about the game or about rugby.

“It’s pretty cool, actually. It’s great to shoot in a country like that. They love that you are here, and they love that you compete with them.

For many players on the team, this is their first experience of a real tour. The allocation of different roles within the social committee has enabled some to come out of their shell.

“Faz (Andy Farrell) always drives this,” Ryan argued.

“He doesn’t just want Johnny (Sexton) or Pete (O’Mahony) or whatever, he often says he wants everyone to be a leader, everyone to come out of their shell.

“That’s a big part of this tour and we’ve talked about how the Maori Games are just as important as the Tests in terms of building that team and that depth, and helping the youngsters progress.

“So we’ve definitely seen guys step in and be more vocal and have a point of view.”

It’s back to business today as Ireland put the finishing touches on the game plan they hope will save the series. For Ryan, that means making sure there are major roster improvements.

“The height they had last week is a challenge with Scott Barrett, (Sam) Whitelock and (Brodie) Retallick, but that’s what you want as a caller,” Ryan added.

“We couldn’t properly put our best foot forward in terms of attack and in terms of starting plays, because of the set piece sometimes. This is the one we have to settle for this week.

Set of Cuban overprints on U.S. definitive stamps best purchased individually


Advice on the Stamp Market by Henry Gitner and Rick Miller

The Caribbean island of Cuba temporarily came under United States administration following the American victory in the Spanish-American War of 1898. By the peace treaty of December 10, 1898, Spain ceded its former colony in the United States in trust for its people.

U.S. military administration of the island lasted from January 1, 1899 until May 20, 1902, when Cuba became an autonomous republic.

The first stamps issued under the American administration were Cuban colonial stamps with various overprints and surcharges. In 1899, U.S. definitive stamps were overprinted “Cuba” and overprinted with values ​​expressed in centesimos of pesos (Scott 221-226A).

The 10c-on-10¢ brown stamp, Daniel Webster type II (Scott 226A) is rare and expensive, valued at $6,000 in original unused gum condition in the Scott Specialized catalog of United States stamps and envelopes.

The Scott US Specialized catalog values ​​the other eight stamps (Scott 221-226) as a set at $79.50.

The set of eight stamps is a good buy in fine-very fine quality and unused original gum condition in the $50-$70 price range. Putting together a set of sounds is probably best done by picking and choosing one timbre at a time instead of buying the whole set all at once.

Catalog values ​​of individual mint, unhinged stamps total approximately $200. If you are buying the stamps in this condition, buying them one at a time is definitely the way to go.

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7 Student Loan Refinancing Myths Busted – Forbes Advisor


Editorial Note: We earn a commission on partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors.

If you’ve never refinanced a student loan before, the process can seem a bit daunting. To make matters worse, the information you find on the internet can often be misleading or just plain wrong.

It might sound a little daunting, but we’re here to clear up the confusion. Below, we’ve busted seven common refinancing myths to help you decide if student loan refinancing is right for you.

What is student loan refinancing?

Student loan refinancing involves taking out a new private student loan to pay off your old loans, leaving you with one loan and one payment to manage.

Depending on your credit, you might get a lower interest rate through refinancing, which could save you money on interest and potentially help you pay off your debt faster.

7 myths about student loan refinancing that could be costing you money

Refinancing can be a great decision for many borrowers. But unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around that can make it hard to know if this is the right choice for you. And these misconceptions could end up costing you the opportunity to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

1. You Can’t Refinance Federal Student Loans

Although you cannot refinance federal student loans through the government, you can do so through a private lender, just as you would with a private student loan. However, keep in mind that if you refinance federal loans, you will lose access to federal protections, such as deferment and forbearance options, income-contingent repayment (IDR) plans, and programs. cancellation of student loans.

If you want to combine your federal loans without losing these benefits, you can instead consider consolidating them into a direct federal consolidation loan. While this won’t reduce your interest rate, it will allow you to extend your repayment term to 30 years, which can significantly lower your monthly payments, but it also means you’ll pay more interest over time. time.

2. You must refinance all your loans

Many borrowers have federal and private student loans handled by different managers and lenders. If you choose to refinance, you are not required to include all of your loans. Instead, you can choose to refinance as little or as much as you want.

For example, you might consider refinancing only your private student loans so that you can keep the benefits of your federal loans. Or if you already have a student loan with a competitive interest rate, you can choose to refinance your other loans that have higher interest rates.

3. Student loan refinancing is the same as consolidation

Although the terms refinance and consolidation are often used interchangeably, they mean different things when it comes to private and federal loans.

  • Private refinancing (also known as private consolidation) is the process of paying off your old loans with a new private student loan. This could get you a lower rate, depending on your credit. Remember that if you refinance federal loans, you will lose access to federal protections.
  • Federal consolidation is when you combine your federal student loans into one direct consolidation loan. This will not change your rate but will allow you to extend your repayment term up to 30 years. Unlike refinancing, federal consolidation allows you to keep your federal benefits.

4. You can only refinance your loans once

There is no limit to how often you can refinance your student loans. For example, you might choose to refinance again if your credit score has improved or rates have fallen.

Refinance lenders also don’t typically charge origination fees or prepayment penalties, so there’s usually no additional cost associated with the process. Keep in mind, however, that if you choose to refinance over a longer repayment term, you’ll end up paying more interest over the life of the loan.

5. Getting rate quotes hurts your credit

It’s important to shop around and compare your student loan refinance rates with as many lenders as possible to find a good deal. And luckily, many offer prequalification, which lets you see a personalized rate quote with just a soft credit check that won’t impact your credit score.

Note that if you decide to go ahead with a student loan refinance lender and submit a full application, they will perform a rigorous credit check which could result in a slight drop in your credit score. However, this is usually only temporary and your score will likely rebound within a few months.

6. You must have perfect credit to qualify

You will generally need good to excellent credit to qualify for refinancing. A good credit score is generally considered to be 670 or higher.

However, each lender has their own eligibility criteria, and some are more lenient than others, including with credit requirements. For example, Earnest accepts scores as low as 650. Just keep in mind that if you have less than stellar credit, you’ll likely end up with a higher interest rate than borrowers with good credit.

If you’re having trouble getting approved on your own, you might also consider applying with a co-signer to improve your chances. Even if you don’t need a co-signer to qualify, having one could get you a lower interest rate than you would get yourself.

A co-signer can be anyone with good credit, such as a parent, other relative, or trusted friend, who is willing to share the responsibility for the loan. Note that this means they will be liable if you fail to make your payments.

7. Refinancing takes forever

Although refinancing may take some time, it certainly won’t take forever to complete the process. Many student loan refinance lenders offer streamlined online applications and approval decisions in minutes.

If you are approved, you can usually expect your loan to be processed within three to four weeks, faster than the 30 to 45 days typically required for a mortgage refinance. To avoid any delays, be sure to complete your application as accurately as possible and provide all requested documents (such as loan statements or payslips) as soon as possible.

Once the refinance is complete, you will see that your old loans have been paid off and you will start making payments on your new loan.

Around the neighborhoods: from Courtown to Tara Hill



IO Services

The service times for the Ardamine group of parishes are as follows.

Sunday July 10 – Ardamine and Kiltennel 10:15 a.m.; Clonevan 11:30 a.m.; Kilnamanagh 11.45am; Monamolin 7.30mm – Summer Praise (service of favorite hymns), followed by tea at the community center.

Sunday July 17, Sunday July 24 and Sunday July 31 – Monamolin 9 am; Ardamine, Kiltennel and Kilmuckridge 10.15am; Clonevan 11:30 a.m.; Kilnamanagh 11:45 a.m.

August 2022 – Offices every Sunday at the following times: Monamolin 9am; Ardamine, Kiltennel and Kilmuckridge 10.15am; Clonevan 11:30 a.m.; Kilnamanagh 11:45 a.m.


Discourse on mental health

Ms. Barbara Brennan of the See Change Program will give a talk and presentation at the Resort on Wednesday, July 6 from 6-7 p.m. about the See Change Program and its work to end mental health-related stigma and discrimination . This is part of our involvement in the #onegoodclub initiative in association with Lidl, LGFA and JigsawYMH.

Ring of Kerry cycle

Bravo to Jim Hempenstall, Patrick Doyle and Diarmuid Kinsella, who undertook the Ring of Kerry cycle in aid of cancer research. What an achievement.


Bingo is played at the Craanford Community Center every Friday night at 8 p.m. Please come support us.

News from the GAA club

Congratulations to the camogie ladies who won the co. Junior league semi-final 1-13 to 2-05 against Kilross Gaels and are now in the county final on July 18. Congratulations to the camogie girls under 12 for their victory over Oulart.

Cúl Camp takes place July 25-29 in Craanford, covering boys’ and girls’ football, hurling and camogie.

Do you have any lucky numbers? Why not include them in the club lotto, you are welcome to contact the club leaders who will help set you up so you never miss the weekly draw. Lotto subscription renewals are now welcome and appreciated. Contact James Byrne or Mick Shortall.

In the last draw, the club’s €6,000 lotto jackpot was not won. The numbers drawn were 3, 10, 16 and 25 Jackpot of €6,100 next week.

Lucky winners Séamus Doyle, Brian Murphy, Fiona Redmond Craan, Cathal Briscoe, Maria McCann.

Tickets available from Donald’s Gorey, John Bass Tyres, Cooney Communications Craanford, Lambert’s Camolin, you are also welcome to sign up for the year, thank you for your support always, it is most welcome and appreciated.

Rent the Complex

Looking for a venue for your child’s birthday party, why not consider the Craanford Indoor Complex, available to hire, sheltered from all weather, a great venue for indoor games etc. Call 086 8228686.

Church News

Patterns – Craanford Sunday, July 31 at 3 p.m.

Rosary at the Grotto – The Rosary is at 7 p.m. every Wednesday evening at the Grotte Notre-Dame. Ballydarragh Craanford.

Mass Intentions – Saturday July 16, 6 p.m. Peter Gilbert (Mental Mass of the Month) Sunday July 17, 10:30 a.m. Dorrie Finn, Ballygullen. Saturday, July 30, 6 p.m. Ann Bass, Kilmichael Upper; Recently deceased Peter (Petsie) Nolan, Monaseed; Robert Hancock, Craanford.

Mass Times – Monaseed: Saturday 7.30pm Sunday 9.30am; daily Monday to Friday 9.30am Craanford: Saturday 6.00pm Sunday 10.30am; every day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 p.m.

Mass Cards – Sympathy Cards, Mass Bouquets, Get Well Mass Bouquets, etc. are available at the parish office and in London (Carnew Road)

Used Missions Stamps – Many thanks again to the people of Craanford and Monaseed for their continued support of the missions by putting their stamps in the boxes under the porches of both churches. A reminder to take off the stamps leaving about 1.5 cm around the stamp, their envelopes and put them in the box under the porches of the church.


Bowling on the road

There is road bowling on July 24 at Nolans d’Annagh at 5 p.m. Teams of 4 cost €40 – entries on 087 2223230. All proceeds go to children with special needs. Any support would be appreciated

Ballyfad ICA

Our summer outing takes place on Wednesday 13th July visiting Johnstown Castle for a tour of the castle, farm museum and gardens, an afternoon mystery tour and ending with dinner at Mary Barry’s Restaurant ( cost of meal not included Cost is €35 and includes tea/coffee and scone on arrival €15 deposit on booking Contact Marian Whelan 086 8685007, Mary MCcarthy 087 4371622 or Mary Darcy 087 4183180

Patron of Ballyfad

The Ballyfad Patron and Pitch will take place on Sunday 17th July with prayers from 1.30pm. The field day will start immediately after the boss, tickets for the field day are on sale now. Please contact Philomena O’Toole on 087 9733450. All your support will be greatly appreciated.

Limbrick Cemetery

Thank you to all those who kindly contributed to the collection at the patron. The amount collected is €2,843.27, which will go towards maintaining the cemetery. Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day with parking, readings, choir and a special thank you to our CSS scheme workers who continue to care for the cemetery throughout the year

flower festival

The first Kilanerin Flower Festival will take place from September 23-25, 2022.

The festival, which is coordinated by local parishioner Margaret Woodbyrne, will consist of decorating our community and church grounds with over 100 colorful flower arrangements. The theme of the festival is the circle of life and the exhibits will explore the life, culture and physical landscape of North Wexford.

