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Oldham News | Main News | The search is on in Oldham: Eventbrite is on the hunt for Britain’s ‘Hobby Hero’


Date published: June 12, 2022

Eventbrite has announced its ‘Hobby Hero’ competition, which aims to find Britain’s greatest hobbyist and help them share their hobby with others in a bid to reconnect the nation.

It’s an initiative backed by one of the world’s leading wellness experts, Professor Cary Cooper, who advocates using leisure to improve our mental health.

The ticketing and events platform is now inviting residents of Oldham to enter a nationwide competition to win a prize of £5,000 – £2,500 cash and £2,500 in Eventbrite fee credits and expert mentorship to share their passion with others – revealing all about their curious, creative and meaningful hobbies.

And we Brits love our hobbies!

A recent Pew Institute survey asked people around the world to list what gives them meaning and happiness in life, and Britain was the only country in the world to put ‘hobbies’ in its first three responses, alongside family and friends.

By definition, hobbies bring people pleasure and can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being, providing the opportunity to get lost in absorbing activity, expand skills and meet others. people.

Hobbies can be enjoyed by anyone, and celebrities are no different. Beyonce is known for her love of beekeeping, Seth Rogan has spread his love of pottery on social media, and Julia Roberts is famous in the knitting community.

Psychology professor Cary Cooper agrees, saying: “The pandemic, rising cost of living and Brexit have left people feeling stressed and out of control.

“People want to do something they can control, and hobbies provide just that.

“They can improve your well-being, because whether you’re knitting, running, hula hooping, abseiling or baking: hobbies offer a great way to distract you from the stresses of the world and work, step away from the screen and let yourself do something positive, creative and fulfilling.

“Doing a hobby with someone else or in a group is even more beneficial because it provides motivation and social connection.

“A lot of people get into a hobby to make new friendships, even if it’s an unconscious thing for them.

“Even hobbies that seem insular at first, like building model airplanes or collecting stamps, usually expand our social network as these hobbyists will eventually fly their planes or discuss engine problems with others and collectors. of stamps will trade and buy from each other.

“After two years of social isolation, it’s a joy to see people connecting through hobbies that give them pleasure and, depending on what you’re doing, improve fitness, memory or mood. .

“I recommend a lot of people to take up a new hobby.”

In-person and online activities on Eventbrite such as beekeeping, pottery and yoga have helped attendees stay busy throughout the pandemic.

During several closures, Eventbrite has seen thousands of people continue to pursue their interests or take up new hobbies by joining workshops and online courses.

Sebastian Boppert of Eventbrite said: “As we emerge from the pandemic, we want to help the nation reconnect through live events.

“Leisure is great for our health, it improves our skills and allows us to make new friends.

“It’s time to celebrate our hobbies – from the weirdest and wackiest to the most cunning and creative – for the benefits they give us and the talent they produce.

“Our Hobby Hero winner will be someone with enthusiasm and dedication who wants to share it with others and maybe even earn money from it.”

To participate in Eventbrite’s search for the UK hobby hero, simply go to: www.eventbrite.co.uk/blog/hobby-hero and complete the short entry form on your or someone’s behalf. another.

Semi-finalists will be chosen from each region of the UK to reach the national final and a jury will choose the winner.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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