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Michigan man confronts Ted Nugent over BLM comment at rally


I’m disgusted that at 15 I bought the album ‘Scream Dream’, although I think it was part of a ’13 LPs for a penny ‘contract and I hope the part of the Ted Nugent’s purchase was tiny.

The former rockstar faced off against a black man in Michigan on Friday (9/17) after making derogatory remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Nugent sparked the exchange with a not-so-polite offer to anyone in the crowd that gathered in Centerville to support Michigan’s Republican candidates.

“Aren’t there any punks from the BLM who want to come and harass me? Nugent asked the crowd. The exchange begins at 5:30 a.m. in the video below.

Jalen Brown, a resident of Centerville, approached the scene saying, “What’s wrong with Black Lives Matter?”

“Black lives don’t care about black lives,” Nugent replied. “They stand while black people kill each other. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization.”

Brown was offered the microphone and attempted to rally the predominantly conservative crowd by chanting “Black Lives Matter Too”, but was greeted with a lukewarm response.

He then told Grand Rapids TV station WWMT that he was most offended by Nugent’s claim that the Black Lives Matter movement is a terrorist organization.

“I love the Constitution, I love the rights it must defend. There are people who take them and misinterpret them and take them in a different direction than they should be, ”Brown said.

Watch the video below. Note that the language may not be suitable for the job.

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