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First Class Scout builds impressive WWII Lego battleship



Photo courtesy of Jamie Cox

Eli Cox loves Legos. The 14-year-old First Class Scout of Troop 514 from La Grande, Oregon, hopes to one day be a Lego designer.

Each year, he imagines an original project to work on, seeks out how to bring his vision to life and organizes his bricks. As a WWII fanatic, he decided this year to build a scale model of the USS Nevada, a battleship that served in both world wars.

“I like to make my models to scale so that everything is the size it would be in real life but in Lego size,” he says.

This project required around 10,000 Lego pieces, none of which came from a kit with instructions. After researching what the ship should look like, he organized his Legos by color and began to put everything together. It took about 60 hours over the course of six months to complete.

He presented his completed project at the County Fair, where he won the first Blue Ribbon and the Judges’ Choice Award.

Eli says planning and organization are key to creating original Lego creations. Here are some of his building tips:

  • Think of an idea that interests you. Brainstorm what you can create from this idea.
  • Do your research. Decide on the size of your build.
  • Organize your Legos by color and by room.
  • Take the time to commit to a goal to work on your build.

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