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Cerebus Blacks Up For Cerebus In Hell’s Three-Wheeler Annual



Marvel Triple-Action was a ’70s Marvel reprint comic that republished ’60s issues of The Avengers and Fantastic Four to a new audience that actually started out oversized but suddenly wasn’t anymore. David Sim not quite sure why he the b=parody in the last cerebus in hell one-shot but it is. Dave Sim has, in recent years, taken his much-loved 300 numbers Cerebus graphic novel and turned it into the ridiculed-then-mostly-ignored Cerebus in hell. A series of cut-and-paste one-shot strips using his own work and that of Gustave Colombealongside the likes of Carson Grubaugh and David Birdsong railing against and mocking what he sees as the moral deficiencies of society and comics, with a series of Cerebus in Helcomics. And with each one-shot tries to parody some aspect of comic book and comic book history in its cover and name, hoping to get some muddled sales along the way with a new issue a. And, drop by drop, destroys what remains of his reputation as a creator. And that problem seems to continue that way, with a “blacked out” Cerebus Black Widow spouting stereotypical racial language on the cover. What happened, Dave? Here are the December 2022 arvark-Vanaheim solicitations and solicitations.

(W) David Birdsong, Dave Sim (A) Gustave Dore (A/CA) David Birdsong, Carson Grubaugh, Dave Sim
Dave Sim wrote the original title for this one: So Long He Can’t Remember. It was a parody of Marvel Triple Action, so there was Three-Wheeler somewhere. If the reproduction of the cover postage stamp is not too small, you may be able to read it. But for diamond inventory purposes, Three-Wheeler’s annual number 1 is what it’s called. Don’t miss the first (and, God willing, last) appearance of “From For True Black Widow.” Cerebus’ head with shoe polish all over it (Hey! It worked for Justin Trudeau!) projected in green on a drawing by Carson Grubaugh of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Equity now!
In store: December 28, 2022
PDS: 8

(W) Dave Sim (A) Gerhard (A/CA) Dave Sim
Aardvark-Vanaheim is proud to present the 16th volume in the Cerebus series, carefully and lovingly digitally remastered! Collecting issues 289-300, the comic’s 6,000-page debut graphic novel conclusion is now reprinted for the first time since 2004, fully and carefully restored page by page from the original art plates! Follow Cerebus’ last day on Earth as he deals with debilitating pain, memory loss, political turmoil, indigestion and incontinence in a world he no longer understands, all while waiting for her son to come visit her! Includes full annotations by Dave Sim.
In store: December 28, 2022
PDS: 30

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