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Management Software Guide for Same Day Payday Loans

Management Software Guide for Same Day Payday Loans

According to research, payday loans are used by around 12 million Americans each year to bridge cash flow shortages. This equates to a total of $9 billion in ConsolidationNow borrowing fees.

If you provide financial services, it is one product you should surely offer.

Payday loans are a sort of short-term borrowing in which you give high-interest credit to your customers based on their earnings. Borrowers can ask for up to $1000.00 in principal, a percentage of their next paycheck. Payday loans are still popular for various reasons, despite the high annual percentage rate (APR) charged, which can reach 400 percent.

Short-term loans are popular for various reasons, including: 

  • Lenders rarely conduct credit checks or require collateral from borrowers; and
  • Short-term loans are typically executed quickly in as little as 15 minutes.
  • The application process is straightforward;

Do you wish to expand your financial services company by offering payday loans as a service? 

Perhaps you just wish to improve the efficiency of your current processes. Using payday loan management software is one of the most effective ways.

What is Same Day Payday Loans Management Software, and how does it work?

Even though payday loans are straightforward to process, servicing loans becomes chaotic as your client base grows, as each customer has their terms and due dates. That’s where loan management software for payday loans comes in. This software allows you to automate the whole loan lifetime, from application to final repayment. If you don’t want to automate the entire lifecycle, you can still choose which components to automate because the majority are modular and adaptable.

Same payday Loans Management Software’s Key Features

What characteristics characterize the most effective payday loan management software? While most loan automation software has a variety of capabilities, there are a few that you should look for when selecting a payday loan management solution:

Analytics and Reporting

You undoubtedly find it difficult to keep track of your cash flow as a business owner. You’re probably also having trouble generating reports that might assist you in assessing how well your company is doing. 

The trouble with both is that you could be making detrimental judgments to your business if you don’t understand the big picture. As a result, a reliable data and analytics engine is an important component in payday loan management software.

With only a few clicks of a button, you can generate statements, reports, and more with a competent payday management system. It can also provide you with real-time information about your organization to assist you in making swift decisions.

Compliance and Security

Cyberattacks are on the rise, mainly to the digitalization of most commercial activities, and cybersecurity laws and regulations are becoming more stringent. If you break one of these rules, you could face hefty penalties and other consequences. Regrettably, it may also cost you your company. As a result, you must guarantee that your payday loan management system is safe and legal.

Processes Payments More Effortlessly

A smart payday loan management system makes it simple for your consumers to repay their loans, from payment gateways to payment conditions. A good payday loan management system aids you in the following areas: 

  • quick and easy payment processing
  • list of banned states 
  • automatic payment rules (to prevent you from making efforts on a bad account)
  • quick funding alternatives

All of these elements work together to guarantee that your cash flow is as efficient as possible. 

They also make collecting and tracking money owing to you simple.

Compatibility with Other Business Tools

According to research, the average company uses 91 tools and apps to manage its day-to-day operations. Even if you don’t utilize all of them, you’re likely to have a large number of apps in your toolbox. Payday loan management software that connects with your other company tools can assist you and your clients have a more smooth experience. Infinity, by the way, boasts the industry’s most integrations and allows you to manage them all from a single dashboard.

Options for Customization

Let’s be honest. You developed your loan company expressly to cater to customers who prefer not to deal with traditional lenders. As a result, you must personalize products to meet the wants of your clients. That includes being able to set up specific regulations for: 

  • states and store locations 
  • loan products 
  • payment schedules and fees 
  • special underwriting requirements.

You must also search for a payday loan management system that you can tailor to fit your business strategy and meet clients’ expectations. You probably provide a variety of products as an alternative credit lender. With so many variables that necessitate a customized approach, you’ll need a solution with payday loan administration skills that can handle everything.

Payday Loan Management Software’s Benefits

As one might imagine, using a payday loan management system has various advantages over traditional legacy systems. The following are the most important:

Aids in the reduction of resource waste

Another benefit of using a payday loan management system is that it aids in the reduction of waste in your company. It allows you to go paperless, which means you may save money on stationery, printing, and mailing. Going digital also helps you save time and human resources as you dont have to review the documents involved in originating and servicing loans manually.

Customer Satisfaction Is Boosted

You can provide outstanding service to your consumers since your processes have become more efficient. As a result, you’ll have a high level of client satisfaction. High customer satisfaction rates are essential to the growth of your business as it means your customers will leave positive reviews of your business. According to research, client satisfaction also has a significant impact on customer retention in the financial services industry.

Another aspect that impacts your customer satisfaction rates is that your customers dont have to come to a brick-and-mortar store to apply for a loan. Instead, they can do it in the comfort of their homes. And with the best payday loan management software designed to be mobile-responsive, your customers can also apply for payday loans from their smartphones.

Enables Scalability

A primary headache in running a financial services business is data collection, management, and processing. It can be a tedious and time-consuming aspect of the business that keeps you from other parts of your operations that can lead to growth. Again, this is where payday loan automation outshines legacy systems.

Because you can perform most processes on autopilot, managing more clients is easier. Of course, this means a boost in your revenue while still keeping your expenses minimum.

Increased Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of automating your payday loans is increased efficiency. Payday loan management systems help streamline all your processes, from signing up new customers to creating statements and reports and even sending reminders to your customers. This means theres less margin for error, thereby helping you maximize your profits with less hassle.

How Payday Loan Management Software Works

So how does a payday loan management system help your business? Here are a few operations of your loan business it can help with:

Debt Collection

Debt collection is an integral aspect of running a loan business. However, knowing when loans are due and when payments have come in is another tedious and time-consuming task you must master to run your business efficiently. Thankfully, a loan management system automates this process for you. As a result, youll have all the information on every account at your fingertips, enabling you to identify owing accounts.

Loan Servicing

Faster loan origination means youll also need to expedite your loan servicing efficiently. Unfortunately, each loan is different, and you cant apply a one-size-fits-all approach to help you service loans faster. However, a payday loan management system allows you to treat each loan independently yet handle all calculations simultaneously. It also automatically sends out notices of upcoming payments.

Loan Origination

Acquiring a new customer is a thrill for any business. However, it involves a lot of data collection an aspect of lending that requires spending a lot of time collecting data and vetting clients. This is one of the most strenuous parts of running a lending business. Fortunately, its also one of the areas payday loan management software comes in handy. A capable one will help you collect all the data you need without asking your customers to fill large piles of paperwork. As a result, the loan origination process is streamlined, making it easy for you to do everything from vetting prospects to underwriting the loans to disbursing the funds.


If youre running a lending business on legacy systems, youre leaving money on the table. Especially if you offer payday loans as one of your products, you must invest in payday loan management software. If you want to know what Infinity brings to the table in this regard, go ahead and schedule a demo today.

Santa in Town for Small Business Saturday


As small business owners themselves, Mr. and Mrs. Claus will show up in Gardnerville on Saturday. Here they were visiting the Young at Heart Craft Fair. Photo by Kathy Schuman

For the second year, Mr. & Mrs. Santa is helping promote Small Business Saturday this weekend with a toy drive at Brown Bear Design and Gadzooks!

Santa Claus will be handing out candy canes and will be available for photos from 10 a.m. in front of Gadzooks!

Clauses will alternate between locations for pictures and music performed by Ms. Claus throughout the day.

Santa Claus said he would donate the toys to his Salvation Army helpers, where they will be delivered to families in need over the holidays.

Look for him picking up toys or walking along Main Street paying tribute to small business on Saturday participates.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the kids and hope all is well as the season approaches,” Santa Claus said.

Small Business Saturday is a nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging consumers to support local businesses. In the Carson Valley, the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Gardnerville are supporting the local store effort.

“Our small businesses are looking forward to a prosperous holiday season after the past two years,” said Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce Director Alicia Main. “Start your holiday shopping by supporting our local small businesses.”

There are 32 businesses in Douglas County on the Trade Route.

To participate, shoppers receive a Chamber of Commerce passport to take with them on their shopping spree.

Businesses will stamp the passport and once completed, buyers will return it to the Chamber of Commerce for a price.

For more information, visit https://www.carsonvalleynv.org/ or call 775-782-8144.

Participating companies:

Sage: mind, body and soul

Especially for you

Mad Dogs Café at Woodfords Station

East Fork Gallery

Bellator LLC Firearms Training

House in Genoa

Distinct Interiors Window Coverings

See the sweets

Max’s Pet Supplies & Gifts

The pink rose

Battle Born Wine Whiskey

heart strings

Chief Sierra


Cafe on Main

Cottonwood Creek

By the road

Chicago Mikes

brown bear design

Joyce’s Jewelry

Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center Bookstore


A wild flower

Anderson Cattle Company

Carson Valley Golf Course

chocolate shop

DST Cafe

fresh ideas

The UPS store

Pop-up real estate market

Carson Valley Children

Just a drop


Last Posting Dates Christmas 2022 – Royal Mail Deliveries


Royal Mail publishes a list of the latest posting dates for Christmas delivery in the UK and overseas, but its website states that these are subject to change.

Changes could come this year because Royal Mail workers – members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) – are going on strike on several dates in November and December – right in the middle of the sales purchases season.

It will affect workers who collect, sort and deliver letters and parcels and the Royal Mail has warned that despite its contingency plans the ‘planned strike is likely to cause disruption to you’.

In other words, you should allow extra time when posting to account for subsequent strike days.

  • Thursday, November 24
  • Friday, November 25 (Black Friday)
  • Friday, December 9
  • sunday december 11
  • Wednesday, December 14
  • Thursday, December 15
  • Friday, December 23
  • saturday 24 december

Here are all the important dates you need to know when it comes to mailing items for Christmas.

Last posting dates for Christmas 2022

Here’s the full recap of the latest UK and overseas release dates.

  • Friday, November 25 International economy to Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Turkey
  • monday november 28 International Economy to Western Europe
  • Thursday, December 1 International standard and international tracking and signature services to Australia and New Zealand
  • Friday, December 2 International standard and international tracking and signature services to China (People’s Republic). HM Forces Mail – British Forces Post Office (BFPO) – HM Operational Forces and HM Static Forces
  • Monday, December 5 International standard and international track and sign services to all remaining Caribbean destinations (except British Virgin Islands, Dominica and Anguilla – last published date was October 7)
  • Wednesday, December 7 International standard and international tracking and signature services to Africa, Asia (except China, People’s Republic), Central and South America, Far East and Middle East
  • Thursday, December 8 International standard and international tracking and signature services to Cyprus and Malta
  • Friday, December 9 International standard and international tracking and signature services to Greece, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) and Turkey
  • saturday 10 december International standard and international tracking and signature services to Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden and USA
  • monday 12 december International standard and international tracking and signature services to Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland
  • Wednesday, December 14 International standard and international tracking and signature services to Belgium, France and Luxembourg HM Forces Mail – British Forces Post Office (BFPO)*
  • Friday, December 16 Royal Mail Bulk Economy across the UK
  • Monday, December 19 2nd class across the UK. 2nd class signed for all of the UK. Royal Mail 48 across the UK
  • Wednesday, December 21 1st class across the UK. 1st class signed for across the UK. Royal Mail 24 across the UK. Royal Mail tracked 48 people across the UK
  • Thursday, December 22. Special delivery guaranteed. Royal Mail Tracked 24 across the UK
  • Friday, December 23 Guaranteed Special Delivery with Saturday Guarantee across the UK

Your rights in the event of loss of letters or parcels

As a general rule you may need to wait between 5 and 10 working days before you can report the item as missing to the Royal Mail. This does not include weekends or holidays.

You should claim for damaged, lost or delayed mail (opens in a new tab) by completing a P58 form that you can collect from postal agencies. You can then be compensation due (opens in a new tab) depending on the service you paid for – so if a first or second class letter goes astray – you might get a booklet of six first class stamps as compensation.

But, if you’ve paid for a premium service – like special delivery – you can get your postage back plus compensation to cover the actual cost of the item posted. This can be up to £2,500, although you can also buy ‘consecutive loss cover’ at postage which covers up to £10,000.

As regards the maximum time limit, you must report any missing letters or packages to the Royal Mail within 80 calendar days of the date of dispatch.

If you buy something and your the package is late or has disappeared – you should always contact the company you purchased the item from – not Royal Mail or the courier company.

Indeed, it is the responsibility of the seller to deliver the item to you within the agreed time and in one piece. In the event of a problem, the retailer must reimburse you.

What happens if my publication is delayed due to Royal Mail strikes?

Under normal circumstances, if your message is delayed you could seek compensation, especially if you paid for a premium service like special delivery.

When there’s nothing to stop you from lodge a complaint with Royal Mail (opens in a new tab) if you think you’ve lost out in the mail due to the delay in the postal strike – Royal Mail could claim the strike days have been made public.

As for what is open on strike days, post offices will be open as usual, although post office collections will be limited.

But delivery offices and customer service points will be closed. This means that you cannot drop off or pick up items on these dates.

How Rising Personal Loan Interest Rates Will Affect Borrowers


Personal loan interest rates are on the rise, reaching their highest since before the coronavirus pandemic. While existing borrowers with fixed rate loans will not be affected, those with variable interest rates may have already seen their rates increase. In addition, new loans will be more expensive than they were earlier in the year.

Key points to remember

  • The cost of borrowing through a personal loan has increased throughout 2022, reaching pre-pandemic levels.
  • Some existing personal loans could be affected, but for the most part, new borrowers will bear the brunt of rising costs.
  • Borrowers should carefully consider the cost of borrowing and shop around before applying for a loan.

Why Personal Loan Interest Rates Are Rising

The average interest rate on a two-year personal loan reached 10.16% for the third quarter of 2022, according to the Federal Reserve. That’s up from the pandemic-era low of 8.73% in the previous quarter. It is also the first time that the average rate has exceeded 10% since 2019 when it reached 10.32%.

The main reason for the interest rate hike is the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise its federal funds rate in six consecutive committee meetings throughout 2022 in an effort to combat high inflation rates. for 40 years. Although this rate does not directly influence personal loan rates, it does impact the prime rate, a benchmark that lenders use to determine their own interest rates.

But personal loan rates have not risen at the same pace as the federal funds rate, in part because of strong consumer demand, fueling competition among lenders to keep rates low. Nonetheless, borrowers can expect the cost of borrowing to continue to rise as long as the Federal Reserve continues its rate hike policy.

How will borrowers be affected?

Most personal loans have fixed interest rates that do not fluctuate over the term of the loan. For borrowers who have fixed rate personal loans, there will be no impact on their cost of borrowing.

However, borrowers with variable rate loans, which are less common, may see their interest rate – and therefore their monthly payment – ​​increase. Borrowers should review their loan agreement or contact their lender to find out how often their rate will change and if there are any caps on rate increases.

The brunt of the impact of rising rates, however, will be new borrowers. Whether you’re borrowing money to consolidate debt, make home improvements, or cover other major expenses, you can expect to pay more.

Should I apply for a personal loan?

If you’re considering applying for a personal loan, carefully consider your reasons for borrowing and whether you can comfortably afford the monthly payment.

If you plan to use the loan to improve your financial situation through debt consolidation or to cover emergency expenses, for example, it may still be worthwhile despite higher rates. But if you’re considering a loan to pay for a vacation or something else that isn’t urgent, it may be best to wait for lower rates.

If you’ve decided that a personal loan is right for you, take the time to shop around and compare multiple lenders, looking at interest rates, origination fees, repayment terms and other factors. If your quote is high, consider improving your credit or applying with a co-signer or co-applicant for potentially more favorable terms.

7 Inexpensive Gifts That Don’t Look Cheap


Azman L / Getty Images

Finding the perfect gift isn’t easy for everyone.

Some may need extra help finding great gifts for those on their list. Ideally, the gift should also not look like something you pulled out of your closet. While it doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive, it should feel valuable to the gift recipient.

Holiday Spending: Get the best holiday shopping and saving tips
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We’ve rounded up the best cheap, yet chic gifts you can buy this year.

Colored glassware

Courtney Mason, general manager and vice president of The Spruce, said one home decor trend in 2022 is still going strong, colored glassware. Consider buying a set of shatterproof wine glasses as an affordable gift, especially for the party hosts or poolside sippers in your life.

Take our survey: Do you think student loan debt should be forgiven?

coffee press

Do you know someone who loves coffee? Mason recommends buying a budget French press, found at stores like West Elm, for their simple, eco-friendly approach to daily coffee routines.

Ceramic coffee mug

A coffee mug goes very well with a French press. Katie Holdefehr, associate editorial director at Real Simple, said a beautiful ceramic mug, especially a reusable mug, can save hundreds of single-use mugs from landfill. Such a mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe, which means that coffee mugs can easily be reheated as needed.

“It’s the smallest details, like the satisfying weight and organic texture of the ceramic mug, that make a ritual as simple as sipping coffee an everyday luxury,” Holdefehr said.

Shower steamers

Many people will give bath bombs to loved ones as a luxurious way to relax and unwind. If you have friends who are constantly on the go, Holdefehr recommends treating those friends to a set of shower steamers instead.

Shower sprays are usually sold as a set and made with essential oils. The moment the hot water hits these essential oil infused bars, it releases the scents and sets the mood for the entire day.

Simple syrups

Looking for an alternative to buying a bottle of wine for a friend or family member? Betsy Cribb, Homes and Articles Editor at Southern Living, recommends giving simple syrups.

Cribb recommends the organic syrups sold by Daysie, which come in flavors such as coconut and Madagascar vanilla. Cribb said these would elevate even the most basic cup of coffee and make a thoughtful hostess gift.

Sherpa slippers

Sherpa slippers are a win-win for gift givers and recipients. These slippers are fashionable, economical and comfortable to wear.

“When in doubt, make yourself comfortable,” Mason said. “You’ll ensure a happy recipient at the end of the day, no matter who you give it to.”

Hand cream

“A really nice hand cream is one of those little luxuries that everyone appreciates, but so few people are going to splurge on themselves,” Holdefehr said. “Go ahead and give your loved ones the indulgent extras they deserve.”

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Why the Qatar World Cup is a betrayal of everything Jules Rimet stood for


Fifa President Jules Rimet presents the first World Cup to Uruguay (AFP via Getty Images)

A century has passed since the founding father of the World Cup, Jules Rimet, assumed the presidency of Fifa and began to set the wheels in motion for the first tournament in 1930. Even a visionary like Rimet would have had It’s hard to imagine the immense success and global appeal the tournament would command a hundred years later, but it’s not hard to guess what he would have thought of the 22nd World Cup in Qatar.

Rimet came from humble beginnings as the son of a grocer in a small village in eastern France, and he rose through the ranks by winning a scholarship to law school. His beliefs were simple: that football should be global and inclusive, fair and respectful. In a small Parisian café, he co-founded a sports club called Red Star based on these principles of cooperation and equality. Red Star was rare in that it did not discriminate based on social status and included working-class players, and its football team still cherishes those roots closely today.

As a devout Catholic, Rimet was inspired by Pope Leo XIII Rerum Novarum, a letter published in the aftermath of the industrial revolution that sets out the principles of basic workers’ rights. It was partly a doctrine against exploitation, and a doctrine that resonates as strongly with 1920s France as it does with the 2022 World Cup; what is exploitation if not the transformation of the sweat and blood of workers into wealth or power for someone else. The origins of the World Cup began with one man who fought against the class structure, and a century later the tournament kicks off in one of the most structured and racially divided class systems in the world, where several thousand South Asian workers are at the bottom of a brutally unequal society ruled by a few incredibly wealthy sheikhs.

You will have already heard many allegations against Qatar 2022: a brazen act of sports washing by a young authoritarian nation trying to make waves on the world stage; a bid won through corruption, according to a US Department of Justice investigation (which Fifa and Qatari officials deny); miserable working conditions not rectified; thousands of unexplained worker deaths; the oppressive Kafala system, finally abolished in 2020, strangling workers’ rights; in a country where women’s freedoms are dictated by male guardianship and where homosexuality between men remains illegal. Then there is the surprising lack of urgency with which Qatar has investigated the many issues raised by human rights groups in the decade since it was embarked on the massive construction project needed to host the World Cup.

Fifa’s argument that migrant workers from Qatar could now be heading to new sunny highlands is a fantasy. The small progress made so far in Qatar, such as the abolition of Kafala, came too late for migrant workers who had already been exploited, and its deplorable practices would continue. Notably, after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and Brazil 2014, there was evidence of a gradual improvement in workers’ rights in the construction industry, following protests in both countries. Yet in August, 60 migrant workers protesting over unpaid wages were arrested by Qatari authorities and, in some cases, deported, allegedly for “violating public safety laws”; therein lies the difference between democracy and dictatorship.

The Jules Rimet Trophy is named after the original World Cup engine (Getty Images)

The Jules Rimet Trophy is named after the original World Cup engine (Getty Images)

Rimet saw his brainchild being abused by the dictatorship first hand. The 1934 World Cup was awarded to Benito Mussolini’s Italy at a time of global financial crisis when there were few willing and able host nations. The Italian government assured Fifa that they would cover all financial losses, which turned out to be a convincing argument.

Mussolini skillfully used the World Cup both as a projection of power abroad and as a propaganda vehicle at home. Specially commissioned posters and stamps flooded Italy in the build-up, and Mussolini personally stirred up the excitement by buying a ticket for the opening game – that classic populist trick of portraying himself as a man of the people. He commissioned a radio documentary that heralded 16th century Italy as the true birthplace of the game, so that when the Italian team won the World Cup in Rome, a nation rejoiced in the return of football to the home.

Fifa was criticized for giving fascism such a platform, and President Rimet later regretted what became an exercise in nationalist fist-punching, saying: “I feel like it’s not It’s not really Fifa who organized this World Cup, but Mussolini.” The tournament is said to have cost Rimet the Nobel Peace Prize when he was nominated in 1956.

Rimet had mistakenly believed that sport could transcend politics – his grandson, Yves Rimet, described him as an “idealist” – but 1934 showed that one could be weaponized by the other, especially on the world stage. Trying to unite the world around the sport in a pre-global era brought many challenges and those early tournaments were all flawed in their own way, but maybe that’s the point: that in the 21st century the World Cup world can still be exploited for political ends. and may not meet basic human expectations.

So here we are on the eve of a tournament that will be played in sparkling stadiums, mausoleums in the desert, ready to be dismantled once everyone has returned home. On the surface will be a brilliant soccer World Cup; Look, there’s Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, playing football in Qatar. But let’s not forget the values ​​of Jules Rimet, whose name bestows the trophy that famous footballers will lift in Doha on December 18. Equality, it’s not. As the Tournament blooms in the winter sun, know that it was sown in filthy soil and cultivated by bloody hands.

Lynd, Peace Activist and Valley Worker, Dies | News, Sports, Jobs


Staughton C. Lynd, a longtime lawyer, professor, author and historian who also dedicated his life to fighting for civil rights, fair labor laws and peace, died Thursday morning at Trumbull Regional Medical Center in Warren. He was 92 years old.

A native of Philadelphia, Lynd practiced law in Youngstown, including several years with Northeast Ohio Legal Services during the turbulent years of the local steel industry’s demise in the late 1970s and in the early 1980s. He worked closely with various forces that tried to keep the steel mills open and running.

In this sense, Lynd, who was also a Quaker, served as the lead advocate for one such force: the Mahoning Valley Ecumenical Coalition, which sought to reopen closed factories through working-class community ownership. Although the effort failed, Lynd and his wife, Alice, continued to organize workers in the Mahoning Valley.

In 1983 Staughton Lynd wrote the book “The Fight Against Closures: The Youngstown Steel Mill Closures”, with the help of his wife, who is also a longtime lawyer and activist.

Lynd was well known and revered in the Valley for his activism on behalf of workers and others. Among those who praised her work was Penny Wells, a longtime activist and director of Mahoning Valley Sojourn to the Past.

“He was a passionate pacifist and very outspoken about the abolition of the death penalty,” he added. she says. “He was a sweet spirit.”

Wells also fondly remembered being often among those visiting his home in Niles, where Lynd held talks in his basement on a rotating Saturday on topics ranging from capital punishment to nonviolence.

Additionally, Wells gave Lynd several photographs she found, one of which was from the Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Miss., which shows him in 1964 during Project Freedom Summer.

Staton-Borowski Funeral Home in Warren is making arrangements, which are pending.


Before coming to the Valley, he had earned a doctorate in history from Columbia University and then accepted a teaching position at Spelman College, a private, historically black liberal arts school in Atlanta, where he worked closely collaboration with Howard Zinn, a civil rights advocate. activist, playwright and philosopher who chaired the college’s social science and history departments.

Among his students at Spelman was Alice Walker, author of the famous book-turned-movie “The color violet.”

In 1964, Lynd oversaw the establishment of Freedom Schools throughout Mississippi, which were the backbone of Freedom Summer, run by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Congress of Racial Equality, two major advocacy organizations civics who recruited hundreds of mostly white and young Northerners. to the state to help black people register to vote and get a better education. He also worked with the late Bob Moses, an educator and activist who was the main organizer of Freedom Summer.

Soon after, Lynd moved his family to New England after taking a job at Yale University, where he became a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War by leading protests and organizing speaking engagements. He and a few others also embarked on a controversial fact-finding trip to Hanoi during the war.

In 1967, as another way to protest the increasingly unpopular war, Lynd signed a letter stating his refusal to pay income taxes and encouraged others to follow suit.

About a year later, Lynd and his family moved to Chicago, where he initially struggled to make a living from organizing efforts, so he and his wife embarked on an oral history project. called “Classify and Arrange,” which focused on the plight of the working class.

This effort was a prelude for Staughton Lynd to study the law to help workers whose companies had benefited or were not protected by unions. As a result, he graduated in 1976 from the University of Chicago Law School.

Additionally, Lynd was adamantly against the death penalty and opposed the “prison industrial complex”.

Staughton and Alice Lynd studied numerous death row cases, including the 10-day riot at Lucasville State Prison in 1993 that led to the death sentences of five people who authorities said were responsible of 10 dead during the uprising.

From Chicago, the couple and their children moved to Youngstown.

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Why John Waters is giving his all to the Baltimore Museum of Art


The director John Waters has been collecting contemporary art for decades, and he has built up a hoard full of quite idiosyncratic works. Take, for example, Karine Sanderit is Gebrauchsbild (2010). The artist did nothing to the canvas. She was never on the same continent as the canvas. She just told her dealer, Frederic Petzel, to leave it in the garden of his Hamptons home for a summer. Eventually, the canvas developed a green-black mold, and that’s the job. Petzel feared the mold would poison him, so he refused to bring it home. Waters bought it immediately.

“(A) is beautiful to me. Looks like a Robert Ryman painting. And (b) it can kill you; it can ruin your house. He could disappear. And his Dear,“he said Wednesday, standing at the Baltimore Museum of Art, staring at the rotting fabric he bought from a posh gallery for big bucks.

“There is everything I like in contemporary art. I think art for the people is a terrible idea—I As elitism,” he continued. “It’s a secret language. You have to dress a certain way; you have to learn a language; you have to be able to see. It’s a magic trick. And once you can, every day you come home, nothing is the same.

The work, along with 371 others, was donated to the institution by the legendary 76-year-old filmmaker, author, performer, artist and collector in 2020. It is his hometown museum. Although he has homes in New York and San Francisco and summers in Provincetown, Waters never left Baltimore; if he is, as the nickname says, the pope of the basket, it is his Vatican City. Walking with him on a weekday in the historic port city was surreal. Waters, instantly recognizable to everyone with his pencil-thin mustache and mischievous smile, speaks in a low baritone, with that rare, slightly southern real Maryland accent despite coming from a state in the Union. Waters is probably the most iconic Baltimorean the city has produced since Edgar Allan Poe, and he’s treated like a deity there, even as his films deal in smut and scatalog. The hip new hotel I was staying at, Ulysses, has decor deeply influenced by the John Waters–Charm City aesthetic exhibited in movies like crybaby and Hairspray.

And if it’s his Vatican City, that makes the Baltimore Museum of Art something akin to Waters’ Sistine Chapel. It was there, brought by his parents, that he made his first purchase of art: a poster of a work by Joan Miró. In 2018, the museum gave him a retrospective, and now there’s another one of sorts. On Sunday, a new show, “Coming Attractions: The John Waters Collection,” opens to the public, giving those who have never been invited to his Christmas party a chance to see the horde of unmistakably John Waters treasures. Of the hundreds of works, 90 were selected and curated by the artists Jack Pierson and Catherine Opie at Waters’ request. He had no idea how they would be settled until he walked in on Tuesday.

“I’ve always loved the museum in Baltimore, it’s one of the first places that ever honored me, long before it was sure to love me,” Waters says. “I have always stayed in Baltimore. My career wouldn’t have gone so well if I had left.

I asked how having his private collection in the hands of a public institution had furthered his juice. He said he particularly wanted the difficult works to enrage and torment ordinary Baltimore residents who come to the museum to see the Matisses. He leaned over to show me Mike Kelley’s child substitute (1995), a rough collage of cut-out cats glued to paper.

“He’s my favorite Mike Kelley because he then infuriates people,” Waters said.

“That’s very Mike Kelley,” I said.

“He is. It’s pitiful, and he made up pitiful,” Waters replied. “But pitiful is very important. A lot of this art is pitiful. It’s a movement of pitiful.

We came across a framed piece of lined paper on which Cy Twombly had written her address. When an artist takes a note for logistical purposes, it is usually not a work of art. Then again, some of the late artist’s works are just words he wrote on the canvas, and his improvised business card certainly looked like a Twombly.

“That I to like,says Waters. “And I always said I would never show it because I met him and we were hanging out and I said, ‘Can I…? That’s how he wrote me his address.

To drive the point home, there’s a piece of Twombly around the corner, Five Greek poets and a philosopher, it’s just text, just the names of the poets and the philosopher. John Waters Sr. was so angry that his son spent his hard-earned movie money on the job that he made his own Twombly to show how anyone could do it, scribbling “Crazy” in an eerily similar style to that of the artist, then signing it “Cy W.” It is now part of the BMA’s collection, suspended between works by Opie and Pierson.

Personal loan applications for rising debt consolidation, report finds


In these unpredictable times, flexibility is key, especially when it comes to borrowing money for the things we need most. In a pinch, personal loans can be used to cover a number of things, from wedding expenses, surprise medical bills, to major home repairs or funeral expenses.

Debt Consolidation can also be a particularly strategic way to use them, as the process allows borrowers to better organize their debts and typically involves a lender sending funds to creditors on your behalf. Consolidating debt through a personal loan also allows borrowers to benefit from a lower interest rate while they repay the loan, which saves a lot of money over the life of the loan. .

A recent study by LendingTree reported that between the third quarter of 2021 and the third quarter of 2022, applications for personal loans in general increased by 12.3%, while applications for personal loans to use for debt consolidation increased by 29.1% during this period.

The report highlighted the increase in annual percentage rates, or APRs, coinciding with interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve as the main reason for the recent spikes.

Below, Select details what you can do if you want to take out a personal loan for debt consolidation purposes.

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How to apply for a personal loan

Before applying for a personal loan, you will want to check your credit score. Although there are several lenders, such as Reached and OneMain Financialwho will always consider borrowers with low credit ratings or one poor credit historyyou may have to pay a higher interest rate. However, those with higher credit scores will generally have to pay a lower interest rate.

Beginner personal loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, credit card refinancing, marriage, moving or medical

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

    FICO or Vantage score of 600 (but will accept applicants whose credit history is so poor that they have no credit score)

  • Assembly costs

    0% to 8% of target amount

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

    Greater of 5% of monthly amount past due or $15

OneMain Financial Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, big expenses, emergency expenses

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

    Flat fee from $25 to $1,000 or percentage ranging from 1% to 10% (depending on your state)

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

    Up to $30 per late payment or up to 15% (depending on your state)

Click here to see if you are prequalified for a personal loan offer. Conditions apply.

Next, you’ll want to determine how much money you actually need to borrow. If you are consolidating debt, simply add up all of your balances to get a total.

While the smallest personal loan amounts — with a lender such as PenFed Credit Union, for example – tend to start around $600, minimum amounts closer to the $1000 mark are often more common. Be careful not to ask for more than you need, as you will eventually have to pay back all the money.

PenFed Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, home improvement, medical bills, car financing and more

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

Next, you’ll want to do your homework by researching and compare rates, fees and conditions from different personal loan providers. Some lenders will let you check your rate without hurting your credit score before you even apply.

Ideally, you’ll want to go with a lender that offers a low interest rate with no fees (or the least amount of fees) and a term that best fits your budget. LightStream and Marcus of Goldman Sachs are each known to offer personal loans with no origination fees, late fees or prepayment fees.

LightStream Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    5.99% to 21.49%* when you sign up for autopay

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, renovation, car financing, medical expenses, marriage and more

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

Marcus by Goldman Sachs Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    6.99% to 24.99% APR when you sign up for autopay

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, home improvement, wedding, moving and moving or vacation

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

When you decide which lender you want to go with, submit your application and wait for approval, which can take anywhere from one to a few days. After that, just wait for the funds to be paid out.

With debt consolidation, lenders will usually disburse money directly to up to 10 of your chosen creditors – you only need to provide their information and how much money each needs to be sent. This way, you will simply be responsible for reimbursing your personal lender.

Get matched with personal loan offers.

At the end of the line

If you’ve noticed that your debt APR increases as interest rates rise, consolidating your debt can be a smart and strategic way to lower it while organizing the money you owe into one monthly payment. .

Before applying for a debt consolidation loan, make sure your credit score is as healthy as possible, as this is key to helping you get approved for the lowest interest rates available.

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Editorial note: Any opinions, analyses, criticisms or recommendations expressed in this article are those of Select’s editorial staff only and have not been reviewed, endorsed or otherwise endorsed by any third party.

Thomas Patrick McDermott, 75, Former Madison Resident, Distinguished Army Veteran | Madison Eagle Obituary


Eagle Archives, November 16, 1962: Collector of over 100 mugs | Story


Mrs. Celia Fick’s late husband was a stamp collector. Perhaps in retaliation, she decided to collect something herself. How about mugs, she thought. They are pretty and you can use them for drinking.

No sooner thought than done. She let it be known that she now collected goblets. A neighbor gave him an old, old china cup, of various shades. Her mother gave her a mug that had been a wedding present. The milkman gave him a fragile purple mug from Czechoslovakia.

It was 18 years ago. During this time, she moved from her home near Worcester to Pittsfield and set up a boarding house at 223 Dalton Ave. It’s kind of a staging post for traveling GE engineers and people visiting Tanglewood. When they leave Mrs. Fick’s party platter to return to where they came from or elsewhere, they tend to send her more cups. Thus, the collection of cups has expanded to around 30 full-size cups and around 70 half-cups. That’s a lot of cups.

Some of the standout pieces among all this tableware are:

A mug with the image of a steamer, the SS Empress, given by a sailor, a friend of her husband.

A mug with a picture of the Lee Library.

A black mug from Japan, donated by an entrepreneur in Worcester.

A mug with scenes from Maastricht Abbey, Holland, was sent to her by a guest from Tanglewood.

A mug with pictures of England’s King George VI and his Queen, made in commemoration of the 1937 coronation.

A mug featuring the current English Queen, Elizabeth II, commemorating the 1953 coronation.

A large and heavy old cup from Japan, with the inscription “Mother” on it, as well as roses.

A Niagara Falls mug, given to her by a classmate she met by accident while visiting the falls.

These cups all have saucers too.

Mrs. Fick doesn’t just stare at her mugs. She uses them. The only precaution she takes is to wash them herself.

She recently had a mug exhibit at the City Savings Bank.

This story within a story is selected from the archives by Jeannie Maschino, The Berkshire Eagle.

How to choose the best debt consolidation lender?


The Good Brigade/Getty Images

Debt consolidation is combining multiple debts into one loan to reduce the number of bills you pay each month. Ideally, when consolidating debt, you also reduce the interest rate you pay and you can ultimately pay off the debt faster.

If you are considering debt consolidationYou should start by deciding which method is best and evaluating your financial and credit health to determine if you are a good candidate for debt consolidation. Once you’ve taken these steps, you can move on to researching and evaluating lenders to find the best solution to help you pay off those crippling debt balances sooner.

Identify the type of debt consolidation that suits you best

The first step is to evaluate debt consolidation options and select the method that is best for you. Common methods include:

  • Personal loan: Many lenders offer debt consolidation loans or personal loans designed to help you pay off your debts faster and save a lot of interest. Debt consolidation loans usually come with a fixed interest rate and a loan term of 1 to 10 years. You are free to use the funds as you see fit, but the idea is to pay off your debt balance with the loan proceeds.
  • Zero APR credit card: Also known as balance transfer credit cards, these debt products can help you save a significant amount in interest and eliminate high-interest debt balances faster. They are generally reserved for consumers with a good or excellent credit rating. You should only consider this option if you can repay the balances you transfer to the card during the introductory period. Otherwise, you could end up paying a fortune in interest.
  • Home Equity Loan: You can convert up to 85% of your home equity into cash and use it to consolidate your debt with a home equity loan. It acts like a second mortgage and comes with a repayment period of between five and 30 years. The interest rate is also fixed and lower than most credit cards, but the main drawback is that your home guarantees these loan products. Therefore, you could lose your property to foreclosure if you fall behind on loan repayments.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): A HELOC is a home equity loan, but you will not receive the loan proceeds in a lump sum. Instead, you’ll have access to a pool of money that you can draw on as needed during the 10-year draw period. Interest-only payments are also required during the drawdown period on most HELOCs. Once completed, you will repay in monthly installments over a term of up to 20 years. The amount of the monthly payment can fluctuate since the interest rate on HELOCs is generally variable.

It’s important to select the best option for your needs, as this will help determine the type of lender you choose. Not all lenders offer the same borrowing options. Once you’ve decided on a consolidation option, you can analyze each lender’s interest rates, loan terms, and fees to determine which offers make the most financial sense for your goals.

Determine your qualifications

Lenders want to know that you are creditworthy and have the means to make timely payments on the loan or credit card you are using to consolidate your debt. This means you can expect the lender to assess your credit score and credit history to determine if you have a history of responsible bill paying.

Lenders will also look at your debt-to-equity ratio to determine if you can afford monthly repayments and if you’re not taking on more than you can handle. Lenders also want to see verifiable proof of income and will be looking for long-term financial stability.

Also, be aware that the most competitive interest rates are generally reserved for borrowers with a good or excellent credit rating. A lower credit score doesn’t always mean you’ll automatically be denied a loan or credit card. Still, you will usually get a high interest rate if approved to offset the risk of default posed to the lender or creditor.

Ultimately, you may find that it doesn’t make sense to consolidate your debt if you have bad credit if you only qualify for a higher rate than you’re currently paying.

Shop around for lenders

Look for lenders that offer the type of debt consolidation you are looking for. Most offer online prequalification with a flexible credit application. If you’re considering a debt consolidation loan, you’ll also get an overview of potential loan costs to compare your options with.

In addition to checking online lenders when shopping, it may be a good idea to check the options available from banks or credit unions. You may qualify for more favorable loan terms if you have a pre-existing relationship with a bank or lender.

Regardless of the type of lenders you include on your shortlist, prequalification takes the guesswork out of finding lenders willing to work with you. Plus, you’ll avoid going to lenders who might deny you a loan or credit card and get an unnecessary credit check.

Assess the lender

Once you have a shortlist of at least three lenders, it is a good idea to compare them side by side and compare the factors below, which will impact the overall cost of your loan, your ability manage it and the customer service you receive:

  • Annual Percentage Rates (APR): This figure represents the actual annual cost of borrowing. It includes interest and fees determined by your credit score and debt-to-equity ratio. Knowing this information for each loan option can help you assess which one will cost the least.
  • Lender fees: Some lenders charge origination fees ranging from 1-10% of the loan amount. Even if the APR is on the lower end, high origination fees might make a different loan product the more practical choice. Similar to APR rates, knowing each lender’s fees can help you determine which loan is more expensive or best suited for you.
  • Characteristics of the lender: Top lenders also have an online dashboard where you can monitor your account, schedule payments, and chat with customer service representatives. It’s also great if free educational resources can help you manage your credit and overall financial health more effectively. Understanding the features and customer service offerings of each lender gives you a better idea of ​​which loan will be easier to manage.
  • Customer reviews: You want to select a reputable lender with a proven track record of providing quality service. Checking online reviews from past clients can be a good way to gain peace of mind before signing on the dotted line with a lender. Seeking accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​may also be a good idea.

At the end of the line

Before applying for a loan or credit card to consolidate your debt, weigh your options to decide which type of debt consolidation makes the most sense. Plus, get prequalified with at least three lenders to see potential loan quotes and compare your options. This will allow you to make an informed decision, reach your debt repayment goals faster, and save money.

Taiwan pioneers lead the way in cultural tourism


By James Lo, CNA Editor

Long hiking trails that take days, even weeks, or even months, serve as cultural and tourist attractions in many countries thanks to beautiful sites and local history.

Think of the 780 km long Camino de Santiago, the ultimate European pilgrimage route that stretches through France, Portugal and Spain, where hikers follow in the footsteps of pilgrims who paid homage to Santiago , or the 1,200 km Shikoku Junrei in Japan, which invites travelers to visit 88 temples across the island of Shikoku.

Unbeknownst to many Taiwanese nationals, let alone foreign tourists, Taiwan has its own distinctive hiking trails like the Tamsui-Kavalan Trails that showcase the country’s culture and history, as well as the National Greenway of mountains to the sea which highlights beautiful landscapes.

Since late 2016, Taiwan has added another hiking trail located along Provincial Highway 3 between Taoyuan and Taichung, with the aim of presenting a route less traveled today.

“The Raknus Selu Trail is a historic route that features three of Taiwan’s communities,” said Taiwan Thousand Mile Trail (TMI Trail) Association president Chou Sheng-hsin (周聖心). “Places along the trail are steeped in history of early Han Chinese settlers of Hoklo and Hakka descent as well as the Atayal and Saisiyat indigenous peoples of the area.”

The trail stretches through Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli and Taichung counties starting and ending at Longtan, Taoyuan and Dongshi, Taichung. Its length is 220 km and 380 km if we take into account secondary roads.

Designed by TMI Trail and supported by the Hakka Affairs Council, the Raknus Selu Trail is the newest addition to Taiwan’s list of extensive hiking trails. The name is a hybrid blend taken from the languages ​​of the communities that once crossed and traded along the route.

Raknus means camphor tree to the Atayal and Saisiyat peoples and Selu is the word for trail in Hakka, so the name literally means camphor trail, as the tree and its myriad applications have given rise to thriving industries and many jobs in the past.

“The Raknus Selu Trail, especially the Old Dunan Trail in Guanxi Township, was an important route for our ancestors,” said Hsinchu Hakka County resident Lo Shih-shu (羅仕樞). “In the past, dignitaries used the roads to move around while merchants and laborers transported camphor, tea leaves and sugar for trade.

The history of the trail is even the subject of a documentary, “Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail (樟之細路的秘密),” hosted by British photographer Chris Stowers and Taiwanese TV host Danny Wen Shi-kai (溫士凱) on the AXN TV channel.

A Hakka connection

Today the trail is mostly populated by Hakka communities who tend to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Visitors can have the chance to taste Hakka delicacies such as herbal tea and rice pastries. Tourists can even visit private farms to pick fruits and vegetables that they can eat or take home.

While the many branches of Chinese culture share similar rituals and arts, there are observable differences between those who speak different Chinese “dialects”.

Examples include the unique love the Hakka have for the official Three Great Emperors (三官大帝) and the Chinese Earth God they call Bak Gong (伯公) rather than the more typical Tu Di Gong (土地公) used in other Han Chinese. dialects.

The Hakka relationship with the deity responsible for soil fertility and cultivation of crops runs so deep that an optional detour on the trail takes travelers to temples and shrines dedicated to the earth god.

“We Hakka people are a hospitable group,” said Miaoli resident Chen Shan (陳山), “and we like to show people our culture when we have outside visitors.”

Community Outreach

To better connect visitors to Hakka communities along the trail, the Hakka Business Council and TMI Trail have worked together to establish visitor centers along the trail.

“We have established six visitor centers in six townships between Taoyuan and Taichung,” Chou said. “These give tourists ideas of places to visit on the route, as well as information on possible accommodation if hikers decide to embark on long hikes that last more than a day.”

Hikers can also acquire trail passports at the six centers to make their trip more interesting by trying to collect the approximately 50 trail stamps available at tourist or religious destinations along the way, Chou said.

Stations such as the Shimen Inn in Dahu Township in Miaoli provide visitors with accommodations, tourist information, and complimentary trail passes and stamps.

“We went to many places like Shimen Inn and participated in religious ritual of Hakka culture,” said Henry Sun (孫元亨), half of Taiwan’s popular travel podcast duo. SH Travel.

“Around here you can do a lot of things too. If you’re a hiker, you can climb mountains, and if you’re a history buff, you can enjoy many local sights, like the Taiwan Petroleum Exhibition Hall.”

“I can’t wait to come back to explore the whole route,” added British blogger Ami de Trails and Tales of Taiwan.

Ami and Sun were two members of a group of Taiwan-based tourism professionals invited to an unveiling ceremony for the fifth center on the trail on November 8, where the group participated in a Hakka religious festival and visited Dahu.

On the same day, the last of the stations also opened in Guanxi.

“Not all centers are the same,” said Emma Chiu (邱美鳳), president of the Guanxi Township Cultural Association. She specifies that the center managed by her association does not have cachet like the others, but that it serves as a cultural destination.

“The association was founded 20 years ago by locals who aimed to preserve and promote the area’s rich Hakka history, such as the historic trails in our township that we partially dug ourselves,” Chiu said. .

The opening of all trail centers paves the way for the upcoming 4th Asia Trails Conference, an international walking event designed by Asian trail organizations that has invited trekkers from around the world to participate.

The fourth edition of the event will be held in Taiwan, which recently opened its borders after nearly three years of the COVID-19 pandemic and features the Raknus Selu Trail as a signature experience.

“We expect a lot of international hiking enthusiasts,” Chou said, “especially those from South Korea, as part of the trail from Shitan to Miaoli recently became a sister trail with the Olle trail on Jeju Island. .”

End Article/AW

Hamilton Tiger-Cats acquire rights to two-time Gray Cup-winning QB


By Nathan Sager

Published on November 14, 2022 at 2:45 p.m.

Ten-year veteran quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell could

A report from The Sports Network (TSN) said Monday that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have traded the rights to the two-time Gray Cup-winning QB and former Canadian Football League MVP. Mitchell, 32, planned to test the waters of free agency in February, but the trade gives him and Hamilton a chance to sign a contract.

Around 4 p.m. Monday, the Tiger-Cats confirmed the ante heading to Calgary are two draft picks — a third next spring and a fifth round in 2024 — and future considerations.

The CFL has a salary cap which usually means that only one quarterback per team receives a big salary. Evans is expected to earn $455,000 next season, according to 3DownNation. Adding Mitchell would likely require a roster change or a contract overhaul.

Hamilton’s last team to win the Gray Cup — in 1999 — had a quarterback who enjoyed a career renaissance in his early 30s. Danny McManus was 33 when he arrived in Hamilton in 1998 and led the club to back-to-back Gray Cup berths, with a last-game loss to Calgary presaging a decisive rematch win in 1999.

Two relatively recent Gray Cup champions had veteran quarterbacks. The Toronto Argonauts won in 2017 with Ricky Ray, 38, and the Ottawa Redblacks in 2016 did so with Henry Burris, 41. Mitchell and the Stampeders, however, were on the other side of those results.

Most recently, Mitchell suffered a shoulder injury in 2021 and then lost the starting job to Jake Maier midway through that season. He did not throw a pass in a game during the second half of the regular season. Mitchell came off the bench Nov. 6 to briefly spark a Calgary run in an eventual West Division semifinal loss to the BC Lions, completing 8 of 11 passes for 147 yards.

