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North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor says Democrats want to ‘manage’ black people and destroy dissidents


North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor says Democrats are trying to “manage” African Americans and seek to exterminate anyone who doesn’t share their woke philosophy.

Republican lawmaker Mark Robinson said that throughout American history, the “ideology of dominance” by Democrats against black people “has not changed” in an interview with FOX News’ Dan Bongino on Saturday.

According to Robinson, Democrats have a habit of abhorring non-conforming black people who “fight against stereotypes and all notions that are dangerous to them.”

It’s always been a control mentality, he said. “And they will hate you and try to destroy you when they can’t control you, when they can’t control your thoughts.”

He said, “It’s been done to me in several places since I started this business, and it’s nothing new.

Robinson went on to talk about a controversial sermon he gave at a Charlotte-area church in May, in which he was accused of being misogynist for saying that Christians are “supposed to be ruled by men” and asserted that he had always stood up as a man in the face of racism.

Robinson claimed in an interview with Unfiltered, “When I made remarks in a white church, they went viral and the media jumped on me and questioned me and threatened me and all kinds of bullshit.”

But the media won’t broadcast what I said in that black church.

‘Why? Because I was talking to black people, and they were overwhelmingly supportive of the idea I was talking about.

Robinson said of the mainstream media, “They don’t want to see black people challenging their stories.” “In this circumstance, that is what happened.”

On May 22, at a conference at Freedom House Church, Robinson said men should lead Christians and urged male members of the public to “put on the full armor of God” and “take the lead of your adversary in the name of God”.

Before slumping his shoulders and mocking the civil rights anthem We Shall Overcome, he said that as a Christian and black, he was tired of learning how to behave.

He said: “Not once in my life, when I encountered difficulties, did I say, ‘You know, I will overcome’.”

My God says I must first stand up as a man in the face of difficulty! MAN’

According to WRAL, Robinson then said he was “getting ready to get in trouble” – a phrase he often uses before making divisive statements.

We are called to be led, my soldiers, he said, amid cheers and some howls of agreement, according to WRAL.

God sent women to perform their duties, but when it came time for David to face Goliath, it was David who was sent, not Davita.

Not Mom Moses, Dad Moses, Robinson said, “God sent Moses to lead the Israelites to freedom.

And he said that when God created huge, hairy, unattractive men, he “knew what he was doing.”

Because they’re in the woods or in front of your kids at school, you’re supposed to scare them away.

Robinson made the comments as part of a broader attack on the social justice movement, saying too many people follow the philosophy of social justice rather than the teachings of Jesus Christ.

He said these people would “be on their way to hell”.

In the past, he has been criticized for equating instructors who discuss gender identity and sexual identity with young children with predators that prowl playgrounds.

Robinson said in another March sermon that anyone who reads to a young person about transgenderism or homosexuality “does it to twist that kid’s head” and is “just as much a groomer as that guy is in that playground.”

Robinson is now said to be considering a run for governor of North Carolina, which analysts said could be difficult given his previous comments.

According to WRAL, more than half of the state’s registered voters are women. Several GOP political gurus have previously said Robinson’s remarks could hurt his chances of winning over suburban voters.

But when news of his comments at Freedom House Church surfaced last month, Robinson released a video statement denying that he had advocated for men in leadership positions.

It is complete nonsense, according to Robinson, for anyone to insinuate that she does not believe that women can hold positions of leadership in their homes, communities, churches, states and countries.

“The remarks I made to Freedom House Church were aimed at men and urging men to come forward and also take on the position of leadership, to be leaders in their families and in their communities, in their state, in their country .”

In an email to WRAL, Freedom House Senior Pastor Penny Maxwell, who co-chairs the congregation with her husband Troy, also expressed outrage and said she was “very disgusted with the way society is treating the women”.

In a later interview, she expressed her admiration for what Robinson had to say and her belief that he would make a fantastic governor.

Robinson, according to her, “never said that only men should lead”, but rather “indicated that men should rise up and assume the roles that I believe they have abdicated”.

In encouraging women to compete with men, Maxwell said she considered the women’s liberation movement “one of the worst offenders of putting down women I have ever seen”.

She said: ‘I am shocked by the wussification of America’, saying that ‘women are losing their place in society because of this false image of toxic masculinity when in reality I believe the male heart is something after God”.