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Every main character on Amazon is ranked in a league of their own


Position: welder, housewife

Special Skills: Illustration

Clance Morgan isn’t just the most valuable player in ‘A League of Their Own’, she’s the best friend we all wish we had. The newlywed spends the early episodes trying to create the perfect home for her husband Guy and supporting her best friend Max as she begins her new job. Clance demands to be a real character, rather than just the best friend. When Max comes over to talk baseball, Clance is quick to notice that her husband has just left for the war and she has no support to offer at the moment. She is a kind and caring friend who never forgets that her own life matters too.

Obsessed with comics, Clance is also a gifted illustrator and writer. Making comics featuring his friends and family is practically his love language. But what makes Clance the MVP is his sense of humor and pitch-perfect delivery, not to mention his insistence that Dorothy is actually the enemy of “The Wizard of Oz.” With her husband overseas, her best friend on the road and a baby on the way, Clance is going to have a tough time. With Toni’s help, there is no doubt that she will also prove to be a fantastic mother.