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Distinguished career celebrated for Linn editor-in-chief Michael Baadke


Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

After more than 28 years as a writer and editor for Linn stamp and Scott Monthly Stamp, Michael Baadke has decided to quit Amos Media, the Sidney, Ohio company which publishes by Linn and the Scott stamp catalogs. His last day was October 8.

As editor of by Linn, Baadke was responsible for several of the key production functions of the weekly publication. In recent years, he has also been the senior reporter for new issues and philatelic auctions in the United States, and has written other news and feature articles on a wide range of topics.

He joined by Linn as Editor-in-Chief in February 1993 and was appointed Editor-in-Chief in April 1996. He became Editor-in-Chief of Scott Monthly Stamp in March 2001 and returned to by Linn staff in 2006.

Baadke is the author of the popular by Linn Column of refresher courses for over five years and wrote the 392 page book The Complete Basics of Linn’s Stamp Collection, published by Amos Hobby Publishing in 2004 and now available as an eBook from Amos Media.

During his tenure as by Linn editor-in-chief, the publication introduced color illustrations to every page in 2007, developed the monthly by Linn magazine which debuted in 2010 and expanded its philatelic presence online.

“Michael Laurence and Elaine Boughner gave me the opportunity to write for by Linn in 1993, and I will always be grateful to them for a career that I have enjoyed for over a quarter of a century, ”said Baadke. “It has been a privilege to work with great people on the by Linn staff and across Amos Media, and with many of the by Linn contributors. “

On a personal note, I have enjoyed working with Baadke for most of my philatelic career. Her invaluable advice over the years has given me a lot.

The editorial team and I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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