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Make the Most of High-Quality Herbs


Recently I bought one of the most famous brands of bagged teas. I think this is the first time I’ve done this! The quality was supreme, but the price was way too high too! And I thought, ‘is it worth it?’

Globalization has made it easier to access a variety of herbs and spices. Different ingredients with exotic names can be put in your mug for your greatest pleasure. Proper packaging protects all these precious herbs, and tampons verify their safety and high quality through testing for heavy metals and confirming their organic production, etc.

Even though I’m a millennial, I know that some traditional methods are irreplaceable. And as my Yiayia Evropi said, “the easier is the more expensive”. It’s true. Personal contacts like farmers always give you the best. But what to do in big cities?

Go organic! Most herbs are easy to grow organically or sustainably. If it’s not organic, it may contain pesticides or herbicides (even at permitted levels, they should be avoided).

Find your source. Buying herbs in sachets is totally different from buying in bulk. Plus, you create a huge waste of “tea bags”. You probably have a store or farmer’s market near you, but you haven’t noticed it yet! Identify it!

Store Properly – High quality dried herbs and spices can stay fresh for four to five years, if stored properly. Store them in airtight glass jars away from heat, temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight (place them in a cupboard).

To be informed! Read how to use herbs correctly and look in my columns for the most delicious and healing uses!

*The above is not medical advice but simple suggestions for improving your diet. Before using any herbs, you should consult your doctor, especially those who have medical conditions, are pregnant, or are under 6 years old.

Evropi-Sofia Dalampira holds a doctorate in agricultural economics and a master’s degree in botany-biology.