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Jack Kemp and the fugitive, US Grant’s son, ambivalent seals over Jesse Ventura


San Diego Historical Society

The Fotomat booths were manned by young women, called “Fotomates,” dressed in hot pants, a gadget inspired by the flight attendants of another San Diego start-up, Pacific Southwest Airlines.

Kemp and the fugitive

Fotomat also gave Graham a political base. One of the first beneficiaries was Jack Kemp. On May 23, 1968, the San Diego Union reported that Kemp had “joined Fotomat Corp., La Jolla, as assistant to the chairman, Clifford C. Graham”. He went on to say that “Kemp will help a nationwide sales program by bringing groups together to buy blocks of Fotomat franchises, like the one that recently bought Oakland-area franchises for 30 small drive-through photo stores.”

By Matt Potter, October 24, 1996 | Read the full article

Buck Grant (US Grant Jr.). When Buck arrived in San Diego in 1893, George W. Marston, the department store mogul who would carry Buck’s casket 36 years later, had been in business for 15 years.

San Diego’s Lesser-Known Man

A few years ago at La Jolla International House of Pancakes, after months of studying history book photos of the sad-faced compact soldier, I found myself face to face with a flesh-and-blood likeness of the great US General Grant, a blue-eyed man in his 70s; Grant King, a retired architect living in La Jolla. Grandson of Buck, great-grandson of the general (hence his first name), Grant King is one of Grant’s fiercest defenders.

By Phyllis Orrick, July 2, 1998 | Read the full article

From UDT 12 cruise book, Ventura on the far left. SEAL Team One, with roughly the same number of men as UDT 12, claimed 34 lives in the war. I knew a lot of them. UDT 12 lost only one man. 34: 1.

Jesse “The Great Pretender” Ventura

I saw an example of the old SEALs cover for Jesse when I recently viewed his biography on the Arts and Entertainment Network. One of my contemporaries, mistakenly identified as Jesse’s former commander, practiced the art of conditional on behalf of Jesse, talking about what Jesse allegedly did in Vietnam: “When he was deployed with his platoon to the Vietnam, he would have gone out with the intention of seriously harming the enemy …

By Bill Salisbury, December 2, 1999 | Read the full article

Wyatt Earp. Roy Bean fled to San Diego for refuge. He had shot a man in the eyes in Chihuahua.

Temporary residents: Earp, Bean and Oswald

Joshua’s younger brother, Roy, fled to San Diego for refuge. He had shot a man in the eyes in Chihuahua. Old Town was a dusty little pueblo, and Roy had an innate urge to stand out in the smaller arenas. According to Major Horace Bell, Roy “soon reared up in the Old Town, dressed in all the cheerful attire of a Californian caballero on a fiery horse with a saddle and bridle mounted in silver, and became the fine ideal of aristocratic señoritas.” .

By Jeff Smith, July 25, 2002 | Read the full article

Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Saxophone glamor boy Joe, played by Curtis, and his pal, neurotic bass-violinist Jerry, played by Lemmon, are broke and desperate.

The White Mask: Marilyn Monroe and the Hotel Del Coronado

She was pregnant the second time that year. Six months earlier, she had had an ectopic pregnancy and had a miscarriage. During breaks from filming, Monroe would sit on the Del’s porch and breathe in the fresh Pacific air, saying, “This will be great for the baby.”

By Thomas Larson, September 4, 2003 | Read the full article

Best wishes always

He had 1000 letters printed: “I have a collection of autographs and photographs and I would like to have the honor of adding yours to my collection. Please use the attached card for your signature. Your sincerely. “And the letters were sent from his residence 1557 Whipple Road, Tewksbury.” Half of my week’s wages went to stamps. I was spending fifteen to twenty dollars a week on postage and then only earned forty-five or fifty dollars.

By Ron Raposa, February 1, 1979 | Read the full article

When I finally found Dr. Bronner, it was a hot Friday night and he was sitting on the porch of the Escondido Women’s Club Building.

Look for the soap with the peace plan on the label

“I want to buy this house,” he shouted. “I want to buy it and make it a sanctuary for the All-One-God-Faith. Go to Modest. Mandrel! Find it! “Bronner didn’t wait for me to answer.” And there are other things that should go in your article that are more important than anything about Bronner. I don’t have much time…. But there are six of my inventions that require patent protection. Help me get it, Chuck.

By Chuck Fager, November 2, 1978 | Read the full article

Bat Masterson had worked with Earp as Deputy Marshal of Dodge City and he was on his way to Ensenada to pick up an army deserter who had been imprisoned there. He wanted his friend Earp to accompany him to Ensenada.

Wyatt Earp was there

He always preferred to stop armed cowboys without drawing his pistol, because he knew it was an insult to them. Most of these guys thought they were nasty, vicious gunmen killers, and being stopped without a fight, without even having a gun pointed at them, was something they would have to live with for a long time. Earp understood this and he wanted to insult them because he believed they were cowards.

By Gordon Smith, February 6, 1986 | Read the full article

So Ultra Rare, 1983. In the early 1960s, Columbia recorded a full-fledged pop-rock session with Laine. Laine adapted well to the fuzz-tone electric guitar, but it was too late. “My loyal fans of the past resisted it, and I haven’t found enough new fans in the rock ‘n’ roll audience to make a dent.”

Between a flat foot and a hunting dog: ladies and gentlemen, Frankie Laine

To increase attendance, marathon dances have been introduced by the management. Laine became a marathon champion due to his ability to stand for days. The trick, he said, was to sleep while your partner was supporting you. Eventually, he learned to sleep upright by dancing solo. In Baltimore, he danced for 106 days, 90 without a partner, and won a grand prize of $ 1,000.

By Lee Hildebrand, February 16, 1989 | Read the full article

Franz Schnaubelt. Over 550,000 copies of his Star Trek tech manual have been sold, while fans gobbled up some 385,000 sets of Business plans.

San Diego which was famous for a very short time

As a result of the nationwide publicity that followed about Beard and his memo, the Republican convention was pulled from San Diego, forever dashing Jim Copley’s dream of welcoming his friend Richard Nixon to his lucky town. “From that point on, I was essentially persona non grata and spent a few more months at the journal,” Cox explains. “I had very little or nothing printed and eventually left my middle finger up to the editor for a problem.”

By Jeannette DeWyze, Paul Krueger, Neal Matthews and Matt Potter, March 7, 1991 | Read the full article

Margaret and Walter Keane, c. 1963. “I saw myself as a sort of Henry Higgins with Margaret as a modern version of Eliza Doolittle.”

Citizen Keane

“Walter Keane did not paint any of the children’s pictures. I did them, all of them. When he was drinking and promoting, I painted at home. I’ve always liked to make faces. Used to always draw faces. When my daughter was a baby, I started doing her portrait, then my neighbors wanted me to do the portraits of their children, and I did them with larger than normal eyes. The eyes were still big.

By Adam Parfrey, May 14, 1992 | Read the full article

Richard Jordan obituary. “I stole Dean Martin from Roger this year. Dean partied more than anyone – the guy is 75.76 now. “

Die for dollars

“My second pick is Salman Rushdie – they doubled the bounty on him and he’s still not dead. Fidel Castro is next. Castro will rely on natural causes, but you never know. Richard Nixon is my next choice. Often times you will find that the spouses will go together. But Dick is not the type of guy who would die just because his wife died. Ann Landers? I just chose her because I don’t like her.

By Glenn Daly, September 9, 1993 | Read the full article

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