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Every P2P personal loan platform open now



The peer-to-peer consumer credit market has seen upheaval over the past 18 months or so with a number of exits and new entrants.

RateSetter exited the space following its acquisition by Metro Bank. And in late 2019, Leap Lending was launched while this year Connective Lending and Plend both joined the space.

here Peer2Peer Financial News summarizes every P2P personal loan platform open to UK borrowers and investors right now:


Zopa is well known as the oldest P2P platform in the world and it is also the largest in the UK with a total loan portfolio value since its inception of £ 5.66 billion.

It offers personal loans, debt consolidation loans, home improvement loans, wedding loans, car loans, and car rental financing.

Over the past year, he has been busy with his digital bank. The Zopa Group has now launched a credit card, set up an open bank for its borrowers and are currently planning to raise £ 100million for a first public offering.

Loan of works

Lending Works provides personal loans to a 12.9 percent APR representative with quotes provided within two minutes, while offering projected returns of up to 4.5 percent per year.

The platform funds debt consolidation, auto financing, home improvement, wedding and vacation loans. In April, Lending Works said it would continue to charge negative interest rates, but at a reduced amount, on certain cohorts while starting to pay interest on other loans.

The platform resumed new loans in early January 2021 with tightened solvency and affordability criteria after suspending new loans for much of last year.

Elves market

Elfin Market was launched in February 2019 with the mission of enabling investors to finance lines of credit to individual borrowers with the same flexibility as a credit card but with much lower interest rates, allowing borrowers to withdraw funds from the Elfin wallet whenever they want.

In 2020, the platform launched the industry’s first credit card, The Elfin Card, and this year joined Innovate Finance as a member and introduced a mobile app.


Lendable uses its technology to deliver fast quotes online without paper.

In March, the platform was said to have achieved unicorn status after being valued at over £ 1bn based on secondary market fundraisers, according to reports, and in July it worked with auto finance broker Zuto to develop a hire purchase product for vehicle buyers.

Jump loan

Leap Lending was launched in December 2019 and requires its borrowers to share their banking transaction data through an open bank.

The platform, which also has an Innovative Finance ISA, offers unsecured personal loans from 8%.

Conjunctive loan

The P2P pawn shop and home loan platform was launched in February this year.

It offers loans secured by assets such as luxury watches, gold, fine art, ships and vintage cars. Co-founder Daniel Grimes, who has 24 years of experience owning and managing a chain of pawn shops, heads the platform’s personal asset lending division.

In May, the platform announced its intention to lend £ 1million by the end of the year and was actively seeking new lenders as its loan requests increased.


Plnd plans to launch later this year, targeting investor yields of between 10-25%, and this month it raised £ 700,000 as part of a pre-seed equity funding round for support that.

The platform will specialize in unsecured personal credit using open banking data to predict the affordability of a potential borrower over the life of the loan.