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Best Types of Office Shoes for Men


When it comes to office attire, you can only get picky about your tops and bottoms. This isn’t the usual place where you can randomly select shoes from your shelves and head to them. You can tell it ends up being a mismatch if that’s what you frequent for your styles. Therefore, making an appropriate choice becomes necessary.

For men, you can always find a pair or pairs that match modern formal attire. These viable office shoes made by different brands include the famous Bruno Marc Loafers and Oxfords. Apart from the duo, there are several others which are also listed below for you to choose from.


Loafers are the typical two-in-one shoes you would need for workplaces, with the fashionista tone. Made in various brands, including Bruno Marc Loafers, men’s shoes are ideal for offices while leaning more towards the business-casual trend. Their penny, moccasin, and canvas varieties are better leverage for the job.

Never worry about taking turns tying your shoelaces again, as the shoes are easy to put on thanks to their sleek construction. The design with a metal bit detail; the statement buckle creates a chic touch to the exterior look. Step into their modest heel with a flexible and durable outsole providing support and stability. Their classic toes ensure a long-lasting hold while providing optimal cushioning and comfort.

Whether with socks or without socks, shoes are suitable for work. Wear penny loafers with black suits to the office to maintain a cool yet fashionable look. Opt for a sole with an excellent color to match the upper parts of the dress. You can also mix the stockings with chinos if they are accepted in the workplace. There are no static rules, because you can always come out looking your best in the right outfit.

Oxford Shoes

Looking and feeling great, Oxford shoes are unquestionably the best office shoes for men who like to breathe fashion in the workplace. You will be satisfied with the choice of these shoes as they are comfortable while being stylish. In them you will attract compliments when worn in rotation with formal men’s wear on work days.

The dress shoes feature a breathable, sweat-wicking leather lining that keeps your feet comfortable all day long. Made with a soft padded latex insole, they provide optimal cushioning with every step in its leather outer material. The lace-up type of closure completes the walking process and provides stability when worn for miles.

Wear the Oxford with dress pants, a winter coat and a men’s dress shirt to express a formal fashion statement. Adorn their blacks with pairs of black socks to exude the hue in its uniform form. You can, however, dilute the color with a white shirt and black tie. For evenings after work, hit the streets in blue jeans in their shades of tan, black and dark brown to make the most of casual Oxfords.

Dress sneakers

In today’s climates, dress sneakers are a unique shoe choice for men to wear in the office. For work and safety, these mesh shoes are ideal walking shoes for work, especially in the long run. Unlike typical sneakers, you can invest your office days in dressy sneakers if you don’t mind long laces.

The dress sneakers feature a mesh fabric upper, designed with textiles and laces. Lightweight office shoes for men feature cushioned memory foam insoles that provide superior comfort and breathability. Privileging ease and stability when walking, their outsole is made of EVA which facilitates traction.

You can indulge in the pleasure of walking in these dressy sneakers to use for office wear. Wear the high-end sneakers with your office outfits in the wardrobe for a comfortable and casual look. Lightweight and versatile sneakers pair well with jeans, chinos or men’s pants. They are the perfect option for work, a night out, commuting or travel.


Oxfords are a unique addition to fit into every man’s shoe rack to complete wardrobe outfits. The shoes are of an emphasis close to office menswear and offer only the best styles for those who have found their way. Although they apparently look like Oxfords, you can easily tell them apart with the drilling of the holes.

Present in the materials of the shoe, lightweight soles provide cushioning and flexibility. With the well-designed laces, you can tie the cord in a knot to maintain a firm hold when worn. While the leather upper material will keep you going for miles, their durable outsole provides traction and stability.

Wear skinny pants, a short-sleeved button-down shirt and a leather wallet for a simple yet stylish look in Brogues. You can wear the trio for a 12 hour shift with regular pants while standing the whole time. Their various hues match quite well with chunky dress socks added to the patterned soles that make you exude elegance in the most elegant form. They are easy to style in their shades of black, brown, white, etc.


With tons of men’s shoes available in stores, we can’t exclude derbies from the list of shoes you should own. Open lace up shoes are ideal for formal outings, including the office and other workplaces. A viable alternative to Oxfords and Brogues, shoes have been in the fashion space for years and stay on trend while being up to date.

Derby shoes come in leather, suede, or fabric, giving you a variety of choices. You can take advantage of the aesthetics and durability of their suedes to complement chic menswear for the office. Team them up for weekday office events with the fashionable lace eyelets stitched to the top of the vamp.

For a simple but formal look, wear a derby suit with a not too deep tie and straight pants. Mix business-casual style by wearing a derby with chinos if allowed in the workplace. If you know their dark and black shades, you can keep the style random on weekdays. A cute exterior look with a brown derby isn’t as far-fetched.