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Bangabandhu 2021: The first virtual international philatelic exhibition recognized by FIAP



Photo: Bangladesh Philatelic Federation


Photo: Bangladesh Philatelic Federation

For several decades, the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) has been organizing the largest philatelic exhibitions in Asia, but since the start of the pandemic, it has stopped. However, for the first time it was held virtually with the Bangladesh Philatelic Federation (BPF) as the organizer. It is also the first time that Bangladesh has hosted such a large-scale stamp exhibition on the international scene.

In order to celebrate the golden jubilee of our independence as well as the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the Father of the Nation in an extended year, the event has been titled – Bangabandhu 2021.

“This is an important milestone for Bangladesh as we were able to host such a large international stamp exhibition for the first time! This opportunity was given to us because we were technologically ready, ”said Mohammed Monirul Islam, exhibition coordinator at Bangabandhu 2021 and director of international affairs at BPF.

The exhibition was opened virtually on December 10 by Mustafa Jabbar, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of the Government of Bangladesh, with Md Khalilur Rahman, Secretary of Posts and Telecommunications as special guest. Alongside, Dr Prokob Chirakiti, President of FIAP and Professor Dr Kazi Shariful Alam, President of BPF were also present at the event.

The exhibition will run until December 30, 2021.

In addition to the 17 Asian countries that participated, four others, being Canada, Portugal, Spain and Guatemala, also participated. The jury committee was made up of 21 jurors from 16 countries and the certificates and awards awarded are all internationally recognized.

Among the 160 exhibitions representing around 560 executives, some stood out from Bangladesh. The exhibition, Post Liberation Provisional Issues of Bangladesh, which showcases the country’s stamps just after the 1971 war, received a prestigious Large Vermeil award.

Another exhibition by AHM Faizur Rahman, which received a large silver prize, featured stamps from Bangladesh on the UN. A striking exhibition by Shamsul Alam titled “Bangabandhu and Bangladesh” won another Large Silver award. It was reminiscent of the history and relevant role of Bangabandhu upon our release.

Bangladesh’s philatelic scene has made massive strides, especially in the past two years despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The reception of Bangabandhu 2021 in Bangladesh was indeed important for us, which further attested to the philatelic scene of our country.

Exhibition link: https://bangabandhu2021.com