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Lesher, Ertzberger and Frohlich will receive the APS Luff awards



By Linn Staff

The American Philatelic Society has announced the 2021 winners of the Society’s Luff Awards. Ronald Lesher receives the Luff Prize for distinguished philatelic research, Darrell Ertzberger receives the Luff Prize for his outstanding contributions to philately and Alfredo Frohlich receives the Luff Prize for his outstanding service to APS.

All three awards will be presented in a ceremony on August 14 at the Great American Stamp Show in Rosemont, Illinois. The annual exhibit is co-sponsored by the APS, the American Topical Association, and the American First Day Cover Society.

Lesher has been collecting stamps since 1956. His meeting with Ernest Wilkens prompted him to explore revenue stamps and seek out their unexplored nooks and crannies, which ultimately became the main focus of his exhibition and writing.

Many of Lesher’s research papers have been published in State Revenue News and the United States Specialist. His column The Tax Collector has appeared in almost every issue of the American stamp dealer and collector. In addition, he has recently become a regular collaborator of the American Philatelist on revenue stamps.

Lesher was twice a visiting curator at the National Postal Museum.

Lesher has been a member of the APS since 1967. He has served on the APS committee for the accreditation of national shows and judges and two terms as a general member of the APS board. In addition, he has been an instructor for the APS summer seminars and road courses. Lesher is currently chair of the APS Education Committee.

Lesher also served as president of the American Revenue Association and chairman of the International Philately Federation (FIP) Revenue Commission. He is a national and international accredited philatelic judge.

Ertzberger has been an exhibitor since 1982, APS and ATA accredited philatelic judge since 1989 and FIP juror since 2006 in themes and since 2019 in postal stationery.

Among his many exhibitions are “US Transportation Coils”, “Beguiling Orbs of Beauty” (the winner of the National Topical Stamp Show in 2009), “North Carolina Railway Markings”, “British Honduras Postal Stationery” and “US RFD Postcards of Christmas from the carrier.

He has also developed philatelic shows at the local, national (World Series of Philately) and international levels.

Ertzberger’s involvement in the planning and development of shows has a long history. In several different roles, he has supported international exhibition efforts in the United States, including World Stamp Expo 89, World Columbian Expo, Pacific 97, Nordia 2001, and Washington 2006.

Since 2016, he has been collecting, interpreting and reporting World Series of Philately exhibition scores for all exhibitions. He created and maintains the Exhibit History Database for all World Series of Philately exhibits.

He was a delegate to the FIP congresses from 2004 to 2010 and American commissioner at Praga 2008 and Australia 2013. Over the years, he has played a decisive role in inviting international judges to the Napex fair in order to promote greater recognition of American shows and stamp collecting.

Ertzberger is also a prolific writer, contributing to research and exhibiting articles at North Carolina Postal Historian, La Posta, Transit stamp collector, News hour, The history of gays and lesbians on Stamps Journal, and Themes Queensland.

Frohlich is a collector, exhibitor and ambassador of philately. His support takes many forms: volunteering, helping other collectors by sharing knowledge and time, helping with exhibits that need exhibits, and more.

After the financial crisis that APS faced in 2009-10, he was instrumental in leading a development effort, the APS Philately Campaign, which raised more than 6.7 million dollars under his leadership. He was the campaign chair from September 2009 to August 2015.

In 2011, he founded the Mighty Buck Club, which since its inception has received nearly 20,000 gifts totaling over $ 501,000. Donations to the club support the technological and development needs of APS.

Frohlich is the author of Lansa’s story and Colombia’s private factors, published by the Colombian Philatelic Research Society in 2005 and 2006, respectively. He has taught courses for APS and has been an APS and FIP judge.

He is also an exhibitor, best known for his one-frame exhibit which proves that the 1861 Colombia 1 peso sheet consisted of 36 stamps instead of the 54 issued by Federico Larsen in the late 1950s. received major awards in 2016 and 2018.

The Luff Prize was created in memory of John N. Luff, APS President from 1907 to 1909, who was considered the foremost American philatelist of his time.

Recipients sign the Luff Reward Scroll and receive engraved rings. The 2021 Luff Prize winners will join a distinguished company of 148 leading philatelists. The Luff Prize is the most prestigious award given by APS to a living philatelist.

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