Families and friends of the parish have the opportunity to sponsor a flower arrangement, this can be done in memory of a loved one, a special friend or a special intention. If you would like to sponsor an arrangement please contact Fr Browne on 0402 37120, 086 8926260 or email frdenisbrowne@gmail.com

Table Questionnaire

Kilanerin Tidy towns are holding a table quiz At Murphys Pub Kilanerin on Friday 1st July at 9pm, please bring a friend or neighbor in the evening, Any questions please contact Tony on 086 2702681 Table of four €40

Ballyfad Community Center

The Ballyfad Community Center is accessible to all community groups promoting arts, culture/heritage and youth activities. The community center is equipped with high speed broadband. We also welcome groups for social events and workshops. For bookings log on to www.ballyfad.ie or call Mary on 087 4183180 or Myles on 086 0539069


Last week’s first lady of whist was won by Rosari GIllick; the second lady was Meg Doyle; the half-time lady was Finn Bailey; the first man was Pat Whelan; the second man was Sadie Mordaunt; the half-time gentleman was Mary McCarthy; the evening’s raffle winners were Sadie Mordaunt, D Power and Pat Whelan. The whist continues on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. in the Shamrock room, all welcome.

Kilanerin Church

Morning Mass Tuesday and Friday 9:30 a.m. Saturday 6:30 p.m. Gret Byrne Kilanerin Anniversary Mass Sunday 11 a.m. Eucharistic adoration on Tuesday after morning mass until 9 p.m.

Ballyfad Church

Morning mass Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 a.m. Saturday 7:30 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. Eucharistic adoration on Wednesday after morning mass until 9 p.m.


Friends of Ukraine

Friends of Ukraine Kilmuckridge offers support in many ways to families visiting the area. In parallel with English lessons given by Ita and Pauline.

With the arrival of summer, the ‘Walk and Talk’ project will be rolled out and volunteers are needed. If you have time to spare, it’s a great way to hang out and chat with families.

The second project is a singing project where local and Ukrainian singers come together to sing and learn about each other’s cultures. It will include weekly singing lessons in both languages ​​and a cultural evening where each group will perform. A good evening of entertainment is guaranteed in addition to food, clothing and of course the ‘craic’.

For more information, please contact Mary Farrell.

knitting club

A knitting club will take place at Castle Delights Cafe, Morriscastle from Wednesday 13th July at 10.30am. For further details, please contact 085 8751633.

Castle delights

Castle Delights Cafe Morriscastle is celebrating 15 years in business this year and will be hosting a Coffee Day on Saturday July 16 from 11am-4pm. All money raised that day will be donated to the Hope Cancer Support Centre.


The winning numbers for the June 27 draw were 15, 19, 21 and 28. Congratulations to the winners of match three, Dermot Kavanagh, Sheila O’Sullivan and Sinéad O’Leary, who each received €50. The next jackpot is €18,700.


Club 400

Winners of the June parish draw: first prize, €150 Brian O’Donoghoe. €50 Lisa Fanning and Daniel Doyle. €25 each to Peg Prendergast and Jimmy Kennedy.

Saint Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul will resume the annual summer call to all Masses on the weekend of July 16 and 17, 2022 – thank you for your generous support in the past and we look forward to your continued support in the future. All the money collected will be used to revive the finances of the families on site.

St Vincent de Paul’s confidential helpline is 085 1159495.


Class of 2022

Congratulations to the 11 boys and 15 girls who will be graduating from St. Kevin’s NS, Tara Hill this week. It has been a real pleasure teaching you at school and each of you have made valuable contributions to your class and to the school. We congratulate you on your efforts and wish you the best of luck in your transition to high school. Go neiri libh.

Fundraising for Golf

The Tarahill NS Golf Fundraiser will take place on Saturday September 3rd at the Courtown Golf Club. The cost of entry is €160 for a team of 4. Contact Ed Whelan on 087-2979322 to reserve a place or for more information.


The clergy and parishioners of St Kevin’s Church would like to offer their deepest condolences to Patricia Hancock, Craanford on the recent passing of her husband Robert. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. May his sweet soul rest in peace

Your news

All journal entries should be sent to 087 9434090 or ck0802@gmail.com by 7pm on Sunday to be included in the following week’s journal.

Rainn Wilson on the meaning of life, America and The Office’s “rewarding” legacy


As uptight as Dwight was, Wilson’s latest role sees him much more relaxed. Jerry and Marge go big is based on a true story. A retired couple from Evart, Michigan spot a flaw in their local lottery. They pool the city’s resources and then reinvest their earnings in the regeneration of the city.

“I loved the script when I read it because it was so uplifting and warm,” Wilson said. “Hollywood doesn’t make a lot of movies about real, small-town America. Nice people who believe in and help each other, trying to make the world a better place and having fun along the way.

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Wilson co-stars as Bill, a liquor store owner Jerry and Marge (played by Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening) buy their thousands of tickets. Bill has been described as everyone’s drunken uncle. Did Wilson base it on a specific drunken uncle he met?

“I have several drunken uncles. And drugged the uncles. And the drug-dealing uncles. But no, no one in particular from my family.

“I was trying to sum up who Bill is: a Hawaiian shirt, a little less lucky but still up for adventure. A bit of a loose screw, you’re not sure what’s coming out of his mouth next. Everyone has someone like that in their family.

Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening star alongside Rainn Wilson in Jerry & Marge Go Large.  Credit: Paramount+
Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening star alongside Rainn Wilson in Jerry & Marge Go Large. Credit: Paramount+

As Office, Jerry and Marge go big is about people and the communities they can build. At the heart of the story, Jerry finds a way to connect with people using his weird way with numbers.

Wilson has also used his gifts to connect with audiences around the world.

“I started in the theatre. I did 10 years before doing television and cinema. And it’s easier to connect because you’re in a big room with a group of people. If you make them laugh and you make them cry and you make them think, you bring everyone together in that room. I know it sounds cliché, but that’s the magic of acting.

“When I did Office, the thing that struck me the most was that I didn’t expect the number of people who thanked me for being on the show because it helped them in their lives. It brought them joy, it brought their family together. It distracted them when they were feeling anxious or depressed.

“Being part of a show that makes people laugh and makes the world a better place – it’s really rewarding. I feel really honored and really lucky.

“I think Jerry and Marge Is similar. That’s what the world needs right now, those kinds of stories. It has nothing to do with Brexit and has nothing to do with January 6th or gun control or abortion or red states and blue states – it’s just good old Americans doing nice things to each other.

In times of division, the message of unity is powerful, especially in America, which has particular notions about independence.

“America is very complicated because one of our central principles is E Pluribus Unum – among many others. But it was written when black people were slaves and women were not considered citizens. says Wilson.

“And we also have: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. And I think that’s problematic. Life, we will put aside. Everybody wants life, duh. But if you’re looking for freedom and happiness, it has nothing to do with connection and community.

“Connection and community really bring out the best in America. So if it was life, community and connection instead of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we could have a different kind of society. So we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

The big TV problem

Present documentaries on the subjects that matter most.

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Right in front of Wilson right now is the feeling that he is entering a new chapter in his life.

“My son is 17 and in a year he will go to university. So my wife and I… what do we do without raising my son?

“Understanding this next chapter is important. And I see different ways my body is breaking down. My cholesterol is higher, I’m gaining weight, and my knee hurts all the time. What’s going on? My body miss.

“It raises questions of mortality – so there are big questions in this next chapter.”

Wilson is a deep thinker. He is a follower of the Baha’i Faith and hosts a podcast, metaphysical milkshake who has the easy ambition to find the meaning of life.

“I would say that looking for the meaning of life is something very important to me,” he says. “It’s something I’ve written a lot about and explored a lot. I am writing a book on spirituality which comes out next year. I think the biggest questions in life like, why are we here? and what is the purpose? can make our lives richer and better.

“For me, it’s connecting with people. It is finding ways to be of service to others. Go on an adventure, try to fill my life with gratitude and say yes to what life gives me. And I’ve been blessed in different ways to be able to do that.

Maybe he would donate his lottery winnings to a good cause.

Jerry & Marge Go Large is available to stream now on Paramount+

KFC leaves fans furious over huge loyalty program overhaul


Regular KFC customers will soon no longer be able to use the Colonel’s Club to collect stamps

KFC customers will soon be unable to collect stamps as part of an overhaul to its loyalty program.

The fast-food chain has confirmed it is scrapping its Colonel’s Club, which allowed customers to redeem stamps for free food and drink.

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KFC could open a new drive-thru.

How does the diet work?

Currently you get one stamp when you spend £3, or spend £15 and you get two stamps.

Once you have collected enough stamps, you can then claim a free reward.

Customers with between three and six stamps can get a free side, including popular dishes like wings or popcorn chicken.

If you have seven to ten stamps, you can choose a regular snack, such as a mini tenderloin burger.

Those with over 11 stamps can get £5 off their next order and this can be used against any menu item.

When will the scheme end?

KFC has confirmed that its stamp program will close on July 26.

In an email to customers, he said: ‘It’s time for a change, so philately is about to disappear. It was great, but we have our eye on something else.

KFC has announced that a new program will be launched, but details are yet to be confirmed.

Customers took to social media to complain about the news.

One Twitter user wrote: “So boring. I’m a £5 stamp less!”

“@KFC, are you really ending loyalty stamps for customers? I have so many stamps to use!” said another.

“Stop the stamps… But what about the stamp rewards we have already collected, will they be valid until the original expiration date? For example, September 2022 for me,” said added a third.

Can customers still use their stamps?

KFC has confirmed that customers will still be able to use all the stamps they have collected and will increase their reward to the next level.

If you have fewer than three stamps in your account on July 25, 2022, KFC says you’ll be able to qualify for a free side, and if you have between three and six stamps, you can still get a free snack.

Those who have between seven and ten stamps in their account will be credited with £5 towards their next expenditure.

A KFC spokesperson told the Mirror: “It’s true, all good things must come to an end and our loyalty stamps will end this month.

“But don’t worry, this is not a farewell to our faithful flock. Just like our famous recipe, the rest is a well-kept secret.

“Look at this space – it won’t disappoint.”

Hyperlocal Delivery Application Market Competitive Outlook by 2028 | Clickpost, Shippo, Loginext – Brits in Kenya

Hyperlocal Delivery App

The recent research report on the Global Hyperlocal Delivery App Market 2022-2028 explains current market trends, possible growth rate, differentiable industry strategies, future prospects, significant players and their profiles, regional analysis and industry shares along with details forecasts. The detailed study offers a wide range of considerable insights which also underscores the significance of key parameters of the Global Hyperlocal Delivery Application Market.

Market is expected to reach an increase at a CAGR of 21% during the forecast period

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Top Key Players are covered in this report:

Clickpost, Shippo, Loginext, Skedulo, Anchanto, Shipstation, Stamps, Jungleworks, Fareye, Bringg

Based on the product, the Hyperlocal Delivery App The market is mainly divided into

  • Hyperlocal Delivery Web Applications
  • Hyperlocal Delivery Mobile Apps
  • Others

Based on end users/application, this report covers

  • Retail and GICs
  • Medical & Health
  • Food and drinks
  • Express Mail and Parcels
  • Others

The regions are further subdivided into:

– North America (NA) – United States, Canada and Mexico

– Europe (EU) – UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and rest of Europe

-Asia-Pacific (APAC) – China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and rest of APAC

-Latin America (LA) – Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and rest of Latin America

– The Middle East and Africa (MEA) – Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, South Africa

Key Highlights of the Hyperlocal Delivery Application Market report study:

  • A detailed overview of the global hyperlocal delivery apps industry
  • The report analyzes the global hyperlocal delivery application market and provides its stakeholders with important actionable insights
  • The report has considered all the major developments in the recent past, helping the users of the report with the latest industry updates
  • The study of the report is expected to help the key decision makers in the industry to help them in the decision-making process
  • The study includes data on the Hyperlocal Delivery Application market intelligence, changing market dynamics, current and expected market trends, etc.
  • The report includes an in-depth analysis of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors affecting the global hyperlocal delivery application market
  • Market ecosystem and adoption in all market regions
  • Key trends shaping the global hyperlocal delivery application market
  • Historical and forecast size of the Hyperlocal Delivery Application Market in terms of Revenue (USD Million)



Market segment analysis:

The Hyperlocal Delivery Application report provides a primary review of the industry along with definitions, classifications, and form of the enterprise chain. Market analysis is provided for global markets which includes improving trends, assessment of hostile views and development of key regions. Development policies and plans are discussed in addition to manufacturing strategies and royalty systems are also analyzed. This file also indicates import/export consumption, supply and demand, expenses, sales and gross margins.

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Research covers the following objectives:

– To study and analyze the global Hyperlocal Delivery Application consumption by key regions/countries, product type and application, history data from 2016 to 2022, and forecast to 2026.

