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Belinda, show off a precious corner of your home on video – CVBJ


Belinda confesses to her favorite hobby before New Years Eve | Instagram

Belinda shared a series of stories shortly before the end of 2021 and ended up confessing one of her favorite hobbies to her followers.

the a singer The Spaniard, Belinda, showed even the most personal corners of her house in which she shared, among other details, what one of her hobbies is and how she keeps it so jealously in a beautiful corner of her home. House.

The “naturalized mexican“, born in Madrid on August 15, 1992, opened the doors of her house where, among other details, she shared some of her hobbies, which would perhaps surprise many of her followers, to which she responded through some dynamics on Instagram.

Belinda confesses to a very curious hobby on New Year’s Eve

The actress known from children’s novels such as “Amigos x Siempre” (2000), “Aventuras en el tiempo” (2001), “Complices à la rescousse” (2002), among others, has mentioned that she is a fan. of “scrapbooking”.

During the recordings “the former judge of La Voz “, He showed his entire collection of stickers which he keeps in several drawers in which he has organized them with the greatest care.

“Beli” quite enjoys this activity and judging by the images in the clips, the “businesswoman“You can spend several hours making these handicrafts, which have a very specific space as has been shown to its 14.4 million subscribers.

The so-called “Latin pop princess“He has a lot of memories of his family, and he surely still has a lot of photographs to decorate, and he does it with these illustrations.

This is why the “composer“He likes details like albums since he places the images there to which he adds various stamps from his vast collection.

Without a doubt, the “Christian Nodal’s fiancée“She is a great collector, so at home she has great places for her most particular tastes, another of them is her great wardrobe.

It’s no secret that the philanthropist is also a devotee of fashion, so just look at her wardrobe, which she showed off in another of her Instagram Stories, a space as big as a room reserves the pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories that the performer of “The school girl», Adapts to each of your looks.

Belinda Peregrín Schüll, has a style of her own and when it comes to dressing, she’s a box of surprises, which has become more than clear in the midst of her appearances on the sung reality shows she has seen. participated in recent years.