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From Kohinoor Replica to Optical Maze, Jaipur’s Gems and Jewelery Museum to Open Soon


By Archana Sharma

Jaipur, May 22 (IANS): Are you a frequent traveler in Jaipur trying to explore something new in the city? Have you visited forts and palaces many times and now want something exciting and unique?

If yes is the answer to these questions, here is India’s first international gem and jewelry museum set to open its doors to tourists by mid-June in Jaipur. The first museum of its kind will include the Optical Glass Maze, where you will feel mesmerized as you experience true optical illusions.

Additionally, you will experience awe as you gaze at the replicas of the “Floating Stones” used by Lord Ram and his army to build the pontoon bridge, “Ram Setu”, to Lanka.

Bird lovers can see and learn about a variety of birds including beautiful peacocks in the natural surroundings of Khazana Mahal.

This museum located at Gurjar Ghati near Jalmahal, Jaipur will take you through a magical journey of gems, jewellery, handicrafts, heritage, history, folklore and tradition in the century-old heritage Haveli located in the pristine hills of Aravalli.

You will be able to see replicas of the Kohinoor diamond, a dinosaur bone, shark teeth, large diamonds and the “Floating Stones” used by Lord Ram and his army to build the “Ram Setu”, in Lanka.

The largest ring in the world, a piece of a real shooting star, the incredible floating stones, the world’s largest and most unique collection of stamps and postcards commemorating a gem or a piece of jewelry have been exhibited here.

Due to the valuable, rare and expensive display, strict security measures have been taken.

According to Anup Shrivastav, who designed the museum with the founder of the Federation of Gems and Jewelery Museum, Dr. Rajnikant Shah, “This is located close to the famous Parshuram Dwar, where the Ashwamedha Yagya was performed initially by Lord Ram and then in 1734 by Raja Sawai Jai Singh the second Khazana Mahal features over 2000 pieces of real and rare gemstones and jewelry in over 50 different types and categories.

Each of them, whether it is a historical artifact, a rare find, an ancient statue, a fascinating painting or an exquisite piece of jewelry, comes with a story and a history that define the character of each unique piece. These range from myths, historical facts and even their use and importance in Bollywood.

The museum gives visitors the opportunity to dress like a real queen or king with its replica royal dresses.

We have established links with travel agents and will soon partner with Rajasthan Tourism as well, Shrivastav said, adding, “As the collection is exquisite, expensive and unique, we will only allow 21 people to visit the museum at the time. time”.

“The entry fee for Indian tourists is Rs 500 while Rs 1500 will be charged to foreign tourists,” he said.