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Hungary continues its series of dog coins with a fourth issue


The Hungarian Mint will launch the fourth issue of the “Hungarian Breeds of Sheep and Hunting Dogs” coin series on October 4, with the final issue dedicated to the Hungarian Mudi.

The 2,000 forint copper-nickel-zinc coin of the Proof type will be available from the American distributor Coin & Currency Institute.

The first three coins, celebrating the vizsla, komondor and agar, are among the Mint’s most popular issues.

The mudi is a medium-sized Hungarian breed with a wavy coat, pointed ears and coat colors that can include a unique merle pattern, according to the distributor, which provided information on the breed.

As a working breed, Mudis are agile and intelligent and can serve as versatile farm dogs and loyal protectors of their families. They are brave enough to herd the most stubborn livestock while guarding their homes without being overly aggressive. The mudi is considered a hard worker who remains a gentle and loyal family companion.

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The mudi is an energetic dog that does best with active families or in homes that can provide it with work. Thanks to its intelligent personality and eagerness to please its owners, the mudi is easily trainable and picks up obedience classes quickly. These dogs are also very affectionate with adults and children. They have a friendly temperament with other animals when raised together.

The mudi dog has been around since the 19th century. The mudi is thought to have evolved from crossbreeds of puli, pumi, and German spitz.

Today, the breed remains very rare. There are a few thousand Mudis around the world, with the largest number found in Hungary.

The coin weighs 16 grams and measures 34 millimeters in diameter. It has a mintage limit of 20,000 coins and is available for $19.95 each. With the purchase of five or more pieces, they are priced at $17.95 each. Shipping costs are an additional $6 per order.

To order, visit the distributor’s website, www.coin-currency.com.

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