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Best Samsung One UI 2 and One UI 3.0 themes available in 2021



You can change your Samsung’s One UI in no time. You can get creative and do it however you want. You can change many aspects of your user interface. One of the most customizable user interfaces is the Android skin, and the theme store has a ton of available themes, both free and paid. You can change the lock screen, calculator, calendar, file manager, keyboard, and system user interface. You can even edit system apps. Now we know it takes hours to find something you really love, and we’re here to make it easy for you. These are the best themes for your Galaxy device. Keep in mind that they should run on Android 9 and 10.

Discover our free choices:

1. Black Red

When you love dark themes, you spend a lot of time finding the perfect one. But Black Red is really something else – in a good way.

It comes with:

  • Red accents on user interface buttons
  • Black background, giving the perfect overall contrast
  • The icons are red, giving a unique overall look

You will fall in love with it and its design in no time.

2.purple gradient

This theme is not your usual genre.

It comes with:

  • Purple gradients
  • Accents and tones seen nowhere else before
  • System components, user interface switches – all in dark purple.

It looks different from what we’ve seen so far, but it makes the perfect combination. Its design is clean and elegant and will definitely make your user interface more beautiful.

3. Black lemon

With a catchy name and eye-catching design, it’s safe to say that it will steal your heart in no time. It was developed by

It comes with:

  • Big yellow lemons all over the user interface
  • Stylish dark theme which has good contrast in UI
  • A black AMOLED wallpaper
  • yellow accents
  • Accents and colors that will make your user interface look modern.

The best thing is that it doesn’t mix up text and dialogs like it usually happens with many inexpensive themes. This one is a must.

4. Orange burst

Orange Burst was developed by SHMO Designs. There is no way this theme will not make you love it.

It comes with:

  • Ink blacks all over the user interface
  • Toggle and switches
  • Dialer buttons are orange
  • A minimalist design with different shades of orange

It is the perfect choice for people who love this color. Its design is elegant and perfect for you.

5. NewDay UI BlackWall

The theme was created by Elijah Rabo, and it will grow quickly on you.

It comes with:

  • Clean gray background
  • Golden fonts throughout the user interface
  • A functional and refined design

This theme was paid, but the developers made it accessible to us.

6. Black user interface

A dark mode theme designed to take care of your eyes. It was directed by Lucas Kendi.

It comes with:

  • Samsung supports one UI 1.0 and one UI 2.0.
  • Blue and black wallpapers
  • Elegant design
  • An eye-catching coloring scheme
  • Blue and inky black combination that makes it look great
  • Minimal icons

It gives your phone a very modern look and it is perfect for Galaxy A20, A50, A80, Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

7. SolataUX

The Solata UX theme is so pleasing to the eye.

It comes with:

  • Bright colors
  • Violet and magenta hues
  • Quick toggle switches and settings in purple tones
  • Purple wallpaper
  • The theme and text are white in color which is a great mix

If you like these dark shades then this is the perfect choice for you

8. Plant trees

This one is quite different from what we are used to. It’s a simple theme that doesn’t really work for everyone.

It comes with:

  • Its own design made for nature and plant lovers
  • Green background and accents
  • Green colored wallpaper with plants
  • Icons in different shades of green: from light green to dark green

It’s unique and different and perfect for any plant lover.

9. Dark Sun Stone

Dark Sunstone is based on Dark Mode, but it offers a different approach for its users. It was developed by Italy Code Art AC.

It comes with:

  • Black and brown design
  • Stylishly designed icon packs:
  • Dark Turquoise
  • Dark amber
  • Black amethyst
  • Black emerald
  • Black sapphire
  • Dark coral
  • Dark ruby

10. Black and blue everywhere

This theme was created by the Performance design team, and it comes in 2 variations with small tweaks.

It comes with:

  • Blue tints all over your phone
  • Large numbering screen
  • Raised icons
  • Royal blue on every screen of the system user interface
  • Blue keyboard
  • Quick settings panel in blue tint

It is the perfect choice for all lovers of blue.

Discover our paid choices:

1. Azure

Azure is a great theme for UI devices. It was made by Naveen rai, with minimal style in mind.

  • Black and gray used throughout the system user interface
  • Dark blue color accents on quick adjust knobs
  • The icon pack is stylish
  • Dialer and system apps have big accents

Azure is definitely what you need for a stylish themed Galaxy device.

2. Yellow stripes

What’s not to love about the yellow stripes on your UI screen? The background is all in yellow stripes and it looks fantastic.

  • Black and yellow blend perfectly
  • Icons have yellow colors
  • User interface toggles and switches turn yellow when turned on

It should absolutely not be missing from your collection.

3. Oxygen

Oxygen is probably one of the most beautiful themes of all time.

  • It has a gray textured background on the back of the UI screen
  • It has orange accents for quick setting toggles and for UI icons and buttons.
  • The icon pack blends well with the other elements

If you want premium themes this is the one you are looking for.

4. RedCardUX

RedCardUX theme was developed by Saurabh Gupta, known for their amazing icon packs and themes.

  • A dark theme with red accents
  • The color used is the matte red color, which offers a very high-end design
  • The wallpaper is exceptional
  • Dark gray color for the background, which goes well with the matte red color
  • Icon pack comes with red and black color design

RedCardUX is definitely a great theme to have on your phone.

5. Border

Verge is also developed by Naveen Rai. It is the stylish and colorful theme that makes your phone stand out.

  • Ink black backgrounds throughout the system user interface
  • Icons are different colors, as are toggles and switches
  • Very minimal background with grid lines in the center

If you are looking for a minimalist theme, this is the one for you.

6. Rise UI

Rise UI was created by Lucas Kendi and went viral in a very short period of time.

  • It comes with a nice wallpaper
  • Blue tints and accents
  • The icon pack is stylish and unique
  • Background in gray colors
  • High visibility and readability

This theme is something refreshing and perfect for your Galaxy phone.

7. Neon

We know the Neon theme will be worth it.

  • Its layout is clean and neat
  • Colors blend well with the user interface
  • Neon wallpapers are to die for
  • The icon pack comes in a neon theme
  • Quick-adjust toggles seem to glow in the dark

This theme gives you full neon experience for your phone.

8. Dark lime

Even though it’s paid, it might actually be exactly what you need.

  • It is based on dark themes
  • It is excellent for AMOLED displays
  • Black is not your average black, but absolute black
  • Great mix between lemon and black colored wallpaper
  • Lemon yellow accents are used in many UI elements – from toggles and dial buttons, calendar and calculator.
  • The design of the icon pack is outstanding.

A bit mysterious and a lot of fun, this theme is the perfect choice for you.

9. Gold and storm blue

This theme is the perfect choice for premium Galaxy phones. It looks really good on Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series which run on One UI.

  • It has gold and blue color fonts and backgrounds throughout the user interface
  • Premium but minimal theme
  • The numberer, icons, fonts, system elements and AOD will have a theme

This theme is worth every penny, and it’s perfect for every taste and style.

10. Modern atmosphere

Modern Vibe is so modern and cute, you’ll love it from the start.

  • It has an animated video on the lock screen
  • Pink and blue accents throughout the user interface
  • Dark gray background
  • The icon pack is pink and blue, and it pairs well with the other UI elements

Modern Vibe is what you need for a more modern phone.

Our 20 best themes for your Galaxy device have both paid and non-paid themes, and they are suitable for all tastes, styles and preferences. You will indeed find your perfect theme here.