– Understand the structure of Hyperlocal Delivery App by identifying its various subsegments.

– Focuses on the key global Hyperlocal Delivery Application manufacturers, to define, describe and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competition landscape, Five Forces Analysis of Porter, SWOT analysis and development plans over the next few years.

– To analyze the Hyperlocal Delivery Application with respect to individual growth trends, future prospects, and their contribution to the total market.

– Share detailed information on key factors influencing market growth (growth potential, opportunities, drivers, industry-specific challenges and risks).

– To project the consumption of Hyperlocal Delivery Application submarkets, with respect to key regions (along with their respective key countries).

Report customization:

Hyperlocal delivery app, the report can be customized to suit your business needs as we recognize what our customers want, we have extended customization by 25% at no additional cost to all of our customers for any of our syndicated reports.

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Abortion ruling spotlights gerrymandered legislatures


Overturning half a century of nationwide abortion legal protection, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Roe v. Wade had been misjudged and that it was time to “return the issue of abortion to the elected representatives of the people” in the states.

Whether these elected officials are truly representative of the people is a matter of debate, thanks to another High Court ruling that helped skew the oversight of state legislatures to the right or left.

In June 2019, three years before its landmark abortion ruling, the Supreme Court ruled it had no role in limiting partisan gerrymandering, in which Republicans or Democrats manipulate electoral district boundaries. to give an advantage to their candidates.

The result is that many legislatures are more strongly partisan than the state population as a whole. Gerrymandering flourished again as politicians used 2020 census data to redraw districts that could benefit their party in both this year’s election and the next decade.

In some swing states with Republican-led legislatures, like Michigan and Wisconsin, “gerrymandering is arguably the biggest reason why abortion is likely to be illegal,” said Chris Warshaw, a political scientist at the ‘George Washington University analyzing redistricting data.

Meanwhile, “in states where Democrats have Gerrymander, it will likely help make abortion laws more liberal than people would like,” he added.

A majority of Americans support access to abortion in general, although many say there should be some restrictions, according to public opinion polls.

States have sometimes been seen as laboratories of democracy – institutions most closely linked to the people where public policy is tested, takes root and potentially spreads.

Writing for the majority of the Supreme Court in its June 24 abortion decision, Justice Samuel Alito noted that 30 states had banned abortion when the Roe v. Wade of 1973 “short-circuited the democratic process”, usurped lawmakers and imposed the right to abortion throughout the country.

“Our decision refers the issue of abortion to those legislative bodies, and it allows women on both sides of the abortion issue to seek to influence the legislative process by influencing public opinion, lobbying legislators, voting and running for office,” Alito wrote.

Abortion is already an issue in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial and legislative elections. A recent Wisconsin poll showed a majority supporting legal abortion in most or all cases. But a fight is brewing over an 1849 state law — which was unenforceable until Roe v. Wade be overturned – which prohibits abortion except to save a woman’s life.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is backing a legal challenge to strike down the law, signed into law just a year after Wisconsin gained statehood. He also called a special legislative session in June to repeal it. But the Republican-led Assembly and Senate adjourned in seconds without doing anything.

Wisconsin’s legislative chambers had one of the strongest Republican advantages in the country over the past decade and are expected to continue to do so in the new districts in place for the 2022 election, according to analysis by PlanScore, an organization at nonprofit that uses voter data to assess the supporter. inclination of legislative constituencies.

“Democracy is warped in Wisconsin because of these maps,” Assembly Minority Leader Greta Neubauer said.

In 2018, Democrats won every major state office, including governor and attorney general, in races where gerrymandering is not in play. But they were unable to overcome districts legislatures in heavily Gerrymander states since Republicans took control of the state house in the 2010 midterm elections.

“If we had a truly democratic system in Wisconsin, we would be in a different situation,” she said. “We would rescind this criminal ban on abortion at this time.”

Republican State Rep. Donna Rozar, a former cardiac nurse who supports abortion restrictions, said gerrymandering should not prevent political parties from fielding good candidates to represent their districts. She expects a vigorous campaign debate on abortion to continue through the 2023 legislative session.

“This is an issue that is so critical to come back to the states, because each state can then elect people who will represent their values.” said Rosar.

The 2010 midterm elections, two years after former President Barack Obama was elected, was a turning point for control of state houses across the country. Heading into this election, Democrats fully controlled 27 state legislatures and Republicans 14, with the rest split. But the GOP’s landslide victories have put the party in charge of redistricting in many states. In 2015, after two elections according to the new maps, Republicans fully controlled 30 legislatures and Democrats just 11.

This Republican legislative advantage largely persisted in the 2020 election, including in states that are otherwise narrowly divided between Democrats and Republicans, such as Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

In New Mexico, it is Republicans who argue that the Democratic-led legislature has pushed beyond the will of many voters on abortion policies. New Mexico’s House and Senate districts have had a sizable pro-Democratic edge over the past decade, which was even more pronounced after districts were shuffled based on the 2020 census, data shows. from PlanScore.

Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation last year repealing a dormant 1969 law that banned most abortions. After the cancellation of Roe v. Wade, she signed an executive order making New Mexico a safe port for people seeking abortions. Unlike most states, New Mexico has no restrictions on late-term abortions.

“I don’t think the majority of New Mexicans support New Mexico’s abortion policy right now,” Republican Sen. Gay Kernan said. “New Mexico is the late abortion capital of the United States, basically.”

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti has proposed banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions for rape, incest and when a woman’s life is in danger. But the legislative proposal was described as dead upon arrival by Democratic Senate Whip Linda Lopez.

Michigan could provide one of the biggest tests of representative government in the new national battle against abortion.

Republicans drew Michigan’s legislative districts after the 2010 census and created such a huge advantage for their party that it may have helped the GOP maintain control of the tightly divided House, according to an analysis by the Associated Press. As in Wisconsin, Democrats in Michigan won the gubernatorial race and every other major office in the state in 2018, but could not overcome Republican-leaning legislative districts.

The dynamic has changed for this year’s elections. According to data from PlanScore, the GOP advantage has been cut in half under new legislative districts drawn by a voter-approved Citizens Redistricting Commission. That could improve Democrats’ chances of winning a chamber and influencing abortion policy.

Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial challengers generally support a 1931 state law — temporarily suspended by a judge — that bans abortions unless a woman’s health is at risk. Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is running for re-election, wants to repeal this law.

Republican State Rep. Steve Carra said lawmakers were looking to replace it with “something that would be enforceable in the 21st century.”

“Protecting life is more important than a woman’s right to choose to take that life,” said Carra, who leads a coalition of 321 lawmakers from 35 states who had urged the Supreme Court to return the policy to abortion in the States.

Uncertain about their legislative prospects, abortion rights advocates are collecting signatures for a November ballot initiative that would create a state constitutional right to abortion, allowing its regulation only “after fetal viability.”

“This is the best chance we have to ensure access to abortion,” said Democratic State Rep. Laurie Pohutsky. “I think if this gets into the hands of voters, they’ll want to see this ballot measure succeed.”

Tax theory, history and over-regulation, part 1


As we celebrate the 246th anniversary of our great country tomorrow, I thought I would explain current tax theory, the historic role that taxes have played in shaping our country, and the regulatory excesses and abuses that I have witnessed for the past 40 years.

Should citizens of the United States expect to be treated ethically and fairly by all government agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? The US tax code was developed after the 16th Amendment was ratified in 1913 (permanently amending the US Constitution). It has been amended several times, with the most recent major revision being the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017. Every change to the tax code has been passed by the House and Senate and signed by the president; it is the law of the land.

Therefore, it must be studied, understood and followed. However, in my 40 years of experience in the US tax field, I have observed that the IRS is the worst abuse of the tax code.

In this series of articles, I will provide facts and cases that support this premise. In part two, I will discuss several sections (topics) of the tax code where the IRS distorts the common understanding of the wording of a section of the code to deny tax breaks deliberately put into the tax code by Congress.

Before continuing, I would like to give you a brief overview of taxation.

Taxes in a nutshell

  1. Taxes have been collected by governments for millennia.
  2. Taxes fund governments.
  3. There are no natural laws regarding taxes.
  4. Governments can choose to tax anything.
  5. However, tax payers should collect the tax: 1) is not excessive in amount, 2) efficient in collection, and 3) not arbitrary.
  6. The basic tenets of modern tax theory include the following (of which Adam Smith developed the first four):
    • Equity: Tax should be proportional to income.
    • Capacity (Certainty): The taxpayer must be able to calculate simply and with certainty the tax he is required to pay.
    • Convenience: The time and manner of payment of tax must be convenient for the taxpayer.
    • Economy (Efficiency): Taxes should not be imposed if the cost of collecting them is excessive. The cost of tax collection must be efficient.
    • Neutrality: A tax should apply to everyone and not favor a certain group, race, political party, etc.
    • Means of payment : Taxes should only be due when the taxpayer has the cash to pay the tax.
    • Clarity (Transparency): Tax regulations would be clear, simple and unambiguous. They should be understood by the taxpayer and the administrator alike.


Our ancestors chose to revolt against the 18th century superpower, Britain, rather than continue to suffer taxes and attacks on their rights as free men and women. Below is a list of laws (taxes) imposed by Britain on colonial Americans before the Revolutionary War.

  1. 1733 Molasses Act, which established a trade barrier to protect British exports from the West Indies to the American colonies.
  2. 1751 Currency Act, which prohibited the issuance of letters of credit by the New England colonies to ensure that British merchants received the full value of payment of their debts.
  3. 1764 Sugar Act, which amended the Molasses Act by increasing duties on imported molasses. More importantly, it was strictly enforced.
  4. 1765 Stamp Act, which required the purchase of stamps (duties) on 55 different public documents. This law was considered the first time that a tax was imposed simply to raise funds. The opposition was widespread because it represented an attack on the rights of the settlers.
  5. 1766 Quartering Act, which required local governments to lodge and feed British soldiers in American barracks and public houses.
  6. The Declaratory Act of 1766, which passed concurrently with the Stamp Act, was repealed. He stated that the colonies were dependent on the Crown and that Parliament had the power to pass laws which applied to the colonies.
  7. 1767 Townshend Act, named after Charles Townshend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The law imposed duties on 72 different items, including tea, paint and paper. The revenue generated by this act was used to support colonial officers and administrative staff, loyal to the Crown. Protests against this law led to the Boston Massacre.
  8. 1773 Tea Act, which grants the East India Company a monopoly on the importation and distribution of tea in the colonies. This doubled the price of tea and harmed the economic interests of shippers and traders. On 12/16/1773, colonial patriots disguised as Native Americans dumped 342 containers of tea into Boston Harbor.
  9. The Intolerable Acts of 1774, also called Coercive Acts, were a retaliatory response to economic loss resulting from the Boston Tea Party. The Intolerable Acts were a set of five statutes: 1) Boston Port Act (a British blockade closed Boston Harbor), 2) Massachusetts Government Act (the colony’s charter was revoked and replaced by a royal governor), 3 ) Administrative Justice Act, 4) Quartering Act (settlers were required to provide accommodation, food and drink to British troops. Often this meant that landlords were forced to vacate their comfortable homes under threat of a gun and move into the barn.), and 5) the Quebec Act.

In response to the cruel British punishment of the Boston colonists, the First Continental Congress met in Philadelphia from September 5 to October 26, 1774. Initially, the purpose of the First Congress was to impress upon Parliament their grievances, to have repealed many laws and gave the colonists representation in Parliament.

This is part of an ongoing series.

Aric Schreiner, CPA, PFS, Certified Tax Strategist, helps successful professionals and small business owners develop strategies to reduce tax and audit risk.

Texas Legislature seeks to increase funding for abortion alternatives, even though most abortions are illegal


Although abortion is set to be banned in Texas, anti-abortion groups and key state lawmakers say they are determined to pour even more money into programs designed to discourage women from having sex. abort.

The state has already dramatically increased funding for “abortion alternatives” programs by more than 450% in the past six years, from $9 million a year to more than $50 million a year. .

“My goal is to increase funding for these programs,” said Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola. “These services will be even more needed in the future.”

Hughes said he will push for that funding when the Texas Legislature meets. in January.

It’s not just Hughes, who was the key lawmaker in creating Texas’ so-called heartbeat bill that allows any citizen to sue those who help a woman get an abortion. after six weeks of gestation. Texas Right to Life has also made protecting and increasing funding for abortion alternatives, often called crisis pregnancy centers, a top priority.

