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Children’s Christmas Toys: Technology That Teaches, Including Leapland Adventures, Artie Max



CHICAGO (WLS) – Friday’s edition of Sam’s Toy Box shines a light on technology that teaches kids.


-The LeapLanders are getting ready to celebrate the Gem Festival, but the keys to Clever Castle are missing! Children will go on a quest by playing the LeapLand Adventures learning video game.
– Search for keys to unlock the castle and learn about letters, numbers, shapes and colors along the way.
– Insert the plug-and-play HDMI game dongle and USB power cable into the TV and immediately start playing the video game using the wireless controller. No web login, download or account setup required.
-Choose between two characters and explore Letterland, Numberville, Shapetown and Color Springs.
– Run and jump through progressive and replayable game levels to collect gems, blueberries and treasure chest rewards.
-Replay the game over and over again, collecting additional gems, flags and banners to decorate the castle and celebrate at the Gem Festival.
-Kids can also explore more than 150 learning elements at their own pace by playing the educational content directly in the learning center. Record unique gameplay progress with up to five player profiles.
-Ages: 3+
-PDSF: $ 34.99
-Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart, leapfrog.com


-Artie Max is a new programmable robot that combines the best of critical thinking and creative expression through real coding and colorful artwork.
– Kids have an immersive STEM experience creating a variety of designs by inserting code for Artie Max to draw with three colored pens.
-Artie draws with one pen at a time and changes color in the middle of the drawing!
– Based on the award-winning Artie 3000 coding robot, Artie Max brings even more color, personality and creative coding possibilities to the drawing board.
-Artie Max uses a secure private Wi-Fi connection so kids can start coding right out of the box with easy setup! No internet is needed.
– Features expressive and luminous mouth, LED eyes and emotional sounds while drawing coded art. Now comes with edge detection!
– Ages: 8+
-PDSF: $ 109.99
-Available: EducationalInsights.com, Amazon


-Kids can click and print instantly with the KidiZoom PrintCam.
-Preview photos with the 2.4 inch color screen and immediately print normal or panoramic black and white photos.
-Raise the lens to take selfies or use the camera to take videos.
-The included paper roll prints up to 80 images.
-When the paper is gone, get the KidiZoom PrintCam Paper Refill Pack (sold separately) for three additional paper rolls and two adhesive paper rolls to turn photos into stickers.
– Kids can let their creativity run wild and add stickers, filters and borders to any image or video.
– Turn the photos into pictures for children to color by themselves.
-Browse over 110 designs and activities, including small greeting cards, printable games and more.
– Save your photos and videos in color by transferring them to a computer using the supplied USB cable.
– Use the microSD card slot to expand storage up to 32 GB with a memory card (not included).
-Three video games are included to play between photoshoots. Includes parental controls to set daily time and printing limits on or off games.
-Ages: 4+
-PDSF: $ 74.99
-Available: Walmart, Target, Amazon


-This is not your usual terrestrial globe, it has no names or borders. Instead, it has beautiful icons to represent each region.
-As children scan these icons, 3D wonders appear on their screens!
-Interact with more than 400 wonders in six categories: fauna, culture, cuisine, inventions, monuments and maps of various countries of the world.

-Discover about 1000 amazing facts.
– Play a range of interactive games – take quizzes, solve adventurous mysteries and manage your own national park.
– Visualize the world in 3D, enriched with captivating voices, stories, poems and regional music.
-It has something to explore and learn for all ages. It helps with geography and environmental science and also boosts cultural sensitivity and knowledge of the world!
-Recommended for children from 4 to 10 years old.
-Orboot Earth World Tour comes with an awesome travel kit – passport, stamp and lots of stickers.
-Download the Orboot Dinos app on a tablet or smartphone (works with a range of devices). The free companion app doesn’t have in-app purchases and after a one-time setup it doesn’t even need internet to play.
-Ages: 4+
-PDSF: $ 54.99
-Available: PlayShifu.com, Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club


-This interactive game for iPad enhances children’s learning abilities and stimulates their imaginations.
-Packaged with five game apps designed from beginner to expert level.
-Ideal for children 6 to 10 years old.
-Children learn through visual problem solving, puzzles, math, freehand drawing and they learn listening skills.
-Learn physics and improve spelling and vocabulary.
-Real-time audio and visual feedback helps children learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment.
– Ages: 6+
-PDSF: $ 99
– Available: PlayOsmo.com

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