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Deerfield-Windsor graduate Frank Middleton pursues biomedical career with international scholarship



Sep 2 – ALBANY – Frank Middleton, originally from Albany, has become a doctor on his list of future goals, but it remains to be seen whether that title will be followed by ‘MD’ or whether he will pursue a career in the device field. biomedical.

The Georgia Institute of Technology freshman will be assisted in his studies by a scholarship that will cover tuition and other university fees for four years, as well as the opportunity to study in another country.

Middleton, major of her class of 2020 at Deerfield-Windsor School, was one of 229 students from across the country and among 20 in Georgia who received a stamp scholarship among more than 320,000 applicants.

Georgia Tech is one of the 37 partner universities with the scholarship program, and in most of them the scholarship covers the estimated total cost of attendance and also includes enrichment funds that can be used for academic development. and professional, including internships and independent research opportunities in another country. Perhaps the most unique benefit of the Stamps scholarship is the opportunity for researchers to network with an international community of peers and alumni – regional conferences and informal meetings hosted by partner schools at the national convention. Biennial of Stamps Fellows.

“It’s really just a great opportunity,” Middleton said in a telephone interview Thursday. “The (scholarship) is obviously great and really great for the opportunity to study abroad. I think the best thing is networking. I think it’s the most important thing I’ve seen so far. ‘now.”

Middleton is majoring in biomedical engineering and is considering several options.

“Right now I’m considering medical school, but I could also get into biomedical design,” he said.

Typically, applicants for the Stamps scholarship program, now in its 16th year, go through a first round of interviews, and finalists go to the university of their choice for a second round of group and individuals, Middleton said. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the process was virtual.

While waiting to study abroad, Middleton said he plans to build on the six weeks he spent in Chile while in high school.

“I’m really interested in going to Spain, Spain or some other Spanish speaking country where I can do biomedical research,” he said.

The student thanked his parents, Faison and Kari Middleton, for helping him pursue his goals.

“My parents were a big part of my success growing up,” he said. “They always gave me all the opportunities they could afford.”