Evans, who turns 29 on Thursday, was on the other end of a midgame quarterback switch in a first-round playoff loss. Evans was replaced by Matt Shiltz in the third quarter in Hamilton’s 25-17 loss to the Montreal Alouettes in the Eastern semi-finals on Nov. 6.

The loss ended an unlucky season for the Tiger-Cats. The club signed on to Evans as a starter last winter after he and veteran Jeremiah Masoli (now with the Ottawa Redblacks) both enjoyed bright moments as Hamilton led the East Division and played back-to-back games of the Gray Cup (sandwiched around a canceled COVID-season) in 2019 and ’21.

The Tiger-Cats finished 8-10, including 6-9 with Evans behind center. Evans passed for 3,883 yards and his 8.5 average per attempt ranked fifth in the nine-team CFL. But the Tiger-Cats struggled with turnovers, with Evans throwing the most interceptions in the league (16, with 16 touchdowns) and also being charged with the most fumbles.

Mitchell, a native of Katy, Texas, entered the professional football radar while playing with the Eastern Washington Eagles of the Championship Football Subdivision. (East Washington’s hottest former football player is Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp.) He joined the Stampeders in 2012. During his six seasons as a starter, the Stampeders have reached the Gray Cup four times, winning twice.

The wins came in 2014 against the Tiger-Cats — the game where a penalty nullified a Brandon Banks punt return for a touchdown that would have put Hamilton ahead — and 2018 against Ottawa. Mitchell was named Most Valuable Player in both games. His MOP victories were in 2016 and ’18.

(Photo CFL.ca.)

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Carbery set to start at 10 for Ireland as Farrell makes changes for Fiji


JOEY CARBERY IS set for a key role for Ireland on Saturday against Fiji in Dublin, with the Munster man vying to step into the number 10 shirt.

Head coach Andy Farrell is expected to make plenty of changes to the side that beat South Africa last weekend, with that first autumn test having been a hugely physical encounter.

However, Tadhg Furlong will return to Ireland after getting rid of his ankle problem and the Wexford man will captain the side for the first time.

Furlong’s milestone achievement comes with Johnny Sexton expected to be rested this weekend after a 77-minute shift against the Springboks in which he suffered a dead leg.

This means Carbery is expected to wear the number 10 shirt after his brief substitute appearance last weekend. The Munster man also came off the bench in all three Tests in the Summer Series win in New Zealand. His most recent start for Ireland came against Italy in the Six Nations earlier this year.

With Carbery set to be promoted to the starting XV, Munster team-mate Jack Crowley is set to make his Test debut on the bench.

The 22-year-old has enjoyed a sudden rise in the Irish frame, having been third-choice at half-time at Munster last season. The Cork man impressed on the recent Emerging Ireland tour and also provided energy off the bench for Ireland A against the All Blacks XV last weekend.

Like Furlong, Ulster center Stuart McCloskey is set to overcome an arm injury and start in the number 12 shirt for Ireland against the Fijians. It will be interesting to see if Farrell backs Jimmy O’Brien to start at outside center after his impressive performance there on the bench last weekend.

Of course, Robbie Henshaw returned to training this week after a hamstring problem ruled him out of the game against South Africa and the Leinster man could line up at 13 if he was. called. Garry Ringrose started there last weekend.

Furlong could be joined in the front row by Ulster hooker Rob Herring, while Cian Healy and Jeremy Loughman battled for the loose prop spot with Andrew Porter expected to be rested.

Ulster’s Kieran Treadwell is hoping for a second-tier starting chance, while Farrell could be tempted to give Iain Henderson some game time after recovering from a knee injury to return to Ireland to train in the next few weeks. last two weeks. Connacht uncapped lock Gavin Thornbury has also been called up to the main senior squad this week.

In the back row, Jack Conan is expected to start at number eight, while Ulster’s Nick Timoney is also expected to be included. Connacht man Cian Prendergast and Leinster duo Max Deegan and Scott Penny also featured this week, after Josh van der Flier, Peter O’Mahony and Caelan Doris started against the Springboks.

Autumn Series
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If Farrell opts to rest Jamison Gibson-Park after his longer-than-expected return from injury last weekend, Munster man Craig Casey could be given the green light to start at scrum-half, with Connacht’s Caolin Blade also hoping an opportunity.

While Farrell could opt to give Robert Baloucoune another start on the right wing after he was deprived of attacking opportunities last weekend, the Irish boss could bring Ulster man Mike Lowry to the back.

Ireland can choose between Jacob Stockdale, O’Brien, Mack Hansen and uncapped Calvin Nash for the other wing slot.

Farrell is to officially name his 23rd day for the Fiji clash tomorrow afternoon.

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Christmas cards send a message of thanks to our soldiers


“What does it take to go out and buy a box of cards? (It’s) nothing compared to what these soldiers are doing for us. It’s the least we can do at home,” says annual card campaign organizer

At Remembrance Day services across the country, we pay silent tribute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for King, Queen and country.

But if you had the chance to tell them what their service means to you, what would you say?

Well, you can express your thanks to serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces this holiday season with a simple card in a drive-up led by Aurora resident Dianne Harrison.

Now in the second half of his second decade leading the collection of thousands of cards from residents which are then distributed to Canadian military personnel stationed from coast to coast and around the world, Harrison visits schools, libraries and other gathering places. to help him reach his goal of 8,000 troop cards.

Every year, Harrison is moved by the messages that come in from everyone from freshmen to seniors, but says this year’s messages have added emotion as young people remain concerned about the illegal war in Russia in Ukraine and the impact it could have on the rest of the world.

“I’m getting notes and emails from our students making cards this year, so we’re going to have a lot of cards this year made with love and respect,” Harrison says. “I tell the children to let [the soldiers] you write to know that you care about them at home. People forget that their families give up so much with them being abroad. The cards are made with so much love and respect. We were overwhelmed and touched last year by what the children were saying. I think kids are more aware of what’s going on now and what’s going on. They know more about the world and COVID has opened their eyes.

“A family from Golf Links Drive said their children wanted to learn more about the world and Canada. Last year they got a note from the northernmost part of Canada at a post and wanted to know where it was. I think it gave the kids a good idea of ​​geography because in many cases they have never heard of these places before.

Although the cards aren’t addressed to any particular technician, rest assured they’ll all reach the right hands – and one of the benefits of writing is that you just don’t know what kind of response you’ll get, nor from where.

Last year, an active member wrote to children in the Arctic saying, “It’s so cold here that when we received your cards, we smiled, our faces froze and our smiles lasted a good time,” Harrison recalled.

“Children know what’s going on in the world [including Ukraine]. Even our grandchildren talk about what will happen. Will there be a war? It is a concern. One of our granddaughters said, ‘Are we going to have fights and bombs here in Canada?’ and it’s from a 12 year old.

In the end, these cards are just a simple way to say “thank you” to people who put themselves in harm’s way for King, Country, Friend and Neighbor.

“People don’t have to put a stamp on it, it’s free,” says Harrison. “I encourage people to bring cards to work and have them signed by their colleagues as well. What does it take to go out and buy a box of cards? A box of cards is nothing compared to what these soldiers are doing for us. It’s the least we can do at home.

Completed cards can be placed in drop boxes located at Aurora City Hall, Aurora Public Library, Aurora Senior Center, and Aurora Family Recreation Complex. Writers can also contact Dianne Harrison and her husband Brian to arrange pickup at bdharrison2012@gmail.com.

Cards and letters must be received by November 28.

Brock Weir is a reporter with the federally funded Local Journalism Initiative at the Auroran

The best vintage markets in Europe | Travel


EEuropean flea markets can be goldmines for unique items. Among my most treasured finds are a set of Nordic pewter bowls that I discovered in Copenhagen and a beautiful antique velvet handbag from Paris. But jaunts to the flea market can turn into shopping marathons that test the will of even the most hardened shoppers.

In my experience, the key to success is having a solid strategy. First, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and fill your pockets with cash (as well as snacks and energy drinks). Arrive when the doors open, skip the entrance and head straight for the middle, where it will be quieter. If you are looking for something specific, be prepared with dimensions, a tape measure and an open mind – things can always be cleaned, repaired or repainted.

And finally, it’s important to remember that flea markets aren’t about finding an heirloom that goes for a song, it’s about buying something you really like. By all means take a Miller’s Handbook and Price Guide to Antiques with you, but the chances of finding something priceless hidden among dusty trinkets are rare. When something catches your eye, buy it. I lost count of how many times I missed because I hesitated. The golden rule of flea shopping? If you doze off, you lose.

A vintage sign for sale in Arezzo, Tuscany


1. For interior lovers

Arezzo, Italy

Flea markets are very often relegated to windy parking lots on the outskirts of town, but with Arezzo in eastern Tuscany, you’re in for a treat. On the first Sunday of every month, the Honey Walled City comes alive with a market that spills out of the historic square into the surrounding cobbled streets. With over 500 stalls, Arezzo is one of Italy’s biggest antiques markets, selling everything from sun-washed prints and prints to over-the-top figurines and antique porcelain, and you could easily spend a day to stroll. You’ll no doubt whet your appetite, so stop by for a well-deserved panino or ice cream – what other fuel do you need while treasure hunting? Arezzo is also home to one of Italy’s most famous Renaissance artists, Piero della Francesca, whose frescoes adorn the nearby 13th-century Basilica di San Francesco. Then all you have to do is climb aboard the four-star Hotel Continentale, with its ornate Venetian-style interiors.
Double room only from £62 (hotel continentale.com). Fly to Florence

On April 27, the Dutch government allows street vending without permits

On April 27, the Dutch government allows street vending without permits


2. For Serious Bargain Hunters

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Such is the commitment to good business that April 27 is a public holiday in the Netherlands, a day when the Dutch government allows street vending without a permit. This means that the people of Amsterdam are moving in their thousands to clean up their clutter and the city becomes one giant garage sale or vrijmarkt (Free market). Amsterdammers love to haggle, which means there are plenty of opportunities for bargains and random bargains. It’s not the only flea market, of course. Albert Cuyp, open Monday to Saturday (9.30am-5pm), is also a must visit for market lovers – sift through the stacks of boxes to unearth the real finds. Located in the 19th century Museum Quarter (the Van Gogh Museum houses the world’s largest collection of his art; the Rijksmuseum houses Rembrandt’s most famous painting, The night watch), it’s also the perfect place to sip a Heineken, sample local specialties of pickled herring and sweet and syrupy poffertje pancakes, and watch the world go by. Amsterdam Canal Hotel, a boutique bolthole with a daily happy hour offering free drinks and appetizers, is a ten-minute walk away.
Double rooms only from £106 (amsterdamcanal hotels.com). Take the Eurostar or fly to Amsterdam

The best hotels in Amsterdam
Where to stay in Paris

Pinxtos at La Ribera market in Bilbao, Spain

Pinxtos at La Ribera market in Bilbao, Spain


3. For collectors

Bilbao, Spain

On Sunday, it’s the Plaza Nueva, the amateur market, which comes into action (from 9 am to 2 pm). Music fans will love rummaging through old vinyl records, while stalls selling books, rare plays and stamps also jostle for attention. After that it’s a pretty walk along the Nervion River to Hotel Miró, a stylish boutique hotel with great views of the Guggenheim Museum – 25 years old this year and also famous for its curvy, silvery architecture only for its modern art inside. Don’t leave the city without heading to La Ribera indoor market, one of the largest in Europe and packed with local produce, and try a pintxos crawl – going from a small bar to a small bar for snacks tapas style and cañas (small beers). Tip: take an umbrella – northern Spain is famous for its rain.
Double room only from £73 (mirohotel bilbao.com). Fly to Bilbao

A flea market in Paris

A flea market in Paris


4. For jewelry fans

Paris, France

Europe’s most famous flea market, Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, at the northern gates of Paris, has been selling its wares for almost 150 years. A sprawling maze of markets, some covered, some open, it’s a place where you can find anything if you’re willing to trawl – from flea market (French for junk, but sounds so much better) to vintage art, trinkets, furniture and clothing. You may even come across the odd vintage Chanel bag – but be aware that there will most likely be a price tag to match; bargains here are as rare as hen’s teeth. If fighting through the crowds seems like too much, the smaller markets in the center attract far less attention and are rich hunting grounds: Vanves is a treasure trove of smaller, more ‘suitcase-friendly’ bric-a-brac. , while the Marché d’Aligre – part food market and part bazaar – is popular for its quirky jewelry and collectables. Some enthusiasts even go so far as to call it the “best market in Paris”. At the end of the day, take your shopping bags back to the hip and trendy Oberkampf neighborhood in the 11th arrondissement. Here you’ll find Hotel Fabric, a former textile factory transformed into a loft-style hotel, with high ceilings, exposed brick interiors and a relaxing hammam spa.
Double rooms only from £213 (hotelfabric.com). Take the Eurostar or fly to Paris

Shopping for vintage clothes in Berlin

Shopping for vintage clothes in Berlin


5. For fashion finds

Berlin, Germany

If you love vintage clothes, you won’t go wrong with the German capital. Known as the ‘thrift hub of Europe’, it’s famous for its vintage designer shops, second-hand flea markets and sales by the kilo – where you pay for your purchases by weight, not by the article. Sunday is flea market day. Stay at the Hotel Oderberger, occupying a beautiful, listed bathhouse in the gentrified neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, so you can start the day early. Start your visit at nearby Mauerpark Market (9am-6pm), the biggest (and arguably most touristy) flea market in the city, before taking a quick detour to the Berlin Wall Memorial. Stop at a sausage stand for a fortifying lunch of currywurst, then head to Boxhagener Platz, which turns into a market mecca for the day. According to those in the know, the real fashion heists are a few blocks from the Raw flea market (8am-5pm), tucked between a pile of ramshackle warehouses covered in colorful street art. This is Berlin at its best.
Double room only from £175 (hotel-oderberger.berlin). Fly to Berlin

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Is a payday advance from a bank better than a personal loan?


Image source: Getty Images

Many of us have been there. You had a car accident, and now you have to pay the mechanic to fix it. This unexpected expense will cost you a few hundred dollars, and like 60% of Americans, you are not able to cover it with your savings. Moreover, you only have money left for the bare necessities in your current account, and your next payday is several days away. What should you do?

You have a few options in this situation. Read on to learn more about bank payday advances versus personal loans, and how to decide which is right for you.

Discover: These personal loans are the best for debt consolidation

More: Prequalify for a personal loan without affecting your credit score

What is a salary advance?

A payday advance loan from a bank or box is called a small loan. These are loans generally between $100 and $1,000 granted by a bank to account holders. The intention is to give consumers an alternative to predatory payday loans (see below) when they are in a financial bind. If your bank offers them, you’ll get the money you need quickly and pay it back from your next paycheck via direct deposit, or over a period of weeks or months. You will have to pay a fee (either a fixed dollar amount or a small percentage of what you borrow) and interest for the service.

You may soon hear more about payday advances; a Bloomberg Law report in early October 2022 noted that federal regulators want banks to be able to offer them, but banks need more guidance from regulatory agencies moving forward. Personal loans, on the other hand, are already reliably available for your emergency borrowing needs.

What is a personal loan?

A Personal loan is a fairly easy way to borrow a lump sum of money. They usually come with lower interest rates than many other quick cash solutions, like credit cards or payday loans (and certainly lower than payday loans). However, if your credit is not in top shape, you may not be eligible for the best personal loan rates available.

Personal loans are generally in the amount of $1,000 to $100,000, and can often be funded fairly quickly after your application is approved. In some cases you can get the money the same day or the next day. Is there another way to borrow money fast? Yes, but you probably want to stay away.

Try to avoid payday loans

Although it may seem counterintuitive (after all, there’s “payday” in the name), it’s a good idea to avoid payday loans. And depending on where you live, they may be illegal in your area; they have been banned in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Payday loans are small, short-term loans of $500 or less, usually with a very high interest rate.

As of 2022, typical payday loan rates range from 28% to 1,950%. These loans often trick consumers in a cycle of debt from which they cannot easily escape. Can’t repay your loan on your next payday? That’s fine, the lender will turn it into a new payday loan for you! How nice of them. Your best choice is probably a payday loan or a personal loan.

How do you choose?

There are a few things to consider when choosing between a payday advance and a personal loan.

How much money do you need?

A payday advance loan, if you can get one from your bank or credit union, is probably best for borrowing smaller amounts. If your auto repair bill is $350, but the smallest personal loan amount you can take out is $1,000, that’s not ideal. If your surprise expense is larger, you’ll likely get a better interest rate with a personal loan (plus payday advances from your bank may be capped at $500).

How fast do you need it?

If you can wait a few days and have good credit, you may be better off with a personal loan – again, because of interest rates. That said, if your bank offers payday advance loans, they might approve you fairly quickly if you’re an existing customer in good standing. It has already registered you and can access your finances in the form of your bank account(s). Plus, your bank can easily send the money you borrow directly to your account.

How long do you need to pay it back?

This is where a personal loan probably has the advantage. You will have more time to repay a personal loan (months to years) than a payday loan (weeks to months). But again, a lot depends on the amount of money you need to borrow.

Payday advance loans and personal loans have their place, and if you ever get into trouble and need to borrow a relatively small amount of money, both are worth considering. However, it is definitely in your best interest to avoid payday loans.

The Ascent’s Best Personal Loans for 2022

Our team of independent experts have pored over the fine print to find the select personal loans that offer competitive rates and low fees. Start by reviewing The Ascent’s best personal loans for 2022.

We are firm believers in the Golden Rule, which is why editorial opinions are our own and have not been previously reviewed, approved or endorsed by the advertisers included. The Ascent does not cover all offers on the market. The editorial content of The Ascent is separate from the editorial content of The Motley Fool and is created by a different team of analysts. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The joys of philately


Some of the earliest stamps related to the modern oil industry were issued by Azerbaijan around 1920. In 1959, the United States issued a stamp commemorating the drilling of the first commercial oil well, Drake Well, in Titusville, Pennsylvania , in 1859.

On 7/10/22, the FT headlines read ‘US says ‘no complaints’ in response to OPEC+ oil cuts”. Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has pushed up oil prices, pushed the global economy to the brink of recession and brought the spotlight back to the commodity known as black gold. But this article is not an analysis of world news. Rather, it’s about history, development, and a unique way to document milestones. While several books have been written on the history of the oil industry, it is interesting to examine the evolution of this sector through postage stamps.

Yes, this article is about philately and more specifically about petphilately. While philately refers to the collection of postage stamps, pettrophilately is a niche subset of this activity, which is avidly practiced by a band of enthusiasts who collect stamps related to the oil and gas industry. The 20th century was dominated by the oil economy and is widely considered the age of oil. A review of petro-stamps offers a fascinating insight into its progress and growth. As noted in the 1962 Aramco World article, “Without moving from their chairs, philatelists learn much about the history, romance and grand adventure of the oil industry, as stamps often commemorate the uses of oil and its international value as a global energy resource. Theirs is relaxingly “wild”.

Some of the earliest stamps related to the modern oil industry were issued by Azerbaijan around 1920. In 1959, the United States issued a stamp commemorating the drilling of the first commercial oil well, Drake Well, in Titusville, Pennsylvania , in 1859. The first stamps show the derricks used in the upstream activity. Later stamps show pump jacks as well as offshore oil rigs. As the downstream industry of producing fuels such as gasoline and diesel developed, countries also began to issue stamps depicting refineries. For example, in 1962 a stamp was printed in India for the inauguration of the Guwahati refinery in Assam. The middle part of the value chain includes pipelines, terminals, and tankers have also been heavily depicted on stamps.

Generic philately. Getty Images

Steve Fraser, Vice President of the Petroleum Philatelic Society International (PPSI), has been collecting petro stamps for 30 years and informs us that he particularly enjoys collecting oil and gas stamps as they relate to an industry he is familiar with. . “With 370 stamps listed in our catalog (PPSI),” he says, “Romania has by far issued the highest number of oil-related stamps of any country.” He adds that many of them are only included because an oil rig is part of the Romanian coat of arms.

Some of the petro-stamps were issued by countries that no longer exist, such as the United Arab Republic, East Pakistan, the USSR and Czechoslovakia. East Pakistan issued a stamp in 1969 to mark the first refinery in Chittagong. From time to time, stamps are issued to recognize the contributions of individuals. For example, a stamp printed in Portugal around 1965 bears the image of Calouste Gulbenkian, an Armenian oil businessman and philanthropist. Gulbenkian had been instrumental in bringing together Western interests to form the Turkish Petroleum Company and in doing so, earned himself the nickname Mr Five Percent.

There are even OPEC-related stamps which, as Steve points out, were issued to mark anniversaries, summits and extraordinary conferences.

While the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has driven up the price of oil, there have historically been some oil price spikes, for example, during the Arab oil embargo in 1973 and during the Islamic Revolution of 1979 The Arab oil embargo was underway. response to US support for Israel during the Yom Kippur War. These conflicts are also depicted on postage stamps. Ukraine has issued stamps that display its defiance of Russia and a number of countries have issued stamps in favor of Ukraine (these stamps related to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict do not yet enter the personal collection of the author).

Generic philately.
Generic philately. Getty Images

Samir Wadekar, interior stylist and decorator, has been collecting stamps for 20 years. Although he is not a thematic collector, he owns a dozen on oil and gas. “As far as petro-stamps go,” he says, “I was drawn to its intricacy and detail. A tiny postage stamp that was often smaller than a square inch would depict a large oil refinery or would have the most interesting illustration. energy to mitigate climate change. These alternative sources have also been featured on stamps. As a result, the oil industry is undergoing an energy transition. It is highly likely that in the distant future these little scraps of paper will turn into treasured reminders of the glorious years of the oil industry. After all, stamps not only help deliver the mail, but also serve as keepers of history. And as the title of the book reminds us by Cheryl Ganz – “Every stamp tells a story”.

‘Ireland don’t seem to have been impressed with what he has offered’


CALLS for Gavin Coombes to get more opportunities with Ireland have been loud for the past two seasons but now Munster’s number eight finds himself outside the national team entirely.

The 24-year-old was released from Andy Farrell’s squad this week ahead of the game against Fiji on Saturday and will start in eighth place for his province against South Africa A in Cork tomorrow night.

It’s a development that was discussed on today’s episode of The42 Rugby Weekly Supplement a podcast accessible to The42 members every Monday and Wednesdayby Murray Kinsella and former Irish performance analyst Eoin Toolan.

Coombes had a chance for Ireland A last Friday night but it was a tough outing for him and the Irish team as they were on the wrong end of the beatings of an excellent All Blacks XV side.

With Leinster full-backs Max Deegan and Scott Penny promoted to the main Ireland team this week, Coombes will now have to work his way back into the mix playing for Munster.

And although the two-time Munster man had to deal with the disappointment of being sent off, it’s obviously good news for the Leinster duo, as today’s pod highlights.

Toolane: “It’s a hotly contested area. We always talk about the depth of these positions. I think Deegan did very well on the Emerging Ireland tour, played a leadership role there, and he talked about getting involved less on the edge and more in midfield, more back-to-back efforts. This has probably been an indication of his progress this season. It’s an opportunity for him.

“I like the look of Scott Penny, he’s a really abrasive character and he gets his chance too. It underlines the competitiveness of the team. I can’t comment on Coombes’ performance last week, but he generally has been a good player for Munster and on the New Zealand tour this summer I think he improved in those games as well.

Kinsella“Game A didn’t go well for Coombes and I think he would probably admit that himself. He was one of many players who didn’t play at the level they are capable of. There were some shocking moments for him. There was a takeout from the base of a scrum in the 22 Kiwis where he gets roughed up by Luke Jacobson and I know Jacobson is a strong player but that’s a position where you need your number eight to at least less get parity.

“Otherwise, the game slightly overshot him. But I think it would be hard to judge the players on one match and clearly Ireland didn’t.

“There are several others who have played in that game and will play this weekend against Fiji, but with Gavin Coombes they don’t seem to have been really impressed with what he offered when he was in the Ireland camp.

Max Deegan is now part of the main Ireland team.

Source: Ben Brady/INPHO

“That’s a big part of it, what we don’t see behind the scenes – how they train, how they prepare, how they are in meetings, being on time for everything. All those little things are a factor.

“I hope there is no cancellation from Coombes and I will be shocked if he does not go and have a massive game now against South Africa A for Munster. This game will suit him perfectly, especially with that motivation ringing in his ears, I guess.

“But I’m sure he’s taken pieces where he thinks he needs to be better. You look at Caelan Doris, who is now the normalizer. They’re the same age and look at how advanced Caelan Doris is, how he completed his game, how he performs in the biggest games and takes every chance he gets, these are sometimes the harsh realities of rugby.

“I don’t think the Irish staff will write him off or anything like that, but the Ireland A game definitely didn’t go well for him.”

Toolan“The other way of looking at it is that Jack Conan is potentially going to have eight-man game time this week with Caelan Doris potentially on the bench.

“Is Coombes better off playing 80 minutes against the South Africans in what is going to be quite an emotional affair at Páirc Uí Chaoimh? There are a lot of things that come into play and potentially that’s more the factor. They would like to see Coombes get the 80 minutes and maybe Max Deegan is brought in to be a bit of cannon fodder in training.

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“There’s a lot that goes into the selection and maybe it’s not just a reflection on his last game.”

Kinsella“I think he would prefer to be in an Ireland shirt, though. This is where you want to be. He talked about his ambitions at this level.

“So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well for him in the Munster game. Like I said I’d be shocked if he wasn’t even potentially man of the match there, you can see him rumble for a few scores.


Elsewhere on the pod, the guys discussed Jack Crowley’s rise to his debut this weekend against Fiji, as well as how the Wallabies are preparing for their visit to Dublin in two weekends.

To get access to The42 Rugby Weekly Extra, which is released every Monday with Gavan Casey, Bernard Jackman and Murray Kinsella, and every Wednesday with Eoin Toolan, become a member of The42 at members.the42.ie.

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Kovel’s Antiques and Collecting: A Childhood Toy is Good Business | Lifestyles


Q: My parents gave away all my toys when I went to college. One toy I can’t forget was a Fisher-Price Tick Tock clock. I finally found one recently at an antique mall. I paid $8 for it, even though the music mechanism seems damaged. Is it a good price?

A: Sorry your parents threw away your toys. I hear a lot about collectors wanting to recapture a piece of their childhood, even if it’s through items from antique stores. Your Fisher-Price Tick Tock teaching clock was very popular, introduced in the early 1960s. The most popular models, with slight visual differences, were released in 1962 and 1964. It is colorful, with stickers and a dial with big numbers and arms. Night and day images are revealed as the arms move. When wound up, it plays the song “Grandfather’s Clock” and has a metronome sound in the background. You have a good deal! Most of these clocks sell online for up to $60, depending on the state. They are still made and sold.

Q: I have a collection of Pfaltzgraff Village stoneware from the 1970s and am looking to replace a few pieces. Some have the castle stamp, some have a different stamp with a small circle at the top and “USA”, and some have no stamp at all. I’m trying to find the date and value of these coins. Can you give me any information or resources that might help me find this?

A: Pfaltzgraff was created by members of the Pfaltzgraff family in 1811 and is the oldest pottery in the United States. Stoneware pots, jugs, flower pots and utility jars were first made. Different members of the family started their own pottery. Brothers Henry B. and George B. Pfaltzgraff started their business in York County, Pennsylvania in 1889. It became the Pfaltzgraff Stoneware Company in 1894. The name changed to the Pfaltzgraff Pottery Co. in 1906. It has was changed to Pfaltzgraff Co. in 1964. Tableware was first made in the 1950s. The “Village” design was made in the USA from 1976. It was made in China from 2007 and is no longer manufactured in the United States. Pfaltzgraff used a variety of marks, both stamped and engraved. If you want to replace missing parts, several replacement sites are listed at “Popular apps and websites to buy or sell collectibles, household items, and more.” on Kovels.com.

Q: I have an original Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams beer mug. He was known in baseball as “The Splendid Sprinter”. All of his stats are printed at the bottom. Can you tell me how much it’s worth?

A: Ted Williams was one of baseball’s greatest players. His likeness and stats have been imprinted on many types of collectibles, including root beer bottles. Baseball player images and logos are easily reproduced. Beware of counterfeits which may look as good as the originals. A tankard similar to yours with a certificate of authenticity recently sold for $20.

Q: I discovered a green glass vase with a Rosenthal mark and signed Tapio Wirkkala. I did some research and found it was vase no. 2512, a 1963 design. It stands 5 1/2 inches tall. Can you give me more information and an idea of ​​value?

A: Tapio Wirkkala (1915-1985) was a Finnish designer of glassware, silver, ceramics, wooden ware, furniture, jewelry, textiles and more. He designed for several companies and opened his own studio in 1955. Wirkkala designed tableware for Rosenthal from 1956 to 1985 and glassware from 1963 to 1981. At least 18 different glassware was made. The 2512 vase was produced in two sizes. Wirkkala vases have sold for just over $100 to over $1,000. A 12 3/4 inch vase sold at auction recently for around $125 and a 17 1/2 inch vase for around $325.

TIP: If you have an old carving set and the steel sharpener is stained, don’t worry. It will still work and you can safely use it with knives that touch food.

Purely Commentary: Free loan in Hebrew: Ready to help as recession looms

David Contorer

Hebrew Free Loan Detroit (HFL) is here to help: HFL has been on our same mission since 1895: to provide interest free loans to improve the lives of Jews across Michigan.

Let’s Talk Turkey: Inflation continues as we pay more at the gas pump, in stores, for higher education and for just about everything. We are entering a global recession that could last for some time, as political divisions and war disrupt supply chains and impact each of us and our personal economy. While most goods and services cost more, our assets continue to lose value. Debt is growing as credit cards and high interest lenders charge sinking rates for many people in our community.

Hebrew Free Loan Detroit (HFL) is here to help: HFL has been on our same mission since 1895: to provide interest free loans to improve the lives of Jews across Michigan. HFL is here to partner with borrowers to provide the following resources:

-$10,000/year (undergraduate) and $15,000/year (graduate) to cover the cost of full-time attendance at colleges and universities in Michigan.

-$15,000 debt consolidation loans for eligible applicants who first go to Gesher (formerly JVS + Kadima) for a free consultation and thorough review of their credit report and financial situation. These loans are used to pay off high interest debt and improve credit patterns.

– Loans of $20,000 for in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility, genetic testing and adoption.

-$100,000 to start or grow a small business.

Every Jewish candidate who comes to HFL is treated with dignity, respect and confidentiality. HFL has a caring staff and a board of helpful community leaders who understand and know our Michigan area with its resources, so we partner with our borrowers to try to find solutions. History has taught us that inflation and recessions happen in cycles, and that’s why HFL is ready now (and throughout this recession) to help members of Michigan’s Jewish community with our loans. without interest.

If you know of a Jewish Michigan resident who is willing to partner with us and who could benefit from an interest-free loan, please have that person contact HFL at (248) 723-8184 or visit our website: www.hfldetroit.org. You can also scan this QR code with your smartphone camera.

David Contorer is Executive Director of Hebrew Free Loan.

Everything you need to know about Chinese models


While the base color of porcelain is white or ivory, designs can be very colorful. As That’s Mandarin explains, color is important in Chinese culture. Red is a lucky color that brings happiness and is believed to ward off evil; yellow represents heat; and green is for purity, health and happiness.

According to The Pottery Wheel, popular Chinese designs included Chinese and Buddhist lucky symbols, as well as images like dragons, flowers, scrolls, waves and more. In comparison, European designs, which were created to appeal to Western buyers, featured images like Dutch windmills or Roman landscapes. A popular style was birds. For example, European porcelain manufacturer Herend is known for its Herend Rothschild decor, which features birds, butterflies, insects and nature. The design was named after the wealthy Rothschild family, who loved bird designs and were patrons of the Austria-based Herend porcelain factory. There are 12 pairs of birds in the porcelain design, all symbolizing love.

The style of your porcelain may have clues to its origins. For example, according to Antique Mall, unmarked cream-colored plates with blue flowers were popular in the 1800s; unmarked bone china in pastels with floral designs, such as violets, was probably produced over 100 years ago, between 1900 and 1920; and porcelain in bright hues, including green, blue, and red, was probably produced between 1940 and 1950, when pastels were not as popular.

Spain wants to allow British tourists to stay more than 90 days in 6 months


Spain’s Secretary of State in the Ministry of Tourism and Industry, Fernando Valdés, wants to scrap the rule that bars British tourists, as well as tourists from other countries, from staying in Spain for just 90 days in a period of 180 days, in an attempt to further boost the tourism sector in this country.

In an interview for iNews, Secretary Valdés said Spain would like to end the rule that allows non-EU travelers from visa-free countries to stay in the Schengen area for just 90 days in a six-month period. , in order to allow travellers, including UK holidaymakers, to remain in Spain indefinitely, when visiting for tourist purposes.

Yet, for such a thing to happen, the decision would have to be taken at the level of Brussels, because Spain alone cannot change anything in this regard, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Unfortunately, this is not something that Spain has established on its own or can shake off. It is true that after Brexit there were some issues with people wanting to stay longer,” Secretary Valdés told iNews.

According to the news site, the existing rule is disadvantageous for Spain, whose tourism industry accounts for 12% of its GDP. As a result, the authorities of this country are already putting pressure on Brussels to change the rule.

It is in our interest to lobby and convince [the EU] we can try to work an exception with them. But the solution must come from them“, also added Secretary Valdés.

Since the UK officially left the EU on December 31, 2020, British nationals are subject to entry rules that apply to all third country citizens. Which means that, among other things, UK citizens must follow the rules listed below when traveling to any of the Schengen countries:

  • They must hold a passport issued within the last ten years, including at least one free page for border stamps.
  • They can stay in the Schengen territory for a total of 90 days out of 180 days. Those who stay longer may face consequences for an extended stay.
  • UK travelers may also have to wait longer at EU borders and they are going through different procedures than they were used to until the end of 2020.
  • They cannot work in the EU without a work visa, even for short periods.

Post-Brexit rules for traveling to the EU have affected millions of British tourists, especially those with second homes in one of the EU countries, many of them in Spain. These British citizens, before Brexit, spent much of the year in Spain, from early spring until autumn, which they can no longer do.

According to a previous report by SchegnenVisaInfo.com, the number of UK citizens who own a home somewhere in Spain is between 800,000 and 1 million.

>> Almost 40% increase in the number of Britons looking for a second home in Spain

Live results, poll updates and race analysis


Mayra Flores could win. Democrats will have themselves to blame.

Jack Herrera, 1:18 p.m.

Regardless of the results, the story of the race for the thirty-fourth congressional district in South Texas is the meteoric rise of Republican Mayra Flores. On paper, the newly redrawn precinct is deep blue: President Biden would have won by nearly 16 points in 2020. When Flores, a 36-year-old first-time candidate, won the GOP primary in March, she seemed destined to get blown out of the water in November by Democratic Representative Vicente Gonzalez, who had already raised $1.5 million more than Flores had raised. Neither the national media nor the National Republicans gave Flores much attention. But now, on Election Day, Flores has raised nearly $4 million, made frequent appearances on Fox News, been featured in the New York Times, and hosted rallies with Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republican luminaries. Even more shocking: As voters line up, Flores and Gonzalez are neck and neck in the polls.

Flores’ incredible turn of fortune has a lot to do with her innate political savvy: she turned out to be a brilliant activist. But she owes much of her success to a gift from Democratic congressman Filemón Vela.

Ahead of the 2022 primary, Thirty-fourth incumbent Vela announced he would retire at the end of his term. Vela’s good friend, Representative Vicente Gonzalez—who represented the neighboring Fifteenth District—decided to run in the Thirty-fourth instead, to win the seat that Vela said was vacant. But just after the primaries, Vela made a puzzling decision that dealt a serious blow to Gonzalez, announcing that he would retire before the end of his term to take up a high-paying position at the nation’s largest lobbying firm. When Gov. Greg Abbott called a special election in June to fill the 34th void, Democrats were left in disarray with no one to run in that race. It made no sense for Gonzalez to give up his own seat to run in the special election. Meanwhile, Flores already had a campaign operation underway. The jostled Democrats nominated a former county commissioner to replace Gonzalez. Republican money began to flow behind Flores, while national Democrats largely shrugged off the special election. Flores picked up an easy win.

When I first met Flores in January at an evangelical cafe in McAllen, she was best known as a local conservative influencer married to a Border Patrol agent. Flores’ Instagram had thousands of followers who subscribed to her far-right content on immigration and abortion, as well as the occasional QAnon hashtag. By the time I sat down with Flores in September, during a public panel at the Texas Tribune’s TribFest, she was best known by her official title: Congresswoman Mayra Flores.

Running now for reelection instead of a simple election, Flores has all the advantages of the office. The national party lined up behind her and threw millions into her race. She also appears to have had some media training: when asked about QAnon today, she disavows the conspiracy theory.

Much of Flores’ success has to do with his talent for using his personal background to connect with voters. Flores was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States, where she worked in the cotton fields alongside her parents (Flores’ father is an American citizen). Today, Flores is the first-ever Mexican-born woman to serve in Congress. She criticized Democrats for taking voters like her — immigrants, Latinas, workers — for granted.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, struggled to gain ground. Despite also being a starter, Gonzalez — a moderate Democrat and self-described “blue dog” — hasn’t garnered the same national media attention as Flores. His “Vicente with kindness” (“Vicente with the People”) garden signs look naïve and insubstantial next to the scorched earth countryside of Flores against him. Over the summer, Flores destroyed it in the fundraising arms race, bringing in $1.6 million compared to Gonzalez’s $497,000. (Gonzalez raised about $2.9 million in total.)

Flores could well win this election, and if she does, Republicans will trumpet her victory in a heavily Democratic district as proof that the GOP is winning over Hispanic voters. This will certainly be partly true. But the real story behind a Flores victory would be that the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.

Conor Murray kicked out of Ireland’s Autumn Nations series


Irish scrum-half Conor Murray will no longer feature in Ireland’s Autumn Nation Series after sustaining a groin injury in their hard-fought 19-16 win over South Africa last weekend.

A statement from IRFU this afternoon read: ‘Unfortunately…Conor Murray has been ruled out of the rest of the series with a groin strain and will begin rehab in Munster.’

There is good elsewhere, however, with three of Ireland’s other major injury problems recovering quickly ahead of the Fiji test.

Tadhg Furlong, Robbie Henshaw and Stuart McCloskey received a positive prognosis.

“Robbie Henshaw, who missed Saturday’s game with a hamstring issue, will return to training this week.

“Stuart McCloskey is recovering quickly from the arm problem that forced him off early against South Africa and will train this week.

“Tadhg Furlong (ankle) is expected to take part in training this week, while Ireland captain Johnny Sexton is recovering well from a dead leg.”

Ireland’s A team, which was hammered by an All Blacks XV on Friday in the RDS, however lost three players to injury.

“Since Friday night’s A match against the All Black XV, Ciaran Frawley has twisted his knee and will continue his rehabilitation at Leinster. Joe McCarthy and Ryan Baird will continue their return to play protocols at Leinster.”

Ireland have also confirmed their 39-man squad for Fiji Week.


Robert Baloucoune (Ulster/Enniskillen)
Caolin Blade (Connacht/Galwegians)
Joey Carbery (Munster/Clontarf)
Craig Casey (Munster/Shannon)
Jack Crowley (Munster/Cork Constitution) uncapped
Jamison Gibson Park (Leinster)
Mack Hansen (Connacht)
Robbie Henshaw (Leinster/Buccaneers)
Hugo Keenan (Leinster/UCD)
Michael Lowry (Ulster/Banbridge)
Stuart McCloskey (Ulster/Bangor)
Calvin Nash (Munster/Young Munster)
Jimmy O’Brien (Leinster/Naas)
Garry Ringrose (Leinster/UCD)
Johnny Sexton (Leinster/St Mary’s College)
Jacob Stockdale (Ulster/Lurgan)


Finlay Bealham (Connacht/Buccaneers)
Tadhg Beirne (Munster/Lansdowne)
Jack Conan (Leinster/Old Belvedere)
Max Deegan (Leinster/Lansdowne)
Caelan Doris (Leinster/St Mary’s College)
Tadhg Furlong (Leinster/Clontarf)
Dave Heffernan (Connacht/Buccaneers)
Cian Healy (Leinster/Clontarf)
Iain Henderson (Ulster/Academy)
Rob Herring (Ulster/Ballynahinch)
Jeremy Loughman (Munster/Garryowen) beheaded
Mike Milne (Leinster/UCD) uncapped
Peter O’Mahony (Constitution of Munster/Cork)
Tom O’Toole (Ulster/Ballynahinch)
Scott Penny (Leinster/UCD) uncapped
Andrew Porter (Leinster/UCD)
Cian Prendergast (Connacht) beheaded
James Ryan (Leinster/UCD)
Dan Sheehan (Leinster/Lansdowne)
Gavin Thornbury (Connacht) beheaded
Nick Timoney (Ulster/Banbridge)
Kieran Treadwell (Ulster/Ballymena)
Josh van der Flier (Leinster/UCD)

Jane Rosalie Brunsell – The Sentinel McPherson


Jane Rosalie Brunsell, 77, of Lindsborg died on Thursday November 3, 2022 at Bethany Home in Lindsborg, KS. Jane was born on January 10, 1945 in Lindsborg, KS to the late James W and the late Emeline (Rosander) Brunsell. Jane was an active member of the Bethany Lutheran Church, volunteering for the various church organizations. She also sang in the Messiah Choir for many years. Jane belonged to many genealogy and stamp clubs. Jane graduated from high school and secretarial school at Brown-Mackie College. She worked for a time as a secretary and accountant in various places. She was also the longtime local rural mail carrier. Jane was one of Lindsborg’s first registered paramedics and volunteered with EMS until 2016. She has also held many odd jobs in the Lindsborg community. She was sexton and warden of Elmwood Cemetery in Lindsborg for many years. She also did sexton work for Smoky Hill Cemetery and Rose Hill Cemetery. Survivors include his brother: Keith W. Brunsell (Joyce) of Lindsborg, KS; niece: Rachel McCullick (David) of Falun, KS; nephew: Scott Brunsell (Alison) of McPherson, KS; niece: Kelsey Brunsell (Nick Miller) of Canton, KS. Jane was predeceased by her parents and her beloved friend: Charlotte Ternstrom. Cremation was chosen. The family will welcome friends for visitation from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 8 at Crick-Christians Funeral Home in Lindsborg. A memorial service will be held Wednesday, November 9 at 10:00 a.m. at Bethany Lutheran Church, 320 N. Main St., Lindsborg, KS with Pastor Chris Deines officiating. Interment will follow at Elmwood Cemetery, Lindsborg. Memorials can be made at Bethany Lutheran Church. Memorials may be sent to the care of Crick-Christians Funeral Home, 103 N. Washington, Lindsborg, KS 67456. For more information or to leave condolences online, please visit www.crick-christiansfuneralhome.com.

England vs Argentina live: How to watch Autumn Nations Series rugby from anywhere today


England will be looking to build on their two-game winning streak as they begin their Autumn Nations Series campaign against Argentina at Twickenham today. While a pair of Test wins in their summer streak in July seemed to show the Red Rose had turned a corner, the pressure is still very much on Eddie Jones’ men as they try to put their recent disappointing tournament to rest. behind them. It’s a gray day in Twickenham and the ground seems soft. Read on as our guide explains how to get an England vs Argentina live stream from anywhere.

England have slipped to fifth in the world rankings largely thanks to three defeats in their five matches at Six Nations 2022. With games to follow against an unpredictable Japan, as well as big guns the All Blacks and South Africa. South later this month, it is crucial that the hosts start on the right foot today.

Owen Farrell is back in the England squad following a concussion and could start in a midfield line-up which is also expected to include Manu Tuilagi and Marcus Smith.

Despite three defeats in their last three matches, the mood around Michael Cheika’s Argentina is positive. This summer they have won victories over Australia and New Zealand in the Rugby Championship. The game is set to serve as a dress rehearsal for the 2023 World Cup. England and Argentina are set to meet in Pool D at next year’s tournament.

Follow our guide as we explain all the ways to get a rugby live stream and how to watch England v Argentina, as well as the rest of the 2022 Autumn Internationals.

british flag

How to watch England v Argentina for FREE in the UK

How to stream England vs Argentina live from outside your country

If you’re abroad right now and trying to stream rugby through your native broadcaster, you’ll soon find that you can’t because location is restricted. But there is a way to agree despite everything.

By downloading and installing a VPN, you can effectively trick your computer into thinking it’s back home. That way you can enjoy your home coverage without having to find an illegal stream – assuming you stick to the broadcaster’s fine print, of course – especially its terms and conditions.

Use a VPN to Watch England v Argentina Rugby from Anywhere

australia flag

How to watch England v Argentina: Rugby live in Australia

new zealand flag

How to stream England v Argentina live in New Zealand

Flag of South Africa

How to watch England v Argentina: Rugby live in South Africa

usa flag

How to watch rugby in the USA: England vs Argentina live stream

canadian flag

England vs Argentina live: watch rugby for FREE in Canada

Nine Premium stallions, thirty-one approved for the Hanoverian Stallion Approval 2022


The Hanoverian Stallion Licensing Committee licensed 31 stallions and named nine of them premium at the 2022 Hanoverian Master Stallion License in Verden.

While the Oldenburg society has postponed its licensing from November to January to give the young colts more time to grow and develop before they begin their preparation for licensing, the Hanoverian society has decided to postpone its ” Stallion market” of only two weeks, taking place at the beginning of November instead of mid-October.

The stallions were shown on hard surface and lunge on Thursday November 4th, followed by a presentation in hand and freedom on November 5th.

Young unproven bulls make their mark

The 2022 Hanoverian license collection was dominated by 2.5 year old colts who are sired by unproven young stallions, who are popular on the market and were showing their first production this year.

The the best represented stallion was Bon Courage (by Bon Coeur x Vivaldi x Rohdiamant) with 10 offspring accepted for certification. Only five ended up being presented but three of them were accepted and two named prime.

Blue Hors premium colt by Bonds x Dante Weltino

Three sons of Valdiviani (by Veneno x Fidertanz) were presented and all three were accepted, one of them was premium.

The Young Horse World Champion and Oldenburg Global Player License Champion OLD (by Grand Galaxy Win x Don Schufro) has had his first son approved. Oldenburg Licensing Champion Bonds (by Benicio x Sir Donnerhall) had three approved sons.

Lauries Crusador xx

The thoroughbred stallion Lauries Crusador xx, who was the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2006, deceased in 2013 but still has a huge impact on Hanoverian horse breeding.

At this year’s accreditation, no less than five of the accredited colts, one of which was premium, had Lauries Crusador xx as their grandfather or great-grandfather. Brood mares with the nobility and genes of this xx stallion continue to thrive and produce a decade later.

