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A cinematographic traffic jam and a “blow in the blow” in Mali


This week on The sound kitchen you will hear the answer to two quizzes: the number of films waiting to be screened in France and the names of the actors of the recent “coup dans le coup” in Mali. There is news and letters from the listener, the music chosen by The kitchen of sound ‘s engineer producer, musician Erwan Rome – and of course, the new quiz question too. Just click on the “Audio” arrow above and enjoy!

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Quiz from last week (June 19): The quiz you were to hear last week was about movie theaters in France. I asked you on May 22 how many films have been waiting to be shown in theaters that have been closed for six months due to the pandemic.

The answer is: 400!

The winners are: Ms. Nafisa Khatun, President of RFI Mahila Shrota Sangha Club in Hariharpara, India; Miss Tina Khatun, member of the International DX Radio Listeners Club in Murshidabad, India, and two members of the RFI Listeners Club: S Rakesh from Tamil Nadu, India, and Omoefe Onoriobe from Houston, Texas. Finally, the English listener of RFI Ajharul Islam Tamim from Kishorganj, Bangladesh.

The quiz of the week: On May 29, I asked you a question about Mali: the interim president and the prime minister were arrested on May 24 and were being held in a military camp near Bamako.

This situation has been described as a “coup d’état within a coup” because there had already been a coup d’état last August. The two men who were arrested by the military last month led the country in a transitional government towards elections slated for February next year.

I have asked you to send me the names of the two men – the acting president and the acting prime minister – who have been detained. You also had to send the name of the colonel who heads the military junta and who was acting vice-president until the “blow in the blow”.

The answer is: The name of the former interim president is Bah Ndaw. The former interim prime minister is called Moctar Ouane. The name of the head of the military junta, who was then vice-president of the interim government, is Colonel Assimi Goita.

Ndaw and Ouane both resigned and the Constitutional Court of Mali appointed Goita as transitional president.

The winners are all members of the Radio Zeater Club: Warie Porbeni, the founder and president of the club, who lives in Barcelona, ​​Spain; Mr. Joe Ossy, also from Barcelona; Dr Joan Cartwright of Boynton Beach, Florida; Pastor Keji Hamilton from Lagos, Nigeria, and Mr. Jimmy Johnson, also from Lagos.

Congratulations to the winners!

Here’s the music you heard on this week’s schedule: “Out of Nowhere” by Johnny Green and Edward Heyman, performed by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli; traditional kora music from Mali performed by Mamadou Diabaté; “The Flight of the Bumblebee” by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov; “Square One” composed by Alexa Tarantino and performed by the Diva Jazz Orchestra, and “Que Llegue el Domingo”, sung by Estrella Morente.

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