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Find Waldo in Farmington in July – Daily Bulldog

Waldo is returning to Farmington this summer.

FARMINGTON – Where’s Waldo? In Farmington, of course! The iconic children’s book character in the red and white striped shirt and black edged spec is visiting twenty local businesses in our community in July. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022, Find Waldo Local is a great summer vacation activity and a wonderful way to support local businesses including Sandy River Relics, 3D Games, Twice Sold Tales and Renys.

Anyone who wants to participate can pick up a “Find Waldo Local in Farmington!” buffer card, which contains the names of all participating sites; with each Waldo they spot, they can have their card stamped or signed by the participating store. To make things a little more difficult, there will be a slightly different Waldo hidden in DDG Booksellers. Collecting stamps or store signatures at 20 or more businesses will qualify diligent seekers to enter a raffle for Waldo books and accessories.

Martin Handford’s crowd scene collections took the world by storm in the late 1980s, and the books have held pride of place on bookstore shelves ever since. More than 78 million Waldo books have been sold worldwide and they have been translated into more than thirty languages. An entire generation has grown up looking for Waldo.

Once again, to celebrate Waldo’s longevity and popularity, Candlewick Press is teaming up with the American Booksellers Association and hundreds of independent bookstores across the country for a game of hide-and-seek designed to encourage residents to patronize their local businesses. Participation is free and the hunt lasts the whole month of July. For more information on Waldo hunting in Farmington, call DDG Booksellers at 207-778-3454.

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