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7 Inexpensive Gifts That Don’t Look Cheap


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Finding the perfect gift isn’t easy for everyone.

Some may need extra help finding great gifts for those on their list. Ideally, the gift should also not look like something you pulled out of your closet. While it doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive, it should feel valuable to the gift recipient.

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We’ve rounded up the best cheap, yet chic gifts you can buy this year.

Colored glassware

Courtney Mason, general manager and vice president of The Spruce, said one home decor trend in 2022 is still going strong, colored glassware. Consider buying a set of shatterproof wine glasses as an affordable gift, especially for the party hosts or poolside sippers in your life.

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coffee press

Do you know someone who loves coffee? Mason recommends buying a budget French press, found at stores like West Elm, for their simple, eco-friendly approach to daily coffee routines.

Ceramic coffee mug

A coffee mug goes very well with a French press. Katie Holdefehr, associate editorial director at Real Simple, said a beautiful ceramic mug, especially a reusable mug, can save hundreds of single-use mugs from landfill. Such a mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe, which means that coffee mugs can easily be reheated as needed.

“It’s the smallest details, like the satisfying weight and organic texture of the ceramic mug, that make a ritual as simple as sipping coffee an everyday luxury,” Holdefehr said.

Shower steamers

Many people will give bath bombs to loved ones as a luxurious way to relax and unwind. If you have friends who are constantly on the go, Holdefehr recommends treating those friends to a set of shower steamers instead.

Shower sprays are usually sold as a set and made with essential oils. The moment the hot water hits these essential oil infused bars, it releases the scents and sets the mood for the entire day.

Simple syrups

Looking for an alternative to buying a bottle of wine for a friend or family member? Betsy Cribb, Homes and Articles Editor at Southern Living, recommends giving simple syrups.

Cribb recommends the organic syrups sold by Daysie, which come in flavors such as coconut and Madagascar vanilla. Cribb said these would elevate even the most basic cup of coffee and make a thoughtful hostess gift.

Sherpa slippers

Sherpa slippers are a win-win for gift givers and recipients. These slippers are fashionable, economical and comfortable to wear.

“When in doubt, make yourself comfortable,” Mason said. “You’ll ensure a happy recipient at the end of the day, no matter who you give it to.”

Hand cream

“A really nice hand cream is one of those little luxuries that everyone appreciates, but so few people are going to splurge on themselves,” Holdefehr said. “Go ahead and give your loved ones the indulgent extras they deserve.”

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