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Goal and highlights: Bayern Munich 2-1 Mainz in Bundesliga | 12/11/2021


11:29 16 hours ago

Upcoming matches

The two teams return to the field next Tuesday. Bayern Munich face Stuttgart, while Mainz host Hertha Berlin.

11:27 16 hours ago


After a lackluster first half, Bayern Munich sought victory in the second half. With the result, the Bavarians reach 37 points at the top of the Bundesliga. Mainz is eighth, with 21.

11:22 16 hours ago

90 ‘Yellow card for Mainz


11:21 16 hours ago

89 ‘Yellow card for Mainz

Hack, for a mistake on Nianzou

11:15 16 hours ago

82 ‘Substitution at Bayern Munich

11:14 16 hours ago

81 ‘Substitutions at Mainz

11:07 16 hours ago


Pavard takes advantage of an overlap on the edge, rolls it to Musiala between. He clears the marking and hits the corner

10:57 16 hours ago

65 ‘substitutions at Bayern Munich

10:56 16 hours ago

Replacements 64 ‘in Mainz

10:51 16 hours ago

58 ‘Yellow card for Mainz

Stach, for a foul on Müller

10:48 16 hours ago

55 ‘Yellow card for Bayern Munich

Hernández, for a foul on Onisiwo

10:47 16 hours ago


Tolisso takes a midfield touchdown in Coman. The attacker enters the zone at high speed and touches it between by Coman legs

10:41 16 hours ago

49 ‘

Lewandowski throws the ball to Comean, who heads it off. The goalkeeper saves in the middle of the goal

10:40 16 hours ago

48 ‘

Tolisso takes a free kick into the box. Lewandowski directs the ball and Zentner

10:37 16 hours ago

45 ‘

Release given by Bayern

10:21 17 hours ago

47 ‘

The first half ends

10:19 AM 17 hours ago

45 ‘

After a dangerous cross on the left, Hernández dives to clear with a cart

10:12 17 hours ago

38 ‘

Barreiro catches him very badly on the edge of the box, which makes Neuer’s life easier

10:05 17 hours ago


Davies crosses, Lewandowski gets up to head in. Müller controls the ball inside the box and hits it on the turn. There is a deflection and the ball goes over the goal

10:01 17 hours ago

27 ‘Yellow card for Bayern Munich

Musiala, for a fault on Burkardt

9:55 AM 17 hours ago


Burkardt receives the ball in the box, turns around and is stopped. Onisiwo takes advantage of the deflection and directs the ball into the back of the net.

9:47 17 hours ago

14 ‘

Onisiwo tries to keep the ball away from Hernández, but slips in his shot. The keeper adapts

9:42 AM 17 hours ago

9 ‘WOW

After a hit and run, Pavard drops a bomb. Zentner deviates. Davies picks up the free ball and kicks it, the ball comes back to him, which sends it to the left of goal

9:41 17 hours ago

8 ‘

Sané releases Coman in the box, who tries to cut the ball, but Onisiwo disarms him

9:38 AM 17 hours ago

4 ‘

Pavard crosses from the baseline. Davies grabs it with his thigh and sends it over the goal

9:37 AM 17 hours ago

4 ‘

Barreiro hits him weakly at the edge of the box. Neuer holds up without any problem

9:36 AM 18 hours ago

3 ‘

Bayern increases score and complicates Mainz exit

09:34 18 hours ago

1 ‘

On a cross in the box, Burkardt ends up passing the ball

9:26 18 hours ago


Field teams

08:49 18 hours ago

Substitutes for 05

Dahmen, Brosinski, Nemeth, Boetius, Nebel, Papela, Stöger, Tauer, Ingvartsen

08:48 18 hours ago

Mainz 05 with its 11

Zentner; Bell, Hack, Niakhaté; Widmer, Stach, Aaron, Barreiro, Lee; Burkardt, Onisiwo.

08:47 18 hours ago

Bavarian Reserves

Ulreich, Richards, Süle, Gnabry, Cuisance, Sarr, Roca, Nianzou, Tillman.

08:40 18 hours ago

The composition of Bayern Munich

Neuer; Pavard, Upamecano, Lucas Hernández; Tolisso, Musiala; Coman, Müller, Sané, Davies; Lewandowski

08:35 19 hours ago

Video arbitration

08:25 19 hours ago

What time is Bayern Munich vs Mainz for the Bundesliga?

08:20 19 hours ago

What time is Bayern Munich vs Mainz for Budesliga?

08:15 19 hours ago

Likely composition for Mainz

Zentner; Bell, Hack, Niakhate; Widmer, Lee, Barreiro, Stach, Martin; Burkardt, Onisiwo.

08:10 19 hours ago

Absences in Mainz

Danish coach Bo Svensson will be deprived of midfielder Kohr (thigh) and defenders Lucoqui (knee) and St. Juste (shoulder).

08:05 19 hours ago

Likely lineup for Bayern

Neuer; Pavard, Upamecano, Lucas Hernández, Davies; Tolisso, Goretzka; Coman, Müller, Sané; Lewandowski.

8:00 AM 19 hours ago

Kimmich case

One of the key players for Bayern Munich and the German national team, Joshua Kimmich refused to be vaccinated. According to government rules, unvaccinated athletes should stay away from others. Subsequently, the versatile player tested positive for Covid-19. Although he respected the isolation and the test was negative, Kimmich has small infiltrations in his lungs. He is unable to train and is out of the squad for that final stretch of 2021.

7:55 AM 19 hours ago

Trouble in paradise

7:50 19 hours ago

Latest meetings

Mainz was beaten 5-2 by Bayern in Munich last season, but the 05 had won 2-1 at home in April when the teams last met. Jonathan burkardt scored in both matches.

7:45 19 hours ago

Sequence of 05

In seventh place, which gives access to the Conference League, Mainz 05 has 21 points. The team comes from two wins in five games, as well as two draws and one loss along the way. The last game was a positive one, beating Wolfsburg 3-0 at home.

7:40 AM 19 hours ago

How are Bayern

Bayern Munich comes from a great victory over Barcelona in the Champions League. The Bavarian team won 3-0 and eliminated the opponent in the group stage of the competition. In the national championship, they have just won two consecutive victories, the last being the Der Klassike, as the derby against Borussia Dortmund is called, by 2-3. The Bavarian Giants lead the competition with 34 points.

7:35 AM 20 hours ago

Let’s go for the German championship

Bayern Munich vs Mainz, live this Saturday (8), at the Allianz Arena, at 9:30 a.m.ET, for the Bundesliga. The match is valid for the 15th round of the competition.

7:30 20 hours ago

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