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Billman Estate Sale features vintage tractors, countless collectibles and antiques



Billman real estate sale takes place at 6448 Ellison Road in Twig, Minnesota

TWIG, Minn. – How often do you have the chance to buy a working tractor from the 1930s?

This weekend alone, the opportunities are endless for Northland collectors.

“Tractors, parts, pedal tractors – absolute madness in reality,” said Gregg Billman, son of Donn and Aileen Billman.

Private property is open for business this weekend only.

“The collection of John Deer is a disease. It’s a fever, ”Billman said.

Dozens of clean and restored tractors dating from the 1930s to the 1960s are up for grabs if the price is right.

“When he decided to retire, where we started to take over the business, his passion was the John Deer tractor collection,” Billman said.

Billman speaks fondly of the collection of his late father, Donn Billman.

“People. My dad was a sociable person,” Billman said.

As Billman’s real estate sale kicks off, he says it’s bittersweet to drag his father’s collection around for one last time.

“These tractors came from all over North America. We were in Canada, I’ve been to Louisiana, North Carolina, the west several times, ”Billman said.

The collection has more than 13 years of creation. Billman’s father passed away 17 years ago.

“It was definitely an emotional week and a half putting everything together here,” Billman said.

In addition to putting the tractors in a new location, their house also includes many unique collectibles.

“We come to the realm of antiques. We have a coin collection, a stamp collection, ”said Leanne Stauduhar, owner of Estate of Value. “It’s really amazing. It’s only part of it because certainly the family has kept a lot of things.

Helping sell memorable pieces is part of her job that she doesn’t take for granted.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. I don’t think a lot of people have been to something like this where there are 58 vintage, collectable, restored and working tractors for sale, ”Stauduhar said.

As for the Billman family, this may be the end of an era, but they are happy to share it with other passionate collectors in the Northland community.

“We are certainly celebrating the legacy that our father had created here for sure,” Billman said.

Prior to this sale, the Billmans auctioned over 100 tractors.

The event runs until Sunday, September 19. The house is located at 6428 Ellison Road in Twig. It goes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.