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Central Florida 100: DeSantis, evictions and masks



Michael Zais, political blogger for thedrunkenrepublican.com

Last week: BLAME AGAINST COVID-19: The COVID-19 media account of vaccinations represents a deliberate omission of relevant facts and perspectives. They demonize Republicans for slowing vaccination rates, but fail to mention that young people, blacks and Hispanics – all from strongly Democratic ridings – contribute significantly to it. Florida is demonized for its delay in vaccinations – primarily as a vehicle to attack the 2024 Ron DeSantis threat – but for the percentage with at least one hit, the Mayo Clinic tracking shows Florida is 2.6% behind the Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware and performing better than nearly 60% of all states – including several blue states. Pesky facts, indeed.

Looking forward: DOWN ON DISNEY: What happened to our beloved Walt Disney Company? Their endless awakening and signal of virtue is painful enough, but now they are embarrassed in their response to actress Scarlett Johansson, who is suing Disney for breach of contract in their latest film collaboration, “Black Widow.” Johansson alleges that when Disney simultaneously released the film in theaters and online, it cost them millions of dollars. Disney’s response, in part, has been to dismiss the lawsuit for its “ruthless disregard for the horrific … global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Aside from the merits of the matter, Disney’s citing the pandemic in this context is as weak, lame, and pathetic as it is irrelevant.