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Editorial: Rubber Governor’s Nightmare


Orange Line passengers had to jump for their lives in the Mystic.

A Democratic state representative is leading a petition campaign supporting a ballot question to repeal the law granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. He is applauded instead of condemned by his party.

It comes as the Democratic-controlled legislature remains out of touch with the overtaxed and inflation-stressed citizens of Massachusetts.

Bay State Attorney General Maura Healey is watching it all go well while running for governor with the November election closing like a runaway T train. It’s a good analogy because if no one can slow her down, Healey will be the rubber stamp that Beacon Hill has been salivating over since Deval Patrick took to her curtains and headed into the private sector.

Healey is now being asked to step in and stop his fellow Democrats from bullying petition seekers trying to let voters decide whether the Legislature got it right by giving illegal immigrants a fast track to a license.

Why does she even need to be asked? Collecting signatures asking voters whether they support or reject a law passed by one-party bosses in Beacon Hill is called democracy. We are a blue state, not a fiefdom.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl now joins MassGOP in calling out Healey.

“I call on Maura Healey to do her job and join me in condemning attacks on people collecting signatures for a ballot question to repeal the law granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants,” Deihl wrote.

“I support the right of these signature collectors to exercise their political freedom without intimidation, harassment and physical violence. I expect Maura Healey — who is currently our state’s top law enforcement official — to do the same despite her personal political leanings.

It’s a savvy political move on Diehl’s part, as he’s in a primary race with fellow Republican Chris Doughty, but it’s also embarrassing. It’s a glimpse of the future if Maura Healey is elected governor.

Healey is playing it safe by not making waves during the GA. This is exactly what this state does not need. Massachusetts is home to John Adams and the first draft of the US Constitution. We need bold leadership from those willing to take an unpopular position for the greater good.

Stop bullying those collecting signatures for a ballot initiative. We’re talking to you, say Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton).

He told the Herald more than a week ago that he was proud to protest signature collectors trying to overturn the state’s new immigration permit law.

“I was proud to support the Work and Family Mobility Act and to oppose efforts to repeal the law, sharing my views with voters,” he said as he tried to explain why it shows up in grocery stores while signatures are being collected.

It is very clear that he fears the law will be overturned if everyone – in the privacy of the ballot box – can vote. They won’t have to face hurtful accusations from the left. They can just vote in peace.

Maura Healey has to say it. She must pass to anyone who goes too far – and here we declare that Jamie Eldridge has gone too far.

But we won’t be holding our breath waiting for Maura Healey to quickly condemn her fellow Democrats for overstepping the mark. No. She is totally okay with being Gov. Rubber Stamp.