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Octopus Cards Expands Voucher Program Benefits and Creates Merchant Partnerships


Octopus Cards extends the benefits of the voucher program by offering over HK$250 million in cash rewards to all existing and new customers, making it easy for customers to earn cash incentives.

The campaign kicked off at the start of the second phase of the Consumer Voucher Scheme 2022. All new and current customers will be automatically enrolled in the “Spend and Earn” promotion, and they will receive cash rewards worth up to 200 HK$ when spending consumer vouchers with Octopus Cards, while new customers will enjoy additional welcome rewards.

During the promotion period, every retail transaction of HK$200 or more is eligible to earn a “Spend & Earn” stamp. The first million customers to collect eight stamps will receive a cash reward of HK$50. The first million customers to collect 12 stamps will earn a cash reward of HK$150. New customers will receive HK$30 in cash rewards as a “Welcome Offer” for switching and choosing Octopus to collect consumption voucherss for the first time.

Apart from this, Octopus Cards also partners with popular shopping malls and merchants to launch more than hundred promotional offers and prepare exclusive rewards with MTR Corporation (MTR), The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd (KMB), Citibank, ZA Bank and others.

Angus Lee, CEO of Octopus Cards, said: “Octopus was the preferred choice for collecting consumer vouchers in 2021, gaining the support of approximately 70% of recipients. A customer survey also showed that the convenience and ease of use of our extensive market coverage are the main reasons for choosing Octopus. While CVS 2022 (Phase II) coincides with the next 25e anniversary, we want to celebrate it by sharing more than HK$250 million in cash rewards with our customers.

Rita Li, Director of Sales and Marketing of the company, said, “In CVS 2022 (Phase II), our rewards are tangible and easily accessible with abundant quota. Customers simply need to spend and earn and should not rely on chance. The e-coupons we launched last year have been used over 7 million times, with excellent customer feedback. This year we are continuing our partnerships with popular malls and merchants for a wider range of fantastic offers.

“We are also collaborating with MTR, KMB, Citibank and ZA Bank for exclusive offers for Octopus customers, such as discounts on the purchase of monthly passes and account opening incentives. We are excited to see how our customers are enjoying the summer season with various experiences and offers all over the city! Li added.

Earlier in May this year, global smart commerce platform Shopline added Octopus as its latest payment method in a bid to seize opportunities from the new round of consumer vouchers.

The platform said 37% of its consumers used Stored Value Facilities (SVF) for payment in 2021, surpassing previously popular payment methods such as credit card (21%) and bank transfers ( 13%). The change in preference reflects the fact that consumers are more determined to use stored-value facilities as their priority. Therefore, the platform now accepts Octopus as a payment method, adding that merchants can log into the Octopus payment interface after successfully creating an account through the Octopus app for businesses.

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