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How I traveled the Camino de Santiago in Slovakia



If your backpack is too heavy, you must have put all your fears in it. Jana Liptáková shares the story of her pilgrimage.

When a group of friends set out for the last 100 kilometers of the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain and my duties did not allow me to join them, I felt a prick of jealousy. I didn’t envy them the bulbs they would get, but I did want to be with them as they would get to know a foreign land, meet their fellow pilgrims, and have inner conversations during the walking hours until that they reach their final destination, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Lost in Košice? Impossible with this travel guide.

It was then that I promised myself that I would make my own private pilgrimage, whatever that means, as I realized that the road and the walk were what mattered more than the destination. With the Covid-19 pandemic I found myself locked in Bratislava and its surroundings. The popular leisure destination in the small Carpathian forests above Bratislava, Železná Studienka and Kamzík, was totally crowded, so I took the less beaten paths along the Slovakian section of the Camino de Santiago, Saint’s Way -Jacques.

From the end of January to the spring of this year, I hiked the 83 km from Trnava to Bratislava. Not all of a sudden, but on day trips, sometimes in reverse.

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The stamps on my credentials, the pilgrim passport bought in the music store on Klobučnícka street, as well as the pilgrim shell, multiplied, but what I really wanted was several days of uninterrupted walking.

I found a sympathetic soul, my friend Lucie, and on Monday June 14, we left for our week-long pilgrimage from Košice to Levoča.

On the road

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