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BUSINESS DOCUMENTS: Rockwell Museum Internship Program; Greylock donates to Diaper Project; new president / CEO of 18 Degrees; Salisbury Bank promotes Downey


Board member Terry Burman and his wife Bonnie are sponsoring the academic growth of students and recent graduates through a paid internship at the Normal Rockwell Museum this summer. Photo courtesy of the NRM Facebook page

Norman Rockwell Museum announces Burmese internship program

STOCK BRIDGE – Norman Rockwell Museum recently announced that the first Bonnie and Terry Burman internship program will be held this summer at the site. Board member Terry Burman and his wife Bonnie sponsor the academic growth of students and recent graduates through meaningful paid internship in the competitive museum field. The 6 to 8 week internship at the Norman Rockwell Museum provides hands-on training and real-world practice in many museum disciplines.

“It is important to support future generations of cultural leaders on a solid foundation more than ever,” noted the Burmese. “We are delighted to support the opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in the arts through this internship program. “

The first batch of interns will work with several departments: conservation / collections, marketing / communications and digital engagement. Students in this paid internship program work remotely and onsite two to four days a week during the summer. They will research the collection, catalog print and ephemera, create digital content, help run on-site and virtual behind-the-scenes programs, write press releases and create social media campaigns.


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Greylock Federal Credit Union donates to the Berkshire Community Diaper Project

Photo courtesy of Berkshire Community Diaper Project

PITTSFIELD – Federal Credit Union Greylock donated $ 5,000 to Berkshire Community Layers Project (BCDP) to help them meet an anticipated need of 275,000 diapers in 2021. Diapers are distributed free to families in need, local shelters, daycares, food banks and through the extensive network of local partners nonprofit of BCDP.

“Under normal circumstances, we benefit from local diaper drives, but we haven’t been able to organize one since February 2020,” said BCDP founder Dr Marie Rudden. “COVID has put an end to these efforts. We need a lot of money to buy the large quantities of diapers needed to get wholesale prices. Greylock’s gift was used immediately to purchase 10,000 diapers.

One in three low-income families has difficulty purchasing diapers, according to the OCDP. In the Berkshires, 2,000 children from birth to five years old receive nutritional assistance from the federal program for women, infants and children and are likely in need of diapers. BCDP is run entirely by volunteers and 100% of all donations go directly to the purchase of diapers.

  • Diapers are not covered by the WIC or Food Stamps, which classifies them with cigarettes, alcohol, and pet food as prohibited items.
  • Families without a washer / dryer should trust store-bought diapers. If they run out of money for gas or a car, they have to rely on expensive convenience stores.
  • Children without a supply of diapers are not allowed in daycare centers, so parents take time off work when they cannot provide them, losing money for their families.
  • The need for diapers is an even stronger predictor of stress and mental health issues in parents than food insecurity. (Smith, et al, Pediatrics, 2013)
  • Children who wear soiled diapers are at risk for rashes and infections; their irritable crying can put them at risk of abuse or neglect from frustrated and depressed parents.


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18 Degrees Announces New President and CEO

Sarah E. Cook. Photo courtesy of 18 degrees

PITTSFIELD – Sarah E. Cook has been named the new President and CEO by the Board of Directors of 18 degrees and will begin his term on July 6, 2021.

Originally from Boston, Cook is a graduate of Princeton University and the London School of Economics. His career has focused on providing opportunities to underserved populations in Boston and most recently in Austin, Texas, where his leadership has focused on creating access to healthcare. Cook brings with his extensive experience in strategic planning and oversight of operations. In addition, her dedication and proven ability to tackle socio-economic inequalities make her an excellent choice to continue the positive momentum of 18 Degrees.

18 Degrees offers education, parenting skills and support, prevention and intervention, advocacy and life skills in a range of programs serving youth, adults and families in four areas: early childhood education and care; foster care and adoption; child and family welfare; youth and community development.


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Salisbury Bank promotes Kimberly Downey to VP, Senior Fiduciary Officer

Kimberly Downey. Photo courtesy of Salisbury Bank

LACVILLE – Salisbury Bank recently announced that Kimberly Downey has been promoted to Vice President, Senior Trustee.

Downey joined Salisbury Bank in 2005 and is based at the Bank’s office in Lakeville at 5 Bissell Street. She has been Chair of the Bank’s Internal Trust Administration Committee since 2014 and obtained her Certified Trust and Finance Advisor (CTFA) designation in 2013. Downey graduated from SUNY-Cortland with a Business Economics Diploma and a master’s degree in administration from Syracuse University.