Premium Stallions

The nine premium stallions are:

  • nn (by Bon Courage x Compliment x Akzent II) – Breeder & Owner: Heiko Bormann —> sold 191,000 euros to Landgestut Celle
  • nn (by Bon Courage x Lauries Crusader xx x Wittinger) – Breeder: Heinrich Otting – Owner: Leon Meier —> sold in the UK for 135,000 euros
  • nn (by Bonds x Dante Weltino x Rohdiamant) – Breeder: Marietta Kappelhoff Dorenkamp – Owner: Blue Hors
  • nn (by Bonds x For Romance I x De Niro) – Breeder: Friederike Pelzer – Owner: Gestut Allerhop —-> joint ownership sold in Celle privately
  • nn (by For Romance I x Franziskus/ De Niro) – Breeder: Berthold Schoemaker – Owner: Helgstrand Dressage
  • nn (by Le Formidable x Destano/ Wolkentanz I) – Breeder: Johann Martens – Owner: Wilhelm Klausing —> sold 161,000 in Baden-Württemberg
  • nn (by Rock Springs x San Remo x Weltmeyer) – Breeder: Kai Ehlers – Owner: Ib Berger —> sold 300,000 to Helgstrand
  • nn (by Secret x Don Darius x Shield I) – Breeder: Johann & Dorothea Schröder – Owner: Schachtmann —> sold 120,000 to Helgstrand
  • nn (by Valdiviani x Belissimo M x De Niro) – Breeder & Owner: Ulla Katzorke —> sold 266,000 euros at Celle/Hoffrogge

Other approved stallions are:

  • nn (by Bon Courage x Fürst Romancier x Weltmeyer) – Breeder & Owner: Heike and Hermann Bonhorst —> sold 94,000 to Klieber/Sandrbink and Gestut Sprehe
  • nn (by Baron x Rubitano x Ehrentanz) – Breeder & Owner: Caroline Gobbers Schramm —> sold for 60,000
  • nn (by Birmingham x St. Moritz x Lemon Tree) – Breeder: Jens-Friedrich Langreht – Owner: Ib Berger —> sold 41,000
  • nn (by Bonds x Dancier x Espri) – Breeder: Erica Lutjen – Owner: Heinrich Giesselmann —> sold 45,000
  • nn (by Da Costa x Floriscount x Lauries Crusador xx) – Breeder: Margharete Klare – Owner: Bernhard Sieverding —> sold 80,000
  • nn (by Damaschino x Sir Donnerhall I x Weltmeyer) – Breeder: Tim Philipp Reer – Owner: Christoph Wahler —> sold for 120,000
  • nn (by Despacito x Scolari x Wolkenstein II) – Breeder & Owner: Ingo Pape
  • nn (by Escamillo x Ampere x Ravallo) – Breeder: Tobias Schult – Owner: Helgstrand Dressage
  • nn (by Escamillo x Vivaldi x Lauries Crusador xx) – Breeder & Owner: Gudrun & Udo Strecker
  • nn (by Escamillo x Vivaldi x Lamoureux II) – Breeder & Owner: Rhenania —> sold for 126,000
  • nn (by Farrell x Fürst Nymphenburg x Davignon) – Breeder: Ludwig Fuchs – Owner: Anneli Brunckhorst
  • nn (by For Romance I x Dancier x Dacaprio) – Breeder: Lena Heidkamp – Owner: Reesink
  • nn (by Fürst Samarant x Lord Loxley x Batum) – Breeder & Owner: Gestut Babiacki
  • nn (by Glamourdale x Londonderry x Furst Heinrich) – Breeder: Christian Thelker – Owner: Blue Hors
  • nn (by Global Player x Bvlgari x Samarant) – Breeder: Wilhelm Klausing – Owner: Gut Rethorn Christina Pilger & Klausing
  • nn (by Secret x All Inclusive x Lauries Crusador xx) – Breeder & Owner: ZG Aronis & Janssen —-> sold at Sprehe
  • nn (by So Unique x Lord Leatherdale x Lauries Crusador xx) – Breeder: Andreas Meyer x Owner: Blue Moon Sporthorses
  • nn (by Valdiviani x Damon Hill x Ampere) – Breeder: Tobias Schult – Owner: Hermann Schult
  • nn (by Vitalis x Spörcken x Rotspon) – Breeder: Claudia Leyer – Owner: Ib Berger —> sold 120,000 euros in Spain
  • nn (by Vivaldos x Weltmeyer x Akzent II) – Breeder & Owner: Dieter & Jens Röbken
  • nn (by V-Plus x St. Moritz junior x Redwine) – Breeder: Nina Vogt – Owner: Peter Dieckmann —> sold 107,000 at Tannenhof
  • nn (by Valdiviani x Carabas x Rheinblick) – Breeder & Owner: Isabell Werth

Catalog No. 46 of Lord Europe x Licosto will be licensed pending the fall of his testicles.

A more detailed report on the licensing as well as the auction is coming in the coming days.

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Soliman de Hus, Hanoverian licensing champion 2007
Lauries Crusador xx x Raphael Son, 2006 Hanoverian Licensing Champion
Hotline, 2005 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing Champion
Dancier, Hanoverian Licensing Champion 2004
Liberty Gold, 2003 Hanoverian License Champion
His Highness, Hanoverian Licensing Champion 2002, Sold in the United States
Nobleman, Hanoverian Stallion License Champion in 2001
Don Crusador, Hanoverian Stallion Licensing Champion in 2000

Why does the Fed keep raising interest rates? 3 expert tips to get by



On November 2, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, the sixth consecutive increase this year – and the fourth consecutive increase of 75 basis points since June.

See: Breathtaking statistics on the state of retirement in America
Find: What is the highest income level for food stamps in 2023?

The targeted interest rate on federal funds is now 3.75% to 4%, per CNN, the highest since 2008, when the housing crisis weighed heavily on the US economy and forced the country into a recession. CNN also reported that the 2022 actions come amid “the Fed’s toughest policy action since the 1980s,” affecting everything from mortgages to auto loans to credit cards.

As GOBankingRates previously reported, analysts believe we will soon “surpass” the record high 19% credit card interest rate set in 1991. “Most credit cardholders should see the rise Fed rates will trickle down to their rate within a statement cycle or two,” said Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at Creditcards.com.

Why the Fed keeps raising interest rates

Given the hardship this is imposing on the American people — already grappling with economic hardship caused by the pandemic and now with 40-year high inflation rates — why does the Fed continue to raise interest rates? interest ?

Simply put, the Fed explained that it was trying to rein in that same inflation that affects people’s wallets. According to the latest Consumer Price Index data, Americans are currently paying 8.2% more across all categories compared to the same period last year, including a 58.1% increase in prices fuel and a 13% increase in the cost of groceries.

“If we don’t get inflation under control…we’re now in a situation where inflation is now entrenched and employment costs, in particular, will potentially be much higher,” Fed Chairman Jerome said. Powell, to reporters at a Nov. 2 press conference. conference, per CBS, rationalizing the Fed’s decision and also hinting that this may not be the last interest rate hike we’ll see. Powell added: “It’s very premature to think about taking a break.”

Experts weigh in on Fed hikes and the broader economy

Chris Miles, cash flow expert and CEO of financial advisory firm Money Ripples, has another opinion. When it comes to why the Fed keeps raising rates, he thinks it’s not so much about controlling inflation, but “at the end of the day, their #1 job is to protect the value of the US dollar,” he says. “You may have noticed that the US dollar is strong around the world. This is because we were the first to start raising rates, and that attracted money from other countries to invest in our dollar… the Fed wants to be sure that our dollar is more valuable than any other currency right now.

According to him, Miles thinks the Fed will continue to raise rates more than initially expected. “At the September Fed meeting, [Chair] Powell inferred that he would support the rate hike until the Fed rate rose above the CPI. Right now, the CPI is still at 8.2%. They just raised the Fed rate to 4%,” says Miles, adding, “Until this week, many pundits thought it would hit around 4.6%. Now they’re estimating around 4.8%.” Regarding his prediction, Miles thinks “the rate will rise 5.5% to 6% before starting to level off as inflation starts to slow.”

However, Miles thinks recent Fed actions will eventually slow inflation, “as long as they slow the supply of credit.” Miles says one of two things has to happen to achieve this. “Either they have banks that have become very restrictive on loan approvals, like in 2008-2009. Or they raise interest rates to the point that fewer people apply for credit.

As he adds, the savings are based on the availability of credit. “The more money available, the faster the money can flow. Ironically, it was the Fed’s decision, along with political pressure, that caused it to release unprecedented amounts of liquidity, driving inflation out of control. They now swing the pendulum the other way to slow it down.

Tips for coping with rising interest rates

Miles notes that these moves are now negatively impacting the poor and middle class and disrupting most people’s retirement accounts as stocks fall. So what can the average American do to cope and be proactive as interest rates keep skyrocketing? Miles has some advice:

Repay variable rate loans. “The best thing consumers can do right now is pay off their variable interest loans, like credit cards. Don’t focus so much on paying off lower fixed rate loans, like mortgages, cars, student loans, etc. Focus on eliminating all variable rate loans and building up your cash reserves.

Focus on having cash in hand. “Cash may seem counter-intuitive, but I think cash is going to become a very valuable commodity as more and more people’s savings dwindle and future layoffs are very possible.”

Take our survey: How long do you think it will take to pay off your credit card debt?
More: States whose economies are failing vs. States whose economies are thriving

Invest in real estate – if you can. “For those who don’t have a lot of debt and have a lot of money, I would focus on owning real estate, like profitable rental real estate, especially in certain markets, like the Midwest or the Southeast. Avoid hot markets like Phoenix, Florida, Texas, Las Vegas or anything in the western US These prices are already falling But even in these markets as prices stabilize and as the sellers get more and more desperate, it’s starting to turn back into a buyers’ market again.

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This article originally appeared on GOBankingRates.com: Why does the Fed keep raising interest rates? 3 expert tips to get by

The pilgrimage of a Petaluman along the Camino de Santiago


The hike itself

We flew from San Francisco to Porto, Portugal, then spent the day heading to our starting point in Ferrol, an industrial port along the northern coast of Spain. Once in Ferrol, we settled into our hotel, slept through some of our jet lag, and then headed out for an amazing dinner at a Michelin-rated restaurant. The food was fabulous throughout the trip ranging from seafood to lamb to ice cream and everything in between.

Well, except vegetables, which rarely make an appearance in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. You can read more about the food part of our trip in my article this week Catering section of the Argus-Courrier.

We covered about 12 miles on the first day, starting in Ferrol and ending in Pontedeume. The initial walk was nothing spectacular, but once we crossed the nearby bay and climbed into the hills it was beautiful and quiet. Our first day was a great introduction to the Camino, especially because the last two miles gave us views across the water to the port town of Pontedeume, where we would spend the night.

The guides are a bit misleading in that they only divide the hikes into paved and unpaved paths. The reality is that even the paved roads we rode were seldom used side roads, some of them extremely quiet forest roads.

There are plenty of sleeping options along the Camino, with “albergues” being the historical choice. However, staying in hostel-style dorms was not part of our bucket list experience, so we opted for hotels for all of our overnight accommodations, as many peregrinos do.

Our second day was only a little longer than the first, at 13 miles, and took us to the town of Betanzos, another small Galician fishing village. Today’s route was a bit more hilly, starting with a long climb out of Pontedeume. Again, the guides make a mountain out of a molehill, presenting that first hill as if it were Mount Everest, but taken in stride and at our pace, it was no worse than it was. any other part of the road.

The drive from Bentanzos to O Meson do Vento was long but as scenic as the first two days. We were warned to pack food for the day but even though it was Sunday we ate better on this part of the walk than any other – so the lack of food stops is clearly not an issue on the Camino Ingles.

Our fourth day took us from O Meson do Vento to Sigueiro – where it was hard not to start celebrating that we were only 11 miles from the finish. My feet started to bother me that day, but that was due to an unfortunate choice of untested socks and shoes on the second day, which left me with a few blisters, but nothing would stop me from completing the Camino .

The end of the journey

At only 11 miles, our last day was the shortest and took us to the square in front of Santiago Cathedral before lunch. The end of this road was a bit industrial like the start of the road, but still scenic for most of the way.

Once we removed the photos and texted our families that we made it safe and sound, we headed to the Compostela office to show our peregrino passports and collect our certificate of completion. We then left for lunch in a restaurant just as impressive as the one we visited the day before our trip.

Along the way we met many other pilgrims, ranging from teenagers to a group of 80 year olds. We also interacted with many locals, who will wish you a “Beun Camino” or “Bom Camnho” no matter what they are doing at the time. In restaurants and bars, customers and staff were really happy to see us and interact with us. And the language has never been a problem. Between our limited Spanish, their limited English and lots of pantomime, we never had a problem communicating with the locals.

The landscape along the Camino Ingles is considered the most beautiful of all the Caminos and was a mixture of forests, crops, streams and small villages. The route looks a lot like eastern Iowa, but that’s a compliment to Iowa, not a criticism of Galicia. Eastern Iowa is beautiful, but Galicia beats them hands down when it comes to food. The Galician terrain is covered in hills covered in trees or corn, with small streams crossing wooded ravines all the way.

Our total distance was somewhere in the 70 mile range, which sounds more impressive than 112 kilometers. This did not include the bonus 3-5 miles we inadvertently drove every afternoon and evening exploring the towns we stayed in. None of our days were rushed, leaving us plenty of time to stop whenever we wanted to rest, take pictures or try the coffee, sandwiches or ice cream at the various shops along our route. In fact, we always got to our overnight accommodation in the early afternoon, which gave us plenty of time to shower, nap for an hour or two, and then head into town to see the sights. and try their food.

The Caminos are a great way to see the Spanish and Portuguese countryside at a slower pace, giving you more time to interact with the locals, if that’s your thing. However, they also provide great meditative experiences, as you can choose how little or how much interaction you have with those around you. Although the mileage can seem daunting, we soon realized that when you just walk from meal to meal – and enjoy the sights along the way – the mileage seems to be zero at the end of the day.

The UK’s top VALORANT student teams will compete at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere for the Red Bull Campus Clutch Global Final Qualifier – European Gaming Industry News

Reading time: 3 minutes

There are many factors that contribute to improving one’s ability to play a game well. play it and have access to a low latency internet connection.

While such hardware resources are necessary with most games, there’s another crucial element that often blocks people’s progress, and that’s being able to pinpoint where your current skills are lacking and work on it. to improve them in a targeted and progressive manner.

Like all things, some people have an innate ability to intuit or analyze themselves, while others need more support to undertake this process. But fear not, because this ability can be learned.

While it’s undeniable that some players have a degree of intrinsic talent that sets them apart from us mere mortals, most of us never manage to unlock our latent potential because we don’t know where to start.

In light of this, here we are going to look at some tricks that can be easily applied to any type of game to help you improve your performance quickly and effectively.

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Learn the lingo

Specialized disciplines invariably give rise to a unique lexicon of terms that are specific to them. From molecular biology to philately, these specialized languages ​​are emerging as a way to capture and describe specific contexts, methods and approaches specific to their fields.

Naturally, gaming is no different – although, from too much familiarity, it can sometimes be easy to forget that not everyone knows what a game’s meta is, or even what stand for popular acronyms like “MOBA”.

Specifically, each game will also have its own unique terms that relate to the quirks of its gameplay and mechanics, and taking the time to learn them has many benefits for those looking to improve.

Depending on the game you are playing, this language will be more or less sophisticated. Some long-running titles, like Poker, have spawned a rich vocabulary of terms to describe every conceivable element of its format, while others, like Fortnite, employ specialized language more focused on promoting identity. and community humor.

Either way, developing an understanding of these specialist jargons will allow you to participate in conversations with, and learn from, more skilled and involved players. It will also help you analyze what you see as you progress and help you take in the nuances of the game you’re playing.

Test yourself against better players

While there’s an undeniable appeal to playing against opponents below your skill level, doing it too often will force you to form bad habits and slow your progress. In the end, it’s always best to play against identical players via ranked playlists, or against friends and clan members who are more experienced and skilled than you.

This process not only teaches you humility and keeps you open to learning, but it highlights your shortcomings and weaknesses. If you are on good terms with a superior player, he will be able to analyze where you need to develop and can help you do so.

Additionally, watching match replays can help you study your own style of play more objectively. For example, if you keep dying in a specific area of ​​a map, watching a replay of the game in question can help you identify that you’re exposing yourself to a line of sight you were previously unaware of.

Likewise, analyzing games where you performed better than expected can also provide valuable insight into how you play, which you can then incorporate into your game in the future.

The key principle at work here is that by playing against opponents who force you to grow and adapt, and by maintaining a thoughtful and humble attitude, you create the conditions for continuous improvement in your chosen game. .

How to watch Autumn Nations Series 2022: live stream every rugby game online from anywhere


Rugby nations in the northern hemisphere are dominating their southern counterparts at the moment, but no one can give a tougher wake-up call than world champions South Africa. Ireland and France are firmly in sights for the Springboks in the 2022 Autumn Nations Series, the world’s No.1 and No.2 ranked international rugby union teams respectively, while New Zealand and Australia are also ready to restore their reputation. Read on to find out how to watch the Autumn Nations Series 2022 and live stream all the games online from anywhere.

Watch the Fall Nations Series

Appointment: Saturday October 29 – Saturday November 26

FREE Live Stream: Prime Video FREE Trial (opens in a new tab) (UK, Ireland)

Watch Anywhere: try the #1 rated VPN (opens in a new tab)

Global Live Streams: Stan Sports (AU) | FloRugby (opens in a new tab) (United States) | Sky Sports (NZ) | SuperSport (SA)

The existential crisis that has gripped the All Blacks for much of this year was partly sparked by Andy Farrell’s men winning a series on Kiwi soil for the first time this summer. However, Ireland have not played a single game since that historic day in July, while South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are all seasoned after last month’s hard-fought Rugby Championship.

France haven’t played a truly competitive game since sealing a famous Six Nations Grand Slam in March, and with less than a year to go before hosting the Rugby World Cup, Fabien Galthié will be hoping this triumph was only the beginning rather than the summit.

Incredibly, Australia are below Argentina in the current world rankings, which shows what an impressive job Michael Cheika has done with the Pumas, as well as how ravaged the Wallabies have been with injuries lately. time. England, Wales and Scotland, meanwhile, simply want to show they deserve a place at the top of rugby.

Follow our guide as we walk you through how to watch every match in the Autumn Nations 2022 Series wherever you are in the world.

british flag

How to watch Autumn Nations Series: live stream rugby for FREE in the UK

How to watch Autumn Nations Series rugby from outside your country

We have recommended some of the best places to live stream the Autumn Nations Series rugby matches below. But you might face a problem trying to access it if you are outside your country. This is because of something called geo-blocking.

Just follow our VPN tips below to get around this problem, with great software that allows you to relocate your device to your country of residence – regaining access to all the streaming services and content you normally enjoy at home. the House.

Use a VPN to live stream the 2022 Autumn Internationals from anywhere

How to Use a VPN

Using a VPN is as easy as one-two-three…

1. Download and install a VPN – as they say, our top pick is ExpressVPN

2. Connect to the appropriate server location – open the VPN app, click “choose location” and select the appropriate location, for example: “United Kingdom” for Amazon Prime Video.

3. Access the stream of the broadcaster – head to your home streamer’s site or app and watch like you’re at home – so it could be Amazon Prime Video (opens in a new tab) for British citizens abroad.

Flag of Ireland

How to watch Autumn Nations Series rugby FREE online in Ireland

American flag

How to watch the Autumn Nations Series 2022: live broadcast of rugby in the USA without cable

Australia flag

How to watch 2022 Autumn Nations Series rugby in Australia

new zealand flag

How to watch 2022 Autumn Nations Series rugby in New Zealand

Flag of South Africa

How to watch the Autumn Nations Series 2022: South Africa rugby live stream

List of matches for the 2022 Autumn Internationals: schedule, times and dates

(Every hour in the UK)

Saturday October 29
6:50 a.m. – Japan vs New Zealand (31-38)
5:30 p.m. – Scotland vs Australia (15-16)

saturday november 5
1pm – Italy vs Samoa
1pm – Scotland v Fiji
3.15pm – Wales vs New Zealand
5:30 p.m. – Ireland vs South Africa
8 p.m. – France vs Australia

sunday november 6
2:15 p.m. – England v Argentina

Saturday November 12
1pm – Ireland vs Fiji
1pm – Italy vs Australia
3:15 p.m. – England vs Japan
5:30 p.m. – Wales v Argentina
8 p.m. – France vs South Africa

sunday november 13
2 p.m. – Barbarians vs All Blacks XV
2:15 p.m. – Scotland vs New Zealand

Saturday November 19
1pm – Italy vs South Africa
1pm – Wales v Georgia
3:15 p.m. – Scotland v Argentina
5:30 p.m. – England vs New Zealand
8 p.m. – Ireland vs Australia

Sunday November 20
1 p.m. – France vs Japan

Saturday November 26
3.15pm – Wales v Australia
5:30 p.m. – England v South Africa

Are you looking to save money on a car loan? This trick can save you money


Image source: Getty Images

Are you looking for a new or used car? If so, you might be wondering how you can save the most money. You’ve done your research on the car you want, taken it for a test drive, and compared prices so you can negotiate the best deal. While all of these steps are important to take, many buyers overlook this tip that can help you save a lot of money.

You should always go to a dealership with outside financing for your auto loan instead of going through the dealership. Here’s why.

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More: Prequalify for a personal loan without affecting your credit score

How Car Dealerships Really Make Money

Few people realize that dealerships don’t make the majority of their profits from selling cars. In fact, according to research, dealerships only earn on average about $65 per used car and actually lose about $200 per new car sold! So how do dealerships make money? Their main sources of profit are dealer financing, the sale of extended warranties, gap insurance, additional car add-ons, and other services.

What is Dealer Financing?

Most people don’t have the money to buy a new or used car, so they have to borrow money. Car dealerships will offer you a loan to simplify the process of buying a car. All you have to do is choose the car you want, pay the deposit, fill out the paperwork and the car is yours!

However, many people don’t realize that dealerships usually mark up the interest rate on the loans they take out. This means that you will end up paying more interest over the life of the loan if you go through the dealership. Additionally, if you have bad creditthe interest rate the dealer offers you is likely to be quite high.

A dealer can get 3.5% for a $40,000 car you want to buy. Over five years, that works out to $3,660 in interest. The dealer can then increase the rate to 5%, which equals approximately $5,290. The dealer keeps the difference of $1,630 as profit. This is money that you could possibly keep for yourself by finding outside financing.

How to seek external funding

If you decide to seek external financing, also known as direct lending, for your auto loan, there are a few things you will need to do. First of all, you will have to find a lender. You can use your bank, a credit union, or search online for the best rates. The key is to compare the offers of several lenders at once and choose the one that suits you best.

Once you’ve found a lender, you’ll need to complete an application and provide documentation, such as proof of income and the car you want to buy. Once your application is approved, the lender will send you or the dealer the money which you can then use to pay for your car. Your price will depend on your credit score and other factors. You will generally save more because there is no markup.

If you’re looking to save money on a car loan, seeking external financing is a great option. By doing so, you can avoid the dealer markup and potentially get a lower interest rate, even if you have bad credit. To seek external financing, all you need to do is find a lender and complete an application. You may have to spend more time finding the best financial institution for you compared to getting a loan from the dealership, but it could save you thousands of dollars.

The Ascent’s Best Personal Loans for 2022

Our team of independent experts have pored over the fine print to find the select personal loans that offer competitive rates and low fees. Start by reviewing The Ascent’s best personal loans for 2022.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

Royal Mail staff to strike around Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday


Workers will organize the strikes around the two major consumption dates amid a growing row over wages, jobs and conditions.

The strikes around Black Friday November 25 and Cyber ​​Monday November 28 were announced on Tuesday November 11.

It comes after the The Communications Workers Union (CWU) has withdrawn its strikes scheduled for November 12 and 14 after an inquiry from the post office.

Royal Mail staff announce strike for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

The union said it now wanted to take more “proportionate” action.

Royal Mail made an offer on wages and conditions on Monday which was like a “handover document” because the union said it involved attacks on terms and conditions as well as redundancies.

The CWU will put the offer to its membership on a ballot and recommend rejection.

Members will also be asked to cast a vote of no confidence in Royal Mail chief executive Simon Thompson.

CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said industrial action will continue until Christmas unless the dispute is resolved.

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READ MORE: Warning as thousands of Royal Mail stamps will become unusable within 100 days

What did the Royal Mail say about the strikes?

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “On Monday October 31, Royal Mail offered a new change-over offer to the CWU worth 9% over two years, despite losing £219 million to the first semester.

“The CWU has had talks with us at Acas and says they are open to change, but now they have to show it.

“Instead, the CWU has announced a four-day strike that will further harm our business at our busiest time of the year.

“The CWU is playing a dangerous game with its members’ jobs and the future of Royal Mail.

“We urge the CWU to withdraw these strikes for the benefit of our customers and staff.

“We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience the continued CWU strike will cause.

“We are doing everything we can to minimize delays and keep people, businesses and the country connected.”

Paul F Tompkins finally racks up enough discounts to amass the world’s stamp supply


PHILADELPHIA CREAM – Comedian and frequent podcast guest Paul F. Tompkins has announced his retirement from the audio medium after finally collecting enough stamp discounts to hoard the supply of stamps from around the world.

“To wrap up. The long-con is over,” Tompkins began pompously in a video addressed to the United Nations. every possible stamp discount on each podcast and combine them to control the worldwide postal service. Nothing in the world is sent without Paul’s approval, understood? And the mail is only the first piece of the puzzle, if my demands are not met by midnight, tomorrow I will also enter the global supply of mattresses.

The United Nations would have been caught off guard by Tompkins’ sardonic monologue.

“We’ve spent years laughing at his crazy vocals and impeccable comedic timing, so we haven’t seen the nefarious acts unfold right under our noses,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. “Now Mr. Tompkins can unplug the entire mail industry if he sees fit. If only we had seen the warning sign that he dresses like an eccentric supervillain all the time! Well that we don’t negotiate with the terrorists, we are ready to offer him whatever he wants as long as he continues to appear on the Earwolf network We can rebuild a society without postage, but not without someone to animate the annual Comedy Bang Bang Best-Ofs.

As of press time, sources noted that Tompkins had also taken over all the formal handkerchiefs in the world, a feat achieved accidentally by pure coincidence.

The Canary Islands Guide #Weekend Tips October 28-30, 2022: The Canary Islands



Historic center of the capital, Vegueta will once again witness this Sunday and Monday one of the most famous love stories in Spanish literature, Don Juan Tenorio.
Ferran Madico will direct this interpretation of the text of Zorrilla in which Fran Perea will repeat himself as a popular ladies’ man who will once again fall at the feet of Doña Inés, a character who will be brought to life by Canarian actress Selene Rodríguez.

The story of Don Juan outdoors coincides precisely with the Day of the Dead. The play comes to life in the historic streets of Vegueta, and Don Juan and Doña Inés will travel through the neighborhood and its squares until the show ends in the emblematic Plaza de Santa Ana. The adventures of the leading man can be experienced wandering around the nooks and crannies of the squares of Santo Domingo, San Agustín and Pilar Nuevo, until ending up in the Plaza de Santa Ana, the only place with seats that can be freely occupied until full capacity. is reached. Starts both nights at 9:00 p.m.

Don Juan Tenorio in Vegueta, an initiative launched seventeen years ago by DD&Company Producciones, will have a special character in 2022. And the adventures of the leading man can be experienced as before the pandemic: wandering around corners and corners of the squares of Santo Domingo, San Agustín and Pilar Nuevo, until ending in Santa Ana, the only place with seats that can be freely occupied until full capacity is reached.

The production of DD&Company Producciones which, seventeen years ago, dared to use the spaces of the historic center as an element of scenery and take the protagonists to the streets of the founding district will do it again, this time without the restrictions linked to the health crisis. The adventures of the gallant will therefore be lived as before the pandemic: follow the nooks and crannies of the city on foot: squares of Santo Domingo, San Agustín and Pilar Nuevo, until ending in Santa Ana.

Are you a collector? Here’s how to avoid capital gains tax


SmartAsset: How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Collectibles

Collecting is a hobby that attracts a large number of people. The satisfaction of having a full set of antique stamps or unearthing a rare bottle of wine is easy enough to understand. However, a less easily understood aspect of collecting is how buying and selling collectibles can affect your taxes.

Sponsored: If you need help with tax planning, a financial advisor can help you optimize your financial plan to reduce your tax liability.

If you sell a collectible for profit, you may, under certain circumstances, be subject to quite high taxes on that income. It is possible to avoid these more punitive capital gains taxes if you understand the rules that govern when and how they are levied.

What is capital gains tax?

A capital gain (or loss), in simplest terms, is the difference between what you paid for a capital asset and what you are selling it for. A capital asset can be just about anything you own: your house, Netflix stocks, a Van Gogh painting, etc. When you receive a capital gain through the sale of capital property, that money is taxed differently than income you earn from an employer, for example.

If you have held the capital property for more than a year, any capital gains you have received will be subject to long-term capital gains tax. Short-term capital gains or gains from the sale of assets you have held for one year or less are subject to ordinary income tax. Capital gains taxes have a reputation for being lower than the standard tax rate for those who often take advantage of them. This is due to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, which reduced the top tax rate on many capital gains from 28% to 20%. However, this decrease did not and does not apply to collectibles, as the IRS still levies a 28% tax on these specific long-term capital gains.

The one-year period is determined by counting from “the day after the day you acquired the asset to the day you disposed of the asset,” according to the IRS website. This distinction between short-term and long-term capital gains becomes a bit more complicated in situations where you haven’t purchased the capital property that generates the gain. Maybe you inherited a work of art or someone gave it to you. In the event of an inheritance, any capital gain will be considered a long-term capital gain in the eyes of the IRS. If the asset was a gift, the time the donor owned the asset will be included in the timing.

What is a collectible?

According to the IRS, the definition of a collectible is quite open. In Section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code, several examples are given including works of art, carpets, antiques, metals and precious stones, stamps, coins, alcoholic beverages and, most importantly, “any other tangible personal property” that the IRS considers collectible for tax purposes. So there is quite a bit of leeway given to the IRS to decide what is and is not a collectible and therefore what is and is not subject to this 28% maximum tax rate.

How to Calculate Capital Gains Tax on Collectibles

SmartAsset: How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Collectibles

SmartAsset: How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Collectibles

To calculate the amount of tax you owe on a capital gain, you must first calculate what is called your adjusted base. In cases where you purchased the asset, the adjusted basis is the price you paid plus any additional transaction fees *and* any money you spent on restoration or repair. So if you buy a first edition copy of *The Faerie Queene* by Edmund Spenser for $1,200 and also pay a brokerage fee of $90 plus $200 to help preserve it, your base adjusted for the asset would be $1,490.

If, however, you received the asset without purchasing it, such as as a gift or by inheriting it, then your basis will be determined by calculating the fair market value of the collectible. For some collectibles, this can be quite easy to determine, especially if the item or similar items are bought and sold with some regularity. If this is not the case, it may be necessary for an expert to carry out an expertise on the property to arrive at an estimate.

How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Collectibles

The surefire way to avoid paying taxes on your collectibles is, of course, not to sell them. Beyond the obvious and possibly silly answers, there are a few strategies that can help lower your tax bill.

First, sell the asset within one year so that the sale is considered a short-term capital gain. Short-term gains are taxed as ordinary income, so if your standard tax rate is lower than 28% (individuals earning less than $170,051 or couples earning less than $340,101 in 2022), then your tax burden would be weaker.

Another approach is, rather than selling the collectible, to donate it to a qualified charity. With this route, you will receive a tax deduction related to charitable donations rather than a capital gain. The exact amount of deduction will vary depending on what the qualifying charity does with your collectible. If the charity plans to use the collectible in its work, your deduction could be as high as the fair market value of the collectible.

Another approach that is not specific to collectibles, but is often used by those who experience a lot of capital gains and losses, is to think about when to “realize” the capital gain. You only owe capital gains taxes when you sell the underlying asset and, importantly, any capital gains taxes you owe in a given year can be reduced by any capital loss you you also suffered. So you can time the sale of a particular collectible so that the taxes on the resulting capital gain are offset by any capital losses you’ve already incurred that year or expect to incur more. late in the year.


SmartAsset: How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Collectibles

SmartAsset: How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Collectibles

The rules surrounding the taxation of collectibles, whether antique violins, rare books, vintage jewelry or the baseball Aaron Judge hit to get his 62nd home run of the season, are complex and in some respects deliberately vague. Difficulties are on both sides of any collectibles deal, buying and selling. However, there are still strategies you can implement to minimize the profits you lose in taxes.

Tax Planning Tips

  • A financial advisor can guide you through different tax strategies to minimize your liabilities. SmartAsset’s free tool connects you with up to three financial advisors who serve your area, and you can interview your matching advisors for free to decide which one is right for you. If you’re ready to find an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals, start now.

  • If you’re looking for a tax strategy, tax loss harvesting can help you use your investment losses to reduce your capital gains taxes. Here’s how it works.

Photo credit: ©iStock.com/damircudic, ©iStock.com/Liubomyr Vorona, ©iStock.com/visualspace

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Ben Crane shoots nine under-62s on Friday and tops the Bermuda Championship standings


About 100 golfers are expected to compete for a prize of US$100,000 when the 55th Jamaica Golf Association (JGA) Jamaica Open Golf Championship kicks off at Tryall Golf Club from Saturday November 12 to Tuesday November 15.

This year, the tournament will honor the late Seymour Rose who won the Open in 1977, 1982 and 1987.

“Seymour is truly one of the icons of Jamaican golf and we don’t want to forget that,” JGA member Gordon Hutchinson said at the launch on Wednesday.

“We want to remember him. We want him to be associated with the Jamaica Open for a long time. His name will always be there on the records as a former winner. Seymour was exceptional because he was such a gentleman, in addition to being a golfer. He did a lot for young golfers who were coming up. He was a very humble person and you can approach him anytime and he would help you no matter who you are.

Meanwhile, JGA Vice President Dr Mark Newnham said the association had successfully overcome the challenges associated with the pandemic to make this year’s tournament possible.

“We are so proud, so excited to host this championship,” he said.

“We had a bit of a hard time staging this during Covid. Our protocols are going to be a bit more relaxed this time around and we couldn’t be happier to host our 55th event. The Jamaica Open is our first event.”

With the start less than a month away, Organizing Committee Chairman Peter Chin said everything is going according to plan and they expect up to 100 golfers to take part in the tournament.

“We are very happy with our current situation, all plans are in place, so far so good. We have sponsorship in place. We have the golf course in place. We have players who sign up and have paid their registration fees,” he said.

“So far we have 65 players and we hope to reach 100 per tournament day. We are happy to have a number of former winners returning; Michael Maguire, who won last year, and Patrick Cover who has won the year before. Both players graduated from the Korn Ferry tour, but they seem to like the Jamaica Open, so they’re coming back to play.”

The tournament is sponsored by Aqua Bay, Tourism Enhancement Fund, SDF, Tryall Golf Course, JTL Jamaica Tours Limited, Digicel Business, Jamaica Producers, Rain Forest, Wisynco, Barita and First Rock.

Leinster rule out Scarlets for seventh straight win


There is simply no stopping Leinster. Hot on the heels of their win over Munster at the Aviva Stadum, they ruined the Scarlets’ celebratory night at the Pard Y Scarlets with a magnificent seventh straight win.

On a night when home fans were treated to a parade of four of Llanelli’s winning sides who beat the All Blacks 50 years ago, it took less than a minute for Leinster to take a lead they didn’t had never seemed to lose.

Their cause was helped by a host of penalties conceded by the home side, along with three yellow cards and two penalty tries, but there was only one team from when Chris Cosgrave showed up unopposed for a try from the front row – out of play with just 45 seconds on the clock.

Ross Byrne added the extras and visitors were directed to a flyer. The Scarlets, languishing at the bottom of the table and heavily beaten in Connacht last weekend, were not at the front door of the races as they found Leinster’s physique difficult to handle. When they got into the rhythm of the game, they tried to find space around the edges and this tactic eventually paid off.

Ryan Conbeer broke into the wide left 22 and then a long pass from skipper Jonathan Davies allowed Steff Evans to cross into the opposite corner after the Scarlets’ best passing trick on an otherwise miserable night of handling.

Leinster spoke a second after 25 minutes when right winger Rob Russell sent panic through the home defense with a kick towards the line. Hooker John McKee ran with Conbeer to the line, but it was Russell who got the last laugh as he bounced off the two of them, over the line and allowed him to score.

Byrne’s conversion made it 14-5 at the break before Tom Clarkson burst in from close range in the 47th minute. Leinster smelled of blood and when Dan Jones was sent off for persistent offside, they won their bonus points try on the next shot.

It happened via a penalty try as they attempted to pass the ball to Dave Kearney. Johnny McNicholl jumped up to push the ball away and it also went for the trash. A second penalty try came from a lineout in the 73rd minute, quickly followed by a third yellow for Gareth Davies.

Scorers for the Scarlets: Try – S Evans.

Scorers for Leinster: Essays – Pen Essays 2, C Cosgrave, R Russell, T Clarkson; Cons – R Byrne 3

Scarlets: J McNicholl; T Rogers (A Hughes 75), S Evans, J Davies (captain), R Conbeer; D Jones (R Patchell 70), G Davies; S Thomas (K Mathias 57), D Hughes (S Evans 57), H O’Connor (WG John 57); J Price, T Price (M Jones 64); A Shingler (I Shenton 60), D Thomas, S Kalamafoni.

Unused replacements: C Baldwin.

YC: D Jones 59; J McNicholl 59; G. Davies 73.

Leinster: C Cosgrave; R Russell, L Turner, C Ngatai (B Brownlee 62), D Kearney (E Byrne 70-76; R Byrne (C Tector 71), L McGrath (N McCarthy 54); E Byrne (M Milne 57), J McKee ( T McElroy 57), T Clarkson (V Abdaladzhe 57); R Molony, J Jenkins (B Deeny 57); R Ruddock (captain), S Penny (M Moloney 70), M Deegan.

YC: M Milne 65.

Arbitrator: Andrea Piardi (Italy).

The Paintings of Life Under Franco by Juan Genovés, at the Marlborough Gallery – ARTnews.com


“The painter constructs, the photographer reveals”, said Susan Sontag in her 1973 book On the photo. The late Spanish artist Juan Genovés did both in his powerful political paintings that draw on photography and cinematic techniques to highlight the atrocities of the Franco-era state. In “Juan Genovés: reconsidered”, Marlborough Gallery brings together around thirty works produced between 1965 and 1975 which evoke with disturbing freshness the terror of totalitarian regimes. Executed mostly in grainy black and white or sepia to resemble newspaper images, Genovés’ paintings depict anonymous multitudes running under fire or focus on panicked individuals. Circular “spotlights” structure the compositions as if to suggest that these scenes are seen through a zoom lens or telescope. The images are presented with the apparent objectivity of news, but the raw fear is conveyed by the postures of the characters and by titles such as Los gritos (The screams) and The caza (The Hunt), both from 1967. At times the artist focuses the eye by adding color to its borders or washing the image pink, heightening the impression of bloodshed.

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Born in Valencia, Spain, in 1930, Genovés had a childhood marked by the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s fascist dictatorship. As an adult, he makes a resolutely political art, committed to democracy and the workers’ struggle. Rejecting what he saw as the elitism of abstraction, Genovés found his voice in a distinctive style of figurative painting that borrowed tools from Pop Art, such as stencils and stamps, to create eye-catching accessible images. . After seeing a 1962 exhibition on American pop art in Madrid, Genovés said, according to Marlborough’s catalog, “I began to understand that painting could be used to really say things”, that one should not not necessarily “only spots of abstraction”.

A horizontal painting in shades of gray divided into three vertical sections.  On the left is the aerial view of a crowd of people.  The middle shows a close-up of the crowd, in which bodies can be seen running.  The right panel is subdivided into three squares, each with a person with their arms up and near their head.

Juan Genoves: Los gritos (The Screams), 1967, oil on canvas, 35⅜ by 47⅜ inches.

Courtesy Marlborough Gallery, New York

Crowds were Genovés’ signature subject and they populate the majority of the works in this exhibition. In the catalog, the artist is quoted acknowledging the Odessa Marches Massacre sequence from Sergei Eisenstein’s film Battleship Potemkin as a source of inspiration: there are nightmarish paintings of fleeing hordes surrounded by walls (The wall1967) and crowds crawling on the ground like animals (The zoo, 1965). In several works, the canvas is cut into sections, allowing Genovés to present different points of view on an event, with no other reference than a white line which seems to delimit a threshold of danger; crossing it leaves bodies lying along the line, cut down by sniper fire.

Projectors are another effective narrative device. In The caza, a running man and woman are caught in a semicircle of light in the upper left part of the painting; at the bottom right, another projector highlights this couple being arrested, their hands raised against a wall. At other times, the point of view is aerial, the characters microscopic, moving like ants, as if observed by an omniscient eye. They are generalized, often stencilled depictions of silhouetted or faceless figures, but Genovés sought to dignify each person with individualized brushstrokes and airbrush marks. One could ask, instead of evoking photographs in painting, why not simply use photographs? Perhaps by brutally stylizing his compositions, which are largely devoid of locational details, Genovés strove to capture the essence of what ordinary Spaniards were experiencing during this brutal period; the lack of specificity made his images more widely applicable and arguably more powerful.

On a neutral background, there is a group of small dots which are actually crowds of people, each with dark hair and colorful clothes.

Juan Genoves: Derivatives2020, acrylic on canvas on board, 82⅝ by 63 inches.

Courtesy Marlborough Gallery, New York

Departing from the crowd and spotlight format, a series of acrylic on canvas works from 1973 painted in a darker palette. They show individuals being escorted, dragged and beaten by state agents, possibly under cover of night. Also included was a life-size mixed relief from 1965, Contra la pared (Against the wall), depicting a man and a woman with arms raised, and a pencil drawing from 1974 of a man in freefall, which could be read as a metaphor for life under Franco’s dictatorship.

After Franco’s death in 1975, Genovés continued to paint crowds but opted for exuberant colors, individualizing the figures by affixing pieces of detritus, such as a USB key or an earphone. These paintings were displayed in a separate room upstairs. Although devoid of the impact of the artist’s earlier works, they offer an uplifting complement, replacing the theme of shared terror with the joy of community. “Juan Genovés: reconsidered” revisits rather than sheds new light on the important work of the artist, but the topicality of the exhibition is striking; viewers will inevitably find discouraging echoes between these charged paintings and current threats to human rights and individual freedoms around the world.

How to Find a $35,000 Personal Loan


If you’re looking for a $35,000 personal loan, you might be wondering where to start your search. There is no shortage of lenders and a quick search will bring up potential offerings from traditional banks, credit unions and online lenders.

However, not all loan offers are created equal; some come with higher borrowing costs than others. Additionally, you will find that the eligibility requirements for personal loans vary by lender. So it’s also important to research each lender’s criteria to make sure you’re a good candidate for a $35,000 loan on competitive terms.

How to determine if you need a $35,000 loan

Before researching lenders and beginning the application process, take a step back to assess how much loan you need.

Borrowing less means you’ll get a more affordable monthly payment and save on interest. Plus, you’ll avoid the temptation to spend on unnecessary items and minimize the risk of quickly becoming overburdened, racking up excessive late fees, and blowing your budget. There is also a chance that you will damage your credit rating if you fall behind on loan repayments.

To determine if you need a $35,000 loan, write down the purpose of your loan and the expected cost of what you are looking to cover. Whether it’s a major purchase, home improvement project, medical bills, debt consolidation, wedding, or any other big expense, include a light cushion just in case. The number you get is the loan amount you should ask the lender for, even if it’s a little less than $35,000.

Conditions to benefit from a personal loan

Each lender has guidelines for personal loans. However, most will assess your credit score, income, and debt to determine if you are a good candidate for financing.

The lender wants to know that you are making enough money to make timely monthly payments, hence the importance of your debt ratio. Equally important is a track record of managing past credit obligations on time, as indicated by a good or excellent credit rating. But if your credit score is lower, you could be denied financing or pay higher borrowing costs if your application is approved.

You will generally find that borrowers with good or excellent credit scores qualify for the best rates offered by lenders. To illustrate, the average personal loan interest rate for consumers with excellent credit was between 10.3% and 12.5% ​​as of October 17, 2022. However, borrowers with bad credit received higher rates ranging from 28.5% to 32%.

When you are ready to apply, gather the following:

  • Two forms of identification: driver’s license, passport, government-issued ID, passport, military ID, social security card, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate
  • Employer Information: employer name and supervisor name, email address and phone number
  • Proof of income (traditional job): latest pay stubs, W-2s, 1099s, tax returns, or bank statements
  • Proof of income (self-employment): 1099, tax returns or bank statements
  • Proof of residence: rental agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill, property tax bill, voter card, or insurance bill

Personal lenders who offer loans of $35,000

Personal loans of $35,000 are available from banks and credit unions. You will also find several options through online lenders. Some offer fast approvals and funding times to get you the money you need within a business day.

best egg 7.99%-35.99% $2,000 to $50,000 600
LightStream 5.73% to 19.99% (with automatic payment) $5,000 to $100,000 Not disclosed
Marcus of Goldman Sachs 6.99% to 24.99% (with automatic payment) $3,500 to $40,000 Not disclosed
Upgrade 7.46% to 35.97% (with automatic payment) $1,000 to $50,000 560

best egg

Best Egg offers low interest rates to borrowers with good or excellent credit. But if your credit rating is low, you may still qualify for a personal loan. The application process is seamless and some borrowers get a loan decision and funding on the same business day.

You’ll likely pay origination fees starting at 0.99% (or 4.99% for loans with terms of 4 years or more) if you take out a personal loan with Best Egg, but early prepayment penalties are not taxed if you decide to pay. the loan at the beginning.


LightStream is another viable option if you have good credit. Interest rates are some of the lowest you’ll find, and the lender will beat any competitor’s rate by 0.1 percentage points if it’s the same loan product. If your loan is approved, you will also be able to choose the loan term that suits your financial situation. There is also an option to defer loan disbursement for up to 30 days, and there are no origination or prepayment penalties.

Marcus of Goldman Sachs

Marcus by Goldman Sachs makes it easy to take out a loan, and you can manage the entire process from the user-friendly website or mobile app.

Many borrowers can apply in minutes, receive a quick decision, and have funds deposited within one to four business days of approval. You may be eligible for an APR reduction of 0.25% if you use the Autopay feature. There is also a skip payment feature if you make timely payments for 12 consecutive months. You will also find that support is available outside normal business hours to answer your questions or concerns.


Upgrade is another outstanding online lender that offers fast approvals and one-day funding turnarounds. Its personal loan offerings are flexible and there are no minimum credit scores or income requirements, making them accessible to borrowers with a variety of financial backgrounds. However, you will pay set-up fees and limits apply on how the funds can be used.

Costs of a $35,000 long-term personal loan

The overall cost of a loan depends on the interest rate and the term of the loan. If possible, opt for the shortest repayment term to minimize borrowing costs. You’ll get a higher monthly payment, but your interest costs will be lower since the lender won’t have as much time to collect from you.

Additionally, selecting a shorter repayment period could mean you get a lower interest rate.

For example, a personal loan of $35,000 over 5 years with an interest rate of 11% results in total interest charges of $10,659.09 and a monthly payment of $761. However, the same loan with a term of 3 years and an interest rate of 10% lowers your total interest costs to $5,656.66, despite a higher monthly payment of $1,129. In this case, the 3-year loan would be the best choice assuming the monthly payment works for your budget.

At the end of the line

Finding a $35,000 personal loan doesn’t have to be difficult. But before you start your search, understand the general eligibility criteria to increase your chances of being approved.

Also consider loan offers from traditional banks, credit unions, and online lenders, and consider getting pre-approved before formally applying.

It is also essential that you compare loan offers and ensure that the monthly payment fits your budget. Most importantly, only borrow what you can comfortably afford to repay to protect your credit rating and overall financial health.

What is debt consolidation and should I consolidate?


Debt consolidation consolidates multiple debts, usually high-interest debts such as credit card bills, into one payment. Debt consolidation might be a good idea for you if you can get a lower interest rate. This will help you reduce your total debt and reorganize it so you can pay it off faster.

If you are facing a manageable amount of debt and just want to rearrange multiple bills with different interest rates, payments, and due dates, debt consolidation is a good approach that you can tackle on your own.

