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Negative Narrative NOT SUITABLE for all residents of Littlemoor


I AM a lifelong resident of Littlemoor. I was born here, went to school here, grew up here, went to church here, and still live here.

My family have lived in Littlemoor for three generations.

I have the honor of being one of two Dorset Councilors for Littlemoor & Preston.

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Lately, it seems that an old dominant Littlemoor narrative of pretty much rat infestations, drugs, crime and violence is resurfacing.

This narrative does not agree with the overwhelming majority of Littlemoor residents.

I brag to my fellow councilors in the community in which I live and represent.

I walked the streets with advisers from all parties, including the leader of Dorset and Weymouth Council. Everyone praised him.

The Littlemoor I know and love is the one who, during the first lockdown, stepped up to support everyone through the food bank, collecting prescriptions and doing groceries.

The Littlemoor I know is the one who started the memorial garden project to honor those who have served this country.

The Littlemoor I know reopened their shuttered youth club, rescued their community center, supported each other in times of grief and came together in times of celebration.

2022 will be Littlemoor’s year to shine and break that narrative.

Events to celebrate the jubilee will surpass anything that has come before, the youth club will be back and better than ever, the annual summer fun day will be outstanding as always, the new Nest project will be up and running, bingo, discos and quizzes will be regular events to help raise much needed funds and bring us together as a community.

The issues we face now have been encountered before and we have dealt with them – and we will deal with them again as a community.

The vast majority of the people of Littlemoor are good, decent, law-abiding, honest and hard-working people who will show that this year through the good works we do.

Louie O’Leary

Littlemoor, Weymouth

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