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LG’s OLED evo Gallery Edition 97G2 is the largest OLED TV yet



Although LG has officially pulled out of the smartphone market due to declining sales, it remains strong in other segments. In fact, it is a major player when it comes to battery and display technology. With CES 2022 officially kicking off this week, the company is unveiling its largest OLED TV – the 97G2.

This massive panel is just one of many in LG’s OLED evo Gallery Edition series. Over the years we have seen innovative applications of display technology, but home entertainment remains a very lucrative business. As it stands, the 97G2 dominates everything else in the size class, but let’s see if you need to upgrade.

The South Korean tech giant calls the latest range as such for a reason. Visual fidelity is important as screens increase in size and the manufacturer knows exactly what consumers want. As long as you don’t mind paying a hefty premium, the image enhancement features in it should be worth every penny.

SELF-LIT PiXELS not only allows them to board the 97G2 with a slim and light design, but also offers immersive visuals. LG equips its evo Gallery Edition televisions with their internal α9 Gen5 AI processor. These also use advanced algorithms as well as its Brightness Booster technology.

All of these combine to produce deep blacks and vibrant detail that enhance your viewing experience. Depending on how far you sit from the 97G2, movies or games would be remarkably immersive. LG says it supports three installation options. Transform it into a vibrant canvas with Gallery art support. You can also opt for a wall mount or a swivel bracket.

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