How to consolidate your debt

There are two main ways to consolidate your debt, both of which concentrate your debt repayments on one monthly bill.

  • Obtain a 0% interest, credit card with balance transfer: Transfer all your debts to this card and pay the balance in full during the promotional period. You will likely need good or excellent credit (690 or higher) to qualify.

  • Benefit from a fixed rate debt consolidation loan: Use the loan money to pay off your debt, then repay the loan in installments over a set period. You may qualify for a loan if you have bad or good credit (689 or less), but borrowers with higher scores will likely qualify for the lower rates.

Two additional ways to consolidate your debts are to subscribe to a home equity loan Where 401(k) loan. However, both of these options come with risks — for your home or your retirement. In any case, the best option for you depends on your credit rating and profile, as well as your debt to income ratio.

debt consolidation calculator

Use the calculator below to see whether or not it makes sense for you to consolidate.

When debt consolidation is a smart decision

A successful consolidation strategy requires the following:

  • Your monthly debt payments (including your rent or mortgage) do not exceed 50% of your monthly gross income.

  • Your credit is good enough to qualify for a credit card with a 0% interest period or a low interest debt consolidation loan.

  • Your cash flow routinely covers your debt repayments.

  • If you choose a consolidation loan, you can pay it off in five years.

Here’s a scenario where consolidation makes sense: Suppose you have four credit cards with interest rates ranging from 18.99% to 24.99%. You always make your payments on time, so your credit is good. You may qualify for an unsecured debt consolidation loan at 7%, a significantly lower interest rate.

For many people, consolidation reveals a light at the end of the tunnel. If you take out a three-year loan, you know it will be paid off in three years, assuming you make your payments on time and manage your expenses. Conversely, making minimum payments on credit cards can mean months or years before they are paid off, while accumulating more interest than the original principal.

Consolidate your debt if you can get a loan on better terms and/or it will help you make your payments on time. Just make sure that this consolidation is part of a larger deleveraging plan and that you’re not accumulating new balances on the cards you’ve consolidated. Learn more how to tackle credit card debt.

A personal loan allows you to repay your creditors yourself, or you can use a lender who sends money directly to your creditors. Discover the steps necessary to get a personal loan.

Debt consolidation can improve your credit if you make payments on time or if the consolidation reduces your credit card balances. Your credit can be affected if you increase your credit card balances again, close most or all of your remaining cards, or miss a payment on your debt consolidation loan. Learn more about how debt consolidation affects your credit score.

When Debt Consolidation Isn’t Worth It

Consolidation is not a magic bullet for debt problems. It doesn’t address the overspending habits that create the debt in the first place. This is also not the solution if you are burdened with debt and have no hope of repaying it even with reduced payments.

If your debt is low — you can pay it off in six months to a year at your current rate — and you’d only save a negligible amount by consolidating, don’t bother.

If your total debt is more than half of your income and the above calculator reveals that debt consolidation is not your best option, you better ask for debt relief than treading water.

It’s time to crush the debts

Sign up to link and track everything from cards to mortgages in one place.

SNAP: 7 Mistakes People Make When Using Food Stamps


jetcityimage/Getty Images

Formerly known as food stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helped nearly 42 million Americans cope with food insecurity in 2021. But millions are still missing out on benefits despite their eligibility, and many others are not making the most of the benefits they enjoy. Here’s a rundown of the most common mistakes that prevent eligible people from collecting benefits and prevent recipients from maximizing their SNAP payments.

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Thinking you can’t apply to other programs

According to the National Council on Aging, approximately 5 million seniors eligible for SNAP are denied benefits. Many of them might not apply because they assume they can’t collect Social Security and food stamps simultaneously — but they can.

Although the USDA considers Social Security payments regular income when determining eligibility, participation in one program does not exclude you from the other. In fact, you can apply for SNAP at your local Social Security office.

You can also receive SNAP while collecting SSI benefits, receiving Medicaid, living in Section 8 housing, or participating in any other assistance program as long as you qualify.

Take our survey: Are you struggling to pay your utility bills?

Not maximizing deductions

The USDA determines SNAP eligibility based on income and the number of people in your household. Many people who might qualify don’t apply because they don’t meet the income threshold. But the USDA allows several deductions that could help you qualify even if you earn more than the income limits allow. Deductions include:

  • A 20% deduction on earned income
  • A standard deduction based on household size
  • Deduction for dependent
  • Unreimbursed medical expenses over $35 per month for elderly or disabled household members
  • Child support (in some states)
  • A housing deduction for homeless households (in some states)

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Not knowing what you can buy

The USDA does not allow SNAP recipients to purchase certain items, including alcoholic beverages, tobacco, vitamins, pet food, hot food, and live animals.

But many recipients mistakenly believe that they can’t use food stamps for junk food like candy and snacks, but the truth is that SNAP can satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition to standard grocery items like produce, meat, dairy, bread, and cereal, the USDA allows the purchase of a wide variety of so-called “incidental foods,” including potato chips. , pretzels, popcorn, candy, ice cream, donuts, brownies, mints, chocolate, soda, no-charge energy drinks and many other non-essential items.

Don’t use coupons and cashback apps

It’s common for SNAP recipients to believe they can’t use coupons, but according to the USDA, “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) customers can use discount coupons issued by a manufacturer or a store”.

They’re also free to use coupon and cashback apps like Ibotta, Rakuten, Coupons.com, and Fetch Rewards.

Cashback apps like Ibotta can be doubly useful, as they return cash that shoppers can then use to buy necessities that SNAP won’t pay for, like diapers and medicine.

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Not shopping by plan

The USDA maintains a list of links and resources that help all shoppers get their money’s worth at the grocery store. Meal planning is at the heart of smart shopping – and SNAP recipients will benefit the most.

By planning your week’s meals in advance, you can go to the grocery store knowing exactly what ingredients you need, saving you time and unnecessary expense.

The USDA list includes several weekly meal planning templates to get you started, and you’ll also find shopping tips, sample menus, and more.

According to ABC Action News, shoppers can save hundreds of dollars on their grocery bills and avoid impulse buying by planning just three to four dinner parties a week.

Skip the Farmers Market

The USDA maintains a list of the hundreds of farmers’ markets across America that accept food stamps — and all SNAP recipients should consider this option. According to CNBC, farmers’ markets have historically been more expensive than supermarkets, but high inflation has driven prices at the grocery store up faster than at the local community market.

There is now significant price parity between the two, and in some cases farmers’ markets are even cheaper. If the prices are close, your EBT money might be better spent at a farmer’s market, as the fruits and vegetables you find there are usually fresher – and therefore more nutritious – than what you’ll find in the produce aisle of the supermarket. .

Missing out on SNAP-focused discounts

Amazon is offering SNAP recipients a half-price Prime membership. Museums For All offers recipients free or discounted entry to more than 900 museums across the country. Many YMCA chapters have also reduced the cost of membership for SNAP recipients.

But this is by no means the whole list.

If you’re eligible for SNAP, you’re likely eligible for the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program, which supplements household broadband costs, as well as the Lifeline Program, which distributes free tablets. Lime offers discounts for its bike share program, as does Citi Bike – and the list goes on and on. If you receive food stamps, you likely qualify for discounts on all kinds of products, services, and programs from businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Low Income Relief maintains a list of over 300 rebates available to SNAP recipients.

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Farrell focused on ‘getting back into high gear and being our best’


As well as Ireland’s ‘A’ curtain raiser against the All Blacks XV, more than 50 players are expected to don the green shirt in the coming weeks as the new international season kicks off.

Farrell is loving being back on the front lines this week, working with the reunited squad at the IRFU High Performance Center after watching the early rounds of the BKT United Rugby Championship and successful Emerging Ireland tour.

Asked about his ambitions for the Bank of Ireland Nations Series, he said: “As always, improvement (that’s the ambition). There are so many improvements that we want to prove to ourselves that we can do it first, so it’s great to be back after watching the URC for a few weeks now.

“It’s great to be back and to have this week to get back up and running properly and to dust ourselves off and figure out where we’re trying to go with our game and where we’re trying to push because we’re proud to try and get ourselves back up to speed as soon as possible.

“It’s, as we all know, the art of international rugby because nobody really cares whether you have five days or six months of preparation.

“So to get back up to speed for that first game and be at our best, that’s where we want to be, and I think we all know that’s where we have to put together a good team like South Africa. South.”

Since Farrell’s first game in charge against Scotland in early 2020, he has made his international debut at 25 players. Twelve of them are in the squad for the next three tries at Aviva Stadium.

Caolin Blade, Shane Daly, Max Deegan and James Hume, who have all been capped in the past two years, are also part of the Irish “A” panel.

By the time the Irish ‘A’ contingent enter camp next week after Round 7 of the United Rugby Championship, there should be a clearer picture of a number of players who are currently nursing knocks.

The IRFU injury update released yesterday was quite positive, especially for Joey Carbery who, following a shoulder injury suffered in Munster’s derby defeat to Leinster, is expected to train fully this week.

“Just so he can get back up and running and practice as a team and barking orders at him, that’s what a general always does,” Farrell commented on Carbery.

“For Joey, having that peace of mind to get back up and running is pretty reassuring for everyone.”

Five players, including the Leinster duo Jamison Gibson-Park and Hugo Keenanwill be returned to training this week, while experienced forwards Tadhg Furlong (ankle) and Peter O’Mahony (neck) have yet to complete their rehabilitation programs.

On the likely availability of Furlong and O’Mahony, the Ireland head coach admitted: “Yes, confident but there are certain stages they will have to go through.

“They stopped in not too bad a state and they will go through a process and we will see how they are early next week.”

He added: “There’s a lot going on but, in general, the feeling is among the medical staff that people are progressing very well. Most people should be back this week, if not by the end of the week.

“Then there are a few that we will continue to assess throughout. So pretty decent news came in last night and medical checks this morning. Not a bad place to be.

The South African tour squad will be announced on Friday, after a three-day training camp which ended today in Stellenbosch. Their ‘A’ panel travel to Cork next week, ahead of their game against Munster.

“It was a fantastic camp, and it gave the coaches the perfect opportunity to get the players focused on the Ireland Test next week and the upcoming SA ‘A’ games,” explained Rassie Erasmus, manager of the rugby in South Africa.

“It was also valuable in the sense that it exposed new players such as Manie (Libbok) and Sacha (Mngomezulu) to our structures and to see them in action as we finalize selections for the Springbok and SA ‘A’.

“The Springboks face the two best teams in the world on successive weekends in Ireland and France, and Italy and England are always forces to be reckoned with, especially at home, while Munster and Bristol are top clubs and will test the SA ‘A’ team to the hilt.

With some of his freshly assembled Irish squad at various stages of recovery, Farrell said no one has been left out of competition for Saturday’s showdown with the Springboks.

“We’re building the week gradually as we go, so Thursday-Friday is going to be a big couple of days for a few of the players. We’ll just wait and see,” the Wigan man admitted.

“Some players don’t need a lot of playing time, some players are able to hit straight from the start.

“Some players need five or six games to start. It’s up to us to assess that. We’re not a big pool of players either, so sometimes it’s necessary. Certainly no one is left out at this stage.

Previous story Farrell ‘super excited’ to face Springboks first

McDonald’s changes its loyalty program system


The old loyalty program will be replaced by a new points-based system

McDonald’s has unveiled a new stamp-based rewards program as it plans to abandon the digital stamp collection service to make way for a new, broader points system.

This means the fast food giant will scrap its popular coffee stamp system, which could disappoint some customers.

What is the current regime?

When you get six stamps through the My McDonald’s app, you earn a free drink. But the new plans mean the stamp scheme will morph into a broader points-based offering called MyMcDonald’s Rewards Scheme.

McDonald’s has confirmed that its restaurants will be closed until 5pm on Monday, the day of the Queen’s funeral

The changes come after McDonald’s announced over the summer that old hot drink stickers were being changed to digital stamps. Now the system is undergoing a complete overhaul and all customers with existing McCafe stamps will need to register for the new MyMcDonald’s Rewards program by October 31.

Each existing stamp will be converted into 300 points on the app, which is free to download. Any free drinks that have not yet been redeemed will appear in the offers and rewards section of the app.

For anyone used to the sticker system who wants to venture into the new digital version, you need to display or scan your reward QR in the app to collect and redeem your points. Your points will last for an entire year on the app.

What does the new schema look like?

From October 31, customers will need to earn 1,500 points to get a free regular-sized drink – but there will be a double points introductory offer on hot drinks until December 31. Every £1 spent will earn 100 points – buying a large cappuccino for £2.09 will lead to 209 points.

So instead of the £10.45 spent before a free drink in the current scheme, customers will now need to spend £16.72 on eight drinks – equivalent to 1,500 points – to qualify for the free reward. McDonald’s explained that the new system allows customers to accumulate points for all their purchases under the new loyalty program.

Customers can also earn points as usual when ordering food and drink through the app, but you can’t earn points from third-party delivery companies like Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Here’s why Suze Orman says you should pay off a personal loan ASAP


Getty Images

It pays to follow his advice.

Key points

  • Personal loans can be an affordable way to borrow.
  • Unloading that debt could do wonders for your prospects – and that’s an important thing.

Every time you incur debt, whether in the form of a car loan, credit card balance or personal loan, you agree to pay interest. In some cases, the amount of interest charged to you will be more moderate. Personal loansfor example, tend to charge reasonable interest rates, whereas with a credit card you might pay two, three or four times as much interest to carry over a balance.

But while personal loans can be an affordable borrowing option, financial guru Suze Orman’s advice is to pay yours off as quickly as possible. And it’s not just because it will save you money on interest.

Debt can impact your outlook

Personal loans often allow you to accelerate your repayment schedule without penalty. And if you pay off a personal loan early, you could end up saving money on interest.

But Orman says saving money is only part of the equation. On the contrary, she says, the mere fact that you are in debt could damage your self-esteem and set you back professionally. And that, she says, is reason enough to get rid of debt fast, even if it’s reasonably affordable.

Having debt, says Orman, can make you feel helpless. After all, you owe a lender and are responsible for monthly payments. And that could limit your ability to make money.

Suppose you are interviewing for a better paying job in hopes of getting a high enough salary to get rid of your debt for good. In this scenario, you may be really desperate to get hired. It’s something, Orman warns, that can show up in an interview — and hurt your chances of getting the opportunity you’re looking for.

Debt stress can also impact your job performance. And if you’re not performing well, it could hurt your chances of catching a raise or get a promotion.

On the other hand, Orman says that once you’re debt-free, your confidence levels could skyrocket. And that, in turn, could help you excel at your current job or get a new one more easily if that’s a path you want to take.

How to repay a personal loan quickly

You may not have a lot of money to pay off your personal loan (if you did, you wouldn’t have needed to borrow the money in the first place). But if you watch your spending, you might be able to earn extra money each month to reduce your balance.

Getting a second job is another avenue to explore. These days, the gig economy is booming, so there are plenty of opportunities to land a side job. And since the money from this gig won’t be applied to existing bills, you’ll have the option of using your earnings to pay down your debt until it’s gone.

Personal loans can come with reasonable interest rates. But that doesn’t mean you have to drag yours. Paying off your loan sooner could do wonders for your outlook and help your financial situation improve.

The Ascent’s Best Personal Loans for 2022

Our team of independent experts have pored over the fine print to find the select personal loans that offer competitive rates and low fees. Start by reviewing The Ascent’s best personal loans for 2022.

Best Unusual Commanders for EDH in MTG


Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format allows players to build decks around almost any legendary creature. This provides players with unique deck building opportunities unlike any other format.

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While many popular commanders come in the form of rare and mythic rare cards, there are plenty of powerful commander options that have been printed at uncommon rarity, making them a viable and accessible option for those who play with them. a limited budget. Since many uncommon legendary creatures have been imprinted throughout Magic’s history with varying levels of strength, we’re going to take a look at the best uncommon legendary creatures and see which ones make the best commanders.


7/7 Syr Carah, the Bold

In recent years, impulsive draw, or exile the top card of your library and gain the ability to play that card for a set amount of time, has become synonymous with red mana.

A mono-red human knight for five mana, Syr Carah, the Bold can be tapped to deal one damage to any target. That’s key, because whenever Syr Carah or an instant or sorcery you control deals damage to a player, you impulsively draw. This allows Syr Carah to serve as an excellent burn commander, as each burn spell you cast grants access to additional cards you can cast, reducing the chance of running out of gas.

6/7 Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive

Imprinted in Dominaria, Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive is a mono-blue commander who can make good use of creatures with low power or stamina. Simple but quite powerful, this 1/3 for two mana indicates that creatures you control with power or toughness of one can’t be blocked.

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This means that when paired with small creatures with impressive battle damage-based triggered abilities and enchantments like Recon Mission, Tetsuko is able to reliably deliver incredible value. Rather than defeating opponents in one massive attack, Tetsuko Umezawa decks seek to win through a series of multiple smaller-scale attacks that cannot be blocked, constantly filling their own hands.

5/7 Zada, Hedron Crusher

Although originally printed as rare in Battle for Zendikar, Zada, Hedron Grinder was printed at rare rarity in Masters 25. Another mono-red Commander, Zada ​​is a unique 3/3 Goblin that induces shuffling the use of powerful single-target spells. with significant array states of effective creatures and tokens.

This is because Zada ​​has a useful ability that states that if you cast an instant or sorcery that only targets Zada, that spell is copied for every other creature you control, targeting those respective creatures. Since a one-mana spell like Expedite doesn’t just target a creature but lets you draw a card in the process, when paired with Zada ​​and several other creatures, you can rack up significant value for minimal investment. in mana.

4/7 Rograh, son of Rohgahh

While many uncommon companions have been introduced in Commander Legends, Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh is easily among the strongest. A 0/1 Kobold warrior, Rograkh has access to several useful keywords, namely first strike, threat, and trample. While Rograkh’s size may be small, he has a distinct selling point, being the only zero-mana commander in all of Magic.

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This means that this Commander can be reliably cast on the first turn of every game, allowing Mox Amber while allowing you to start equipping it with Auras, Gear, and Counters from the start. Additionally, since this creature has access to a partner, Rograkh decks can come in a wide variety of forms using the strengths of different color identities.

3/7 Kardur, Doombane

A deceptively incredible commander printed in Kaldheim, Kardur is a Rakdos (black/red) commander who can force opponents to use their resources against each other, dealing a significant amount of damage in the process. Indeed, when Kardur enters the battlefield, each creature controlled by your opponents is forced to attack during its next turn and must attack a player other than you if able (sting, but without the keyword).

Not only does this deal damage to your opponents, but it gives you some breathing room as you cannot be attacked that turn. As if this effect wasn’t already strong, Kardur states that each time an attacking creature dies, each opponent loses a life and you gain a life, punishing your opponents for blocking those forced attacks and dealing even more damage.

2/7 Syr Konrad, The Sinister

Imprinted alongside Syr Carah in Throne of Eldraine, Syr Konrad, the Grim is an excellent mono-dark commander who can synergize with multiple strategies such as Aristocrats, Mill, and Rejection.

For five mana, this 5/4 Human Knight declares that whenever another creature dies or whenever another creature enters a graveyard from anywhere outside the battlefield, that creature deals damage to each opponent.

When paired with heavy milling effects, reject outs, or sacrifice outs, Syr Konrad decks are capable of dealing massive damage to each other players fairly quickly. While this effect is already strong on its own, Syr Konrad can even be used to activate when needed, like for two mana you can have each player grind a card.

1/7 Tatyova, Benthic Druid

While it’s no secret that Simic (blue/green) decks are powerful in Commander thanks to their access to great mana ramping and card draw options, Tatyova, Benthic Druid is a pounding Commander. this feeling.

3/3 Merfolk Druid for five mana, Tatyova states that whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you gain a life and draw a card. As green grants access to countless effects that allow you to put additional land into play, Tatyova offers a stellar payoff for doing so, constantly filling your hand and ensuring you have spells to cast.

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City Life Org – National Postal Museum to Host Maynard Sundman Lecture


The conference focuses on polar philately and the Wilkes Expedition to Antarctica

The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum will host the 19th Maynard Sundman Lecture on Tuesday, November 1 at 4 p.m. ET online on Zoom. Admission is free, but reservations are required. The talk, “Polar Philately and the Wilkes Antarctic Expedition,” will be presented by Hal Vogel, retired Army Special Operations and Intelligence Officer and Professor Emeritus at Rowan University in New Jersey.

In 1838 the United States Exploring Expedition (1838-1842) began its examination of Antarctica in what was to become the most memorable legacy of this worldwide adventure, leading many to remembered as “Wilkes’ Antarctic Expedition”. The expedition created what organized philately, including one of its specialties, polar philately, calls “archive mail,” or regular mail that serves as written evidence of the aspects and personalities of a historic event. Unfortunately, although discoveries of this type of mail from polar expeditions still occur, the (archive) mail is still unknown from a number of early expeditions. Mail from the Wilkes Antarctica expedition did not begin to surface until the 1980s.

Using the postal history of this expedition as an example, Vogel’s lecture will introduce the field of polar philately – its geographic scope, categories and time periods – and examine how the intriguing mail of this exciting polar expedition helps document its events. highly historical.

Vogel is a leading polar philatelist and the recipient of this year’s American Philatelic Society Luff Award for Distinguished Philatelic Research.

He began collecting polar materials and studying polar history in the 1950s, when he began to communicate with some of the last polar explorers from before World War II. He continued this work while later pursuing his doctorate in polar studies at the Department of History and Geography at Antioch University.

While graduating, he began writing a research column for Ice Cap News, the publication of the American Society of Polar Philatelists (ASPP), and has written a column for every issue since 1974. Including articles by column, he has published more than 300 articles on polar history, aerophilately, military postal history and polar philatelics in philatelic journals in the United States, Norway, Great Britain, Germany, France , Australia and New Zealand.

His most notable publications are the books The essence of polar philatelyedited by Alan Warren and published by ASPP in 2008, and Leading the Pack: Sample Postal History of Heroic Age Polar Expeditions, written with Serge Kahn and published in 2015 by the Museum of Stamps and Coins of Monaco. The latter won the prize of the Academy of European Philately for the best philatelic work published in Europe the same year. Vogel and Kahn are currently working on the second edition.

Vogel is a past president of the ASPP and a member of numerous national and international philatelic organizations. He has held elected and appointed positions with several of them, including serving on the boards of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society, the Military Postal History Society, and the Alaska Collectors Club.

A nationally accredited philatelic and literary judge since 1978, his own polar, military and aerophilatelic exhibits have won numerous awards, including the first grand prize ever awarded to a polar exhibit in a major competition. During the last exhibition season, four of its exhibits received grand gold medals, three grand prizes and other specialized prizes in at least six different exhibitions.

The National Postal Museum’s Maynard Sundman Lecture Series was established in 2002 with a gift from Sundman’s sons, David and Donald. Sundman Lectures feature talks from expert stamp and philatelic authors and philatelists.

The public can visit the museum’s website for additional information and registration instructions.

About the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum

The National Postal Museum is dedicated to showcasing the colorful and engaging history of the national postal service and displaying one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of stamps and philatelic material in the world. It is located at 2 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Washington, DC, across from Union Station. The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (closed December 25). For more information about the Smithsonian, call (202) 633-1000 or visit the museum’s website at www.postalmuseum.si.edu.

Patience is starting to pay off for Leinster’s Penny


The fact that Scott Penny has never played a Champions Cup rugby game for the province speaks volumes about the depth of back-row talent at Leinster.

The 23-year-old flanker will make his 43rd appearance for the province tonight at the Aviva Stadium, with each of those competing in the BKT United Rugby Championship.

Penny was just 19 when he made his debut for the province in November 2018, scoring a try in each of his first two appearances against the Ospreys and Dragons.

His transition to professional play was smooth, and arguably had he worn a red, green or white provincial jersey, he would have been a regular at European matches.

He was due to make his Champions Cup debut last December against Montpellier, before the Covid-19 outbreak in the province denied him the opportunity. His patience, however, appears to be paying off, impressing during the emerging Ireland’s recent tour of South Africa, while also earning a call-up to the Irish ‘A’ team for next month’s encounter with an All Blacks XV in Dublin.

With Josh van der Flier injured, this opened up a place in the back row for Penny, who starts alongside Max Deegan and Caelan Doris against Munster. And although he has started and scored in this game before, it looks like the spotlight is shining more on him tonight, in what looks to be a very solid Leinster line-up.

“Scott has been such a consistent player for us, he’s missed some of the biggest days over the last two seasons. It’s a big step up for him in this game,” his head coach Leo Cullen said.

“Between him and Max [Deegan], they both went well in these emerging Ireland games. The feedback has been very positive on both of them.”

Penny scored the opening try in May’s 35-25 win over Munster at the Aviva Stadium

With a staggering 23 tries in just 42 games, only Dan Sheehan and James Lowe can compare to his strike rate, with the most recent of those tries coming in the last Leinster-Munster derby in May.

And Cullen says his ability to read the game is one of the reasons he finds himself at the end of so many scores.

“He’s a very smart player to start with, so he gets into good positions, and the ‘2’s and ‘7’s at the back of the mauls can score a lot of tries, at the back of the plate. -form that the attackers have put in place.

“But even in terms of pick-and-go work close to the line, he’s got a good low center of gravity and he’s very, very strong, Scott, so he scores a lot of tries from close range. So he It would be nice if he had a couple tomorrow,” Cullen added.

Penny is joined in the back row by Max Deegan at the blind flank and Caelan Doris at number eight, with Munster’s Gavin Coombes, John Hodnett and Jack O’Donoghue for the opposition in what looks to be an excellent back row game.

And with Doris and Deegan paired with No. 8, Cullen says his picks are all about finding a balance between all three.

“It’s just a combination and Caelan plays ‘eight’, he likes to be in the heart of the action.

“The ‘six’ role for us, Max is a great line jumper. When we talk about the ‘six’ it’s often that ‘six’ role.

Max Deegan (left) and Caelan Doris (right) are interchangeable at blindside and number 8

“Max is also very effective in the wider channels. Six often holds the advantage for us a bit more. We think we have a good balance there, but again, it’s relatively young in terms of six , seven and eight.

“It’s a good challenge, obviously Munster have a relatively young back row as well, I know Jack O’Donoghue is in there, he’s been a bit more in the neighborhood.

“Hodnett would have been on tour with the two guys [Deegan and Penny]. They get along pretty well, I’m sure.”

Leinster have been boosted by confirmation that James Ryan overcame an injury scare to start, while Jack Conan is also expected to be on the bench after being a doubt. Conditions should also be favorable for good rugby in Dublin, with dry weather forecast a change from Leinster’s other two Interpro games this season against Ulster and Connacht.

“We hope the conditions will allow it to be a bit smoother. The Ulster game started pretty well and then the conditions were awful from around 30 minutes. I thought the roof of the stand was falling on us with the rain and the same again last week.

“They should be better tomorrow and if they are then hopefully we can play the kind of game we want to play, but you have to be able to adapt to the day. That’s the beauty of the game, where the conditions can be a real leveler every day.”

Listen to the RTÉ Rugby podcast on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Watch Leinster v Munster in the BKT United Rugby Championship on Saturday from 4.30pm on RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player, listen to live commentary on RTÉ Radio 1 or follow our live blog on RTE.ie

Precious Time – UCLA


The following story was published in the fall 2022 edition of Bruin Blue Magazine.

By Jon Gold

Limping around his grandfather’s funeral in July 2020, his knee in shreds and his heart even worse, Tucker Lepley already felt a deeper pain than anyone could imagine.
Yet each time he was arrested – “Are you okay? How bad is it? How long have you been out?” – he grimaced a little more. At the time, he didn’t know if his ACL was torn or still intact.

Not that it mattered much, anyway. He had just lost his best friend, after spending so many months away from him.

“It was,” he said, “the worst week of my life.”

– – –

In some ways, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a mixed blessing for Lepley.

He had spent the previous two years of his life – his childhood – nearly 1,000 miles from his hometown of Charlotte living with a host family in Kansas City while training with Sporting Club KC’s academy.

Ever since he was 10, people had been telling Lepley he would become a professional soccer player, and he had the passport stamps to prove it. Tournaments in Spain and Belgium, England and the Netherlands, not forgetting all of the United States. He was the first American selected to be tried by Unión Esportiva Cornellà, a Spanish soccer team based in Cornellà de Llobregat in the Catalonia region of Spain, but due to international player rules he was unable to attend. to register.

After his first two years in high school, playing for the Charlotte Soccer Academy, Lepley was hungry for competition. Spain was not there. He chose Kansas City, went on trial with the club, and was offered a spot. He left Charlotte to live with strangers in the Midwest.

Lepley’s was an All-American freshman in his first season at Westwood (Picture: Scott Chandler)

With Kansas City, he played 10 professional games with Sporting KC II – the club’s reserve team based in the United Soccer League – making his professional debut at 16 while maintaining college eligibility. While playing on the academy team and training with the first team, Lepley shone in the showcases, catching the eye of college scouts, including the UCLA head coach. ryan jordan.

Jorden remembers seeing Lepley in person for the first time in 2018 when he was 16.

“I saw him and thought he was the most interesting footballer in the whole academy,” he said. “He’s not a big guy, but his technical quality, his desire, his will to win and compete are all there, as well as a great footballing spirit. His sense of how the game should be played, his ability to solve problems and to attack.You need to have technical and athletic ability, but feeling is what sets great players apart.

Recruiting Lepley was easy.

“I trained on a Tuesday afternoon, flew to Los Angeles, landed Tuesday night, met the coach, went to bed, had breakfast, saw the campus, talked about the game and went home Wednesday night,” Lepley said. “I saw everything I needed to see. UCLA is a school you can’t say no to.”

Jorden added: “The scouting networks of these clubs are expanding, the identification of these players is improving and they are training all year round to help stimulate their thinking and thought processes. Tucker is a great example of a kid who didn’t have a professional club and who crossed the other side of the country in a team that invested in what they saw in him.”

In March 2020, almost two years after he left home, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Sporting KC to shut down and send their academy players home.

Lepley would have a chance to recapture some of his lost youth, playing football with his friends back home as he trained to start his career at UCLA. More importantly, he would spend time with his best friend. Valuable time, it would turn out.


– – –

James “Casey” Hoover Glasscock is his name. Why do we say “was” when someone passes by? For Lepley, his grandfather remains eternal.

Glasscock was born in 1933 in Buffalo Springs, Virginia, a good athlete, just like his grandson. Only he excelled at baseball. Glasscock would go on to play for North Carolina State before being called up by the United States Army. To understand it a little better: After retiring from a career in banking, Glasscock volunteered over 6,000 hours at a local hospital.

And while his military service ended his playing career, it didn’t end his stellar career. He was a loyal baseball fan for the rest of his life and an avid NASCAR fan. Living just up the road from the birthplace of NASCAR made sense.

Tucker Lepley with Grandpa
Lepley (left) with his grandfather James “Casey” Glasscock

Football was not one of his passions. That is to say, until he sees his grandson play. One of the highlights of Lepley’s career was returning to Charlotte for a game against Charlotte FC and getting the chance to play a professional game in front of his grandfather.
“Growing up, I remember him telling my dad, ‘Tucker has to play baseball,'” Lepley said. “But he said to my dad after the game, I guess Tucker is pretty good at this football thing.”

When his parents divorced — his mother a teacher, his father working downtown — Lepley spent more time with Glasscock, who picked him up from school and treated him to dinner.

“Vienna sausages,” Lepley said. “We would have Vienna sausages with crackers and a Coke.”

Returning home for the first time in ages, Lepley was so excited to have Vienna sausages again.

But on July 17, 2020, Glasscock died at the age of 87.

Lepley was heartbroken. Glasscock was his grandfather, but also his friend and confidant.

Fortunately, Lepley was at home when it happened, surrounded by his oldest and closest friends. The day before Glasscock’s funeral, Lepley went out into the fields with friends to take his mind off things. Dribbling the ball, Lepley went for a move, but when he planted, his foot got stuck in the turf.

“I felt pain that I had never felt before and I knew it,” he said. “It’s not a normal injury.”

To his knees and to his heart.

“That’s why I remember the day it happened,” Lepley said.

– – –

Lepley let himself feel sorry for himself for, oh, about a minute.

He wasn’t going to let his first major injury rob him of his passion for the game.

“When I first got hurt, there was a realization that went like, ‘Wow, I’m going to be out of the game longer than I’ve ever been,” said Lepley. “I won’t be able to touch a ball for what, eight months? Twelve months? It was hard to swallow. I gave the game my all, and to have it taken away from me, I really enjoyed it.”

For an active and excitable kid like Lepley, being sidelined was a drag, but he was at least home, recuperating with the help of his loved ones.

“I’m grateful that my injury happened at home,” he said. “I was able to be surrounded by my family, have them take care of me, have my friends around me. The worst part of rehabilitation is the very beginning – it almost feels like you can’t do the functions of My parents and friends were there to keep me up, play Xbox, whatever I could do to take my mind off things.”

The second he was given the green light, Lepley embarked vigorously on rehab. He started walking within weeks and jogging at three months. Six weeks in a corset.

“I knew he was going to attack ACL reconstruction and recovery the same way he attacked while playing in the game,” Jorden said. “I had no concerns about the trajectory of his recovery. He followed it and did it in the fastest time possible. It didn’t surprise me at all. It was fun to watch the process of making him confident again in his physical abilities.”

Lepley was forced to miss his true freshman season in 2020-21, using a redshirt season.
Returning to full strength in the fall of 2021, Lepley quickly proved his injury was a thing of the past, leading the Bruins in assists and points while being named the team’s MVP and freshman All-American. .

His goal this season? Help UCLA restore its former greatness.

“UCLA’s football history is rich,” Lepley said. “Pac-12 championships, four national titles. The last one was the year I was born, 2002. That’s part of the vision I had with the coach. Let’s go back to what it was. For my first year, “Winning 11 games is a good start. If we don’t win the Pac-12 this year, it’s a one-season disappointment. That’s our basic goal.

Lepley is very motivated for the season, but if he needs more motivation he looks down.

“I have a tattoo of my grandfather’s birthday on my forearm,” he said. “I also have his funeral card in my wallet every day. He’s still with me. After he tore my ACL, he passes away, it was like, where do I go from here? I said , get up, let’s fight, that’s all we got That’s all he taught me I fought and fought last year and I was lucky to be a part of freshman team, all regions team.

“And now I’m hungry for more.”

Georgia Tech #ProJackets Basketball Report – Men’s Basketball — Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


THE APARTMENTSJose Alvarado (Pelicans), Josh Okgie (Suns) and Young Thaddeus (Raptors) open the NBA rosters for the 2022-23 season… Derrick’s favors opens the 2022-23 season as a free agent after being released by the Rockets… more in this week’s #ProJackets report.



Jose Alvarado exceeded 20 points just once in 54 games during his NBA rookie season, dropping a career-high 23 against the San Antonio Spurs last March.

During his four years at Georgia TechnologyAlvarado had 29 points three times, once as a sophomore and twice as a senior.

In the Pelicans’ second preseason win, Alvarado came a bucketful away from breaking the 30-point plateau, finishing with 28 points on a stellar 12-for-18 shooting performance from the field.

The New Orleans Pelicans hooked up to beat a Detroit Pistons The team was determined to take the victory by a final score of 107-101, but it was Alvarado’s play that thrilled his coaches and teammates after the game.

“Jose is hard to describe, but you just know he’s going to bring that passion and energy to the game that you’d want to see from anyone,” Zion Williamson said. “He knows how to make a threat. Don’t let him fool you, he just had 28 (points) and how many rebounds? Five? He does that on the bench. We have a special group.

Alvarado’s incredible shot through the trees clearly stood out in New Orleans’ second preseason victory. The 6’0 point guard connected on nine of 12 shots inside the lane, beating Piston defenders with a dizzying array of spins, floaters and just a good old-school trick.

Savvy fans might say this type of display is reminiscent of Tony Parker. Well, that’s precisely who played at least a hand in making Friday night happen.



Jose Alvarado is entering his second season with the New Orleans Pelicans in New York. He talks about it after training on Tuesday.

Alvarado October 18 Press briefing



Former Oklahoma City Thunder Center Derrick’s favors will seek a new home to pursue his career after being waived by the Houston Rocketsby Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Favors were sent to the Rockets in the eight player massive trade end of September. The 31-year-old owed $10.2 million this season after recovering his possibility of player during the offseason.

The move comes hours after the former Thunder guard Theo Maledonwho was also part of the eight-man trade, signed a two-way deal with the Charlotte Hornets.

Favors is entering his 13th season in the league and spent last season with the Thunder, where he averaged 5.3 points and 4.7 rebounds in 39 games.

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Thaddeus Young had four points (2-5 FG, 0-1 3Pt), eight rebounds, an assist and a steal in 19 minutes in Friday’s 137-134 win over Boston.

Young signed a two-year contract with the raptors during the offseason, a strange move in the eyes of many. The team certainly has a plethora of options in the frontcourt, which means Young is unlikely to play more than around 18 minutes per night. While he’s very unlikely to put up any fantasy-relevant numbers, he’s a name to put away should a bigger role ever open up.

Youth press briefing on October 18



Monday night’s matchup against the Denver Nuggets saw Josh Okgie in a Phoenix Suns shirt for the first time. The defensive-minded winger signed a minimum contract in free agency, before battling a slight hamstring issue early in training camp.

Okogie joins the Suns after experiencing a strange opening for four years in Minnesota, with his production levels nearly dwindling season after season. It’s clear that Phoenix thinks they can make a change to their horrible three-point shooting, while still utilizing the defensive attributes that have kept them in the league.

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#ProJackets in the NBA/G League 2022-23

Yellow jackets in professional basketball

Courtesy of Eurobasket LLC

Adam Smith (6’1”-PG-1992, 2016 graduate, plays pro in Spain) led his Spanish side Bilbao to an 80-66 victory over Acibadem (1-1) in the Basketball Champions League in Tuesday’s game evening . He was MVP of the game. Smith scored 17 points in 28 minutes. It was the match of the round between two top 4 teams. Surne Bilbao Basket (2-0) is ranked first in the Basketball Champions League. There are only four games left before the end of the Basketball Champions League regular season. So now every game will be critical. Smith has relatively good stats this year 14.0ppg, 2.0rpg and 1.5apg in two games he has played so far.

Ben Lammer (6’10”-C-1995, ‘2018 graduate, plays in Germany) contributed to an easy win over 14th-placed Panathinaikos (1-2) as they thrashed them 94-65 in the Euroleague last Wednesday. Lammers scored 7 points. It was his first game for ALBA Berlin this season. His team is ranked first in the Euroleague. So far, his team has won all three games in the regular season. But it’s still only start of the season and anything can happen.

Moses Wright (6’9”-F-1998, 2021 grad, currently in China) was the main contributor to the Zhejiang Golden Bulls’ victory over the 11th-ranked trailblazers (2-2) crushing them 105-83 in the CBA Chinese on Friday evening. He scored 18 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and made 2 blocks in 24 minutes; a pretty impressive performance considering this is only Wright’s second season in professional basketball. The Zhejiang Golden Bulls (5-0) are ranked first in the CBA. So far, his team has won all five regular season games. This is Wright’s first year with the team. He has relatively good stats this season 15.0ppg, 7.3rpg, 1.5bpg and 2.0spg in four games.

Trae Golden (6’3”-PG-1991, ‘2014 graduate, plays pro in China) was the main contributor to a Beijing Royal Fighters 3-point victory over the Flying Tigers (3-2) 98-95 in the Chinese ABC in Saturday night’s game. He was MVP of the game. Golden scored 25 points, got 5 rebounds and delivered 7 assists. The Beijing Royal Fighters (3-1) rank fifth in the CBA. It was his team’s third consecutive win. There are only four games left before the end of the regular season. So now every game is very crucial. Golden is individually having a very good season with high stats. It averages 21.3ppg, 4.3rpg, 6.7apg, and 1.7spg.

Avi Schäfer (6’8″-C-1998, ‘2019 graduate, plays in Japan) couldn’t help the SeaHorses Mikawa (2-4) in their last game. Despite his strong showing, fifth-placed SeaHorses Mikawa (2- 4) lost 63-76 on the road to bottom-ranked (#6) Kyoto Hannaryz in the Central group. Schafer scored 13 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in 23 minutes. But the season has just started, so anything can happen. This year, Schafer is averaging 5.8ppg and 4.2rpg in six games and is a naturalized Japanese.

Robert Samson (6’8″-F-1992, ‘2015 graduate, currently in Japan) was unable to help Tokyo Z in their match against Nishinomiya Storks in Japan’s B2 League. , Sampson was the top scorer with 24 points. He also added 4 rebounds. Sampson has relatively good stats this season 13.2ppg, 7.0rpg, 1.2apg, 1.3bpg and 2.2spg. It is worth mentioning that he has also play at Eurobasket Summer Leaguewhich helped him get the pro basketball job.

Jordan Bailiff (6’7″-F-1999, 2022 graduate, plays pro in Turkey) was unable to secure victory for Besiktas Icrypex Istanbul in their match against Pinar Karsiyaka in the Turkish BSL, despite his good performance on Saturday night.Usher scored 11 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 28 minutes.But his team lost 81-92.Usher has relatively good stats this year 11.0ppg, 3.7rpg and 2.0apg in three games.

Jose Alvarado (6’0”-PG-1998, ‘2021 graduate, plays in the NBA) contributed to an easy win over the Brooklyn Nets by thrashing them 130-108 in the NBA last Wednesday. Alvarado scored 7 points. It was his first game for the New Orleans Pelicans this season.

Marcus Georges Hunt (6’5″-F-1994, ‘2016 graduate, currently in Kuwait) was instrumental in Kuwait’s one-point win over league leaders Al Ahly 78-77 in the Arab Club Championships on Saturday night. Georges -Hunt was the MVP of the game. He scored 22 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in 30 minutes. Georges-Hunt has relatively good stats this year 12.3ppg, 5.3rpg and 4.6apg in seven games. He is a naturalized Virgin Islander.

Charles Mitchell (6’8”-F/C-1993, ‘2016 grad, plays pro in Argentina) helped Obera beat 18th-ranked Independiente de Oliva 71-66 in Argentina’s La Liga in Wednesday’s game evening. He recorded a double-double scoring 15 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. It was his first game for Obera this season.

Other former Georgia Institute of Technology players, who play professional basketball:

  • Thaddeus Young (6’8″-F-1988) plays for the Toronto Raptors in the NBA
  • Derrick Favors (6’10”-F-1991) plays for Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA
  • Josh Okogie (6’4″-G-1998) plays for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA
  • Alade Aminu (6’10”-F/C-1987) plays for Carolina Gigantes in the Puerto Rican BSN
  • Kammeon Holsey (6’8″-F-1990) played for College Park SkyHawks in the NBA G League
  • James Banks III (6’10”-F/C-1998) played for Texas Legends in the NBA G League
  • Anthony McHenry (6’8″-SF-1983) plays for Shinshu BW in the Japanese B1 league
  • Abdoulaye Gueye (6’9″-C-1994) signed for Samsunspor in Turkish TBL
  • Gani Lawal (6’9″-F/C-1988) signed for Runa Basket in Russian Superleague 1
  • Glen Rice Jr. (6’6″-F-1991) played for Power in the Big3
  • Michael Devoe (6’5″-G-1999) played for the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA Summer League

To remark: The above list includes only some of the alumni currently playing professional basketball. View the full list of Georgia Technology former basketball students.

Consolidation could help homeowners with debt worries


“We could see more borrowers who don’t meet the criteria of traditional lenders or who have accumulated debt that has worsened their credit score.”

October 10 marks World Mental Health Day and as we move through the cost of living crisis, we will likely continue to see rising financial debt sadly taking a toll on the mental well-being of borrowers.

A recent survey by YouGov for StepChange Debt Charity found that 45% of all UK adults – the equivalent of 23 million people – have struggled to meet household bills and credit commitments in recent months , compared to 30% in October. 2021 and 15% in March 2020.

This means that the number of people struggling with their financial commitments has increased by eight million in less than a year.

His research shows that 12% of adults – the equivalent of six million people – are currently behind on at least one household bill, with 2.4 million people reporting being behind on their energy bill.

Additional research from the charity shows that 48% of adults say their mental health has been negatively affected by the rising cost of living, rising to 83% for those in arrears with household bills.

As bills continue to climb this winter and more borrowers potentially find themselves in the red or taking out more credit, its essential advisors are aware of the options available to homeowners, especially after a period where home values ​​have gone up.

Some advisors may still be hesitant to consider a second charge for debt consolidation purposes, perhaps for fear of increasing the owner’s debt. While a second charge may not be the solution for all borrowers looking to consolidate their expenses, it could be a beneficial option for some.

A homeowner who has lost their job, for example, may have temporarily started to fall behind with their regular loan or household bills. As a workaround, they may have taken on more loan or credit card debt, which not only results in multiple monthly repayments, but also additional late fees, which hurts their credit score.

Although the homeowner has since started a new permanent job, his poor credit rating may mean he cannot consolidate his debt through a mortgage.

A second charge for debt consolidation can help such a borrower regain financial control of their debts by consolidating them into one monthly payment and potentially reducing their monthly expenses. By assessing a borrower’s financial situation on an individual basis and looking at their current situation – not just their credit history – we can make an informed loan decision.

With the UK in the midst of heightened economic uncertainty, we could see more borrowers who do not meet the criteria of traditional lenders or who may have accumulated debt that has worsened their credit score.

The Bank of England’s latest Money & Credit report continues to show UK borrowers’ reliance on credit. On a net basis, a further £1.1bn of consumer credit was borrowed in August, following £1.5bn of borrowing in July.

This was split between £0.7bn on credit cards and £0.4bn via other forms of consumer credit. The annual growth rate of all consumer credit remained at 7% in August; the highest rate since March 2019, while the annual growth rate of credit card borrowing also remained unchanged at 12.9%, the highest since October 2005.

We are unlikely to see any significant decline in these numbers given the upcoming rise in mortgage rates and bills.

As borrowers continue to take out credit, for some a deterioration in their financial situation will also mean the same for their mental well-being and it is imperative that we are equipped to help homeowners with their borrowing options.

Beware of Idahoans and tourists! It’s rutting season and it’s dangerous


It’s rutting season for many of our large hoofed animals. They may be more aggressive than usual if you approach them. Remember that elk may not be as mean as a moose, but at this time of year the difference is like being hit by a heavy truck or a light truck.

Some Idaho Fish and Game biologists joined me on air at Magic Valley This Morning and issued the warning and asked you to be careful. This is becoming more and more of a challenge in what we call the smartphone era. Our devices come with cameras and we want to get the best picture possible. Since most of us don’t own expensive cameras with elaborate zooms, proximity becomes an issue.

I showed them a story from Colorado. A crowd of tourists at Rocky Mountain National Park decided to approach a huge bull elk. You can watch them scatter as the mammoth animal jumps a fence like an Olympic medalist. Not far away in Estes Park, an elk veered against traffic and ran into a pickup truck. Similar videos recently surfaced in Canada.

The truck offers at least some protection. The national park crowd is exposed and shorts and t-shirts make poor armor. Is a beautiful picture worth your life? Remember, unless you’re Joe Rosenthal, a photo doesn’t define your life (he took the iconic image of the flag raised on Iwo Jima!) You can buy postcards with often better photos of the animals and you can tell your friends that you saw something very similar.

States with the most registered hunters

Stacker analyzed data from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to determine which states have the most registered hunters. Read on to see how your state ranks on Stacker’s list.

Newly elected Congress leader rubber stamp: Rajyavardhan Rathore


BJP leader Rajyavardhan Rathore on Wednesday called newly elected Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge a “rubber stamp” and alleged that the party’s internal polls of its leader were a “fraud”.

