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David Schwimmer’s net worth in 2021: is he richest in Friends? Kenya News



David Schwimmer is an American actor, producer and director. He launched his career in the 1980s but gained worldwide recognition and popularity after his role in Friends. The artist made his fortune from the long-running TV series, and curious fans have investigated David Schwimmer’s net worth.

American actor David Schwimmer. Photo: @ChrisPolk
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How rich is David Schwimmer? David is talented and business-minded, having founded his first company after graduating from college. He has remained constant in the film industry which has allowed him to have a lucrative lifestyle. Viewers of Friends, among other netizens, are eager to know how the actor earns his money. So what is David Schwimmer’s net worth?

David Schwimmer’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, David Schwimmer from Friends net worth is an impressive $ 100 million. The actor earned this amount by acting, producing and directing. Schwimmer is also an accomplished voice actor.

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David Schwimmer’s cars

What cars does this successful artist drive? The actor is said to own a fleet of luxury vehicles, including a Ford Mustang GT, valued at approximately $ 36,120. He also drives a Jaguar XK Sedan valued at around $ 77,740 and an elegant RangeRover valued at $ 92,000.

David Schwimmer’s house

Schwimmer has invested heavily in immovable. In 1998, he bought a Chicago loft for $ 425,000 and then sold it for $ 965,000 in 2020. In 2001, the artist bought a chic mansion in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. He spent $ 5.6 million on the property.

The house spans 11,336 square feet and has nine bedrooms, five fireplaces and a wood-paneled library. The outdoor area has tennis courts and a swimming pool. He put the house up for sale for $ 10.7 million in 2011 and eventually sold it in 2012 for just under $ 8.9 million.

Schwimmer’s primary residence is in the East Village of Manhattan. He bought the house in 2010 for $ 3.9 million. He then demolished the original structure and redeveloped it, replacing it with a five-story brick house.

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How did David Schwimmer make his money?

The theater and speech graduate began his career in Los Angeles. David made a pretty dime out of his efforts in the film industry. Here are some of the artist’s sources of income:


David Schwimmer's Net Worth
David Schwimmer (R) with the cast of Friends. Photo: @NBCUPhotoBank
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David’s initial projects included TV shows like Los Angeles Law, (1986) The good years (1988), NYPD Blue (1993), and Monty (1997). He has also appeared in films like Deadly silence (1989) and Theft of the intruder (1991). David was making money with all these productions. However, it is his role as Ross Geller in Friends it turned the tide for David.

Schwimmer joined the Friends cast in 1994 when the series premiered. In the first season, the cast members took home $ 22,500 per episode. As the series increased its audience, the team continued with joint salary negotiations, which earned them salary increases.

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In season three, the cast won $ 75,000. By the ninth season, the sitcom actors were making $ 1 million per episode, which was the highest paid amount for sitcoms at the time. Unfortunately, the series ended in 2004 after ten seasons.

After the show ended, David went on to land high-ranking roles in other productions. In 2016, he played Robert Kardashian in the first season of American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. Schwimmer also appeared in Feed the beast (2016), Back home (2017), and Intelligence (2020), to only cite a few.

Do Friends the actors are always paid? Yes they do. The frenzy-worthy TV series still attracts huge viewership and can be watched on multiple streaming sites. The six main actors to win two percent of the show’s syndication revenue, which translates into annual revenue of $ 20 million each from reruns.

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In the recently published Friends meeting also saw the cast win a nice salary. Each actor earned between $ 2.5 million and $ 3 million for the hour-long special, which fans can watch on HBO Max.

So who Friends the star is the richest? Jennifer Aniston, who played Racheal Green on the hilarious sitcom, is the richest. She has an impressive net value of $ 300 million. The Hollywood actress is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after actors in the industry.


The 54-year-old has also gained recognition as a film director. David owns the Lookingglass Theater Company in Chicago, Illinois, where he does most of his directing work. His projects include Running Fatboy Running (2007), which earned him a nomination for Best First Director at the British Independent Film Awards. He also directed Fault lines (2008).

Schwimmer made and adapted The jungle (1991) in his Illinois theater and that of Joy Gregory Race: what blacks and whites think and feel (2003). Andy Bellin’s play, Trust (2009), was also performed in David’s Theater, and he directed it. The drama follows a family whose teenage daughter is the victim of an online sexual predator.

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David Schwimmer's Net Worth
David Schwimmer. Photo: @David HumeKennely
Source: Getty Images

Schwimmer is also the voice behind some popular movie characters. His debut was Melman the Giraffe in Madagascar (2005) film series. Melman also reprized his role in Happy Madagascar (2009), Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008), and John carter (2012).

David Schwimmer’s net worth is undoubtedly the result of his hard work and determination. His fans continue to appreciate his brilliant on-screen skills and will be on the lookout for what this wealthy actor will continue to reap as his career progresses.

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