Annual State Funding for Abortion Alternatives Programs in Texas

2023: $50,011,366

2022: $50,011,366

2021: $30,855,425

2020: $29,020,634

2019: $9,150,000

2018: $9,150,000

2017: $9,150,000

2016: $9,150,000

2015 : $5,150,000

2014 : $5,150,000

John Seago, president of Texas Right to Life, told Republican activists at the state’s GOP convention last month that even if they won the fight against abortion, now was not the time to calm.

“Now is not the time for us to retire from the fight,” he said. “It’s time to double down and be bolder than ever.”

Pledges to send more money to the programs began last week when the US Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that established constitutional protections for abortion rights. Texas is among more than a dozen states with a trigger law that will soon go into effect and ban nearly all abortions. Last week, two of the state’s largest abortion providers, Whole Woman’s Health and Planned Parenthood Texas, announced they were no longer providing the service.

Republicans, including Governor Greg Abbott, have touted alternatives to abortion programs as providing valuable counseling and mentorship to mothers in need.

Critics say the program is a waste of taxpayers’ money with virtually no oversight or evidence that it actually deters women from having abortions or helps them access long-term assistance like Medicaid and food stamps.

Former State Representative Sarah Davis, a Republican from Houston who supports abortion rights, has long criticized programs that she says often give false medical information to pregnant women to dissuade them from having abortions.

She said proponents of the program insisted it helped women in need, but Davis said they lacked the metrics to prove it.

“It’s a program to make Republicans feel good, like they’re helping women,” Davis said in a recent interview on NBC Nightly News.

Proponents of the programs, on the other hand, defend their work.

The Texas Pregnancy Care Network, one of the state’s largest recipients of abortion funding alternatives, says it has helped hundreds of thousands of clients with basic necessities such as clothing maternity and baby clothes, food and shelter, in addition to parenting classes and job and career support.

The nonprofit received more than $37 million from the state in fiscal year 2021, according to a Texas Health and Human Services Commission report released in December.

The network has 79 contractors with a total of 167 physical locations across the state. Two of its biggest contractors are the Houston Pregnancy Help Center and Providence Place, both of which received more than $1.5 million in funding through the Texas Pregnancy Care Network, according to state reports.


Canada Stamp Program 2022


January 21, Black History Month/Eleanor Collins. Undenominated stamp at permanent rate (92¢) in booklet of six (Scott 3316). by LinnFebruary 14, page 1.

February 7, Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Undenominated stamp at permanent rate (92¢) in booklet of 10 (Scott 3318) and sheet of 16 (3317). by Linn, February 28, page 15.

March 1, Callas. Two undenominated stamps at the permanent rate (92¢) in booklets of 10 and reels of 50 (white calla Scott 3322, 3321, pink calla 3323, 3320); and souvenir sheet of two (3319). by LinnMarch 7, page 10.

April 7, Organ and Tissue Donation. Undenominated stamp at permanent rate (92¢) in booklet of 10 (Scott 3324). by LinnApril 25, page 1.

April 12, Eid. Undenominated stamp at permanent rate (92¢) in booklet of six (Scott 3325). Linn’s, May 2, page 17.

April 22, Salome Bey. Undenominated permanent rate (92¢) stamp in booklet of six (Scott 3326). Linns, May 9, page 1.

May 20, Endangered whales. Five undenominated stamps at the permanent rate (92¢) in booklets of 10 and sheetlets of five. by Linn, June 6, page 1.

*June 9, vintage travel posters. Five undenominated stamps at the permanent rate (92¢) showing Mont Tremblant by Herbert Bayer, The Royal York by Norman Fraser, Great Lakes Cruise based on the work of Tom Purvis, Travel The Canadian by Roger Couillard, and Canada’s scenic east coast by Peter Ewart in booklet of 10, sheetlet of five and souvenir sheet of five with Capex logo on edge. by LinnJuly 4, page 12.

*June 21, Indigenous leaders. Three undenominated permanent rate (92¢) stamps honoring Chief Marie-Anne Day Walker-Pelletier, Jose Kusugak, and Harry Daniels in three booklets of six and a souvenir sheet of three stamps. by LinnJuly 11, page 18.

July 7, Help for Ukraine. Undenominated permanent rate (92¢) + 10¢ semi-postage stamp in booklet of 10. by Linn, June 13, page 1.

*July 21Vintage carousels.

?, Canadians on the run. Five stamps.

?, 50th anniversary of the 1972 Canada-USSR Ice Hockey Summit Series.

Fall?, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Fall?, war hero Tommy Prince.

Fall?, Canada Post Community Foundation. Semi-postal stamp.

?, Diwali.

?, Hanukkah.

?, Christmas/Birds. Three stamps.

?, Christmas/The Nativity.

*Asterisks preface entries with new or changed information. New/changed information is presented in bold italics. Details of each number listed in this program are given in the quoted numbers of by Linn. Stamps are self-adhesive unless otherwise specified.


Canadian stamps and first day covers are available on the Canada Post website (www.canadapost.ca) and by mail order from Canada Post Customer Service, PO Box 90022, 2701 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V 1J8 Canada; or by phone from the United States or Canada at 800-565-4362, and from other countries at 902-863-6550. Canada stamps and stamp products are also available from many new stamp dealers and from the Canada Post agent in the United States: Interpost, Box 400, Hewlett, NY 11557.

Illinois continues to work with the federal government to manage wetlands


In 2020, Florida took over management of a U.S. Clean Water Act program, so in the Sunshine State, federal officials no longer decide whether wetlands can be dredged or filled in for developments.

Other states may follow, but Illinois seems content with the status quo.

Proponents of such takeovers argue that state agencies can be more efficient than federal bureaucrats. But environmentalists say state regulators are not fully capable of undertaking the task and can become automatic buffers for economic goals at the expense of ecological value.

Some states have backed away from similar attempts to handle clearances under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act due to cost and jurisdictional disputes.

“We have the Clean Water Act because states screwed it up the first time around,” said Janette Brimmer, an attorney at Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law group that has filed a lawsuit against the Florida on this. “The only reason these states are advocating for local control is to have dirtier water.”

Generally, the US Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for Section 404; the United States Environmental Protection Agency sets the conditions for evaluating permit applications and reviews applications for approval or rejection.

For years, states have had the ability to assume control of the Section 404 program and other parts of the Clean Water Act.

Michigan adopted permits in 1984 and New Jersey a few years later, but no state has done so since Florida.

“Under the Trump administration, federal officials have encouraged states to seek scrutiny,” wrote Stateline reporter Alex Brown of Pew Charitable Trusts. “Florida’s bid was approved just weeks before President Donald Trump left office.”

However, Brown added, “Florida is defying federal court rulings and EPA guidelines regarding permitting waters. Although federal district court judges in Arizona and New Mexico struck down a Trump-era rule limiting streams and waters protected by the Clean Water Act, Florida still uses the old definition of the Trump era.

A few states are considering taking Section 404 rights, including Alaska, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Arizona, Indiana and Oregon have opted out.

State responsibilities for wetlands shared by five government agencies

Since the earth’s resources are limited and the demands are not, it is inevitable to balance human activities and wetlands. Since the proposed activities may harm wetlands, the government seeks to weigh the costs to the resource against the benefits to developers or the public.

“Wetlands are important habitats that provide valuable ecological services, such as retaining water to reduce flooding and allowing nutrients to accumulate and build up, which then leads to highly productive,” wrote Randy Smith, Wetland Wildlife Program Manager for the Illinois Department. of Natural Resources, explaining the Illinois Wetlands Campaign. “They also enable the physical and biochemical treatment of sediments and other pollutants that degrade natural features and ecosystems.

“Unfortunately, over 90 percent of Illinois’ wetlands have been lost to agriculture and development,” Smith added. “The remaining wetlands have been degraded and reduced in their ability to perform ecosystem functions. In addition, public perception of wetland ecosystems is often negative. They are considered a habitat for unwanted animals, such as mosquitoes and snakes. These views and biases often lead to public resistance when confronted with the idea of ​​wetland restoration and management.

Recognizing the importance of wetlands, federal and state governments have established standards to help protect them.

But regulating wetlands can be complicated, with overlapping powers given to different government entities, some with different definitions or priorities of wetlands.

In Illinois, five government agencies have some authority over wetlands – three federal agencies (the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Department of Agriculture/Natural Resources Conservation Service) and two of State (the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency).

“Despite the challenges, a number of wetland restoration projects have taken place through the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan’s Wetland Campaign, [which] works to assess the health of the state’s wildlife and their habitats, identify current issues, and define strategies and actions to conserve species of concern,” Smith said.

Traveling with a choir: Making travel accessible and memorable through music – News


After a pandemic travel hiatus, the Missouri State University Choir returns from a tour of South Africa.

Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, China, Spain, Germany, and South Africa: Missouri State University Chorale students tend to graduate with multiple stamps in their passports.

Every two years, the members of the choir look forward to an international tour of the choir. For its 2022 international tour, the Choir traveled to South Africa from May 21 to June 8.

The group has performed with local choirs in Cape Town, the Drakensberg Mountains and Johannesburg. The choir was also able to travel to the Basque Country region of Spain last fall to sing in the Tolosa Choral Competition.

Choral poses in South Africa.

Cultural experience enhances education

Some students have returned to South Africa with the Missouri State Chorale for the second time since the choir’s first visit in 2015.

“Returning to South Africa is a truly unique experience,” said Zach Reece, graduate student in choir conducting. “On parts of the tour I found myself recognizing places we had been on the last tour or seeing places and shops that I know I explored last time. was no less amazing than the first trip.

Traveling with a choir goes far beyond the typical tourist experience:

  • The members of the choir immerse themselves in new cultures by singing with and for the locals.
  • They cross unknown cities and landscapes alongside their friends and future colleagues.
  • They connect to the past by performing traditional music appropriate to the region they are visiting.

“This country changes you,” said vocal music education major Anna Brummell. “Nature, of course, is beautiful. They have mountains, oceans, lush greens, and as many monkeys as we have squirrels.

“But the most beautiful part of South Africa is the people. What I noticed at our first gig in Cape Town was that no one had put up their walls.

Choir poses in front of the mountain overlooking the sea.

Travel and the arts provide perspective

For each round, Dr. Cameron LaBarrdirector of choral studies at Missouri State, collaborates with Perform International to create an itinerary that balances time in major international cities, but also remote country experiences.

Between performances, the choir:

  • I flew to Frankfurt, Germany and saw the sights of the Rhine Valley.
  • Explore Camps Bay and the Atlantic coast.
  • Hike in the Drakensberg Mountains.
  • I went on safari in Kruger National Park.

“It’s certainly been difficult the past few months with the travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19,” LaBarr said. “However, we are now even more aware of the real importance of sharing culture across international borders.

“We live in a world of seemingly constant challenges – but music and the arts create conversations and allow people to empathize in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

Learn more about the Choral Studies Program

3 Key Student Loan Forgiveness Opportunities Could End Soon – Here’s How to Apply


In recent months, the Biden administration has approved billions of dollars in student loan forgiveness for hundreds of thousands of borrowers. And others may be on the way.

But many of these initiatives are temporary, and borrowers only have a limited window of time to apply for or receive relief before it ends. In many cases, borrowers may have to take action by a specific deadline to qualify for student loan forgiveness.

Here’s what you need to know and how to apply.

Forgiveness of student loan thanks to the renunciation of the PSLF

In October, the Biden administration signed into law a new fix for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). PSLF is a student loan forgiveness program that can erase federal student loan debt for borrowers who work 10 years or more in eligible nonprofit or government careers. To remedy years of poor oversight and mismanagement, the administration implemented the PSLF Limited Waiver Program.

Under the limited PSLF waiver, prior repayment periods that would otherwise have been ineligible (including payments made under ineligible repayment plans or on older FFEL loans) may be counted in the PSLF, except provided that the borrower was in eligible employment at the time. . But the program is set to end on Oct. 31, 2022 (advocates are urging the Biden administration to extend the relief, but there’s no indication officials will).

Here’s how to pursue the Limited PSLF Waiver initiative:

  • Consult the Ministry of Education detailed advice on the PSLF Limited Waiver Program.
  • For borrowers who already have direct federal student loans and who have already certified their employment in the public service, no action is necessary, as the Department of Education has indicated that it will automatically update the payment tally. PSLF of borrowers.
  • For borrowers who need to certify or re-certify their PSLF employment, or to check if your employer is eligible for PSLF, you can start the process through the Ministry of Education PSLF Helper Tool.
  • The Department of Education says borrowers with FFEL loans or Perkins loans should consolidate those loans through the Federal Direct Consolidation Program by October 31, 2022 to be eligible for the limited PSLF waiver. “Pre-consolidation loan repayment periods matter” under the Limited PSLF Waiver initiative, the Department says. Borrowers can consolidate online via the Department’s website. Review the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation before proceeding. Note that the consolidation process can take a month or two, so don’t wait until the last minute if you need to consolidate.
  • Borrowers receiving loans from the FFEL program must first verify that their job is eligible for PSLF via the PSLF help tool above, before consolidating. If their employment qualifies, FFEL borrowers will need to consolidate these loans through the Federal Direct Consolidation Program, and then submit their PSLF employment certificate once their FFEL loans have been consolidated into a direct loan.