Reacting to allegations of irregularities in the conduct of elections in Uttar Pradesh, the MP for Jaipur Rural said that when the party cannot properly conduct internal polls between two people, then ”how can they handle elections on a national level”.

Kharge won the polls for president of Congress, the results of which were announced on Wednesday. He was opposed to party leader Shashi Tharoor.

”A strong opposition is necessary for a strong democracy. After a long period of time, the Congress party looks away from a family, but it still looked for a rubber stamp. Their internal election is just a fraud and a drama,” he said.

He also targeted the Congress government led by Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan, alleging a lack of law and order.

Rathore claimed he was only interested in gathering information about his MPs, apparently referring to differences within the party.

”The state government only cares about political intelligence. The police and intelligence services receive orders for political intelligence. They are ordered to gather information on which MP is meeting with whom, which minister is meeting with whom in the evening,” he alleged.

“When the police are engaged in such work, how can they protect the general public,” he said. Rathore said criminals from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana find Rajasthan a safe haven. “Criminals are facing actions in UP and Haryana and they know there is no rule of law in Rajasthan and the Chief Minister has no time so they are moving in Rajasthan,” he said. Rathore warned that tough action against these criminals will be taken after the BJP comes to power in the state.

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Average HELOC and Home Equity Loan Rates for the week of October 17, 2022

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Key points to remember

  • Home equity loans and lines of credit (HELOC) rates rose slightly last week.
  • A recent survey found that 29% of homeowners are considering tapping into their home’s equity, noting that cash-in refinancing is no longer an option due to high mortgage rates.
  • Experts strongly recommend having a repayment plan in place before borrowing with a home equity loan or line of credit.

Sometimes no news is good news. While inflation remains consistently elevated, home equity loan and line of credit (HELOC) rates haven’t budged much in the past week, rising only a few points.

The average rate for a $30,000 HELOC is 7.34%, rising 7 basis points week over week. Home equity loan rates have also increased.

In a year in which mortgage rates have more than doubled, demand for home equity products is high.

According to a recent survey According to Point, a home equity investment platform, 29% of homeowners plan to tap into the equity in their property despite historically high interest rates. “Homeowners cite lack of other financing options,” as mortgage rates continue to hover around 7%.

Home equity loan and HELOC rates aren’t a perfect escape from mortgage rate increases — experts expect them to keep rising.

“I don’t expect [rates] increase at the same rate as over the past nine to twelve months. But I think they will go up. I hope they slow down, but we’ve seen a lot of ups and downs, so it looks like they still have room to increase,” says Kevin WilliamsCFP and founder of Full Life Financial Planning.

Here are the average home equity loan and HELOC rates as of October 12, 2022:

Type of loan Price for this week Last week’s rate Difference
$30,000 HELOC 7.34% 7.27% +0.07
10-year $30,000 home equity loan 7.34% 7.27% +0.07
Home equity loan of $30,000 over 15 years 7.26% 7.18% +0.08

How these rates are calculated

These rates come from a survey conducted by Bankrate, which, like NextAdvisor, is owned by Red Ventures. Averages are determined from a survey of the top 10 banks in the 10 major US markets.

What are home equity loans and HELOCs?

With inflation at 8.2% Year-over-year in September, borrowers in need of cash are looking to leverage the equity in their home. Home equity loans and HELOCs are secured loans, which means you use the difference between the value of your home and what you owe on the mortgages as collateral.

Here is the difference between the two products:

With a HELOC, you have access to a revolving line of credit, much like a credit card. They can be a little riskier because they tend to have variable interest rates tied to Federal Reserve rate increases. “So in a rising interest rate environment, your HELOC rate will go up,” says Lv Persaud, CFP and CEO of Transition Planning & Guidance. Therefore, there are limits to how much you can withdraw at one time, but you will only pay interest on what has been borrowed.

When you borrow with a home equity loan, on the other hand, it is a one-time infusion of money that you repay over time. Home equity loans almost always have a fixed interest rate, which means your monthly payment won’t change when rates go up.

What should consumers know about home equity loans and HELOCs?

With mortgage rates what they are, many people are taking stock of their home’s equity, Persaud says. But remember, borrowing with home loan products comes with serious risks.

“People should always be aware of long-term borrowing and not see it as an easy way to access money without having planned to pay it,” Williams says. “Where the buy side is very easy, it’s the payments that tend to get people in trouble.”

How to get home equity financing

The home equity loan and HELOC application process is less complicated than that of a mortgage, making it an attractive option. However, it is important to shop around with different lenders to get the best rate.

Working with a lender you trust will help protect the asset you’re drawing on: your home. Not making your payments or understanding the cost of home equity loans and HELOCs is the last thing you want to happen. When accessing the equity in your home, experts insist that you read the fine print.

How to Use Home Equity

There’s no shortage of ways to use home equity, but the most common uses for home equity are home renovations and debt consolidation.

“It won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution,” says Persaud. “It really depends on your situation, but if you’re looking to consolidate debt, make sure you pay attention to how much debt you got into,” rather than using your home equity as a balm.

A home equity loan or HELOC is not the key to reducing debt. Understanding your spending habits is. You run the risk of losing your home if you don’t change your spending habits and continue to take on more debt.

Pro tip

Using a home equity loan or HELOC for debt consolidation is risky if you don’t address the behaviors that got you into debt in the first place.

Candidate Profile: Republican Marc Molinaro for NY CD 19


RED HOOK, NY – In the 2022 general election, Hudson Valley residents will vote for state and local representatives.

In anticipation, Patch has asked candidates in contested races to answer questions about their campaigns and will post candidate profiles ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8.

The new Congressional District 19 covers part or all of 11 counties: Broome, Chenango, Columbia, Cortland, Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Sullivan, Tioga, Tompkins and Ulster.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro of Red Hook is running on both Republican and Conservative party lines in the November general election to represent District 19 in Congress. Josh Riley is running on the Democratic Party line against him.

Molinaro, 47, is married with four children. He graduated from Dutchess Community College.

He was first elected to public office at the age of 18 in 1994, serving on the Tivoli Village Council. In 1995, he became the youngest mayor in the United States and was re-elected five times. In 2006, Molinaro was elected to represent the 103rd District in the New York State Assembly. He won the 2011 Dutchess County leadership race and was re-elected twice. He is also first vice president of the New York State Counties Association.

Campaign website


Why are you looking for this office?

Why am I running

New York and America are at a crossroads, with each decision having a profound and lasting impact for years to come. Do we continue to follow the tired, worn-out ways of doing things in Washington, the same status quo, or do we have the courage, ability, and character to create the vision for our state and our country that we aspire to? I have made my decision: I have decided to dedicate myself to the people of New York and to seek to represent you in Congress.

From my days as a teenage village administrator and America’s youngest mayor, through my career in the New York State Assembly, and now, nearly a decade as a county executive from Dutchess, I have continuously worked to build consensus and tirelessly serve the residents. I represented — my neighbors who trusted me to serve their community with their best interests at heart. It is a sacred mission that I have embraced for a long time, a pact that I am honored to respect every day.

Our community needs a proven leader in the House of Representatives, a leader who is proven to find solutions, without stoking the deep division that continues to prevent our state and our nation from reaching its full potential. For more than a quarter century, I have earned the trust of New Yorkers by uniting people of different backgrounds and ideas to bring greater good to those I have served. Did it in the Hudson Valley. I did it in Albany.

I will do it again in Washington.

Son of a mother who for a time raised a young family alone, I know the value of hard work and determination. Father of four children, including one on the autism spectrum, I know the importance of family, of giving everything for loved ones, no matter the personal sacrifice. A public servant since 1995, I have dedicated my adult life to working for my community, always achieving results for those I have served.

The past year and a half, these most difficult times of our lives, have required great leadership, and never has the ability to bring agreement been more precious; it was literally a matter of life or death. I know all too well the loss of life this pandemic has brought to our community, our state and our nation. In light of such dire consequences, I am running for the future of our community – the health, safety and well-being of my neighbors – and to help New York and America bounce back and achieve the ideal of our state and our country for which we have desired.

I run for the future of my children and yours; for the employees who fought like never before to maintain the American dream; for small business owners whose ambitions and livelihoods have been devastated; for those who have been marginalized, left behind and sidelined for too long. I’m running to make NY-19 a better place to live, work and raise a family.

What are the main differences between you and the other candidate for this position?

We grew up very poor. My mother often says that I rose; she was a single mother for a long time. We were on food stamps for a while, and it instilled in me a desire to do something good for everyone in my situation. I have dedicated my whole life to public service. I haven’t worked for anyone but the people of New York State. I am not on the red team or the blue team, I will be a truly independent voice for upstate New York.

My opponent will be a vote for Joe Biden and the radical Democrats who helped create this crisis of inflation and high taxes. He is in tune with President Biden, having donated thousands of dollars to him. Also, my opponent, a wealthy corporate lawyer who lives in Washington, DC, only moved to New York a year ago after deciding to run for Congress. He hasn’t voted in New York in 16 years and has no contact with those upstate communities. His primary residence is a $1.8 million mansion in an upscale DC neighborhood, which he can afford due to his work as an associate at a law firm specializing in the defense of Harvey Weinstein and the silence of his female victims.

What other issues do you intend to address during your campaign?

I am passionate about changing the way our community treats and thinks about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 2015, we launched our Think Differently initiative which has spread across New York State. Challenge individuals, businesses and governments to think differently about people of all abilities under my leadership Dutchess County has become one of the most accessible counties in the nation. I want to bring this message of acceptance and inclusiveness to our nation’s capital.

Editor’s note: The candidate’s answers have been lightly edited for style and clarity.

Household food insecurity and its association with overweight and obesity in children aged 2 to 14 | BMC Public Health


Study design and participants

A population-based cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in 43 health centers in the Community of Madrid region. Secondary data were taken from the Community of Madrid’s “Study on Malnutrition”, previously published in the Epidemiological bulletin [22]. The study population consisted of children between the ages of 2 and 14 years old participating in the “healthy child care program” in the included primary care centers. A sample size of 2022 subjects was estimated considering an expected prevalence of overweight of 17.3%, for an alpha risk of 5%, a precision of 2% in two-sided contrast and a design effect of 1.2 . The sample selection was made by stratum, age group and sex in proportion to the resident population, as indicated in the 2014 municipal census of each basic health zone. Children who consulted during the study period were included consecutively until the sample size was reached.

Nursing staff from participating primary health care centers collected data from May to June 2016 by performing a physical examination of the child to record weight and height and administering a questionnaire to the person responsible for the minor (father , mother, others) if they agreed to participate in the study.

Inclusion criteria: children aged 2 to 14 who voluntarily participated in the “healthy child care program”.

Exclusion criteria: children whose counselor at the consultation did not know the socio-economic characteristics of the family or had language difficulties in answering the interview questions.

Anthropometric measurements

The main variable of interest was the presence of overweight and obesity. The child’s weight was measured on a digital scale with an accuracy of 0.1 kg and height was measured with a telescopic stadiometer with an accuracy of 1 mm. Body mass index (BMI) was calculated as weight/height2 (kg/m2) and adjusted (z-BMI) according to age (in months) and sex according to the standardized tables of WHO-2007 [23]. From BMI z-score values, obesity was defined as z-BMI > 2 standard deviation (SD), overweight as 1 SD

Twenty-one children were classified as underweight and excluded from the logistic regression analysis.


A questionnaire was administered to the person responsible for the children to record information on the child (age, sex, country of birth, eating habits, sleeping habits, physical activity and screen time) and on the household (level of education of the mother, employment status of the breadwinner, country of origin and purchasing power of the family). Ability to access safe food was assessed through three initial screening questions and the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale Survey (HFIAS) was administered after a positive response to the questionnaire. one of the questions.

Ethical aspects

The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of La Princesa University Hospital in Madrid, Spain. Verbal consent was obtained from the accompanying person at the time of the examination and the data was anonymized to ensure confidentiality.

Definition of household food insecurity

All persons accompanying minors have been asked three HFI screening questions limited to their situation in the past year, two from the Radimer-Cornell scale [25] and a third question from NutriSTEP®[26]: (1) In the past 12 months, have you worried that the food at home would run out before you had the money to buy more? ; (2) Would you say that in the past 12 months the food at home did not last and you did not have the money to buy it? ; and (3) In the past 12 months, have you had difficulty buying the food you needed for your child because it was expensive? Each screening question had three possible answers (no/never, sometimes and often).

If the response to any of the three questions was positive (sometimes or often), the HFIAS survey was also administered [27] to determine the presence and severity of HFI. The HFIAS includes nine questions, which examine three different areas of food insecurity: anxiety or uncertainty, insufficient quality, and insufficient quantity of food during the previous four-week period. The HFIAS score ranges from 0 to 27 and the higher the score, the greater the food insecurity. A household was considered in an HFS situation when the HFIAS score was equal to 0 and in an HFI situation when it was ≥ 1 (Cf. Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

Flowchart of participation and classification of subjects in the study

Of the 1937 participants, 273 responded positively to one of the screening questions and 149 of them were classified as having undergone HFI in the previous four weeks (positive HFIAS score) (see Fig. 1).

Diet quality, lifestyle and socio-demographic variables

The Healthy Eating Index Questionnaire Adapted to Spain (IASE) [28] was used to measure diet quality, which is based on the Healthy Eating Index methodology, a questionnaire comprising 10 variables on the frequency of food consumption: (1) cereals and derivatives, (2) vegetables, (3) fruits, (4) milk and derivatives, (5) meat and fish, (6) legumes, (7) sausages and charcuterie, (8) sweets, (9) sweetened soft drinks and (10) varied food. Item scores were summed to obtain an overall index with a maximum of 100 points classifying subjects into two categories: (a) poor diet with need for changes to improve nutrition (≤ 80 points); or (b) healthy diet (>80 points).

Physical activity (hours/week) was included as a lifestyle variable by asking the questions: “How many hours per week of physical activity does the child do outside of school hours? ?” and “How many hours a day does the child usually spend in front of screens (computer, television, video game consoles or similar devices)?”.

Covariates assessed included child’s age and sex, mother’s highest level of education and country of birth, breadwinner’s employment status, and family’s purchasing power. family calculated using the Family Wealth Scale (FAS). [29]. FAS is a measure of family wealth and resources developed as an overall indicator of family socio-economic status, classified as low (0-3 points), medium (4-5 points) and high (6-9 points). ) [30].

Data analysis

Descriptive statistics were used to analyze gender, mother’s education level, breadwinner’s employment status, family purchasing power, mother’s country of birth, life and weight status, which were expressed as percentages and means with their corresponding 95% confidence. intervals (95% CI). An analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to estimate differences in means between groups and Pearson’s chi-square test to estimate differences between categorical variables.

Sociodemographic factors

The associations between HFI (dependent variable) and socio-demographic factors (independent variables) were evaluated using logistic regression models and odds ratios (OR) were calculated to adjust for possible confounding factors (age, purchase price, mother’s level of education, hours of screen time, hours of physical activity and diet quality index).

Life habits

The association between HFI (independent variable) and lifestyle habits (dependent variable) was also examined and ORs were calculated adjusted for confounding factors (age, sex, family purchasing power, employment status and country of birth).

weight status

Multinomial logistic regression was used to determine the association between HFI (independent variable) and weight status (dependent variable). The relative risks (RRR) were estimated after adjusting for confounding factors. Weight status was categorized as normal, overweight, and obese with normal weight as the reference category.

The level of statistical significance was established at p

Grant’s masterclass, kangaroo social media failure and Bati’s pride


They’re back, baby. Australia made a triumphant return to international rugby league with a victory over Fiji which had a bit of everything: they had a shock, Fiji opening the scoring, took a few hits including a very nasty one for Reuben Cotter, but in the end, had too much and ran out 42-8 winners.

The healthy Leeds crowd went home happy, the Fijians showed plenty and the Australians took their win, plus 80 minutes, plus some great stories to boot.

the roar was there for it all, and here are our highs and flops – name still pending – of a chilly, fulfilling night in Leeds.

Top – Josh Addo-Carr (and all the kangaroos)

Professional sport is often a heartless affair, but it would be hard not to feel a pang of sentimentality watching Josh Addo-Carr perform so well in a Kangaroos shirt after being spectacularly dumped by NSW for Origin.

Two tries, a key hand in another and the top of the counter were enough to show that Addo-Carr was born for this level of football.

The redemption arc is obvious – and we discussed it with him in the hangars – so let’s talk about the other side of the story instead.

The World Cup is meant to be the best players on the biggest stage, and for the Leeds crowd who turned up to watch the Kangaroos, they got to see one of the game’s big venues, a flying Foxx, crossing the Fijians for one of the tries of the year.

(Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images for RLWC)

These things matter. As a child in the North of England, half-yearly visits by Andrew Johns, Darren Lockyer, Allan Langer and Fittler were formative in building a love for rugby league, particularly the international game.

Kangaroos are ambassadors. They should be our All Blacks, the sport’s benchmark.

Players remained on the pitch long after, signing jumpers and taking selfies, infuriating the media pack as we waited for the pressers to begin. But that’s their job: they are what people came to see and they were worth every penny.

Flop – Daly Cherry-Evans (well, sort of…)

If this was the big audition, it’s hard to say Daly Cherry-Evans pulled it off. Granted, a man with over 300 freshman games and the most caps of any current Kangaroo probably doesn’t need to audition for anything, but it was hard not to compare his performance to the one that Nathan Cleary could have put together.

Cherry-Evans was fine, I guess, for leading a team and kicking skillfully. There wasn’t much more needed, especially when you have Cameron Munster in fine form and Harry Grant running the game from a fictional half.

James Tedesco was also silent, and if there was great competition for the 1 shirt, you’d probably also say he didn’t set the heather on fire. There isn’t, so we won’t, but there are in the half-back role, so we will.

That’s life for DCE, who will lose their spot next week to let Cleary try his luck, and will likely watch half of the Panthers – making their international debut, no less – revolve around the Scots.

We won’t learn anything serious before the semi-finals but according to tonight, it’s up to Nathan to lose.

Top – Harry Grant (your real man of the match)

When you have a thousand good players, sometimes you take them for granted. Harry granted. You see what I’m trying to do here.

It’s worth mentioning because Australia really only needs one or two guys to show up because those guys will be really good and most of the time that’ll be more than enough to to win.

DCE was calm as Tedesco, Cam Murray and Ben Hunt were fine and Latrell Mitchell, despite scoring, was well contained for long stretches.

Cam Munster got the man of the match in the stadium – they presumably chased Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles out of Newcastle after Victor Radley got the gong there ahead of Jack Welsby, Dom Young, George Williams and Kallum Watkins.

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It was Harry Grant who got the media consensus vote after his stellar screening, turning a game that threatened to get a little heavy into a cakewalk.

Of course, that’s the plan. Hunt controls the flow early, kicks where needed and keeps it tight before Grant unleashes hell from the dummy half.

At a time when the interim half-scoot is becoming less fashionable – check out the stats over time – Grant remains the top exponent, manipulating the markers and picking his moment to leave.

Hunt only ran once in his hour on the court, while Grant hit five and averaged over 10m on his darts. His 40/20 was superb and gave a well deserved try.

Flop – The ARLC (and its social media team)

A major downside was how little of this we’ve seen over the past few years. I don’t take the Covid excuse: the Wallabies, who last time I checked are also based in Australia, have been playing a lot during this time and they don’t have the luxury of having an entire nation of other teams living in their country.

Nights like Saturday proved why international football is so important and why the Kangaroos are the most important part of it.

The role of good global citizen is not one the ARLC seems interested in playing, from their inactivity at the highest level to their disdain for the rules of everyone surrounding numbers but even the most myopic admin must be able to see the value of this product.

It’s good that they were there to catch him after the two-day board meeting in Newcastle at the end of last week. Less impressive if you were back in Australia, where the Kangaroos’ social media account went silent for hours despite playing a game.

If the sport’s standard bearers are playing a game and there’s no one to tweet about it, does it make noise?

Top – Fiji (despite the stadium DJ)

Fiji have been through a lot, and it was only last week. Injuries, both to the players and their coach, took them down ahead of a game in which they would have had little luck at the best of times.

They lost a warm-up 50-0 to England, but after yesterday’s massacre in Samoa it may actually have been a good result. We didn’t hit any highs and flops in the first game, but it goes without saying that it was a mega flop for Samoa.

From the moment the Bati stepped onto the pitch, sang their anthem – there will never be a time when it won’t make your hair stand on end – and kicked off, they were everything. what they should be and more.

Committed, tough, physical – and not a bit creative too. Australia defended superbly and Fiji fought back hard.

In the Pacific Test, their pair of halves were winger Kevin Naiqama at five-eights and Netane Masima, who had recently played for Narellan Jets in Group 1 footy, at full-back.

This time around Siti Moceidreke, a career playmaker now with the London Broncos in the English second tier, was in the 6 with Brandon Wakeham in the 7. That made all the difference. Although they lost comfortably in the end, there was a lot to build on.

At the end of the game, when they knelt down and sang with their Kangaroo fighters, it was still a moment to give you goosebumps.

Or, at least, it would have been if local organizers hadn’t decided to blow Annie Lennox over the top. Notice to all those hosting Fiji in the coming weeks: turn off the music at the end.

Most Central Florida Homeowners Are Not Covered – What Help Is Available?


Steve Helber/AP

Home insurance contracts cover a series of natural disasters such as wind, hail, lightning and forest fires, but they generally do not cover earthquakes or floods. It’s a huge problem in Florida, where thousands of homes have been damaged in Hurricane Ian — many of which were damaged by the floods.

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About three quarters of single family homes in coastal Lee County — where Ian made landfall — are not covered by federal flood insurance, CNN reported. Once you move further inland, this percentage increases even more.

About 96% of single-family homes in Seminole County are not covered by flood insurance, while 97% of homes in Orange County and 98% of homes in Polk County are not covered. Each of these counties reported significant flooding during Ian.

“The most concerning factor in the aftermath of the storm and all of the losses is the lack of flood insurance, particularly in the central Florida area,” Mark Friedlander, a spokesperson for CNN, told CNN. the Insurance Information Institute.

Consulting firm Milliman estimated that about 18.5% of homes in counties that were under evacuation orders had federally-issued flood insurance, NPR reported. However, in areas under evacuation orders outside of high-risk areas, only 9.4% of households had a policy.

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In Seminole County, located northeast of Orlando, more than 5,200 residential buildings were damaged by Hurricane Ian, mostly due to flooding. About 3,000 buildings were damaged in Polk County, 1,200 in Orange County and at least 4,000 in Volusia County on Florida’s east coast. These numbers are likely to increase as damage assessment teams reach more areas.

Homeowners without flood insurance have other options for recovering losses, but these are limited. As CNN noted, one option is to apply for other government aids such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) individual assistance programs. These payments are capped at approximately $38,000. In past cases following hurricanes, payouts typically ranged between $5,000 and $10,000.

“American disaster programs assume homeowners are insured,” Roy Wright, former chief executive of FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, told CNN. He added that individual assistance programs are not designed as safety nets but rather as a means of lending a helping hand.

Another possibility is for Congress to pass additional disaster relief, similar to what happened after previous major hurricanes such as Katrina and Sandy. However, it could take months for funding to be approved and distributed to affected communities.

“Unless you have flood insurance, the federal government won’t give you enough help to rebuild your home,” Rob Moore, director of the Natural Resources Defense’s water and climate team, told NPR. Council.

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Most experts advise homeowners who live in flood prone areas to take out separate flood insurance because it’s the best way to make sure you’re covered in the event of damage.

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This article originally appeared on GOBankingRates.com: Flood Insurance: Most Central Florida Homeowners Are Not Covered: What Help Is Available?

Please, Mr Postman – The Hindu


Good and bad news, all came in the form of inner letters, postcards, postal envelopes

Good and bad news, all came in the form of inner letters, postcards, postal envelopes

Lince before the Mavelletes, the Beatles, or the Carpenters sang “Please Mr. Postman,” those three words played silently in lovers’ heads almost daily as they eagerly awaited a letter from their beloved.

This khaki-clad man on the cycle with his signature “tring, tring” bell was a long-awaited visitor to most homes before the advent of email, messaging, WhatsApp and so on.

It wasn’t just lovers who were waiting for the postman. From retirees to parents, from job seekers to janitors, everyone’s hopes or fears depended on what was written in a letter that this daily visitor brought into homes.

Good news, less good news, bad news with surprises at the arrivals and departures of near and dear ones, all this came in the form of internal letters, postcards, postal envelopes or aerogrammes. The mothers left what they were doing and rushed to the gate when they heard the “ring, ring” of the postman. On days when we kids were home, we sprinted to grab the letter first.

I remember my mother frequently writing letters to her mother in Mangaluru and her siblings in different cities and could not wait for their replies. The moment she received the letter, her eyes lit up and standing right next to the door, she opened it to read. In the excitement of reading the letter, she didn’t mind if the meat or vegetables were overcooked!

Conversely, Mom would be anxious if the letters did not arrive regularly. She was irritated and sweating wondering why her relatives had not written. And then, hearing a crow “kaw-kawing” outside, she let out a delicious cry: “Oh, there’s a letter coming!”

For most of us, a week before our birthday was filled with anticipation waiting for cards from friends and relatives. Sometimes we received a telegram to wish us our birthday!

December was when we received most of the cards and letters, the first coming in the first week from an aunt, reporting Yuletide. In the days that followed and even well into the New Year, Mr. Postman continued to shower us with greeting cards.

If a visit from the postman was something to look forward to, a visit to the post office was an equally interesting experience. Some post offices in Bangalore exuded an old-world colonial charm while others were housed in quaint bungalows, notable for the bright red post boxes near the doors. The letter collection time was clearly painted in white letters on the black dot of the red mailboxes.

Inside, you could see the postmen busy sorting the letters in the street before leaving on their rounds, while the counter clerks took care of the customers who came daily to buy stamps, interior letters, envelopes, money orders or send registered letters, parcels etc.

The usual exercise was to apply the glue provided at the post office to the letters and drop them into the mailbox.

The public telephone in a corner of the post office was much sought after for making calls at a time when few homes had telephones.

One of the great things about the pre-internet days was writing letters and actually handwriting. There was a personal touch in these handwritten letters that connected people across cities, states or countries. In some ways, regular letter writing made him creative and expressive, honing his writing skills.

Likewise, the postal era also spawned a curiosity for stamps which in some cases led to the pursuit of stamp collecting as a hobby. We too went through this phase of collecting postage stamps and making a scrapbook but it didn’t last long like so many other hobbies.

Many of my generation will remember the care with which we pulled the stamps. We would carefully cut out the stamp with the envelope, put it in water for a few seconds to let the paper envelope separate from the stamp, and then let the stamp dry.

Alas! All of those memories have been erased by easy phone calls, instant messengers, Facebook, emails and without our knowledge, what else is to come.

Today, spotting a postman is as difficult as finding a sparrow in Bangalore and the few letterboxes on street corners look weathered and neglected.

Fortunately, the memories remain. Happy World Post Day (October 9)!


Visits to the Big Sky Food Bank more than tripled during the summer season


Going into the busiest time of the year, the food bank will be holding a food and coat drive


Community need for the Big Sky Food Bank has more than tripled in the summer of 2022 compared to the previous summer. All seasons combined, the overall need has increased by 60% compared to 2021.

“In the past, the data shows that most people used the food bank one, two, or even three times a year,” said Sarah Gaither Bivins, director of operations and navigator of food bank services. “Now in the current climate, people just can’t make it through the end of the month with their paycheck. Before COVID, we used to allow people to shop once a month, although we never turned anyone away. Now you can shop up to once a week if you need to.

Seniors have shown a particular increase in visits, Bivins said, and nearly half of their customers work at Big Sky but live in Bozeman, Belgrade or even Amsterdam and Manhattan.

“The workforce can’t live here anymore, you know,” she said.

She said that while the 250% increase still indicates critical need, this statistic is also inflated by the strong growth of Big Sky’s summer tourism, which has created more summer jobs to meet the growing interest in mountain biking and hiking.

The Big Sky Food Bank and Community Resource Center is part of the Montana Food Bank Network and is located just north of Big Sky on Highway 191. Everyone is welcome to pick up food once a week, and new visitors will be prompted to register basic demographic information. . Bivins said it was helpful that the site was located away from the city center because food security is a sensitive issue. But as inflation in consumer goods and the cost of living continue to challenge many Big Sky residents, visiting the food bank has become more common since 2020.

The food bank stocks basic cooking supplies, frozen meat, dairy and canned goods with a reserve area and additional freezers. PHOTO BY JACK REANEY

Fall is the busiest season, Bivins said. Many winter seasonal workers arrive early, often having reduced savings to relocate and facing limited full-time work opportunities as ski tourism slowly expands in December.

On October 22, the food bank will prepare for a busy season with their annual Great Pumpkin Giveaway, a canned food drive. Bivins and his staff spread a patch of pumpkins around the Fire Pit Park in downtown, allowing families to choose a pumpkin in exchange for donating food.

“In the past, we haven’t really pushed the canned food collection part,” she said. “This year we’re trying to say, you know, 10-15 cans would be really nice to have. Get a crate of soup from COSTCO and bring it in in exchange for a pumpkin.

Bivins has seen a decrease in canned food donations over the past year.

These canned options are especially valuable, as many food bank visitors only have access to a microwave for cooking. Ace Hardware in Big Sky donates 100 slow cookers each year to help provide another kitchen tool.

Slow cookers are distributed free of charge by the food bank for the winter season. PHOTO BY JACK REANEY

Many winter workers also move here not realizing how freezing the weather is getting, she said. The bank accepts coats and winter clothing and holds an annual coat drive in late fall.

“We don’t need children’s coats,” she said. “People spend their money on children first. But [parents will] get stuff for themselves here for sure.

Over the past year, the food bank has offered services such as laundry for $1 a load and access to a computer and printer. These services are open at regular hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Anyone can also make an appointment to sit down with Bivins and complete food stamp applications under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the nationwide low-income energy assistance program. of the State (LIEAP), and receive support for job applications.

Bivins is the only full-time staff member, with two part-time employees and other volunteer opportunities available.

Sarah Gaither Bivins organizes bread donations to the Big Sky Community Food Bank. PHOTO BY JACK REANEY

UK Treasury chief quits as PM plans U-turn


By DANICA KIRKA and JILL LAWLESS – Associated Press

LONDON (AP) — Embattled British Prime Minister Liz Truss parted ways with her Treasury chief ahead of a hastily organized press conference on Friday as she struggled to calm markets and keep her job after her plan was released. controversial economy.

Sky News and the BBC reported that Kwasi Kwarteng had been ousted, but it was unclear whether he had been sacked or resigned.

It comes after a month of work – and three weeks after he announced a tax cut ‘mini budget’ that sent the pound plunging to record lows against the dollar.

On Thursday, Kwarteng denied he was about to lose his job, saying “I’m not going anywhere”.

Truss is scheduled to hold a press conference later Friday. She is under intense pressure to remove some of the 43 billion pounds ($48 billion) of unfunded tax cuts that have rattled financial markets and led the Bank of England to intervene to prevent a wider economic crisis.

People also read…

Senior Conservative Party officials were publicly advising the government to act. The pound rose 1.7% against the dollar on Thursday and bond markets stabilized as Truss and Kwarteng, whose official title is Chancellor of the Exchequer, revise their economic growth plan.

Truss, a free market libertarian, came to power last month pledging to cut taxes to spur growth. But his ability to keep this commitment is now in doubt.

Analysts suggest the most likely change in his program would be to drop a promise to halt his predecessor’s plan to raise corporation tax from 19% to 25%. This would reduce its program bill by around £18 billion a year.

James Athey, the chief investment officer at abrdn, said he now seemed certain the government “is about to flip-flop on its decision not to flip-flop on its outsized tax-cutting policies”. . Rumors calm the markets, he said. .

“The risk now is that investors forget that there are a lot more problems than just ill-advised and untimely tax easing to manage,” he said. “Inflation is at a multi-decade high, government borrowing is huge, as is the current account deficit. The housing market is set to take a hammer blow from soaring mortgage rates and the war in Ukraine. We may be going through the worst of the volatility, but I fear the UK is far from off the hook.”

Conservative lawmakers are debating whether they should try to oust their second leader this year. Truss was elected last month to replace Boris Johnson, who was forced out in July. Some reports suggest senior Tories are plotting to replace Truss with a joint ticket from Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt, his two closest rivals in the summer party leadership contest, although it’s unclear how that might be. be realized.

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Circles.Life calls on Pokémon to unveil a travel subscription offer


Circles.Life uses Pokémon to present its travel subscription product. Through the Dare to Roam activation, Singaporeans dare to flex their travel muscles through a series of specially designed travel-themed stamp challenges.

From identifying Pokémon silhouettes to finding lost luggage, the stamp collecting themed adventure contains up to six specially designed travel challenges that allow consumers to experience different sides of Circles.Life and Pokémon. The challenge takes place on October 30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at *SCAPE Singapore and also includes various festivities, including a Pokémon Meet & Greet, Circles.Life Experience Zone, and F&B Pit-Stop.

Leading up to the event, the telecommunications company is launching an October 16 activation featuring 40 distinctively dressed roamers in downtown, the woods and Jewel Changi Airport. Passers-by will be invited to scan QR codes and engage roamers to learn more about Dare To Roam. Roamers will also invite consumers to participate in TikTok trends, impromptu one-off photography and Q&A segments, while exclusive invites to Dare To Roam will also be delivered both physically and digitally (via iPhone airdrop). The three traveling teams will cross the MRT lines to eventually reach *SCAPE.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING contacted Circles.Life for additional information.

Separately, on the digital marketing front, the telecom operator has appointed Akhil Agarwal to lead its operations. Agarwal was last at Orange Business Service for nearly 10 years, where he served as a Demand Generation and Account Based Marketing Manager for over five years.

At Orange Business Service, his responsibilities included developing and executing go-to-market strategies and marketing plans with broader awareness and demand generation campaigns with a particular focus on lead generation. With his on-the-ground marketing experience in the ANZ region, he was also responsible for creating awareness and demand generation campaigns, branding, PR and blogging.

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Fear of going into debt: 5 questions that borrowers dread


Applying for a loan can be scary. With economic uncertainty and rising inflation, many people have turned to personal loans. Personal loan debt in America is higher than it has been in 17 years, with 20 million Americans ahead of a collective $178 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

However, debt should never be taken lightly. Many potential borrowers fear going into debt on a personal loan. If you’re considering a personal loan but are scared of the risks, there are a few tips to keep in mind to help you find the right option.

Top issues causing financial stress

A personal loan can be a great way to cover a major purchase, consolidate debt, or pay for emergency expenses. A personal loan can also help you build your credit by strengthening your credit mix and positive payment history. However, getting into debt is always a risk, and taking out a personal loan can amplify your financial stress if you’re not careful. Before taking out a personal loan, you should consider the benefits and risks of taking out a personal loan, and you should make sure you fully understand the process.

What is the benefit of getting a personal loan?

Taking out a personal loan comes with the inherent risk of getting into debt and potentially high interest rates and fees, especially if you don’t have good credit. However, personal loans have advantages over other loan products and can be a great way to consolidate debt or cover a large expense.

Borrowing limits on personal loans tend to be higher than on other loan products. On average, personal loans also have relatively lower interest rates than credit cards, allowing borrowers to access more capital with fewer additional fees. Another advantage of personal loans is that they usually have fixed interest rates and repayment terms. This means your payments will be predictable throughout the term of your loan, taking the guesswork out of the budgeting and payment process.

You can also boost your credit score with a personal loan and make regular, on-time payments. It will also help you diversify your credit mix, especially if you don’t have other loans.

A personal loan is particularly useful if you want to consolidate your debts. Debt consolidation is one of the most popular reasons for taking out a personal loan. Debt consolidation consists of combining several high-interest debts into a single new, lower-interest loan. Since personal loans generally have lower interest rates and longer repayment term options than other forms of credit, they are a popular way to consolidate debt. If you’re considering a personal debt consolidation loan, make sure you qualify for a lower interest rate than you’re currently paying before making a decision.

How to get a loan without credit?

The process of obtaining a loan without credit is no different from that of a loan with credit. However, this is much harder to do and you are unlikely to qualify for a lender’s best interest rates.

Personal loans can be obtained from banks, credit unions and private lenders. While most lenders have minimum credit score requirements to qualify, some lenders accept borrowers with bad credit or little credit history. Bad credit loans tend to have more lenient requirements to qualify, and many have reasonably low rate caps to avoid extremely high rates. However, these loans tend to have higher interest rates and stricter loan terms, especially if you have bad credit.

Make sure you know exactly how much you’ll pay in interest and fees before you take out a loan. Many lenders allow you to prequalify without hurting your credit, which is a good way to see what terms you’ll qualify for without making a commitment or hurting your credit score with a rigorous credit check.

Get a loan with bad credit

If you have bad credit or haven’t started building your credit yet, there are many things you can do to establish a positive credit base and increase your score. You can apply for a credit card and make monthly payments on time, become an authorized user on someone else’s account, or report your lease payments to build your payment history.

How to complete a personal loan application?

Before you can get a personal loan, you must complete a loan application. You should come prepared with some of the information that lenders typically need, such as your annual income, employment status, and financial history.

The application process will likely take place online if you are working with a private lender. If you work with a bank or credit union, you may be able to get an application online, in person at a branch, or over the phone, depending on the lender. To determine your eligibility, the lender will need basic information like your driver’s license, address, social security number and income. Additional information a lender may request includes employment information, information about assets and liabilities or debts. You will also need to decide on the amount of money you wish to borrow and indicate this number on the application.

Once you submit your application, it can take up to a week to be approved, depending on the lender. However, some lenders offer next day and even same day approval, especially if you apply online. Before you apply, ask the lender for their specific time frame so you know what to expect.

How long does it take to get a personal loan?

The time it takes to get a personal loan varies greatly depending on the lender you choose and the complexity of your financial profile. Banks and credit unions tend to have slower turnaround times than online lenders. Banks generally have the strictest eligibility requirements because they are more regulated. Credit unions tend to have less stringent requirements, but you must be a member to apply for a loan. Both options can take anywhere from a few days to 5 days to issue funding after loan approval. Online lenders are both the most flexible and fastest option. Online lenders tend to offer a wider range of loan purposes, and many online lenders offer same-day funding as approval.

How to make money fast

If you need cash fast, make sure your credit is in good shape and review the lender’s interest rates and fees before you apply, or you could end up paying more than you can afford. allow. Applying for the loan online is the quickest option, but you should take the time to get pre-approved if possible. This lets you know what you’ll be entitled to without hurting your credit or committing yourself.

What can be used as collateral for a personal loan?

Most personal loans are unsecured, meaning they do not require collateral. Collateral can be any valuable asset you put up to secure your loan. Common types of collateral include homes, vehicles, stocks, bonds, big ticket items, future paychecks, and savings. If you fail to repay your loan, you will lose your collateral.

While personal loans are often unsecured, secured personal loans do exist. These loans tend to have better interest rates because they are secured, but they are risky because you could lose valuable assets if you fail to repay the loan. It may be worth taking out a secured loan if you are sure you can repay the money without any problems. However, unsecured personal loans are much more common as they generally carry less risk. Despite higher interest rates than secured personal loans, unsecured loans do not carry the risk of losing assets, which generally makes them much safer.

The bottom line

Although applying for a personal loan can be nerve-wracking and involve some risk, many great lenders can get you the money you need and help you build your credit along the way. Before applying for a loan, you should always make sure you fully understand the process, the steps you need to take, and what you can expect from lenders. It’s important to shop around and compare rates before choosing a specific lender, and it’s always best to err on the side of caution when considering a credit product.

If you need a personal loan but find the process overwhelming, it’s always worth doing your research and contacting a financial advisor if necessary. While personal loans can be a great asset, getting into debt can be scary. Make sure you feel ready and comfortable before taking the plunge.

Tommy Tuberville should resign. But he won’t


Senator Tommy Tuberville was paid over $5 million by Auburn University for not coaching. After he quit.

And then Auburn gave him a salary of $250,000 for what seems to have been a relatively easy job: special assistant to the president of the university. He told a sportswriter that he occasionally chats with the president of Auburn. And that, apparently, was the job.

Oh I almost forgot. In addition to these stacks of cash, Tuberville receives a pension from his time at Auburn – $57,638 a year.

Quite a loot, won on the backs of people he stereotyped as criminals at a Trump rally on Saturday. Which makes Tuberville one hell of a crime boss.

Tuberville traveled to Minden, Nevada – a 33-hour drive from the state he represents – to make perhaps his dumbest, most racist and deeply hypocritical public statement since being elected to the US Senate. .

Let’s start with the mute. “They want crime because they want to take what you have,” Tuberville said. “They want to control what you have.”

“They” in this case appear to be Democrats, although that also seems to overlap with Blacks, based on the rest of his statement. Either way, it’s a stupid assertion.

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So the Democratic Party wants crime? Let’s look at California, one of the most democratic states in the United States. Media reports suggest that Democrats in Los Angeles and San Francisco are unhappy with rising crime rates in those cities, putting Democratic and progressive candidates at risk.

But even outside of California, I’ve never met a single Democrat who “wanted the crime” — neither as a victim nor as a member of society. In fact, from what I can tell, all decent people want to live in crime-free neighborhoods where they can be safe. These are not political parties. It is a matter of common sense.

Speaking of which, one could infer from Tuberville’s statement that he thinks criminals target their victims by political party. A surprisingly ignorant claim. No foundation. No logic.

Wrong place, wrong time, any of us can become a victim of crime. The political party has nothing to do with it. Another reason why no sane person cheers on criminals.

Then the racist part. “They want reparations because they think the perpetrators are responsible for it. Bullshit! It is not due to them. »

Let’s connect the dots: the reparations… the people who commit the crime. What group of people do we associate with reparations?

Before, it was the Japanese. And that’s because Japanese Americans who were forced into internment camps during World War II actually got reparations in the early 1990s, thanks to the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. More than 82,000 people received $20,000 each and an official apology signed by President George HW Bush. .

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They deserved every penny – and more.

So who are we talking about? Indigenous peoples, also known as American Indians? No, but we should be. Their land was stolen from them. Their way of life decimated. We should talk about it, but no. Were not.

We are talking about my people. Black people. We, who are the descendants of slaves. Jim Crow survivors. Condemning the rental. Lynchings. KKK cross burns and night walks. Cities at sunset. We who built this country as slaves – free labor – and were deprived of millions of opportunities to create wealth and educate ourselves accordingly.

And Tuberville had the absolute nerve to spout the false stereotype that we “do the crime.” So stupid, racist and factually wrong.

Justice Department data indicates that of the 7,632,470 people arrested in 2020, 70% were white. Only 26% were black. Still, Tuberville said we “do the crime.”

Finally, the hypocritical part. Tuberville has been a head coach in college football for at least 21 years. During that time, he amassed an estimated net worth of $20 million on the backs of many – probably mostly – young black men. You know, those who “do the crime”.

Tuberville’s remarks were offensive on every level, compounded because they disparaged so many of us he was elected to represent. He is due to resign from the US Senate today.

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Of course, he won’t. But he needs it – his portrayal of our state is beyond shame.

Central Districts Stamps, Coins and Postcards Fair in Palmerston North this Saturday


Dennis Milne’s restored 1930 Post Office delivery van. Photo / Provided

We will never know how many stamps the post van was carrying, but we do know that it will be on Saturday in front of the Central District Stamps, Coins and Postcards Exhibition.

The 1930 Austin was a delivery vehicle for the New Zealand Post and Telegraph Department until it was sold to private individuals in 1943.

The van was converted into a farm truck and later left under a large macrocarpa tree in Rangiwahia where it had been partially crushed by fallen branches.

The Austin – or what’s left of it – was given to Dennis Milne in 2000. He was going to use it for parts but then decided to restore it and spent a considerable amount of time establishing the vehicle’s provenance. Milne has the original ownership papers.

Saturday will be the 60th exhibition of stamps, coins and postcards of the central districts. It is part of the centenary celebrations of the Manawatū Philatelic Society.

A highlight of the exhibition will be New Zealand’s One Frame interclub competition with 10 companies from Christchurch to Whangārei competing. The Manawatū company hopes to repeat its success of 2016.

The five collectors making up the Manawatū entry are Colin Dyer (Upper Silesia), Frank Sharp (Chalon Head series from New Zealand), Tony Thackery (appreciation cards), Candice Rawstorn (Zepplin Post) and Peter Tozer (B-24 Liberator).

The companies of Horowhenua and Kāpiti also compete.

Manawatū Philatelic Society president Colin Dyer says nominations are submitted by New Zealand’s top collectors. Stamp collecting is much more than sticking stamps in an album and the focus is on the stories behind them.

How Grandpa got me into stamp collecting, Aboriginal art, crown jewels, mushrooms, tomatoes and New Zealand coal production are among the topics of other interclub entries.

They will be judged by a panel of experts from Wellington. It takes several years to become a judge.

To Dyer’s knowledge, club competition has never been held at Palmerston North before.

He expects people from all over the country to attend the exhibition, as part of a convention on stamps, coins and postcards.

Milne’s van is featured on a stamp the Manawatū Philatelic Society commissioned for its centennial. The stamp and the first day cover will go on sale for the first time at the exhibition.

There will be 45 auction tables, 11 dealers, gift packs for junior stamp collectors, collection appraisals and a raffle.

What was left of the 1930 Austin in 2000, when it was given to Dennis Milne.  Photo / Provided
What was left of the 1930 Austin in 2000, when it was given to Dennis Milne. Photo / Provided

Milne says the restored Austin is too good to stay in its shed and he and his wife Judy have taken it three times to the South Island and once to Auckland.

“It lights up people’s faces – their smiles, which is part of why I do it.”

It drives at around 65km/h and starts not with a key but by switching on the ignition. A nod to modernity is the rear view camera.

Milne, who lives in Mt Stewart, has played with old cars since he was at school. As a teenager, he built himself a Morris 8 Special.

The Austin’s recovery was assisted by a chainsaw and a tractor. Pieces of rotten and fragile wooden cabins were carefully extracted and set aside.

The details
What: Central Districts Stamp, Coin and Postcard Fair
When: Saturday, October 15, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Community Recreation Center
Free admission

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New ShipStation Report Suggests U.S. Consumer Vacation Spending Will Decline, Contrasting Merchants’ Optimistic Expectations | national company


AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 11, 2022–

ShipStation, the world’s leading cloud-based e-commerce shipping solution, today released a report based on the results of a global consumer and merchant survey conducted by Auctane, which operates the ShipStation brand, and Retail Economics, an independent economic research consultancy. The Holiday Shopping Trends Report: Winning Customers Despite Uncertainty compiles information from over 8,000 consumers and over 800 merchants worldwide*. He outlines consumer downturn sentiment on spending, merchants’ high expectations for peak season sales, and shares strategies merchants can adopt to stay competitive in late 2022.

According to the report, 58% of US consumers expect to cut back on non-food spending this holiday season. If consumers behave as expected, this could mean eliminating $30 billion in consumer spending from the US market and reducing spending by 14% year-over-year. Meanwhile, around half of merchants surveyed expect online sales to increase during the holiday season.

“Inflation and economic uncertainty are forcing consumers to rethink their spending priorities this holiday season,” said Robert Gilbreath, CEO of ShipStation. “To combat this, merchants need to proactively formulate a game plan for the festive season. This involves re-examining and improving the experience they provide: from the moment an order is placed online until to last mile delivery.”

“Consumers are worried, budgets are under pressure and households are planning to cut back this year,” said Richard Lim, CEO of Retail Economics. “We believe successful retailers will be those who double down on their value proposition and use data-driven marketing to sensitively communicate festive cheer during these challenging times.”

