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British couples have offered £1.6k to wed if they marry in Italy


Couples are being offered a grant worth up to £1,650 to get married in a scenic region of Italy in a bid to revive the wedding industry post-Covid. All businesses involved in planning weddings have been hit hard during the pandemic, with couples around the world canceling or postponing their big day until most restrictions have been lifted.

Now, Italy’s Lazio region, which includes the capital Rome, is trying to boost the local economy by offering couples up to €2,000 to get married there. The scholarship is open to local and international couples, provided the wedding takes place before December 31, according to the online booking platform Holiday Pirates.

Couples can redeem the money on any expenses such as the cost of flowers, photography, cake, honeymoon, wedding attire, or catering. However, funding is limited, with €10m available to cover the entire programme, so when cash runs out the offer will cease.

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Local providers must be used for couples to become eligible for the grant. Up to five separate elements can be included as part of the support plan for industries particularly affected by the emergency.

The Lazio region is in central Italy and includes part of the country’s western coast. With so much investment, employment and tourism concentrated in Rome, the surrounding region is often quiet, with large areas of unspoilt countryside and historic small towns.

Further plan details and an application guide are content here.

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