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Holiday warning for Brits traveling to Portugal this summer


BRITS traveling to Portugal this summer are warned to check their passports when leaving the country.

Portugal recently confirmed that British travelers will be able to use their electronic gates when entering and leaving the country.


Portugal has opened its electronic doors to the British – but the UK Foreign Office has since updated its adviceCredit: Getty

It is the first EU country to allow the UK to do so since leaving the EU, with gates being a much faster and similar option to the UK.

However, the UK Foreign Office has warned holidaymakers to be aware that they will still need to have their passports stamped when leaving the country or face problems later.

The Foreign Office website says: “Electronic gates are in operation at Lisbon, Faro, Porto and Funchal (Madeira) airports for use by UK passport holders and certain other non-EU countries.

“Check that your passport is stamped by the border agent when entering and leaving Portugal as a visitor.

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“If the relevant entry or exit stamps are not in your passport or not visible to a border official on the computer system, a border official may assume that you have exceeded your visa exemption limit. “

Passports must be stamped to show you comply with the new 90-day visa-free travel rules.

If you don’t get it stamped, you could be banned from entering the country again.

Last year, Brit Linda was barred from entering Spain because her passport lacked a Spanish exit stamp from a previous trip.

When she attempted to visit again in September, she was prevented from traveling as she was considered an “overstay person”.

This is despite the fact that she has proof of UK boarding passes and banking activity.

You should also check your passport dates before traveling as there are also new rules.

It also must not be more than ten years since its issue and it will take you at least three or six months to enter many destinations.

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Brits have been warned of three essential things to check in your passport immediately, to reduce the likelihood of a wasted holiday.

Here’s when you should renew your passport if you need it in time for summer vacation.

Portugal set to be popular with Brits again this summer


Portugal set to be popular with Brits again this summerCredit: Alamy