Student loan forgiveness as part of an income-based repayment adjustment

The Biden administration announced an initiative in April to expand relief under Income-Based Reimbursement (IDR) plans, which includes plans such as Income-Based Reimbursement (IBR) and Pay-to-Pay. as you go (PAYE). Under IDR plans, borrowers can get any remaining loan balance forgiven after 20 or 25 years (depending on the plan). But according to the rules of origin, only the time spent on reimbursement under an IDR plan would count.

Under the new initiative, which the Biden administration calls the “IDR adjustment,” prior loan periods can be factored into a borrower’s IDR repayment term, including any repayment period and certain adjournment and abstention periods. Under the initiative, “any borrower whose loans have accrued repayment time of at least 20 or 25 years will receive automatic discounting, even if you are not currently on an IDR plan,” says the Ministry of Education.

Here’s how to continue this program:

  • Review the Ministry of Education guidelines on RDI adjustment. Note that the IDR adjustment will also benefit PSLF borrowers. That of the Department advice on the PSLF limited waiver program also reflects IDR adjustment.
  • For borrowers who already have direct federal student loans, no action may be required as the Department of Education has indicated that it will automatically implement the IDR adjustment and begin posting tracking information. IDR this fall.
  • Similar to the PSLF Limited Waiver Program, borrowers with FFEL loans would need to consolidate those loans through the Federal Direct Consolidation Program to benefit from the IDR adjustment. The Department for Education says borrowers should do so “before we complete the implementation of these changes, which should be no earlier than January 1, 2023”. Borrowers can consolidate online via the Department’s website. Review the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation before proceeding. Note that the consolidation process can take a month or two, so don’t wait until the last minute if you need to consolidate. As with the limited PSLF waiver, the Department indicates that “any pre-consolidation repayment period of the consolidated loans” may be taken into account as part of the IDR adjustment.
  • Note that the tax implications of student loan forgiveness under IDR plans can be complicated, depending on exactly when student loan forgiveness occurs. Consult a qualified tax advisor if necessary.

Student loan forgiveness for borrowers misled by their school

The Biden administration is working to implement two key initiatives as part of the defend-to-pay borrower program. Borrower Defense Until Repayment is a federal student loan forgiveness program designed to address certain types of school misconduct. Borrowers can seek Borrower Defense Relief if a school has made false promises or misrepresentations about critical aspects of their curriculum like admissions, career prospects, or credit transferability.

For the first initiative, the Biden administration announced earlier this month that it would forgive federal student loan debt incurred by borrowers who attended Corinthian Colleges, a nationwide chain of for-profit colleges that has closed. in 2015 following accusations of widespread misconduct. Everest College, Heald College, and Wyotech were part of the Corinthian College umbrella.

The Department of Education also announced last week a proposed settlement agreement with a class of student borrowers to resolve Sweet vs. DeVos, a multi-year lawsuit regarding blocked borrower defense claims. Under the terms of the proposed agreement — which has yet to be finalized and approved by the court — borrowers who have already submitted borrower defense claims and attended a covered school will have their applicable federal student loans forgiven. However, other borrowers may still qualify for borrower defense relief.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • For borrowers who attended Corinthian schools (including Everest College, Heald College, and Wyotech), no action is necessary. The Biden administration has indicated that these borrowers will have their applicable federal student loans canceled whether or not they have actually submitted a Borrower Defense Claim.
  • For the Sweet vs. DeVos proposed settlement, borrowers who attended one of the more than 150 schools listed in the joint agreement who submitted a borrower defense request before June 22, 2022 would have their applicable federal student loans forgiven, once the settlement proposed approved by the court.
  • Borrowers who attended one of the schools covered by the Sweet vs. DeVosbut have not yet submitted a borrower defense request, may still submit one before final approval of the settlement proposal, which attorneys in the case do not expect until this fall. These borrowers would not be entitled to automatique student loan cancellation, but under the proposed settlement, the Department of Education would have to make a decision on such applications within 36 months or the borrower would be entitled to an automatic discharge. To learn more about the Sweet vs. DeVos case and the proposed settlement, and to consult the list of schools covered, go to here.
  • Importantly, borrowers who made not attend one of the schools covered by Sweet vs. DeVos can still submit a Borrower Defense Claim until repayment, as the program itself does not expire. You can start the process on the Ministry of Education website Borrower Defense website.

Further Reading on Student Loans

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264,000 borrowers to get $6 billion in student loan forgiveness in ‘historic’ settlement deal with Biden administration

Biden Reportedly Close to Making a Decision on Widespread Student Loan Forgiveness – Here’s Where It Stands

Want student loan forgiveness? To qualify, borrowers may need to do this first

Wallaby quits Brums for Force, Bobby V talks 6v8, Quade on Samu reunion, Fiji gold medal hero joins EPL club


Wallabies hooker Folau Fainga’a has confirmed his move from the Brumbies to the Force, signing with the club from Super Rugby and Rugby Australia until the end of 2024.

Fainga’a has 25 Test caps since his debut in 2018 and was a member of the 2019 Rugby World Cup squad.

“I am super excited to re-sign with Australian Rugby and join Western Force from next year,” the 27-year-old said in a statement.

(Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

“They’re a team that from the outside seem to be going in a really positive direction and I’m looking forward to working with the coaching staff there in 2023.

“At the moment I am concentrating here with the Wallabies and preparing for what is going to be a very tough series against England which starts this weekend.”

Wallabies coach Dave Rennie said: “Folau’s recommitment to Australian rugby is positive.

“A solid scrambler and excellent pitcher, Folau has been a consistent feature of our team over the past two seasons.

“He’s a popular member of the squad and the most experienced rake in the country, which makes him an important part of our squad going forward.”

Bobby ready for battle

Rob Valetini is set to start against England in Perth on Saturday, but in which position Dave Rennie’s call will depend on his forward balance.

For what it’s worth, Valetini suggests he slightly prefers No.6, where he has excelled for the Brumbies this season.

Rennie appears to have two major options – Rob Leota at 6 and Valetini at 8, or Harry Wilson at the back of the scrum and Valetini at the blind flank.

“I don’t really have a preference. I guess I play different roles,” Valetini told reporters. “At Brums, I’m quite happy to be at 6 and to have the ball in the second phase.”

No matter where he plays, Valetini knows dominance from set pieces will be key in the series and he’s confident in the power of the Wallabies pack.

“I think for us it’s part of our Wallabies DNA,” Valetini said.

“We’ve talked about it over the last two weeks during our camp that we want to win this physical battle and that goes a long way to winning the game, so I guess for this series we have to be physical and we know that if we win this physical battle, it will go a long way in winning the series.

He said the peloton focused on “things we can control. Especially on set pieces, through lineouts and scrums. I guess, just trying to be physically there through our strikers, eight against eight and delivering a good ball in the back.

There are 15 Brumbies in the Wallabies squad and coach Dan McKellar on board full-time, and a titanic battle is brewing against a strong group of England forwards.

“We know they have a good free kick and they thrive out the back of that, so for us it’s about playing up there, especially in scrums and lineouts and with the maul as well,” Valetini said.

Cooper back in Japan

Quade Cooper says his immediate plan is to stay in Japanese rugby but he is delighted to be back with the Wallabies and is set to resume his partnership with damaging center Samu Kerevi.

“At this point, Japan is where I will be. I didn’t have conversations otherwise. I am looking forward to this opportunity with my club, we have won the promotion-relegation games so we are going to move up to the first division this year so it will be an exciting challenge,” Cooper said.

“It’s been a tough couple of years for us to be able to get there, with Covid and things like that. With our competition, where there is promotion-relegation, it meant a lot to everyone involved at our club to finally get back to Division One and they have a plan for the next four years to be able to compete for the Division One title. ”

He said he wasn’t sure when his contract expired, but believes it will be early next year.

Quade Cooper at the Wallabies 2022 camp (Andrew Phan/Wallabies media)

Quade Cooper in the Wallabies camp (Andrew Phan/Wallabies media)

Regarding reuniting with Kerevi, Cooper said, “It will be exciting if we have the opportunity to play together again.

“It was great to build this partnership last season. But, again, there are players who are in hot form between the guys playing in Australia and us playing in Japan.

“I know last week it was all very hotly contested, the coaches keep everyone on their toes by swapping and changing bibs and who is paired with which person.

“When the team is announced, everyone hopes your name will be called. But, saying that, we all want to support each other and push each other to do our best to have the best opportunity. There are no guarantees in any of this, so we have to do our best to make sure we are ready no matter who is called.

Cooper, who has opened up about his relationship, forged on Instagram, with young England gunman Marcus Smith, expects Owen Farrell to return to No.12 for England to relieve the youngster.

“It shouldn’t change the way it works too much,” Cooper said. “They are both extremely talented players. Having a guy like Owen Farrell outside of Marcus would take a lot of the pressure off him in terms of play.

“Being his eyes and ears and how we call it, we have a first five-eight and a second five-eight, having these two who are true No. 10s able to work together, it’s hard to try to work out where the main source of ball play will come from. They’ll get through it, so we’ll try to do it ourselves.

Fiji gold medalist swaps rugby for football

Brentford have appointed former England and Fiji rugby sevens coach Ben Ryan to the club’s new position as elite performance manager.

Former Nottingham half-back Ryan, 50, who guided Fiji to seven-man Olympic gold at Rio 2016, will work alongside head coach Thomas Frank.

Brentford director of football Phil Giles told the club’s official website: “I believe the role of elite performance director will help us achieve even higher levels of performance for players and staff. .

“After a thorough recruitment process, Ben has established himself as the candidate par excellence.

“He brings huge experience of how to reach elite level in a range of sports and has coaching experience that will help him work effectively with Thomas.”

Ryan, who studied at Cambridge and Loughborough universities, was England sevens head coach for six years before taking on the same role with Fiji when rugby sevens was first introduced to the Olympic Games in Rio.

He also received Fiji’s highest honor – Companion of the Order of Fiji – for his role in helping the country win its first ever Olympic medal and his face also appears on coins and banknotes in the archipelago in the South Pacific.

Spain’s decision is confirmed

Spain’s appeal against their disqualification from next year’s Rugby World Cup in France for fielding an ineligible player in the 2021-22 European Rugby Championship has been dismissed.

“The Independent Appeal Panel has reviewed the initial decision of the Independent Judicial Panel based on the evidence available to it,” World Rugby said in a statement.

“After reviewing the detailed submissions from the Spanish Union and World Rugby, the Independent Appeal Panel has rejected the appeal.

The committee said that regarding qualification for the World Cup, the deduction of 10 points applied to the European qualification table by the independent judicial commission is maintained, which means that Romania qualifies as European 2 in Pool B replacing Spain.

Portugal replace Romania in the final qualifying tournament in November 2022.

The board of directors of the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) said in April that three members of Alcobendas Rugby Club had falsified a copy of the passport of South African-born Gavin Van den Berg in order to make him eligible to play.

Spain secured a World Cup spot for the first time since 1999 after finishing runners-up in the European Rugby Championship (REP), but were disqualified from next year’s tournament in France for fielding Van den Berg in two qualifying matches.

World Rugby, the sport’s governing body, has launched an investigation after a complaint over Van den Berg’s eligibility was lodged by Romania, who missed out on automatic qualification after finishing just behind Spain.

FER vice-chairman Jose Maria Epalza says Romania gave World Rugby a photo of Van den Berg at a wedding in South Africa in 2019 two weeks before he supposedly left for Spain, according to the date on the copy of the player’s passport provided to the federation.

To be eligible, Van den Berg would have had to spend 36 months residing in Spain, including at least 10 months each year.

Van den Berg, however, had spent more than two months outside Spain in 2019. He did not comment on the allegations, but an independent judicial committee said his travel stamps had been tampered with without the knowledge of the Spain or player.

Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market to Witness Massive Growth by 2031 – Designer Women


Market reports has recently released a new study in its database which highlights the in-depth analysis of the market with the future prospects of Personal and corporate debt consolidation market. The study covers important data that makes the research document a handy resource for managers, industry executives and other key people who get a ready-to-access, self-analyzed study and charts and charts to help understand market trends, market drivers and challenges. Some of the key players mentioned in this research are Goldman Sachs, OneMain Financial, Discover Personal Loans, Lending Club, Payoff, Freedom Debt Relief, National Debt Relief, Rescue One Financial, ClearOne Advantage, New Era Debt Solutions, Pacific Debt, Accredited Debt Relief, CuraDebt Systems, Guardian Debt Relief, Dette Trading Services, Premier Debt Help, Oak View Law Group

Segment by Type– Credit Card Debt– Student Loan Debt– Medical Bill– Apartment Leases– OthersSegment by Application– Company– Consumer

Access a free sample PDF report @ marketreports.info/sample/64608/Consumer-and-Corporate-Debt-Consolidation

Pre-Post COVID-19 Impact on the Global Consumer and Commercial Debt Consolidation Market

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered novel corona virus. Largely unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December 2019, COVID-19 escalated from a regional crisis to a global pandemic in just weeks.

In addition, production and supply chain delays were also witnessed during the second quarter, which posed a challenge to the consumer and corporate debt consolidation market as end-user industries do not were still not working to their full capacity.

Inquire for customization in Report @ marketreports.info/enquiry/64608/Consumer-and-Corporate-Debt-Consolidation

What are the market issues in personal and business debt consolidation?

Changing regulatory landscapes, operational barriers, and the emergence of alternative technologies are all impacting the consumer and business debt consolidation industry.

What are the different types of Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market?

Based on Type, the Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market is split into: [Type]. In 2022, the segment held the largest share.

Who are the Major Key Players in the Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market?

Goldman Sachs, OneMain Financial, Discover Personal Loans, Lending Club, Payoff, Freedom Debt Relief, National Debt Relief, Rescue One Financial, ClearOne Advantage, New Era Debt Solutions, Pacific Debt, Accredited Debt Relief, CuraDebt Systems, Guardian Debt Relief, Dette Trading Services, Premier Debt Help, Oak View Law Group

Who are the major end users of the Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market?

The personal and corporate debt consolidation market is segmented into [Application] other end users.

Which region is most profitable for Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market?

Emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region will be the lucrative markets for consumer and corporate debt consolidation products. .

What is the current size of the Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation market?

The current market size of the Global Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market is estimated at USD XX in 2022.

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North America is the region’s largest market for Consolidation of consumer and business debt.

North America includes countries like the United States, Canada, and Mexico. North America is the second largest consumer and producer of electricity after Asia-Pacific. The United States and Canada, which are among the largest consumers in this region and the world, account for the largest share of the Consolidation of consumer and business debt market.

Secondary research:

This research study made extensive use of secondary sources, directories, and databases such as Hoover’s, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Factiva, and OneSource to identify and collect information helpful for technical, market-oriented, and business study of the global Portable Generators market . Other secondary sources included company annual reports, press releases and investor presentations, white papers, certified publications, articles from recognized authors, manufacturers’ associations, trade directories and databases.

Primary research:

Various sources from the supply and demand side were queried during the primary research process to obtain qualitative and quantitative insights for this report. Key sources included industry experts from core and related industries, as well as preferred suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, technology developers, researchers, and organizations from all segments of this industry’s value chain. . To obtain and verify critical qualitative and quantitative information, in-depth interviews were conducted with various key informants, including key industry participants, subject matter experts, C-level executives from key market players, and industry consultants. sector.

Market size estimation

The total size of the Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market has been estimated and validated using both top-down and bottom-up approaches. These methods have also been widely used to estimate the size of various market sub-segments. The following research methodologies have been used to estimate the market size:

Extensive secondary research has been used to identify key industry players.

The revenue generated by the major players in the molecular diagnostics market has been determined by primary and secondary research.

All shares, breakdowns and percentage breakdowns have been calculated using secondary sources and confirmed using primary sources.

TABLE OF CONTENTS OF Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market Report


1.1 objectives of the study
1.2 definition
1.3 inclusions and exclusions

1.4 market scope
1.5 years considered
1.6 currency
1.7 limits
1.8 stakeholders
1.9 summary of changes

2.1 research data

2.2 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
2.3 scope
2.4 impact of covid-19 on the industry
2.5 market size estimation



4.1 Exciting Opportunities in the Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation Market
4.2 Consumer and Commercial Debt Consolidation Market, by Region
4.3 North America Consumer and Commercial Debt Consolidation Market by End User and Country
4.4 Consumer and Commercial Debt Consolidation Market, by Application
4.5 Consumer and Commercial Debt Consolidation Market, by End User

5.1 presentation
5.2 covid-19 health check
5.3 path to recovery

5.4 covid-19 economic evaluation
5.5 market dynamics

5.6 trends
5.7 market map
5.8 average price of personal and corporate debt consolidation
5.9 trade statistics
5.8 value chain analysis
5.9 technological analysis
5.10 pricing and regulatory landscape

5.11 Consumer and Business Debt Consolidation: Patent Analysis
5.14 analysis of the carrier’s five forces


6.1 Presentation
6.2 Emergency
6.3 First/Continuous

7.1 Presentation
7.2 Residential
7.3 Commercial
7.4 Industrial


8.1 Presentation
8.2 North America
8.3 Asia-Pacific
8.4 Europe
8.5 Middle East and Africa
8.6 South America

9.1 Strategies of key players
9.2 Top Five Players Market Share Analysis
9.3 Market Assessment Framework
9.4 Top Five Market Players Revenue Analysis
9.5 Business Rating Quadrant
9.6 Mapping Startup Competitive Leadership
9.7 Competitive Scenario

10.1 Key Players
10.2 Startup/SME players

11.1 Views of industry experts
11.2 Discussion Guide
11.3 Knowledge Store
11.4 Customizations available
11.5 Associated reports
11.6 Author Details

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About Us:

marketreports.info offers a comprehensive database of syndicated research studies, custom reports, and consulting services. These reports are created to help make smart, instant and crucial decisions based on comprehensive and in-depth quantitative information, backed up with in-depth analysis and industry insights.

Our dedicated in-house team ensures that reports meet client requirements. We aim to provide valuable service to our customers. Our reports are based on extensive industry coverage and ensure that we focus on the specific needs of our clients. The main idea is to enable our customers to make an informed decision, keeping them and ourselves informed of the latest market trends.

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Six activities to fuel children’s passions (and beat boredom) during the school holidays


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The winter school holidays are here, and there are plenty of activities all over town for the kids. In partnership with LEGO®, we’ve rounded up the pick of the bunch, with activities that will appeal to any type of child – and help them beat boredom, too.



The best activities for children are those that caregivers can also enjoy. And if there’s one activity universally loved by young and old alike, it’s playing with LEGO® bricks. From July 9-10, a two-day celebration of all things brick at the Sydney Showground in the form of LEGO® CON, where there will be plenty for families to see, do and build.

LEGO® fans can create and play with sets covering a huge range of LEGO® worlds and even help build a top-secret LEGO® project. Children are also invited to participate in a Build the Change session, where little LEGO® fans can share their hopes and dreams for the future.

Visitors will also have the chance to admire an impressive life-size LEGO® Technic™ McLaren Formula 1™ racing car, which is on display for the very first time in Sydney.

Admission to the event is free, but you will need to register to attend – learn more and secure your spot on the website. Tickets are currently sold out, but there will be more on Friday, July 1.


Maja Baska (NIDA)


Children as young as two years old can take part in NIDA’s extensive school holiday program this winter. Classes take place at all Sydney campuses, from Kensington to Kellyville, and cover a wide range of skills – from five-day filmmaking workshops to hands-on costume-making and set design lessons. Whichever they choose, children will be encouraged to explore the limits of their creativity and imagination in a fun and collaborative environment.



Do you have children looking to stay active during these school holidays? Head straight to Sydney Olympic Park, which hosts an array of sporting activities from July 2-17. Whether they want to run, kick, bounce, swim, or even shoot a bow and arrow, there’s an activity with their name on it. Classes are led by professional instructors and cater to all levels of experience, whether your little one is looking to try a new activity or build on existing skills. Learn more here.


Penrith Regional Gallery


If this world is just a canvas, the canvas better be an actual canvas than, say, your walls. If your little one is looking to channel their creativity during these school holidays, enrolling them in an art workshop will help them do just that.

At the Bankstown Arts Center there are a range of interactive activities that will help participants create their own mini-masterpieces – or contribute to a larger one. Children can bring their most vivid dreams to life at Frame Your Dream, a free two-hour workshop led by artists from the collective Theater Kantanka. Little creatives will also have the chance to be part of Kantanka’s Bankstown Biennale performance piece dream shutter. Elsewhere, kids can learn binding, weaving and twisting techniques as they create personal tree talismans from natural materials at Tree Creatures, or learn the monoprint technique to create brightly colored flags that can be hanging on a wishing tree.

Bubs, teens and in-betweens can get involved in the creative workshops taking place at the Penrith Regional Gallery these days. Babies as young as six months old can sing, play and create canvas art at Bubs on Canvas, while kids aged five to eight can design their dream town with stamps and techniques prints that use everyday objects in Cité de rêve. Other workshops cover techniques like painting, stenciling, linocut and more.



Give your mini the gift of valuable life skills this school holiday by signing her up for an interactive communication workshop at Talent Club Australia. The four-in-one workshops, taking place both in locations around Sydney and also online, will build children’s confidence and their communication and leadership skills through a unique mix of public speaking activities , creative writing, debate and acting under the guidance of talented and professional coaches. There are junior and senior workshops, so kids big and small (ages 5-17) can participate, with no experience necessary.



A host of experiences await you at the Sydney Opera House this winter. Roald Dahl’s Beloved morons headlining the school holiday lineup, with a captivating production by Shake & Stir Theater Co.

Also on billing is Creation Creation (pictured above), a comedy documentary that explores some of life’s biggest questions from interviews with people aged between eight and 102. The colorful and creative performance seeks to answer questions such as “Is there other life in the universe?” and ‘How did the world begin?’ in a hilarious explosion of art, sculpture and puppetry.

Meanwhile, Tempo is the new show of Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Australia’s national youth circus. Little theatergoers will be captivated by an ensemble of young performers who spin, juggle, balance and dive. Children who feel particularly inspired can take part in a workshop with Flying Fruit Fly Circus’ artistic director, Anni Davey, who will teach participants an impressive range of circus skills.

Beyond the stage, the Sydney Opera House will also host hands-on arts and crafts workshops, as well as behind-the-scenes tours that will unveil secrets under the sails.


For more information about LEGO® CON Australia and to register, visit the website.

Rare Comic On Rare Stamps, Thrilling Adventures in Stamps, Auction



Youthful Publications was part of a constellation of publishing companies with loose ties to the DC Comics founder Harry Donenfeld. A principle of the company, William Friedmanhad acted as Donenfeld’s lawyer on numerous occasions, while another, Adrien Lopez, had previously co-founded a magazine publisher with Donenfeld. With publications that included adult satires, cheesecake magazines, and romance and horror comics, something like Comic stamp (renamed Thrilling adventures in stamps for its latest issue) might be the last thing you expect from these editors. But it was perhaps the most promoted publication Youthful had ever tried to launch. An interesting idea that caught the attention of stamp collectors in its time and since then the series didn’t gain much traction in its time, it seems, and its latest issue is considered very rare. But there is a Thrilling adventures in #8 stamps (Stamp Comics, 1953).

#8 (1953)

The premise behind Comic stamp was simple and clever: each story took a look at an important postage stamp from across history and told the story the stamp represented. As an editorial in Issue 1 explained: “It has been rightly said that stamps are the mirror of history. Those tiny gummed labels that carry mail to the farthest corners of the world have started wars, heroes and villains, immortalizing the great and the unknown; and in doing so, they have become the most popular pastime in the world. In this book, we have attempted to tell you some of the thrilling and exciting stories behind behind the stamps in your collection.”

The collecting hobby of the time seems to have reacted enthusiastically to the idea. Youthful promoted the series at collectors’ conventions, and it was promoted in numerous collector’s trade journals and advertised in other magazines. It was a healthy idea at a time when the general public had a very bleak view of the comic book industry, but unfortunately it only lasted eight issues. Thrilling adventures in #8 stamps might just be the toughest out of the race, but there is a Thrilling adventures in #8 stamps (Stamp Comics, 1953).