The main findings of the report are divided into three sections. Highlights include:

The financial crisis :

The report analyzes the current economic landscape and its impact on consumers and merchants ahead of the holidays. In the United States, inflation remains the main concern of consumers. Online searches for the term “save money” increased in the United States and reached their highest level in five years worldwide. However, traders remain optimistic this holiday season. Retailers surveyed in the apparel sector are particularly confident, with 65% citing that they expect higher order volumes this holiday season than in 2021.

The carved landscape:

The report shows where consumers and merchants plan to save money during the holidays. More than 25% of consumers globally expect to reduce their spending in the clothing category. Meanwhile, more than a third of merchants surveyed will react to cuts by increasing delivery costs, and more than a quarter will extend delivery times. This is a critical misalignment, as the report found speed and cost of delivery to be the two most important conversion factors for online shoppers.

Adapt and thrive:

ShipStation challenges merchants to carefully consider how they define and communicate their value proposition. The research identifies five critical areas for improvement that traders are recommended to prioritize to successfully address today’s economic challenges. The report also contains a matrix of the top four consumer archetypes marketers should be paying attention to this holiday season, mapped against attitudes toward personal finances and underlying financial security.

For additional findings and to download the full ShipStation report, Holiday Shopping Trends Report: Winning Customers Despite Uncertainty, visit here today.

*This two-sided research was conducted by Retail Economics and Auctane, a leader in shipping and fulfillment software, which operates trusted brands such as ShipStation, Stamps.com, Packlink, ShippingEasy, ShipWorks, ShipEngine, Endicia, Shipsi, GlobalPost and Metapack. The report contains economic modeling and information based on data developed from a nationally representative consumer panel survey comprising more than 8,000 households in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The research also details contributions from over 800 companies in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and New Zealand.

About ShipStation

Every day, tens of thousands of e-commerce merchants rely on ShipStation to solve day-to-day challenges with importing orders and processing shipments. A trusted leader in shipping software since its inception in 2011, ShipStation helps online sellers scale their businesses and deliver exceptional customer experiences, with an intuitive online solution that enables them to efficiently ship orders, wherever they sell and however they ship. The multi-channel, multi-carrier platform offers the most integrations of any e-commerce solution, with over 300 partnerships with major shopping carts, marketplaces, carriers and fulfillment services including USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce. ShipStation is a member of the Auctane family of companies and is headquartered in Austin, TX. Auctane brands include Endicia, GlobalPost, Metapack, Packlink, ParcelGuard, ShipEngine, Shipsi, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, ShipWorks and Stamps.comwith offices in Atlanta, Austin, El Segundo, London, Madrid, St. Louis, Sunnyvale and Zielona Gora.

For more information, visit https://www.shipstation.com.

About Retail Economics

Retail Economics is an independent economic research consultancy focused on the consumer and retail industry. Retail Economics provides independent thought leadership on key economic and retail trends and analyzes their impact on the industry. Retail Economics provides exclusive data on industry growth, behavioral trends, channel performance and forecasts.

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CONTACT: Media contact:

Maggy McGloin





SOURCE: ShipStation

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PUBLISHED: 10/11/2022 08:00 AM/DISC: 10/11/2022 08:02 AM


Debt consolidation: how to get out of holiday debt


If you’re looking to get rid of your holiday debt quickly, a smart strategy is to consolidate all your debt into a new loan with more favorable terms. This can guarantee you a lower interest rate, which means you’ll have a smaller monthly payment and can pay off your debt faster. Different debt consolidation options can help you pay off your vacation debt faster.

The holidays are over and now it’s time to pay the piper. If you’ve gone a little overboard with your spending, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, the average American has a vacation debt of $1,000.

Debt can be a real inconvenience, especially during the holidays. But don’t worry, there are things you can do to control your vacation debt. Check out these tips and get back on track.

Debt Consolidation: Vacation Debt

As the holidays approach, many Californians are beginning to feel the pressure of freebies and travel expenses. For some, that means racking up credit card debt, using buy-it-now services, pay later, or taking out personal loans. Although the holiday season is a time of joy for many, it can also be a source of financial stress for some.

It is important to keep track of what you owe.

Photo credit: Trismegistus san

Start by making a list of all the debts you have. Indicate the type of debt, the name of the account and the balance due. This will give you a good overview of your overall debt situation. If you have multiple debts from different sources, be sure to include them all.

It’s important to stay organized when it comes to your finances and know how much you owe on each debt. Write down the minimum payment amount, interest rate, and payment due date for each.

Staying organized with your finances is key to avoiding astronomical bills. Make a list of all the debts you owe, including the amount, minimum payment, interest rate, and due date for each one.

Make it affordable

photo credit: eldar nurkovic

Debt consolidation can be a difficult thing to deal with, but there are ways to make it more manageable. One of these ways is the 50/30/20 budget. With this budget, you allocate 50% of your monthly income to necessities, 30% to needs, and 20% to savings and debt repayment. This can help you better manage your income and expenses and ultimately help you get out of debt.

Make a payment plan

Photo credit: Tipa Patt

Start by understanding how much you owe and what your budget is. Next, create a repayment plan that will help you pay off your vacation debt as quickly as possible. making more than the minimum monthly payments will help you reach your goal faster.

You don’t have to pay more than the minimum on all your debts at this time. You can focus on one debt at a time using the snowball or debt avalanche method.

Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche: What’s the Best Way to Get Out of Holiday Debt? If you are considering two different debts, one with a higher interest rate and one with a lower interest rate, which should you pay off first?

The debt snowball method says that you must first pay off the debt with the smallest balance while making the minimum payments on the others.

Check out ways to get out of holiday debt

Photo credit: Zivica Kerkez

Here are some tips to help you pay off your debt faster:

Earning more money gives you the opportunity to pay off your debts faster. You can earn extra money on the side (for example, by walking your dog or using a cashback app).

Try to negotiate with creditors

If you are unhappy with the interest rate charged to your credit card, call your issuer. It might pay off – you might be able to get a lower rate or more favorable terms.

Consolidation optional

Debt consolidation can be a useful way to manage multiple debts by combining them into one payment. This can help reduce the total amount you pay over time and get your finances back on track, making it easier to manage. Usually you will need a good or excellent credit score to qualify. Even if you have bad credit, there are options to help lower your interest rate. By doing this, you can pay off your debt faster and start fresh.

ED Obtains Valuable Documents from CA Jaishankar Jaipuriar in Jharkhand Illegal Mining Case



Ranchi, Oct 10: The Law Enforcement (ED) Directorate apparently came across a minefield of documents during a raid on the residence and office of Chartered Accountant Jaishankar Jaipuriar as the ED seized a large number of documents and digital devices relating to Prem Prakash and many others. Its premises were raided on August 24 with Prem Prakash. The ED has also recorded his statement which may cause trouble for many.

However, it remains to be determined whether the documents recovered during the raids are of an incriminating nature and whether or not they are relevant to the ED in its ongoing investigation into a gigantic illegal mining scam worth Rs 1,000 Crore.

Based in Ranchi, Jaishankar Jaipuriar is an experienced chartered accountant who counts many prominent politicians and businessmen among his clients. No wonder documents belonging to some prominent politicians were found during the raid.

The agency reportedly recovered a large number of documents that could be linked to Amit Agrawal, Prem Prakash and others. Both are in the judicial custody of the ED in the Money for PIL and Illegal Mining case respectively. In addition, some of the documents seized relate to Abhishek Prasad, Pintuji and Sweta Prasad.

The ED has obtained documents relating to a company Abhipakhi Infratech Pvt Ltd which Prem Prakash incorporated in March 2018. Prem Prakash along with Kumar Suryansh Singh, Sonali Deshmukh and Prabha Sinha are the directors of this company.

Two other documents were found containing Prem Prakash’s partnership deeds for the 2021-22 financial year. Prem Prakash is also associated with the organization “My Classroom Foundation”, as these documents reveal. Numerous articles related to Prem Prakash’s other company, Herbal Green Solutions Pvt Ltd, were found.

Notably, the ED alleged that he used Herbal Green Solutions Pvt Ltd bank account to launder money with Amit Agrawal. Notably, the power of attorney document between Amit Agrawal and Prem Prakash was also seized by the ED at Prem Prakash’s residence.

ED said that several documents were seized from the residence of Jaishankar Jaipuriar which proves money laundering by Prem Prakash. ED said the documents seized belonged to Abhishek Prasad, his wife Sweta Prasad and a company Shivshakti Enterprises. These documents are related to the assets and liabilities of Abhishek Prasad and Sweta Prasad.

Curiously, the DE took over a file relating to mining activities. Besides these, records relating to the Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency, Inland Power Limited, 16 online stamp duty payment receipts from the Government of Jharkhand and notarized affidavits.

Black Ferns: a new dawn for women’s rugby worldwide


ANALYSIS: By Jamie Wall, RNZ Sports Journalist

The Blacks Ferns 41-17 win over the Wallaroos at Auckland’s Eden Park last night was good, but the one that did go was better.

There had been a lot of guesswork before the Rugby World Cup about how people would react, given the team’s recent history and the fact that women’s rugby has never really been a priority for those who run the game in Aotearoa New Zealand.

But it took a World Cup to finally achieve one thing.

Officials knew that the most important at a sporting event are not the players. It’s not the volunteers, or the entertainers, or even the guy who cooks Fritz’s Wieners.

They are those who are there for the first time, most often children but sometimes adults trying something new.

They’re the most important because all of their experience just might mean they’ll come back next time, and again and again until they call themselves real fans. They will bring their friends, family and possibly their own children.

If the sporting event can succeed, they lock that person up for life.

Poor experiences
It’s something that rugby hasn’t been very good at lately. The lackluster matchday experiences played a huge role in crowds for everything below (and sometimes including) the All Blacks gradually declining, to the point where NPC attendance is virtually non-existent. There is nothing unique, very little special.

Last night at Eden Park turned that idea upside down. While there is a conversation to be had about the exact number of fans in attendance (43,000) and whether a clearly not full stadium can be described as “sold out”, it ultimately didn’t really matter. ‘importance.

Looking around showed a different view than an All Black test match, many more children and families. Groups of people who were clearly drawn to women’s rugby and its World Cup for reasons they had come to themselves.

It was up to the day itself to carry them further.

If it was their first appearance at a rugby match, what they got guaranteed them that they would definitely come back. The wave of new fans of a game that for a while the Black Ferns weren’t allowed to win is a wonderful and unique experience in itself.

It was a night of making sure the fan experience was paramount: from Rita Ora’s performance to affordable Black Ferns tickets to making sure every kid got a picture after the game – even if this meant that they did not enter the hangars until well after 10 p.m.

Black Ferns’ Portia Woodman celebrates with the fans after the game. Image: Photosport/RNZ

The energy of the crowd was also clearly different from what is usually found in Eden Park. For starters, there were no massive outcries of protest against the refereeing decisions. Nobody got drunk either, even though it was Saturday night.

happy and safe
The general feeling was that it was an environment in which you could feel happy and safe, something that is less directly quantifiable than numbers but infinitely more valuable in a larger context.

Does that mean every Black Ferns Test can be guaranteed a big crowd if it’s held in a big stadium? Probably not, because the World Cup factor plays a huge role in getting people going.

But it’s a new dawn for women’s rugby, this time with a genuine professional New Zealand rugby competition to follow it and a commitment from World Rugby to continue the momentum in Test matches. It’s proof that if you do it right and invest right, people will show up in droves.

From an elite perspective, this all makes sense because it should have happened years ago. But there was a sign during the week that the penny had finally gone down in terms of what that will mean in the long run.

Asked how the Black Ferns would inspire player numbers, coach Wayne Smith said “future generations will be inspired to play rugby, be fans and follow the game”.

It’s the nail on the head, because it doesn’t matter whether these future fans are girls or boys. They will grow and fill the seats at Eden Park and other stadiums.

While the opening of the World Cup should rightly be seen as a celebration of women’s rugby at the moment, years from now it will be remembered as an important day for New Zealand’s domestic game in general. .

This article is republished under a community partnership agreement with RNZ.

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World Post Day: is this the end of philately?


Photo: Collected


Is this the end of philately?

Photo: Collected

Do you remember when we received letters from the postman? Many collected stamps from the envelopes and stuck them on specially designed albums. In the age of online platforms, when the postman is barely making a visit, it may seem that philately is a dying hobby, but many are still passionate about stamp collecting. On this World Post Day, we take a look at the hobby of stamp collecting – the passion that is so intertwined with the postal service – and explore its rich past, glorious present and possible future.

Trends in philately

The first stamp was issued in 1840, and from day one there were people interested in collecting this new item as a souvenir. Stamp collecting quickly became so popular that people came up with a new word to describe it: Philately! To this day, stamp collectors or philatelists collect stamps in multiple ways around the world.

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Every year, thousands of stamps are issued on various subjects, and each of them finds a special place in the albums of collectors. Philatelists often combine their personal interests with philately – this is what many call thematic collecting. A passionate entomologist can combine his passion for butterflies and collect the stamps issued on the theme. From the life of a caterpillar to its metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly, all of this can be shown through postage stamps.

Other collectors simply satisfy their desire for collection by collecting different postal stationery – envelopes, aerograms, postcards, etc. issued by many post offices. History buffs can study how the postal system worked, and these collectors mostly collect envelopes with the stamp still stuck on them. They study, among other things, the different postmarks on the stamps. In fact, the field of study of philately is so varied and vast that it is often referred to as a science!

The commemorative stamp of the 50th anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh held in New York, with the errors marked. Photo: courtesy


The commemorative stamp of the 50th anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh held in New York, with the errors marked.  Photo: courtesy

The commemorative stamp of the 50th anniversary of the Concert for Bangladesh held in New York, with the errors marked. Photo: courtesy

The philately of yesteryear

Less than a decade after the stamp’s release, stamp collecting became a popular pastime in Victorian England. The hobby quickly spread throughout the English colonies and around the world. The hobby spread in India through the hands of foreigners. In the region that now comprises Bangladesh, the earliest stamp collectors are found as early as the 1930s. Throughout the Pakistani era, the hobby was practiced by avid local collectors, but not in an organized manner. .

After the 1971 liberation war, people feasted on a new identity and steps were taken in early February 1972 to create an organized platform for the study of philately in Bangladesh. The first stamp exhibition in Bangladesh was held in February 1973. Many stamp exhibitions have been held in the country since then and Bangladeshi collectors now even participate in international stamp exhibitions.

Lockdowns – A blessing in disguise?

The COVID-19 lockdowns have changed the world in unprecedented ways. With the coronavirus scare, people have found themselves stuck at home with lots of free time. Many people have found their stamp albums and reconnected with their childhood passion. Seasoned philatelists were also able to review their holdings. Now was the time to study the collections, and many interesting articles were written during the lockdown times.

Not only local or national but also international philatelic exhibitions have stopped and philatelists have found the right time to go digital. To everyone’s surprise, the virtual stamp exhibitions were a huge success. Bangladesh is a pioneer in this area, having hosted a number of online exhibitions during the pandemic, which have received quite positive responses. Prominent clubs and associations in Bangladesh and around the world also held Zoom sessions which brought together people from all over the world.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, there has also been a resurgence in the stamp trade, and rare stamps have fetched record prices at auction. Social media also came into play and suddenly Facebook pages were used to trade stamps on a level never seen before. The same technology thought to have distracted stamp collectors for decades was suddenly bringing them closer than ever.

Stamp Collecting — Is It a Dying Hobby?

Who will be the future owners of today’s famous collections, one might ask? And the answer does not seem so simple.

There have been claims that yes, the end of philately is really near. Physical exhibits no longer fascinate crowds as they once did. New collectors who have joined philately in the near past are all middle-aged people who were collectors as children. The addition of teenagers into the folds of this hobby came to a halt as social life, career and family took the lion’s share of their time.

On the other side of the coin, rare stamps are always sold for large sums of money. A sense of nostalgia seems to drive some collectors, and it is hoped that more and more people will find stamp collecting appealing as a relic of a bygone era.

It is possible that at some point only the rich and famous would be concerned with the pursuit of philately. There will be considerable interest in rare stamps, however, less common stamps from the fashionable era may not find a new place in stamp albums.

PHEAA urges student borrowers to beware of scams


October 7—The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency is warning borrowers to be aware of a new wave of harmful scams trying to take advantage of the confusion surrounding President Joe Biden’s plan to forgive up to $20,000 per student in federal student loans.

“There has been a lot of uncertainty since the announcement of the administration’s student loan forgiveness plan as details continue to emerge,” said Rep. Mike Peifer, R-139, Greene Twp., Chairman of the Board of PHEAA. “This creates ideal conditions for unscrupulous crooks to take advantage of the most vulnerable – those who can least afford to be the financial victims as they already struggle to manage their student loan debt.”

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has received numerous complaints from borrowers about companies promising to provide student loan services for a fee. Borrowers often believed they were talking to their loan officer or a company acting on behalf of the US Department of Education.

“Con artists have become more sophisticated in recent years, using highly sophisticated methods to lure unsuspecting borrowers into profiteering schemes,” said Sen. Wayne Fontana, D-42, Brookline, vice chairman of the board. of the PHEAA. “The most effective way to avoid being scammed is to stay alert and well-informed, especially when someone asks you for personal information or during any financial transaction.”

Scammers use multiple modes of communication to reach borrowers, including social media, text messages, emails, or phone calls. They are also adept at impersonating government officials and may even have similar government websites and logos to trick unsuspecting victims.

Borrowers are encouraged to visit the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid website, https://studentaid.gov, to check the status of the loan forgiveness program and only work with their trusted partners when assistance is needed to manage student loans. Borrowers should never pay for a service offered to them for free.

Here are some red flags to look for to avoid being scammed:

—The company claims to be associated with the US Department of Education or a federal loan officer, but does not have your loan details readily available in their system.

—Borrowers receive out-of-the-box calls, emails or text messages claiming to be from the government. In general, the government will not attempt to contact you using these methods unless you give permission.

—Scammers often attempt to charge money for programs and services that borrowers can access for free. Loan forgiveness, loan consolidation, student loan forbearance, and deferment are all provided free of charge by your federal loan officer.

—Some consumers have been asked to sign a power of attorney or other third-party authorization so they can make changes to their account. Don’t give this power to anyone unless you know and trust them.

—Scammers may tell you that you only have a limited time to take advantage of an offer or program. Take your time. An honest business will not force you to decide quickly. If in doubt, end the conversation and research the company to confirm if it is legit.

—Consumers said they were asked for their social security number, banking information, FSA ID and studentaid.gov Login information. If you’ve shared your personal information with someone you suspect is a scammer, log in and change your account password as soon as possible. You should also check your account information (contact email, address, and phone number) to make sure it’s still accurate.

—Scammers often encourage consumers to end communication with their loan officer. It is crucial for you to maintain communication with your loan manager. Avoid any company that urges you to make payments to their company instead of your loan officer or to stop communicating with your loan officer.

If you have been targeted by a scammer or think you are a victim:

—Cancel your payments. If you find out after the fact, contact your bank to cancel or block your scheduled payment. Banks must have policies in place to help you avoid future fraudulent activity.

—Contact your repairer. They can help protect your account. If you signed a power of attorney giving the scammer the right to communicate with your service agent on your behalf, have it revoked.

—Submit a report to the Federal Trade Commission or the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General or contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

At home with Andra Ciupercea


At the end of the island, on the southwestern tip overlooking the sea, you will find what is often described as the “Millionaires’ Playground”, Puerto Andratx. If you haven’t been, you really should, as it’s a beautiful natural harbor home to very expensive yachts, and overlooked by even fancier villas housing the aforementioned millionaires. These types of people often expect and demand the best: Puerto Andratx’s service, restaurants, results and businesses have met these demands and risen to the challenge. It is here in Puerto Andratx that you will find massage therapist Andra Ciupercea.

Where do you come from? “I’m originally from Romania, but I’ve been living on the island for about a year.” Where did you work before moving here? “I have worked in spas in luxury hotels and on cruise ships. I had seen Palma before as it was on the boat route and decided I wanted to live here. Do you miss being on board? “I liked seeing different places, but I’m very happy here too. I can’t wait to see more of the island when the season is over.”

Andra has been very busy this summer working at Cap Hair in Puerto Andratx, and that’s where I visit her to see her at work. She has a peaceful treatment room, which once you enter it, you can easily forget that you are in a first class and busy hair salon. What types of treatments do you offer? “I do different types of massages, as well as body and skin care.” What kind of products do you like to use? “I love using Gaia Natural’s products. They are made here on the island from locally grown herbs, and I think customers love them for that authentic touch too. Where did you train? “I am a certified beautician, beautician and makeup artist. I was trained in Romania and then in the UK at Elemis, but I really started to learn when I started working with other therapists and on different clients. You really start to refine your work and your style as you gain experience.

What are the benefits of massage? “Clients come to me with a lot of different issues, but you can often trace the cause of their pain back to the same things: stress and anxiety can create a lot of pain in the body. Massage helps to reduce the client’s stress level, improve the functioning of their immune system which means they can better fight off viruses, it improves their mental health and sense of well-being and helps them to feel better about your body. A happy body equals a happy customer, which means the customer is happier and more pleasant to be around. »

Tell me about the different types of massage you offer? “I have learned and used many massage techniques and treatments, but some of my favorites are the Hot herbal stamps, hot bamboo sticks and hot stone massage. They are all very nourishing and nourishing and help the client feel safe and relaxed. I find that massage is very much like dancing with the body. When the client is on the treatment table, his eyes are normally closed and he cannot see where I am. I don’t encourage them to talk, and I’ll only talk if I need to check in with them, but we’re kind of in flux together. Sometimes the body can tell me more than its owner ever could, I can tell by looking at the skin how relaxed the person is and what I need to do to help.

How do you know if you have a good massage therapist? “It depends on what you need, but the therapist must be able to listen to you and your body and adapt as needed to resolve the issue you introduced them. In many ways, massage is an unspoken language, a communication between therapist and client.

You can find Andra at Cap Hair in Port Andratx.

5 ways to build a culture of inclusion and social mobility


Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs.

Where you start in life shouldn’t determine where you end up. But the reality is that opportunities for upward social mobility are still incredibly limited. Too many people face barriers to joining and thriving in their profession of choice. Just look at the data. The Social Mobility Commission 2022 reported that 56% of adults in the UK think social inequality has increased and 79% think there is now a bigger gap between social classes.

Improving socio-economic inclusiveness isn’t just about doing the right thing – there’s a strong business case for it. Companies that don’t create a more inclusive work environment run the risk of losing talented employees and reducing their bottom line. As Accenture reveals, companies that focus on social mobility earn 1.4 times more profit than their competitors. Here are five concrete steps to building a culture of representation, inclusion and social mobility:

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1. Expand access to work

Without the right networks, connections and support, accessing opportunities can be a real challenge. Cast the net wider when hiring and ensure that the opportunities you create are truly viable and accessible options.

  • The Social Mobility Commission has identified “cold spots” – areas with higher levels of deprivation, fewer good schools and fewer professional and management occupations. However, these factors do not translate into a lack of competence or professionalism. A partnership with these colleges or universities could greatly increase the diversity of candidates entering your graduate program.

  • Create varied routes to the workplace. Explore different ways to encourage a wider range of candidates to join your company. For example, could you offer paid internships, apprenticeship programs or targeted recruitment aimed at underrepresented groups?

  • Representation matters. Ensuring your current workforce is diverse and representative, including in leadership roles, is one of the key ways to attract applications from a wide range of candidates.

2. Implement fairer recruitment processes

A 2020 study found that ethnic minority applicants need to complete 60% more applications in order to receive as many callbacks as their counterparts. If you want to evolve social mobility, it is essential that you view your recruitment practices through a lens of diversity and inclusion and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Reduce the biases that prevent diverse candidates from progressing through your recruitment process. One way to do this is through blind hiring – where details that carry risks of characterization and discrimination, such as education and citizenship, are omitted from a candidate’s profile.

  • Keep in mind the broader context in which applicants completed their studies – for example, an applicant graduating at the top of their class, while caring for a parent with a disability and working part-time , can show more talent and dedication than a counterpart in one of the best institutions. Tools like the Rare Contextual Recruitment System can help with this.

  • Take a closer look at the requirements you attach to vacancies. Ask yourself: is it inclusive – and necessary – to demand educational outcomes that are financially unattainable for the majority of the population?

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3. Foster a culture of radical authenticity

There’s no point in inviting working-class people into your organization if your company culture is broken. Too many socially mobile employees feel like they have to constantly change their behaviors to fit the job. This must stop.

  • Encourage staff to be themselves and eliminate discriminatory microaggressions. No one should be ridiculed or stereotyped for their past.

  • Ensure inclusiveness. Are your team activities and days away accessible, affordable and diverse?

  • It’s hard to be sensitive to another person’s vulnerability without first knowing what it’s like to be vulnerable yourself. In your interactions at work, listen carefully, give of yourself, and make an effort to help people find their voice.

4. Create meaningful growth opportunities

Access is not the only problem. There are many barriers that prevent underrepresented talent from advancing in the workplace and into senior management. An academic article published in the American Sociological Review found this professionals from lower socioeconomic classes were less likely to ask for raises and promotions and more likely to have feelings associated with “impostor syndrome.” It is the responsibility of all business leaders to create a more inclusive environment at the top.

  • Collecting quality data is the essential first step to making a difference in social mobility. By incorporating social mobility data into diversity and inclusion questionnaires, you can get a much clearer picture of the economic disadvantages that can hinder progress. Use this data to identify the most effective interventions and ensure they make a meaningful difference.

  • The class pay gap is larger than the gender pay gap, but it receives far less attention. According to an analysis by the UK’s Social Media Commission, working-class people in professional jobs earn 17% less than their more privileged colleagues. Investigate pay gaps by grade in your company and take steps to address them.

  • The boardroom is a great place to raise new voices. Create opportunities for those with no prior experience in board-level positions by expanding Non-Executive Director (NED) appointments to a wider audience.

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5. Share your business acumen

One of the reasons working-class people find it difficult to start their own business is the lack of access to entrepreneurial education. How can you help budding entrepreneurs develop essential business skills?

  • A great way to share knowledge with others is to post resources on your website or social profiles that could facilitate knowledge sharing and learning.

  • Participate in podcasts, seminars, and events where you can spread the lessons you’ve learned over the course of your career to a wider audience.

  • Join forces with universities and non-traditional institutions to bring entrepreneurial education to the masses.

By using the five tips above, you can start supporting social mobility now. Make a difference in your workplace today and create a more inclusive environment. Start by expanding the network when hiring, reassess your recruiting practices through a lens of diversity and inclusion, foster a culture of radical authenticity, create meaningful opportunities for progression, and share your knowledge.

This week’s student loan refinance rate: October 4, 2022


Insider’s experts choose the best products and services to help you make informed decisions with your money (here’s how). In some cases, we receive a commission from our our partners, however, our opinions are our own. Terms apply to offers listed on this page.

Average interest rates on refinanced undergraduate student loans have fallen significantly since last week, according to Credible. Graduate loans are relatively stable.

Even though rates are down this week, they have risen significantly since last year and are expected to continue to rise. Federal student loan rates for 2022-23 will rise the most in nearly two decades. These new rates won’t have a direct impact on private student loan rates, but private rates could go up because they don’t have to stay so low to be on par with federal loan rates.

Variable 5-Year Student Loan Refinance Rates

Undergraduate rates saw a major reversal this week, dropping to 3.80%, about half of what they were last week.

Graduate loan rates fell 28 basis points last week and now sit at 2.75%.

Fixed 10-Year Student Loan Refinance Rates

Rates on 10-year undergraduate fixed loans fell to 5.82%, down from last week’s high over the past year.

Graduation rates are largely stable, changing only four basis points.

Student loan interest rates by credit score

Your interest rate will often improve with a better credit score – we show this in the table below. We give you the 10-year fixed student loan rates by credit score:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you refinance your federal student loans, you will not be eligible for a rebate. President Joe Biden said in August the government would forgive up to $10,000 in student debt for borrowers earning less than $125,000 a year and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients. Married couples or heads of households who earn less than $250,000 will also be eligible for the rebate.

All types of federal loans will be eligible for forgiveness, but private student loans will not.

While refinancing federal student loans might seem like a good idea if you get a better interest rate, it disqualifies you from loan forgiveness — on a large scale and through programs like public service loan forgiveness. .

Refinancing your student loans can earn you a lower rate. You can also switch from a fixed rate loan to a variable rate loan or change the term of your loan. Choosing a new term can allow you to spread the costs over an extended period for smaller monthly payments, although you’ll pay more total interest.

A five-year loan term could be a great choice if you want a better interest rate and are able to pay off your loan just as quickly. You’ll save money in interest and free up money to reach your other financial goals faster.

A 10-year loan term will cost you more overall, but you’ll make lower monthly payments. This can make it easier for you to repay your loan if your budget is tight.

Missouri News Headlines Tuesday, October 4, 2022 | Regional


(Jefferson City, MO) — The Missouri Senate is to consider today (Tuesday) extending certain farm tax credits through 2028. Under the $40 million plan, biodiesel producers who make fuel based on soybean oil would get two annual credits of one cent per gallon. Gas stations in Missouri selling a 15% corn-based ethanol blend would get a credit of five cents per gallon per year, with a maximum annual credit of five million dollars. Meat processors with fewer than 500 workers could get a credit of up to 25% of the cost of expanding their Missouri sites. Tax credits of up to $25,000 could be given to create urban farms in Missouri cities of 50,000 or more.

(Fort Meyers, Fla.) – Task Force 1 from Missouri arrived safely in Florida to assist with hurricane rescue efforts. Most of the 55 members of the state’s elite team will perform search and rescue missions. A few others are using drones to map the disaster area and provide information to help assess damage and access to response. Spokesman Gale Blomenkamp said the technology gives first responders a useful eye in the sky.

(UNDATED) – Scammers are wasting no time capitalizing on disaster relief efforts, as the Better Business Bureau warns Missourians who want to help hurricane victims. The BBB reminds citizens to check charities before donating to ensure the organizations are legitimate. The Office has a list of charities that meet their accountability standards. You can find the list on their website, BBB-dot-org.

(Columbia, MO) – Treasures await as day two of the Missouri Unclaimed Property Auction begins today (Tuesday). More than 23,000 items are up for auction, including unique currency, jewelry, collectible sports cards and rare stamps. Unclaimed property in Missouri is mostly items from safe deposit boxes. After five years with no luck finding the rightful owner, the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office puts many items up for auction. The state keeps the proceeds of each auction and hands them over to the rightful owner or his heirs when they come forward.

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Pokemon Go Field Research October 2022, All Pokemon Tasks, Rewards & Encounters


Completing a Field Research task is another (among others) and easiest way to get what you need to fulfill your needs in Pokemon Go. will reward with PokeBalls, Stardust, Pokemon encounters, etc.

For those who are just starting the game and don’t know what it is and how to get them, the easiest way to explain is that a field research task is the easiest way to get items you might need to evolve a Pokemon. , to power up a Pokemon or even to catch a Pokemon. To get a Field Research task, you need to spin the disc of the nearest PokeStop, and if it looks like the task you got is a little harder, you can delete it and try again for another one.

After completing a Field Research task, you will get a stamp. Collecting seven stamps will grant you larger rewards and an encounter with the Monthly Breakthrough Pokemon. For October 2022, this Pokemon is Shedinja. Also, for the first time, Shedinja can be encountered Shining.

To keep things going and make them more exciting, Niantic tends to tweak the Field Research tasks and the rewards for completing them on a monthly basis. Sometimes there are “boring” rewards, but when Niantic decides to go crazy, well, the rewards are higher. So naturally, since it’s the start of a new month, October 2022, there will be some changes to the Field Research tasks and rewards.

So, for October 2022, here’s the full list of Field Research tasks, including the rewards for completing them.

Pokemon Go October 2022 Field Research Task Rewards

  • Fight alongside your buddy as he adventures with you: Misdreavus (can be shiny)
  • Fight in GO Battle League: Ariados
  • Catch 10 Fire-type Pokemon: 10 Charizard Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Grass-type Pokemon: 10 Venusaur Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Normal-type Pokemon: 10 Mega Pidgeot Energy
  • Catch 10 Water-type Pokémon: 10 Blastoise Mega Energy
  • Catch 3 Ghost-type Pokémon: Gastly (can be shiny)
  • Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather Boost: Poliwag (can be shiny), Vulpix (can be shiny), Hippopotas (can be shiny), Snover (can be shiny)
  • Catch 5 Pokémon: Zubat (can be shiny), Teddiursa (can be shiny)
  • Catch 7 Pokemon: Magikarp (can be shiny)
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon: Bagon (can be shiny), Dratini (can be shiny)
  • Earn 2 candies by walking with your buddy: Bunnelby (can be shiny)
  • Earn 3 candies by walking with your buddy: Stunfisk
  • Earn 3 hearts with your buddy: Phantump
  • Evolve a Pokémon: Eevee (can be shiny)
  • Hatch 2 Eggs: Beldum (can be shiny)
  • Hatch an Egg: Gloom
  • Hatch an egg: Mantine (can be shiny)
  • Make 3 excellent throws in a row: Gible (can be shiny)
  • Make 3 excellent throws: Beedrill (can be brilliant)
  • Perform 3 great throws in a row: Onix (can be shiny)
  • Make 3 large throws: Lileep (can be shiny), Anorith (can be shiny), Snubbull (can be shiny)
  • Make 5 great Curveball throws in a row: Spinda (can be brilliant)
  • Make 5 nice throws: Dunsparce (can be shiny)
  • Power up Pokemon 10 times: 25 Gengar Mega Energy
  • Power up Pokemon 3 times: Bulbasaur (can be shiny), Charmander (can be shiny), Squirtle (can be shiny)
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times: 10 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise/Beedrill/Pidgeot Mega Energy
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times: Chikorita (can be shiny), Cyndaquil (can be shiny), Totodile (can be shiny)
  • Power up Pokemon 7 times: Treecko (can be shiny), Torchic (can be shiny), Mudkip (can be shiny)
  • Send 3 gifts to friends: Ekans (can be shiny)
  • Spin 3 Pokestops or Gyms: Sudowoodo (can be shiny)
  • Spin 5 Pokestops or Gyms: Ralts (can be shiny)
  • Take 2 snapshots of Ghost-type Pokemon: Drifloon (can be shiny)
  • Take a snapshot of a wild Pokémon: Murkrow (can be shiny), Hoppip (can be shiny), Yanma (can be shiny)
  • Take a snapshot with your buddy: Shuppet (can be shiny)
  • Trade a Pokemon: Haunter
  • Use 5 Nanab Berries to help catch Pokemon: Poochyena (can be shiny), Houndour (can be shiny)
  • Win 5 raids: Aerodactyl (can be shiny)
  • Win a raid level 3 or higher: Kabuto (can be shiny), Omanyte (can be shiny)
  • Win a raid: Inkay (can be shiny)

The list is not complete. Be sure to complete these Field Research tasks in October 2022 and take advantage of all the bonuses.

Hello dear readers! If you wish to contact us and participate in our Discussion boardsbe sure to visit our Forums. We’re more than sure you’ll find something useful there! The forum is new, so be among the first to say hello!

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can write to us at [email protected]

Alcaraz and Nadal lead the world rankings


By Richard Pagliaro | Friday, September 30, 2022

The Spanish Armada sails to the roof of the world.

Grand Slam King Rafael Nadal exceeded Casper Ruud and regain the place of n°2 in the ranking behind the world n°1 Carlos Alcaraz. Nadal is already World No. 2 in ATP Live Rankings.

Look: Moutet and Andreev almost came to blows

The rise of the 22-time Grand Slam champion makes Spain the ATP superpower with the top two spots in the rankings.

It is the first time in 22 years that compatriots occupy the first two places in the ATP rankings. The last time it happened, Americans Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi at the top of the ranking in 2000.

In a recent Instagram Live interview he did with his racquet sponsor, Babolat, Alcaraz said his goal is to achieve Big 3-level longevity at the top of the game.

“I want to be number 1 for a long time” Alcaraz said in his interview with Babolat. “I want to be like the Big 3 – I want to be there as much time as possible.”

Tony NadalRafa Nadal’s uncle and original coach, predicted last year that Alcaraz would one day succeed the Big 3 at the pinnacle of tennis.

Ahead of Rafael Nadal’s stunning win over Alcaraz at Indian Wells last March, he banged with the teenager and praised his potential as a future champion.

Rafa Nadal says he’s also an Alcaraz fan.

“Well, he plays very aggressive. He has a lot of potential,” Nadal said of Alcaraz last spring. “He’s a young and good guy, so, I mean, he already has a good level of tennis today, but I really believe he will be a fantastic player in the near future, right?

“Yeah, I wish him all the best. I mean, as a Spanish player and as a Spanish fan, I really believe we need someone like him, and it’s great to have him here.”

photo credit: Getty

Save money around the house with these easy tips


This story is part Tips for the houseCNET’s collection of handy tips for getting the most out of your home, inside and out.

With a possibility of recession on the horizonit’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your spending habits. Inflation is high, utility bills are skyrocketing and gas prices are on a roller coaster, but small changes you make at home can make a big difference in your monthly costs. Whether replacing hot water with cold water in your laundry cycle Where turn off the lights when not in use, we have over two dozen tips to help you ease the pressure of inflation.

Here are 27 ways to start cutting your home costs right now. (You can also check whether or not it is cheaper to buy groceries online than in storeand whether meal kits are more cost effective than buying individual ingredients.)

Save money in the kitchen

Grow herbs: A packet of herbs costs three or four dollars. Keeping a small herb garden on your windowsill will cost about the same upfront, but can produce herbs for months. If you’re looking to get started, read more on the five easy steps to growing fresh herbs at home.

Do not buy bottled water: Bottled water seems cheap, but it quickly becomes expensive. Settle for a water filter pitcher so you can use tap water. It’s cheaper over time and it’s also better for the environment. There are many options on the market today, but you can read more about our favorites here.

CNET Home Tips Logo

Make your own coffee: It seems obvious, but those daily American coffees can easily take some of your bank account (trust me, I know). Use a cafeteria Where french press to get that caffeine fix instead. here’s how make iced coffee, dalgona coffee and Imitation of Starbucks favorites. You can also make your own cold brew coffee or homemade Espresso.

Put nearly spoiled fruits and vegetables in the freezer: Shopping for fresh produce and then opting for tastier frozen meals while bananas and spinach spoiled was a weekly ritual in our house. Then we started throwing them in the freezer to use for smoothies. This has reduced our weekly waste. Here are some more tips for keep food in the fridge fresh longer.

Keep your freezer full: Speaking of freezerswhen you keep your freezer full, it runs more efficiently, using less energy to keep the contents cold.

Also keep your dishwasher full: Running half loads of dishes is a quick way to waste water and dish detergent.

Break out that dutch oven: It might be a dutch oven or one slow cooker of all kinds, but cooking in bulk really helps reduce the costs associated with more individual meals.


This meal consisted only of leftover vegetables and yogurt that had to be used.

David Priest/CNET

Eat leftovers: It’s not so much a tip as a choice. Save your leftovers and don’t give yourself an excuse not to eat them. This will stretch your dollar much further. Plus, we have tips for best way to reheat your leftovers to get the most out of your uneaten food.

Be selective about organic foods: Organic food can be expensive, and ethically grown meat is even more expensive. So for the most problematic produce, buy organic to avoid pesticides and hormones, and get standard fare for the rest of your grocery list.

For more tips on reducing grocery costs, see

Save money in the laundry room

Air dry your clothes: Save energy by air-drying laundry. (No one will notice your crumpled shirt.)

Wash in cold water: Another way to reduce costs is wash in cold water. Unless you have major stains or odors that you’re trying to get rid of, most clothes can be washed cold without a problem.

Run full loads of laundry: Pack your washing machine to capacity, as you will be using the same amount of water in both directions. Might as well make the most of it.

Check your mechanical cabinet

Lower the temperature of the water heater: Check the temperature on your water heater (if you can get to it). You generally don’t need it to be above 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48.8 degrees Celsius), and higher temperatures incur higher fees.

Change filters: It’s not just the inefficiency of your water heater that’s costing you money; your HVAC system can put a dent in your wallet if you haven’t changed its filter recently, then learn when to exchange a new filter.

Save by paying your bills

Change credit card: If you spend a lot of money at Whole Foods or while traveling, consider credit card who will offer the best rewards for your current spending habits.

Use a budgeting app: One of the hardest parts of budgeting is simply being aware of our spending habits. Using a budgeting app As mint is a great way to see exactly how your impulse buys are actually shaping your monthly budget.

Use coupons: Coupons are basically like cash. If you buy items online, a 30-second coupon search will often save you 10% or more. Check out these 21 budget browser extensions and apps.

Pay your bills online: There are few things I hate more than late bill charges. Setting up automatic payment on your electricity and water bills will help you avoid these unnecessary charges, and also save you from postage on paper bills.

Unsubscribe from services: While you’re thinking about bills, check your subscriptions. If you haven’t used a certain streaming service or fitness app in a month or more, cancel it. You can always restart it in a few minutes if you change your mind.

Save on entertainment

Use the library’s online resources: If you have a library card, your public library probably offers plenty of free online services, such as ebooks or even streaming services. Give them a chance.

Discover Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg is a great online resource for eBooks, offering over 60,000 titles. You can read more about it and other ways to download and read books for free.

Go outside: Not to look like a 90s dad, but get out there! It’s a free way to change the day, get some exercise, and remember that your room isn’t the whole world. Here are some ideas for fun games to play outside and organize a movie night in the garden.


I made a garden in my backyard with some old planks I found in the shed, $20 wire mesh, and a few handfuls of seeds.

David Priest/CNET

Start a garden: While you’re out, think about start a garden to grow yours vegetables and herbs. If you have a backyard, you can avoid many of the upfront costs of a raised bed and just get seeds to plant in the ground. You can get plenty of seeds for less than $20, which will translate to well over $20 worth of food over the next few months.

Build a compost trash can: OK, this one is a longer-term investment, but building a garden can be tricky and expensive if you’re starting from scratch. If you start throwing your food scraps into a compost bin now, you won’t have to buy tons of expensive fertilizer or soil for your garden next year. In addition, composting is another great way to help the environment. Here is a beginner’s guide to compostingand how to start a vermicomposter for an excellent fertilizer.

3 miscellaneous tips to cut costs

Dress according to the temperature: If you work from home, this means that the “office thermostat” setting now directly affects your monthly bills. So adjust it less and dress comfortably for the temperature. After all, no one is there to judge you for wearing sweatshirts.

Reverse fan direction: More ceiling fans have a little switch on them that changes the direction they turn. In the summer, rotate the fan counter-clockwise to blow air over you. This can help avoid the need for more air conditioning.

Use energy efficient bulbs: LED bulb costs more to buy, but in the long run, they have reduced electricity costs. When the bulbs burn out in your home, make the switch.

More money-saving tips:

Woman-owned business receives $250,000 loan from Office of Hawaiian Affairs: Maui Now


Flavors of Italy, a Hawaiian woman-owned business, secured a $250,000 Hua Kanu loan through the Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ Mālama Loans program.

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands recipient Desiree Kanae Loperfido and her husband, chef Donato Loperfido, operate the business that imports and distributes liquor and specializes in a wide range of wines and cheeses.

A loan signing ceremony was held September 26 at the First Foundation, OHA’s funding partner, in Kaka’ako.

“What makes Flavors of Italy such a good fit for this loan is the strength of their business which has been in business since 2005,” said Aikūʻē Kalima, OHA Mālama Loans Manager. “Desiree and Donato have direct ties to Italy, which allows the company to import and distribute products competitively.”


Flavors of Italy, located in Honolulu, supplies its products to local restaurants, hotels such as the Four Seasons and grocery stores such as Foodland and Whole Foods Market. The business has grown from its humble beginnings in 2005, when it imported just one pallet of goods, to today, where it currently imports eight to ten containers of wine and cheese each year. .

Desiree Loperfido said the company will use the loan funds to expand its business by building inventory and purchasing additional equipment. The company should also start making cheeses such as fresh mozzarella, eliminating transportation and shipping costs and making Hawaiʻi more sustainable.

Loperfido, born and raised on a Nānākuli farm, said she took training on how to apply for a Mālama loan years ago and remembered the OHA program when they were looking to start their business.


“I spoke with my husband and we decided to contact the OHA and see if they could help us because we need that extra money to grow our business,” she said. “Interest rates are excellent and we very much appreciate what the OHA and its Mālama loan program are doing for the Hawaiian community. We are grateful for the help, because we really needed it.

OHA Board Chair Carmen “Hulu” Lindsey said one of the agency’s strategic goals is to increase the number of business loans to Department of Hawaiian Home Lands recipients who want to start a new business or provide working capital to existing business owners.

“We try to help these beneficiaries by increasing their financial capacities and strengthening their economic autonomy, and this commercial loan to Flavors of Italy is a great example of this work,” said Lindsey.


OHA’s Hua Kanu Business Loans offer highly qualified business owners seven-year, low-interest loans ranging from $150,000 to $1 million, while Mālama Business Loans target startups and small businesses with loans from $2,500 to $149,999.

Mālama Mahi ʻAi Agriculture, Mālama Home Improvement, Mālama Debt Consolidation, and Mālama Education are the other OHA programs that make up the Mālama loan program.

The OHA’s Mālama Loans program taps into a stream of federal funding available through the Administration for Native Americans and makes federal funds available locally to Hawaiians to expand their businesses, improve their homes and help pay for school fees. education.

Learn more about OHA loans at oha.org/loans or call 808-594-1924.

Get ready for RTX 4000 with this Samsung gaming monitor deal


Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics cards are incoming and pair one with excellent gaming monitor could unleash its potential. While high-end displays often come with an exorbitant price tag, you can currently pick up a 49-inch ultrawide Samsung UHD monitor for less, and it could be the perfect RTX 4090 panel.

On Amazon US, the Samsung 49″ Odyssey Neo G9 is available for $1,667.17, thanks to an attractive 28% discount. This mini titan LED has a sprawling ultrawide display, but it’s also a powerful 4K 240Hz panel that will have you wanting to boost fps to unprecedented levels using a kaiju GPU. Plus, it supports both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, so you won’t have to worry about frame rate shenanigans.

The best gaming monitor deserves to be paired with a powerful graphics card, but Samsung’s ultrawide portal doesn’t need an RTX 4090 to shine. The display’s Mini LED quantum matrix technology facilitates deeper blacks, brighter whites, and punchier pixels, so even inexpensive gaming PCs will look their best.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can enjoy Samsung’s ultrawide 4K monitor next day delivery. New subscribers can also get a 30-day free trial, which means you can access the service without paying a penny. Don’t wait, though, as this gaming monitor deal could be gone before Nvidia’s RTX 4090s arrive in October.

Storm Ian weakens as millions remain without power


Ian was downgraded to a tropical storm as it continued to move northeast through central Florida, with a massive and deadly surge of water and catastrophic winds that are poised to make it one of the costliest storms in US history.

The storm hurricane made landfall west of Fort Myers near Cayo Costa shortly after 3 p.m. Wednesday local time as a Category 4 hurricane. Almost all of Florida, home to 21 million people, prepared for widespread power outages and flooding. More than 2 million people have been ordered or ordered to flee. The storm is expected to cause more than $67 billion in damage and loss, and global shipping is already drifting off course.

“This is going to be a tragic event,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Wednesday as the storm approached the shore. “It’s something that’s going to be there for days, weeks, months and unfortunately in some circumstances even years.”

A storm of this magnitude is a severe test for Florida’s infrastructure due to its low-lying, densely populated coastal areas that are prone to flooding. It comes as climate change has fueled extreme weather around the world this year, including deadly floods in Kentucky and Pakistan, a European heat wave that killed more than 2,000 people in Portugal and Spain and a drought incessant in the western United States.

