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More stamps express support for Ukraine


By Denise McCarty

Countries around the world continue to issue postage stamps to show their support for Ukraine.

The latest stamps come from Spain and four countries represented by the new agency Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corp. : Gambia, Grenada, Guyana and Marshall Islands.

Spain issued an undenominated self-adhesive stamp on May 30 titled “Spain with Ukraine”. On June 9, the stamp was listed as sold out on the Spanish Post’s online store, Correos.

The stamp design resembles the flag of Ukraine with blue at the top and yellow at the bottom. In the center is a heart also in the national colors of Ukraine.

The emblems of the Spanish Correos and the Ukrainian post office Ukrposhta are displayed on the left side of the design, and the inscription in Spanish in the upper left corner translates as “Spain with Ukraine”.

Correos reported a print quantity of 640,000 stamps and said the stamps were sold in packs of five.

In a June 9 press release, the IGPC announced that four souvenir sheets on the theme “Peace for Ukraine” would be published during the month of June.

The press release read: “Historically, postage stamps have always transcended politics and borders. Now, to support peace in Ukraine and neighboring countries, government postal authorities around the world plan to issue official postage stamps.

The designs of the four souvenir sheets are different, but all include a single stamp depicting a Dove of Peace, with the border representing the government buildings of Ukraine and Russia.

The IGPC said: “Along with the dove, the stamps also represent the official capital buildings of Russia and Ukraine – a very symbolic expression of compassion and unity for all citizens of the world.”

Sheet stamps are denominated in 250 dalasi (Gambia), 13 dollars (Grenada), 800 dollars (Guyana) and 5 dollars (Marshall Islands). The IGPC reported that the face values ​​of the stamps range from $2 to $5.

The IGPC said the souvenir sheets will be available for purchase at post offices in issuing countries, from stamp dealers and on his website.

Canada Post will issue a semi-postal stamp on July 7 in support of Ukraine (Linns, June 13, page 1). Latvia (Linns, April 11, page 17) and Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland (Linns, April 25, page 12) are among other countries that have already issued stamps to show their support for Ukraine after the February 24 Russian invasion.

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