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Become a marketplace of choice in the builder/creator economy


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In the wake of work trends accelerated by the pandemic, including increasingly distributed workplaces and the Great Resignation, comes the builder economy, says Christopher Gonzalez, chief financial officer at A-Team. These are the people working for themselves, designing and building new products and services used in the real world. While in the gig economy, workers are commoditized within platforms, builders, like digital media creators, are carving out their own niches.

There are a lot of macro trends driving this forward, maybe faster than people realize,” Gonzalez says. “People who are highly skilled and comfortable in their ability to find work will, again, bet on themselves and work effectively for themselves, be self-reliant, control their own destiny.”

These builders are looking for platforms that can spotlight, market and help sell their work, Gonzalez says, helping accelerate their businesses to scale without the overhead of doing it themselves, and with the added bonus of a partner who has the expertise to help them. quickly settle in and get out into the world.

The most successful commerce platforms are those that have built ecosystems that give these builders and creators of the wider digital economy the opportunity to become a merchant and share what they are passionate about, regardless of form it takes, says Paco Suro, GM, Global Partner Payments, Tipalti.

“What platforms need to focus on is the front of the house, the product offering, the ecosystem that they’re trying to build,” Suro says. “Long-term builders not only want to make sure they can get paid in their geography and currency, for example, but they want to look back and have self-service reporting and feature sets, the ability to perhaps choose how they are paid over time.

Platforms like Tipalti simplify and abstract the back-office experience, integrating it cleanly into the partner interface, so things like taxes and financial reporting are as simple and integrated as possible.

“The more we can do to create that scalability, efficiency, and optimization in the back office, the less resources you have to spend on it, the less time and effort, and the more our customers can get out there and keep selling and building. their platforms and their ecosystems,” he says.

Create a premium experience for partners

A-Team, a global talent marketplace that connects companies with engineers, product managers, and designers for technology projects, has grown by leaps and bounds since launching in 2020 and going public in 2022. They have discovered that it was a relatively new solution. company, there is a barrier of trust to cross when customers approach them for the first time. Branding did an awful lot of work there, Gonzalez says.

“To have a completely personalized experience seamlessly integrated into our product, where they don’t log in to one place and then have to log in separately to another place to add banking and payment information, all in one place within the framework from the A – The team’s experience was crucial,” he says.

These digital platforms for the builder and creator economy — the platform partners — are really about audience engagement, Suro adds. These creators have created a brand and must now meet supply and demand. They should have a great experience when associating with a marketplace or platform, and also feel they can trust it.

“They need to be sure that the platform gives them extensive coverage and exposure so they can monetize as an independent partner,” he said. “Without this partner, this ecosystem does not thrive. It’s not part of the equation to create that broad engagement you need to bring users or consumers to those services. »

Building trust and confidence

Having a trusted platform is another guarantee of credibility. Customers are more comfortable trying their luck on a global product knowing they will be paid in their own currency, without having to go through any steps.

“Tipalti has allowed us to deliver an incredibly sophisticated and polished user experience to all of our builders,” says Gonzalez.

For example, the Tipalti platform has supported A-Team customers in Ukraine even as the ongoing conflict continues to rage. They allow people to get paid at banks outside the country, and even get paid in another currency, which can be a lifesaver, depending on the volatility of their local currency.

The company has also been able to roll out what it calls guaranteed on-time payments. Many freelancers struggle with not knowing when they are getting paid, as they are often treated like a vendor with terms net 30, net 60, net 90. For any builder with a certain length of tenure, the platform form pays them 15 days after a construction period whether the customer has paid or not, basically taking on the burden of collection from the customer.

“Even this experience was very easy to set up and run through Tipalti. When you think about security, bail, everything related to that, it was a huge boost for our builders and subsequently for our business,” he says. “They allowed us to deliver a world-class user experience, and to do so with relatively little lift.”

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  • Christopher GonzálezHead of Finance, All Risks Team
  • Paco SuroManaging Director, Global Partner Payments, Tipalti
  • Art ColeModerator, VentureBeat