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Yoruba monument “our greatest dream”



Maria Diaz, left, and Sherlann Peters celebrate the unveiling of the Yoruba village monument on June 18. – ANGELO MARCELLE

Artists Sherlann Peters and Maria Diaz couldn’t help but shed tears of joy when, on June 18, one of their biggest dreams came true with the unveiling of the Yoruba village monument.

Commissioned by the Emancipation Support Committee (ESC), the monument was unveiled in the Yoruba Village Square, east of Port of Spain, during the Yoruba Village Drum Festival. It is a tribute to the Yoruba village community which has made a significant contribution to the social, economic and cultural landscape of TT.

The sculptors said they dreamed of one day building a monument and leaving a permanent mark on the national soil. It’s even more meaningful for them because they understand what sculpture means to the region and the country. It is also a great achievement for young female artists because most of the pieces in the capital were made by men.

“It was surreal to do the largest statue in eastern Port of Spain,” said Peters, who designed the monument.

Artists Maria Diaz, left, and Sherlann Peters plan to collaborate on other landmarks, possibly local icons. – ANGELO MARCELLE

Made of sculpting putty and painted with oxidizing bronze paints and patina, the monument is of a Yoruba man and woman, identified as such by facial scarification.

Constructed by 26-year-old Diaz, the female figure is nurturing. In her hands she holds a calabash bowl filled with black-eyed peas with a plant growing from them, signifying new growth and the continuation of African culture and heritage. It is adorned with a gele (headgear), cowrie shells and an anchor pendant around the neck. And since the national instrument originated from what used to be called the Yoruba village, the design of her necklace is that of steelpan while her earrings are steelpan sticks.

The male figure was constructed by Peters, 42. He is dressed in an African outfit and hat (an aso oke agbada and an abeti aja) and wears a sankofa pendant. The website cola.siu.edu translates “sankofa” as “returning to the past and presenting what is useful” while berea.edu translates it as “it is not taboo to seek out what is likely to be left over”.

He also plays a talking drum and a stick and Peters explained, “Talking drums were banned during slavery, but out of that ban came the evolution of the steelpan. He is like the father who protects everyone and brings up the rear with the music and the rhythm. It depicts the festival, the vibe of the area which is appropriate as we see the influence of African soca and calypso music.

Peters told WMN that the ESC contacted local artist Kenwyn Crichlow about the project three years ago and recommended her because she was one of his former students at UWI. Excited and ready for any challenge, she contacted Diaz, a fellow sculptor and friend of eight years to partner with her on the project.

Concrete Throne, a sculpture by artist Maria Diaz. –

And they are perfect partners because, although they both cover similar subjects in their work, Peters’ art style is realism while Diaz’s gravitates towards surrealism and contemporary art.

They immediately started working on research and design, internal mechanism, how to install it, material sourcing and carving process. But, due to the challenges of rising costs and delays due to the pandemic, it wasn’t until a year ago that they began acquiring the materials and building the monument.

They thanked everyone who helped them realize their dream, including Rauf Aregbesola, then Governor of Osun State in Nigeria, who made the initial financial contribution in 2018, and later the East Port of Spain Development Company as well as the PoS City Corporation which made the base of the monument.


Peters is a self-taught artist who has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Her father practices art as a hobby and her brother, Shawn Peters, is a painter and sculptor.

Dr Roy Cape, a realistic clay representation of saxophonist Roy Cape by artist Sherlann Peters. –

“I’ve been making art since I was young. It’s in my family, I don’t think I could have escaped it and I didn’t want to because I love it.

She remembers her grandmother sending her to the post office when she was a child. She marveled at the images on the stamps and wished she could create such work. And she was able to achieve this goal in 2004 when she made a collection of stamps for TT Post commemorating the abolition of slavery.

Her love for art grew exponentially during her studies at Morvant Laventille High School. There, her art teacher introduced her to artist Makemba Kunle. She was inspired by his work and the work of other local artists like LeRoy Clarke, Bill Trotman and Fitzroy Hoyte.

Then, at age 15, she sold her first piece – a drawing of two women dressed in colorful Caribbean clothing sitting on a sofa – at an art show at Toco High School.

“Through Studio66, I sold this piece to a German couple who were on vacation for $800. After that, I was an artist. That was it for me.

She skipped the rest of her studies to focus on art. So much so that during her CXC math exam, she drew everyone in the room and walked out. Since then, she exhibits every year in art galleries.

“Art was my main focus. I didn’t even think I would need English or social studies or anything else to support my art. Of course, I went back and did other subjects afterwards.

She then took a certificate course in visual arts and, a few years later, the diploma program from which she graduated in 2017.

She was also part of the 2011 Women as Agents of Change exhibition where she created a sculpture of Calypso Rose which was produced for Commonwealth Day celebrations for the Queen.

Diaz was introduced to art when she started attending Bishop Anstey High School East where Peters taught art for a year.

The true love of Maria Diaz –

“Although she was not my teacher, there was one day when she brought a sculpture and I saw it by chance. At that time, I already knew that I wanted to do art. I was more focused on digital arts and animation, but I was still researching what medium I would choose. This was the first interaction I had with realism, clay and sculpture, and I thought “It’s so amazing! I need to do some sculpting.”

“Animation is a digital form of sculpting, using a computer program to sculpt the pieces. So, for me, it goes hand in hand.

During her A-Levels, she studied with artist Elsa Clarke who nurtured and helped develop her skills. Still, she was determined to pursue animation and game design. She received a partial scholarship to a school in Canada, but could not afford it. So she applied to the Visual Arts degree program at UWI and focused on fine art.

There she met Peters and the women clicked instantly. They also received Caricom scholarships to participate in a one-year exchange program at the University of Calgary in Canada where they lived and studied together and developed their friendship.

She works at the Department of Sports and Community Development and had her first exposure in 2019.

Over the years, the two women have worked for Carifesta and for the Central Bank, but the Yoruba monument is the first piece they have worked on together, something they hope to do again.

They can’t wait to do more landmarks, possibly one of TT’s icons, Peters said. They hope to do a joint exhibition at some point in the future.

Royal family: The Queen collects the most random thing – and you’ll probably find it in your kitchen


The royal family is famous the world over for their weird and wonderful habits and pastimes, some of which date back hundreds of years of history. Whether it’s playing polo, driving horse-drawn carriages or hunting grouse, members of the royal family have very exclusive and classy hobbies. But did you know that even some of the most privileged people in the world enjoy the same comforts as us?

From Prince Charles’ love of gardening to the Duchess of Cambridge’s passion for cooking, we are very similar in so many ways. The Queen is no different from her family and has had many hobbies during her 96 years, such as filming with movie cameras to catch up on her favorite TV shows. Her Majesty also followed in the footsteps of her ancestors and chose to collect various objects. The strangest of them is… pepper mills.

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1980: The Queen laughs while attending the Royal Windsor Horse Show

While it’s unclear exactly why or when the monarch embarked on her journey of collecting pepper mills, it’s said that she finds her selection quite amusing. One of his favorites was a gift from a friend that came from an Italian restaurant in the form of a plastic waiter.

It is reported that when you break your head for pepper, he shouts with an Italian accent: “You break my neck!” which the Queen would find hilarious. But the pepper mills are not the only objects that the queen has wanted to collect. More traditionally, she became the fifth generation of royals to be added to the historic family stamp collection. Today, the royal stamp collection is said to be worth over £10 million.

Royal expert Phil Dampier told Fabulous Digital: ‘The Queen loves to show visitors her stamp collection, heads of state who stay at Buckingham Palace say. It is one of her prides and joys, not only because she owns some of the most valuable stamps in the world, but also because she has built on a family treasure and feels a sense of to have done the pride of his father and of the former monarchs who owned it.

The Queen not only left the collection as it was when the likes of Prince Alfred and King George VI worked there, she added to it. The rarest and most expensive addition was a Mauritius stamp worth £2million. It was featured in a traveling exhibition to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002.

The stamp is one of the most prized in the world and was issued by the Colonial Post Office of Mauritius in 1847. The Queen also spent £250,000 on a unique set of 10 Penny Blacks dated the first day they were put into circulation. , May 6, 1840.

The Queen’s stamp collection is said to be worth £100million

But of all the royal guardians, King George V was the most dedicated to maintaining and growing the collection. While still Duke of York, Prince George was made Honorary Vice-President of what would become the Royal Philatelic Society of London in 1893.

He also received a book containing 1,500 stamps on the occasion of his marriage to Princess Mary of Teck from his fellow society members. King George V’s dedication to his hobby knew no bounds, and he even set the record for the highest price ever paid for a stamp.

In 1904 he was asked by a courtier if he had seen “that some damn fool paid as much as £1,450 for a single stamp”. George replied, “Yeah, I’m that damn fool”.

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The 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition sells for more than an NSX


A buyer paid the classic NSX supercar money for a Civic – despite it being one of only 20 Type R Limited Edition hot hatches sold in Australia.

One of 20 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Hot Sedans imported to Australia in 2021 sold for almost 60% more than its list price – before the application of taxes and the purchase premium.

Adding GST, stamp duty, and the mandatory “buyer’s premium” to the sale price brings the on-road price over $120,000, nearly double the car’s original list price. $70,000 by car in 2020.

For context, the three first-generation Honda NSX super sports cars sold in the Australian market by collect cars have an average sale price of approximately $110,000, before buyer’s premium and taxes. $120,000 could buy two and a half 2022 Civic VTi LX sedans, if purchased new.

The final (and fastest) iteration of the ‘FK8’ generation Civic Type R, and limited to 1020 cars worldwide, the 19 limited edition customer cars were sold by Honda Australia via lottery in late 2020 and delivered by mid-2021.

Based on the facelifted 2020 Type R, the Limited Edition adds lighter 20-inch forged BBS alloy wheels that save 10kg, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 track tyres, modified damping units, a readjusted steering and adaptive damping software.

Australian models were fitted with climate control and infotainment displays as standard, like the regular Civic Type R – unlike overseas markets, where these items were removed as standard (but available to be retrofitted as an option) to save weight.

All examples were finished in a unique Sunlight Yellow II color inspired by past Type Rs, offset by gloss black finishes to the roof, mirror caps and hood vent, and a dark chrome Civic badge on the tailgate. Each car had a nameplate indicating its position among the 20 Australian examples.

The example sold on collect cars shows 300 miles on its odometer, with – unsurprisingly – all original user manuals, service books and service guides included, and “factory supplied unfitted floor mats”.

The “Vehicle Owner’s Details” section in the car’s logbook was also left blank for the new owner, suggesting that resale of the car soon after purchase might have been planned from the start.

To see the advertisement sold on collect carsClick here.

Alex Misoyannis

Alex Misoyannis has been writing about cars since 2017, when he launched his own website, Redline. He contributed to Drive in 2018, before joining CarAdvice in 2019, becoming a regular contributing journalist on the press team in 2020. Cars have played a central role throughout Alex’s life, whether it’s about flipping through car magazines at a young age or growing up around performance. vehicles in a car-loving family.

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Pick Irish squads for midweek Maori match and first Test


THE THREE-TEST series promises to be a blockbuster, but there’s no doubt that two more midweek matches make the Irish tour of New Zealand even more interesting.

The arduous but thrilling schedule begins next Wednesday as Ireland take on the Māori All Blacks in Waikato three days before the first Test. A second midweek match against the Maori team will follow on Tuesday July 12 in Wellington ahead of the third Test.

With 15 months to go before the World Cup, Ireland manager Andy Farrell has the chance to learn more about the depth of his squad, having brought a squad of 40 players to New Zealand.

So, just days before Ireland arrive on the pitch, today’s episode of The42 Rugby Weekly The podcast saw Gavan Casey and Murray Kinsella discuss Farrell’s possible selections for the first two games.

Here are the teams Murray has chosen for both matches:

Ireland v Maori All Blacks

  • 15. Mike Lowry
  • 14. Keith Earls (Captain)
  • 13. James Hume
  • 12. Ciaran Frawley
  • 11. Jordan Larmour
  • 10. Harry Byrne
  • 9. Craig Casey
  • 1. Jeremy Loughman
  • 2. Dave Heffernan
  • 3. Finlay Bealham
  • 4.Joe McCarthy
  • 5. Tadhg Beirne
  • 6. Cian Prendergast
  • 7. Nick Timoney
  • 8. Gavin Combes
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Ireland v New Zealand

  • 15. Hugo Keenan
  • 14. MacHansen
  • 13. Garry Ringrose
  • 12. Bundee Aki
  • 11. James Lowe
  • 10. Johnny Sexton (Captain)
  • 9. Jamison Gibson-Park
  • 1.Andrew Porter
  • 2. Dan Sheehan
  • 3. Tadhg Furlong
  • 4. Iain Henderson
  • 5. James Ryan
  • 6. Peter O’Mahony
  • 7. Josh van der Flier
  • 8. Caelan Doris

You can listen to today’s full episode of The42 Rugby Weekly featuring Gavan and Murray below or on your favorite podcast app:

Source: The42 Rugby Weekly/SoundCloud

Royal Mail stamp exchange: When do old stamps expire?


