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Haverfordwest Stamp and Postcard Club meetings resumed


HAVERFORDWEST Stamp and Postcard Club celebrates the resumption of meetings after a long hiatus for Covid with a collectors fair.

The club plans the fair for Friday, November 19, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., at Albany Church Hall, on Hill Street, Haverfordwest. Free entry.

This is the first time that the club has organized such an event, open to non-members.

The next meetings will take place on Friday afternoon. The club hopes this will attract collectors who prefer daytime gatherings or who rely on public transport.

In addition to stamps and postcards, the Collector’s Fair will feature items from postal history, ephemera, coins and cigarette cards.

The two most recent meetings have focused on the theme of the letters G and H. These have shown exhibits on “Great Britain – Winston Churchill”; George V Class Warships; Postcards from Pembrokeshire villages beginning with G; Half-penny bisecting stamp; the history of Great Britain through stamps; The port of Fishguard in postcards; Heraldry on the stamps of France, Great Britain and Spain; and the postal history of Hakin and Hubberston.

The club meets on the first and third Friday of the month.

For more information, contact Erene Grieve at erenegrieve@gmail.com.