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Greek cuisine will be represented by a world famous chef at this 2020 exhibition



A face renowned around the world, Chef Alexandros ‘Sperxos’ Pavlopoulos, an award-winning chef, found his passion for Mediterranean cuisine in the family business, hotel and restaurant in the picturesque mountain village of Ano Loussoi, Kalavryta, Greece.

Pavlopoulos from chef Alexandros ‘Sperxos’

Chef Sperxos speaks: “I grew up in Kalavryta, my family has always been surrounded by amazing farms and we have always had such great products! Unfortunately, Greek cuisine does not get as much attention around the world as many other cuisines. I’ve always wanted to show the world the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have, like picking fresh herbs in the mountains near my family home. I find the best way to do this is to take thousands of years of great culinary tradition and modernize it, both in terms of palate and presentation.

Chef Sperxos has promoted Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in Singapore, Italy, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and GCC countries.

He moved to Dubai 6 years ago, flourishing in his career rising through the ranks of the culinary arts. He then spread his wings by launching his own project as founder and executive chef of Efzin Kitchen Lab and making numerous appearances on TV, radio, print and digital.

Efzin Kitchen Lab sets the standard for the culinary experience by providing:

  • Gastronomic experiences
  • Food styling
  • Consultations
  • Events
  • Project set-ups
  • Menu design
  • Production studio

The dishes are inspired by the traditional Greek style with a modern twist giving guests a glimpse into the heart of Greece. His signature dishes are almond crusted feta infused with pomegranate honey, lamb shank with tarhana (traditional pasta) and lamb loin souvlaki with truffle and seafood infused with saffron and oregano subtly decorated with edible purple flowers and microgreens like its imprint on the culinary industry tasting as good as it looks.

Chef Sperxos comments: “The Greeks have always been artists. I don’t know how to play, draw, paint or sculpt but I have always liked to express another facet of my creativity on a plate.

He and his team of highly skilled chefs now bring their innovative vision and distinctive taste to Expo 2020, representing traditional Greek cuisine in a gourmet style restaurant in the Greek Pavilion.