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John Krondes Makes the Impossible Possible on Weird New Recordings With Elvis Presley’s Original Musical Entourage


Elvis Presley’s best friend and Road Manager Joe Esposito with John Krondes

John Krondes Interviewed by Bray, Co Wiklow, Ireland

Irish singer Carmel Quinn with famous psychic John Cohan

Ireland, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world are increasingly scared and in awe of the unimaginable new epic music masters of John Krondes and the Elvis Hit Team.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HOLLYWOOD NEWS… ELVIS IS ALIVE AND THE MEMPHIS SOUND IS BACK!!! It is impossible, say the opponents. Well, it seems the skeptics are now uncertain, and the rest of us are just puzzled, to say the least.

Hollywood’s “Mystery Man” John Krondes proved the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE and walked out of left field; or Orbit should we better say, and the entertainment industry “shook everything up” at the news of its “Pot Of Gold” New Music Masters featuring the original Elvis Presley musicians. Even Elvis Presley’s best man, best friend, and road manager of 20 years, Joe Esposito, was drawn to John Krondes and instinctively took over managing and promoting the John Krondes and Elvis Hit Making Team project until to his death in 2016. The story of Krondes continues to amaze people and unfolds mystifyingly as a series of unexplained events. It all started with THE END which is now a new beginning for Memphis Rock and became the vehicle that sparked the reunion of Elvis Presley’s musical entourage in the studio.

John Krondes’ father Jimmy Krondes co-wrote THE END a/k/a “At The End Of A Rainbow” which was originally recorded by Earl Grant and became an international hit in 1958. Elvis Presley also chose this timeless love song to sing to Priscilla Beaulieu the night they met in Germany. Inevitably, decades later, the composer’s son, John Krondes, met the Jordanaires and recorded his father’s Big Hit THE END with them. The heavy airplay on radio stations around the world eventually attracted the rest of Elvis Presley’s musicians and singers. Radio stations in Ireland, the UK and other intercontinental destinations played THE END by John Krondes. Singer/songwriter John Krondes embarked on a determined Rock ‘N Roll mission to complete the unfinished business of his father Jimmy Krondes and Elvis Presley to save the lost Memphis Sound.

Inexplicably, John Krondes has all of Elvis Presley’s original musicians and singers on dozens of new recordings, the first since 1977. Krondes music masters include the TCB Band, American Sound Studios Band, DJ Fontana, Ronnie Tutt, Jordanaires, Stamps, Imperials, Sweet Inspirations, Elvis Horns, and more. Amazingly, viral news says John Krondes has amassed a treasure chest of almost 100 new recordings with the Presley Hit Team. Many music industry experts agree that John Krondes’ recordings are priceless. Besides being powerful recordings, John Krondes unknowingly captured irreplaceable moments in time and history.

Krondes has Elvis musicians like DJ Fontana, Ronnie Tutt, the original Jordanaires and many more on new recordings, and many have passed on in the process, which makes these new master recordings all the more valuable. In a nutshell, what John Krondes has achieved over the past decade is on par with similar “impossible” demands to re-enact the original Beatles and Van Halen. All the fortunes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson could not make this possible. But through a continual series of unexplained reasons, or as some Orders From Rock ‘N Roll Heaven suggest, John Krondes was disconcertingly able to MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.

The music industry and fans everywhere are puzzled as to how John Krondes was able to tackle such impossible feats. Speaking of the impossible; “It’s Impossible” is one of the magical new songs in the John Krondes collection. It was TCB Joe Esposito who commissioned the recording of this song by John Krondes and the Elvis musicians.

In another twist of fate, Jimmy Krondes (John’s father) was the person who showed the song “It’s Impossible” to Perry Como while working at RCA Records. Jimmy Krondes asked Perry Como to sing the song and promoted it for RCA, which became his biggest hit. Elvis Presley and many other greats sang “It’s Impossible” afterwards.

Knowing of Jimmy Krondes, Perry Como and Elvis Presley’s special connection to the song, Joe Esposito felt it was very important for John Krondes to make a new recording in their honor. Criterion/Universal Music’s Joe Esposito and publisher Bo Goldsen helped launch a new wave of recordings such as “It’s Impossible”, “My Way”, “Welcome To My World”, “Always On My Mind” , and several originals just before their death in 2016. These songs and more are being completed in 2022 with the recording of horns and strings.

Psychic To The Stars John Cohan, who has current readings on Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, explains the John Krondes phenomenon, saying: “It had to happen. John Krondes meeting all the musicians from Elvis Presley and making new music was no accident at all. It’s all in the cards, it’s predestination, and it’s all connected”.

Don’t worry fans, the John Krondes musical train is still on the loose. Although some of Elvis Presley’s original musicians have passed away, the Hit Team project has become a major casting call. Many other music legends like Liberty Devito, Richie Canatta and more are surfacing to continue the next chapter of Memphis Rock with John Krondes and the remaining Presley players. There’s a lot more music and Rock ‘N Roll News coming from the John Krondes team. Keep watching and stay connected to John Krondes and the Elvis Hit Making team!

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