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Earn $10 in Store Credit


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Amazon is giving Prime subscribers a $10 credit for doing basic things like watching shows on Amazon Prime Video,


music from Prime Music and borrowing e-books from Prime Reading.

Ahead of Prime Day on July 12 and 13, Amazon launched Prime Stampcard, an interactive program that lets new and returning subscribers collect four stamps to earn $10 off a future purchase.

With Prime Stampcard available to longtime subscribers as well as free trial holders, Amazon is trying to convince new members to stay by highlighting different Prime features in an interactive way.

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How Amazon Prime Stampcard Works

This game-like program requires Prime members to take advantage of Prime’s four main benefits to collect the stamps: free shipping, video streaming, music streaming, and e-book borrowing.

Prime Subscribers who collect all four stamps will be rewarded with $10 store credit. Stamps can be earned between June 16 and July 13.

To participate, Prime subscribers must click the “Activate Stampcard” button on the Stampcard page before beginning.

Subscribers must then collect all four stamps by completing each task:

  1. Purchase a Prime eligible item (at least $5)
  2. Stream a Prime Video broadcast
  3. Listen to a song with Prime Music
  4. Borrow an eBook from Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited

Stamps can take up to 48 hours to show as complete after completing a task.

Remember that Prime Stampcard is not free.

Since Prime Stampcard requires the purchase of a Prime eligible product for at least $5, the $10 credit is more like a discount.

There are a few other terms and conditions to point out. Cancellation of Prime membership will void credit if not already used. Likewise, returning that Prime eligible purchase of at least $5 will also void that $10 credit.

The $10 credit is only valid for items sold by Amazon, not third-party sellers. Entrants must read full terms and conditions before winning stamps.

Prime Stampcard is also only available to those with a full Amazon Prime membership – not to Prime Invitee, Prime Business, Prime Video or Prime Instant Video account holders.

Anyway, for Prime subscribers or free trial members already planning to make a purchase, Prime Stampcard might sweeten some upcoming Prime Day deals.

Amazon if you offer other ways to earn up to $257 in credits on Prime Day

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