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Backpacker Radio #135 | Hiking on the PCT: logistics, preparation and equipment advice


IOn today’s episode of Backpacker Radio, presented by The Trek, we dive into all things Pacific Crest Trail. This is another panel featuring our hero and fellow PCT hiker, Elise Ott aka Sauce, and we share our top tips for training, logistical preparation, gear tips, dates ideal starting points, pace, handling extreme temperatures, and more. . If you’re planning a long-distance hike on the PCT, whether it’s a section hike or a traverse, you’ll get some great insights from it. We end the show with a slew of segments to celebrate Backpacker Radio’s four-year anniversary, including trivia, listener voicemail, Trek propaganda, and more.


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Panel PCT with Chaunce, Badger and Sauce

Timestamps and Questions

00:05:45 – DAILY: What has been your most iconic Backpacker Radio moment over the past 4 years?

00:12:13 – Reminders: Announcement of Elise and internship opportunity

00:18:30 – Mara thinks she’s fired

00:27:35 – Presentation of the PCT panel

00:21:16 – Chaunce tip #1: No bulking seasons

00:38:00 – Tip #1 from Elise: Don’t plan too much

00:43:27 – Zach Tip #1: 3 steps to prepare

00:49:20 – Zach’s advice heading south: It’s all about timing

00:52:38 – Having a good diet on the trails

00:53:52 – Zach’s healthy food recommendations for hiking

00:59:48 – Chaunce tip #2: Ship food over PCT

01:04:50 – Pack snacks/drinks to boost morale

01:08:15 – Tip #2 from Elise: PCT start dates

01:14:20 – Elise’s snow experience in September

01:20:30 – Zach tip #2: Heat training

01:29:37 – Electrolytes in the desert

01:32:00 – Equipment Setups

01:32:14 – What tents did everyone use?

01:43:33 – What is everyone’s sleep pattern?

02:00:40 – What backpacks has everyone used?

02:10:40 – Is the BPR team outdated with their equipment?

02:21:00 – Voicemail question: What is your opinion on PCT replenishment?

02:30:38 – Elise’s advice for a snowy year: collaborate with a group


Top 10 BPR cities

Countries with 1 BPR download

4 years of quiz answers

  • Dragonfly = 4 weeks, Flies = 4 months, Guinea Pig = 4 years
  • Who is the 4th richest American? Oracle’s Larry Ellison
  • What hike did Jabba complete in 2018? Colorado Trail
  • You have $4 for a meal, what do you buy?

4 propaganda articles on the subject of the trek

5 star review

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