Britain will soon replace the red, blue and gold stamps with brand new purple and green stamps. Royal Mail said the move was due to a “modernization campaign” and that barcoded stamps will enable additional security features and aid operational efficiency.

What timbres change?

Old “definitive” stamps, such as gold, red and blue stamps, will all change.

The stamps will look largely the same, with the Queen’s profile, first introduced in 1967, still in use – but colors will be changed and barcodes added.

First class stamps will turn purple, second class stamps will turn green, large first class stamps will turn blue, and large second class stamps will turn dark blue/teal.

The barcodes match the color of the stamp and are positioned along the queen’s head, separated by a line of perforation.

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When will old stamps expire?

You still have plenty of time to use up all your old stamps as Royal Mail has confirmed they will still be valid until 31st January 2023.

Royal Mail has also confirmed that special stamps with images and Christmas stamps without barcodes will remain valid beyond the deadline.

If at this time you still have old stamps for which you have not found a use, you can exchange them for new stamps free of charge using the “Swap Out” program.

Rugby News for Friday 24/06/2022 – Green and Gold Rugby


Rugby news for Friday 06/24/2022

It’s not Hoss today. Go with it. Hoss has Covid and it’s a risk factor for being a misanthropic heavy drinker! check. Please use these same thoughts and prayers who were so effective in stopping Seppo’s one-sided shootouts.

Today’s news sees possible Wallaby combinations at full-back, Sir Clive Woodward’s take on Eddie Jones and more on brain damage.

back row wallaby

Rob Valetini unloads with the basketball pass
[Rob Valentini offloads with the basketball pass during the Rugby Championship Test between Australia and Argentina at CBus Super Stadium on 2 October 2021 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. (Photo by Stephen Tremain)]

SMH’s Wayne Smith gave his thoughts on Australia’s back row options. The Reds presented Harry Wilson with the Stan Pilecki Medal for peer-voted player of the season while Rob Valetini is well in line for his second straight Brett Robinson award when the Brumbies host their big night after the England series.

It’s hard in the extreme to build a case for NOT using both Valetini and Wilson in the starting lineup against Eddie Jones’ men, but Wayne Smith does.

Valetini has become the tip of the spear when it comes to the Wallabies attack, carrying fearlessly into the heart of the defence. Wilson, too, is a dynamic ball runner but of a different variety. He was left at home after the Wallabies spring tour last November to work on his footwork and did so well in that regard that he was the only striker in the top 10 in yards carried (1036m) in Great Rugby. Add to that a season in which he finished in the top 10 in tackles and offloads and his value becomes all too obvious.

But is Australia overcharging in one area? Rennie coached the Wallabies for 20 Tests, but he only used Wilson for 10 of them. Valetini, on the other hand, has been a regular, capped 18 times by Rennie and appears to be becoming one of the back-row constants alongside flanker and captain Michael Hooper.

Rob Leota (Rebels) is the No. 6 Test holder, having taken advantage of Wilson’s absence on the spring tour to make his international debut. He’s arguably a top roster jumper, but his biggest asset is the physique he brings to the blindside. With an injured Lachie Swinton kicked out of the squad, Leota could be the man to make an impression. Still, he too has had an injury-hit campaign and can the Wallabies be sure to take the same workload off him?

The other alternative is to use Jed Holloway at six. The Waratahs veteran has demonstrated throughout his career that he is just as capable in the second line as he is in the loose role, making him an ideal reserve. Yet there is a vertigo to his game, pure rugby intelligence, which would make it very tempting for Rennie to release him against England.

After weighing all his options, Rennie may find himself at the very beginning. In his first test as Wallabies manager, in October 2020, he selected a back row of Valetini, Hooper and Wilson against the All Blacks in Wellington and deserved to get much more reward than just a draw of 16. Valetini was at No. 8 that day and Wilson was six, but a position swap now would certainly be in order.

There is a terrific look at the Wilson-Hooper-Valetini unit. Perhaps not as menacing as Toutai Kefu, Dave Wilson and Matt Cockbain, the last backline combination to win a World Cup for Australia. But who is that to say?


July 2: First Test, kick-off 7.55pm AEST at Optus Stadium in Perth

July 9: Second Test, kick off 7.55pm AEST at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane

July 16: Third Test, kick off 7.55pm AEST at Sydney Cricket Ground

Clive speechless (not that one)

Rugby 365 reports that World Cup-winning manager Clive Woodward has once again ridiculed Eddie Jones following England’s loss to the Barbarians at Twickenham.

England flew out on their three-Test tour of Australia on Tuesday following a 21-52 spanking by a 14-man Barbarians side who lost ‘Jagged Little Will’ Skelton to a red card in the first half -time.

For some time now, the 2003 World Cup-winning boss has been extremely critical of Jones and his run of deflating results in recent years in charge of England.

He gave Jones both barrels in March after the end of a second straight Six Nations campaign with just two wins in England from five matches, and he has since reloaded and fired another series of shots on the back of what materialized at Twickenham two days before the team flight. from Heathrow for the start of their tour.

Woodward criticized England for allowing the tour’s warm-up match to become, in his view, a farce.

“I was disappointed in George Kruis for allowing this to happen, especially his antics around his backheel conversion. I can’t imagine Phil Bennett laughing at that,” he wrote.

“It was also a mistake to allow French manager Fabien Galthie and the other French players to do whatever they wanted at Twickenham. That says a lot about this England team. To concede 50 points against an opponent with 14 men was beyond mediocre, but allowing showboating said a lot about the team. Something had to happen and it didn’t.”

“Can you imagine New Zealand or South Africa letting a Barbarians team come to Auckland or Pretoria and take the mickey? But does anyone at the RFU really care – or, more importantly, understand the relevance – or was it just another game, another day, a chance to boost the finances?

Woodward added that the time has come for the RFU to appoint a director of rugby above Jones to sort out the mess England are currently experiencing.

“Giving Eddie Jones the keys to Twickenham holds England back in many ways,” He continued.

“Some of the rhetoric that Jones continually comes out is just plain stupid and on that level it doesn’t help. I’ve seen some of his quotes about the squad for the upcoming Australia tour and that was a ‘good mix of youth and experience.

“It should be absolutely nothing about it. It’s about picking your best starting XV, but we lost it under Jones. Choose your team based on the best team to represent England, nothing to do with age or experience – it really isn’t that hard if you know what your best XV is.

“But nobody knows who the best team in England is and it seeps into the mindset of the players. England went from near the top of the world at Japan 2019 to, at best, a professional side which few people currently respect. Beginners, finishers, apprentices – we can’t even name a captain until we get to Australia!”

Meanwhile, aviation pioneer Nic White called Jones “the mastermind” according to Nathan Williamson.

“But you know, when they ask the question of who you would like to have dinner with, it comes to mind right away.”

“I would love to pick his brain, it’s obviously a brain.”

“His name in World Rugby carries so much weight. When he speaks you have to listen to him because he’s seen it all, he’s been successful at all levels and he’s obviously a very good coach.

“He’s someone I really admire.”

“Penalizing players no cure for concussion”

Embed from Getty Images

According to The Guardian’s Michael Aylwin, rugby’s approach to concussion simply doesn’t work. Another year, another round of concussion statistics as high or higher than the last. This year is actually the highest on record since the program began in 2002.

Admittedly, at some point the dime will fall that wild red-card Wild West rugby officially launched on January 3, 2017, five-and-a-half years ago, but unofficially even before that doesn’t work – and it never will. . Expelling players and banning them for the ugliest (although far from the only) examples of head contact is supposed to act as a deterrent, but worldwide deterrents only work when targeted offenses are the result of a deliberate decision. made by the authors at their right time.

No rugby player today deliberately hits an opponent in the head (because he is liable to be sent off for that apart from anything else), and the time for deliberation over his actions is measured in fractions of a second. . Anyone who repeats the mantra that they just need to aim lower is invariably sitting in an armchair with Twitter open.

The idea is to eliminate standing tackles, but watch any game for five minutes and count the number of standing tackles. They are everywhere and very often the safest option. So what we’re really saying to players is: “Don’t attack standing up. Except when you should. And if you’re wrong in that split second, it’s game on.

The key factor is what neurologists call the “cumulative dose” of energy injected into the brain. In other words, how many times over a long career players’ brains are shaken, which is a constant in a sport like rugby union. It doesn’t even have to be direct contact with the head. As the instrumented mouthguards used by Harlequins and others reveal, more than half of the cumulative force experienced on the skull by a Premiership player comes from collisions that don’t involve the head at all.

Recent changes to the return-to-play schedule only tip the tip of an iceberg. We need to stop viewing concussions as separate from the hundreds of other times brains are shaken during a rugby game. All sit on the same scale, and they all count. Those deemed concussive are only those that trigger immediate and observable symptoms. At least they cause the punch to pause when the concussed player is taken out of the scrum. It’s the players who don’t show symptoms that you have to worry about, because they carry on.

The way out of the CTE crisis, realistically, rugby is in the hands of science. Developing some sort of therapy that could alleviate brain damage during a player’s career is the most plausible solution. Who knows? Neuroscience is on the eve of all kinds of breakthroughs.

However, what will never alleviate brain damage, or even just how much of a laughingstock rugby is in the eyes of so many around the world, is sending innocent players off the pitch for incidents they have no hope of avoiding. It’s not looking after them; it is betraying them. It’s rugby that blames the players for the way rugby is.

A hostile environmental relay went from Theresa May to Priti Patel – and a decade of cruelty | Kamila Shamsie


In 2001, Nobel laureate Abdulrazak Gurnah published By the Sea, the story of Saleh Omar, a man who arrives at Gatwick airport as a refugee. The Borders officer he speaks to says his parents also came to Britain as refugees: “But my parents are European, they have a right, they are part of the family”. He goes on to say, “You don’t belong here…and we don’t want you here. We are going to make life hard for you, make you suffer indignities, maybe even do you violence.

Omar is far from indifferent, but he carries with him an important knowledge: he knows that under the British government’s own rules, he is entitled to asylum, and although the official may spit racist language, he does not will finally have no choice but to stamp Omar’s passport and let him pass. As indeed he does.

I read the novel twice, 20 years apart. The behavior of the official does not become less appalling but, all the same, I read the scene at Gatwick very differently the second time around. In Priti Patel’s Britain, I was struck by how lucky Omar was to encounter laws that are better than the people whose job it is to uphold them.

This year, the year of the Rwanda Asylum Plan, we mark 10 years since Theresa May, as Home Secretary, introduced the Hostile Environment Policy. Soon after, the coalition government set up the Hostile Environment Task Force, made up of 12 government departments, including schools, care services and health. What does it do to the fabric of British society if the NHS is required to pass information to a Home Office as part of a hostile environment policy? What kind of country asks its doctors to spy for the government? Cruel, to begin with. Cruelty has become normalized to the point that it’s possible to read Saleh Omar’s racist encounter and think of the word ‘lucky’.

To better understand this normalization, it is instructive to go back to 2013 and the government-sponsored billboards on the sides of vans, with the message ‘In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest.” When the van reports were first made public, there was an encouraging oddity of voices condemning the Home Office.

But within months the media began to report the failure of the policy in terms of the number of people – 11 – who had self-deported because of the vans. Phrases such as “only 11 people” implicitly adhered to the government’s own reasoning that more deportations mean more success. What the media hasn’t told us about the “just 11” are their names, their stories.

Six years later, The Guardian’s Amelia Gentleman reported the story of Joycelyn John, who arrived in Britain legally aged four from Grenada, but lost her passport with the ‘permission to indefinite stay” which proved his status. She was classified as an illegal immigrant in 2014 and threatened with deportation letter after letter from the Home Office, despite the 75 pages of evidence she had gathered to prove she had spent her life in the UK. John lived another two years in this hostile environment, unable to work or use public services, until the terror of being chained up and expelled, and the despair of being in debt, drove her to the auto -deportation. She describes herself as “suicidal”.

Eventual outcry over the stories known as the Windrush Scandal allowed John to eventually return to the UK. But “scandal” is far too soft a term to describe what happened. Windrush’s atrocity is closer to the mark. The minimum that we should be able to expect from our government is certainly a recognition of human dignity.