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30 Best American Horror Stories Episodes Ranked



“Boy Wonder” is a delight for “AHS” fans for many reasons. While the end of Episode 3 brought back the “Coven” witches, this is the first episode that fully brings the worlds together. “Boy Wonder” gives fans more of all things great, like Billy Porter, “Coven” style silent movie flashback footage, sketchy demons, boy band infighting, glamorous capes, Stevie Nicks and the murder of Robot Mom.

In a surprise from the past, Coco St. Pierre and Mallory are clan witches in the days before, and Coco is a magical gluten finder. As a discolored Cordelia faces apocalyptic visions and worries that Michael is the next Supreme, the so-called Antichrist, in cahoots with wizards, gives the Seven Wonders a ride. And in one of the most rewarding moments of the series, as part of the test, he picks up Misty Day from Hell, where she’s been since she failed that same wonder.

As the revelations come to light and the final plans are worked out, the episode continues to give with the return of the White Witch to serenate and heal the souls of the witches with “Gypsy”. Cordelia speaks for all of us when she tells Misty, “I’ve known you for such a short time and I’ve missed you forever.” But the best gift of the episode comes when Madison is ordered to visit Murder House to find out more about Michael.