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BBB sees growing number of student loan consolidation scams



GREEN BAY, WB (WBAY) – Students are still looking to save money, but a wave of scam reports should force anyone paying off student loans to be extra careful.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​of Wisconsin has had an alarming number of reports of student loan consolidation scams.

“We see a lot of reports from scam hunters – in Wisconsin in particular – about bogus promises of student debt consolidation. People are apparently getting text messages for this, ”says Susan Bach of the Wisconsin BBB. “Report them to the scam tracker, we are following them very vigilant, we want to make sure that people (are) aware of this in the area as it is happening to Wisconsinites. Again, if you are interested in or need to consolidate your student loan debt, go to a legitimate government website, which is Studentaid.gov. ”

Another warning for consumers – be careful what you share online when posting back-to-school photos.

Kids holding charts with details of their first day of school might attract more than friends and family.

Grand Cute police warned parents to be careful of what they share – too detailed information could open the door to a scam or someone who might want to hurt your child.

Travis Waas, a community resource officer from Grand Chute, says a predator might say, “I know you! Your favorite color is blue, you love donuts, and your birthday is April 25th. I know your mom! ‘

“It creates that false sense of security with this person who really shouldn’t be with your child,” Waas adds.

Police say to be safe, don’t share your child’s last name, grade, school, teacher’s name, or possible safety questions in your photos.

Stick to the basics, like your child’s first name and the current year.

Some information can be related to passwords, so think before posting and keep it basic.

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