The timestamps conform to the Eastern standard.

Ian downgraded to tropical storm (5 a.m. Thursday)

Ian has been downgraded to a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph, according to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center. As a result, hurricane warnings along Florida’s east and west coasts were downgraded to tropical storm warnings. The storm was about 40 miles (70 kilometers) southeast of Orlando, the National Hurricane Center said. Ian will approach the South Carolina coast on Friday, then move inland again.

Ian plans to emerge above Atlantic waters (2 a.m. Thursday)

The storm was about 89 miles south-southeast of Orlando at 2 a.m. and was expected to cross central Florida and then emerge over the Atlantic Ocean later Thursday. Winds were around 75 mph, down from a peak of 150 mph earlier. About 2.3 million homes and businesses are without power, according to PowerOutage.us.

Storm weakens to Category 1 hurricane (11 p.m. Wednesday)

Ian’s wind speed dropped to 90 mph at 11 p.m., meaning it’s now a Category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, according to the National Hurricane Center.

2 million customers without electricity in Florida (10 p.m.)

More than 2 million homes and businesses were without power in Florida on Wednesday evening even as the winds from Hurricane Ian continued to subside, according to PowerOutage.us.

The storm, now a Category 2 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, was about 80 miles south of Orlando at 10 p.m. local time. According to National Hurricane Center.

Global shipping diverted from the storm’s path through Florida and into the Atlantic before winding toward Savannah, Georgia, the third-busiest U.S. container hub. More than 173 super yachts were moored in Florida when the storm hit, mostly along the Gold Coast from Miami to Palm Beach County.

Storm threatens to cause tornadoes in battered Florida (5:20 p.m.)

Tornado watches were issued in East Central Florida until 1 a.m. ET as Ian tears up the area.

“You should make the same preparations as if it were a tornado passing over your house,” Kevin Guthrie, director of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, said during a Wednesday briefing. “Go into an interior room with no windows and have things on hand so you can protect your head and body from debris like a blanket, mattress, or even a helmet.”

Cuban migrant boat sinks off Florida, 23 missing (5:04 p.m.)

The US Coast Guard said it was looking for 23 missing migrants near the southern tip of the Florida Keys after their boat sank as Hurricane Ian pounded the Gulf Coast.

In a series of tweets, the US Coast Guard said at least four Cuban migrants were able to swim to shore near Stock Island – just north of Key West – after their boat sank “due to bad weather. time”.

Cuban migration to the United States has hit decade highs as the communist island is mired in economic turmoil and power outages.

Ian drove through western Cuba on Tuesday, knocking out power across the island before heading to Florida.

Read more: Cuban exodus to US hits record high, surpassing 1980 crisis

The storm is the fifth strongest to make landfall in the United States (4:38 p.m.)

Hurricane Ian made landfall tying the record as the fifth strongest to ever make landfall in the continental United States, wrote Yale Climate Connection meteorologists Bob Henson and Jeff Masters.

Phil Klotzbach, hurricane researcher at Colorado State University, tweeted Phil Klotzbach, hurricane researcher at Colorado State University. The strongest was the Labor Day storm of 1935 with winds of 185 mph on landfall. Ian is tied with the Florida Keys storm of 1919 and Hurricane Charley, which hit the same area in 2004.

Ian will likely do a lot more damage than Charley because it’s a much larger storm, Daniel Swain, a climatologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, said in a tweet.

Ian joins the Grim chapter in the record books (3:12 p.m.)

Only four storms have hit the continental United States with winds stronger than Ian since modern record keeping began in 1851.

These include the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, Camille in 1969, Andrew in 1992 and Michael, which hit the Florida Panhandle in 2018, according to Phil Klotzbach, a hurricane researcher at Colorado. State University.

Andrew and Michael were among the 10 costliest in US history, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information.

Read more: The 10 costliest US tropical storms

Hard blow for the insurance market (3:12 p.m.)

Ian threatens to further upend Florida’s already volatile home insurance market. Larger insurers have reduced their presence in the state to avoid losses caused by the Atlantic hurricanes, and small underwriters still active there have been forced to raise premiums and reduce coverage to keep up with the rate of litigation and fraud. So far this year, six insurers that underwrite policies in the Sunshine State have been declared insolvent, and a major storm could stretch the finances of still-standing businesses.

Photo: by Bloomberg

Copyright 2022 Bloomberg.

Wind storm

Best Home Equity Lenders of September 2022


Insider’s experts choose the best products and services to help you make informed decisions with your money (here’s how). In some cases, we receive a commission from our our partners, however, our opinions are our own. Terms apply to offers listed on this page.

A home equity loan is a type of second mortgage that lets you take out equity in your home for things like home renovations, debt consolidation, or other major expenses.

Our top home equity lenders have no fees, high customer ratings, and are available anywhere in the United States. They also allow for higher combined loan-to-value (CLTV) ratios, which means borrowers with less equity in their home can still qualify for a loan.

Best Home Equity Lender: US Bank

This lender offers home equity loans ranging from $15,000 to $750,000, which is a wider range than many other lenders offer. You can get a loan for up to 30 years.

If you have a checking or savings account with a US bank, you may qualify for a 0.5% rate reduction if you set up automatic payments.

Top Overall Finalist: Navy Federal Credit Union

This lender is a solid option for VA loan borrowers, who might not have a ton of equity built up if they put 0% on their home when they bought it. It also has good customer reviews online.

Navy Federal is our “Best Overall” because, while a very strong lender overall, you must be a member of the Navy Federal Credit Union to obtain a loan from this lender. To qualify, you must be a member of the military, veteran, family member of someone who served, or Department of Defense civilian.

Best for Lower Credit Scores: Find Out

Discover offers home equity loans with terms of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years and loan amounts ranging from $35,000 to $300,000.

You will not pay any closing costs with this lender. However, if you repay your loan within three years, you will have to pay Discover a portion of the closing costs, up to $500. This fee does not apply if you live in Connecticut, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma or Texas.

Best for large loans: Flagstar Bank

If you qualify, you can get a home equity loan from Flagstar for any amount between $10,000 and $1 million. It also doesn’t charge lender fees, although you may still have to pay third-party fees at closing.

If you have a bank account with Flagstar, you could potentially qualify for a 0.25% rate reduction if you set up automatic loan payments from your account.

Best for small loan amounts: Connexus Credit Union

With Connexus Credit Union, borrowers can get a home equity loan for just five years with loan amounts as low as $5,000. If you want to limit your overall interest charges, a shorter term is often a good choice because you’ll spend less time repaying the loan.

Connexus does not disclose whether it charges its own closing costs, but says borrower closing costs can range from $175 to $2,000.

Other Home Equity Lenders We Considered

  • Northpointe Bank: Northpointe is one of our top mortgage lenders, but it does not provide information on requirements or features that come with its home equity options.
  • Rocket Mortgage: Rocket Mortgage is our preferred lender for refinancing, but it does not disclose rates or other information for its home equity loans.
  • TD Bank: Home equity loan offers from this lender are not available in most states.
  • Regions: Regions is a solid home equity lender, but it’s only available in certain states.

Methodology: How We Chose the Best Home Equity Lenders for 2022

We’ve looked at the major mortgage lenders in the United States that offer home equity loans. We then evaluated them according to four main criteria:

  • Affordability. We assessed the affordability of home equity loans based on rates, fees, and maximum CLTV. When reviewing rates, we looked at both the current APR advertised by the lender and, if applicable, their minimum and maximum APR. For fees, we looked at whether the lender charges an application or closing fee. Home equity loans usually come with third-party closing costs, but some lenders also charge their own fees. All of our top picks say they don’t charge the lender closing costs, with the exception of Connexus, which doesn’t disclose whether it charges any additional fees.
  • Client satisfaction. We looked at online customer reviews to gauge how satisfied customers were with each lender.
  • Reliability. Three of our top picks have an A+ rating from BBB. The two that don’t are Navy Federal Credit Union, which has an NR (“No Rating”), and US Bank, which currently has no rating listed. We also considered all recent public scandals from the past three years.
  • Availablity. Some lenders only offer home equity loans in certain states, so we’ve looked at where each lender offers home equity loans. All of our picks lend in most states and usually only have one or two states where they don’t lend.

Are these home equity lenders trustworthy?

The Better Business Bureau ranks companies based on responses to customer complaints, honesty in advertising, and transparency in business practices. Here are the BBB ratings of our top home equity lenders:

All but two of our top picks have an A+ rating from the BBB.

The Navy Federal Credit Union has an NR, or “No Rating”, because it is currently responding to previously closed customer complaints. US Bank currently does not have a rating as their page is being updated.

In 2020, US Bank paid the US government $200 million when she was accused of approving FHA loans for mortgage insurance even though a) the borrowers did not meet the FHA loan requirements, or b) the US Bank did not check their credit scores.

In 2020, a Navy Federal employee claimed the lender pressured mortgage underwriters to approve the loans even though they did not have sufficient reason to believe the applicants could repay the loans. She sued and said the Navy Federal retaliated against her whistleblower, but she dropped the case end of 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

A home equity loan is a second mortgage that borrows against the equity in your home.

Equity is the value of your home minus any outstanding mortgages you have on the property. For example, if your house is worth $300,000 and you still owe $100,000 on your mortgage, you have $200,000 of equity. With a home equity loan, you could borrow against that $200,000 to do things like make repairs or improve your home.

Home equity loans are installment loans, which means that you will receive your funds in a lump sum at closing and then repay them over a set period of time in regular, equal installments. Home equity loans have fixed interest rates, so your rate and payment amount will stay the same for the life of the loan.

Since a home equity loan is a mortgage, the lender can foreclose on your home if you stop making payments. This is what makes these loans risky. Although you can generally borrow more with a home equity loan – and often at a lower rate – than some other options, you should consider whether loan options that don’t use your home as collateral might make more sense for you. you.

If you fail to pay a personal loan or a credit card, for example, your credit will take a big hit, but you won’t have to worry about losing your house.

If you use the funds from your home loan to “buy, build, or substantially improve your home”, the interest is tax deductible, according to the tax authorities. But if you use it for personal expenses, you won’t be able to deduct it.

We’ve rounded up our top picks for the best home equity lenders here, but which one is right for you depends on your needs and current financial situation. It’s usually a good idea to shop around with a few lenders to see which one gives you the best deal in terms of rates and fees.

Allan leaves club as Everton rebuilding continues under Lampard


Everton have confirmed the departure of Brazilian midfielder Allan to United Arab Emirates club Al Wahda for an undisclosed transfer fee.

It ends a two-year stint on Merseyside for Allan who was brought to Everton from Italy by Carlo Ancelotti in the summer of 2020.

The Brazilian came to Goodison Park alongside fellow midfielder Abdoulaye Doucoure after the Italian became Blues boss to much fanfare in December 2019.

Like many Evertonians, I was excited for a world-class coach to take the reins and for a moment I thought there was a chance he could turn things around.

Allan’s arrival, while nowhere near as sensational a signing as James Rodriguez of course, represented the kind of experienced, quality player the team needed, especially in the engine room.

He was, I think, generally a popular player with the supporters, and one who performed well overall for the Blues, although he had some downturns at times and quite a few injuries.

Ultimately, however, it was not to be under Ancelotti and after a 2020-21 season marred by injuries and Covid restrictions, which also ended in failure to qualify for Europe, the Italian left to join Real Madrid at the start of last summer.

Since Ancelotti’s departure, Allan’s future has been a bit uncertain. He had always been a player who had been seen as Ancelotti’s man and his former manager at Napoli was of course one of the main reasons he joined the Toffees.

He and Doucoure formed the first-choice midfielder under Rafa Benitez at the start of last season. Again though, injury undermined his start and the Brazilian was in and out of the squad as results dwindled and the team struggled against relegation.

Now he has left the club to play in the Middle East where his former Everton teammate Rodriguez is also playing his trade these days.

In a sense, Allan’s departure is another indication of how confused and uncertain this club has been for so long in terms of manager and player signings.

Huge sums have been spent on a succession of players and coaches, including Ancelotti, none of whom have been able to bring stability or success to Goodison Park.

Like I said, Allan wasn’t a bad player at all and he always played with determination and commitment to the cause, which certainly couldn’t be said at the time of each of his teammates.

On the other hand, he lacked pace for the Premier League and is really on the wrong side of 30 now.

Had he been injury-free (some hope of course with this club!) had been able to play alongside his midfield partners with pace and energy and in his best position, which I think was more advanced than he often did, we might have seen a lot more of him.

His departure, however, indicates how determined current manager Frank Lampard is (with considerable backing from Kevin Thelwell) to put his own mark on this Blues side.

The former Chelsea boss has shown a degree of ruthlessness unusual for recent Everton managers and I have to say it’s welcome to see.

Lampard has indicated with his transfer decisions that players who don’t fit his philosophy or who don’t perform consistently will be transferred as soon as possible.

It’s important to give structure and focus to his players and shape the team he wants to see. Only then can we judge him correctly.

Too often in the past, Everton managers have inherited squads bloated with players some of whom didn’t want to and had to fend for themselves and fix it. It was a recipe for confusion and underperformance.

Now, after so much upheaval and change, there seems to be a new degree of strategy and direction at club football with the appointments of Lampard and Thelwell.

Another recent example of Lampard’s determination to ensure every one of his players is on the same page is Dele Alli’s departure for Turkey.

The former Spurs star was brought to Everton by Lampard on transfer deadline day in January when he himself was installed as manager.

The Blues boss was hoping to find a way to bring back the Alli who shone for Tottenham and England and was once one of Europe’s most beloved young talents.

But that wasn’t the case and he couldn’t recapture his past form despite some odd moments of excellence on his part, like in that decisive match of the season at Crystal Palace.

However, rather than hope that he will eventually turn good or let Alli sit on the bench to collect his wages, he was quickly transferred. It also saved a large sum paid to Tottenham under the terms of his deal.

As for Allan, given the arrivals this summer in midfield – Amadou Onana, Idrissa Gueye and James Garner – the stunning form of Alex Iwobi, as well as the return to fitness of Tom Davies and Doucoure, he had fallen into the pecking order and wasn’t likely to get much playing time.

Now he is gone and the rebuilding under Lampard continues. Early signs are generally good, but there is still a long way to go before we know if the latest manager and director of football to try under the ownership of Farhad Moshiri, is capable of turning around the fortunes of this club.

The All Blacks look to the Northern Tour


Locking in the Lipovitan-D Rugby Championship and Bledisloe Cup for another year was one thing, but building on those achievements on their northern tour of Japan and Europe would be vital for the All Blacks.

Coach Ian Foster said claiming the championship was “very satisfying”, especially having to win it the hard way.

The Northern tours have always been difficult due to fatigue at the end of a season and the travel involved, but they have been helped this year by having an extra week off without a third Bledisloe Cup match.

They have a three day camp in Nelson and will be cooler than previous years.

They will face Japan in Tokyo on October 29, Wales in Cardiff on November 6 (NZT), Scotland in Edinburgh on November 14 and England on November 20.

“It’s a deliberate strategy. We’re going to be really stuck on this northern hemisphere tour.

“It’s important that we finish this in a position where we have a very clear picture of what we’re going to do because next year is pretty thin when you look at our preparation before a World Cup,” he said. declared.

The All Blacks would have five Tests in 2023 before the World Cup, so they needed to maximize their opportunities.

Foster said the 2022 victory was different from other championships won by the All Blacks.

“Doing it behind the eight ball off the start and having to climb through that wasn’t the way we wanted. I’m really proud of the effort the boys have put in. They’ve worked hard, they’ve been open-minded about different little things, and I think we’re starting to see the results.

The lessons of the campaign were that under pressure they stay tight and while the search for solutions sometimes made everyone uncomfortable, they had to go all the way with the aim of getting the right performance.

They are not the finished article, which was reviewed when they won at Eden Park.

“The building blocks are cool, but there are still a lot of finishes we can’t get right. But what a great place to be,” he said.

Line break conversion was an area needing attention, as was Australia’s return to the scoreboard late in the game.

“These are small things, but they will be big things in 12 months.”

Foster felt that great progress in defense and set pieces had been made, but they were still not an 80-minute team. It was due to the experience on the other side.

“It takes time for people to understand that you hit for half a second in a test match, you get punished.

“We’ve seen signs over the past two months that we’ve got a lot of good spells in games, but we just haven’t quite grasped the fact that if you don’t nail every little bit you get hurt. . And once you get injured on the scoreboard, it becomes hard to catch up.

It was about playing against different teams while staying in the moment and then looking towards the next moment.

“We have proven to ourselves that we can rise through the ranks in adversity, and there will be more to come.

“That’s international rugby.

“I’m proud of how the team handled the pressure of not performing at the level we want and the pressure that comes with that,” Foster said.

Before announcing the squad for the northern tour in two weeks, he would consider his options in midfield, where Jordie Barrett impressed in Saturday’s win.

“What a great athlete. He played well for us as a full-back and on the wing and he has now played very well as a 12-year-old [second five-eighths]. He certainly had a big impact last night.

Foster was pleased with the development of his front row. It had been a season where they intended to put in markers, especially to see where their experienced players were, and part of that was to inject a few young players who deserved a chance.

“It’s been a journey for them too. You can go back and talk about Ethan [de Groot], for example, and his journey from Super Rugby, and then we had to spend six weeks getting him up to the fitness level he needed. But the real message is that if you want to get the job done outside the park, there is an opportunity. And he took it well. »

As well as selecting their team for the northern tour, they would also choose the All Blacks XV for a two-game tour of the UK, including a game against the Barbarians on November 13 at Tottenham Stadium and another game to be confirmed. .

Due to their schedule and the need for them to develop as a team, there would be minimal crossover between teams, he said.

How to Complete Your 20-Year PNB Home Loan Term in 10 Years


The PNB Home Loan offers a lucrative opportunity to own your dream home sooner. The long loan term of up to 30 years makes it easy to manage EMIs without burdening the monthly budget. However, with proper budgeting and planning, it is possible to pay off the loan sooner, save a significant amount on interest charges, and gain financial independence faster. Are you looking to complete your 20s PNB real estate loan mandate in 10 years? Here are some practical ways to achieve this.

  1. Increase EMI amount

Increasing the EMI amount is an effective way to repay the loan sooner. The more you pay each month, the sooner you will be debt free. The strategy works best for those who have a home loan with a variable interest rate. PNB Housing does not impose any prepayment penalty on these borrowers. Those with a fixed rate PNB loan are also exempt from prepayment charges, provided they prepay the loan from their own sources. So start paying an extra amount each month, keep it constant, and pay off the loan sooner.

  1. Pay an additional lump sum whenever possible

Making an extra payment whenever possible is another way to close the loan early. This is a one-time upfront payment that allows the loan to be closed sooner and saves a considerable amount on interest expenses. No prepayment charges on the PNB housing loan making it a lucrative option for borrowers.

Paying an additional lump sum is a convenient way to shorten the term of the loan. For example, each time you receive a performance bonus, hereditary donation or return on investment, use it to make an additional lump sum payment for the home loan and reduce its loan term.

  1. Shorten the term of the loan

Full prepayment of the loan is an effective way to repay the loan and shorten the term of the loan. It works great when you have extra cash that you don’t need for a long time. It is also a good idea when there is insufficient cash to make additional monthly payments. However, before prepaying the entire loan, consult PNB Housing Finance Client Feedback or speak to the Customer Service Center for rules and fees. It is possible to shorten the loan term in two ways: refinance the loan with a shorter loan term or make additional monthly payments.

Before opting for a shorter loan term, keep in mind that shortening the loan term will increase the EMI amount. So make sure you can afford it before revising the term of the loan. This step will be a great way to save money and get out of debt sooner. The key is to stay prepared for higher monthly payments.

  1. Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a rewarding option for those managing multiple loans simultaneously. Consolidating existing loans into one larger loan allows them to be paid off more quickly, reducing interest charges on each loan separately. After debt consolidation, borrowers pay off all their existing loans and get a new loan with a revised loan term and EMI amount to manage each month. Since the PNB Housing home loan is a long-term loan, paying it off sooner will greatly ease your finances and your mind.

Undoubtedly, paying off a 20-year PNB home loan in 10 years will save considerable interest. But how to do it? The most effective method is to make an additional payment whenever possible. Make additional payments to regular EMIs and reduce the principal loan amount payable. Another option is to consolidate the debt and repay the loan early. Whatever strategy you choose, stick to it and follow it consistently to save money and ease the burden of loans.

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British Expats: Spain’s Costa del Sol Reduces Council Tax for People | Travel News | Travel


Andalucia, which includes Spain’s popular Costa del Sol, has scrapped a “wealth tax” paid by second homeowners in the region. This move is likely to provide substantial benefits for British expats in Andalucia.

The wealth tax “el impuesto de patrimonio” applied to residents and non-residents with a net worth of more than 700,000 euros (£624,000).

The tax has now been removed in a huge boost for British expats who own property in the area.

Andalusia hopes the move will attract more investment and well-paid taxpayers to the region.

A statement on the Junta de Andalucia website reads: “Andalusia must be competitive and compete against the best.”

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Regional President Juanma Moreno tweeted: “In 2023 alone, (the Wealth Tax Cut) alone will leave €360,000m (£321m) in the pockets of Andalusians .”

According to government statistics, wealth tax was only 0.6% of the region’s annual income.

However, the regional government felt it was deterring wealthy investors from settling in the Spanish hotspot.

Andalucia is one of the most popular regions in Spain for expatriates and many Britons have chosen to call it home.


Around 90,000 Britons live in the region which includes Marbella, Malaga, Granada and Cadiz.

British expats are often part of vibrant British communities and can get by without speaking Spanish.

Since Brexit, expats have had to follow new rules and will need Spanish residency to live in Spain.

Britons without residence will need to apply from within the UK and may need to provide many documents.

READ MORE: British expat who moved to Spain exposes biggest challenge

It is still possible for Brits to own second homes on the Costa del Sol, although they will have to follow certain rules if they want to remain British citizens.

Britons can visit the EU 90 days out of 180 and must have their passport stamped on entry and exit.

British citizens could be detained, fined or even banned from entering the EU if they exceed the limit.

Passport stamps will prove when a UK citizen has entered and left the EU, although airline tickets can also be used as proof.

According to the property experts at idealista Spain, house prices on the Costa del Sol are generally cheaper than in the rest of the country.

However, it is a more expensive area to buy property than the Costa Blanca, which includes Benidorm and Alicante.

The cheapest areas to buy a house on the Costa del Sol are Casares, Estepona and Manilva.

Prices in the port town of Manilva are under €2,000 per square metre, making it a more affordable option for UK expats.

When it comes to government, are two heads better than one?


I totally agree that class inequality in housing is one of the most pressing issues for Australians and other parts of the world. The Labor and Liberal parties have ignored the issue since the late 1980s. Back then I saw various associates (who dabbled in the lower middle class) buy not one or two properties, but eight to ten each. It has been ignored for decades – no party has the guts to implement a one residential property per adult rule and a one commercial property per adult rule. It might sound like something called socialism (which it isn’t), which we might also rename “sharing.” It is not a question of abolishing personal property, but of limiting the extremes of property. Many more groups of permanently stranded tenants would be able to afford housing if many more properties were for sale. Reforming the dysfunctional economic system focused on indiscriminate expansionary growth would also help. Dumping the interior of the west for standing up for parks and the sanity and amenity of their surroundings is hardly the answer. There are many plans for Callan Park and there is already affordable housing that locals have fought to maintain for healthcare staff. The Inner West has the second-lowest ratio of green space per capita in the state. Ann-Therese King, Lilyfield

Callan ParkCredit:oscar colman

In light of today’s inequities in Indigenous housing, services, education, wealth and disadvantage, perhaps it’s time to reflect on the past when this nation was called the “Commonwealth of Australia”. This title must be the name and the aspiration of our country; common wealth, not the haves and the have-nots. Our political class and business leaders have lost sight of the fact that while we are a Commonwealth, we all have an interest and a desire for the good of all while pursuing our own desires. Once upon a time, all of our currency and government letterhead reinforced the notion of a Commonwealth. When did we become the indifferent Australia of today? Alex Maynard, round corner

Local action on the global stage

It’s refreshing to see a prime minister who admits that “elements of power that need to be expanded” include “aid” (“Global Warming Australia,” September 24). We now rank 22nd among OECD foreign aid donors. In contrast, a report released last week shows that Australians are the richest people in the world. Clay O’BrienMosman

Penny Wong, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Penny Wong, Minister of Foreign Affairs.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

We have an excellent Minister of Foreign Affairs in Penny Wong, and our Prime Minister also happens to be a natural diplomat. Establishing our credentials as a responsible global citizen on climate change has been crucial. If he’s already repositioning Australia in the world, it’s up to Anthony Albanese to be authentic, ready to genuinely engage and reduce stridency while projecting a tough stance. His vision of government at home can only be strengthened by this broader perspective. Margaret Johnston, Paddington

Anthony Albanese on the world stage, touting Australia’s climate credentials, reminds me of the children’s story The Emperor’s New Clothes. Although progress has been made with the passage of the new Climate Bill, the Prime Minister should not congratulate himself too much. The government remains committed to maintaining the status quo for our coal and gas exports, which account for millions of tonnes of global emissions each year. Hopefully this madness will be exposed at future international forums. Anne O’Hara, Wanniassa (ACT)

teacher lesson

That a permanent teaching position is described as lucrative speaks volumes about what is wrong with teaching in New South Wales (“Teachers are leaving the profession in record numbers”, September 24). Previously, one completed a teaching degree, applied to the department, interviewed, and if successful, was appointed to a school. Now, if you get a permanent date, you’re special. The best most graduates can hope for is casual work or a temporary contract. Try borrowing from a bank or even signing a lease with this on your request. A permanent job should not be considered lucrative. This should be the minimum offered. Bill Gillis, Point Hallidays

An elephant in the room regarding teacher dissatisfaction and teacher loss is student behavior and the reluctance of principals to do anything about it. And parents can be the worst: “My little angel wouldn’t do that.” The number of angels I have taught in 23 years would make a heavenly host. It wore me out, along with the grading, preparation and teaching load of an English/History teacher. I’m so glad I left when I did, and I haven’t seen a try in over 20 years. Genevieve Milton, Newtown

Ask questions now

It is now even more important to spread primary ethics to all school children (“TikTok is confusing our teenagers with fake news”, September 24) to arm them with the curiosity, critical thinking and ethical reasoning necessary to cut through misinformation passed on to vulnerable young minds. Any vulnerable mind at any age would benefit, I think. Helen Lewin, Tumbi Umbi

Save the royal expense

The Prince and Princess of Wales

The Prince and Princess of WalesCredit:Getty Images

Many monarchists and others would welcome a visit from the new Prince and Princess of Wales next year (Letters, September 24), especially if they bring Prince George with them. But with our staggering budget deficit, we simply cannot afford the huge cost that this entails. It’s time to stop putting everything unnecessary on the national credit card. Stephanie Edwards, Roseville

axle madness

I don’t think people deliberately drive through flood waters (Letters, September 24). The problem is that most people don’t know what “flood water” means. One of the local universities demonstrated a few years ago that once the water is at axle height, your vehicle becomes a boat. Perhaps the message should be: “Do not ride in water at axle height”. Roger Campbell, Beecroft

The ‘Gong show

I personally fear that ‘selling Wollongong to the world’ is being taken at face value by the NSW government (‘The course with all that has caught the big fish in cycling’, 24 September). We love to share the beauty of our region, but give the NSW government any idea of ​​privatization and they’ll go with it. New tolls at each end, you think? Janice Creenaune, Austinmer

Best stays

On the contrary, Richard Glover (“Faulty Showers and Hotel Disruption”, September 24). Airbnb has forever changed the way we travel and, without exception, my experience has been positive. I am writing to you from a beautiful apartment in Stockholm. Sure, you need a certain degree of athleticism to get to bed, but there’s no stuffy concierge or inopportune “room service” wake-up call when, exhausted after a long day of sightseeing, you forgot to return your “do”. do not disturb “. Oh, and the luxury of being able to open a window cannot be underestimated. I’m more than happy to make my own bed and lay in it. Janet Argall, Dulwich Hill

Reading about Richard Glover’s accommodation experiences reminds me that when it comes to travel, there’s no place like home – where, unless you’re renting, if things go wrong, you don’t need to deal with a host who doesn’t care. Allan Gibson, Cherrybrook

A real powerhouse

I was at the Powerhouse Museum (Letters, September 24) watching a demonstration of the Bolton and Watt engine, and an English gentleman said to me: ‘I come from the University of Leeds and we don’t have one. He was very furious. Marcia Horvai, Pennant Hills

swan song

A small victory I know, but I watched until the end. The myth of the Swans fan in good weather is now shattered. You’re welcome. Ian McNeil, Ainslie (ACT)

The All Blacks haka

The All Blacks hakaCredit:Getty

Why are the New Zealand All Blacks allowed to perform the Haka before an international rugby match? Peng Ee, Castle Cove

Soothed with energy

I spent about an hour online last week arranging a new energy contract. There are dozens of providers, offering dozens of options, all lasting 12 months. Once upon a time, it was so much easier. The idea of ​​doing it all over again in 12 months takes my mind. Barbara Ryan, Caringbah South

Date recording

Sixty-three years ago my husband proposed Anzac Day for him to remember the day (Letters, September 24). It worked. Marie Grady, French Forest

Save Dougie

Darko “Dougie” Desic (Letters, September 24) had nearly three decades of “imprisonment” as a fugitive in Sydney without breaking any other laws. I believe he has indeed redeemed himself. Sue Casiglia, North Ryde

digital vision
Online comment of one of the stories that attracted the most comments from readers yesterday on smh.com.au
A third of Australians support raising the migration cap
Of sunseeker71: We need nurses, lorry drivers, fruit pickers, service workers…things most Australians don’t want to do, so increase migration where we have skills shortages or simply shortages. Many economic migrants would like to drive a truck and put food on their family’s table.

  • To send a letter to The Sydney Morning Herald, email letters@smh.com.au. Click here for tips on how to submit letters.
  • The Opinion Bulletin is a weekly summary of viewpoints that will challenge, defend and inform your own. register here.

Object of the week: Pear soap experiments with advertising on stamps


Today’s Item of the Week is about an experimental soap ad campaign that ended in failure.

In 1789 Andrew Pears set up a factory just off Oxford Street in London to produce and sell soap and cosmetics.

Pears began to experiment with soap purification and were able to produce glycerin-based soap with the addition of other natural products.

His trials produced a clear, soft soap with a transparent appearance, and with the addition of a fragrance giving the aroma of an English garden, it proved very popular and sales began to boom.

It was first sold in London in 1807. At the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in 1851, Pears was awarded the Soap Prize Medal.

When production moved to Isleworth in 1862, Thomas J. Barratt was appointed accountant and later directed the administration and publicity of the business.

Their advertisements were so successful that Pears was able to build up a large following in the United States.

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Barratt is often considered the father of modern advertising. He used many innovative methods to advertise Pears products from enamel signs, large posters and postcards. He even recruited English actress and socialite Lillie Langtry to become a poster boy for Pears in 1862.

But not all of Barratt’s publicity ideas were successful. In the late 1880s, Barratt approached the Postmaster General with the idea of ​​using the reverse side of postage stamps to advertise Pears Soap.

The postmaster contacted De La Rue who were the current stamp printers and asked them to investigate the printing of advertisements for Pears Soap on the back of postage stamps.

As a trial, they printed the words “PEARS’ SOAP” in double capitals under the gum on the back of the current Queen Victoria 1881 1d lilac and 1887 Jubilee ½d Vermilion.

A lilac Queen Victoria 1d stamp

Records show that De La Rue reported technical difficulties and the idea was dropped. But Pears did not give up and conducted his own printing experiments. It would seem that they were a bit more successful than the printing experts at the time.

There are recorded examples of the same double line “PEARS” soap printed in orange, blue and purple inks, but this time they were printed on top of the gum. In philatelic terms these are called “underprints”

Another underprint in solid red capitals “USE PEARS SOAP” was recorded on both stamp values.

The Northern Echo: The Underprint The “Use pear soap” subprint

These stamps come on the market occasionally and their price is quite high. A mint block of four of the ½d Vermilion underprint ‘PEARS’ SOAP’ in orange was valued at Stanley Gibbons’ auction in 2021 at £2750.

Pears even had their name punched into the stamp, this time not as publicity but to prevent petty theft and private use of their stamps by staff, as stamps bearing the company name or initials do not were not reimbursable by mail.

The Echo of the North: an example of An example of “perfin”

This is another very popular collecting area and these stamps are called ‘perfins’.

*The stamps pictured here are part of the collection of a Northeast philatelist.

Learn more about previous Weekly Items here:

3 reasons to think twice before committing to a loan with a lump sum payment


Image source: Getty Images

With today’s low interest rates, a balloon loan rarely makes sense.

Key points

  • Loans with a lump sum payment usually pay little or nothing on the principal of the loan.
  • A balloon loan can make it easier to borrow the money you need, but it can also make it harder to budget for the future.

Recently, I read about people (and organizations) taking out loans with lump sum payments, and frankly, I felt like I was back in the late 1980s. a lump sum loan won’t save you money in the long run, it rarely makes sense. Here’s why.

How does a balloon loan work?

Let’s say you need a loan for a house, land, RV, or some other major expense. The average interest rate is 12.50%, but the lender offers you a balloon loan. If you accept the offer, your interest rate will be lower (perhaps much lower) and your monthly payment will be more manageable. You will make the lower payment for a number of years, usually around five.

However, your monthly payments may not repay the principal of the loan, depending on the structure of the loan. For instance:

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  • Some balloon loans are unamortized, which means you only pay interest and nothing is applied to the principal. If you borrowed $200,000, you still owe the full $200,000 when the balloon matures. In addition, you no longer have any fees that you paid.
  • Some are structured so that a small portion of your monthly payment goes toward principal, but the bulk still covers interest.

Why do people opt for balloon loans?

Imagine that a couple buys a deceived motorhome and plans to travel the country and blog about their experience. To buy the RV, they need to borrow $200,000. They are offered a loan with an APR of 11%.

The couple agree they can’t afford the 11% monthly payment, so they’re considering a 5-year balloon loan with a much lower interest rate and monthly payment. They believe that in five years they will have built a hugely successful blog and can afford to borrow enough to refinance the RV. They choose the balloon loan because it is the only loan they can afford.

And that’s how people get in trouble.

Reasons to think twice before committing to a balloon loan

There are several reasons to think long and hard before taking out a loan with a lump sum payment due at the end. Here are three:

1. An optimistic view is not always enough

In this scenario, the couple imagine themselves together and thriving in five years. They might be hoping for that, but there’s no way to be sure what’s in store for them. The RV life might convince them that they don’t like spending time together, or their blog might be a complete failure. Hoping for the best is good, but it does not guarantee a good result.

If you are considering a balloon loan:

  • Imagine that you have taken out a balloon mortgage. Now consider how much harder it would be to cover the lump sum payment if you were to lose your job, or
  • Ending a long-term relationship, or
  • Face unexpected medical bills, or
  • Meet another bump in the road.

2. We have no say in interest rates

Our travel bloggers decided to take out a loan with a lump sum payment because the current interest rate pushed their monthly payments out of their comfort zone. The problem is that five years later they must either have $200,000 in cash to pay off the loan or be able to borrow it from another source. What happens if interest rates have risen another 3 percentage points? It’s possible. In 1981, at the start of the Carter administration, mortgage interest rates hovered around 17%.

By opting for a balloon loan, our couple bet on two things: that their business will be successful and that interest rates will fall. It was risky, to say the least.

If you are considering a balloon loan: Decide how confident you are in your ability to predict the future of the US economy and interest rates.

3. It’s hard to budget for the future with a looming balloon loan

Ask anyone over 50 what they wish they had done earlier, and they’ll likely say they wish they’d started investing and planning for their future when they were young. Given the power of compound interest, the younger a person starts saving and investing, the sooner they can breathe easy.

Because they have a lot of debt hanging over their heads, our fictional couple can only guess at what their finances will look like five years from now. If they had a fixed rate loan, they would know, for example, when the loan would be repaid in full and the total amount they would pay in interest. This knowledge could serve as the basis for a more realistic budget.

If you are considering a balloon loan: Be aware that having a lump sum payment in your future makes budgeting trickier.

Home, auto, business and personal loans with lump sum payments are significantly less common today than they once were, but they still exist. Like any loan, it’s good to ask yourself the hard questions before signing on the dotted line.

The Ascent’s Best Personal Loans for 2022

Our team of independent experts have pored over the fine print to find the select personal loans that offer competitive rates and low fees. Start by reviewing The Ascent’s best personal loans for 2022.

book shows the region’s pottery past | News, Sports, Jobs


Donna and Bill Gray with their illustrated book on East Liverpool pottery. It combines brief stories about each of the potteries that worked here with color photographs and textual descriptions of the items they made, a comprehensive effort of research and illustrations never attempted before. (photo sent)

This ancient pottery town is buzzing with a new book by collectors and historians Bill and Donna Gray.

“Amazing items made in the pottery district of east Liverpool,” features profiles of over 135 potteries operating in East Liverpool and Wellsville, listed alphabetically from Acme Craftware on page 1 to John Wylie & Son on page 425. It features color photos of each pottery item, something no one else has attempted.

“The advantage of this book is that it is a pictorial history of pottery”, said Susan Weaver, director of the East Liverpool Museum of Ceramics. “It’s a complete job. The photographs of the pottery products are magnificent to see.

“The Book of Greys is beautiful, with first class text research on the various potteries,” said attorney Jackman S. Vodrey, whose family roots are in the local pottery industry. “The photographs of the very many individual pieces are incredibly crisp and clear.”

Grays’ initial order was for 100 books, priced at $112. Ninety-five copies were sold, given away or gifted, and an additional order of 24 copies was printed.

The simplicity of design, legible type and entertaining style of writing in ‘Amazing Ware’ helps readers understand the often layered multiplicity of East Liverpool pottery. A wealth of detail on the tableware makes it valuable to collectors. Color photographs showing the beauty and variety of the dishes, however, are the stars of Bill and Donna Gray’s new book. (photo sent)

Copies have been donated to East Liverpool and Wellsville Public Libraries, and are on sale at Barnes and Noble Bookshop or locally at the Museum of Ceramics, Pottery City Galleries antiques shopping centre, or from the Grays themselves .

Bill and Donna Gray wrote in their dedication: “The potters extracted the clay, built the kilns, designed and made the moulds, fired their creations and decorated them exquisitely. . . This book is for them and their descendants. . . .”

Although comprehensive and detailed enough for collectors, “Amazing item” is very entertaining with its tightly written stories of pottery and stories about the personalities of early potters.

For example, the sons of John Goodwin Sr. despaired of finding the funds they believed they had set aside before his death to redevelop the Goodwin pottery. They found $20,000 in government bonds inside his worn rocking chair when they had it reupholstered.

Donna said several people told them they couldn’t put the book down once they started reading.

KT&K Lotus Ware: Greek Vase, Winona Chocolate Jar, and Olive Greek Vase. (photo sent)

William and Donna Gray married in 1991. She was a widowed schoolteacher in Prince George’s County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Originally from Wellsville, Bill was divorced, worked for Bell Atlantic (later Verizon) and moonlighted in a convenience store, where they met.

She loved antique furniture and he loved bird watching and antique pottery and had about 10 pieces from Harker and Hall.

On their honeymoon in Hilton Head, SC, they purchased a gray Harker Pottery teapot from a thrift store in Moorehead, NC. They hadn’t guessed that they would eventually become the greatest collectors and experts of Harker Pottery tableware.

During a visit to Dorothy, Bill’s mother, in East Liverpool in 1996, they decided “we wanted to move here, where the pottery was.” They were guided by real estate agent Jean Diddle to a house built by the Vodrey family. Diddle sent them to see Charles Lang at First National Bank about a mortgage. After seeing Lang’s middle name, “Boycé” on his nameplate, Bill said, “We talked about pottery for two hours before discussing the finances.” The Boyce family was one of the main owners of Harker pottery.

They bought the house (“On Much Faith”) and moved here in 1997, found employment and settled into the community while continuing to purchase Harker items. (He retired after years as a sales representative at National Church Supply, she after long service as a guidance counselor in schools in Eastern Palestine.)

Globe Pottery: Variegated Queen’s Ware Pitcher, Yellow Ware/Rockingham Jumbo The Elephant, Majolica Lily of the Valley Variegated Queen’s Ware Pitcher. (photo sent)

“We were only collecting Harker at that time,” Donna said. Their collection of Harker at its peak numbered 12,000 pieces and filled the former Vodrey House basement as well as display cases throughout the living space.

Wishing to share their knowledge of the Harker articles, in 2006 they wrote the authoritative 224-page document “Harker Pottery from Rockingham and Yellowware to Modern,” printed by Schiffer Publishing, a company specializing in collectible books.

Never having possessed more than modest means, there were many times “we ran out of money before we ran out of months,” said Bill. To support their “Harker’s Habit”, they became dealers as well as collectors.

Searching for Harker in antique shops and on the internet they also found and sold items from other east Liverpool potteries and met other collectors, both locally and across the US .

Even before moving here, they had met and been mentored on the ins and outs of fundraising by local resident Lois Myer, a source of knowledge about East Liverpool. “She was the force behind what we did. . . “We have met the most wonderful people who have been so helpful,” Donna said.

Laughlin Art China: Brune Juno Chocolate Pot, Flow Blue Whiskey Jug, White Pets (cats) vase #11 (Submitted Photo)

Before publishing the Harker book, the Grays had started collecting rare and beautiful items from other potteries in east Liverpool. It was around this time that Donna described the form that “Amazing item” book would take.

They estimate their current collection at 14,000 pieces, which includes a wide selection of prized and expensive Lotus Ware from Knowles, Taylor and Knowles.

The Grays acknowledge that the story of the potteries of East Liverpool has been told in detail in two previous books: the scholar “City of Hills and Ovens” by Bill Gates, and a book on local manufacturers and their brands (backstamps) by Bill Gates and Dana Ormerod.

In their introduction to “Incredible Items”, they declare that “The purpose of this book is the third element: images of the actual merchandise.”

In any book like this, lines have to be drawn. The period covered is from 1838 to the early 1970s, and the potteries described are only those operating in East Liverpool and Wellsville. For potters who moved to the West Virginia side of the Ohio River, including Harker and Homer Laughlin, they said those stories are told well in other books.

Bill and Donna Gray included in “thanks” a list of the many people and organizations who provided information, allowed them to photograph their collections, and helped in other ways.

Key help came from Don Jones, “our mentor, photographic advisor, graphic designer, who . . . gave us much needed technical support and actually put this book together,” layout of text and photos in a digital program that went to the printer.

Bill and Donna Gray “Put a tremendous amount of time and energy into this book,” said Susan Weaver. She said they had spent countless hours volunteering at the Ceramics Museum and she often referred people to them for information about east Liverpool pottery. “They are the most generous people with their expertise that I have ever seen. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Solicitor Timothy Brookes, chairman of the East Liverpool Historical Society, said: “Bill and Donna Gray’s latest book shows their incredible dedication to telling the story of East Liverpool’s pottery industry from its unlikely beginnings. to an industry that has given our city its distinctive character.

Their efforts to collect the necessary information and place it in a single volume are more than commendable.

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Best Types of Office Shoes for Men


When it comes to office attire, you can only get picky about your tops and bottoms. This isn’t the usual place where you can randomly select shoes from your shelves and head to them. You can tell it ends up being a mismatch if that’s what you frequent for your styles. Therefore, making an appropriate choice becomes necessary.

For men, you can always find a pair or pairs that match modern formal attire. These viable office shoes made by different brands include the famous Bruno Marc Loafers and Oxfords. Apart from the duo, there are several others which are also listed below for you to choose from.


Loafers are the typical two-in-one shoes you would need for workplaces, with the fashionista tone. Made in various brands, including Bruno Marc Loafers, men’s shoes are ideal for offices while leaning more towards the business-casual trend. Their penny, moccasin, and canvas varieties are better leverage for the job.

Never worry about taking turns tying your shoelaces again, as the shoes are easy to put on thanks to their sleek construction. The design with a metal bit detail; the statement buckle creates a chic touch to the exterior look. Step into their modest heel with a flexible and durable outsole providing support and stability. Their classic toes ensure a long-lasting hold while providing optimal cushioning and comfort.

Whether with socks or without socks, shoes are suitable for work. Wear penny loafers with black suits to the office to maintain a cool yet fashionable look. Opt for a sole with an excellent color to match the upper parts of the dress. You can also mix the stockings with chinos if they are accepted in the workplace. There are no static rules, because you can always come out looking your best in the right outfit.

Oxford Shoes

Looking and feeling great, Oxford shoes are unquestionably the best office shoes for men who like to breathe fashion in the workplace. You will be satisfied with the choice of these shoes as they are comfortable while being stylish. In them you will attract compliments when worn in rotation with formal men’s wear on work days.

The dress shoes feature a breathable, sweat-wicking leather lining that keeps your feet comfortable all day long. Made with a soft padded latex insole, they provide optimal cushioning with every step in its leather outer material. The lace-up type of closure completes the walking process and provides stability when worn for miles.

Wear the Oxford with dress pants, a winter coat and a men’s dress shirt to express a formal fashion statement. Adorn their blacks with pairs of black socks to exude the hue in its uniform form. You can, however, dilute the color with a white shirt and black tie. For evenings after work, hit the streets in blue jeans in their shades of tan, black and dark brown to make the most of casual Oxfords.

Dress sneakers

In today’s climates, dress sneakers are a unique shoe choice for men to wear in the office. For work and safety, these mesh shoes are ideal walking shoes for work, especially in the long run. Unlike typical sneakers, you can invest your office days in dressy sneakers if you don’t mind long laces.

The dress sneakers feature a mesh fabric upper, designed with textiles and laces. Lightweight office shoes for men feature cushioned memory foam insoles that provide superior comfort and breathability. Privileging ease and stability when walking, their outsole is made of EVA which facilitates traction.

You can indulge in the pleasure of walking in these dressy sneakers to use for office wear. Wear the high-end sneakers with your office outfits in the wardrobe for a comfortable and casual look. Lightweight and versatile sneakers pair well with jeans, chinos or men’s pants. They are the perfect option for work, a night out, commuting or travel.


Oxfords are a unique addition to fit into every man’s shoe rack to complete wardrobe outfits. The shoes are of an emphasis close to office menswear and offer only the best styles for those who have found their way. Although they apparently look like Oxfords, you can easily tell them apart with the drilling of the holes.

Present in the materials of the shoe, lightweight soles provide cushioning and flexibility. With the well-designed laces, you can tie the cord in a knot to maintain a firm hold when worn. While the leather upper material will keep you going for miles, their durable outsole provides traction and stability.

Wear skinny pants, a short-sleeved button-down shirt and a leather wallet for a simple yet stylish look in Brogues. You can wear the trio for a 12 hour shift with regular pants while standing the whole time. Their various hues match quite well with chunky dress socks added to the patterned soles that make you exude elegance in the most elegant form. They are easy to style in their shades of black, brown, white, etc.


With tons of men’s shoes available in stores, we can’t exclude derbies from the list of shoes you should own. Open lace up shoes are ideal for formal outings, including the office and other workplaces. A viable alternative to Oxfords and Brogues, shoes have been in the fashion space for years and stay on trend while being up to date.

Derby shoes come in leather, suede, or fabric, giving you a variety of choices. You can take advantage of the aesthetics and durability of their suedes to complement chic menswear for the office. Team them up for weekday office events with the fashionable lace eyelets stitched to the top of the vamp.

