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Lebanon County Land Transfers for the week of December 6



The following real estate transfers have been registered recently in Lebanon County:


Dwayne Bickelman and Danielle Leeper to David Sharkey and Matus Z. Kiewicz, 522 E. Cumberland St., $ 150,000.

Canton of West Lebanon

Timothy R. and Angela M. Springborn to Tiffany Cessna and Graham Heagy, 2322 Mifflin St., $ 106,000.


Cornwall Associates, Alden Homes in Cornwall, to Robert W. and Nancyann Petersen, 1018 Stanford Drive, $ 395,777.

Lucas Koser Jr. at Allen Property Holdings, 114 Anthracite Road, $ 137,509.

Cornwall Associates at Alden Homes in Cornwall, in Kirby and Kathleen Cyr, property in Alden Place, $ 259,645.

Terrance P. Breidenstine to Jarred S. and Katelyn E. Daski, 1934 Church Street, $ 110,000.

Linda J. Miller to Dennis L. and Natalie Houser, 1053 English Drive, $ 295,000.

Canton of North Cornwall

Narrows Glen Inc. to Debra and Scott Strickler, 35 Creekside Drive, $ 371,985.


Frank J. Harvatine Estate at Jose Serrano and Erin Serrano, 140 E. Penn Ave., $ 189,900.


Kevin M. O’Shea and Eric B. Brubaker as beneficiaries of O’Shea & Brubaker Home Renovations Company to David and Penny Harris, Jeremiah and Paulina Harris, 329 W. Church St., $ 103,000.

Canton of Annville Sud

Evelyn Bomgardner to William and Valerie Lutz, Royal Road property, $ 220,000.

Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Kristen Marshall, property in the Township of South Annville, $ 301,500.

Canton of Annville North

Chestnut Equity Partners to Robert E. Armstrong, 1712 Blacks Bridge Road, $ 61,500.

Donald L. Kinser and Carman J. Kinser at Matthew B. Day, property along Horseshoe Pike, $ 200,000.

Township of North Londonderry

Snoeshoe Properties at Lisa Confessore-McGuire, 732 S. Lincoln St., $ 196,000.

Pamela J. Soghomonian to Walter Peters and Hope Confers-Peters, 312 Eisenhower Road, $ 250,000.

Mark and Beth Hughes to John P. and Rebecca K. Boehmer, 841 Victoria Lane, $ 385,000.

Canton of Union

Carl A. Bicher and Wayne Klick at Amanda Winter and Nicole Rivera, 29 Colonial Drive, $ 270,000.


Jonestown Medical Building Partnership with Pinnacle Health Medical Services, 100 E. Queen Street, $ 650,000.

Municipality of Swatar

Mahlon K. Weaver to Scott and Kathy Fry, property along Route 343, $ 120,000.

Harvey Wise Estate at Rockin’g Property Group, 445 Mountville Drive, $ 117,000.

Matthew J. Jr. and Melissa M. Heisler to Jeffrey D. and Amy L. Bateman, 15 Applewood Court, $ 0.1,000.

Canton of Bethel

Joseph J. Wentling to Guy W. Petersheim and Shania R. Sensenig, 140 Hemlock Drive, $ 170,000.

Township of Jackson

Bonnie Y. Trautman to Louis B. and Lillian M. Minichino, property in Arborgate, $ 200,000.


Amanda Winter at Cory Spatz and Kayla Klinger, 12 E. Center Ave. $ 185,000.

Leroy Jr. and Denise Marderness to J. Elvin and Verna Horst, 15 E. Bahney Ave., $ 115,000.

Township of Millcreek

Damien S. and Tiffany J. Good to Karin Applegate, 44 Memorial Boulevard, $ 212,000.

Stacey A. Moyer to Arthur Jr. and Gloria A. Dillingham, 75 N. Sheridan Road, $ 208,000.

David M. Plasterer to Andrew Carrilo, 30 S. Sheridan Road, $ 140,000.

Elam and Annie Stolzfus to John Z. Lapp, 110 S. Millbach Road, $ 403,000.


Carl and Mae Zimmerman at Horst Homestead Properties, property on South Race Street, $ 285,000.

Peggy J. Beck to David Plasterer, 97 Walnut St., $ 224,900.