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Cartoon Forum 2022 to put Spain in the spotlight


Cartoon Forum, which each year honors a country or region for its creativity, style or approach to the world of animation, celebrates Spain in 2022.

Among the eight Spanish projects pitched at the Cartoon Forum this year, Bertie’s Brainwaves is based on the Dirty Bertie books. From In Efecto in co-production with Flickerpix in the UK, the series sees Bertie’s imagination come to life, transforming his world and taking him and his friends on wild adventures.

Best Friends Forever… Stranded!, produced by Peekabook Animation, follows rooster Frank and his pig companion Chops to a remote island, where they encounter a vegan crocodile named Charli. Produced by TV ON Producciones with Tippo Creative Lab from Chile (Chile), Primeras (Firsts) depicts the life stories of women around the world who have become pioneers in fields that were once reserved for men.

In Mervin’s album, from Kick the Door Productions in co-production with Germany’s BigB, the 10-year-old incumbent is able to enter the world inside postage stamps. Produced by Mr Klaus Animation Studio with Lusco Fusco Animation from Portugal (Portugal), My brother is a T-Rex follows six-year-old Coco and her dinosaur brother as they solve problems with imagination and crafts.

Produced by Sygnatia with Bro Cinema in Portugal, Polka Dot Zebra sees Polka-Dot Bella struggle with self-esteem before regaining her pride and showing the world the beauty of diversity. A series that celebrates music, The little orchestra is produced by Mago Audiovisual Production and co-produced by Apus Animación y Contenido in Peru and Chucho TV in Uruguay. In Zoey Oceansfrom Studio Kimchi, the eponymous character hopes one day to find his father, who disappeared five years ago.

Cartoon Forum will take place September 19-22 in Toulouse, France.