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Everything Brandon Huffman Said On The Autzen Audibles Podcast


Brandon Huffman: “I mean, it’s not De’Anthony Thomas’ announcement for Oregon at the signing day level, but in 2022, with the way that social media really covers the whole recruitment process as it is, it’s damn surprising. You have to go around April. And in April, Kenyon made an unofficial visit to Oregon and visited Oregon State, but he made an unofficial visit to Oregon. And in an article that I wrote shortly after, I wrote that this visit was important to him because it was offered by Oregon, you gotta talk to Junior Adams But it was his favorite school growing up that it was a childhood dream come true ’cause it was his favorite school he always watched So you always knew that Oregon had a chance. But as we arrived in May and June, and he began to lock down official visits, Oregon seemed to be on the outside. laughing watching. The other school that I always thought was going to have a really big chance he was from Utah considering they went to Idaho Fal Last year I had a four stars and Tao Johnson who was a friend of the Kenyans, then Stanford, you know, because Stanford always has to be considered and recruiting.

Well, he names the first three. First, he names his official visits to the state of Iowa, Michigan, and Washington. Then he names the first three, and then it becomes a final three. So we are operating under the cover of the last two weeks, it will be the state of Iowa, Michigan or Washington. And it was around Saturday afternoon, where I started to hear rumblings, ‘Hey, there may be a shock here that’s being fired.’ And I checked it and finally it was Oregon. We had the quotes right when he announced it, and I kept going back to, you know, maybe they weren’t in his top three, maybe they weren’t in his bottom three , but it was a childhood favorite. It’s not like it’s a school that came out of nowhere, for which there was no affinity. Oregon was one of them. But it was something else. He never set a very distant date. A lot of kids will say now that I’m making an announcement on, you know, September 28th, which is six weeks. He didn’t announce it until Saturday morning that he was going to announce it on Monday. So while it might have been a final three, he never updated his final three. But as far as we know for the last three or four days before he tweeted it, Oregon may have started pushing.

And there were a few factors at play with Oregon, you know, Junior Adams, who was the original scout, coached two of Kenyon’s coaches at Boise State, but Drew Mehringer was really the one who accelerated it, recruited him as a tight end. And I think once Kenyon came in, you know, a couple of the schools in his last three said tight end, they said receiver, but I think when he kept coming back to the childhood favorite and the ‘Oregon was talking about how they can develop him, that’s what ultimately influenced him. Oregon ended up being successful at least in the west in class 2023, I would say that’s probably the most surprising announcement and surprising commitment I’ve seen in this cycle in the western region.”