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City Philatelist Reveals Rare Collection of Gandhi Stamps | Hyderabad News



Hyderabad: A first-day cover published by Indian Posts & Telegraph (now India Post) on Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of the first anniversary of Indian independence is among the rare collections of Hyderabad philatelist Vennam Upender.
Currently working as Head of Vigilance at Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), Hyderabad, Upender has collected over 500 rare stamps and postal envelopes containing Gandhi’s famous quotes.
Some of the rare collections include Gandhi as a lawyer in Johannesburg, a 116-mile march through Bengal in an attempt to stop Hindu-Muslim conflicts, the latest encounter between Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar Patel, the spinning mill, the salt march, the launch of civil disobedience to protest against British rule in India, seven wishes from Mahatma Gandhi, special martyrs day cover with a photo of Gandhi and Gandhi stamp booklets issued by the postal service.
Rare stamps issued by different countries are also part of the Upender collection. Upender was director of the postal service.
Filananias-2021, the virtual exhibition Filatelia Ananias, which took place in Brazil, honored Upender with a silver medal on the theme “Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi-A Philatelic Tribute”. He participated in a virtual exhibition from India. “Maybe this exhibit is unique because I haven’t come across any such exhibit in the country,” Upender told TOI. He said that for over a decade he collected philatelic material, exclusively Gandhi stamps and postal envelopes, along with his quotes. “It is a unique experience to present Mahatma Gandhi through rare philatelic collections,” he explained. He admitted that collecting a variety of philatelic material on Mahatma Gandhi with quotes was a difficult task, but he could be successful due to his passion in the field of stamp collecting.
On Gandhi’s birthday, Upender remembered Gandhi and said, “I pay a philatelic tribute to Gandhiji through my rare collection.