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How to invest $50 in apartments in Spain or the United States


Investing in real estate was already a safe way to use money to reap economic benefits. In this context, the market for digital assets must remain and continue to grow: between 2021 and 2022, according to industry data, Quintuple shares in Proptech companies in Latin America,

In this sense, Argentina is the ideal target for this type of business. at present It takes 14.2 years of median income to get a standard apartment According to a report prepared by, on two rooms of 42 m2 in the city of Buenos Aires real estate report,

“Our goal is to ensure that every citizen has access to financial products and that means access to mortgages, loans, good investment products. Rental wants to help make these products accessible to everyone and for that, only an internet connection is needed,” he explains. Eric Sanchez, CEO of Reental, a Spanish startup dedicated to the technological tokenization of real estate,

How to “tokenize” an asset

The innovative company, born in 2020, is also an alternative to the decline of cryptocurrencies and the divergence of values. ,The market crash does not affect our token at all, because they represent a financial product associated with an asset. Tokens issued by Rentals are security tokenValidated by CNMV in Spain, and its value depends on the value of the property and the return on it,” explains Sánchez.

The company offers its users to do the following equity loan agreementThat is, a proportional share of the assets in which you have invested. The dividends generated are realized between Rental or sale of the same, which can vary between 10% and 15%At this point, users get a monthly return in dollars.

How do they do this? Rentals, like other proptech companies around the world, Receives a property, the “token” and divides it Small amounts recorded via the blockchain. A favorable outcome could generate greater traceability, facilitate transmission and above all eliminate the intermediaries that exist in traditional businesses.

The success of rental in Spain and its ambitions in the United States

The Spanish startup born about a year ago saw the main source of its growth Spaincurrently owns 16 token properties In the Valencian Community, with the total 43,210 Tokensthe spanish portfolio joins like this 51,928 tokens Or 5.2 million euros.

The La Marina building, located in the port of Valencia, is one of Rental’s most ambitious projects and where it was sold Approximately 26,000 tokens (2.6 million euros), equivalent to 26 assets,

The property initiative, launched in early March, has already secured enough tokens to acquire five floors of the building, allowing it to rehabilitate and restore the building.

Building La Marina.jpg

Marina Building has sold 26,000 tokens since its launch.

Today, the company headed by Sanchez is expanding into Latin American markets, Opening of a new headquarters in Miami, USA, and plans to be present in more than 70 countries by 2023,

“Why the United States? There are several reasons: the absence of state taxes, the migration generated by COVID and, in particular, a range of advantages in the real estate sector,” he explains. Fernando Ors, president of Rentals in America,

The first real estate marketplace in Argentina

In a regional and national context of inflationary policies, Argentina and Latin America are monopolizing digital businesses via blockchain. according to a report by world economic fund, guess that for 2027 10% of world GDP will be tokenized,

A group of Latin American entrepreneurs analyzed and launched this beta version vbuild, First digital crowdfunding project in the regionIn accordance with the concept of democratization.

“Wbuild was born with the intention that people could invest in properties around the world, starting in the United States, with low income stamps to become a percentage owner of a property. We turn a property into a single asset. divide and digitize into a fixed number of shares which represent the number of m2”, he specifies. Company CEO Daniel Pardo,

The virtual platform was launched on August 15 so that people Possibility to reserve the m2 in advance In which they want to invest when the process of selling the property officially begins.

People wishing to participate in crowdfunding must buy at least one m2 of Quadro Residence Building located in the Design District of Miami, USA, minutes from South Beach. The process is fully online and there is minimal investment enabled From $50.

What does the Argentinian real estate market say

With the phenomenon of digital assets in real estate already established in Argentina, real estate room take a look and think favorably about it. “The main benefit that you see is how democratizing investing will be done for virtually anyone,” he says. President of the organization Alejandro Bennazar,

tokenized real estate.webpi

Tokenized real estate: how to invest $50 in apartments in Spain or the United States

Precautions to take when investing in real estate

However, Bennazer warns that a The danger of regulation and lack of education From investors: “In Latin America, we already know that it’s conducive to Scammers can do their job With projects like this.

From the Real Estate Chamber they assure that, for example, not knowing how to use a wallet (digital wallet) means a certain risk and endangers the savings in cryptocurrencies. This will include short-term goals in Argentina “Education with Growth”,

The Federal Institute for Real Estate is currently promoting Real Estate Training Institute Financial Training Course So that potential investors can democratize the “real” world as well as through a new decentralized world with new technologies.

“Today you have a lot of small savers who would like to have access to land or property. Several times These people cannot access a real estate purchase or payment plan Just because they don’t have a lead,” says Bennazer.