For a simple but formal look, wear a derby suit with a not too deep tie and straight pants. Mix business-casual style by wearing a derby with chinos if allowed in the workplace. If you know their dark and black shades, you can keep the style random on weekdays. A cute exterior look with a brown derby isn’t as far-fetched.

2 arrested for tricking people into offering loans on behalf of Rajasthani royal families


Two detained for fraud on behalf of fake loan from Rajasthani royal families | YOF

The Criminal Branch of the Mumbai Police arrested two people on Wednesday for allegedly defrauding people by claiming to provide instant business loans to royal families in Rajasthan. The police suspect other people of being involved in this racket.

The case surfaced after the 44-year-old complainant approached Kandivali Police about being duped by strangers in the name of providing loans.

According to Crime Branch XI, the arrested duo carried out their illegal activities between March 2021 and March 2022, across the city. Acting on the tip received by the police, they began to trace the whereabouts of the alleged suspects which led to the arrest.

The two are identified as Shyam Arjandas Talreja, 38, and Hitesh Narayandas Pursanani, 36, residing in Ulhasnagar and Ambernath respectively.

Explaining the incident, an officer said: ‘They targeted people who were having trouble getting loans from banks and approached them saying they would provide easy, instant loans with lower interest rates. students. This strategy was used to attract people. He continued, “They claimed to have contact with the royal families of Rajasthan, who are super rich and ready to lend money to the needy.”

Once they induce the customer to provide the loan, they then start collecting money from them in the name of mandatory fees, loan insurance and mortgage for stamp duty and d ‘registration. “Through these methods, they scam money from people and once they receive the money, they disappear,” the official said.

Sources say one of the fugitives, identified as Deepak Sauda, ​​is allegedly disguising himself as a bank clerk, civil servant or Raja Maharaja of Rajasthan in order to prove his authenticity.

“There are two other prime suspects in the case who are at large and we have added them to the wanted list. There is a possibility that more people are involved in this racket,” the official added.

Police have registered a case against the two under relevant Sections including 420 (deceit and dishonest incitement to delivery of goods) and 120b (punishment of criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code. For now, the duo has been taken into custody until September 28.

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Cartoon Forum 2022 spotlights animation from Spain


cartoon forum, one of the most important annual conferences for pitching and co-producing animated television projects, returned to Toulouse for its 33rd edition, from September 19 to 22. Since 2017, Cartoon Forum has put a country or region in the spotlight to celebrate regional creativity, original styles or successful approaches to the world of animation, and this year the spotlight is on Spain.

The Spanish animation sector has seen exceptional growth since 2018, with many new companies receiving funding. The result was major international hits with films such as: Klaus (2019), another day of life (2018), Buñuel in the Turtle Maze (2019), joseph (2020), as well as animated television series such as Pocoyo and Cleo & Cuquin. Additionally, two Barcelona-based companies are nominated for Cartoon Tributes 2022: Peekaboo Animation for Best Producer and Goldbee for Best Investor/Distributor.

The Cartoon Forum pitch sessions this year included eight Spanish animated television series.

Variety reports Nico Matji, President of Diboos, the Spanish Federation of Animation Producers and Visual Effects Production Companies, saying: “The eight magnificent Spanish series demonstrate the wealth of knowledge and talent that Spain has generated since we started developing the industry in the 1960s”.

Spanish projects at Cartoon Forum 2022:

Bertie’s Brainwaves

Bertie’s imagination is so powerful it cannot be contained. The things he imagines spring from his brain and become real, transforming the world around him. Based on the “Dirty Bertie” books which have sold over 1.7 million copies worldwide, Bertie and his best friends are thrown into bizarre adventures.

Produced by In Efecto and co-produced by Flickerpix (UK).

Best Friends Forever…Stuck!

Frank, a rooster with smart pants, finds himself stranded on a remote island with his faithful pig companion Chops. They form a unique bond with a vegan crocodile named Charli and experience crazy and bizarre adventures together.

Produced by Peekaboo Animation.


“Primeras” (Firsts) is an anthological and animated show retracing the life stories of women around the world who have become pioneers in fields hitherto reserved for men.

Produced by TV ON Producciones, co-produced by Tippo Creative Lab (Chile).

Mervin’s album

Mervyn, 10, is able to enter the world inside postage stamps. From Tesla to Titanic, dragons to aliens, Mervyn visits everything and everyone ever depicted on stamps.

Produced by Kick the Door Productions, co-produced by BigB (Germany).

My brother is a T-Rez

Coco is a six-year-old girl who loves creating stories. Along with his messy little brother who happens to be a big pink T-Rex, they embark on many problem-solving adventures using imagination and craftsmanship.

Produced by Mr Klaus Animation Studio, co-produced by Lusco Fusco Animation (Portugal).

Polka Dot Zebra

Bella is a zebra who was born with dots instead of stripes. After struggling with self-esteem, the Lunares clan helps her regain her pride. Next, Bella is dedicated to showing the world that diversity is natural and that without it, the world would be very boring.

Produced by Sygnatia, co-produced by Bro Cinema (Portugal).

The little orchestra

The little orchestra is a series that celebrates music. We all love songs… but what are they made of? Why do they make us feel what they do? It’s a bit of a headache, but don’t worry, The little orchestra came to unravel the mystery!

Produced by Mago Audiovisual Production, co-produced by Apus Animación y Contenido (Peru) and Chucho TV (Uruguay).

Zoey Oceans

Five years ago, Zoey’s father went missing at sea, but the cargo of rubber ducks his ship was carrying turned up in the most disparate places on earth. Zoey remains hopeful of one day finding her father and searches for him in her amphibious vehicle.

Produced by Studio Kimchi.

Source: Cartoon Forum

Whitney Whitener's photo

Whitney is a freelance writer who focuses on visual effects-driven fantasy movies and television as well as preschool animation.

Popular Uses of Personal Loans | Accelerate lending


Good reasons to use a personal loan

You can use funds from a personal loan to pay for anything. But some of the best uses include paying off credit card debt, covering unexpected financial emergencies, or financing the cost of home repairs.

Here are some of the most common reasons for using a personal loan.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is one of the most popular uses of personal loans. It’s no surprise: many credit cards charge interest rates of 19% or more. If you’re racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt, those high interest rates can skyrocket the amount you owe each month.

This is where personal loans can help. You can take out a personal loan and use the money from it to pay off your high-interest credit card debt. You will then repay your personal loan in regular monthly installments.

It’s a smart financial move if you can get a lower interest rate on your personal loan than you’re paying on your credit card debt. Suppose your credit card charges you an interest rate of 18.99%. If you qualify for a personal loan with an interest rate of 10.3%, you can save a significant amount of interest by swapping your higher rate credit card debt for a personal loan.

Just make sure you don’t run up debt on your credit card again. This will leave you in an even worse financial situation, as you will now have a personal loan to pay off in addition to your new credit card debt.

Home improvements

You need to finance minor repairs or improvements to your home, but you don’t have enough equity to qualify for a home equity loan Where cash refinance? A unsecured personal loan can help.

Many homeowners turn to home equity loans or cash refinances to cover the cost of expensive home repairs or upgrades. But to take out one of these loans, you will need sufficient equity in your home. If your home is worth $250,000 and you owe $100,000 on your mortgage, you have $150,000 of equity to borrow against in the form of one of these types of loans.

But what if you just bought your home and haven’t accumulated enough capital? Or what if you have no equity in your home? If your home is worth $250,000 and you owe $245,000 on your mortgage, you may not have enough equity to take out a home equity loan or cash refinance.

Instead, however, you can apply for an unsecured personal loan. An unsecured loan is one in which you do not put up any collateral. In a home equity loan, your home is your collateral. If you don’t repay your loan, your lender can take foreclosure action against you and possibly take your home.

With an unsecured loan, your lender has no collateral to take if you stop making your payments. This makes these loans riskier, which is why lenders usually charge them higher interest rates.

You can, however, use a personal loan to pay for small to medium-sized repairs and improvements to your home. Your interest rate will be higher than with a home equity loan or cash refinance. But these are options if you don’t have enough equity.

Moving expenses

Moving to a new home is not cheap. ConsumerAffairs estimates that it costs between $600 and $1,000 to hire movers for a local move, a move from one location in your state to another. Moving to another state, however, can be more expensive: ConsumerAffairs estimates that it costs an average of $5,000 for a move that crosses state lines. The costs of such a move can climb to $10,000, according to the publication.

It can be difficult to pay for these expenses out of pocket. A personal loan can give you the money you need to meet moving expenses such as hire professional moversbuying packing supplies, renting a moving truck or buying new furniture.

Unexpected bills

No one likes unexpected expenses. And when these expenses are unavoidable emergencies? They are even more unwelcome.

Those unexpected bills are another reason people turn to personal loans. Taking out a loan with an 11% interest rate is a better choice for paying off unexpected emergencies than putting those surprise expenses on a credit card that charges 19% interest.

Some of the unexpected expenses you could cover with a personal loan include:

  • Medical bills
  • Car repairs
  • Funeral expenses
  • Job Loss
  • Unexpected trip

Major purchases

Need to make a big purchase, like new furniture for your apartment or a new computer for your freelance career? A personal loan might be a better option than putting that big expense on a high-rate credit card. interest rate. A personal loan is also a better choice than emptying your savings account to pay for a major purchase. If you deplete your savings, you are vulnerable if you face unexpected expenses.

Vehicle financing

If you need to buy a car and your credit rating is too low to qualify for a traditional car loan, a personal loan can help. Since personal loans charge higher interest rates than car loans, you can usually qualify with a lower credit score.

However, using a personal loan may limit the type of car you can purchase. Personal loans tend to have lower limits than traditional car loans, which limits the cost of your new car.

Wedding expenses

The average cost of a wedding reached $28,000 in 2021, according to Knot’s Real Weddings study. That’s a lot of money. If you need help paying for that DJ, caterer, dress, and reception hall, a personal loan could help.

AIM Center Honors Co-Founder, Late Bonnie Currey-Stamps With Public Sculpture


All are invited to attend the unveiling of “Positive Space,” a sculpture honoring AIM Center co-founder Bonnie Currey-Stamps, on Saturday, October 1 at 11:00 a.m. at the AIM Center, Inc. located at 472 West Martin Luther King , Jr. Boulevard here in Chattanooga.

Guests will be able to take a first look at the public art installation which stands as a symbol of hope, bravery, compassion, positivity and change for people in our community living with mental illness. Guests are encouraged to confirm their attendance before September 24, 2022 at 423-521-0105 or by email aimcenterevents@gmail.com.

President and CEO Anna Protano-Biggs comments, “This is an extraordinary piece of public art, one that has taken many hours of love and sweat from our members and partners. working side by side to put it together. Its colorful design reminds us that mental health comes in many forms and can be a story of hope, not despair. Sadly, mental health issues are often limited to whispered conversations in quiet corners, so we’re thrilled to present this project that proudly shines a spotlight on it.

The AIM Center provides employment, education, housing, socialization and wellness opportunities for adults living with serious mental illness. It is a non-medical and non-clinical activity; however, they work with other mental health professionals to provide comprehensive mental health services.

Using the Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, the AIM Center enables participants, members, to develop relationships and create individualized recovery plans while working side-by-side with other members and staff to accomplish the work of the Clubhouse. .

Following the passing of Bonnie Currey-Stamps, co-founder and president and executive director of the AIM Center for 25 years in February 2021, her family, friends and members of the AIM Board of Directors formed a committee to find a way to honor his memory.

In 2006, board member Frances McDonald helped create the plans for the new AIM Center headquarters on W. MLK Blvd. She suggested that a sculpture be placed on the front lawn where it would be a valuable addition to the city’s public artistic presence. This plan was cut from the budget, but the seed was planted. Now driven by a desire to honor Bonnie, revisiting the idea of ​​a sculpture seemed both natural and necessary. In addition, the presence of Judith Mogul at the AIM Center has reinforced confidence in the project. Judith is the facilitator of a major visual arts program at AIM Center, an experienced artist of great stature in the Chattanooga area and beyond, and a facilitator of Mark Making.

Frances McDonald is the Founder and Executive Director of Mark Making, a Chattanooga nonprofit that provides opportunities for marginalized populations to engage in community art projects. She proposed the project to Bonnie’s friends and family committee. They agreed that a large mosaic sculpture would be the perfect way to honor Bonnie and that Mark Making should partner with AIM Center to make the idea a reality. Mark Making’s responsibilities included finding funding, a lead artist, fabricator and contractor for the base (“plaza”) and coordination between these parties. Backers include Bonnie’s husband John Stamps, son Jeff Currey, family friends Alex Fischer, Olan and Norma Mills, and AIM Center member Michael Smith.

Mark Making and AIM Center stressed the importance of all members being involved in the project. Mark Making created a video about Bonnie’s life to educate new members; data was collected to cement an idea of ​​what the members and others wanted the sculpture to look like. Judith Mogul synthesized all of these elements to develop a three-dimensional design that would capture Bonnie’s spirit and her contribution to the AIM Center and community. The design should also be a solid form or support for any mosaic elements to be made in workshops by members, Hamilton County Mental Health Court attendees, and Bonnie’s family and friends. Those unable to attend an in-person workshop had the opportunity to create their mosaic elements using PowerPoint presentations with instructions.

The sculpture concept, based on a drawing of Bonnie by AIM member and artist David Hudson, featured a negative space in the middle of two flat areas. The 12-foot-tall concrete formwork was fabricated by local sculptor Rick Booth. Besides looking like Bonnie, the negative space can also be seen as an invitation for anyone in need of AIM Center’s services.

A total of about 70 people created mosaic elements, including flowers, butterflies, water patterns and celestial bodies, to be incorporated into the landscape-inspired piece. Judith arranged the mosaic patterns and created transitions between the parts by weaving the elements into a unified and dynamic whole.

Members of AIM and the Mark Making team grouted the tiles after applying the completed design areas to the surface of the sculpture.

For more information, visit www.aimcenterinc.org or call 423-624-4800.

Woman finds lost dogs with drones


A woman from South Yorkshire, England has made an incredible impact on the lives of hundreds of people by using her drone pilot skills to find lost dogs. Erica Hart, 40, told the BBC that over the past seven years she had “easily” reunited at least 200 lost dogs with their families.

It all started when she was playing with her new drone near a wooded area and a man told her he had lost his dog. Hart located the dog within 15 minutes. “It went from there, basically,” she told the BBC. “It’s like winning the lottery, it’s absolutely priceless.”

“When I first found that first dog and saw that expression on his face because he had been missing for almost four days, it was just a thing that, yes, I can do something and I can make myself useful and be a pillar for the community and help unite loved ones with their dogs,” she continued.

What’s truly amazing is that she doesn’t charge a dime for her services and rarely accepts compensation unless the job requires her to use a lot of gas. Given that she locates animals that are priceless to their families, she could easily charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for her services.

‘I come home some days and have spent £50 ($57) out of my own pocket and found myself with nothing to put gas in the car to find a dog,’ she said at the Daily Mail.

Her success in reuniting lost dogs with their families led her to create HARTSAR, a Facebook community where people can hire her services to find their lost dogs.

When Hart goes in search of a lost dog, it’s like a military exercise. His drone is equipped with a thermal energy camera that makes a warm-blooded animal easily identifiable in its cooler surroundings. The drone gives him an incredible vantage point that makes seeing a dog much easier than looking on the ground.

From there, she positions people on the ground to intercept the missing animal.

Recently, she helped find Jamie and Leah Hollinshed’s black schnauzer Hilda in just 20 minutes after the couple tried to locate the dog for hours. Time is running out because a storm is brewing.

“What she’s done is awesome. She’s a hero, a real superhero,” Jamie told the Daily Mail. “We had had a few hours without sighting, but she spotted her within 20 minutes. It shows how good these drones can be, we were so relieved when she found it.

Hart’s brilliant technique for finding lost puppies has already helped hundreds of people, but her story could save countless more. This new technology is expected to be used by law enforcement and rescue shelters around the world to reunite people with their lost fur babies.

If every city in the world had an Erica Hart with a drone, hardly anyone would lose a pet.

Hart’s innovation is amazing, but for her, it’s all about animals. “When I post it on Facebook and see the comments, I lie in bed with a smile on my face and understand why I’m doing it,” she told the Daily Mail. “I do it for the love of dogs.”

‘Comedy was a distraction’: Jim Moir on leaving Vic Reeves behind to paint rocks all day | Paint


Back when he played as Vic Reeves, a bit of hubris was part of the joke. The comedian would bill himself as “Britain’s finest light performer”, which nailed his act perfectly: a mix of faded variety show glamor and thin-skinned pomposity (with a dose of surrealism too). But nowadays, the man known to his friends as Jim Moir – he plans to retire his alter ego next year – could genuinely give himself a headliner without the slightest bit of irony. Because Moir has become one of the country’s most prolific painters. This week he will open an exhibition at the RedHouse Originals gallery in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, his fifth of the year so far after exhibitions in Jersey, Penzance, Northampton and London.

Sitting in his studio at his home in Kent, painting, as he does almost every day shortly after waking up, Moir says he feels “wonderful”. He has a rule that he only ever paints when he’s in the mood, so he doesn’t force it. Luckily for him, he’s in the mood 90% of the time, churning out “thousands” of paintings a year.

“Painting is what I always wanted to do,” he says. “Even during the Vic and Bob shows, the art was always there, even when it might have seemed to be in the background. Now, however, I can sit in my studio all day, with my own schedule.

The face depicted in Brimham Rocks (Yellow) is a ringtone for Stay Puft from Ghostbusters. Photography: Chris Morrison

The new show is called Yorkshire Rocks & Dinghy Fights and features “around 57” paintings, each unmistakably moirish, with threads of the Dadaist surrealism it is known for alongside more realistic works. There are David Bowie’s boots – recognizable by the shiny red, almost knee-high platforms made for the 1973 Aladdin Sane tour – alongside the birds, the geology of the North and the people who get rid of the boats.

“My son [Louis] makes movies, and he made a movie about people doing comedy and art. A few years ago he said I should go to Brimham Rocks and he would film me painting something, so I did.

The 180-hectare site in North Yorkshire is controlled by the National Trust and is known for its weather-eroded rocks reminiscent of sculptures by Henry Moore. It’s easy to imagine Moir’s Brimham Rocks 2 as the cover of a ’70s progressive album (the pink and blue palette isn’t a million miles from King Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King), while the face depicted in Brimham Rocks (Yellow) is a ringtone for Ghostbusters’ Stay Puft.

“That’s exactly what I thought,” says Moir, “but if you go, that’s what it looks like. I wasn’t trying to force it, it’s just what it looks like. Everyone should go to Brimham Rocks, you will have things coming out of the deep channels of your mind.

“There are not only fights: there are also kidnappings” … Canal Kidnapping.
“There are not only fights: there are also kidnappings” … Canal Kidnapping. Photography: Chris Morrison

The titular drifter fights, meanwhile, were inspired by a 1963 British film whose name he can’t remember (“not even a B-movie”) – but it did pack a fantastic punch.

“It got me thinking: Where’s the most ridiculous place you can get a punch? Probably on a dinghy. So it’s all as simple as that, really. But it’s not just the fights : there are also kidnappings”, he says proudly.

This is the first time that Moir, born in Leeds in 1959, has exhibited his work in his native county. “I have a very good feeling with this one. I do not know why. But I know how the people of Yorkshire are, and it will be less pretentious than in a London gallery. When Bob and I used to tour, the audiences in Manchester, York and Leeds were always better. Maybe that’s what I’m basing it on. »

With the exhibition almost ready to go and a book of bird paintings now published, Moir has turned his attention to his next project, a Sky Arts series which will see him painting more of his feathered friends. Then, with his wife Nancy, he will travel across the country to see the birds in their natural habitat.

A self-portrait.
Cool Stance Guy Elvis (Self Portrait). Photography: Chris Morrison

The series will feature time-lapse footage of Moir working on his beloved bird paintings, something he doesn’t much like – “your mind tells you you’re going to paint badly and it’s tempting to listen” – but learns to overcome. Plus, if it means he has to travel across the country with his wife, paint, he’ll put up with it.

“If I could tell 25-year-old Vic that he was doing a show like this, he’d be like, ‘Oh, finally!’ When I was 25, my party thing was to get a bird book from Collins, tell someone to open it to any page and I’d tell them what the birds were and all the facts,” he says. “It wouldn’t have been a surprise for all of this to happen, but I would have loved to hear it.”

Moir has been birdwatching since he was little, but says he moved away from country pursuits in the middle years in favor of pubs. “If anything, the comedy was a distraction.”

“If I could tell 25-year-old Vic that he was doing a show like this, he’d be like, ‘Oh, finally! “” … Owl. Photography: Chris Morrison

As his comedy partner Bob Mortimer returns to the BBC for another series of Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing and Moir embark on his birdwatching adventures, it’s heartwarming to see two 90s alternative comedy icons turn into gentler activities. Moir doesn’t think his art show will become as popular as Mortimer’s fishing show (which he loves), but he’s not against the idea.

“Bill Oddie told me a long time ago that if the enthusiasm is evident, you can watch anyone do anything, no matter how much you yourself know about a subject,” he says. “There’s a lot of insincerity these days, so it’s refreshing to see some enthusiasm.”

Maybe he and Mortimer could team up for a fishing and birding show?

“I think fishing used to be the biggest pastime in Britain, but since the lockdown it’s been birdwatching,” he says. “Between us, we cover both bases. I’m drawing a line under philately, but if someone has enough enthusiasm, who knows, it could be great! There must be actors who like timbres, they just have to admit it.

Yorkshire Rocks & Dinghy Fights open September 22 at RedHouse Originals in Harrogate.

HELOC and Home Equity Loan Rates September 19, 2022 | Expect increases after the Fed meeting

We want to help you make more informed decisions. Certain links on this page – clearly marked – may direct you to a partner website and allow us to earn a referral commission. For more information, see How we make money.

Key points to remember

  • Home equity loan rates were little changed and home equity lines of credit (HELOC) rates were unchanged last week.
  • Rates are expected to rise after the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark short-term interest rate this week.
  • The impact of the Fed’s decision on HELOC rates will be direct, but the effect on home equity loan rates is less clear, experts say.

It’s about to get more expensive to borrow against the equity in your home.

And you can thank the Federal Reserve, which is expected to raise interest rates again next week in its continued effort to slow rising inflation.

Inflation has been stubbornly high for months. The last Consumer price index showed prices up 8.3% year-over-year in August, which was higher than expected. This will cause the Fed to keep its foot on the accelerator this week when it raises its benchmark short-term interest rate. The Fed is raising rates to calm demand and try to lower prices. When the Fed raises interest rates, banks also raise rates on products such as home equity loans and lines of credit.

“The disappointing consumer price index further underscores why the Fed will remain aggressive in raising interest rates and that higher interest rates will last longer,” said Greg McBride, CFA, chief financial analyst at Bankrate, which, like NextAdvisor, is owned by Red Ventures. .

Fed officials have indicated they are committed to raising interest rates if necessary to bring prices down. So far this year, the central bank has raised its key rate four times, including two consecutive hikes of 75 basis points. Observers expect another 75 point rise this week. “We’re here for as long as it takes to bring inflation down,” Fed Vice Chairman Lael Brainard said in a statement. recent speech.

Because home equity loan rates are based on the cost to banks and other lenders of borrowing money, they will likely see an increase as a result of the Fed’s decision. For home equity lines of credit, the effect will be more direct – their variable rates are often based on an index that mirrors what the Fed is doing.

“HELOC rates in particular will be at the mercy of how much the Fed eventually needs to raise interest rates before inflation is brought under control,” McBride said.

Here are the average home equity loan and HELOC rates as of September 14, 2022:

Type of loan Price for this week Last week’s price Difference
$30,000 HELOC 6.51% 6.51% nothing
10-year $30,000 home equity loan 7.08% 7.06% + 0.02
Home equity loan of $30,000 over 15 years 7.04% 7.01% +0.03

How these rates are calculated

These rates come from a survey conducted by Bankrate, which, like NextAdvisor, is owned by Red Ventures. Averages are determined from a survey of the top 10 banks in the 10 major US markets.

How does the Federal Reserve affect home equity loans and HELOCs?

Home equity loans and HELOCs are similar in that you use the equity in your home — the difference between its value and what you owe on your mortgage and other home loans — as collateral to borrow money. ‘silver. This means that if you don’t repay, the lender can foreclose on your home.

How you borrow that money is very different.

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans are usually simple: you borrow a set amount of money, get it all in one lump sum, and then pay it back in payments over a number of years at a fixed interest rate. Home equity loan rates are based on your credit risk and the cost to the lender of accessing needed cash.

The rate the Fed should raise is a short-term rate that affects what banks charge each other to borrow money. This hike will increase costs for banks, potentially leading to higher interest rates on products such as home equity loans.


HELOCs are less straightforward. Your lender approves you for a line of credit, similar to a credit card, which is secured by the equity in your home. You have a limit on how much you can borrow at one time, but you can borrow, repay, and borrow more until your draw period ends. You will only pay interest on what you borrow, but the interest rate is usually variable and changes regularly based on market rates.

Many HELOCs have variable rates that follow the preferential ratewhich changes at the same time as the Fed’s benchmark rate.

Pro tip

When choosing between a home equity loan or a HELOC, consider whether you need the money all at once or will need to withdraw it over a period of time. A HELOC is more flexible if you don’t know exactly what you will need or when you will need it.

Home equity loans and HELOCs are becoming increasingly popular

Consumers are increasingly turning to home equity loans and HELOCs, and one of the main reasons is that other ways to turn your home equity into cash have become less attractive. Besides selling your home, the other great way to do this is through a cash refinance, but that doesn’t make as much sense in a time when mortgage rates are higher than they used to be. been since 2008.

Homeowners still have plenty of equity as house prices are still near record highs, despite a slowing housing market. And with the possibility of a looming recession, many are looking for ways to ensure they have financial options to fall back on during tough times.

“As economic uncertainty begins to set in, loans and home equity margins are a very powerful tool because they essentially allow you to take what would otherwise only be possible by selling your home or refinancing to a much higher rate, Nima Ghamsarico-founder and director of Blend, a fintech company.

While the uncertain future of the economy has some people thinking about the Great Recession, Ghamsari says there are several differences between today and yesterday when it comes to home equity loans – which have been one major drivers of the 2008 crash. Home values ​​are expected to remain high due to the limited supply of homes and lending standards are much higher as lenders check borrowers’ ability to pay and limit the amount of equity that you can use. Many lenders require a significant buffer as to the value of the home that can be borrowed.

“Home values ​​are safer and people put a buffer and they do things like check your financial situation,” Ghamsari says.

When should you consider tapping into your home equity?

Home equity loans and HELOCs have some specific advantages over other forms of debt. Because they are collateralized by property, they tend to have lower interest rates. HELOCs have particular appeal in cases where you’re unsure how much money you’ll need, and some owners keep one on hand to ensure they can access cash. if they need it. “It almost becomes like a second bank account for them in their pocket,” Ghamsari says.

The most common use of home equity loans and HELOCs is for home improvements – you borrow against your equity for something that should, at least somewhat, increase the value of your home.

Experts say you should be careful when considering home equity loans or HELOCs for certain uses. One of them is debt consolidation. This can be attractive, as the rates for home equity loans and HELOCs are lower than those for credit cards and personal loans. Some experts say there are other ways to consolidate debt — using a balance transfer credit card or cash refinance — that don’t involve as much risk.

Queen honored in procession, memorial service in Victoria, BC – BC News


Dignitaries including the premier and lieutenant governor of British Columbia joined a memorial service for Queen Elizabeth on Monday in the capital city named after her great-great-grandmother.

The service at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria followed a procession which began at the Legislative Assembly and was led by a Royal Canadian Navy band and members of a 100-member guard carrying their rifles upside down in sign of mourning.

A riderless horse, symbolizing a fallen comrade and representing the Queen’s love for horses, was part of the 1.4 kilometer march with a 21-gun salute to the sound of drums and the sound of hooves.

Beatrice Morrison, 17, dressed in the uniform of the 5th Garry Oak Boy Scouts of Oak Bay, said she stood along the procession route because she wanted to pay homage to the monarch.

“The Queen has been with me since I was born,” Morrison said, adding that she thinks the experience will be a memory she will treasure for the rest of her life.

Many mourners lining the street under blue skies filled the church, where prayers were offered by an imam, a rabbi, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Victoria and the bishop of the Diocese of British Columbia.

Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin suggested that the service recognize diverse faiths in recognition of the Queen’s views on religious diversity.

Prime Minister John Horgan said the Queen had been served by 12 Canadian Prime Ministers and 13 British Columbia Premiers, some of whom attended the service in honor of a leader who exemplified a life of service and dedication. grace for seven decades.

“His face is as familiar as a comforting grandparent. We see it on our coins and on our stamps. photo of my grandmother,” he told attendees.

British Columbia has hosted the queen seven times, including once when she was princess, Horgan said, adding that she has been present at many important moments in the province’s history.

They included BC’s centennial celebration in 1971, the Commonwealth Games in Victoria in 1994 and its Golden Jubilee in 2002, he said.

“These memories will be cherished by the crowds of people who came to greet her. And over the years, the Queen has traveled from Spences Bridge to Kamloops. She’s been to rodeos in Williams Lake and she’s opened the Prince Regional Hospital Rupert.”

During her visit to Victoria in 2002, the Queen was greeted by Snowbirds in the sky and corgis lining the street as she made her way to the cathedral where mourners were now gathering to pay their last respects, a said the prime minister.

Another memory that stood out for Horgan during Golden Jubilee celebrations was the Queen dropping the puck at center ice before a hockey game between the Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks.

“What’s more Canadian than being at a hockey game? But there she was, purse in place, puck in hand. She met Canadian royalty in those days. Wayne Gretzky was there. Olympic gold medalist Cassie Campbell was there. And of course, Hall of the famous Howie Meeker.”

During a visit to the province, the Coast Salish gave the queen a name that translates to “mother of all, respected by all,” he said.

Horgan said he had passed a portrait of the Queen in his office every day for five years, but would be replaced later on Tuesday with a new picture of King Charles III.

How collecting stamps led Alexander Haimann of Chesterfield to meet Queen Elizabeth –


BY ALEXANDER HAIMANN, special for Jewish light

My thoughts following the death of Queen Elizabeth II will certainly not match the grief of millions of people who lived for 70 years with her as Queen. But I would like to share three connections I had with Her Majesty as I continue to struggle with my own grief surrounding her passing.

My first connection is when I became aware of the Queen as a major international figure. I had just started collecting postage stamps at the age of 7 when I learned that Great Britain, from 1840, did not put the name of its country on its stamps. Instead, a representative image of the reigning monarch was all that was needed.

This first stamp issued in May 1840 featured the defining British monarch of the 19e century, Queen Victoria, poised in black ink. It cost a penny.

Since that first stamp known as the “Penny Black”, the monarch has been the main subject of all British postage stamps or is depicted as a silhouette in profile in the corner of the stamp design. As a result, stamps with the head of Queen Elizabeth II, either in silhouette or fully depicted, began to enter my childhood collection.


These weren’t just stamps from Great Britain as many other countries also have the Queen as their Head of State. So, in a short time, I had stamps from Canada, Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica, Solomon Islands and other stamp-issuing countries with the Queen depicted in one form or another.

My second connection is when I realized that Queen Elizabeth II was not only a global stateswoman, but also a major figure in history.

Twenty-two years into my journey as a stamp collector, in 2015, I found myself in Scotland for a work trip a month before the birth of my first child. At Edinburgh station, a television crew was interviewing people waiting for their train. I overheard the reporter asking the interviewee what he thought of Queen Elizabeth II passing her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria (of Penny Black stamp fame) as the longest-reigning monarch. long in British history?

I had about a minute to think about what I would say if I was asked the same question when the reporter held a microphone in front of my face and asked the same question. Judging by his reaction, the reporter clearly wasn’t expecting to hear an American accent.

I noticed that Victoria’s reign from 1837 to 1901 (I have a thing for dates) was remarkable; she influenced the history of this period in ways that are difficult to understand. Queen Elizabeth II also reigned over a tremendous period of change in Britain and around the world, from 1952 to 2022. Quite amazing, I continued, for her to have regularly met with all the prime ministers starting with Winston Churchill and to have met all the American presidents. from Truman to Obama except for Johnson.

My connection to the Queen deepened a bit when I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society of London the following month. Since 1906, the Society has had every reigning British monarch as its patron. The Queen had visited the Society’s premises in London in 1969 for the 100e anniversary of the founding of the organization. For an American who loved history and its many connections to the present, I felt as close as possible to such an important historical figure.

A few years after that moment in 2015, I became aware that Anne Frank had a postcard of Princess Elizabeth taped to her wall in the family’s hidden annex. Anne also wrote about Princess Elizabeth in her famous diary. On April 21, 1944, just months before the family’s arrest, Anne wrote:

Today is the eighteenth birthday of Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York. The BBC reported that she has not yet been declared of age, although royal children usually are. We wondered which prince they would marry this beauty to, but we can’t think of a suitable candidate.

In June 2015, Queen Elizabeth II visited the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where Anne Frank had died. Even today I am struck by how the Queen (then Princess) was one of the last living people Anne wrote about and connected with in her own way during a life cut short by the Holocaust.

My third connection with Queen Elizabeth II is on November 26, 2019 – the day I met her as a person. In September, I had been invited by the President of the Royal Philatelic Society to attend the official inauguration of its new headquarters.

A few weeks before the day, each attendee received a note on required attire, protocol for the day, and instructions for a rehearsal before the official opening.

When we arrived for the rehearsal it was confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II would be coming the next day. We received instructions on how to interact with her regarding protocol. In short, follow his example. If she reaches out, reach out yours. If she starts talking to you, start a conversation. Most importantly, the first time you address her, be sure to use “Your Majesty” and from there “Madam.”

On opening day, when she finally walked into our room, it was surreal. The President of the Society guided the Queen to our group and indicated that three of us were from the United States and began to introduce us. Whenever someone was introduced to the Queen, she extended her hand, so we extended ours to hers. When she shook my hand, I said “Your Majesty” and bowed my head slightly. She then commented on how the membership was clearly quite international in scope.

When I mentioned that “there are over 300 members of the Royal Philatelic Society in the United States,” she seemed somewhat surprised.

‘Well now you all have a wonderful new HQ to visit when visiting London,’ she said. I responded very enthusiastically with “absolutely, ma’am!”

For an hour, she chatted with about 40 people, walked unaided through three floors of the new building, and remember that she was 93 at the time. A remarkable experience that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Alexander Haimann is a proud St. Louis transplant recipient who lives with his wife Sarah and their three children in Chesterfield. They belong to Congregation B’nai Amoona. In his professional life, Haimann is a partner of Less Annoying CRM, a company awarded the Arch Grant 2014.

Whispers in the abbey: how long will King Charles III be able to retain the crown?



Grappling with the loss of its queen, Britain is simultaneously embarking on a process of rapid transition – and it starts with a face and a few key words. Postage stamps, speeches, national anthems: all of this will change in face and verbiage from Queen at King, His majesty to His Majesty, as Elizabeth’s son, Charles III, takes power.

But those differences only scratch the surface of potentially much deeper changes, and a looming sense of foreboding is only whispering, as the nation unites to try to ensure a smooth transition of royal power.

Yet there are questions that will only intensify: Will the aging son pale in comparison to his mother’s standard of living? How far has society come since Elizabeth took the crown in 1952? Will Charles’ past as a prince come back to haunt him?

Let’s put it a little more bluntly: how long will his reign last?

Witty, poised and vivacious, Queen Elizabeth II was a beloved figurehead for the nation, guiding her people from a comfortable distance through seven decades of turmoil and jubilation. Even as the most well-known public figure on the planet, the Queen had a remarkable knack for keeping herself alone – just enough. His interactions with the public were limited, on-camera appearances carefully orchestrated; and when she did speak, it was just enough to keep her subjects and the world attentive, without attracting negative attention.

Wavering popularity in the past

Through it all, Elizabeth boasted record approval ratings for almost every year of her reign, more popular with the public than virtually any other member of the royal family, past or present.

King Charles has had his popularity ups and downs as a prince. Having been in the public eye all his life, the King is in no way new to the whims of publicity, good or bad. His marriage to his first wife, Princess Diana, was a big moment. His infidelity and subsequent divorce – and the subsequent tragic death of Lady Di – was the lowest of the low. The nation and the world seemed to be erecting a wall against then-Prince Charles and his former flame and new wife, Camilla, a wall that never really came down.

Will he do and say the right things?

Now that he is in the top job, the question of Charles’ popularity and the public’s perception of the royal family as a whole is no longer a personal one. It’s political.

In light of the palace’s cruel treatment of Meghan Markle, information about racially insensitive comments by a senior royal seem to suggest that the British culture of passive-aggressive racism can rage in the royal family. This is inevitably linked in public consciousness to the history of British colonialism which led to a series of nations struggle for independence of the crown.

Identity politics, Internet traps

As Elizabeth’s death provides an opportunity to re-examine the colonial past, some Commonwealth nations can start considering end of historical ties, Charles will be forced to meet the challenges in a more direct way than his mother.

Will he do and say the right things? Will anything from his past emerge that could trigger a backlash? Is the internet age a trap for an old-school monarch? Either way, it now falls to a privileged 73-year-old white man to navigate the terrain of so-called ‘identity politics’ that continues to take hold in Britain and beyond.

By definition, a constitutional monarchy is a paradox. It is understood that monarchs are shielded from direct political influence or legislative power. Even so, in her 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth has accrued less tangible power under the reigns of 15 different British prime ministers and more than 150 prime ministers of other Commonwealth realms. Any opinions she had on political matters would have an impact, which is part of why they were so rare.

Environmental expectations

King Charles’ views are much more public than those of his mother: as Prince of Wales, he was active in promoting causes and sharing opinions on a range of topics including climate change, London architecture and even a plus slim monarchy. But he was aware that this would have to change after he became king. “It is clear that I will not be able to do the same things that I did as an heir,” he said in a Interview with the BBC 2018adding that he would not get involved in such sovereign political matters as he was “not so stupid”.

Still, it’s unclear if he can suddenly go neutral. The greatest risk could indeed come from the camps (in particular environmentalists) that he has supported in the past and which may not accept that he is silent as king.

The passing of the crown is a reminder of how important the monarchy is to the British people – fueling everything from national unity to the tourism economy. But it’s also a reminder that everything has been maintained for the past 70 years by the Queen.

Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II stamp

New Zealand Archive​

The example of Spain

For the media, both in the UK and abroad, King Charles is a new story and a new opportunity to reopen old questions. Amid the general public’s distaste for extreme privilege, The New York Times published a presentation four days after Charles took the throne, describing tax breaks and exorbitant personal wealth, at a time when Britain was facing deep budget cuts and rising levels of poverty and food bank use nearly doubledpainting the picture of a king grossly disconnected from his people.

Could the king be persuaded or even forced to abdicate?

But perhaps even more relevant is another aspect of Charles’ privilege: his meaning of privilege. Just during his first week as King, new videos of him appeared chastise the staff and ranting about the pen he’d been given to sign documents. Sympathy may be the most important quality of any modern monarch hoping to maintain the goodwill of his subjects.

Any one of these factors – from his background to his politics to his mannerisms – (or a combination of all of them) could quickly turn the plot against Charles. If the public deemed the new king unfit to rule, could he be persuaded or even forced to abdicate? A sense of duty, if royal rhetoric is to be believed, would demand it for the good of the monarchy.

Spain offers a relatively recent example of a king being driven from his throne, as Juan Carlos’ slow disgrace in the public eye led him to quit eight years ago, passing his title to his son, the Crown Prince. Spain’s current King Felipe VI has a glamorous wife and beloved children that the nation loves to see grow up. He also doesn’t have his father’s luggage to carry.

Sound familiar…? King William V sounds quite pleasant.

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How much are your memories of Queen worth? Experts have their say on which items should increase in value


People wishing to cash in on the Queen’s death by selling their royal memorabilia have been urged to quell any expectation of a big payday.

And anyone tempted to pay inflated prices as a result of the generational event is urged to wait, as costs will come down significantly and quickly.

WATCH IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: How much royal memorabilia items are worth after the Queen’s death

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Charles Leski, of Melbourne-based Leski Auctions, said mundane and mass-produced items bearing the image of the Queen should not be considered more valuable, even if they are antique or rare.

This includes keepsake-type items such as stamps, mugs and tea towels, and even “old newspapers announcing the coronation or a royal visit”, said Leski, who says he was inundated with people wanting to sell their souvenirs from the queen.

“Her passing was obviously not unexpected and she lived a long time, so there are a lot of such items that are treasured in people’s homes,” he told 7NEWS.com.au.

“But they didn’t suddenly become more valuable or more desirable because she died.”

7NEWS.com.au observed seemingly inflated asking prices for Queen memorabilia on websites such as Ebay and Gumtree, including a mug for $50 and a collection of old magazines featuring the Queen on the covers for $100.

Experts believe mass-produced items such as plates and stamps won’t necessarily be worth more after the Queen’s death. Credit: Getty/7NEWS

Items that could earn money

But there could be a decent bargain for people with items that the queen herself likely handled.

“So if she has sent a letter to someone and it is signed by her – there are Christmas cards that she and Prince Philip used to send to their family members, as well only to friends and supporters around the world – clearly there won’t be more of those,” Leski said.

“For people who collect royal memorabilia, having an item that we call a master piece is much more desirable than something that has been created and mass-marketed.”

Leski gave the example of a similar situation when legendary Australian cricketer Don Bradman died in 2001.

There could be value in the items the queen actually handled, like the letters. File picture. Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

“It’s the same as a cricket bat that Don Bradman used in a test match, as opposed to one of the tens of thousands he signed as mementos or keepsakes,” he said. he declares.

“If you can find one that’s genuine and has been used in a test match, then you have something that’s important and probably increases in value over time.

“We saw a flurry of memorabilia hitting the market when Don Bradman passed away, and that actually drove prices down.”

Items at “ridiculous” prices

Auctioneer Mark Duff of Strand Coins said commemorative coins were offered at “ridiculous” prices.

“I started in 1977 for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and I remember shipping literally half a million crowns – 25 pence coins – around Australia. They went everywhere” , he told Channel 7’s The Morning Show.

“These coins today, we sold them for $1.75, they sell for about a dollar (now).”

One of two limited edition 50 cent coins, launched in 2017 to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. Credit: Royal Australian Mint/Provided

Asked why coins such as the Royal Australian Mint’s Platinum Jubilee coin are auctioned online for around $100, Duff suggested it was because of impatient buyers.

“If you’re looking for a memento from the Queen’s reign, hang in there. Don’t buy them now. All these inflated prices are bound to crash,” he said.

“Wait. You might have to wait two years, she was a big celebrity. It might take two years, maybe five years.

“But you will find that these coins will eventually become souvenir value again, essentially. They are not an investment.

“It’s the secondary market that counts. When they come back into the market, that’s when the price can be a bit vulnerable.

“Because the Mint does not take them back. They pump them, they sell them and that’s it.

“The secondary market can be manipulated if the vintages are small but, over time, if you’re talking five, 10, 15, 20 years later, they will become virtually worthless again.”

Items that could increase in value

Jason Feltrin of online retailer and auctioneer Grays Australia is slightly more optimistic, saying the value of some items could rise after the Queen’s death.

“In reality, an item is only worth what someone else is willing to pay,” he said.

“These kinds of times, people list items thinking they’re going to get a higher value, but not necessarily at the end of the day.

“I guess only time will tell.

“But generally speaking, anything related to the Queen will increase in value over time.”

Cerebus Blacks Up For Cerebus In Hell’s Three-Wheeler Annual



Marvel Triple-Action was a ’70s Marvel reprint comic that republished ’60s issues of The Avengers and Fantastic Four to a new audience that actually started out oversized but suddenly wasn’t anymore. David Sim not quite sure why he the b=parody in the last cerebus in hell one-shot but it is. Dave Sim has, in recent years, taken his much-loved 300 numbers Cerebus graphic novel and turned it into the ridiculed-then-mostly-ignored Cerebus in hell. A series of cut-and-paste one-shot strips using his own work and that of Gustave Colombealongside the likes of Carson Grubaugh and David Birdsong railing against and mocking what he sees as the moral deficiencies of society and comics, with a series of Cerebus in Helcomics. And with each one-shot tries to parody some aspect of comic book and comic book history in its cover and name, hoping to get some muddled sales along the way with a new issue a. And, drop by drop, destroys what remains of his reputation as a creator. And that problem seems to continue that way, with a “blacked out” Cerebus Black Widow spouting stereotypical racial language on the cover. What happened, Dave? Here are the December 2022 arvark-Vanaheim solicitations and solicitations.

(W) David Birdsong, Dave Sim (A) Gustave Dore (A/CA) David Birdsong, Carson Grubaugh, Dave Sim
Dave Sim wrote the original title for this one: So Long He Can’t Remember. It was a parody of Marvel Triple Action, so there was Three-Wheeler somewhere. If the reproduction of the cover postage stamp is not too small, you may be able to read it. But for diamond inventory purposes, Three-Wheeler’s annual number 1 is what it’s called. Don’t miss the first (and, God willing, last) appearance of “From For True Black Widow.” Cerebus’ head with shoe polish all over it (Hey! It worked for Justin Trudeau!) projected in green on a drawing by Carson Grubaugh of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Equity now!
In store: December 28, 2022
PDS: 8

(W) Dave Sim (A) Gerhard (A/CA) Dave Sim
Aardvark-Vanaheim is proud to present the 16th volume in the Cerebus series, carefully and lovingly digitally remastered! Collecting issues 289-300, the comic’s 6,000-page debut graphic novel conclusion is now reprinted for the first time since 2004, fully and carefully restored page by page from the original art plates! Follow Cerebus’ last day on Earth as he deals with debilitating pain, memory loss, political turmoil, indigestion and incontinence in a world he no longer understands, all while waiting for her son to come visit her! Includes full annotations by Dave Sim.
In store: December 28, 2022
PDS: 30

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Things you didn’t know you could do with a personal loan


Personal loans are installment loans with fixed monthly payments. Although they generally require you to have a good credit score to qualify, they can be a great choice for consumers who need some flexibility in how they spend their money.

Personal loans also tend to have lower annual percentage rates, or APRs, than traditional credit cards. According to The latest data from the Federal Reservein May 2022, the average interest rate for a 24-month personal loan was 8.73% while the average APR for interest-bearing credit cards (for cardholders who carried a balance) was 16, 65%.

If you’re considering taking out a personal loan to cover medical bills, home repairs, or other expenses, Select provides a more detailed look below at what you can and cannot use to pay for a personal loan.

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A few caveats about personal loans

The major advantage of a personal loan is that it is a lump sum of money that you can use to pay for most types of expenses. Many personal loan companies will provide you with the funds within a few business days, while some of them offer loans of up to $100,000.

There are, however, certain things that you are not allowed to pay with a personal loan. Check with your personal lender to see if there is anything specific they say you cannot use the funds for, as the lender may require you to repay the entire loan immediately with interest if you choose to. use it to cover prohibited expenses. .

Notably, most personal loans generally cannot be used to pay tuition, make a down payment on a home, or cover business-related costs. For this type of expense, it is better to opt for other types of credit or pay cash instead.

What can personal loans be used for

Other than that, personal loans can be used to pay for many things including wedding expenses, home repairs, medical expenses, a new car, moving expenses, household appliances, equipment. exercise and furniture, among other expensive items.

Personal loans can also be used for debt consolidation. With a debt consolidation loan, the new lender will pay off all your existing accounts, whether credit cards, student loans or other personal loans – you are then responsible for paying the personal lender a fixed monthly payment.