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Ginebra fans, philatelists rejoice | Philstar.com

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October 11, 2021 | 00h00

Ginebra San Miguel fans and stamp collectors have good reason to celebrate. On October 16, the Philippine Postal Corp. (PhilPost) is releasing a series of eight collectible stamps featuring Robert Jaworski to kick off the celebration of the Philippines’ 75th anniversary as a republic. The limited edition stamps will be the first in a series honoring the “living legends” who inspired the Filipino people. More recently, PhilPost also made headlines for paying tribute to the country’s medalists at the Tokyo Olympics.

“The 75th is actually a product of our President’s Hatid Malasakit program to innovate and modernize the Philippine post office,” said Post Minister Norman Fulgencio. “Product innovation is in the stamps. It is high time that we honor and respect the people behind our 75th anniversary as a republic, in all aspects of our culture.

Believe it or not, the Philippines has a long history in sports stamp collecting. The country issued the world’s first basketball stamp in 1932, four years before the sport even entered the Olympics. It was also part of the push by American leaders in the country to promote the sport, which they had introduced through the education system. Over the years, major international sporting events have acquired a permanent place in Philippine philately, such as the 23rd Southeast Asian Games which were held in the country in 2005. This collection included logos, flags, participating countries, dozens of sports and the first personalized stamps.

Postage is the price you pay for sending letters, cards, and other items that are legal for shipping. Even though email and electronic mail have replaced much of traditional mail, there are still many important transactions and legal or medical documents that require the routing of a physical copy from one place to another. Registered mail is also a good, cost-effective way to ensure that a letter or package arrives at its intended destination, if you’re not in a real rush. In many countries, registered mail is a legally required way to send notices and other documents. In addition, digital copies and other items printed on thermal paper can easily be erased. And the handwritten letters seem to have more of an impact.

Jaworski is perhaps the most suitable local sports figure to start the commemorative series. He successfully transitioned from college to the national team at MICAA and was a pioneer of the PBA. He was a league MVP, an All-Star multiple and a major part of the Crispa-Toyota rivalry. He became the oldest active professional player in the world and coached the world’s first fully professional basketball team at an international amateur competition in 1990. He is the logo of the PBA, its ambassador and the symbol of its most popular franchise.

The best thing about postage stamps is that technically they never expire. As long as they can be validated as genuine, they can be used, only limited by the value printed on their faces. In fact, postal rates are increasing internationally. And there will always be collectors who view stamps as a functional art whose value usually increases. This new series will certainly be a rare and valuable collector’s item in the years to come.